they have the same pants


INFP: Dresses like a fairy princess librarian headed to Comic-Con.
INFJ: Owns seven pairs of the same exact black pants, all perfectly-pressed.

INFJ: YOU’RE HAVING FEELS! Wait. I’m also having feels. Cannot compute. I shall help you with your feels and ignore my own until they hopefully go away.

INFP: I LOVE HUMANITY! (volunteers, donates to charity in appreciation)
INFJ: I HATE HUMANITY! (volunteers, donates to charity anyway)

INFP: Always ridiculously late or inconveniently early.
INFJ: Always right on time.

INFP: Drinks hot cocoa with heaps of whipped cream and sprinkles. 
INFJ: Drinks black coffee by the gallon.

INFP: All-feeling.
INFJ: All-knowing.


Leatherworking Lecture: Casing

Hey, wow, I just hit 500 followers, thought I’d say thanks to everyone out there who’s stalking me and do something to celebrate. So here, guys, have something nice – have, uhh… *digs through closet* …a tutorial on how to prepare leather for tooling & shaping! :D

Greetings! Today I shall deliver an excessively long lecture on casing, aka, getting leather properly wet in order to carve it, tool it, and mold it. (You will be astounded how many words I have to say on the subject of “get it wet.”) This is not the most glamorous part of leatherworking, but it is an important one – properly cased leather will give you better results on your finished product, and also make it easier and more fun. Working with good, properly-cased leather is a genuine joy – working with cheap or badly-cased leather is an exercise in frustration.

I haven’t really found anywhere else that puts all this information in one place. Other people have talked extensively about tooling, because that’s the fun part, but I’ve never found a comprehensive guide to casing. When newbies get on leatherworking forums, etc, and ask for advice on casing, the old-timers tend to say things like “You’ll learn to tell when it’s properly cased” or “You’ll get a feel for it” – which is true, but not all that helpful when you’re first starting out.

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Who Takes Care of You? by Hupsoonheng

Aka @softsams

You’re almost asleep on a wooden chaise longue, which is one of the easier ways to forget yourself, when T'Challa’s voice wakes you all the way back up with a jolt. “I see you here often,” he says, strolling up casually to the side of your chair as if he hadn’t just snuck up on you in complete silence.

“Yeah, well.” You gesture at the birds, at the flowers, the big healthy green leaves everywhere. “It’s pretty here. And quiet.”

“And lonely.” T'Challa stands with his hands behind his back, elegant in an embroidered cotton tunic that emphasizes the squareness of his shoulders, and hangs over the same kind of pants you and Steve have taken to wearing. As odd as it is to see Steve in sandals, there’s a different quality to the strangeness of seeing T'Challa so at ease. Friendly. You still have a very vivid memory of the Black Panther trying to grind your ass into asphalt.

two: first time

previous chapter

word count: 2,367

note:  here you are my lovely friends, chapter two of dream your life away. I really did want to write something smutty for this, but honestly, it came out so forced so you’ll have to forgive me. I promise to try again in the future. I hope that you enjoy this chapter and please feel free to leave me some feedback if you have the time. Now i’m off to do more homework but this was a fun break. lots of love my angels. xx

“There was something sweet in the air, babe, that summer night”

She pressed her hip against the heavy wooden door and it swung open. He placed a hand on the small of her back as she led him into the tiny entrance of her apartment building. His eyes wandered across the dark paneled walls decorated with old photographs. It was dim inside, lit only by a few hanging, green lights dangling precariously from the ceiling. A small elderly woman sat at the front desk reading something that looked dangerously like Fifty Shades of Grey, Shawn avoided looking too closely for the title.

“Hi, Mrs. Fisher,” Y/N called softly to her.

The elderly woman looked up and pressed her glasses up the bridge of her nose, squinting into the dark.

“Oh, Y/N, dear,” She said happily, “How are you?”

“Good,” Y/N replied glancing at her watch, “It’s late. Is Mr. Fisher snoring again?”

Mrs. Fisher laughed and nodded before turning her eyes to look at the tall and unfamiliar boy standing in the middle of her apartment building.

“Who’s this, dear?”

“This is Shawn,” Y/N said quickly. “A new friend of mine.”

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anonymous asked:

I have a question if Hiccup is 19 in race to the edge how old is dagur?

Unfortunately we have no idea how old Dagur is in any part of HTTYD canon, so we have no idea. Given his more mature body shape (compared to Hiccup and co.) in the Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk series, it appears to me that Dagur is a few years older than them. How much older than them can only be up to our speculation.

The closest we can get to trying to pinpoint how much older Dagur is than the others is through Heather’s brief flashback in “Have Dragons Will Travel Part 2.” There, Heather seems to be a little more than a toddler - perhaps five years old - old enough to be having her first memories. We see a little bit of Dagur’s body shape in the memory flashback.

This shows that Dagur is older than Hiccup, Heather, and the other characters who all seem to be about the same age. The question is: how much older?

The body shape we see of him in “Have Dragons Will Travel” can be compared to other characters for us to try to gauge his age. The best body shape comparison to look at is Gustav. We see how Gustav looks when he is both twelve/thirteen years old and sixteen years old, so it gives us a fair comparison of what Dagur might have looked like younger at these specific ages.

So, for starters, check out how the kid looks in “The Flight Stuff.”

And this is how he looks in “Gone Gustav Gone.”

Gustav is twelve years old in Riders of Berk; Art Brown and Douglas Sloan have made this comment themselves (or so I’ve heard, anyway). He would probably almost be thirteen because RTTE is about three years after HTTYD, and Gustav is also canonically said to be sixteen in the episode “Gone Gustav Gone.”

Now, here’s why Gustav is the best comparison for how Dagur would have looked like younger: Gustav’s sixteen year old self and Dagur in Heather’s memory flashback are based on fairly similar models. Check it out.

We have obviously the same boots, the same tunic color, the same pants color, and the overall same lanky body shape. Dagur is wearing a long sleeve shirt while Gustav is wearing a short sleeve shirt, Gustav has knee protection, and their belts might be a little different. But they’re still modeled fairly similarly after one another.

I wouldn’t say that Dagur is sixteen in the flashback simply because his body is similar to sixteen year old Gustav, though. It’s to note that Dagur has always seemed to be a little buff and large for his age. Gustav, meanwhile, seems a bit small for his age. And, even more importantly, when we meet Dagur in ROB and DOB, he’s young enough to still be growing. 

There is a huge maturity difference in his appearance between Riders of Berk and Race to the Edge, despite the seasons being only three years apart… suggesting he’s young enough to be going through such physical development still. Sure, there is something to be said about bulking up changing his physique, but it’s not just his arms and chest size. It’s the broadening of his chin, the growth of his nose and eyebrows, and other elements that make him obviously older.

My personal headcanon for Dagur’s age in the past, before I made this analysis post, was about three years older than Hiccup and Heather. That’d put Dagur at about nineteen in Riders and Defenders of Berk and twenty-two in Race to the Edge. But that’s just my own speculation. I think those numbers make a lot of logical sense… any older in ROB, and it could start feeling odd.

Upon looking at the flashback picture, though, it might not be too bad an idea to add one or two more years to my guesstimate: if Heather is 5, then by my old age gap headcanon, Dagur would be about eight or nine years old. That body shape is definitely not the body shape of an eight year old, though. Especially not when we compare him to how he looks next to Gustav at older ages. I’d be more likely to put flashback!Dagur in the 10-13 year old range. (Pushing the age up a little also explains why he would have the mental state to do something like ditch his sister in the ocean). 10-13 wouldn’t be toooooo odd for someone who seems to have good physical development early like Dagur.

So, if Dagur is around ten years old in the flashback, that would make him about four and a half or five years older than Heather - not an odd gap range for siblings at all. That would make him barely twenty in ROB and twenty-three or twenty-four in RTTE. Still not too bad. Now, if we put him at thirteen years old in the flashback scene, then he would be about twenty-three in ROB (I say that’s too old) and twenty-seven in RTTE.

So maybe it wouldn’t be the worst idea to suggest that Dagur is about four-ish years Hiccup and Heather’s senior? It would put him juuuust at the end or outside of teenaged years in Riders of Berk… any older than that, and I think that would be odd. Early to barely-mid-twenties in RTTE seems like a fair estimate for that time period, too.

Conclusively, I’d estimate that Dagur is somewhere in the twenty-two to twenty-four years old age range when Hiccup is nineteen in Race to the Edge.

But those are all personal estimates and nothing canon.

Shh, Baby

Nicole is back, and so are her shameless kinks.
Oh, and happy birthday to my best friend - @smileforbradley
This one is for you. I tried to make this piece as perfect as you!

Request: based off this post.
yo can you please do a brad smut about that library post with him like telling u to be quiet and like him covering your mouth and shit like fuck me up bradley👏🏼👏🏼

“You always this quiet?” with Brad

Words: 2.3k


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anonymous asked:

I read a list of 25 things that Billie said about himself in usmagazine & i love how he's like "I rehabbed a baby squirrel and named him Peewee", "I used to tap dance" and then "I was arrested for getting naked on stage in Milwaukee in 1995", "I stole a limousine right after playing David Letterman’s show in 1996"

THE DUALITY OF MAN, my personal favourite is “i wear the same pants every day” because i have never related to anything more ✨

Fools {Jeon Jungkook Drabble}

Jungkook & 45 (If that makes me a child, then so be it)

Note: This is smut. I don’t know if that’s what you wanted but hey - here it is anyway. I was going to make this a really fluffy, childish drabble. (but as always Admin Mami had to be a pervert for the maknae instead sorrynotsorry) so yes, enjoy!~ Fighting x

  • Warning: This is smut, and the use of swear words. Read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

Originally posted by dream-bts

If that makes me a child, then so be it!” Jungkook raged, throwing his arm out angrily as he bellowed his aggravation at you.

You barely ever fought with Jungkook, ever. Though this was one of those rare occasions where a small, petty argument had turned into something much more passionate and uncontrollable.

You hated fighting with Jungkook. The fire in his eyes, the scowl on his lips… it’s too much to handle, and not always for the sake of it being too difficult, more that you found him much hotter than you really should.

His face is like a painting, beautiful and meaningful, making you feel something from the bottom of your heart. It’s expressive and loud, his passion and rage mixing into something that creates a bigger picture. It’s hard to fight, hard to retaliate when all you can think about is the bulkiness of his thighs, the way his shirt raises when he swings his arms in fury or the way he bites his lip in temper.

“You’re not going to say anything now, huh? Who’s the child no-”

You cut him off, pressing your lips firmly against his. At first, he doesn’t do anything. Seconds later, he’s pushing you up against the hallway wall, his hands swarming underneath your shirt in deep hunger and intensity.

He doesn’t give you long to get comfortable before he’s yanking you away from the solid wall and pulling you towards the bedroom. You stumble a few times, but his harsh hold of your hand is strong enough to keep you moving, not stopping once, not until the bedroom door was slammed shut while you clumsily stumbled back against the mattress.



You moaned a fresh sting of pleasure against the right cheek of your ass.

“Did I say you could speak?” He hissed, dominance creeping over him.

“N-no.” You stammered.

“Then don’t.” He snapped, pursed lips as he rocked his hips against yours, teasing you in all right ways because damn you both had too many clothes on for your liking.

It wasn’t often Jungkook was lite this. Usually he’s sweet, rolling around in the bedsheets with lighthearted childish giggles as he did unspeakable things to you beneath the sheets. But this? This was intense, and insanely dominant. Like arguing - this was also a rarity.

It didn’t take long for your clothes to be torn away from you and discarded carelessly on the floor, not that you were complaining. How could you ever? Not when Jungkook towered over you, lips crashing against yours so heatedly that your teeth clashed every now and then, his hands riding up your thighs before he finally gave you what you were really craving.

“Moan.” He told you, a simple instruction.

“But the others-”

“Do you want me to stop?” He clenched his jaw, holding your hips down so strongly you couldn’t move them.


“Then moan” he ordered.

And you did, crying loudly to his each and every pound of pleasure. There was something sexily aggressive about his gaze, a glint so rare it fired you up more than you liked to admit.

With each thrust, you were nearing your final moments of pleasure. He must have been the same, because he was panting erratically, his hips snapping like gunshots.

And when he finally drew you both to a finish, he collapsed next to you, his chest rising and falling harshly like yours. He turned to look at you, somewhat sheepish.

“Sorry - I think I got a bit carried away.”

You were about to reply, a small smile peeing on your lips until a voice answered for you.

“Ya think? Some of us are trying to sleep you know! Shut up!” Jin’s agitated voice echoed across the house, making you giggle as you cuddled up to your boyfriends chest.

“I’m sorry about before, I shouldn’t have lost it with you, it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry we argued. I love you.” He kissed the top of your head.


Title: Marks

Pairing: Sam Winchester x female!Reader

Word Count: ~800 (sorry it’s short)

Warnings: fluff, implied smut

Request: Hi! I love your writing. If you have the time, could I please request a Sam x Reader? Maybe like where he leaves Hickies on the readers neck when he’s had a rough day and needs reassuring, or if he gets jealous or to distract her/get her attention. Thank you

A/n: Not my gif and again sorry the fic is so short.

“We do have a case, you know?” You mumbled while stretching your neck to give Sam better access anyway. His lips were soft and warm and damn he knew what he was doing with kissing that spot just beneath your ear.

“I’m aware” he answered stopping his movements momentarily. Quite involuntarily you let out a small groan at the loss of sensation. The reaction caused him to laugh and resume the task of kissing and lightly sucking on your neck. Content with that you wanted to go back to your book, but you couldn’t focus.

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anonymous asked:

Also on the Westwood denim jacket-- want to guess which socks and/or undercrackers DT pairs with a bare-breasted woman on his back? How does he even make these choices and decisions?

… This requires some serious thought. Ok let’s break this down, because that’s a very important question and I want to do it justice.

Firstly, the distressed jumpers, leather Moto jacket, ripped jeans and now a VIVIENNE WESTWOOD denim jacket with boobies on the back of it… David has been swinging decidedly punk in his style choices lately.  

It’s adorable, and a little funny considering he’s a 46 year old father of four.  

So that begs the question, how much of that style influence trickles down to his periphery wardrobe elements.

It also begs the question: what the hell do punk socks look like anyway.

To which I humbly submit:

Paul Smith, Men’s Navy Strawberry Skull Socks

Men’s navy socks with a small red and green ‘Strawberry Skull’ pattern.
Made in Italy from a cotton-blend, these socks are finished with ribbed cuffs.

Because, of course Paul Smith. Paul Smith is the answer to everything. Try as David might he can not escape the Paul Smith, it’s like his sartorial version of Groundhog Day.  

Now to be clear, there is no actual evidence that David owns these socks.  I’m fantasy casting here.  Nonetheless I bet if someone flung them at him as he steps out of the Don Juan stage door, we’d see them on him within a few weeks….

Actually, how can we make that happen.  If I could inspire one thing in this fandom, I’d love to get a trend going where his fans start inexplicably gifting him with wacky, yet eerily on point for his style, clothing items.  

Anyway, back on track.  That leaves us with the under crackers. So the question is here, how realistic do I go?  Because realistically, he’s very loyal to those boxer briefs.  

Furthermore, and this is a big sticking point for the socks too, I don’t think we’ve seen him wearing that jacket anywhere but the stage door.  Which means I’m guessing he just showers and throws on whatever after the performance.  He’s not really putting together an outfit here.  

But you know, fuck it, let’s throw caution to the wind and have some fun here.  We have a few options.

The first, and most hardcore would be to assume he just wears the same thing that any good Scottish chap would wear under his kilt.  Namely, nothing. Furthermore, going with the assumption that David occasionally lets the boys run off-leash, it would explain his predilection for button fly trousers. Less chance of unfortunate zipper mishaps.  

But baring a full commando situation, what about these tattoo inspired boxer briefs from Dsquared?

Also with naked boobies on it.  I’d say we should get him some of these, but who the hell pays $125 for a single pair of boxer briefs.  Those better fucking taste like chocolate is all I’ve got to say.

Anyway as to how David makes these decisions, I feel like my sock post is a pretty good rundown of his technique there. As to how he picks his undercrackers… well… that’s the sort of insight I have only in my dreams.