they have their own theme for god' sake

Life and Light in the New Universe

When the Earth was first planted in the new universe, Jasprosesprite descended in the midst of a thunderstorm and played the rain on her violin. This planted the the first seeds of new life on the flooded earth. When they fastforwarded to the future where the waters had receded, the life had co-evolved along with the sea lusii already living there. The new animal life is both familiar and strange as evolution dealt with a similar but not exactly the same world. And there is a healthy amount of lusii to care for the new troll race when it restarts.

Some animals and plants are brought back through Roxy’s void powers. Other plants are quickly re-engineered through Jade and Jane’s careful plant breeding.

The night sky is different now. For Dirk especially, it’s disconcerting looking up at the stars and having them not be where they’re supposed to be. Fortunately, Jade provided a moon she fashioned out of some rock, since everything would be messed up without one. Jade and Dirk take it upon themselves to chart the new stars, giving names to them and the constellations. Jade’s names are cute, “The Squiddle” or “Good Dog Best Friend”, Dirk’s are ridiculous, “Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff” or “Plush Rump.” 

But sometimes they agree more serious names are in order and they ask their friends for suggestions. Dave suggests “The Pimp in the Crib” and “Snoop Dogg” but they let him name one “Karkat.” Not to be outdone, Rose names another one “Kanaya” but also suggests “Fluthlu, Foul Patrician of Misery.”  Roxy names one “The Wizzerd.” She was very specific about the spelling. John names one “Nicolas Cage.” Jake suggests “Neytiri” and almost every awful movie title he can think of (there’s a lot). They let him have “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Jane names one “Lil Sebastian.” Terezi names one “Pyralspite” and she and Kanaya offer the names of their dead friends and ancestors. Karkat doesn’t really care, but Dave nags him into suggesting some things so he offers “The Thresh Prince” and “Kiss My Shame Globes.” 

They discover that there are now eight zodiacal constellations as opposed to the twelve of the old universe. They conclude each one stands for the eight new gods, i.e. themselves, and they call meetings to decide what to call them. They have a hard time agreeing. John wants to just name them after their own names. Jade suggests their old Chumhandles. Jane suggests their classpects. Jake suggests their old symbols. “’Green Skull’ would be awesome!” Dirk disagrees. “Sorry, Jake, but no. I’d feel so fucking sorry for all the kids born under ‘Orange Hat’.” Roxy suggests objects of personal significance or maybe their weapons. Dirk likes that idea. Rose thinks they should be more esoteric. Maybe something about themselves in a dead language like latin or the language of the elder gods. They say ‘maybe’ to the former; ‘definitely not’ to the latter. Dave thinks everyone should just name their own constellation whatever the fuck they want. They don’t all have to be themed or match like a bunch of celestial teletubbies for fuck’s sake. We’re the gods of the new universe. Let’s personalize our own fucking specks of light in the sky. They end up going with Dave’s suggestion. Dirk still feels bad for the kids born under his sign. 


I just want to put forward that even though BigHit confirmed that this comeback was going to be rated 18+, was mature content and sexual. They did not mean that the song lyrics would be dirty or disturbing for the audience. For example in the song Blood Sweat & Tears it says the following “peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet, chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings” this line has been taken out of context and seen by some young and immature fans that this song and the whole album it self is dirty and disturbingly sexual? When BigHit released such statement about the wings comeback being about seduction they meant that that it’d be an album in which the boys are “seducted” by evil. You don’t believe me look up the lyrics and other analysis of the album. I mean it’s even the theme of this album comeback. BOY MEETS EVIL!!! So I’m not trying to create any warfare against my own ARMY fandom but some people are taking things too extreme calling our own boys dirty and all. For God sake they have been accused of such things in the past and even told they have been undermining woman when that isn’t the case at all and they themselves denied such things!! Even in the wings album they’ even have the song 21st century girls for crying out loud. In which they encourage woman! Yet people claim such nonsense against them?? You all who think such disturbing thoughts about Bangtan’s songs and the album as a whole need to check themselves again. The boys would never do something so incredibly disgusting, and if you are a true fan you’d know that. So I’d ask of you to go out and actually analyze this comeback to understand what is it’s the true intent and meaning rather than claiming such false accusations. Yes we can all joke around and say that the song Blood Sweat & Tears is a sexy song and so addicting and we all get the feels and stuff but don’t go around confusing other ARMYs saying the lyrics are dirty. BTS wrote songs about their families, depression, success, hate, happiness, their passion for music, and they deserve the recognition they get. Not make statements about other wise. I hope other ARMYs agree with me and can back me up on this topic!!