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HQofficial’s Kyouhaba Rec List

So I’ve been more or less obsessed with Kyouhaba fics the past month or so, and have accumulated a collection that I am rather attached to… As a result, I decided to make a rec list for my own (and other people’s) sake. Enjoy! 

(As a side note, fics of this pairing tend to reference darker themes like homophobia and abuse, so read with caution.)

(tags included)

Police Dog by suverycorpsjean *** (nsfw)

Close to the Chest by darkmagicalgirl ***

Running in Place by cleiioo (wip) **

Day of Silence by ardett

Safe in Your Hands by shions_heart

A Rumour that Binds by Icie

fuel to burn by knightswatch (M) **

It Takes Two by Poteto ** 

How Hard Will I Fall If I Live A Double Life? by Dadchis *

safe here by crossbelladonna (nsfw) (tg! au)

Down River Road by carafin

destroy the middle (it’s a waste of time) by knightswatch (M)

fever got me aching by knightswatch (M)

and finally…

The art of fighting in heels by boxofwonder (magical girl au) ***