they have weird chemistry


You said you knew what was wrong with me. Prove it.

“Sasori, my man! Come check out my new art studio!”

Sometimes I remember that Deidara is a literal teenager and it makes me want to draw him in modern clothes

i really love superhero media but i ilterally cant go 2 seconds without seeing some weird forced relationship between 2 straight people who have no chemistry while people are out there burning comic books because dick grayson could be gay. its so exhaustingggggg

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Gowen and Abigail have really good chemistry and is it weird I ship her with him more than Frank?? Like frank is nice but their relationship is just kind of....dry

They’re a boring couple.  I mean, they’re fine but I don’t feel a spark at all.  At least with Gowen there’s tension.  He’s even admitted to caring about her.  There’s been something there since the start.  I think he really respects her ultimately but is also a terrible person haha.  But I like the bad guys.  They make things fun.

Also, it’s sort of weird that Frank is still going by his fake name even though the whole town knows who he actually is.  I get that he’s created a new life for himself but still.  It also bothered me that he went off to do something dangerous and didn’t care to mention a thing to Abigail.  It felt really out of character for them to have a fight like that and to not communicate.  I don’t know.  I don’t care about them enough to try to make sense of anything.

Her co-presenter Olly Murs is all anyone is interested in. So are they or aren’t they? When Caroline took The X Factor job she tells me she was ‘only ever going to do it if Olly was doing it, too’. The pair had worked together previously on The Xtra Factor.
‘Me and Olly have a lovely relationship,’ she says. ‘It’s a weird chemistry. We have this innate understanding of one another – we don’t fancy each other and yet we don’t not fancy each other. We’re not girlfriend and boyfriend, yet we’re not totally platonic either.’
—  I think this is actually finally happening (x)

Barney & Robin: Making sense

“It makes a lot of sense, we both think the whole marriage/commitment thing’s a drag, we both want something casual and fun and we get along really well.” Barney
“Wow, that actually did make a lot of sense.” Robin
it doesn’t have to make sense, It’s chemistry.” Lily
“In a weird way, it does make sense.” Marshall
“Love doesn’t have to make sense.” Ted


“When the series ends I hope that Barney and Robin end up together it would make sense.” Cobie