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Have some Sans art c: never drawn him like this so i figured why not? And never thought i’d draw his fightscene either, so two birds and one rock i guess xD i hope its good enough to please ya’ll~

And THANK YOU SO MUCH for 400+ followers! I couldnt have done this without any of you :)

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character posters: yuri plisetsky, yuri!!! on ice

for parker, happy birthday ♡


Sejeong literally fell for Bora. Same girl, same.

drag me down is so iconic. everything about it. the way they released it, in the middle of the fucking night, with no warning, everything was on fire, nobody thought it was safe to sleep, #1 worldwide within minutes….. Art. and then the meaning on the song, on the heels of everything that had happened the previous couple of months, a message of nobody dragging them down as they shot straight to the top of the charts…….. Art. and then the song in general……….. Art.

Consider: Ray is short, and if there’s nowhere to set up a sniper nest, he has 0 height advantage. So sometimes, when he has to be on the ground team, he’ll get someone to agree to let him ride on their shoulders, so it’s just a guy in a skull mask with a purple-hoodied gremlin perched up there, or the leader of the most terrifying crew in Los Santos carrying around some kid with a pink gun. And it’s even worse because it actually works, like Ray clearly gets more people like this than on his own two feet. He likes to be tall.


Can u believe there are actual ppl who think reigen isn’t a good person?


You wish you could stop time and spend the rest of forever with Jaehyun.

Wrote this at 4 am listening to heaven by troye sivan on repeat, so I guess if you wanna listen to that while you read, you can. This was supposed to be 500 words and became like. 1000+ instead so. hopefully the lil anonnie who asked for it likes it. Enjoy ^^

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Roughly sketches of Human Diana in some cute 50’s clothes @miikedrop