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Study Break Ideas

A few random ways to liven up a long study session and get your blood circulating in under 10 minutes:

- Pretend you’re on MasterChef and you have 5 minutes to make the best (healthy) study snack. Commentary optional. 

- Repeat important facts/information for the topic you are studying while doing squats/other exercises. 

- Put on a fun, catchy song and jump around and dance in your house/room/study until the song is finished. Even better if with a study buddy.

- Try walking around your house with your textbook balancing on your head for as long as possible. 

-  Get someone nearby to hide your study supplies around the room (or if you’re by yourself just scatter them around yourself) and time how long it takes you to retrieve them all. 

- Just throw yourself a party. Jump around like a crazy person while shrieking to the heavens, literally just do anything to split apart long periods of being stationary. 

It’s important to not be sitting down for too long, so always remember to move around every once in a while to get that blood pumping to your brain. Also always remember to drink water and eat if you’re hungry - just take care of yo selves!!!

Druids are not given official names until they​ graduate from the Regulatory Academies. They think it a waste when parents put effort into giving their kits names, since there is more than likely a chance of them not surviving training regiments or the Ceremonial Judgement tradition, should the family have more than one offspring enrolled in an academy at the same time.

Those who do graduate and survive Judgement are given names based on the first letter of their sequence name.

              THE MAN 100% GONNA
                ONE OF YOU HIMSELF,
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so it’s national best friends day and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone in the @quarterlifecrisesphannies group chat. I am too busy for irl friends because I work myself half to death, so it’s nice knowing I have a group of people my age with similar interests to come back to all the time. but here’s a few specific shoutouts for the people I talk to the most ♡

@devilester nessa you’re probably the best friend I’ve ever had. I have never had a friend like you and i probably will never meet someone else like you. you’re beautiful and talented and witty and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. you listen to me cry about everything, we can talk about anything (literally, nothing is off the table), you upload gifs for me when my Internet sucks. you inspire me to be a better person by making me realize i need to be more emotionally receptive (and not an apathetic robot) and you always make sure to crack a joke if I vape while we’re skyping. I could go on forever about you but I’ll just leave it here. ily lots, even if we are 4,000 miles and 8 hours apart ♡

@boncasphan gabs you were my first mutual on this hellsite. you welcomed me back into the phandom after a year long break with open arms and you’re so easy to talk to. your salt-fueled honesty is so refreshing because I haven’t met someone who’s as blunt and honest as I am, and it makes joking with you super easy. you’re also beautiful, crazy smart and well informed and I could just talk to you for hours. thanks for being ½ of the driving force behind bringing us all together ♡

@philester anu you make me smile. you make me smile on my worst days, and the Skype calls instantly get better when you’re in them. when I got in my accident you offered your condolences, and then cracked a funny joke about dan and phil and I instantly laughed and calmed down a little bit. your shitposts are gold, especially the bro posts and they always make me smile. you’re a genuinely kind and caring person, and it feels like that’s hard to come by sometimes. your intelligence is astounding as well, I know you’re going to do great things. thanks for being the other half of the driving force behind this amazing chat ♡

@cuddlesphan ash you’re amazing, plain and simple. you’re beautiful and kind and you have a voice that could knock me over any day of the week. you have such an eye for aesthetics and make the most gorgeous edits and moodboards! I love talking to you and snapchatting with you and skyping with you because you’re so interesting and fun to talk to. I enjoy all of our conversations, even if it’s just us bitching about the world to each other for 3 straight hours because we need a good cry session. I can’t wait to come visit you so we can ride rollercoasters together ♡

@asteroidphil ellen I truly hold so much fondness for you. you’re soft spoken and well mannered on the outside, but on the inside you’re truly hilarious and have the best commentary. thank you for listening to me whine about my life, and for not getting pissed when I come to you needing medical advice bc I’m too lazy to look it up. you’re a beautiful and kind soul and I feel fortunate to be your friend (even if you don’t like iced tea) ♡

@palephantom my ghost pal, my nocturnal buddy who never sleeps. you’re so genuinely interesting to talk to because you always have something to say and I love listening to you talk on Skype or even in the chat. I love helping you with your writing as well! it’s a lot of fun and I’m very honored that you trust me to educate you on certain topics. watching you grow as a content creator has been awesome and I will 100% support your endeavors and I’m very proud of you for how you’ve become more confident over the past few months ♡

@petaldan you’re an amazing person who has overcome so many obstacles and I am so very proud of you. you’re one of the strongest people I know, and I always love your anecdotes. even if we don’t get to talk as much as the others, I love when we do talk. you’re the only person I would watch hockey videos for, and I love all the music that you love bc you like a lot of indie stuff like I do. I’m so happy we’re friends ♡

@rosegolddan em! my burgundy queen (you seriously can rock burgundy lips like no other)! I know we don’t get to talk as much as the others (bc we’re both ridiculously busy) but watching your journey around Europe was fun and I love how much you love your boyfriend, you guys are my true otp. I love how opinionated and well-informed you are and talking to you is refreshingly fun ♡

@writerlester I know we don’t get to talk much at the moment because you’re gone for the summer and mostly away from Internet connections, but ily lots and I miss you! I love how you send pictures of your kittens when one of us is upset, it’s super appreciated. you’re fun to joke with and I can’t wait till you’re back after summer ♡

@sleeplessphilip you’re not in this specific chat but we’ve been friends basically since I made this account! your moodboards are gorgeous and you’re beautiful and amazing and fun to talk to. I love that you always send me questions for ask games and that you’re so genuinely kind to everyone you come across, and I’m glad I could get you into the game OFF. I’m very happy we became friends and you’re much appreciated in my life, ash and I are gonna kidnap you one day so you can ride rollercoasters with us ♡

@lesterliguoris you’re not in this chat with me either but dude. I seriously freaking love you. I love that we both appreciate pj so much and I love running the dailypjliguori blog with you! it’s also crazy how we only live 20 minutes away from each other, I never thought I’d meet a phandom friend who lived so close to me. you’re an amazing content creator and your gifs are beautiful, you’re also hilarious and funny and I appreciate your presence on my dash more than you know. I’m so happy we started talking ♡

if I forgot u it doesn’t mean I don’t lov u it means my head is still kinda a mushy mess and I have horrible memory issues at the moment ♡

Mini Break

I was starting to feel a tiny bit burnt out… Then I liveblogged 55 minutes worth of Steven Universe over six hours. Now I am very burnt out.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood will resume when I am back at 100% well-being. I’m thinking I’ll take about two days of rest, maybe. It’ll all be worth it, because the quality of my liveblog is definitely at its best when I’m at my best. You may have already noticed that my commentary on the last two SU episodes I did today were a fair bit more sparse than on the first three, and I regret that.

So… yeah.


Connecting With Your Spirit Guides in Daily Life

By Curtis of MM

               Since we have been doing a lot of writing and teaching about how to have frequent interaction with spirit guides, we decided it might be helpful to give you some ideas as to how you can interact with your guides throughout your daily life. Connection with spirit and the divine forces that guide you is a powerful and enriching space to live in. We encourage it because we know how rewarding it can be. Hopefully these examples give you some direction in your practice so that you can live in that space more frequently.

Reading with your Guides

               Yeah, psychic reading is one thing people aspire to do in conjunction with their guides. But what about all the OTHER reading you do? If you are anything like us, you read all day long. You read signs, articles, tabloid covers, receipts, situations, your surroundings. You read all the time. Any time you take in new information you analyze it, filter it, and make decisions. When that happens, you better bet that your guides have an opinion too.

               When I read books or articles of any kind, I ask my guides to read along with me. In my head, I pretend that I am reading out loud to them as they sit around me listening to what I have to say. Every now and then, I hear an opinion or two pop out from my subconscious that is most certainly…not my thought. These comments range from funny to insightful and soon my head is filled with more perspective than could possibly be contained in the passages I am reading. Some of my best ideas have come from commentary from my guides while reading. They comment while I write as well.

               Practicing reading or writing with your guides helps you to develop a sense of their worldviews, perspectives, and personalites. We do this while watching TED talks on YouTube as well. These shared experiences with your guides are important because they are geared towards fostering conversation and express your interest in the opinions of your guides. They will speak up in between your thoughts if you invite them to join you in your reading.

Enjoying nature

               The best lesson I have learned from my guides is to really feel gratitude. A sense of surrender and peace comes from enjoying nature with your spirit guides. Whenever I am walking my dog, checking the mail, sitting outside in the sun, or looking longingly out the window during a rainy day, I always check with my guides and their sentiments about the world we share together.

How can we change it? How did we get here? Who helped me? And who do I have to thank?

Your guides have the answers to these questions. These surrendering moments in awe of nature can be extremely powerful and rewarding experiences. My guides help me find gratitude in the smallest things. Also, it is helpful to commune with your guides away from concern and the cycles of daily life. If you are taking a break, a time out, a breather, or a day of relaxation, ask your guide to come along and help you to find the gratitude and appreciation of your reality. The insight they can manifest upon these feelings of connectedness and gratitude are profound and powerfully healing. Don’t sleep on enjoying nature with your guides.

Cooking with your Guides

               Admittedly, this may seem a little odd. But think about this, don’t we bond as humans over meals? Aren’t we taking the time to nourish ourselves and to be mindful of our bodies when we eat? Who better to help you achieve that goal than your guides?

               At one point in my practice, I was not convinced that my diet had ANYTHING AT ALL to do with my level of spiritual attainment. While our guides suggested certain diets for Carmen and I over the years, we were reluctant to have them join this part of our day. It seemed so mundane and unimportant in the grand scheme of our life’s mission. After all, who cares what a guru or successful entrepreneur eats? Well, we found out that our diet is important. While many guides have different things to contribute to your culinary prowess, asking your guides to help you develop a healthy lifestyle is important. Body, mind, and spirit must all be in balance to achieve your highest potential. Consistency in all these areas is important.

               So, we got kind of tired of working really hard, feeling like we were worn out, and wondering HOW MUCH LONGER CAN WE EVEN DO THIS….:’(

               Then, we decided to do what our guides had asked and to incorporate their ideas and suggestions for our diet. Once we allowed them to help in this way, we quickly started finding more creative and health meals, reduced our grocery bill to 30% of what it was, started losing weight, having more energy, and even learned to cook some dishes without looking at the recipe more than once.

               One of our mottos that forms our friendship was in the form of a bumper sticker on Carmen’s care when we first met. The sticker said:

“Love people and cook them tasty food.”

Love your guides. Let them cook you tasty food. And then leave them a little portion to show your appreciation for their inspiration.

Days Out

Any time that you go anywhere new, or set out on a new adventure, make sure that you include your guides and ask them to actively join the experience with you. This just makes everything so much more enriching…I can’t even. So let’s see how a typical ‘Day Out’ can become a fantastical journey with your guides.

First of all, it starts with planning. Your guides have some interesting knowledge that you need to take advantage of when you are planning. If you are feeling the urge to do something, then go do it. If you feel like you should not, then it is probably in your best interest that you don’t. Well, your guides have a say in your intuitive feelings, so when you are planning ask them about how you can make this experience the bee’s knees. Questions from traffic to possible mishaps are fair game. You may be surprised at what your guides find for you. Their inspiration can lead you to some unexpected places the more you work with them and dig around.

So you are ready to go? Well, hop in the car and get your guides pumped for this drive. When we go for a drive anywhere, we ask our guides to protect us, keep us from getting lost, and then we pump some tasty jams for everyone to party to. Other times, we just talk about life until we reach our destination. Like every other thing we do, we invite our guide to actively participate, and some of our best ideas and discoveries have been in the car on the way to events or vacations. They can use your excited and open energy to get across some amazing messages. Just pretend they are in the back seat, and listen to the comments from the peanut gallery.

If you are a fashionista, your guides can help you find deals, the perfect piece you have been missing from that table on your hallway, and add inspiration to your style. If you are going shopping for something, let your guides help you to find the destination. On the way, stay open to their direction. We have found some amazing stores because we happened to ‘look left’ on intuition…and BAM!!! Literally a store no one knows about that fits our lifestyle and budget to perfection.

When dating or hanging out with friends and peers, just pretend that your guides are there as well. In almost every interaction my mind is going thirty-miles a minute with commentary from my guides. I am a naturally opinionated person, but my guides also help me to practice patience and compassion. They know that is what I want to exude, so they help me to filter and restrain my thoughts. There are even times where my mind simply ‘goes blank’ when I am meant to listen to someone. I have a HUGE problem with listening and have for most of my life. After working with my guides to be a better helper and teacher to others, they have helped me to improve this fault through their intervention. Also, their commentary can be intense and hilarious. Their inspiration is a big help to me to get through difficult issues, tender subjects, or sometimes to have the confidence I need to speak freely and openly. Your guides are great to help you work on relationships. Just remember to ask them first…Is it even worth it? If not, trust them…and move on. They WILL steer you in the right direction.

Special Experience

               Many forget that your past loved ones, or ancestors, have powerful messages and guidance for you as well. We take time to work with our ancestors and passed loved ones as much as possible. One amazing experience was when Carmen was trying to learn to crochet. She was very frustrated and I had no idea, being that I was in the other room working while she was playing with needles and yarn. She wanted so badly to be crafty like her grandmother. So, after hearing Carmen yell out in frustration a few times, I walked into the room to see what was up. As I was doing readings, my channels were wide open, and I was feeling a very compassionate and mentoring energy. I began to help Carmen and took up another needle.

               Suddenly, I was talking like I had been a crochet pro for years, and to Carmen’s amazement and my own, I crocheted her a flower. This flower was a gift from her grandmother and by allowing myself to remain open during this moment, and by mirroring her love and desire to teach, Carmen was given a lesson and a great gift.

               While many gifts from spirit are not this tangible, incorporating your guides into your daily life is very important to learning their messages. We hope you will try some of our examples and share your experiences with us.

Love and Light, and blessed be on your journeys with your guides!!!

You cannot properly kiss a fifteen year old girl

Mirror of the Witch debuted this week and all of my very intense feelings reared up as discussion popped up again on tumblr. Since I don’t like jumping into other people’s conversations, I decided to organize my feelings here. 

There appear to be three main themes inside the discussion that I want to address because this essay isn’t letting me sleep at night–outrage and confusion at the age gap, the Wait and See viewing approach, and Noona Romance. 

Age Gap Outrage

I’m going to start with a little story. When I was in college, I had a roommate who would constantly rent movies and drag us into a movie night. One night, she rented Princess of Thieves which is a 2001 made for TV movie staring a fifteen year old Keira Knightly as the daughter of Robin Hoon and Stephen Moyer, who at the time was nearly thirty, as the secret son of King Richard and her love interest. It is a cute romantic adventure with hijinks, love, and thrilling action. 

It came with special features and I love watching how movies are made. The next day, while I was avoiding my class reading, I popped in the dvd and watched the interviews with the cast. It was standard fare, lots of praise for Keira Knightly’s maturity in her performance and jokes about the difficult stunts. I remember being confused at all the male actors constantly praising her maturity and skill as an actress until the interviewer asked Stephen Moyer what was the most difficult part of filming. His response has stuck with me for nearly a decade.

The kissing scene. Because you cannot properly kiss a fifteen year old girl

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anonymous asked:

I follow you because you have the best tag commentaries on cryptid posts, because you draw amazing art and aren't jealous of sharing art tips, because your Animal Welfare and Eldritch Effect boys are the water to my parched days and because Modern Emperors are hot af. Also because you're kind and open and witty and I am in love with the spirit of you. And your hair colour.

Oh my gods nonny you’re going to make me cry :o

The new Black Mirror was excellent

Each episode had something for everyone.


Very funny but like a lot of Black Mirror episodes, very fucked up.


One of the best horror movies this year.

Shut Up and Dance:

Holy shit! Has all the twists and turns of a Twilight Zone episode but somehow even more messed up.

Men Against Fire:

On the edge of my seat the whole time. Malachi Kirby needs to be in more things. 

Hated in the Nation:

Wow. Some of the best social commentary we have right now. Perfectly talked about how there are no consequences for actions on the internet.

San Junipero:

HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE ONE. Damn. Made me cry and feel every emotion in the world. Beautiful performances, looked wonderful, and great script. If you watch one, WATCH THIS ONE!