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Building Up Inside Me Pt. 2 / Jeff Atkins

Building Up inside Me

Jeff Atkins x Fem Reader

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: So here’s part 2. I hope you guys like it. I really tried hard on it. If you want I can make a part 3, but we will see. I’m open to feedback and please don’t be a stranger.

Word Count: 833


         I’m not suicidal. Just last night was a wreck. I don’t want to get up to go to school, but then again, I can show what Jeff was missing. Who he was playing with. I was going to be a rock star.

               My mother walked in my room “Honey are you awake? I made breakfast it’s on the table.” She was staring at the bed when I walked out of the closet. “Oh? You already awake”

               To my mom’s point of view I was wearing an oversized hoodie with sweats. But underneath I was wearing a Beatles crop top with high waisted ripped jeans. I had my hair down, straightened, and my makeup was flawless. “Yeah, I woke up early. Breakfast? Yum”.

               Walking to school is never fun, so I got Tony to take me. “So… are you okay? You know from last night?”

               “What? Oh, of course I’m way better. I must have just overreacted about it. I’m okay thanks to you.” I seriously wouldn’t feel like this without him. He does a lot for me, I can’t see myself being a 4.0 student or even being social without him.

               “You know I can kick his ass, I will” we got out of the car and started walking to our first class.

               “Oh gosh, I know you would. But I think I just want to forget about what happen. Umm, hey I’ll see you in Chemistry. I have to do something.” Tony waved goodbye while I slowly walked to the girl’s bathroom. I took off my hoodie and sweats and BAM, I look fabulous. I walked out of the bathroom and started to my locker.

               Jeff, dammit Jeff is at my locker. Well this is my time to shine. “Y/N, look I think we need to tal-. Oh wow, umm… hey umm.”

               “Close your mouth” I said very rudely and slammed my locker shut.  I walked off moving my hips hoping he was looking and I winked at Zach. I felt Jeff get mad at that, he stormed off behind me. “It’s working, I can’t believe it’s working!”.

               I quickly ran into chemistry class and sat next to tony. “Hey are you alright. Where did you go?”. I was about to speak when the teacher started talking.            

               “Well class, I know it sucks but I decided to switch up you lab partners” Yeah it sucked, tony was my lab partner but I think it’s time to change up things. Jeff was in my class, I really didn’t want to deal with him now, even ever. “Tony you’re with Sheri, Jeff you’re with Justin, Y/N you’re with Zach…”

               I’m partnered with Zach, alright I can work with this. I am after all trying to make Jeff jealous and I think it’s working. “Yes!” I said out loud to accommodate my happiness that I got Zach. I heard a stool fall and when I looked up it was Jeff apologizing and picking it back up, “He’s so sweet. No! no what am I doing I need to stop he was an ass to me, why am I falling back in love with him.”

               Zach approaches me “Hey, so… this project looks kinda big, plus its due Friday. Maybe you could come to my house?” He looked nervous asking me about this, almost like he was asking a girl out. He wasn’t, was he?

               “uh, yeah sure. After school sound, alright?” He mumbled a yes and walked to his friends. Jeff was there and I could have sworn he was looking at me but I didn’t want to look back and seem like I want to talk to him. I decided to take bathroom break and took the pass and left.

               At one point I was walking down to the bathroom and the next I’m was kissing someone. I didn’t pull away or even kiss back I just sat there. With my eyes, open looking at the frustrated boy, Jeff. He pulled away “you haven’t let me explain and I think it’s my turn to be pissed.”

               I was about to tell him off before he grabbed my hips and pulled me close to whisper in my ear. “There was never a $20, I thought that if said it, it would coverup how bad I wanted to kiss you” I was confused, I put my arms around his neck and pulled him close.

               “Maybe you should have said that on the street, that way I wouldn’t be going to Zach’s house after school” I pulled away, he looked pissed.

“Don’t you dare do anything with him, your mine now and that’s never going to change” He looked more relaxed after saying that.

“ I don’t think he knows that” I winked at him hoping he would get the point. He grabbed my hand before I was pulled back by Hannah.

“you didn’t reply to my texts are you oka-“ She saw Jeff holding my hand. “Oh, I apologize I shall go. You text me later Y/L/N!”              

Arrow 5x20 “Underneath” Review: A Matter of Trust


I’m not going to a frame by frame recap of everything that happened in 5x20. The likelihood that you have rewatched this episode as many times as I have is pretty high. You probably know the entire episode back-to-front and can probably translate it into foreign languages. I am not judging you. I am proud of you. I’ve gotten some messages from readers—always a wonderful treat—that ranged from what did I think of the episode? To what did I think about the sex? To what do I think this means for Olicity? All fabulous questions.

First, I think this episode was amazing. Say hello to the best episode of season 5. Granted, that’s not saying much because there’s only been like four other good ones. But damn was this a mighty fine episode. This episode would have stood out even in a better season. Why? Because the writers finally pulled their heads out of their asses and stopped leashing the magnetic chemistry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. Finally Olicity was allowed to interact. This show was better for it. It always is.

Second, the sex was hot. 

Do I think it topped 3x20? No, not for me. That was pretty special. Also not in terms of explicitness—

though let’s be real when he spun her around real quick we were all wondering if the CW had suddenly been bought by Starz. But it was also so achingly sweet—especially when he stopped, said her name and really made sure she was wanted this even though she initiated it. It’s little signs like that Oliver will always try to put Felicity’s wellbeing before his own that has always been such a favorite trademark Olicity thing for me.

Third, I think this is all good things for Olicity. This episode is really about their breakup—and it’s only twenty-eight episodes overdue. And I’ve been sent messages of do I think they did a good job in explaining the breakup?

Yes and no. The writers will never admit to their own culpability in writing such a poorly thought out storyline. So they’ll keep moving the reasons for the storyline around until something fits. And I feel like they got close to that in this episode. They also managed to tie it back into the current season and Oliver’s most recent struggle with himself. I’m not saying it’s perfect but I do believe you should maybe manage your expectations, which I’ve chosen to do. We’re on the back half of the life of this show and I’d just like to enjoy what time I have left with my favorites as much as I can. It’ll never be perfect; but Olicity is and I truly believe that once they are officially reunited that they will never break them up again. That’s all done. That doesn’t mean I’m ever going to forget the bad, atrocious writing choices. But I can’t change them either.

For me, despite the clunky back-to-back Felicity apologies, 5x20 worked. Simply put: I loved the Olicity focus. I liked the simpler focus on their bond and their characters’ histories with each other. When Arrow gives its characters a chance to breathe, it always hits high notes and that is especially true when SA and EBR share scenes. They are a special magic together and finally the writers told them to stop pretending they don’t have enough chemistry to fire up a second sun and let that connect happen between these characters again.

Granted, given the flashbacks it really does make 5A seem all the worse. That forced distance was just dumb. And you’ll never justify to me how Felicity Smoak went from hot Salmon Ladder sex to screwing a guppy but whatever. Any more than Oliver’s decision to move from Salmon Ladder sex to screwing a water snake made any sense. 

It’s all rather baffling given all the damn heart eyes.

I think how the writers tied in the breakup to Oliver’s current emotional crisis and their current place with each other is one of the reasons this episode excelled for me.

It all comes back to trust.

As I’m writing this meta review, I can’t help but think there’s so little left for me to say. I’ve already said and argued for the things they showed in this episode. I’ve been waiting for the show to catch up with me.

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My reasons of why it's okay to ship Kalex

I’m a hardcore Kalex shipper. They are my OTP. They are everything to me right now. If you ship it, and your ashamed or scared to admit it. Don’t be! There are tons of people out there who do ship it and I bet some have felt the same way. But it’s okay to ship it! It’s okay to whatever you want. Those people out there telling you it’s wrong or incest, don’t listen to them!

First off, incest was made bad because of blood related family having a baby. That means that the baby will have defects. They need two types of DNA or genetics or something like that. 1. Kara and Alex are not blood related. 2. They are both girls. 3. One of them is an alien and the other is human. So Kalex is not incest.

Second off, if you have heard or watched The Flash there is a same type of thing as Kalex. Barry was adopted by the West’s at, I think, age 5. Kara was fostered by the Danvers’ at age 13. Barry is, I think, now engaged to Iris West, who is who he grew up with. Kara calls Alex’s mom and dad by their first name, and she also has blood related family alive. Alex was, I think, 15 when Kara was first brought into the Danvers’. Alex didn’t think as Kara as her sister at the beginning, and I might be wrong, but Eliza, Alex’s mom, pushed Alex to take care of Kara when she didn’t want to, and made them be sisters, when again Alex didn’t want that. So, they were teenagers, right when hormones and stuff like that hit. And Alex is gay. So, you know Alex might have thought of Kara like that at that time.

Third off, Melissa and Chyler have great chemistry. And they’re both hot. And I liked them before Supergirl. I liked Chyler on Grey’s Anatomy as Lexie, she was one of my favorites. And Melissa on Glee as Marley. So I loved them before and then you put them together and they have fabulous chemistry, what do you get? Me shipping Kalex really hard.

Alright, remember it’s okay to ship Kalex. I don’t even know how people don’t! It was hard for me to not ship it. Well that is all I can think of for now.

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Smash my head against a brick but... Clueless AU!


Draco is Cher, fucking obviously - blonde, rich, pretty, spoiled by Daddy. Blaise is fabulous best friend Dionne don’t even try to fight me. 

Harry is Josh, Cher’s ex-step-brother who drives Cher up the wall with his “scruffy idealism.” Josh thinks Cher is vain and selfish and snobby. 

Hermione is Tai, hopelessly uncool girl who Cher makes over. Cher tries to steer her away from liking uncool slobbish skateboarder Travis (Ron duh), who has an obvious chemistry with Tai right away. They decide to make over their weird frizzy teacher (Trelawney of course) to pair her with their grouchy teacher (perhaps Snape?) so they can get better grades. There’s a moment when Tai says she might want Josh but Cher says no way and doesn’t know why she feels so jealous. Cher tries to be more altruistic, more considerate, tries to appreciate the people in her life. 

Josh and Cher admit their feelings for each other and Tai ends up with Travis SHUT UP OKAY.