they have the happy ending and im stick to it

Could there have possibly been a better end for Pride Month, than a country getting finally the stick out of their ass and accepting love for what it is?? I THINK NOT!! 

For the Good Days

For The Good Days

{Jeon Jungkook x Reader}

Epoch (n)


a time in history or a person’s life that is usually marked by notable events or certain characteristics.


It’s at the age of video games and late night outs with best friends that you find him. When all you ever have to worry about was wrapping up shoots and editing content for a class project and showing up to your shifts at the quaint little bookstore down the street. Routine that he disrupts with his coffee eyes and spring smile.

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before i go and reblog some patrick then turn off my laptop, i just wanted to say that i just watched amandaschronicles new video and they’ve come out as trans nonbinary, are using they/them pronouns, and changing their name to miles. and you have no idea how happy they were in the video and how happy i was watching it. near the end, they said, “i’d rather be hated for who i am, than loved for who i am not”; (if you recall, they said this when they came out as gay), and they said a couple other things that really got me emotional. 

i hope one day i am free to be myself like them. fem-aligned non-binary, open abt being bi + panro; i hope one day i dont have ppl dragging me down for who i am. and honestly? sticking to the fact that patrick wouldnt want me to give up is something im gonna keep doing. 

im here to stay. im here to fight for who i am. i like girls, guys, non-binary ppl, & im non-binary too. i wont give up. not a chance.

working in retail is like being in a nightmare that never ends. every time a customer is unsatisfied or expresses their disdain over this or that or gets upset & huffy w/ me any time i have no choice but to follow the store’s protocol and policy i just linger on it for days. a customer came in tonight and i think i accidentally offended him by trying to explain that he was not in fact allowed to walk right out the door with what he had wanted to purchase in his hand before buying it in order to grab the remaining change he needed out of his car, and i’m just like great. i’m going to be thinking about this incident and beating the shit out of myself for the next month

Marvelmas (13/13) FINALE - December 25 - Avengers x Reader

Words: 1224
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: okay honestly only a few characters actually talk, but everyone is mentioned. This is more of a reflective part, as it is the finale, and all of the previous parts led up to the big party!
Warnings: kinda a cheesy ending (except jadyn said it isnt so take her word for it).
Marvelmas Series!
Authors Note
: IM CRYING ITS OVERRR NOOOOO. This series was so much fun and I want to thank all of you for sticking with me through the crazy ride that was The Thirteen Days Of Marvelmas! No matter what you celebrate, I hope it goes/went amazing and you have a happy holidays! (also, posts should be going back to normal soon and i should be posting requests haha)

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

Just because you are Avengers doesn’t mean the Barton children were going to be denied a normal(ish) Christmas. They would still wake up before the sun screaming for everyone to get up, then run to where the tree is to find that Santa came!

Of course, everyone was awoken by the screams of the children. But watching them get so excited was nice, especially from the many pains this year has caused. It was finally coming to an end, and hopefully, next year will be better.

And later, all the Avengers would head over to the venue. Tony knew it would be difficult for most people to attend his party, as it is on Christmas, so he made it open for any time in the afternoon to early evening his friends could come. He suspected most people would either come earlier or later at night, not right when it started. But that gave you and the Avengers time to relax at the big venue that was rented out.

And who knows, maybe this entire party would be a big bust. Of course, you were sure some people would come, and with the RSVPs responses, it would be a fun and enjoyable time.

As there were not many kids involved with the Avengers, it was up to the Barton children to have the best time of this holiday. They were ripping the paper off the presents they were handed, and they were very happy with the decent sized pile they had under the tree. What they didn’t know was that Tony likes to spoil, especially since he’s so close with Clint. And they screamed in joy when they saw Tony bring in more and more gifts for them. What can he say? It’s his chance to be an uncle!

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it is so freeing to draw after finding out you do not have to draw a certain way. you dont need to be good. like. just doing it feels good to me because i thought for the longest time im untalented but i was just trying to stick to drawing a certain way and. no. you dont have to. as long as it makes you happy you can draw any way you want

I was tagged by @acountrygirlsfun​ a few days ago to do this and since i have homework im ignoring ill do it!

Rules: Tag 15 people at the end of this challenge!

Five things you’ll find in my bag

  1. gun
  2. keys
  3. wallet (hopefully)
  4. earbuds
  5. phone charger

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom

  1. clothes littering the floor
  2. shoes, so many
  3. wall hanging with twinkle lights
  4. me
  5. my glorious bed

Five things I’ve always wanted to do

  1. Cut my hair really short
  2. fly first class
  3. wear high heels on campus
  4. stick to a workout regimen
  5. move away 

Five things that make me feel happy

  1. when like, its early morning and a little bit of light is coming in through the window
  2. sleeping in past noon
  3. clean sheets
  4. eating ice cream
  5. being outside, but like for at most 15 minutes and only when it’s like 80 degrees

Five things I’m currently into

  1. not putting effort into school
  2. sleeping more than i should be
  3. depression eating
  4. Toms
  5. looking at furniture for an apartment I’ll never be able to furnish.

Five things on my to-do list

  1. clean
  2. homework
  3. work
  4. go to target/walmart
  5. finish school

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Happy AkaFuri day, everyone ! 4 hours late in my timezone, is this really okay…? hahaha ///

Here is a sort of personal challenge. Drawing a doujinshi and actually finish it. Of course, I’m just a beginner and I don’t know anything about composition, I’ve never drawn manga before (or it was a complete fail)… So I don’t try doing complicated backgrounds, using screentones… I’m just doing the basic things, and I don’t want to spend too much time on it.
This is the first part of a cheesy short story, and I really hope I’ll finish it. I’ll try to upload a part each week. Enjoy ! Happy AkaFuri day again ♥

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 (end)

bumbly-sims  asked:

Hey im new to tumblr but have been playing sims for a long time. I just found your site and am in loveeee. id love to start up one of these things for myself. do you do RP with other players? or can you explain to me how this all works? thanks :)

OOC How to Start & Maintain a Mom Blog: 

Hi there bumbly-sims. Thanks so much and welcome to simblr! There’s no set rules to doing it I guess.. I get this question often but normally am too lazy to answer (bad Kenzie, I know)

I pretty much made an rp “mom blog” for Rebekkah to try something new and then I guess it became a new trend? -shrugs-

I do collaborations with a few of my friends sometimes but actually roleplaying the scenes and stuff, I don’t really do that anymore since I don’t speak to anyone who does. Most of the mom blogs who are out there, I don’t speak to. No one comes to speak to me, waaaaahh D:

Things I use that are key to a mom blog:

- Blogger type theme (for realism, HERE are some good free ones) 

- Writing skills and having a VERY active realistic imagination (this will help you write blog posts), I usually get ideas from reading mom forums. Also it really helps if you character build.. otherwise how will you blog about a sim or her life or kids and they have no personalities. I usually LOVE character building with people when I roleplay in chats or 1on1 it gives me a chance to describe how my sims are!

- Posts at least once a week (heh, this is a joke to me o.e)

- Friends / Knowing fellow bloggers (It makes the experience much more fun and will motivate you to take your own photos if you do. Having trusting friends is also ideal for playdates and get togethers), you can get to know people by messaging them in character on their blogs, or out of character and joining chats! (Here’s one) CLICKY

- HQ mod (No one really wants to view a blog that has low quality, blurry photos so HERE is the mod that I recommend to everyone, she is an HQ mod god and was very patient with me when asking questions about them lmao (im slow).. if you’re more advanced, I suggest making your own so it’s how you like it! I make my own HQ mods!

- Being original! Don’t try to copy or be like someone else because in the end, being yourself is so much more better. Don’t be a needle in a hay stack, I  don’t copy or anything and it’s been working for me B] 

- Lastly, have fun! Screw what anons or haters throw into your inbox. You didn’t buy Sims with your own money, on your OWN computer to try to listen to what someone else across the world has to say about your game. Do what makes you happy or don’t do it at all.

Happy Simming! ♥

(disclaimer; im not bossing anyone around these are things that I stick too.. just be/do you)

weaving-starlight  asked:

You're IR drawings actually give me happiness in the wake of this madness. :)


Seems like weirder stuff is happening to the series, even after is unfortunate ending. So I’m sticking with the thing that made most sense (and should have happened). 

No novel or ending is going to keep them apart ^_^ 

welp…it’s over…

I honestly loved this whole ride, even though I found homestuck just a little over a year ago. :P 

Without it, I don’t think I would have been drawing as much, it helped me improved ALOT, and the homestuck fandom is the first fandom that i felt like I belonged in and was active in.

 I love it, so I’m going to continue drawing more homestuck and hopefully improve, since I’m still young and learning :D

My only regret is not finding this webcomic sooner!

Thanks for sticking around!

Can you believe it? It’s already been six whole years with Infinite. (+1 year to me being trash)

Infinite has always been an example of a group that I can learn from, respect, and love. I’m sure that they’ll learn more as they go along as I did with myself.  You know, six years is not the longest a group has gone, there has surely been longer, but it’s a long time for groups nowadays. I think this isn’t just Sungkyu, the leader who seems to understand and care for his members a lot (even my dad said that Sungkyu is one of the best leaders in kpop so yay), who pulls the group together, but also the rest of the members for sticking together and helping each other out. I always believed that each member always worked their hardest and all the members shown improvement in every part they can improve and I’m so proud as a fan to see that and be a part of the crowd that support them.

I thank them for the love they show to the fans, for the effort and care they put into this group, for the times they could’ve given up but pushed harder to be better. Thanks for the great music and your amazing dancing. Thank you for the [always] cute, surprised faces you have when you win anything. Thank you for being the group I stuck with for these past years. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being Infinite. I hope that whatever journey we, as Infinite & Inspirit, have together, we’ll stick together till the end. 

Thank again Infinite. 

Happy 6 years with Infinite to all my fellow Inspirits. Please continue to support them, and love them. Thanks ^^ (Sorry for the lack of effort on this edit T-T)