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What is TransTech?

TransTech is on online and offline community of LGBTQ folks learning and working together to create value and opportunities within marginalized communities. This is done through online and offline workshops, meetups, peer coaching, job leads, freelance opportunities and more! TransTech currently does not have any dedicated offices, but instead partners with LGBTQ organizations to create New TransTech hubs across the country. Stay tuned later this year for announcements regarding the launching of new TransTech hub locations!

me, knee deep in a budget spreadsheet, trying to figure out if it’s financially feasible to drive 8 hours and go to a convention in Nashville for the sole purpose of meeting Alan Tudyk …

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VEC 1945 2A. Notice the column shifter, floating hubs, and passenger side exhaust exit. Notice also the black hangers on the back of the windshield, these were intended to hold the straight portion of the top bows while the pockets on the driver side were intended to hold the curved sections. The bolts holding those hangers were square headed until they were changed to round heads around production # 22,000. The 2A above is the correct Harvest Tan with Sunset Red wheels with American Black pinstriping.


Black Witch in Public Series: #1 First Fridays Art Murmur

                                               #2 Lunch Date

                                               # Halloween Party

                                               # Muir Nude Beach

                                              # Art Opening Impact Hub Oakland

I woke up to this text this morning and I’m not trying to be mushy but oh my God I love him so much and I can’t wait until our son gets here and we have our little family together, he’s the most amazing person and I know he’ll be the most amazing father and I just adore him and our future kiddo.

I had rough teenage years and I honestly figured I’d be dead by 22 because that was my plan. If things didn’t get better by 22 I was going to end it and be done with everything. I started casually dating C at age 21, I was hooked on prescription pills and other things and my mental illness had slowly gotten worse. I felt like I was being eaten alive every day. But he text me a lot and he listened to me a lot and slowly he helped me. He helped me get clean and get better and want to live.

When he proposed to me I tried to talk him out of it. I didn’t want him to be stuck with someone like me and I felt like an anchor that was pulling him down, but he asked me again and I couldn’t say no because I just love him so much. He told me he couldn’t survive a deployment if he didn’t know that he had me to come back home to.

We’re going to have a son soon. We’re going to start our own family and it’s just so surreal to me when I compare who I was to who I am now.

Shaken, Not Stirred || Suga


Summary: Gang AU. You landed a bartending job at the famous Black Out Night Club and you had become well aware of two things. (1) Black Out was the hub for all things gang related. (2) You were sure something was strange about a particular BTS Gang Leader.

 Word Count: 1,158

A/N: Thank for the request my dear! I hope you enjoyed it! Expect many more scenarios over the next two days y’all!

Part 2 >>

You sighed as you cracked your neck, attempting to work out the kink that had formed over the last few hours of your shift. ‘6 hours left…’ You thought to yourself as you dried your hands on a nearby rag.

The thumping beat of the bass line washed the though away almost immediately, bringing you back to the reality of the club beyond your position behind the counter.

Black Out was one of the most popular clubs in Hongdae - considered to be the hottest place in Seoul. And, less than two months ago, the acclaimed club had sought out to hire a new bartender to replace one of the regular workers. When word got out, there was a flurry of excitement with many hopeful applicants that you had somehow gotten swept up alongside. Miraculously, you were the lucky individual who had been hired.

Your best friends were both amazed and filled with anticipation; both at the fact you had managed to land such a well-paying job and that they could now use you as a connection to get into the always packed club.

Two and a half months on from your hiring, you had come to know every inner working of Black Out; their guests and regulars, the drinks and VIP selections and the secrets within the dark coloured walls.

“[Y/N],” your co-worker called over the sound of the music, “don’t leave me hanging, I can only mix so many things at once.” He smiled at you, sliding an ice filled glass towards you on the counter. “Mai Tai me, ASAP.”

“I’m on it.” You answered, stopping the glass with your left hand while fishing out a bottle of orange curacao from under the counter with your right.

As you mixed the drink, you felt a familiar presence begin to linger near the bar. “The usual, Namjoon-ssi?” You asked, not bothering to look up.

“Make it two of Yoongi-hyung’s usual [Y/N]-ah.” He corrected, watching as you poured the mixed Mai Tai into the glass and passed it back to your co-worker. You nodded in response, grabbing two more glasses to begin the new order.

“What’s on your - erm - agenda tonight? Anything too illegal that you can’t tell me?” You asked off-handedly as you mixed the drinks. Shaken, just the way Yoongi preferred. Namjoon laughed at your comment.

“Oh, there is always illegality on the agenda, [Y/N]-ah.” He answered. You rolled your eyes slightly and continued on.

One of the most intriguing things you had learnt while working at Black Out was the copious amounts of gang activity that occurred in Hongdae alone. In your short time working there, you had served a countless number of gang members. You had memorised personal orders and preferences for them all, as well as their go-to drinks for the ladies that vied for their attention. You never understood why most of the girls in the club went for a bad-outside-the-law type of guy, but it entertained you to watch each girl try and fail.

It was even more comical to you when they got shot down by the notable Min Yoongi - one of the key members of the BTS Gang. From the past week of shifts alone, you had counted twenty different girls trying to talk to him and subsequently fail - one after the other.

Beside its hilarity, the situation confused you.

Min Yoongi was, from what you heard, a fantastic mobster, often killing the competition (figuratively and literally) in the illicit drug trade across Seoul and Daegu. The man was ruthless, power and had half of the Seoul underground afraid of the mere mention of his name. He could have any girl he wanted if he felt like it, but he never did.

Why not? That was still one of the many mysteries you had yet to discover.

“Namjoon-ssi, quick question?”

“Go for it.”

“Yoongi-ssi,” you began as you poured both drinks out, “he knows that he could get laid on the spot if he wanted, right?”

At your remark, Namjoon guffawed loudly over the music, loud enough to make his gang members stare at him in curiosity.

“Oh, he knows.” Namjoon confirmed as he wiped his eyes. “He just doesn’t find them very interesting… They’re too easy; he’s always been one for a girl who took no shit from no one.” He explained. He glanced back to where BTS sat, locking eyes with the subject of the discussion. Yoongi raised his eyebrow at the two, almost cocking his head to the side in confusion. Namjoon simply smirked, implying something you would have never caught.

“I see…” You mumbled, continuing to finish their order off. “Well, there are your drinks - putting it on your tab or Yoongi-ssi’s?” You inquired as you passed the drinks to the man standing across from your. He shook his head.

“My tab - but charge hyung for a tip for you.” Namjoon determined, sending you a wink to solidify their secret. He felt another smirk cross his face, knowing his hyung was still watching them from across the club. You laughed and shook your head, punching the order into the register under the bar. Without another word, Namjoon retreated back to the unofficial BTS section, both drinks in his hands.

Yoongi glared as the younger male reapproached them. “Know your place, Namjoon.” He threatened, making his gang laugh at his sudden shift in behaviour.

“Wow hyung, from stoic to angry in just a few seconds. That’s a new record.” Hoseok laughed, earning himself a glare.

“Don’t worry hyung, [Y/N]-ah is still all yours to confess to when you’re ready.” Namjoon consoled, although there was a slight teasing undertone that laced his voice. The hidden joke made the others laugh again.

“Yah - take it easy on him. He’ll do it when he’s ready.” Seokjin defended, making Yoongi sigh. He rubbed his temples and reached for the second drink in Namjoon’s grasp.

“Thanks for the help, but you don’t help.” He mumbled, sculling half the drink in one swig.

“Aw, hyung, you’ll get her - I don’t think [Y/N] noona is seeing anyone. You just have to, go up there.” Jungkook attempted to cheer him up.

Yoongi nodded, signalling the end of their conversation. It was too fickle - too comical and stupid to believe that the great Min Yoongi couldn’t find it in himself to confess. It baffled him. You just did something to him. He considered you to be his breath of fresh air, but all you did was suffocate him a bit more.

His gaze slowly settled onto you behind the bar, mixing another drink for one of his associates. You mixed the drinks with ease, without any strenuous thought to your task. It was one of the most impressive things about you, bringing a small smile to his face.

He was determined that he would confess soon.

Just maybe after a few more rounds of liquid courage.

All You Need to Know about the Cake Family

We all bought wands today at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The wands are patterned after characters in HP. 

Hubs = Snape

Daughter #1 = Hermoine

Daughter #2 = Draco Malfoy

Me = Sirius Black

And that explains my family.