they have the cutest smiles


“Well, while we were preparing for the fan meeting, everyone, we were… It was a time when we were able to see how much the fans appreciate us and how much you guys really like us and how much you care about us and support us. From now on, we will show you how much we care about you guys. I will show you guys. I will show you.” - 161113 JIMIN


Feeling Sad?
  • just so you know
  • tyler is existing at this moment
  • typing up a paragraph of #smileaways
  • still not so great?
  • ethan is existing too
  • dabbing probably, being energetic and happy.
  • still not there?
  • beautiful amy is here to help you
  • with the adorable obsession over aliens (which are very cool lemme just say)
  • getting there?
  • we have the cutest kathryn
  • a bubbly smiling girl who is just as sweet as candy
  • one last final push? right on the line, still need help?
  • mark fischbach.
  • not markiplier
  • the honest mark fischbach.
  • someone who has gone through thick and thin, and still smiles everyday, that doesn't let hate get in his way, that loves all his friends and family like no one else, mark fischbach who's job is to act as a friend for you, recording fun videos (even though some are rage induced, tear drowned, and very 'manly' reactions to jumpscares)
  • and mark just being
  • mark fischbach.
  • with all his friends and family
  • and they all want to see you smile.
  • so will you?
My thoughts on Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

SPOILERS (im on mobile so i can’t put it under a cut, im sorry)

So first of all, the beginning: Warner Bros logo + Hedwig’s Theme. I cried.

Then newspaper headings. Throwback to HP films which did that all the time.

Newt. AKA cutest cinnamon roll ever. You have to smile every time he is on screen.

The beasts. Holy fucking shit. Newt taking care of them. Double the fucking shit.

The actual plot: good, new, had some unexpected plot twists but didn’t fuck with your mind as much as Cursed Child (thank god). Also good connection to original HP story but also completely new.

All the characters. I’m not listing them all but they were all genius.

The MACUSA. New location. Not as awesome as the ministry but still pretty fucking awesome.

Kowalski. Finally a No-Maj/Muggle that played a bigger and good role. He’s my son dont hurt him.

Death penalty is a thing?! But magical holy crap.

Did I mention the beasts? They’re fucking amazing.

Had some comedy scenes and they were on point. Also good for children maybe?


His Hufflepuff scarf. Him being a Hufflepuff. Him being the most Hufflepuff-ish Hufflepuff to ever exist. Shoot me.

Kowalski’s bakery.

All the emotional scenes. They had me in tears.

Ok let’s be real. The whole film had me in tears.

I’m sorry this post is such a mess, these are just my post-cinema thoughts and i probably forgot some important aspect.



cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)