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Notes about the imaginary friend AU
  • Takes place in a universe where sburb didnt happen, but the trolls are kind of ghosts from a universe where it did and they’re “haunting” their kids in a way.
  • Each kid is around 6 and sees their patron troll as their “imaginary friend”, they’re all in the same pre-school.

  • Just to get things straight the imaginary friend and kid duos are: Vriska Serket and John Egbert, Kanaya Maryam and Rose Lalonde, Terezi Pyrope and Dave Strider, Karkat Vantas and Jade Harley 

  • The trolls still have full memories of things like sburb in their past lives, and are not imaginary at all, it’s just that only their patron can see them.

  • The kids can’t see each others’ trolls but they describe them to one another and the trolls talk through there kids.

  • Vriska isnt a fan of kids at all but john is an acception to her, though, shes kinda bossy and tends to expect too much of the kid, john still thinks shes nice and helpful even if she can be bossy though.

  • Kanaya, of course, is a natural with looking after kids, and she really does love little Rose, who claims that one day she will marry Kanaya when she grows up because she’s pretty. Kanaya finds this cute and tells her that once, she did.

  • Terezi thinks Dave is the coolest little around, and Dave finds a lot of comfort with having a friend around, even if she’s just “imaginary”. She likes to draw some funny comics with him, Dave gets into way into drawing because of this.

  • Karkat isn’t great with kids but Jade loves him because he’s so funny. He’s grumpy and quick to snap, sure, but he’s also really sweet and caring of her, Jade knows this, she’s a smart kid, and she likes her grumpy “imaginary friend”.

  • When Jade describes Karkat to Dave he instantly gets a puppy crush on this imaginary friend of hers that he’d never met, Karkat finds this pretty funny.

  • Terezi and Vriska use Dave and John as a way to talk to each other, and sometimes they still do have little “whos kid will do better” contests” as jokes. 

  • Kanaya likes to help Rose write little stories and gave her the idea of vampires being phosphorescent.

  • Karkat likes to watch movies with Jade, though she isn’t as much a fan of romcoms, she’d still happily watch one with him.

  • Dave finds a lot of comfort in Terezi because at home there’s really no one else who can provide him with that.

  • John gets pushed a lot by Vriska to do things just a little out of his comfort zone, which helps him a lot in the longrun, and helped him make friends with the rest of the kids.

  • Jades grandpa is dead and she is still basically raised by her dog, but Bec isn’t a god in this universe, so Karkat is a big reason she’s able to take care of herself.

  • Mom thinks it’s very cute how Rose seems to have a crush on her imaginary friend.

  • Dave has never told Bro about Terezi, and he has no intention to, he’d rather keep her a secret. 

  • John talks about Vriska a lot to his dad, to the point where his dad had to make a Vriska themed cake for his 6th birthday last April. 

  • The trolls all have their own ways of telling the kids what they were like in their past lives. Karkat builds it up like a big movie, Kanaya tells it to Rose like a bedtime story, Vriska explains it to John as if they were superheros, and Terezi tells it pretty straight to Dave like real history. Each of the kids has this big romanticized version of themselves in their past lives because of this, but in different ways.

  • The teacher in their class grows concerned when she sees the 4 kids playing together and pretending the the world ended and all their parents are dead and they just met  12 aliens and 4 that are their imaginary friends there too.

  • All 4 kids are kind of outcasts from the class because of this, but they are best friends, and sometimes, they think that in their dreams, memories surface. 
Epic Movie (Re)Watch #109 - Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. No.

Format: DVD

1) The early 2000s have a lot of truly underrated gems, especially from Disney. Along with The Emperor’s New Groove and Treasure Planet, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is probably one of the most underrated and overlooked films in their catalogue. Which is a true shame because it is such a great film.

2) This film opens with the city of Atlantis being washed away by a great flood, but if there was originally an alternate opening featuring vikings with the Shepard’s Journal in search of the fabled city. I prefer the opening we have, but you can watch the viking prologue if you want.

3) Michael J. Fox as Milo Thatch.

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I saw this movie when it first came out in June of 2001. I fell in love with Back to the Future in February of 2009. So when I realized Marty McFly and Milo Thatch were one in the same my love for this film only grew. Fox brings a sincere enthusiasm to Milo, and like with the best voice acting you forget that you’re listening to Michael J. Fox. He BECOMES Milo, the guy who has to deal with everyone doubting him while still clinging true to his beliefs. It is a great character supported by an incredible actor.

4) There is a nice juxtaposition between how Helga sets up Mr. Whitmore (“Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite. Much.”) and the quirky little nut Mr. Whitmore actually is.

An enigmatic man who I would’ve liked to know more of, Whitmore is a little eccentric but comes off as a good hearted man. His relationship with Milo’s grandfather seems to be the defining thing in his life, so much so that he’s funding a multi-million (1914 million) dollar expedition to find a myth. John Mahoney (best known for the role of Frasier’s father on Frasier) gives a strong performance in his little bit of time, but this film is filled with strong voice over performances so it is no wonder his stacks up.

5) This line was improvised by Michael J. Fox:

Milo [after he throws up from being seasick]: “Carrots. Why is it always carrots? I didn’t even have carrots!”

6) Animated films tend to be short and with the added benefit of exaggeration need to establish personalities of supporting characters IMMEDIATELY. This is very true of the expedition’s crew. This starts with Jim Varney as Cookie, a hillbilly type who fits Varney’s comedic styling very nicely. Varney passed away before filming was complete, leaving some lines to have a stand in, but his life is in Cookie all the way.

Helga: “The men need their four basic food groups.”

Cookie [holding up three fingers]: “I’ve got your four basic food groups! Beans, bacon, whiskey, & lard!”

7) Oh my god Vinny.

Every line out of Vinny’s mouth is glorious! Voiced by Don Novello, Novello makes Vinny his own in the same way that James Woods made Hades his own in Hercules. I saw a behind the scenes featurette for this film way back when that said Novello improv-d a lot of lines and most of them are included in the film. Vinny is hysterical, with his penchant for blowing things up and dead pan delivery. The crew is made up of a bunch of great individuals & Vinny is no exception.

8) Rourke…

Rourke is the captain of the expedition and - after the film’s twist - turns out to be the main villain. Voiced by James Garner, Rourke is honestly at his most interesting towards the end when he can be a ruthless bad guy. Up until that point he’s a pretty good commander and seems like an honest man. But looks can be deceiving.

9) There are so many jokes you don’t get in these movies when you were a kid (just wait until I do Shrek). For example:

Mole [about his dirt from different countries]: “England must never merge with France!”

10) Although Vinny is awesome, there’s a good chance that Sweets is my favorite crew member in the film.

He’s fast talking, genuinely kind, a good doctor, and when the crew needs to start acting like bad guys he’s the first to abandon Rourke and his selfish quest (although much more quietly than the other characters). Phil Morris - like the other actors - breathes such life and personality into Sweets that you don’t even question that he’s real.

11) I love the wit in this film.

Sweets [presenting Milo with the vials presented above]: “Here, I’m going to need you to fill these up.”

Milo: “WITH WHAT!?”

12) And to round out the crew, Audrey.

Like most of the crew, we learn more about Audrey in a pivotal scene later. But when we first meet her she’s already impressive. Just a teenager, Audrey is the head engineer on the expedition and tough as nails. She knows her shit and is tough as hell, but that’s not why she’s awesome. Well, that’s not the ONLY reason she’s awesome. But more on that later.

13) The Leviathan.

Mike Mignola, the creator and artist behind the character Hellboy, is credited as a production designer on this film. Nowhere is his influence more clearly scene than the leviathan, the mechanical sea beast meant to defend the entrance to Atlantis. It is an impressive feat of imagination and animation, a creature which is truly menacing in both size and design. The leviathan and its attack on the submarine crew could quite well be the best part of this film.

13.5) Why does a science expedition have battle stations? I mean, now we know because they’re mercenaries. But did this not raise any red flags?

14) God bless Packard. I’m not even sure what her role on the ship is besides announcer, but god bless her.

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15) The pivotal scene for so many of these characters in this film is when Milo eats with them for the first time and we get their backstory.

  • Sweets’ of mixed descent, part black part Native American (I believe he said he’s Navajo). He studied to be a doctor when he got enlisted in the army.
  • Audrey’s father wanted sons, one to run his auto shop and another to become world boxing champion. Her sister has a shot at the title.
  • Vinny’s family owned a flower shop and when the business next door blew up, “It was like a sign from god! I found myself in that ‘boom.’”

And then of course we get this line.

Milo: “What’s Mole’s story?”

Sweets: “Trust me on this one. You don’t wanna know. Audrey, don’t tell him. You shouldn’t have told me, but you did. And now I’m tellin’ you, you don’t wanna know.”

You see THIS is what fleshes out these characters. Its this one scene which makes them more than jokes or stereotypes or archetypes, but real people. We get their conflict, their history. We learn of Audrey’s family, of Vinny’s boredom with flowers, or Sweets’ history in the army. THIS is what makes the film standout in the way it does.

16) Kida.

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It’s too bad Atlantis didn’t do too well at the box-office, otherwise Kida might take her place among the official Disney Princess line. Along the same lines as Mulan, Kida is a warrior princess. A woman who can kick ass but also loves her father and her people very dearly. Cree Summer is an accomplished actress in the voice over world, with Kida possibly being one of her finest roles. Kida is tough but never mean, curious but never overbearing, capable but able to form a meaningful relationship with Milo (while also not being too over the top lovey dovey), and just an all around great character.

17) Hey look, its Spock!

Leonard Nimoy has had a number of voice over roles, particularly in the 21st century. Its nice hearing him in this, even if we don’t get to spend too much time with the king.

18) So you know the trope of a 100+ year old vampire forming a slightly weird relationship with a much younger woman?

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19) The betrayal of the crew wouldn’t have hurt nearly as much as it does if it weren’t for the scene where we get all their backstories.

Notably we don’t get the backstories of the two most evil characters in the film: Rourke & Helga. This is when Rourke becomes REALLY interesting and when James Garner has a lot of fun as the bad guy. He’s a brute! A bully! He’s ruthless, pretty much kills the king, beats on Milo when he’s down, all while cracking a jock and flexing his impressive muscles for a 60+ year old man. Rourke doesn’t get enough credit as a Disney bad guy in my opinion.

20) I love this.

Milo [after Rourke asks him to translate better]: “I know, why don’t you translate AND I’LL WAVE THE GUN AROUND!”

I live for heroes telling bad guys who are “in control” to f*** off.

21) The entire crystal chamber scene is just absolutely gorgeous. The early 2000s were noteworthy for frequent mingling of hand drawn and computer animation, with Atlantis being one of the finest examples of it.

Also this shot is gorgeous:

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22) I never got this line.

Rourke (after his crew decide to stick with Milo & the Atlanteans): “PT Barnum was right.”

Only now do I know one of Barnum’s famous quotes is, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” And I had to google it.

22.5) Fun fact: Joss Whedon worked on the story for this film! For you Whedonites out there, doesn’t “PT Barnum was right.” sound like a very Whedon-y line?

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

23) Okay, as a child and even now I was OBSESSED with crystalized Rourke.

Like that image is just very memorable to me, especially after Rourke was supposedly killed by being encased in crystal. It’s too bad we only got a minute or so of it before the airship crashed, but damn that’s just the coolest thing to me. If there are any Kingdom Hearts fans reading this, imagine this: A Rourke boss fight, where after you beat him the first time you have to fight his crystal form and its an even tougher fight.

24) And of course Milo stays in Atlantis at the end, because it is what he and his grandfather sent their entire lives searching for. What would be the point of returning to the surface where either A) no one will believe him, or B) people will believe him and try to take advantage of this culture they found? It’s a great ending which makes a lot of sense.

I love Atlantis. It’s one of my favorite Disney films, but it maybe wouldn’t be if it weren’t so underrated. If you’re a fan of action, adventure, Disney, animation, or heck, even Stargate, I think you’ll enjoy this film.

Saudade: Ch2

Sure, you knew Josh leaving for tour would be bad, but you never thought it would be this bad. The apartment was so empty and quiet without him. Everything felt so sad and gray, as if every bit of sunshine within your life was swept away, leaving you all alone. The bed felt so much bigger without him there to cuddle you and there was an ache between your legs that your fingers just couldn’t seem to satiate no matter how hard you tried. Every time you called Josh, more than half of the time, it went straight to voicemail. You blamed it on bad luck, knowing very well it was just the time zone changes and his busy schedule, but secretly in the back of your head, you worried if maybe he didn’t even miss you at all. The only time you were able to see him was through the old photos in your phone, and the only chance you could get to hear his voice was through that stupid cheesy voicemail of disappointment.

“Hey,” you greeted a little to overexcitedly one time a call actually got picked up. “How are you doing baby? I’ve missed you so much.”

“Tired,” a weak, miserable, quiet voice responded. Josh must’ve been exhausted. “I’ve had a super busy day.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” you mumbled, instantly picking up on the way he wasn’t nearly as excited to talk to you as you were with him. “How have things been going?”

“It’s great,” his voice perked up and you frowned a little bit at his sudden show of enthusiasm. “Tyler and I have been selling out almost every show. It’s so much fun and our fans make us the coolest art, I swear. The merch has been going like crazy, life’s been good on the road, it’s insane.” There was a pause and you waited for him to tell you the part where he wished you were there with him or how much he missed you or that he wanted more than anything for you to be there in his arms, but it never came.

“So-” you began to ask another question when you got cut off.

“Ty is going to bed and I am too, it’s really late,” he yawned. “I’ll talk to you later. I love you.”

“Love you,” you murmured back before promptly getting hung up on. That had been the last call you had with Josh in two weeks.

It was a late Friday night when it all began. Josh had been gone for about a month now, and you were sitting on the couch wrapped up in a blanket, watching your favorite TV show and trying to take your mind off things. But it didn’t help. You missed the way Josh would wrap his arms around you or kiss your neck or play with your hair or try to distract you from the screen. You closed your eyes tight before staring at your phone. You knew he probably wasn’t even awake right now but you tried to call him. Of course, he didn’t pick up. You bit down on your lower lip and pressed the button again, and again, and again, and before you knew it, you had ten missed phone call attempts.

“I hate this,” you groaned, angrily tossing your phone to the ground and feeling frustrated and exhausted and sad. Tears began to form in your eyes and so you took a deep breath, heading to the kitchen. Maybe all you needed was a little wine. You opened up the cabinet where you kept the drinks, bottles that you had received for holidays but never touched since neither you or Josh drank often, and picked up a red wine. You fumbled in the drawer for a corkscrew and then began to get a glass when you decided fuck it, you probably needed the entire thing. So you walked over to the couch, wine bottle in hand, and began to drink.

Vision growing hazy, more than half of the bottle gone, you tried to fix your eyes to the television. That’s when you started to think over things. Just because Josh was gone shouldn’t have meant that your life should go downhill all of a sudden. You could be independent and happy and confident without him. You didn’t need him in order to have a good time. So you took several more gulps of wine, feeling a nice buzz, switching off the television and picking up your phone, switching it to one of your favorite songs and dancing around the house, singing at the top of your lungs. You pranced into your bedroom, not really thinking right, and slid open the closet, picking out a fancy dress and changing into it, then admiring yourself in the mirror. As the final notes of your song played, you switched off your phone, deciding to leave it home and go for a nice stroll, stepping into a pair of heels and fixing up your hair, then walking down the street.

It didn’t take but less than ten minutes before someone stopped you. “Woah there!” a lady laughed. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m feeling great!” you tried your best attempt to cover up your overzealous bubbly behavior. “Just super excited.”

“Okay,” she gave a small smile. “Just wanted to make sure you’re fine.” She began to walk away and you put on a confident smile.

Quickly, your eyes were drawn to the street signs, bright lights, the way the city seemed so much more alive at night time. A small bar caught your eye. You hadn’t really been to a lot of bars before, except for a couple occasions with Josh, which were usually just small celebrations with friends or for business. Then again, you didn’t drink that often either. But with Josh gone and the aftertaste of red wine on your tongue, you decided to push open the door and walk in, smug smile on your face, strutting towards a chair and ordering a shot of tequila. “Just you?” the bartender raised an eyebrow.

“Yes sir,” you nodded. “I’m a lone ranger tonight.”

“I admire that,” he chuckled, pouring your drink. You downed it, instantly wishing you hadn’t. Unlike the wine, this was much more strong, and you forced yourself to swallow it, feeling the odd sensation tingle down your throat.

“Hey there beautiful,” a gentleman sat beside you in the bar, lips tugged up in a smirk. You eyed him carefully, noticing he looked somewhat familiar. He had his hair gelled back, dress shirt and pants, and a fancy tie. Wide lips, handsome face, dangerous eyes, everything about him looked like trouble. You loved it.

“You talking to me?” you inquired.

“I did say beautiful, didn’t I?” he reminded.

“Charming,” you rolled your eyes.

“We’ll take two margaritas,” he told the bar tender. “And her previous drink’s on me.”

“Definitely charming,” you chuckled.

“It’s what I do,” he winked. “Brendon, by the way.”

“Y/n,” you introduced yourself.

“Lovely name for a lovely lady,” he nodded. “You come here alone?”

“Lucky for you, I did,” you replied.

Just like that, the two of you struck up a conversation. You talked for what seemed like just a couple seconds, when really, hours were passing between the both of you. Brendon gave off a nice vibe, the sort of quirky yet handsome guy everyone would want to be friends with, and he was even kind enough to pay for you. He showed you some of his tattoos and you both talked about one of your favorite TV shows, the time flying as you conversed between each other. Several drinks, a lot of laughs, plenty of flirting, until finally, the long waited question was presented. “So, you single?” Brendon inquired.

“Nah,” you shook your head. “My boyfriend’s out of town.”

“Is he now?” his eyes lit up, his lips parting slightly to let out a dark chuckle.

“Yeah we’ve been dating for a couple years now,” you explained. “He’s really nice. But he’s been gone for a really long time.”

“How long?” Brendon wondered.

“A little over a month,” you sighed. There was a couple seconds of silence that passed, as if he was thinking hard about the next thing he was going to say.

“Well if you ever get lonely…” he flickered his eyes up to you. “I’m always available.”

“Are you now?” you gave a sly smile at the sound of his offer.

“Well, only for you,” he admitted.

“I don’t have any plans tonight,” you mentioned. “Wouldn’t want to be lonely either.”

“I’m sure,” he chuckled. “Mind if we take this back to my place?”

“Not at all,” you replied. “In fact, I’d love to.”

Honestly, you never intended to meet anyone at the bar, especially anyone half this charming and good looking, but you did. Even more so, you wouldn’t ever have thought yourself to be the kind to continue the night with the mysterious stranger back at his home, getting even more drunk than you already were, cuddling up with him on the couch and listening to chill music, a blanket wrapped around the two of you, his arms loosely wrapped around your waist. “So you’ve been all alone lately,” he murmured, glancing at you, casually placing a hand on your knee. “Do you ever take care of yourself?”

“What do you mean?” you raised an eyebrow, looking up at him.

“Do you ever have a little fun?” he rephrased the question, sliding his hand up your thigh, leaning in closer to you. Brendon’s voice dropped low. “I bet you do.”

“Maybe,” you admitted, flickering your eyes up to meet him. “So what?”

“I could offer a little assistance perhaps,” he smirked. “I mean, with you being all by yourself these days.”

“I think I’d like that,” you bit down on your lower lip, studying his eyes, your entire body still buzzing from the amount of alcohol in your system. You leaned in closer, lips barely pressed against his. “I think I’d love it.” Before you could even process what you were doing, you kissed him and closed your eyes, it instantly heating up as you grabbed handfuls of his shirt and began tugging it off, his tongue slipping into your mouth, his hands getting a firm grip on your thighs, kissing you passionately.

“Y/n baby, get on your knees for me,” he murmured and you nodded your head, sliding to the floor and working at his belt buckle, sliding off his pants before palming him through his boxers, causing him to let out a moan. You tugged down the waistband and widened your eyes, then flickered your gaze back to Brendon. “What? Too big for you, sweetheart?” You returned your attention back to the task at hand, grabbing onto his hips and kissing the head of his cock before taking it into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down, closing your eyes and hollowing your cheeks. You hummed, making a moan spill out from his mouth, his hands tugging tight on your hair. “That’s right baby, suck me real good.” He jerked at your hair, fucking your face roughly before pulling out, lifting you up to your feet and sloppily kissing you again.

“Fuck,” you gasped when you felt his hand squeeze one of your tits, and he trailed his lips down your neck, nipping and sucking hard at your skin. He trailed his hand down your stomach, then below your dress, snaking up towards your underwear and higher, lifting the dress up your stomach and then pulling away to tug it up off your head and throw it to the ground. He then unclasped your bra skillfully, sliding that off and tossing it aside, using both hands to grab your breasts, rubbing small circles over your nipples with his thumb, then kissing his way down to suck on them, moving his hands towards your stomach and hips, hooking his fingers around your panties and tugging them down your legs, helping you step out of them.

“So beautiful,” he mumbled, kissing you and grabbing your ass tight, pressing up closer to you and causing you to wrap your legs around his waist. He slid his tongue into your mouth, carrying you to his bedroom and kicking closed the door, laying you down on the bed and kissing your breasts, your stomach, your thighs, but before even pressing his lips to your folds, he glanced up at you, sensing the desire and desperation in your eyes, smirking and then lifting himself up.

“Please,” you begged. “Don’t tease me like that Brendon.”

“Why? What do you want?” he continued, his soft breath brushing against your core.

“Fuck me,” you pleaded. “I need it.”

“Need, huh?” he raised an eyebrow, chuckling softly. “You stay right there, spread those legs for me, and don’t you dare even think about touching yourself.” You did as told and watched as he quickly opened the drawer of his nightstand, fumbling for a condom, ripping it open and sliding it on in no time before climbing on top of you and kissing you again. His hands and lips seemed to be everywhere all at once, his rough, quick, desperate movements making adrenaline rush through your veins, his intense eyes luring you in and filling you with lust. Brendon seemed to have the magic touch. Every time his skin came in contact with yours it was as if being ignited, engulfed in flames, melting and burning and incinerating all at once. It was so reckless and amazing and dangerous and you loved it. Then again, you were drunk as fuck, so you didn’t even process half of what was happening, but all you knew was that you never wanted this feeling to stop.

“Holy shit,” you moaned, scratching your fingernails into his back as he rocked in and out of you, thrusting harder and faster each time. The feeling was overwhelming, each inch sinking into you making your entire body shudder, and he was gasping as the two of you came, clinging onto each other desperately. Your hips rolled upwards in perfect syncopation as you rode out the waves of your orgasm, and when he pulled out, you were both struggling to catch your breath.

“That was fucking amazing,” he breathed. He rolled over to the side of the bed, leaving you to try and slow your heartbeat, your entire body still shaking from the intensity. He returned to your side several short moments later, wrapping you in his arms, tugging up a blanket and wrapping it around both of you.

“Brendon,” you whispered, rolling over to face him and kiss him again, sliding your tongue in his mouth. When you pulled away, he smiled at you. “That was one of the best fucks of my entire life.”

“Same here,” he smirked. “I don’t think I want it to end.”

“Me either,” you sighed, hugging him tight. The entire room smelled like alcohol and sex. The lights were off, moonlight filtering through the blinds, the whole room calm and still and peaceful. Just to think that moments ago you were both noisy as hell, fucking each other relentlessly, causing all the ruckus in the world, and now it was so silent and quiet, it sent a shiver down your spine. He must’ve sensed your uneasiness, because he let out a soft exhale, tilting his head slightly.

“Take it easy, babe,” he reassured, kissing your forehead. He rubbed small circles on your back, calming you down. “It’s probably just the alcohol in your system. Just get some rest.”

“Thank you,” you mumbled sleepily.

“It was my pleasure,” Brendon chuckled. “Believe me.”

“I don’t know,” you yawned. “I mean, I had quite the night.”

“I think we both did,” he laughed softly. There was a pause. “You don’t have to leave right away in the morning, uh, if you don’t want to.”

“I don’t think I’m going to leave anytime soon,” you giggled, placing a kiss to his lips.

“I like the sound of that,” he grinned. “But it’s late baby, you should get some sleep.”

“Goodnight, Brendon,” you murmured, nuzzling up to his chest, closing your eyes.

“Sweet dreams y/n,” he replied.

anonymous asked:

Pidge, Lance, and Kieth with an alien s/o who's race has dragon-like qualities? Little horns, a tail, can breathe fire, ect... (Love ur blog btw! Ur writing is so good !! )

;;thank u so much aw!!!! :””) have a great day dude & thanks for sending!

Pidge -

  • Nicknames them spyro just for laughs
  • She’d like sitting in their lap and lazily twirling their tail around her finger. probably ties a ribbon on it at least once without them noticing
  • If they have any scales on their body she’d like running her fingers over them after finding out how soothing it is for her s/o. also the texture is nice
  • [walks into their room holding a piece of bread] “hey [Y/N] can u toast this”

Lance -

  • He’d love his s/o’s unique qualities like he’d for real think he’s gotten the coolest date in the universe
  • If they have lil wings he’d love playing with them. he’d especially love when they fan out their wings all fast-like -he’d constantly be asking them to ‘do the thing’ bc wow
  • lance: if u burnt me to a crisp right here right now i would thank you
  • Their horns would be so endearing to him the only downside is that he cant comfortably rest his chin on their head when he hugs them from behind and thats illegal

Keith -

  • Silent admiration . but also rly fucking obvious
  • Since his lion can spit fire too keith is like…. “[Y/N] i cant believe you and red are related”
  • If their tail drags on the floor and his s/o is annoyed by it then he’d carry it behind them like a gentleman
  • He’d love them so much and would actually ask about the rest of their race just to get to know their features better. When he discovers that they shoot fire when they sneeze catch him making jokes about it constantly but wow he thinks its so cute
Translation: ZEAL LINK Personal Interview - Omi

While she’s wild and aggressive onstage, when Omi’s offstage, she is reserved and speaks few words. What does she have to say about why she met the band, and as the guitarist of exist†trace, what messages is she trying to transmit? This shell-shocking personal interview talks about things that “have never been talked about before,” and reaches profoundly into deep territory.

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Why General Hux is my favorite Star Wars character

So this month I will be posting my Yule drabbles on the week of Yule, but for those who aren’t into my, well, drabbles, I will be posting some thoughts on Hux’s character/ Star Wars on every Thursday this month. So to kick off this festive month, here are some reasons why General Hux is my favorite Star Wars character - a love that no other sw character’s fans have had to justify to the extent that Hux’s small number of harmless admirers have had to for some reason … (and is he really that undefined of a character if his fans have been met with such hostility? Hmm? But that is a thought of another day  …)

Please also check out my previous post on why General Hux is the coolest star wars villain ever. It’s probably more logically organized than this post which is just my reflections on why I like Hux. Forgive me if I get too ramblely. 

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Domhnall Gleeson
I obviously can’t deny that I initially paid attention to Hux in tfa, because he is played by one of my favorite actors. Domhnall is an amazing actor and a lovely human being, and I cannot praise him enough. However, even putting my love for his actor aside, I found Hux to be a fascinating character. I have always been drawn to the villains in media. Even at Renaissance Faires, I have often cheered for the “bad knight” that the audience has been coaxed into booing. I think part of this was that I have a naturally rebellious spirit and have always questioned authority (Which is literally the opposite of what Hux stands for, but opposites attract right? Why must we only like characters who are like ourselves? For me there is an appeal to exploring those who think differently than myself.) so I am prone to distrust a story’s narrator. Being a villain is a matter of perspective. 

Non-force sensitive villain 

As interesting as the force sensitive characters are in star wars, and I do certainly love them (Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren for sure), to me the non-force users that can hold their own with force users are even more compelling. Kylo Ren could destroy Hux at any moment. Hux has certainly witnessed the havoc that Kylo’s temper has inflicted on his ship and crew. Yet, Hux is not at all frightened of Ren and keeps a stiff upper lift when Snoke shouts at him. His power as a villain comes from his planning abilities and his ability to manipulate people. This type of mortal and not fantastical power is motivating to me as someone who has sometimes felt powerless at certain times in her life. Sometimes I feel like it’s hard to speak up and stand up for myself. All of Hux’s actions in tfa involved just speaking and standing his ground. He did not throw one punch, yet his actions were even more destructive than the physically and magically strong Kylo Ren. 

His youth
This is also probably why Hux’s youth is appealing. I have discussed before with other fans on here that Hux being a General in the star wars world is just as rare as someone being a general under the age of 40 is in our world.  The drive an motivation to achieve something like this is terrifying to think of.
-Complicated, mysterious character
His backstory has given us a glimpse of what a complex, tragic character he is. He was taken away from his mother at an early age. His father was either completely cold or just expected a lot out of him (I am still skeptical about assessing their entire relationship from what Brendol said to a rival.) Hux is tragic villain whose likely downfall (?) will make up an interesting part of the rest of the events of the trilogy.
The negative reaction to some of his fans really intrigues me
I could make a post just by itself about this, but I would rather not waste too much energy on negative people. It has been interesting to see the knee-jerk reactions on this website though. They are either reacting against people who create Kylux works of art and fiction (and perhaps Reyux and other Hux ships as well to a lesser extent) or have a serious problem separating media from real life and think Hux’s fans would support mass destruction, and that because we like Hux that we for some reason don’t like the lead characters (not true!) Just ignore them and carry on, is my advice! 

He has inspired me to write more
TFA has really inspired me to write more, Hux included! Writing about the characters in different aus and situations has allowed me to explore them more as well as to have a necessary creative outlet.

nct dream!youtubers au

in celebration of 1k ♡ 

-(in this au nct doesnt exist ;-;)


-theyre lil talented children omg

-they post videos on youtube (one person is assigned to one day and occasionally, they post group vids where they’re all together and it’s so cute omg)

-monday - jaemin, tuesday - chenle, wednesday - mark, thursday - renjun, friday - haechan, saturday - jeno, sunday - jisung

-they post dance/rap/vocal covers!! 

-people love them oh my gosh

-theyre all so close and theyre so sassy with each other

-whenever they do covers together, there’s BOUND to be bloopers 

-they always include them at the end of their videos bc it’s their (and their fan’s) favourite part

-one time jisung was singing and his voice cracked like an octave and everybody fell over laughing

-mark laughed so hard he threw up

-he actually threw up

-hae was half disgusted and half amused, even more than before and they had to clean it up and film outside

-jaemin and chen probably have nice harmonies together which make fans melt

-coolest kids in school!!!! even tho they’re all nerds

-they probably have a lot of fangirls and fanboys

-whenever they film videos at like, their school park

-a bunch of people crowd up to watch them and jisung probably blushes really hard when he sees how many people there are

-theyre all really playful with their dances and they look so professional oh my gosh

-they cover mostly kpop songs and stuff but if there’s another song/choreo they like that’s not kpop, they’ll do that too

-exo are like, their idols

-they look up to them a lot

-they have a second channel where they put up vlogs too!! omg those are the cutest things ever

-the vlogs can be of them doing anything, it’d still be cute

-they made a grocery store vlog too istg these boys

-jisung and chenle like sitting in the carts (they get weird stares but none of them care lmfao)

-mark threw frozen rice cakes into the cart and accidentally hit jisung in the head but he was ok bc he ducked and it hit chenle instead

-chen kinda cried but he was promised tteokbokki and bubble tea so he stopped

-he cried before he went to sleep instead but dont tell anyone shhh only ren knows bc they were facetiming

-they throw in the most random stuff and jisung throws it all out 

-well, he doesnt throw it but as soon as they put it in the cart, jisung puts it back as they stroll pass

-people stare at them a lot

-jaemin always pushes the cart

-they usually always go to the store before dance practice

-something bad ALWAYS happens when they’re at the store

-mark either falls, makes a kid fall or bump into a shelf

-hae has to watch over him smh

-when they learn dances together, they always accidentally hit each other

-one time, jaemin kicked jeno’s arm which gave him a huge bruise that lasted like, a month

-another time, jisung tripped and fell on his knees, scraping them and taking hae down with him

-then, this other time, mark and jeno were holding chen up but jeno shifted and lost balance so he brought mark and chen down with him

-they do competitions too!!!! no matter the outcome, they always stick together 

-the first time they won one, they all cried

-jaemin started tearing up and choking up on their congratulatory livestream and everybody started consoling him

-but jaemin NEVER cries and is always happy so when the boys see him cry, they all start crying too

-howeverrr, when they lose, jaemin’s the one that cheers them up

-they go to vidcon and kcon every year 

-theyre always excited too, no matter how many times theyve gone

-they travel alone, just the 7 of them bc their parents trust them enough (and trusts mark to look over them) 

-they fall asleep on each other a lot


-he also likes taking pictures of his ducklings bandmates sleeping

-”what’re you doing..?” -ren, disgruntled and confused (poor bby just woke up and saw mark taking pictures)

-”i mean, you were leaning on jeno as you slept and you looked so cute so"

-i feel bad for the hotels they stay in

-they run around a lot but they make sure to never bother the other people

-none of them understand english very well so they have trouble with vending machines without mark there

-they end up staring at all the pictures awkwardly until mark shows up and laughs at them

-other youtubers love these lil children omg!!

-they all work so well together and care about each other so much ;-;

-if one person cant perform, the others dont either

-a lot of people doubt they’ll make it far together but no matter what happens, theyll always be best friends and im gonna stop before i start crying

thank you guys again for 1k! i appreciate all of you guys so so much, thank you ♡ ♡ ♡

BTS React to you fan-girling over EXO

RapMontser: he would quickly look up from what ever he was doing to see why you were making such a weird noise only to find you screaming “SUHO-OPPA!”
Rapmonster: yah! why don’t you scream like that when we see each other, or when i’m on stage!?

Jin: would sprint from where ever he was to make sure that you weren’t dying.
Jin:…Jagi i thought you were dying, if you want to meet d.o you could have just asked me…

Suga: he would just look at you like you were an alien
Suga: i still have more swag

J-hope: you would be telling him to calm down…either that or you are both screaming

jimin: he would be staring at the tv trying to figure out what sehun has that he doesn’t
Jimin: Maybe i should go ask him how he makes his thrust look so powerful???…
you: O.o

V: another fan-girl has appeared 

kookie: jealous much XD he would be refusing to believe that you like their maknaes 
you: kookie is something the matter?

“Who are you?”
“Your ticket to the multiverse, Princess.”

You know, I actually really miss Patriot in the Marvel U but Miss America Chavez was an amazing addition to Young Avengers Vol.2. Hands down coolest character in the series. There was way too many quotes to choose from honestly.

Jamie McKelvie gave her like 6 different outfits or something during his run, this was my favourite. Probably should have made the jumper baggier.

anonymous asked:

What is the coolest thing one of your fans has done? Saw this question on another writer's blog and was interested in your answer

I mean, I’m very hesitant to say that I have ‘fans’ but as far as my followers go, several have written me personalized stories, which are just the sweetest and most thoughtful thing I think anyone could ever do; some have made edits for my books and some have even made edits for me; I’ve had someone send me a book and someone send me a T-shirt, too, both of which are just my absolute favorite things that I own. Honestly my followers are just the kindest, most thoughtful and generous people I could ever hope to have supporting me

[TRANS] The Celebrity - Sungjong

He doesn’t just let you dress and pretty him up. When he thinks of a good idea, he knows how to express his thoughts enthusiastically and prettily. We thought it was because he was loved when he was growing up, but we found out that he is just someone you can’t not love. - Editor Kim Heesung

You used to dance a lot of girl group dances before. Do you not anymore?
Ahahaha. I haven’t heard this question in a while. I was too young before and didn’t know that I had to be careful with my image. I danced them out of my determination to come out on TV. I started refraining from doing it because my company was worried that I would get stuck with that image. Now that I’m older, I can’t do it anymore either.

You’re becoming more masculine, especially nowadays. Do you know this too?
Yes, I know. My chest and shoulders became broader. I think my arms and bones are becoming thicker too. When I don’t have a schedule, I’m always working out. Maybe someday I’ll get to show them. (Laugh)

When we interviewed you a couple months ago, you said that you’ve been wanting some alone time at the time. How about now?
My thought has changed over the last couple months. I did spend some alone time but I don’t think it’s good to wallow in sorrow. I don’t want to be alone now. I think it’s actually better to meet people during those times.

We heard that you don’t really eat the day before your schedule. Have you been eating well lately?
I eat so well these days that it’s hard to control myself. I actually do gain weight when I eat, but I’ve been restraining myself all this time. I got sick from eating just once a day, so I’m not going to do that anymore. I want to gain more weight and show my natural, masculine self, but my company told me that they actually want me to lose weight like before. I like the me now so I’ve thinking about whether or not I should lose weight.

The You that you have shown to us so far was a cute maknae. How is your natural, masculine self?
Do I say it myself? Shouldn’t someone speak for me instead? Hahaha. Mm…I think I’m the coolest when I’m being considerate of others. I think true masculinity comes from within.

What dish have you been into lately?
Bulgogi bbq’d on charcoal, bibimbap; I’ve been eating meat mainly. I need to eat meat, bread, and juice, especially. I drink the tomato juice that my parents blended for me. I want to recommend tomatoes for our fans too. I looked sickly on screen before, but my skin looks better and more lively now.

We just could not let this pass. What do you consider as your darkest history?
Lemon candy! Girl group dances!

Out of the members, you in particular dye your hair with colors that stand out. I’m curious about what color you’ll dye your hair next time. (Kim Jimin)
I haven’t dyed my hair with colors in shades of gray so I’m contemplating. If my fans tell me what color they want through Twitter or in person, I’ll consider that color too.

Is it true that you dress yourself when going to the airport?
All of us don’t have any sponsors, so we dress ourselves with clothes and accessories that we bought ourselves. I mix and match my clothes with the precious clothes that fans gave me too.

You said before that you wanted to go swimming with the fans. When do you think it will come true? Or is there something else that you want to do together with the fans? (Han Minji)
Wouldn’t it come true when I’m in my late twenties or early thirties? I want to ride amusement park rides with my fans too, but that might be dangerous. I want to go somewhere nice with my Jjong-soonies (T/N: Sungjong’s fans) and take a group picture.

You’ve become the super☆star of Woollim. Do your members or your company treat you any differently? (Hyunji)
With jealousy! They always tease me, saying that I’m ‘Superstar Sungjong.’ But I still have a long way to becoming a superstar.

What is your standard of a superstar? (Steffi Jung)
An ideal man for everyone, being liked by both men and women.

What is the earliest memory that you have?
When you touch the back of my head, there is a bump. My family used to live on the second floor when I was a baby, but I fell down the stairs. I think I was around 2 or 3 years old, but I remember that. It really hurt, but later on, I rolled down the stairs on purpose because I thought it was fun. It’s ridiculous when I think about it now. I don’t know why I did that. It’s my first time telling this story in public. Haha.

Is there any interview question that you’ve wondered why no one asked?
“Are you happy right now, Sungjong?”

We want to hear your answer.
Yes, I’m happy because of my fans. Even if I have only one fan left cheering for me in the future, I’ll still try my best and work. I want to work for a long time; I don’t want to be a flash in the pan.

CR: The Celebrity
Translated by: togetherinspirit7

Artist appreciation post!

As an artist, I follow a lot of other artists. And I want to appreciate the shit out of some of them, because DAMN SON, THEY GOOD!

So here is my appreciation for some of the artists I follow. Pleace check them out and give them some love!

These are people I know personally and they are my bestest of friends and they are amazing and I support everything they do, bc they are good and lovely and inspiring and they support the shit I do too!

@cizu-s - So pretty! So pretty, I tell you! Angelic even!

@kiwiitin - You want some delicious fan arts? Some delicious OCs? You want vibrant colours and awesome comics? Kwii is your gurl, for she is my homegurl!

@kromitar - Partner in crime regarding No End, overall awesomeness and skill! Look at them crisp lines and smooth colours!

@rraffeh - Coolest of styles, precious OCs, epic cuteness, Raffe has it all!

@woosome - They have the funkiest style, most creative ideas and super wonderful OCs! They are my homie too, they awesome!!

These are people who I admire and look up to. These people inspire me to be better, get better and I cry a little every time they post something (in a good way).

@nesskain / @kisskicker / @creaturexlll / @avaliart / @rennerei / @shoomlah / @loish / @quantumqstar / @fayren / @lackadaisycats / @bigbigtruck / @phobso / @paexie / @makanidotdot / @theminttu / @uzlolzu / @baewall / @coryloftis / @ktshy / @stephenbuntingart / @philliplight / @samuelyounart / @shuukind / @mattrhodesart

People i know and who are friends and family and awesome and who’s art make my heart go doki-doki!

@pandamort @ered-jaeger @clockworkmoth @tymiel @kojotei @huurma @mormuska @laquthenus @shockapop  @endrae @tubbsen @mewkur

[160616] Twitter Yano

PIC: Hello. This is Yano.
Since there seems to be controversy recently surrounding my YANOBOUTME:FICTION mixtape that I released in 2014, I’m writing this.

First of all, if there were people who felt uncomfortable because of my song, I believe it’s correct to start by sincerely apologising for that first. I deeply apologise to all of you in the first place.

However, since I didn’t have that intention, I think it’s correct to give an explanation, so I will offer an explanation now. The lyrics of the 8th track, which is the one that has stirred up controversy and is worrying you, weren’t born out of me having a negative view towards women. I have a mother and an older sister who are women living in South Korea. And I, more than anyone, respect and love my mother and older sister who live their lives in a cool way. Many of the fans who love me are women too, and I know that they’re the coolest people in their respective lives. And they’re also people whom I love and who are precious to me.

Just like the title of my mixtape YANOBOUTME:FICTION says, the stories I tell are mine but fictional at the same time. The controversial 8th track is a fictional story, and if you look at the lyrics you can tell that it’s the typical story you can find anywhere on the internet about a bean paste girl[1] and also a story you can find anywhere about a man’s one-sided love towards a certain girl. Like in my apology above, I’d like to keep mentioning that I have family members and fans who are also women.

Also, to support the reasoning that it’s a fictional story, there’s the track ‘SKIT’ before this one, specially emphasising that it’s 'fiction’. Since I was young, new words like ‘bean paste girl’ and others have been steadily being coined, and because of that I have heard many of these stories that degrade women. And there was always a similar pattern to all of the stories. If you look at the lyrics, you’ll notice that generally the expressions are violent and provocative in some parts and that there are parts which exaggerate the woman’s behaviour. All of that refers to the repetitive words by these ‘people who always degrade women’, as well as the behaviour of women they say they’ve had to deal with. Since it’s similar to a fabricated story, since I was young I had my doubts about whether those stories were true or not. That’s why I decided to express their stories about the bean paste girls that they talked about, implying 'this is obviously an exaggeration, the kind of story you’ve heard before’, and at that time I wanted it to be a subject that could awaken the atmosphere.

Once again, no matter what my intention was, the fact that there were people who felt upset because of my song makes my heart hurt and makes me feel sorry. I wanted to deliver an explanation and I was certainly waiting for people to know my true intentions before my own desires. I never thought that it could be misunderstood or make someone upset, so I believe I have made a big mistake.
From now on, I will work even harder so that my intentions are not covered by my own desires. I’d like to say that, before my own desires, it was an immature way of expressing myself, as an idol who stands before many people to receive love, and I apologise for worrying the people who listen to my music, the fans who are always supporting me and those who were hurt because of my song. I will show you a more careful and mature image as an artist. Thank you.

T/N: [1] = Also known as doenjang girl; a Korean term referring to materialistic females who live frugally so they can afford luxuries

Trans: DoggOnTopp

VidCon - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: G

Warnings: Pokemon and Star Wars references

Summary: You are a famous vlogger/gamer and you finally got your shot at the big leagues. Coincidence, chance, fate, or whatever you want to call it, brought a certain fan to you that very day.

Word Count: 1858

You tapped your fingers against your desk. Your laptop was, for once in your entire lifespan, off. Your phone was on.

A while ago, you got an email from YouTube itself. It mentioned your astounding number of subcribers and views and congratulated you on the achievement. Then, it told you that if you kept up the good work, you’d be officially invited as a special guest at VidCon.

The phone rang. You tried to pick it up. You fell to the floor and answered, “Hello. (Y/n) here.” Your eyes widened. “Really? That’s awesome! So…. Yeah. I can definitely make it. Email? Yeah. When will… Ok. Great! I’ll see you in a few months.” You hung up. Your lips curled into a smile. You jumped up and screamed, “Yes!”

You turned on your video camera. “Hey, everyone! So, this is not a gaming video. If you want to, you may skip it. However, I do have some exciting news.” You laughed, still feeling the giddiness rise inside of you. “Ok, so I’ve been officially invited to… VidCon! I am super excited! Maybe even more excited than when we heard about Pokemon Go.  Maybe. Anyway, I hope to see a few of my subscribers there. I hope you can all make it. As far as I know, the convention will be held in Anaheim, July 23rd to 25th. When I get details of where and when I am specifically, I will tweet it. Oh, look.” You paused pointing downward. “There is the link to my twitter feed! And all my other social media! You might wanna click it. Yeah. Anyway, super excited and can’t wait to see you guys there!”

The next day, you uploaded your video. Immediately one hour after you uploaded the announcement, a few tens of thousands of people had viewed.

In fact, a select few of them were completely ecstatic about it.

“We have to go. We have to,” Cisco stated, pacing around the room. “Come on, guys! We can save up, fly to Anahiem and even meet (Y/n)!”

“Cisco, I do love her channel,” Caitlin admitted. “But with the metas and the city… Do you really think we could leave for VidCon?”

Iris smiled. “Well, with the Legends of Tomorrow handling things…”

Cisco agreed, “We could call them! Then, we have a break, and go to VidCon.” He nodded. “See, it all works out. Yeah?”

Barry pursed his lips. “Well, if we could get them to protect Central City… Then, I guess, we could go.”

Cisco beamed, jumping around excitedly. “Get ready. Guys! We are going to VIdCon!”

July came around, and you were walking around VidCon with glasses and a hat. It was classic, but so far, no one crowded you. You smiled as you saw the many fans of different people with different merchandise. It truly was an experience.

You knew exactly where to go. You memorized the map and the way just to get to your own room early.

“Excuse me, Miss?”

You turned around and smiled at the dark-haired woman. She had three others with her: a tall man with a sweater vest, a young man with long, wavy hair, and a redheaded woman.

“Yes?” you asked.

“Oh, I was just wondering if you knew where Room 304 was.”

“Actually, I do.” You laughed a little. “But, there’s nothing going on there for a few hours.”

“We know. We’re just really looking forward to this one vlogger slash gamer.”

Your heart swelled. They were talking about you! That was amazing! They were going to go to your room early just because they were looking forward to catching a glimpse of you! You beamed. “Here, follow me.”

A young man behind her stepped forward. “Are you sure? We don’t want to disrupt your plans or anything.”

You laughed. “Trust me. You are not disrupting anything. Come on. Follow me.” You led the group of four throughout the busy crowds. You all had the most pleasant conversations. Sweater Vest loved Star Wars and pokemon just as much as you did, so, naturally, you were gravitating towards him. Then, you saw the room. The doors seemed to tower above you. You inhaled deeply. You were finally there, with the big leagues. And it felt so satisfying.

“Well, this is it.” You turned around to face them. “So, may I know your names?”

“Cisco,” the long-haired man stated. “Barry,” he motioned to Sweater Vest, “Caitlin,” he wrapped his arm around the red head’s shoulder in a half-hug, “and Iris.” Cisco patted the other girl’s shoulder.

Barry smiled.  “And thank you so much, Ms…”

You smirked. “(Y/n).”

Right on cue, one of the stage managers came out and sighed. “Finally! We have been waiting for you.”

“Sorry, just helping some friends.” You took off your hat and sunglasses. You grinned at the four. Cisco’s jaw had dropped. Caitlin’s eyes were wide. Iris was beaming, holding her map crumpled in front of her mouth. Barry just stared at you in… awe.

You pursed your lips. “I look forward to seeing you guys. Bye for now!” With that, you followed the stage manager inside.

Hours later, people poured in to see you. You peeked from backstage. People were even standing in the back! It was overflowing! It was unbelievable.

You spotted the four friends you’ve made in the front row, chattering excitedly. You grinned. You couldn’t believe they were such big fans.

“(Y/n), you ready?”

You shook your hand and feet, trying to get the jitters out of you. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

The host announced your name. You ran on stage. The crowd went wild. People were cheering, stomping, shouting. It was amazing. It was the best thing you’ve ever heard. It was your own applause.

You sat down and gazed at the crowd. “That was the coolest thing I have ever done, heard. Just… wow!”

The crowd laughed. You did, too.

The workshop went really well. You got asked questions of all the sorts from camera angles to favorite pokemon.

Finally, the host announced, “Alright, everyone. Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for these wonderful gamers here.”

“Aw!” went the crowd. Some people even screamed, “Boo!”

You laughed. “Guys, it’s ok. I’ll still be around. If you can find me.” You shrugged. The gamers next to you made similar comments and everyone laughed. You and they thanked the host and ran off stage, smiling and waving to your fans.

You spent the next hour walking around the creator events, learning more about becoming a famous vlogger.


You gasped. You looked around. Thankfully, no one heard someone shout your name. You sighed in relief and looked for the source of that voice.

Barry sheepishly waved at you, mouthing, “Sorry.”

You laughed and walked over to him.

“So sorry about that. I completely forgot.”

You smiled. “Don’t apologize. It’s perfectly fine.”

Barry laughed a little, scratching the back of his neck. “Oh! I got you something.”

“Something for me? Barry, you don’t have to.”

“You didn’t have to walk my friends and me to your room.” He fished through his bag. “So, I saw this at a booth, and I knew I had to get it for you.”

You beamed. “You really didn’t have to.”

He shrugged. “I wanted to.” He pulled out a plushie of your favorite Pokemon.

You gasped taking into your arms and hugging it tightly. “Wow! That’s so cool!” You gazed at Barry. “Thank you. I don’t know…” You laughed. “I don’t know how to thank you.”

Barry just smiled and shrugged repeatedly. “I mean… I don’t know.”

Holding the plushie to your chest, you tilted your head. “You know, there’s this great restaurant near here. I looked it up while planning. I could treat you for dinner.” You inhaled deeply. “You know, if you want. If you don’t, you could always suggest something, or just-“

Barry smiled. You babbled, just like he does. He held your shoulders. “Hey, I would like that, but can we change one detail?”

You sputtered, “S-sure. I mean, I wanna do it because of your gift, and to get to know you better, too. So… Wait, what do you wanna change?”

Barry blushed. He pulled away from you and ran a hand through his hair. “I mean… I… well, maybe… if you want, we could make it a date?” The young man shied away from you, terrified of the rejection.

Your lips slowly curled into a smile. “I would like that.”

“Really?” Barry’s eyes widened in surprise.


The two of you smiled at each other.

“Hey!” Fingers snapped in front of you, obstructing Barry from your view. You blinked. Cisco, Caitlin, and Iris were in front of you. Cisco patted Barry on the back, smiling cheekily. “So… (Y/n), like your present?”

“Yeah. I do.” You nodded, squishing the Pokemon plushie. “Actually, Barry and I were going to grab some dinner.”

“Yeah,” Barry agreed. He took a step towards you and faced his friends. “You guys go on without me.”

Caitlin nodded. “Right, we’ll give you guys some privacy.”

“Privacy?” Barry and you asked.

“Right!” Iris agreed. “You two need privacy. We get it.”

Barry blushed. You just stared at the floor with a small grin.

Two years had passed. You were just as famous as you were at your first VidCon, maybe even more. You licked your lips and turned on your video camera. “Hey, everyone. Welcome to my vlog. Today, I have special news. Not only will I be able to go to VidCon, but someone will be with me.” You sighed and smiled sadly. “My boyfriend, Barry, who is not with me now, will be attending, as well. He’s an amazing boyfriend! So generous, handsome, and-“

“There’s more? I don’t deserve such credit.”

Your eyes widened. You beamed, turning around. “Barry,” you sighed. You jumped up from your seat and right into his open arms. You pulled away from him, your arms still around his neck. “You’re here! Why? How? But, Central City?”

Your boyfriend shrugged. “I wanted to see you.”

You smiled. You kissed Barry on the cheek. “Oh! Do you wanna be in my next vlog?”


“Come on!” You pulled Barry to your couch. “So, my boyfriend will be joining me at the workshop at VidCon!” You laughed. “You know, funny story. We actually met at VidCon.”

Barry laughed, covering his face. “That was embarrassing.”

“It was cute.” You kissed him on the cheek, making Barry blush.

Barry turned to you, smiling softly, and he just couldn’t believe how lucky he was. “I love you,” he whispered.

You smiled. “I love you, too,” you gasped. You laughed a little.

He touched his forehead to yours. Your hands found his. The two of you gazed at each other for what seemed like hours.

Your breathing hitched. “Right!” You pulled away from him. “We have an audience.”

“So sorry for all of this, guys,” Barry apologized.

“You don’t have to apologize, Barry. They should expect this.” You looked at the camera. “And yes, my dear viewers, this…” You held up your clutched hands. “This really did all start at VidCon.”

Hey guys! I know, really late post, but my laptop’s been cranky, deleting sooo many versions of this. So, hopefully this is good! Much inspiration comes from my brother, because he loves YouTube, Pokemon, and Star Wars sooo much. 

Anyway, hopefully you all like it, or at the very least, don’t hate it. Love you all! 

anonymous asked:

I am a massive Neville/Luna shipper so I'm having a hard time imagining Neville marrying Hannah Abbott, especially because there's very little information about her. What are your thoughts, headcanons etc. about her?

  • Hannah’s favourite friend in the whole world was Justin Finch-Fletchley.
  • She loved Muggle TV dramas, and watched Beverley Hills 90210 whenever she could.
  • Hannah and Justin would sometimes tease Ernie and do impressions of his pompous nature when his back was turned, but they loved him dearly.
  • Pansy’s gang of Slytherin girls didn’t just focus their attention on Gryffindors – Hannah was bullied just as much as Hermione, and was called things like ‘fat’ and a ‘crybaby’.
  • Hannah couldn’t have children. She and Neville considered adopting, but once she got her position as Matron and he his Professorhood, they were around enough children to last a lifetime.
  • She had a massive crush on Cedric Diggory, which started on her very first day at Hogwarts. Justin and Ernie never understood it.
  • As a result of Pansy’s teasing, Hannah started to skip meals in her third year. As soon as Ernie noticed, he marched her straight to the Hospital Wing to put a stop to it.
  • Hannah and Susan Bones shared a lot of secrets, and would annoy the Hufflepuff boys at times when they whispered about private ‘girl things’ together.
  • Zacharias Smith liked to make fun of her for being rather naïve, and Hannah was forced to put up with it. However, by the time sixth year rolled around she had had enough, and on the train ride to Hogwarts she used the Langlock curse against him. After that, Zacharias learned to hold his tongue a bit.
  • Hannah was a member of Charms club and Gobstones club.
  • She hated exams more than anything. Justin was all right, because although he was smart he didn’t show off, but Susan never seemed to get stressed and Ernie went on about his revision so much that it always sent Hannah into a massive panic.
  • Hannah never really got over her mother’s death. Neville, having pretty much lost his parents too, was the only one who really understood what she was going through, and, after persuasion from Ernie, was the only one who could get Hannah to come back for seventh year.
  • Hannah and Ernie were avid Chocolate Frog card collectors their whole life, and were still swapping cards together during their graduation ceremony.
  • She was secretly in awe of Ginny Weasley, and thought she was the coolest person ever.
  • Malfoy once convinced her in second year that Ginny and Colin Creevey had successfully started that Harry Potter fan club, and Hannah had her quill in hand ready to sign up before Susan pulled her away.
  • Her favourite subject was Charms, and she never liked Defence Against the Dark Arts much.
  • One night in March 1998, the year of Deathly Hallows, Neville and Hannah were alone together in the Hog’s Head, collecting food for the DA. When Aberforth left the room to fetch supplies, Neville and Hannah had their first kiss. She stayed awake in the hammocks all night, whispering about it to Ernie and Susan happily.