they hold hand

dragon queen commission by the incredibly talented @konako

it’s been almost 2 years since season 4b, and i miss my favorite queers of darkness, so here’s some hand holding and cuteness. ❤️😍💕❤️💘

thank you again! :)

not to be…… sinful for a saturday night but i wanna kiss baekhyun.. grab his face with both of my hands.. squish his cheeks together n then peck his lips and when i lean back hes smiling so big.. hes so surprised but content

anonymous asked:

I love girlgroups covering boygroups songs: Pledis Girlz- Adore U; Produce 101- Growl stage, Twice- Pretty U/Overdose, SNSD- SorrySorry. Its sooo good! But I'm still waiting for a girlgroup to actually have a comeback with such concept. It would be so dope. I'm wondering if companies think its too risky, cause in the end its always cute concept. Hope Pristin wont let us down. And Twice will try in the future. Prayer circle!

Lol prayer circle indeed~!