they have such depth

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I do think reylo have an interesting dynamic but I don't think Disney would put a hero and a villain together because of the message it would send to kids

First, they’ve already done it:

Second, so has Lucasfilm:

Third, arguing that Kylo is “more evil” than those pictured above is a fallacy, because we’ve only seen 1/3rd of his story. Arguing that you can’t redeem someone who committed patricide is also based in hypocrisy, because Vader managed to get the girl even after slaughtering an entire village of women and children and was redeemed after a lifetime of murder and genocide. But I won’t go in-depth with the redemption dynamics. These things have been discussed ad nauseam by people much more invested in Kylo’s arc than me. 

Tbh, at this point I don’t really care whether or not Kylo is redeemed or whether or not Rey and Kylo end up together. What I do care about is the pearl-clutching over the dynamic and the sexist purity politics these “think of the children” arguments are based in. Nobody was making this argument about Anakin’s relationship with Padme or Luke’s relationship with his father, because both of those stories were told via the male gaze.

More than anything, the “think of the children” argument leaves a bad taste in my mouth because what it’s really saying is, “what message does this send to grown women”?“ Because lbr, these arguments are not predicated on girls, but the idea that women cannot make a rational value judgement between a fictional premise and healthy, real-life choices, and thereby must be shown the right way to think. it’s the infantilization of adults by people who should ostensibly know better.

I will not be spending any more time on this argument, and additional asks like this will be deleted.

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Personally, I really don't get what people are saying abt this album 'lacking depth' or such things - yes, the boys have made music with deep messages and I'm sure they'll continue that in time but they're also allowed to expand and grow and experiment as artists - you don't have like it, per se, but that deserves respect, no? With this CB they've actually done something rly risky and, imo, rly pulled it off (Form of Therapy has a great reaction that explains this) 1/2

2/2 Sometimes to move on from a former concept, you rly have to, y'know, go big or big home?? EDM/electro pop itself might be mainstream but the boys definitely brought their own unique touch to it, imo, and made it their own, as they always do. And sometimes music is allowed to be fun and punchy and groovy just for the those things alone, and I think that’s got merit on it’s own and shows BTS understands that music is powerful in multiple ways, as a way to convey deep message /&/ pure fun.

Anonymous said: I agree with the anon that says this album lacks depth in comparison with Wings etc. But I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. You don’t always have something deep to say, and I feel that right now BTS just wanted to have fun with their music. And as a fan I want to support bts no matter what they do because for me they are much more than the music. Hearing namjoon say how hard they worked on this album makes me want to support them in order for them to grow stronger and better

You both said it all nicely. Sometimes the change is good, they can’t be stuck with the same concept and music styles all the time.  They put their heart and soul in what they do, and like first anon said their unique touch to it, they always have a unique touch, that’s why they are so special, they stand out amongst other groups because they have that something. Dept or no depth, it’s still their work, they know what they are doing and yes namjoon multiple times said in these previous months how he is proud of this album and that they worked hard on it. They probably know that they won’ please everyone, they don’t have to. They like it and and they are proud of it and that’s what matters. 

The Duchess Deal - Tessa Dare

Ashley’s Fast & Dirty Review™: my thoughts and feelings condensed for your reading pleasure because I don’t have time for that in-depth nonsense.  Will probably contain spoilers. 

  • (Love this cover, do not love the man - they could have done better depicting my precious Ash tbh, but moving on.)
  • Don’t touch me.  Don’t look at me.  I am no longer human, but rather an animated ball of emotion that cannot interact in the world; I can only exist in a state of awe towards my one true God and creator - Tessa Dare.
  • WHO GAVE DARE THE RIGHT TO DO THIS ME YET AGAIN?!?!?!?!  If you haven’t read her other duke-level shenanigans (Romancing the Duke & Any Duchess Will Do) GET.ON.IT.
  • Anyway, he’s a Duke scarred by war, she’s a victor’s daughter turned seamstress emotionally scarred by rejection.  They marry, they banter, I laugh, I weep, they love, I love.  Beauty and the beast retelling, but so much more.
  • I always try to earmark the best bits to put quotes in my reviews, but, quite honestly, I felt the need to mark every page, every other passage.  Every word Dare writes is perfection, hilarious or heart-wrenching, sexy or sweet.  I snorted laughter too many times to count and I teared up more than I’d like to admit.  I can’t give you any quotes because I would need to include everything, so just read the damn book.
  • Christ on his throne, the bedroom madness throughout: the sweetness, the gentleness, the cat, the pain, the pleasure, the joy, the healing…I was not equipped to handle anything that happened in that marital bed or chair or bookcase…
  •  PENNY!!!!  If you don’t like Penny, you are inherently hateful.  What an adorable ball of Hufflepuff purity.
  • I will never, NEVER be tired of sassy servants.
  • Spoiler: When Emma just set down her father and shut him out - I died, and then I lived again, strong, better.  God fucking bless that scene.
  • If you don’t like this book, please don’t tell me, because this after glow is going to last decades and I’m not open to any critiques that will ruin my high.


To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand @dailykoichiplush. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of making shit up most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Koichi’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Hirohiko Araki literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes.

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Hey Sonnet! You are my absolute idol and Aloners will forever be in my heart. If it's okay, do you have advice or tips on how you get started writing a story? I have so many ideas but when I have a blank screen before me, I always lose inspiration. Love you! (Ps - If you could buy Aloners as an app, I would do it in a heartbeat to always have it with me. Then buy it again. ;o )

Gosh, thank you so much, anon! What a sweet thing to say.

As for advice on starting a story… hm…

I always feel inspired after watching/reading/playing something I love. It doesn’t have to be too similar to the story I want to create – usually anything with great characterisation and/or dialogue can get me going, because characters and dialogue are my favourite things to write.

If you have characters in mind already but feel like they need more depth, or you’re not sure how to use them in a scene, sometimes it can help to answer a character questionnaire for them. The right questions can really elevate your relationship with and understanding of your own characters. Just type “character questionnaire” into Google and find one that works best for you.

If you’re torn between ideas… hm. Well, honestly, this is something I also struggle with. Maybe try being a bit ruthless and evaluating each idea and deciding which one is most achievable, or most impressive, or most developed already. I often end up merging projects in the early stages. For example, if I really love Idea A because of the genre/setting, but I really love this one character in Idea B, then I’ll see if I can just cut that character right out and slot them into Idea A, and run with it.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is talk about your idea/s out loud. If you have someone to listen and/or give feedback, that’s great! But, honestly, sometimes you can be your own best critic. Maybe walk around the house and talk out a scene, or an outline, or a character, as you go about your business. Sometimes hearing something out loud can help you assess it better, and work through any issues more effectively. If you have a breakthrough, it can send you sprinting to the computer.

…I dunno if any of that is helpful to you, anon. I’m not so good with the advice, unfortunately. But I wish you the very best of luck!

I’m one of those people who doesn’t usually leave fanfic comments.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like interacting with fandom, really.

I prefer consuming fandom and ghosting around because people can be terrible and don’t know how to stay in their own lane because everyone wants to fight the good fight, so to say, without realizing that hey, maybe they aren’t actually doing much good.

But I was really disturbed by this thing that happened a la @pineapplebread and @beeblebrox-for-president and - I don’t even know who else??? because I don’t like to pay much attention to anything like this.


I’ve seen this as A Thing happening in the Credence Barebone fandom, where Being Religious After Experiencing Religious Abuse and Being Nonbinary / Genderfluid / Etc. Without In Depth Detailed Discussion have been being rather viciously attacked.

And. Well. I’m gonna get real personal with some of you, because I get it, sure, but also: 

That fanfic comment, and all these disparging essays that cropped up after? 

Super fucking presumptuous on blanketing experiences.

Definitely Not Okay.

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We believe in you even though it's your choice if you want to end the blog were here to support you either way.

fdhghdsaf i don’t have plans to end the blog at all ;; it’s more of the fact that it’s a bit discouraging when asks are scarce and activity plummets into the fiery pits of Heck, and there’s very little i could do about it. if anything, i plan to wait for chapter three and the hype to come back, and hopefully i can build up again from that.

though i’m better, i’m still in a bit of a funk, but i really do love biscuit to bits. i have a few future plans for him, maybe even go more in depth with his backstory! 

maybe even take him back into his studio for a thing that i won’t mention. but for now, that’s put on the shelf and saved for later.

i really am taken aback by your support though, it really means a lot to me ;o; i’m not done yet, i swear.

Well! As of last evening I finally humped it over the major cluster of uni deadlines. I have written approximately 10,000 words, narrated two presentations, and felt the slow steady drip of my brain leaking out my ears. I didn’t pull any all-nighters, but only because I am physically incapable. (I did go to work on about four hours of sleep once, and that was not awesome.)

Naturally I have responded in a mature and restrained fashion by immediately running out, snatching a copy of Destiny 2 off the shelf, and slam-dunking it straight into my PS4 because look, look, I have done my bloody time.

First impressions below.

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did u see the article abt lucifer showing his wings to chloe in the very first episode?? i dont think they would do that theres no point

Most of the sites out there interpret the spoilers in a very twisted way. The article in Christianpost is influenced by the latest reported interviews in Tvline. 
Tv line basically reported that Lucifer is set on telling Chloe but his wings make it difficult. The ChristianPost believed that Lucifer will show his wings and that is why Chloe will not believe him… What a mess…

The worst site though is Blastingnews… Awful posts and *spoilers* regarding Lucifer… At least that’s my unadulterated opinion…

In short, many sites use a title for clickerbait and then distort any kind of information the show has given t the public. 

So far I know that @ships-sailing-in-the-night and I report some pretty trustworthy spoilers. I roam the web daily and I have not seen anything to much our posts in depth or quality. But! We can be wrong… When you speculate there is always that chance. For example, I was set on a certain scene being part of a specific episode but after the new promo, I have some doubts… If it turns I was wrong of course I’ll admit it but that’s the beauty of Tumblr. We are not restricted so we can report everything we find ;) 

And yes, it’s way too early for Chloe to find out that Lucifer is indeed the Devil. 

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omg, that bitch attacking Pied Piper got me LIVID.

I won’t invalidate the experience of that op. These people are coming from a personal place of trauma so I guess I can understand why they may have felt offended by the lyrics. However, I am shocked they jumped to such a serious conclusion from the song lyrics, especially given that there may be several elements (connotation, true meaning, etc.) lost in translation. Moreover, the content of BTS songs are often commenting upon important social issues and they wouldn’t go write a song about being sexual predators to their fans. In any case, it was definitely an illogical leap that should have been looked over more in depth, but hey– emotions cloud judgement. 

I need more threads with ryan’s marvel / dc / mutant verse where Ryan has his safe house for mutants and i don’t really have an in depth thing for this, only that I need it and I need him hiding his people and even his parents not knowing about it ( working for the government and all ). I just need it thx.

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Just in response to that Ask from Frustrated in Florida that you shared, I think you are missing their point. They are not glossing over the abuse etc simply pointing out that the characters are rather one dimensional and they and the story kind of have very little depth and substance to it. And are honestly rather OOC, even for an AU.

I mean everybody else thinks they’re in character, so.

Rare Collection of 100 Introvert Quotes That Will Make You Feel Understood

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Dear introverts, it’s difficult to understand you. Many people don’t comprehend that solitude and feeling alone are different things. As an introvert, you know that your solitude is a sacred space where you can recharge. We encourage you to have a look at these amazingly thoughtful and profound quotes, which will resonate with all introverts.

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