they have the best expressions

Stealing Harry's Sweater
  • Draco: *is cold*
  • Draco: *sneaks over to Harry's stuff*
  • Draco: *digs out Harry's favorite sweater*
  • Draco: *smells it*
  • Draco: *pulls it on*
  • Sweater: *is slightly too small because Harry is shorter than Draco so why would his sweaters ever be as huge as the entire fandom seems to think they are???????*

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Hey uh.. not to bother you by any means.. but can I get a link to those tips for drawing people crying you did once?? I looked through all the tags and couldn't find it myself, sorry..

Oh, it’s no bother! 

But honestly, I’m not actually too happy with those anymore. They’re pretty old. I still sort of hold the same value when I draw them, but here’s some more updated tips, if that’s alright. 

One of the biggest complaints I got with those tips was that just a single tear is good enough. Well yes and no. Tears are just a helpful tool, and of course not everyone cries the same, so yes, a single tear can be just as impactful, as long as your emotion and context carries the message. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s heavy crying. And this can take many forms. Again, the face has to carry the intensity of the emotion; the tears are just there to emphasize it. More intensity, (for some people) does tend to include more liquids and leaking. 

And of course none of it has to be perfect or even. As I love to touch on, crying is messy and ugly. It brings out the most strained emotions. So none of it has to be symmetrical to get the point across- if anything, it gives it more movement. 

I of course draw in a more cartoony fashion, so if you did want to go on the more realistic end of the spectrum, you can focus on the actual physics of tears and how they act and react on the face. More realistically, they come from the inner eye, and are much smaller. They tend to fall in wayward paths, slowly, but  sperraticly, and in droplets or thin streams. You can also add streak marks and flush up the face, depending on the subject. 

I’m glad you liked my old tips, and I hope these new ones help! 

Captain's Vigilante (1/?)

Word Count: 3700ish

Warnings: amateur author, first attempt at fan fiction, really really wordy

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: You are a genius vigilante, misunderstood, feared and on top of the Avengers watch list. They see you as a major to threat and has to be stopped. They’ve no idea you only have the best of intention but just has no idea how to express it a better way. And you like the reputation they gave you. It’s what you’re used to. After yet another visit to the Avengers tower and being caught and then being shot. Things take a turn for you both when Steve seemed to break those walls and get to know the real you.

 Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10  | Part 11 | Part 12


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Throwback (1/?): Team USA wins the 2015 u18 IIHF World Junior Championship (click for HQ)


Ah, seems Grandpa Shade is still a little sensitive ; 3;

Heading into headcanon territory here:

Since Ganondorf still retains his memories from his past selves, he remembers Time and the battle they previously had. When Time became Hero’s Shade, he was given the memories of all the previous Links, as well as maintaining his own (I wrote out a prompt about this, but you guys won’t get to see for a while). I’m pretty sure Ganondorf must have taken some part of the Hyrulean Civil War, whether it was actually participating, or just sitting back and watching. But, he had to have been there. So, it’s no surprise that he knows what happened to Time’s poor momma, and it seems Time still holds some grief about it.

I wonder if he ever got to see his parents again in the afterlife…

More Hero’s Shade

Hello! My name is Dylan and I’m a voice actor and creator of original and fan voice creations (as evidence by a majority of my voice acting page).

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Stuff I will record:

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Stuff I won’t record:

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Skam fandom: The very best of

I’ve seen some ridiculous theories about the actors’ personal lives and what not in the Skam tag, so how about we have a little reality check and take a moment to remember some of the crazy theories and predictions the fandom came up with during the run of season 3.

1. Theory: Isak dies. This theory started to circulate as soon as Isak saw the video of Even talking about great love stories and death. People were looking for clues in the Bible and in the official header. This is the first time I’ve seen a fandom study the Bible to predict how a gay love story ends.
Outcome: Isak doesn’t die. Isak is born. Isak is born as his true self. The ominous letter I with the skull above it in the header? Turns out it’s not a skull, and turns out Even is a ridiculous romantic who enjoys tracing his lover’s name with his finger on café windows.

2. Theory: Even dies. Aka the Theory That Just Wouldn’t Die. This shit was everywhere after the first Romeo + Juliet reference, and some people wouldn’t let go of it until the very last clip.
Outcome: Even doesn’t die. Even changes the story. Moreover, they are both Romeo and Juliet on different occasions, which I feel is Julie Andem’s way of showing that their relationship doesn’t conform to heteronormative expectations where one is always the girl and one is always the boy. They switch. What a concept.

3. Theory: Even is a homophobe who intends to lure Isak into a trap and then assault him or out him.
Outcome: Even is a 19-year-old bipolar probably bi or pansexual cheesy romantic with artistic tendencies who intends to lure Isak into a hotel suite to pamper and love the fuck out of him.

4. Theory: It’s been over two weeks and they haven’t even kissed yet. NRK doesn’t dare to show two boys kissing. The show is queerbaiting harder than a Shameless producer.
Outcome: Soft boys kissing, nuzzling, mumbling, whispering, and stroking each other’s hair take over tumblr. There is softness everywhere. We’ve never seen anything quite like this. We cry in Norwegian. We cry in all the languages.

5. Theory: The voice behind the door in the Hjernen er alene clip doesn’t belong to Eskild but to Jonas. Isak accidentally outs himself and Even to Jonas this way.
Outcome: Jonas has broken into the flat, gone through a dramatic voice change after going down on too many girls, and memorised every shoe in the flat due to his shoe fetish. Nei.

6. Theory: Isak steals Linn’s sleeping pills and overdosesto deal with his insomnia and heartbreak.
Outcome: Isak deals with his issues by coming out to his best friend. Jonas reacts like a pro by having no reaction. Express Yourself by Isak’s favourite artist N.W.A. plays during the ending credits. The red heart on the Skam website changes to pride colours, people rejoice, I cry from happiness. Winter is coming, yet the air  – oh the air, it feels like spring.

7. Theory: Isak has sex with Emma or Eskild. The hiatus week was wild. People were climbing up the walls. Moles and boobs and nipples and freckles were screencapped and zoomed and discussed like we were a bunch of scientists on the verge of a breakthrough. I’m not one to judge, though. The Bros clip wrecked me, but at 5 am I was finally able to go to sleep after comparing Even’s chest from the pool scene to the anonymous boob of the preview and noticing that they kind of match.
Outcome: Isak has sex with Even. The sex scenes are super romantic and very tastefully done and don’t adhere to any stereotypes. Isak sure as hell doesn’t have sex with Emma or Eskild because Emma is a girl and Eskild is the mom. If Skam were a different show, maybe there would have been a sex scene between Emma and Isak that would then be used in all the promos so that the straights could ~relate~ and not be scared off by too much gay, but with Julie Andem in charge this was never really a worry.

8. Theory: At least one of Isak’s friends doesn’t react well to Isak’s coming out.
Outcome: The boys debate the difference between bi and pansexuality while Isak just stares at them in confusion because he has just come out and the boys have given exactly zero fucks about his news.

9. Theory: Sonja is evil and is holding Even hostage.
Outcome: Sonja is so evil that she calls to apologise for her mistakes instead of just sending a text, gives her ex-boyfriend’s current boyfriend advice on taking care of him when he’s depressed and even wishes merry Christmas to them both as a couple. What a nasty woman.

10. Theory: Isak doesn’t love Even enough because he never says I love you. He’s already thinking about breaking up.
Outcome: This theory is a personal pet peeve of mine. Were we not watching the same show? Even says I love you because he thinks he’s saying goodbye and because this show loves parallels, the previous episode ended with did you really think he’s in love with you so of course there is going to be a parallel that proves the opposite. And let’s face it. Isak “I’m not gay well maybe I’m a little gay” Valtersen was never going to say his first I love you under the mistletoe with angel choirs singing and stars exploding in the background. He’ll blurt it out by accident without any planning. It’ll be one of those I meant it but I didn’t mean to say it kind of situations. Also, maybe I’m alone in this, but when I say yes to meeting my significant other’s parents for the first time, my thought process is not I’m gonna break up with you next week but certainly not before I’ve hung out with your mom.

11. Theory: Even can’t reply to texts because he is a lizard.
Outcome: Investigation still pending.


What can we learn from this:

1.       Let’s have a little more chill during season 4. Myself included.

2.       We couldn’t even predict a fucking tv show, how could we make assumptions about actual living people and their actual lives.