they have the happy ending and im stick to it

before i go and reblog some patrick then turn off my laptop, i just wanted to say that i just watched amandaschronicles new video and they’ve come out as trans nonbinary, are using they/them pronouns, and changing their name to miles. and you have no idea how happy they were in the video and how happy i was watching it. near the end, they said, “i’d rather be hated for who i am, than loved for who i am not”; (if you recall, they said this when they came out as gay), and they said a couple other things that really got me emotional. 

i hope one day i am free to be myself like them. fem-aligned non-binary, open abt being bi + panro; i hope one day i dont have ppl dragging me down for who i am. and honestly? sticking to the fact that patrick wouldnt want me to give up is something im gonna keep doing. 

im here to stay. im here to fight for who i am. i like girls, guys, non-binary ppl, & im non-binary too. i wont give up. not a chance.

Marvelmas (13/13) FINALE - December 25 - Avengers x Reader

Words: 1224
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: okay honestly only a few characters actually talk, but everyone is mentioned. This is more of a reflective part, as it is the finale, and all of the previous parts led up to the big party!
Warnings: kinda a cheesy ending (except jadyn said it isnt so take her word for it).
Marvelmas Series!
Authors Note
: IM CRYING ITS OVERRR NOOOOO. This series was so much fun and I want to thank all of you for sticking with me through the crazy ride that was The Thirteen Days Of Marvelmas! No matter what you celebrate, I hope it goes/went amazing and you have a happy holidays! (also, posts should be going back to normal soon and i should be posting requests haha)

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

Just because you are Avengers doesn’t mean the Barton children were going to be denied a normal(ish) Christmas. They would still wake up before the sun screaming for everyone to get up, then run to where the tree is to find that Santa came!

Of course, everyone was awoken by the screams of the children. But watching them get so excited was nice, especially from the many pains this year has caused. It was finally coming to an end, and hopefully, next year will be better.

And later, all the Avengers would head over to the venue. Tony knew it would be difficult for most people to attend his party, as it is on Christmas, so he made it open for any time in the afternoon to early evening his friends could come. He suspected most people would either come earlier or later at night, not right when it started. But that gave you and the Avengers time to relax at the big venue that was rented out.

And who knows, maybe this entire party would be a big bust. Of course, you were sure some people would come, and with the RSVPs responses, it would be a fun and enjoyable time.

As there were not many kids involved with the Avengers, it was up to the Barton children to have the best time of this holiday. They were ripping the paper off the presents they were handed, and they were very happy with the decent sized pile they had under the tree. What they didn’t know was that Tony likes to spoil, especially since he’s so close with Clint. And they screamed in joy when they saw Tony bring in more and more gifts for them. What can he say? It’s his chance to be an uncle!

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