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Can’t Stop

Author: Pan
Rating: Mature/NSFW
Word Count: 4334
Archive Warnings: Top!Dean/Bottom!Seth. Very fluffy smut. 

The second he hits send, Seth realizes his mistake. The texts come back rapid-fire from Dean.

[TXT] You can’t just tell me it’s crazy and then NOT tell me.
[TXT] That’d be a dick move right there.
[TXT] You know I love crazy things.
[TXT] So spill, asshole.

Seth wants to just shrug it away, make some joke and move on. Or make up some family drama that didn’t actually happen just to get Dean off his back. Instead, he types up the truth. Then he sits there with his thumb hovering over the send button, deliberating. He knows Dean is getting antsy over how long it’s taking Seth to reply, so eventually Seth takes a breath and just hits send.

[TXT] I just can’t stop thinking about you.

Author’s Notes: I have no excuse for this. Except that I was off from work today and used the time to write this instead of cook for Thanksgiving LMAO. I think it’s time well spent tbh. I just really wanted some Seth pining for Dean via text, and the smut just…happened? Oops. O:)

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Things you need to know about John Watson.
  • Canon John Watson (Canon indicates the true original work by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, not the adaptations) was a soft man, a soldier, a doctor, loyal, caring. Loved Sherlock Holmes with all his heart.

“Contagious by touch, Watson—that’s it, by touch. Keep your distance and all is well.” “Good heavens, Holmes! Do you suppose that such a consideration weighs with me of an instant? It would not affect me in the case of a stranger. Do you imagine it would prevent me from doing my duty to so old a friend?”

That’s a man willing to take care of Holmes even if the sickness is contagious, not bothering with Holmes’ protest.

It was worth a wound—it was worth many wounds—to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. The clear, hard eyes were dimmed for a moment, and the firm lips were shaking. For the one and only time I caught a glimpse of a great heart as well as of a great brain. All my years of humble but single-minded service culminated in that moment of revelation.

That’s a man getting overwhelmed because what he thought was an unrequited love, was proved wrong by the object of his affection. Find me another softer man.

I can go on and on. But better if you read the canon and know the real character yourself. 

  • Any other fan adaptation John Watson, i.e Rathbone, Granada, Ritchie , BBC, Elementary etc is fanon. Not canon.
  • So any personality traits these adaptations imposes on John Watson other than his canon characteristics is fanon. Not canon.
  • BBC John Watson hitting Sherlock Holmes ruthlessly is fanon. Not canon.
  • People claiming John Watson is canonically an abuser, sorry to disappoint you. But it’s actually like trying to establish an OOC fanfic characteristic. Abuser John Watson is fanon. Not canon.
  • The most important thing : People claiming that soft , caring John watson is fanon, not canon, sorry to disappoint you again. Soft caring , loving, loyal John Watson is the most canon thing. Not fanon.
  • John Watson has always loved Sherlock Holmes and vice versa and that’s canon. And always will be.

Have a nice day everyone. And spread some love for soft John Watson.


when eggsy meet harry!!! 

like finally!!! btw sorry for no updates, coz have so many works to do ;~; thanks for spiderman homecoming and marvel mcu, i have been just read all their fanfics for 3 months! feel free to send dm for talk or req (lets talk abt marvel xD)

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➤ Character: Min Yoongi x reader 

➤ Genre/words: Angst, Implied smut, Arranged Marriage! AU / 10,491 words

➤ Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

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All Mine

Originally posted by stylesinthewild

A/N: This a requested imagine about Harry getting protective with y/n when a guy starts to hit on her at a party. (Harry looks kind of annoyed in this gif but it’s really hot?? the daddy vibes got me feeling some type of way. Anyways let’s get on with it)

Warnings: Smut, a guy being pushy with a girl also PSA i did not proof read so warning you of typos, v sorry I’m tired but i want to get this out!

Word Count: 2.7k


It was Harry’s first night back in town and you could not be more excited. As much as you loved seeing him living his dream, it was always hard to be away from him when he was on tour. All that sadness was forgotten now, as the two of you and a couple of your friends decided to go out to celebrate Harry’s return. 

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Miracles Take Time, part one

“No please, there’s just one more thing mate. One more thing: one more miracle, Sherlock for me. Don’t be dead. Would you do that? Just for me. Just stop it. Stop this.”

John looked down at the grave one last time and nodded jerkily before marching off. It felt like he was leaving the last of the life he had build for himself from the ruins of his military career behind him, buried deep in the ground. In a very real sense his life was over again and he wasn’t sure he had the strength to start over yet again.

The cab ride back from the graveyard with Mrs Hudson might have been awkward but John was too lost in his own thoughts to do more than nod politely through her incessant chatter. He suspected that she had taken one of her herbal soothers before coming out with him. He didn’t blame her for it, it had been a hard trip and a difficult goodbye for both of them to make.

When they reached home he declined her invitation in for a cup of tea as politely as he could, his capacity for shared grief used up for the day. Instead he trudged up the stairs to the empty flat, already dreading the empty silence he knew he would find.

A single look around the cozy, cluttered sitting room, so full of half finished projects and memories and John knew that he had to move or he would never try to rebuild his life, he would wallow in this dead happiness until he died himself. He wasn’t sure yet if that was what he wanted. For now it would be enough to just continue up to his room where the ghost of Sherlock would be less apparent. First though he detoured to the kitchen to grab the bottle of whisky he knew was in the back of one of the cupboards, praying that it had not fallen prey to one of Sherlock’s experiments.

He almost missed the little blue post-it note stuck to the refrigerator, it just catching at the edge of his awareness as he was about to leave the kitchen. He almost wrote it off as nothing more than a note from Mrs Hudson, likely about some food she had put in there for him but a thread of curiosity wound though the dark haze of his thoughts and pulled he back into the room towards the note.

The kitchen was dimly lit, making the words on the paper hard to read but the handwriting, a sharp angular scrawl, was achingly familiar. He had to give himself a shake before he could process the words themselves.

Miracles take time

There was the sound of a bottle of whisky hitting hard tiles and shattering but John barely heard it. He could only stare at the note as hope fulled him and it felt like his heart began to beat once more.

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A friend of mine (@katie-skylie) asked me for a list of fic recs because I’ve been around the block or two and I’ve read a good chunk of ML fanfic off AO3.

I’m putting it all under a read more because on the google doc it took up 12 pages and I’m not about to flood everyone’s dashboards, ahaha! This is in no particular order, although I did put ratings and status underneath each title. Also I tried to tag writers that I knew their tumblr URL’s and if you see any stories that you know who it belongs to hit me up and I’ll add their tumblr next to their title.  💕

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CLEXA (please be endgame)

CAMREN (wish they’re real but they said they’re not lesbians so chill) bruh. DELUSIONS! They’re separately single! they are real!

FLEURMIONE (OMG please read their fanfics they’re so compatible)


BRITTANA (ENDGAME BITCHES! where the hell is the spin-off?)

HEYA (”maybe” there’s something going on before. I dunno ask their trailer.)

ACHELE (they we’re real at some point. Do not argue with me.)

FABERRY (should’ve happened. they made a mistake.)

BECHLOE (ugh. please let them happen already geez don’t you feel the sexual tension?)

KAYLOR (again. same as Camren they are not lesbians. *cough* wish they were *cough* ugh they’re so fuckin’ cute!)

COPHINE (ah the puppy and the geek monkey. hon hon hon baguette croissant moot moot)

SWAN QUEEN/SWEN (there’s so much potential here. Do not let it go to waste. ugh. So frustrating.)

HOLLSTEIN (soy melk, yellow pellow, jawlines, the baeman, the black cat, murder her for christmas!)

SLEEPING WARRIOR (where the heck are they?! we need more!)

RED BEAUTY (ah. so adorbs! the bookworm and the big bad wolf. who wouldn’t ship them? They’re the real Beauty and the Beast)

SPASHLEY (yes. spashley, <3)

TILLOW (y’all let’s not forget the lesbians in the late 90′s! where’s the respect?!)

RIZZLES (lesbian subtexts subtexts subtexts subtexts subtexts)

GAILLY (yass. yass. yass.)

SANSAERY (QUEENS! nuff said)

VALKUBUS (suck me dry. k. bye. )

DOCCUBUS (let’s play doctor. oooh kinky!)

KARMY (*playing in the background* what if we were made for each other? born to become bestfriends and lovers? -what if by: colbie caillat)


CALZONA (oh yeah!!!)

LUCE & RACHEL (imagine me and you. piper and lena; so perf. so perf!)

TALA AND LEYLA (i can’t think straight. too hot. HOT DAMN!)

EMISON (*whispers* shayley *disappears into the night*)

VAUSEMAN (hotness overload. RUIN ME!)

.JONISS (we all know who Katniss wants. bruh.)

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The big question,

Is there a thing as to much gay fanfiction?

A few days ago, I would have said no

But as of yesterday, the answer is still no, but with a funny story

I was at school, lunch, in the middle of a 6 day binge of reading some smutty fic as I wait for my noodles to finish in the microwave (a small perk of a small town school that takes mental health seriously and with slightly deeper pockets)

I look up from the gay au that I was reading, and over yonder I see a guy and a girl making out

I’m shocked at this, I didn’t know why, but something was off about the entire thing

Then it hits me, their straight and that’s considered normal (rember, small town, closed minds pretending their open)

I had read, so much gay fic, that I forgot it’s not normal to be gay or bi or trans or even remotely close to the rainbow

I had forgotten, that straight people exist

So, is there such a thing as to much gay fanfiction? I ask myself, as I grab my noodles and head to my lunch spot.

Never, I answer, and turn my phone back on

Not saying that you have to or anything, but when you’re reading a fanfic, especially a semi or really good one, maybe think about leaving a kudos or comment or just.. something? I know from experience that, when I see my hits but see nothing else, it’s kind of disheartening. Like. Do you like my fics? Do you hate it? I don’t know, and it puts me off from wanting to write anymore because I don’t know if people are even reading it. Every time I post something and see new hits my mind automatically says ‘they only took a look and exited the page’. I know many people who think the same about their own works, so please maybe think about voicing your enjoyment over our stuff or something idk you do you, it’s obviously not important but it’s like, a world of amazing for us writers and we work hard to come up with stuff and like. yeah.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any suggestions for podcasts?

A general list in no particular order:

  • Welcome to Night Vale [you probs know what this is]
  • Sawbones [weird medical history i.e. drilling holes in skulls, a mcelroy production]
  • I Don’t Even Own A Television [two dudes read shitty books, START WITH THE WILD ANIMUS EPISODE OKAY]
  • Oh No Ross and Carrie [two people try out weird shit like aromatherapy and soylent and scientology]
  • The F Plus [nerds read weird internet shit like sonic fanfic forums, can be VERY hit or miss, if you are a sensitive soul you should probs avoid]
  • Throwing Shade [straight lady and gay dude discuss the news and also mailchimp]
  • Stuff You Should Know [see title]
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class [see title, again]
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me [the mcelroy brothers give bad advice]
  • 99% Invisible [it’s about design? and stuff? IT’S REAL FASCINATING]
  • Lore [spoopy shit, sometimes hella debunked but w/e]
  • The Truth [radio drama, no continuity, IT FUCKS WITH ME BAD]
  • The Thrilling Adventure Hour [old timey radio drama, different shows, extensive continuity]
  • Judge John Hodgman [john hodgman judges dumb friend/family fights]
  • Limetown [radio drama, continuity, short, SPOOP AS HELL]
  • The Message [radio drama, continuity, short, shitty ending imho but good overall]
  • Mystery Show [lady solves weird little mysteries, only six eps ever, the belt buckle one is the best]
  • You Must Remember This [old time hollywood gossip]
  • Whistlestop [politics, history, you might be sick of this shit by now]
  • The Adventure Zone [mcelroy family plays DnD

anonymous asked:

1) I saw your tags on that post of Lizbobs about Twist and Shout and I am so happy that clear thinking meta writers like you agree that it in no way should be as popular as it is. It makes me cringe whenever someone brings it up as if it is actually a ‘beloved’ fic. I’m sorry if this sounds hateful, and I don’t mean to bring hate on the writers who put effort into it, but at some point this fandom has gotta realise that this fic being the ‘flagship fic’ for Destiel is a really REALLY bad thing.

2) Consider this fandom: We are close to getting canon destiel. That could put this show on the map, get real media interest. There is no doubt therefore that some media will dig further into the ‘fandom phenomenon’ behind destiel. Imagine just how CRINGEWORTHY it will be for mainstream media to discover that the most popular destiel fan fic is nothing more than poorly written tragedy porn rip off of Forrest Gump with the standard ‘kill your gays with aids trope’ at the end?!?! It is actually

3) disgraceful and we should be ashamed of ourselves for trying to push this fics popularity. Imagine how, on the chance destiel DOES become canon (which in my mind is rather likely) the writers, creators and actors on this show would feel that their beautiful love story about an angel and a hunter was butchered and turned into something frankly AWFUL?

4) How would Misha feel to know that a so called majority of destiel fans actually idolise a fic where his character dies from aids thanks to his decent into drug abuse?! What the HELL fandom?! WHY is this such a popular fic? It is a disgrace to the show, a disgrace to the characters and frankly an insult to our intelligence as a fanbase looking for LGBT+ representation. We don’t need more gay tragedies. That is pretty much ALL we get in mainstream media.

5) Yes the aids crisis was a horrible tragedy, but after decades of mainstream media giving LGBT people basically NOTHING but tragic stories where there are no happy endings for us, isn’t it about time that this trope DIED? Yet here we are, a modern and at least somewhat progressive fandom, still glorifying a fic that falls under that same tired miserable category. Not to mention that the fic is terrible written and the characters are absolutely nothing like their canon counterparts.

6) Sorry, I know this is getting rather mean, but years of pent up anger about this stupid fic is bringing it out of me in your inbox. Lets all be honest here. Twist & Shout is our ‘My Immortal’. It needs to die. Just like ‘My Immortal’ did for Harry Potter, it gives all other destiel fics a bad name. Can we PLEASE stop glorifying it and admit how shitty it is already.I know this is a harsh message, and I am sure that a lot of people would be upset by me saying these things, but it’s the truth

7) and I’ve spoken to enough people in fandom who silently agree with me. Though we all live in silence for fear of offending this mysterious majority of destiel shippers who apparently adore this fic? I’m sorry, but I am convinced that if we were to do a survey of peoples actual opinions on that fic, it wouldn’t come up positive at all. Popularity grows popularity. That’s the problem here. New people search for the most popular fics on AO3, and they become more popular, and those same new

8) people then believe that T&S is the standard to live up to in destiel fandom. That is an embarrassment for all of us. I just really want the obsession to end. Its not a good thing.

Oh hi. I see you have Feelings™ about this, and since I largely agree… 

I’ll start off by linking the post you’re referring to, with my attendant tags on it, here:

as well as a few other tag rambles I’ve gone on over the years here, going all the way back to 2015. So that at least gives readers an idea of how I personally feel about it. And now on to the disclaimer section of this post:

I’ve always been, and will ALWAYS be a proponent of fanfic being a “ship and let ship” environment. I will NEVER assume to dictate what people write, read, or find enjoyment in. I will NEVER judge what “should” and “shouldn’t” be written or enjoyed by ANYONE. FULL STOP.

I am also a fierce advocate for “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” when it comes to discussing fanfic. And that will never change.

But that’s not the issue when it comes to the inexplicable fandom “popularity” of this particular fic. If you read it and loved it, that’s GREAT! I’m glad. More power to you. It’s not the fic itself I have an issue with. I just wanted to make that clear. I am not here to dissuade people from enjoying it, nor to speak ill of the story itself.

It’s the nature of the story itself, versus the nature of fanfic, versus the fandom mystique surrounding it– the fact that it has somehow become the Flagship Fic Standard for ALL destiel fic, and the fact that for some reason the fandom itself seems to push it at the actors and creators and crew members of this show over and over again.

I’ve often wondered  if some of Bob Singer’s cavalier attitude about having killed Charlie Bradbury wasn’t directly rooted in the fact that the entire production staff seems to be aware of T&S, even if they haven’t actually read it for legal reasons, but at least know that this particular fic that is apparently glorified in this fandom is founded on the Kill Your Gays trope.

Like, we constantly yell at TPTB to be better than that, and yet THIS is the story we’ve chosen as a fandom to elevate to the highest pinnacle of fanfic glory?

It’s just… depressing.

(and honestly, this fic is THE reason I refuse to read ANY fic that’s tagged “period typical homophobia.” I just… refuse to torture myself with that damn trope anymore)

But from everything I’ve read about it (and from the half a chapter I managed to struggle through myself before noping out), the only thing necessary to make this an original work of fiction would be to change the names of the characters. It’s not even a “file the serial numbers off” job. It READS like original fiction where the characters and plot share little other than the names of our beloved Dean and Cas.

And to me, that’s not why I read fanfic. If I wanted to read about entirely different people, I’d read original fiction, you know? Not struggle to identify with characters that bear little to no resemblance to the characters I actually care about.

It’s not just a problem with AU fic, because I’ve read HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of AU fics that don’t seem to have this problem with keeping the characters “in character” even in entirely different situations. If they can feel like Dean and Cas in a Firefly AU, or a Regency Romance, or a Gothic Horror, or Ancient Rome, or in a fantasy AU where they’re witches or dragons or a freaking octopus, then yeah, they can remain in character in ANY AU. HECK I ADORED AN AU WHERE DEAN AND CAS WERE FREAKING CHICKENS. LITERALLY CHICKENS. And it was more in character than T&S.

I’m not going to presume to suggest the sort of fic that I believe is more representative of the best of our fandom, but having read far more than 5000 fics (I’ve got over 4k in my AO3 history, and I read fic for over a year before I got an account there to start tracking my history, PLUS all the fic I’ve read on LJ,, tumblr, etc… I mean the real number is probably closer to 10k or even MORE if you count all the little drabbles and things), I have to say that the MAJORITY of fic I’ve read has been far better at representing Dean and Cas as I know and love them.

We as a fandom don’t have to agree on what the “best fanfic” of the lot of them is, but can we at least agree to stop pushing THIS PARTICULAR FIC so forcefully and directly into the faces of the actors, writers, crew, etc.?

If we want THEM to do better by our characters, if we want our shouts of STOP KILLING OUR QUEERS to actually hit home, maybe we need to stop glorifying this particular fic to TPTB at every goddamn turn.

(and second disclaimer: In all my years in fandom, aside from anon messages praising the fic, I have spoken to exactly TWO people who admitted to enjoying this fic. Talking privately with hundreds of others, people express a far less enthusiastic opinion of it. I firmly believe that the vast majority of hits on it are from people just like me and others I’ve talked to about it, that the only reason we ever clicked on it was due to this very fandom mystique, the controversy about its popularity, and curiosity over what all the fuss was about. It’s become a self-sustaining enterprise of generating more and more hits, you know?)

Newbies to fandom and fanfic are often encouraged to go to AO3 and search the ship results by either hits or kudos to read “the best stories” first, and of course T&S is the first result either way.

But as a fic WRITER? Can I just speak for all of us when I say getting a comment that our story was “just as good as T&S” doesn’t really feel like a compliment? Most of us don’t WANT to think we’ve written an OOC Kill Your Queers tragedy porn, or to really be associated with it in any way.

Honestly, we need to stop hating ourselves this much.

Are You Okay?

Originally posted by moan-s

Tom Holland x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After a stressful day of work, Tom needs the Reader for some love and snuggles.

Word count: 1,048

Warnings: language, stressed!Tom, fluff, sad stuff, sub!Tom (Let me know if I missed any!)

A/N: When you have a bunch of college shit, but write fanfic instead, *holla*. For some reason, I had trouble writing the beginning ?? But for the anon that requested, hopefully you like it! *I apologize for those who are hit with Tom feels. Anywho, feedback is always welcomed/appreciated. Enjoy reading!

Since it was your day off from work, you stuck around the apartment you and Tom shared.

Cleaning, doing laundry, and getting groceries filled up most of the day.

You couldn’t find anything to do, so that was your last resort.

Plus, what’s better than a clean, organized home?  

Even though you hated it, someone has to do it and Tom would be exhausted by the time he got home anyways.

After finishing your last task of putting all the groceries away into the respectful areas, you decided to take a break for a while and chill on the couch.

Tom wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours, so you could relax before you had to think about what to make for dinner.

However, while trying to pick a show to watch, you got distracted by your thoughts of Tom and his crazy work schedule.

He’s been working so fucking hard and never gets a break.

I realize that comes with the job, but everyone deserves a break, right?

Maybe I’ll have a chat with him when he gets home…

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Cast Away {Teaser}

Summary: A modern-day University AU, from the A Court of Thorns and Roses universe. All characters belong to Sarah J. Maas. The idea for this fanfic hailed from prompts sent in by Anonymous, and @queen-archeron.

Author’s Note: I’m so excited to share this fanfic with you all. This one is very personal to me, as I will be hitting topics that I have personally struggled with, and I know many of you have, too. This fanfic is meant to help us think, heal, and view new perspectives of heavy issues that, unfortunately, are often a part of life. It is also a way to further obsess over our favorite SJM characters (obviously). I hope y’all enjoy! <3

Click here to read previous chapters. 

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Feyre ~

September 1: The Day I Spent An Hour Blushing in Therapy.

Dear You-Know-Who,

Have you ever felt lost?

Broken? Worthless? Like you’ve been wandering in the desert for a thousand years, or shipwrecked on an island with no way off? Like you’ve been floating in the water in the middle of the ocean, and your body is giving out, and you’re barely gasping for air?

And yet, you have no idea why. There’s no explanation. There’s no cause.

Yes, I was a happy child. No, my parents did not treat me poorly. No, I did not see warning signs of my depression when I was younger. Yes, I do laugh. No, I do not have suicidal thoughts. No, I do not harm myself. Yes, I have thought about harming myself. Yes, some days I have trouble getting out of bed. Yes, some days I have trouble eating. Yes, some days I do not feel like showering, or brushing my hair, or getting dressed, or putting on makeup. Yes, I do it anyway. Yes, I feel numb. No, not always, but far too much. Too much for comfort. Too much to live with. It’s all too much.

I’ve answered these questions a hundred times; thanks to the therapist my father chose to send me to a year ago. Those questions stay the same, every session, then he breaks into whatever agenda he has that day. Today, he asked me an awkward amount of questions about sex: male or female? What position do you prefer? Do you like to be the dominant figure? How long does it take you to orgasm? Do you prefer the intimacy, or just the feeling? The fuck does it matter, Dr. Stan???

If I have to meet with him one more time I’m going to end up punching him in the face. Father wants me to keep seeing him once I go to school, even though I’ll be living an hour away from home.

He’s concerned, I get it. But answering questions about why I’m depressed and how much I like sex is not the answer. 

I told him no, though. It was the first time I had ever done so, and it felt good.

That’s right. I’m getting a new start. And, you know what? I’m excited. I am actually giddy. I’m going to college. I can’t believe I even got accepted, but my bags have been packed. Nes and Elain will be helping me move in first thing tomorrow morning. And for the first time in a long time, I actually feel ready.

I get to leave this small, ridiculous town.

I get to be on my own.

And I can’t wait.


The Castaway


Jungkook is an international famous idol, based in South Korea. Jimin is an up and coming famous dancer, who has a long list of bad break-up’s. Jimin is offered to choreograph for Jungkook and people start to talk. (6/?) 

Part 5

 I just hit 300 followers 😱😱 Thought I’d leave you all a little something before going to bed. Thank you so so much for putting up with me guys and even taking time to read my stuff. It really means a lot 🙏🏼💕