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I love myself because:

  1. I have a terribly vivid imagination, even if it drives me nuts sometimes.
  2. I have been able to channel most of my trauma from a thing that happened into my writing, thus making it seem better at least to onlookers.
  3. Once you are one of My People, I protect you.
  4. I’m resilient. 
  5. I sometimes have almost a sixth sense about places and people. 

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Your name is the DANNY PHANTOM FANDOM, or as you sometimes like to call yourself, the PHANDOM. Despite being 16 YEARS OLD, you consider yourself to be annoyingly PREPUBESCENT. You are also HALF GHOST like the main character of your show, but you are MUCH WEAKER.

You have many HOBBIES, such as GARDENING or PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. A lot of your time is also spent DRAWING FANART or WRITING ANGSTY FANFICTION. Because of this, you tend to have a vivid IMAGINATION which contributes to your strong ability to DENY THINGS, specifically a LARGE PORTION of your 3rd season and the FINALE that NEVER HAPPENED. You also enjoy MEMES.

Pisces Decans

~ Pisces Decan 1 (February 19th - February 29th)

I am ruled by the planet Neptune. My personality is characterised by romanticism, selflessness and intuition. I take a positive and optimistic view of life that sometimes borders on naivety as I seldom see the bad in others. Because of this I can sometimes be taken advantage of by ruthless or devious personalities. I have a dreamy romantic nature and always find the poetic beauty in anyone or anything. I can drift off, quite easily, into my own fantasy world and I have a vivid imagination. Because I am highly intuitive I can sense the mood, feelings and emotions of others. But because I am so sensitive these moods and feelings can seep into my soul, so that I carry other people’s worries with me. But this does not seem to bother me as my selfless nature forces me to help others. So if I can carry some of their burdens, I will gladly do so. I make for a wonderful friend and will offer a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear to those who ask for it.

~ Pisces Decan 2 (March 1st - March 10th)

I am ruled by the Moon. My personality is characterised by self-sacrifice, sensitivity and strong psychic abilities. I am highly psychic and use all of my senses to connect to my intuition to guide me. I can be highly successful in careers that require empathy and understanding such as a therapist, counsellor and mentor. I literally will do anything for anybody – often to the detriment of myself. I instinctively put others before myself and don’t expect a thanks or praise for my self-sacrifices. I am a natural giver and don’t like to take. I am also very kind hearted and trusting and only see the best points in people. I am a sensitive soul and feel emotions very deeply. Because of this, I sometimes experience the extremes of emotions being elated one moment and in the depths of despair the next. These mood swings can dent my self-confidence and make me feel less than what I am. Other peoples moods and emotions effect me deeply too as I feel their pains and joys.

~ Pisces Decan 3 (March 11th - March 20th) 

I am ruled by the planet Pluto. My personalty is characterised by a spiritual nature, experimentalism and intensity. I am highly sensitive to psychic connections and very much attuned to my intuition. Spirituality plays a significant part in my life. Soul searching and finding the true meaning of life is never far from my thoughts. I am a deep thinker too with a strong imagination and can create poetry and works of fiction that are truly moving. Nothing is too wishy washy with me. I am passionately intense with the people I love and just as intense with the beliefs I hold. I wholeheartedly devote my time, energy and attention to anything I consider truly worthwhile. I love to experiment and will try anything at least once. I am forever reinventing myself to adapt and change to the differing circumstances in my life. I am somewhat of a chameleon and can change myself dramatically according to the situation I find myself in. Because of this ability to adapt and change I can make an excellent actor.

you did (pt.3)

pairing: hoseok x reader

genre: angst, bestfriend!AU, (fuckboy!AUish)

part: 3/? (part: 1 | 2)

word count: 2.6k

summary: You and Jung Hoseok has been friends for almost half of your lives. And you let him control you in so many ways.

a/n: i’m even shook to what’s happening. lmao. btw, thank u for the support and love. the end is near maybe 1-2 chapters more? 

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The moment your eyes open from sleep, the first thing that came into mind was Hoseok. You perfectly remembered his voice that night, and even though you didn’t see him, you have imagined a vivid image of him while he’s in his room–doing it with So-hye.

Your ruined emotions that seemed to have healed temporarily during your sleep, came breaking down again. And along with it were flowing hot tears and a stifled scream.

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Perfect Timing - Finn Bálor

Request: Can you write a Finn imagine where the reader is gonna give birth but he’s at Raw and doesn’t think he’s gonna make it but he does and it’s just cute and fluffy.

A/N: here you go! also, this is an alternative to Ava being born due to the fact when child #2 arrives, I already have that one set and planned!

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“This wasn’t how I envisioned this happening.” You sighed deeply, looking around the room you were secured inside. You laid back in the bed with monitors strapped to you, Ava’s heart being heard throughout the room. The current time was 6:30 PM, just five hours after you had first felt everything take place. “You know he’ll try his hardest to get here. If he’s not here before she’s born, he’ll be here after.” Finn’s mother squeezed your hand gently, sending you a warm smile. You returned it as the pain started up again which made you lose all train of thought, your new task at hand to be focused on breathing.

1:30 PM, Six Hours Ago

“No, I swear that had to be it. They haven’t felt like this before.” You insisted, a hand rested against your stomach. You watched as one of your closest friend’s and Finn’s mother paced the room, gathering everything from the household that would be needed. You felt yourself tense up, your hand reaching for your cell phone.

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I’m fascinated by the way in which the second half of the zodiac houses (and signs, to an extent) are so public and shared, whereas the first half are so private and personal. (You could even go so far as to say that the first half is the past and what we already have and know, whereas the second half is the future.) You can even pair them off into sister houses:

1st house says ‘This is me!’; 7th house says ‘This is us!’

2nd house is personal physical possessions; 8th house is shared subconscious traits

3rd house says ‘Look what I know’; 9th house says ‘Look what we must learn’

4th house is personal life; 10th house is public achievements

5th house is creating for self; 11th is creating for the good of others

6th house is personal servitude; 12th house is spiritual servitude

But think about this: fire and earth are known for their honesty and straight-forwardness, whereas air and water signs are more deceptive and tend to have more vivid imaginations (there being exceptions, of course). Maybe that’s because two fire signs and two earth signs are in the first half of the self, making them sort of… straightforward. Whereas air and water signs are concentrated in the second half, strengthening their connection to others and the shared psyche, meaning that not having that strong access to ‘themselves’ gives the a changing and unpredictable energy.

What kind of energy, then, does that give Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn? Not an easy one, that’s for sure. I feel that the conflict in these signs is very interesting and probably what makes them so different from their elemental counterparts in many ways. Air signs are known for allocentrism, but Gemini? Not so much. Water signs tend to have deep connections to the psyche, but Cancer’s is less pronounced than the other two. Fire signs can be seen as simple, but Sagittarius is very complex. And earth signs are supposed to follow the rules. Capricorn? Hahaha. This is why I want to look deeper into these four signs - I would appreciate any thoughts on my theory.

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is it odd i can imagine a scenario, and it will be so ultra realistic, down to a T. like it almost creates itself and its so close to real. the only imaginary bit is topic or th fact it leads somewhere positive but can stil include ritualized negatives etc. is this jsut me or am I just convincing myself it seems real?

It’s not odd. There are plenty of autistics who have very vivid imaginations. @autisticworlds is actually a blog for people who travel, in other words go to very realistic imaginary worlds in their heads. Clinically, this is referred to as “maladaptive daydreaming” which is insulting but shows that this trait is prevalent enough to be recognized by the medical community. 

I like to refer back to a Harry Potter quote in regards to things like this. “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”


Some Information on the Highly Sensitive Person

Roughly 20% of the population struggle with high sensitivity. Typical traits include the following:

1. As students, they work differently from other people. They often pick up on subtleties and may think deeply about a subject before sharing in a discussion or contributing in a classroom setting. (This does not necessarily mean they don’t understand the material, or are too shy to speak in public. It has more to do with the way the person processes information.)

2. They tend to be highly conscientious in their work. They notice and pay attention to details, and they think things through very carefully. Also, often being highly sensitive is equated with higher levels of intelligence, being highly intuitive and having a vivid imagination. Highly sensitive individuals work and learn best in quiet and calm environments.

3. Highly sensitive students and employees generally underperform when they are being evaluated. They are highly conscious of being watched, and this inhibits their ability to function at their peak.

4. Although some individuals who are born with this trait may seem to be more introverted by nature, being introverted and highly sensitive do not always go together. Instead, environmental factors have a greater influence on how the individual feels and reacts.

5. People with high sensitivity are more sensitive to both negative and positive experiences. Thus, they are more affected by rough treatment, pain, heartaches and insensitivity from others … but also seem to benefit more from being treated with kindness, care and thoughtfulness.

6. Other common characteristics of the highly sensitive person being easily over-stimulated (hence the need for quiet and calm), being more emotionally reactive than others, and having higher levels of empathy.

Ephesians 3:20
Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us,
Think of your most extravagant thought and then try to think of something way beyond your wildest dreams. Even if you have a vivid imagination, there will still be a limit to what you are able to comprehend. However, your Father does not have the same limitations that you have. He says that He is able to do immeasurably MORE than anything that you could ask or imagine.
The sky is the limit as far as He is concerned. He knows no earthly barriers or boundaries that will keep Him from fulfilling the best plans and purposes for His children. (FATHER’S LOVE LETTER)

Moon in the 5th house natives crave creative expression and love. These people are highly creative and create with their emotions. They have a vivid and bright imagination. Moon in the fifth house people usually love children and can bring out their inner child to connect with them but this also means that moon in the fifth house can have a childish, dramatic attitude. They can be drama queens. They are also very romantic and can get attached easily to lovers as they are infatuated with the idea of love itself. Moon in the fifth house can be emotionally intense and passionate in relationships; feelings can be grand and explosive like fireworks. They may often have many different romances and love affairs in their life. These people may love to take risks whether it be with love, gambling, or spending. Moon in the fifth love to have fun and experience all the pleasures of life. They can be rather impulsive at times and do things in the moment without much thought. 

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hi so is it an autistic thing to have trouble coming up with new imagery and stuff?? im not sure how to word it but im a writer and whenever i make characters its really hard for me to come up with different faces, most of them end up looking like me until i find a reference or something. im also like that with outfits, its really hard for me to imagine or create new clothing and i have to look at stuff. i have a really vivid imagination but i just. cant Come Up with new stuff on my own.

It might be.I know quite a few autistics struggle to come up with unique mental imagery. I’m not sure why it would be an autism thing though. 

Followers, does anyone relate to anon’s experience?


do you ever have that thing when your imagination gets really vivid and there’s some sort of situation involving your bias and you’re so into it and thinking about everything and for a second it seems like your life and then you remember it’s not…just me? 

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What's a vivid imagination like with autism? I didn't know if this was possible or not.

I can’t really answer this because I don’t see pictures in my head. However, it is fairly common for autistics to have very vivid imaginations. 

Followers, can anyone describe what it is like to have a vivid imagination?


Moon in the Fifth House

With the Moon in the fifth house, individuals here often have vivid imagination and are apt to daydream often. There may be a constant need to keep in touch with their inner child. They have the gift of a can-do attitude and their enthusiasm and energy is infectious. These are individuals who are able easily to get people on board with projects, and this helps add to their motivation in taking on the world. They have the wonder of a child and people can feel the energy radiating off of them. Nothing stops them from from expressing their extraordinary creativity. They love to share emotional experiences with their loved ones.

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GOM + Nijimura. They’re accidentally heard their gf talking to her friend something like: “I wanna ride him and do naughty things to him!” ;p

AKASHI: He raised one eyebrow at the spew of words from your mouth. He didn’t want to reveal himself, perhaps curious to hear more of your… indecent confessions that you never told him. Though, he couldn’t resist asking you about some of those things. “____-san, I heard you have a bondage kink.” /spits water all over the floor/ “W-Where did you hear that from?”

AOMINE: Hearing the words escape your lips, Aomine was surprised to say the least. He never expected you to have such a vivid imagination about sex. Damn. Now he was getting riled up. He popped his head into class and gave you that sexy, Cheshire grin. “Don’t worry, babe, I want to do those things with you too.” He didn’t let you live that down for the rest of your relationship.

KISE: Kise felt his heart leap at your confessions. “I’ve always wanted to dominate him to be honest, or have him dominate me. Either way, it’s a win-win for both of us.” He heard your giggle and all the blood shot straight to his pants as his eyes glazed over with lust. He smiled and peeked his head into the classroom, seeming innocent. “Ne, ___-chi, do you want to come over today?”

KUROKO: Although he wasn’t all that surprised at your confession (he kind of expected it since you were always discreet about everything), he was more taken aback by the fact that you told your friend about it. Afterwards, when you were sitting with him, he smiled sweetly, “___-chan, if there’s anything you want, you can always tell me, you know that right? Anything.”

MIDORIMA: To say that Midorima turned a billion shades of red would be an understatement. The redness didn’t fade, not when he went to class, not when Takao teased him endlessly for it, and especially not when you came up to him to check on his temperature. “No, I’m perfectly fine. On the other hand,” he started then paused. “I didn’t know you were interested in such things.”

MURASAKIBARA: As always, Murasakibara wasn’t the most subtle person on the planet. He walked into class, nibbling on his snack, and asked you with those lazy violet eyes. “If you wanted to do all those things with me, you could’ve just said so, ___-chin.” You blushed furiously and buried your face in your hands, groaning in pain. “I can make you feel better tonight if you want.” Cue another groan.

NIJIMURA: Speechless. He didn’t know you were one to admit to dirty things like that. Of course he knew that you would have desires like those but telling that to your friend? His lips twitched in amusement but he pledged that he would stay silent about it. Being the gentleman that he was, he wouldn’t force you to confess. However, he couldn’t resist teasing you at times. “So, your views on being tied up?”