they have some of the most beautiful food i've even seen

Moon thru the signs 🌙
  • Aries: emotionally comfortable in the thick of firey adventure, extremely uncomfortable with stagnation in life, things always need to be exciting, they are on the go go go towards new life, will shake things up even if that means they have to ruffle some feathers, they can't sit still with the concept of boring.. Feeling bored is something they have no patience for. The sense of Self is a strong component to their emotional balance.. "What do I need right now? Will this feel right for me? Is this what I want to do?" Aries is all about personal will. They need to feel like they are expressing that will in ways that ignite their passion. Being forced into exerting energy towards something they don't care about is a deep root of distress. Emotionally quick tempered, their emotions are always evolving and morphing into something new..their emotions hit them like fireballs that encompass their entire being.. In the heat of their emotions that moment is the biggest and most intense moment ever ever ever !!! ...for a few minutes.. Then they're onto something new. When your Aries Moon is flying around on fire in the heat of their emotions, sit with them and LISTEN to the experience they are having. A deep therapy for the Moon here is to be able to express their emotions to you within their personal "I" experience. They matter a lot to themselves. Hold space for this.
  • Taurus: slowww and calmmm, Apple pie and lemon balm... I've seen this placement be wonderful and disastrous.. These people are comfortable in their home, in sensual pleasures, earthly delights. In a lower context they are way too attached to the material world, they will acquire so much random stuff that they don't know what to do with themselves but they feel like they need all the stuff.. If they ever got to a moment where they needed something completely random and they didn't HAVE that random thing.. Well that would be distressing for them. While their dependence on the material world can hold them back at times, it is absolutely admirable just how deeply in touch with it they are. They take the home very seriously, they are ones who will just stay home and be grounded instead of going out and running around in life.. Like a happy bear in its cave.. Within that cave there they are listening to awesome beautiful music, making great food, working with herbs, stacking wood, loving their good company.. Why would they ever want to leave that ?? Because there's a whole world out there moon in Taurus.. A whole world:)their emotions hit them on a bodily earthly level where they process and move through the emotional realm with the help of the natural world.. A moon in Taurus needs to be connected with nature more than any other moon.. They are the grounded ass f**kers.. They are emotionally comfortable BEING grounded.. So on the flip side when they can't find grounding or comfort in their material home they are in a state of perpetual chaos..
  • Gemini: emotionally comfortable anywhere and everywhere!! As long as they're having fun and being stimulated by interesting things it's all good! Moon in gemini's really can and will talk to any sort of person. They are comfortable in any situation they are in. Moon in gemini's often have to learn how to find a home within themselves, they could be all dirty playing music on the side of the street with a nice hobo, or they could be in a rich million dollar apartment around a ton of people they don't know.. Where ever they are, they are super curious and interested in everything happening.. Happy to be there..Needing that stimulation from all things interesting.. They are very socially adaptable folk.. They know how to dissect conversation and meet people where they are at.. Which often entails them wearing a mask and not being their truest self.. Being who someone wants you to be in a situation.. It can be distressing at times once they realize how much energy they put into connecting with ones on a shallow level, it takes a lot out of them, they have to bring it back and realize.. Yes this is all fun and good but they ones who will feed my soul are the ones who KNOW my soul.. As for emotions.. It's mutable so the experience of emotions is very impacted from the rest of the chart but this conscious moon energy really rationalized and intelecualitzes emotions.. Sometimes they box their emotions up for a rainy day.. They need to learn how to let themselves feel emotions, they have emotions but they are literally capable of making themselves not feel them.. A way a moon in Gemini would relax and calm down would be through researching, chatting, and thinking about thing.. Here the moon lives within the mind. (My placement)
  • Cancer: to put it simply, uncontrollable emotional state. This is a beautiful thing.. Moon in cancers have an emotional inner world that renders a fine work of art.. So many colors. What they experience in the waters of human emotion is special and unique because the moons archetype is fully at home here.. The moon is felt deeply in this person.. There's so much beauty.. But the conflict here is that the cancer moon doesn't have control of their emotional state, so it can be really difficult to do things because their FEELINGS are first priority.. They are likely to feel more comfortable within the comfort of soft lights, warm tea, nice fireplace, and loving company. However this is fully dependent on the rest of their chart. Water signs are fluid. Maybe they are more emotionally comfortable partying and having adventure because of a Mars in Aries and a sun in Saggitarius.. no matter what influences their emotional world goes so deep. They care. They want to nurture. They FEEEEEEEL. The moon is integral for these people, its important for them to connect with the moon through ritual or meditation.. This will help balance their emotions.. Even if they don't understand it on a conscious level, creating a personal relationship with the moon will subconsciously help them with emotional balance. A moon in Cancer wants to make you feel safe. They want to take care of you and your emotions. They will give so much... Sometimes too much.
  • Leo: these ones feel comfortable in the spotlight, whether that is within an intimate relationship, their family, their social sphere, or literally on a stage.. their comfort state lies within broadcasting their life for all to see. They have a need to share everything.. they want to share themselves, share their experience, their relationships, even the clothing on their back. This moon energy is so warm and generous. In return, these ones need a lot of admiration, attention, and affection in their relationships, they need to feel validated through being so expressive or insecurity will arise. Moreso than other Leo placements, the Moon here truly needs that attention from others, their emotional state depends on it. They draw life energy through being among different influxes of energy and shining their bright creative light within it. As for emotions, they are dramatic, hopeless romantic sonnets of internal poetry for the ones they love, dramatic boisterous crying when a sharp chord is struck, or totally uncontrollable angry fire rage when provoked. A series of extremes. They must channel their emotions into creative expression, they must have people who can give them the attentiveness they need in their bouts of emotion. Pushing them away will hurt them. They want to be close to you, themselves, their life.. they don't want to feel separate and distant. You'll find your moon in Leo being the life of the party, the friend in the group who brings all of the creative fun, their light is strong.. Its their emotional state. This placement has its challenges but I find it so beautiful.
  • Virgo: A strong need for everything to be in order, for life to be in order in all of its finer details. Whether the moon in Virgo reaches that or not reveals their level of emotional balance. They are going through life on the outside looking in. Anylizing, discerning, critiquing, this will either be deeply channeled inward, outward, or both. If you meet a Virgo Moon who does have their life in order, looks put together, has a clean organized place to live, is actively working and integrating into the structure of the world.. They are probably emotionally balanced.. And their emotions express themselves as a steady stream of relaxation due to a success of implementing order in chaos. So on the flip side.. If you meet a Virgo Moon who, to put it simply, does not have their shit together.. They are likely extremely ungrounded with their emotions scattered everywhere and nowhere living in the mercury depth of their overactive mind. They process their emotions by THINKING, they need to understand everything about what it is they are feeling and why before they can ever reach a state of peace in that feeling. Overthinking, irrational worrying, vicious self criticism are shadow elements to this placement. This is a very challenging place for the Moon. The moon is the fluid intuitive waters of emotion and Virgo is the Mercury virginal energy of mental structure and organization fine tuning life to be perfect. They don't exactly mesh well together in their natural archetypes. However, if an individual has a well aspected Virgo moon or learns how to make good use of this placement.. its an extremely competent energy. Their life will be ordered and structured to the 9's.. No worry will ever need to surface about anything because they have their shit together in the most perfect way. And in that state they experience ultimate relaxation.
  • Libra: to feel emotionally comfortable these people need a balance. They need to feel like there is a balance in their workplace, relationships, home life, and within themselves. They need to feel like there is an equal contribution on the part of everyone involved in every aspect of life, that everyone is contributing equally to establishing a balance. If it's imbalanced there is distress.. A distress that either causes emotional turmoil or a distress that motivates them to mediate the energy of the imbalanced situation. They have a very calm and .. Well.. Balanced approach to their emotions. It hits them in an intellectual way where they really observe everything they are feeling and transmute it into a steady stream of balance. They could repress emotions because of this. If emotions are going upppp and doowwwwnn they are gonna try and pull it to the center and push it forward. A continuous evolution of feeling. This steady stream causes them to have challenge with experiencing intensity of emotion.. To experience the full spectrum of emotion.. They don't want their emotions to hold them back or bring them out of alignment in any way. Hence, the repression.. And repressing anything leads it to bubble up and explode... That's where the intensity comes in.. When the bottled up and down emotions are forced up to the surface they HAVE to face it and deal with it or else they feel unable to move forward. Another component to this placement is that they Deffinetly feel emotionally comfortable and fulfilled with Venusian things.. They are gonna really value art, atheistic beauty, the beauty of ones soul, physical features, and emotions.. Because it fills THEIR emotion to experience such pleasure. The pleasureful side of life integrates with them on a deep level. They are likely to be pretty romantic in relationships, they completely romanticize and paint their love emotions like a beautiful painting of exquisite design.. Whether the reality of the love experience lives up to that is either their emotional challenge or their emotional exaltation.
  • Scorpio: INTENSE EMOTIONAL WORLD. Uncontrollable deep waters of emotion like moon in cancer.. Accept in a life or death kind of way. Emotions go to the core of ones soul. "I LOVE you." "I HATE you" "You have BETRAYED me" "I NEED you" Nothing is shallow or superficial in their emotional world..they are literally incapable of that. These people will love you to death, litterally. There is a likely hood for possessiveness with this placement. A likelyhood for nothing to be taken lightly. I remember I was babysitting a moon in Scorpio girl one time and she dropped a bunch of cards or something and they were scattering everywhere inbetween the couch cushions. I watched this girl get so distressed, heavy breathing, intense look on her face, super not at ease as she was trying to collect everything that just fell apart. My Virgo self completely cleaned up and organized the cards for her. She was passionately thankful that turmoil was taken care of for her. These people are very perceptive.. They have a really acute sense of awareness in their surroundings.. The psychic eyes.. They pick up on the subtleties around them.. They are empathetic to the energies in their life. There is a strong possibility for metaphysical psychic ability with this placement of they are exalting their energy. A moon in Scorpio on the light side will have a deep power and capacity to have such an amazing passionate colorful emotional world. A less evolved moon here will be experiencing such intense emotions they can't help but burn bridges with people. Their emotional needs and requirements are strong. With this placement they are also likely to keep their emotions very secretive from the world. They don't think anyone needs to know what they are feeling. This can cause deception and being super guarded in themselves. On the flip side, there is a powerful opportunity for transformational beauty when they do open up their inner world to someone. I'd say overall moon in Scorpio is awesome but it's extremely challenging. Like the moon in any water signs- emotions come FIRST.
  • Sagittarius: ahh the endless explorers of life. These individuals need a sense of expansion in their life to feel emotionally fulfilled. They need hope, inspiration, purpose, a promise of adventure.. Of growth.. Of a new horizon. They are comfortable in the action of expansion, whether that is going to a new place, learning something, or integrating into new relationships. It's hard to emotionally pin them down. They are on the move in their fluid state. In a relationship they need some who can hold space and swim with their currents because of they are in a flux state of perpetual evolution in regards to their emotional world. Like moon in Gemini or Aries.. They are so forward directed with going towards some new energy with their emotions.. They can be flakey. With these folk there can be room for emotional shallowness. Not always, but Saggitarus is the one who wants to have fun! They are the lighthearted archers prancing through all of the parties and people and foreign lands. It is a potential challenge for them to get caught up in some dense, heavy, stagnant emotional turmoil. They don't want to experience turmoil, they want to be having a good time! However, this is a fire sign.. The heat of their emotions DOES hit them. It's not like moon in libra where intense emotions come in and immediately get brought to a neutral line of balance. No, the intensity of emotion IS there. It's a matter of them taking the time to let them go deep into uncomfortable emotions. They would rather not be concerned with uncomfortable emotional depth at all if they didn't have to. But they have to deal with it or they will totally explode into a fire ball of saggitarius aggression. Give your little moon in Saggi some space in the heat of emotional turmoil and know that with a gentle touch and soft heart they will come to a place of opening up their emotional world with you.
  • Capricorn: Emotions here are very guarded. This is a hard placement for the waters of the moon. One may even fear their emotions with this placement, they may be mechanical and cold in this sense. Their emotions will not be tolerated if it's holding them back in anyway. Their emotional comfort lies in knowing they are competently moving forward into success with their life. The feeling of having their shit together is key for emotional balance. A moon in Cap won't want to be held back due to their emotional world. This is powerfully beneficial because they can really get shit done without having to deal with any of that cancer moon emotional stuff. However unless there is water in other places in their chart.. It leaves them in a place of emotional lack. They just aren't capable of feeling to the extent that others do because they don't let themselves. And that can be a conflict in itself because maybe it would give them a deeper feeling of competence if they COULD feel how others do. They really need to feel safe and secure and sturdy before they open up their inner world to someone. You have to win their trust to get to break that shell. This placement has a lot of good potential but also an immense possibility for challenge. With any moon, especially this one, that is all correspondent to the other aspects in a chart.
  • Aquarius: Emotionally comfortable in the realms of individualism.. they like their own kind of music, their own style, their own unique "fit" into the world.. They are emotionally satisfied in their inner world of "ME". Not "me" in the bright beaming self-centered way of Leo, no, its in the sense of "I am standing here feeling so different than all of you people" Whether they find solace or distress in that.. its a deep archetype that they feel. These people are living on the outside looking in- they are extremely extremely observant. They often they feel separate and detached out in the world, observing, putting all of the pieces together like mechanical machinery. They are very interested in life, in you, in your thoughts, in why things the way they are. They are taking it all in. With their emotions they need a lot of space to process it. They can really distance themselves from their emotions and the people who are making them feel emotions. Emotions are a lot for them to intellectually grasp, they want to grasp and come to an understanding of every facet of it, and they need time on their own to do this. Theres also room with this placement for close mindedness towards other ways of doing things. There is a likely hood for these people to feel they are doing and handling things they absolute best way possible, better than anyone else, they know how to handle their emotions, their life, their inner world. Its possible for arrogance and ignorance to be found here. Maybe they do really know how to handle their inner world better than how you think they can..... But also maybe... They really could use a word of advice. Theres a rigidness to this moon placement. These people find self-justified satisfaction in doing things exactly the way they think they should do it, it eases their emotional realm. There is room for complacency in arrogance here as their is room for extremely positive inner innovation and evolution of self.
  • Pisces: Your inner world is the ocean. Where does it begin? Where does it end? You don't know, actually, no one knows. Your emotions are the definition of fluid. Interchangeable and uncontrollable. You are melting into your emotions. When you fall in love, you FALL in LOVE. When you feel sorrow, you FEEL sorrrrrrowww. Emotions are so real for you. You feel your emotions in your blood. Your emotional world is operating in the dreamstate. You are comfortable in ethereal experiences, the surreal beauty of nature, the most amazing poem recited at a word slam, looking deep into the eyes of your lover. Life just holds a more surreal note for you. When you feel emotionally comfortable, every single particle of who you are integrates into a peace and calm of giving everything to the moment of emotional comfort. When you feel emotionally uncomfortable, red sirens are going off in your being, everything is viciously not okay. You might have issues with boundaries, you let people in so deep into your emotional realm and you share so much. Yet, when you draw a boundary, you aggressively instate it into being. You want what you want, you may disregard what is good for you, or you may draw every boundary in the book to make sure whats happening is good for you. No matter what situation you're in- good or bad, you're in it for the feeling, for the essence, the energy. Moon in Pisces will bring you into a different world.

So as some of you may know, I have a very elaborate headcanon about Jack and Bitty’s future kids and their lives, etc, etc. It’s all very cute and there’s only a little bit of angst.

But Shitty and Lardo.

Shitty and Lardo didn’t expect to have kids. It’s not that they didn’t want them; it’s more that they didn’t need them. They’re perfectly happy playing the role of cool aunt and uncle to everyone else’s kids. They’re living in Boston; Shitty’s a full-time Human Rights lawyer, part-time sports lawyer (for select clients only); and Lardo is running a gallery. All of their friends have already had their kids and they’re in their mid-30s. At this point they just don’t see it happening, and that’s cool. They’re not expecting kids, the kids just come to them. 

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Leave - Get Out.

Title: Leave - Get Out.

Summary: You have the perfect life living with the Winchesters, til one night you go to the Bar with Sam and see something that changes everything, how could he do that?

Pairings: Dean x Reader & Sam x Reader Friendship.

Warnings: Swearing (Sorry!), Little bit of Fluff & Angst.

Word Count: 4100 ish. (Apparently I got carried away…)

Notes: I based this story sort of on This song. I loved this song for years, and I stumbled across it and a story came to mind! Flashbacks are in bold. I am still fairly new to this, so please please leave me some feedback! Sorry it’s kinda long, I hopefully will be doing a second part to this - let me know!

Your life is great, you lived with your two best friends in the world. Sam and Dean Winchester. Except you had an exclusive relationship with the older Winchester, and have been happily in love for the last 3 years. But with any relationship comes their problems but you always managed to fight through it. Sam knew how you felt for Dean years before you ever told him, You were growing up at Bobby’s you always saw the two Winchesters coming in and out of town every few months with their Dad. You had a crush on the younger, longer haired Winchester when you were younger, but Sam made it clear when you were both drunk one night Bobby was out and spilled your feelings to him. In typical nice guy Sam style, he was so nice about everything that you had said and it made you realise how much better off you would be as friends. You told Sam everything, even when you were crushing on his big brother.

The years went on and you permanently lived with Bobby, you loved fixing up the cars that would be in the junk yard and selling them on, giving you and Bobby some cash to play with. You enjoyed helping him out on his hunting research, occasionally answering phones for him to help out the other hunters. Sometimes even catching the Winchesters on the line, insisting they come and visit you. It was always a huge laugh when you guys did meet up. You were like a sister to the boys, and hated seeing them leave for another hunt. You had no one to tease, You even missed one sidedly flirting with Dean. Bobby would never let you actually hunt though, even though you had insisted and insisted you were tough, strong and mentally ready for it. Instead of growing up like the other girls in your town who loved shopping, partying and going to Salons, you grew up to be a total lover of Cars, Guns and Drinking. Bobby definitely raised you right in his eyes, ‘Don’t take no shit from no one, you hear me girl?’ he would say, and even when your relationship with Dean surfaced, he threatened him that if he ever broke your heart, he would kill him.

Then came the night that Sam and Dean Winchester strolled into town, you hadn’t seen them in a good 4 years and you had grown a hell of a lot in those years. It was a warm summers day and you had your radio on next to you whilst fixing up one of the cars in Bobby’s yard.


‘She’s my Cherry Pie. Cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise..’ you began to sing loudly as you drummed your fingers on the side of the car you were working on, swaying your hips to the side as you went.

’Tastes so good she make a grown man cry.’ You heard a familiar voice behind you sing as you swung yourself round, his face giving you the biggest butterflies in the pit of your stomach.

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fluff friday “food” [izusaku]

so @vesperlionheart and I decided to start up “fluff fridays” to balance out “smut mondays.” this week’s prompt is “food.” 

please feel free to leave prompts/pairings in the inbox! 

(also, I’ve been binge-watching “the great food truck race” so…yeah.)

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iamwarrenspeace  asked:

Just wondering if you could recommend any Sterek fics where either Stiles and/or Derek is a chef/cook/owner of a restaurant? I've just been in a mood to read something like this!! Thanks Dearie!!!

sure thing!  ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Kiss The Cook by idyll (T, 5k) Derek’s a professional chef, and Stiles is a blogger who butchers his recipes.
  • Dos Lobos Papas Fritas Especial by lindenmae (E, 12k) Derek has dreams. These dreams revolve around his food truck, lovingly named Dos Lobos, even though the only vaguely latin food he serves is churros, and retiring far far away from the rest of the human race, especially his uncle Peter. He already has two trucks and he has the citizens of Beacon Hills, including the Sheriff, wrapped around his duck fat coated little finger. People search his truck out on Duck Fat Fridays and the Sheriff waives all parking violations in exchange for free fries. The only catch is the arrangement has to be kept secret from the Sheriff’s son, who has unfortunately just returned from college and apparently made it his singular goal to get under Derek’s skin any way he can.
  • The Pantry Trespasser by mikkimouse (T, 5k) Stiles gaped. He thought he could be forgiven; nobody should be forced to confront such hotness before their first cup of coffee.Pantry God finally seemed to realize he wasn’t alone, and looked over to Stiles, pale eyes widening behind his glasses. “Can I help you?” The words jerked Stiles out of his stupor, reminding him that Pantry God was actually Pantry Trespasser. “Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my pantry?”

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happy birthday to exo’s flower boy maknae, oh sehun!

"and then my soul saw you and it kind of went 'oh there you are. i've been looking for you.'"

the pacific ocean is the largest ocean on earth, stretching from the top of the world, all the way to the bottom. it is 165.25 million square kilometres in area and is almost 50% of the water on this planet. boston is the capital of the state of massachusetts in the united states of america, and seoul is the capital of south korea. the distance from boston to seoul is 10933 kilometers.

you are an ocean away from me, yet i couldn’t feel closer to you.

oh sehun, i cannot fathom how much i love you. i could never count up how many times i have laughed because of you, how many times i have cried, smiled, scoffed kiddingly, felt so loved by you.

how many times you have made me feel like i am the happiest person in any given place and time, in any universe, in any existing dimension.

oh sehun, you are my angel and there is nothing i would never do for you. you are the most loveliest soul i have ever laid my eyes on, despite the fact that your soul has never been in front of my eyes ever. there is something to be said about love that is somewhere along the lines of the insanely absolute bliss and ecstasy you feel when you have fallen in it. how much can i possibly stress how perfect you are? how could i ever possibly give all the love i have ever received from you? because you radiate so much love. you have so much love.

love is something so strange and artificial but so natural and strong at the same time. some declare that they don’t need it, that they’re too good for it, but the truth is love is everywhere. love moves us forward and love makes us better people because where would we be if all there was in this universe was hate? and oh sehun, you have given me so much love, i have suffocated.

do you see where i’m going? because i can’t. sehun, there are so many people in this world and the next who love you. and you always say you love us back, which i believe you truly genuinely do, so where does that put each individual fan, where does that put me? i am literally just going nowhere with this, i’m just spitting words out, but sehun, there could no truer statement about you from me other than i love you

it’s madness, i swear. i’ve never met you before! i’ve never met you before. and you have no idea i exist. you have no idea who i am, my age, where i live, my family and friends, my interests or my favorite foods. you don’t know what my guilty pleasure movies are, or tv shows. the books i love read and all the nostalgia in my life. you don’t that i’ve spent countless hours in my room just staring at posters of you, just listening to the albums i buy that when i receive i hope it’s your photocard. that so many of the tears i shed are for you. how you make my heart feel love as endless as space.

you have no clue i am a living breathing soul just like you are yet you have saved me in any which way possible a person can be saved.

"if i could give you one thing in life, i would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me."

eyes are something so unpredictable, aren’t they? i can see something one way but you can see it a completely opposite way. except it is the same exact thing. i suppose many people how their own ways of seeing you, sehun. i know other people love you, sehun. other fans love you so much… but as cliché as this sounds, i truly believe no one loves you… like i love you. i have no clue how i came to see you like this. because i swear, you are one of the best things in my life in this crazy, love-filled, forward new modern world we live in.

you are the best parts of all my favorite songs, oh sehun. that is a poem from a book of poems i keep by my bed. it is filled with so beautiful poems that when you read it, it is like the words are reading themselves to you and like they are speaking to you as the voice of the one you are attached to. i’m rambling, i know. but i don’t know how else i could ever tell you i love you. oh sehun, if you were a book, you would be the most beautiful story ever written.

the red string of fate originates from east asian, used in chinese and japanese legends. it is a belief that two people are tied to each end of the string and that they are destined to be together, that it is their fate to end up together. that the red string of fate, if one person were to walk forward, the one on the other end would fall towards them. is it insane to pray that you are on the end of my string?

oh sehun, even if i was ever able to meet you, to watch exo in concert or go to kcon (i wish), i would be so confused as to what to do because i would want to cry and bawl and sob and have you sit there for hours listening to me explaining to you how much i love you and how i had only ever seen you, this angel, on a computer screen, or a phone or television screen, and only hear your voice in songs and on shows and radios, and how i thought we could be soulmates but that that rationale is so dumb and how i have spent hours just staring at posters and crying so ugly about you and exo and listening to albums and having my heart break at the point of nostalgia and wishing how i could meet the 12 angels who have shaped me into my soul and how i finally did and how i have spent countless nights laying in bed in complete darkness and silence thinking of how i am 100% sure you and exo are angels sent to us from heaven or how you are angels regardless and how you are the best parts of my favorite songs.

honestly, i would cry so fucking hard in front of you, in front of exo. unfortunately, i am not so strong of a person, but please understand, sehun, that i love you so much.

it’s incredible, the simple power of human love. i truly believe that it is the strongest force on earth, able to move the tallest of mountains and the cruelest of people. and to love you is something i cherish so much. you are our sweethearts and i couldn’t ever speak for everybody but oh sehun, we love you so much with all our hearts.

i don’t know who came up with the concepts of angels, and time, and love. maybe the angels came from the bible, and time came from scientists, and love came naturally but oh sehun, you are the most beautiful angel ever. and you made me fall so hard in love with you i think you broke my heart while doing so.

if i ever lost you, i think i would die.

maybe not literally die, but i don’t know who i would be anymore. and i don’t know how i would lose you, but i don’t ever want to.

aside from the sad, oh sehun, you are such an amazing dancer. i swear you were born from the ocean. i swear you are so beautiful. i swear i love you the way the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.

at any given time, i swear i will love you. i will love you because loving you is so easy, so natural. because falling in love with you was like falling asleep; slowly bit by bit and then all at once. (i don’t even like that book at all though!)

i know i could never write out my soul to you in some amateur letter i typed out while listening to sad love songs, but i want you to know, oh sehun, that i love you. i love you so much. i love you so much with all my heart. and that today, april 12 2014 is 20 years after the day you were born, a day i am so thankful for. i thank your parents for having you, and i thank them for keeping you healthy while growing up. i thank you, sehun, for going out to eat ddeokbokki with your friends after school and i thank the sm agent who chased after you because they wanted you to audition. i thank you for auditioning and sm for debuting you in exo, one of the greatest gifts to anybody ever. i thank you, oh sehun, for all your unconditional love you have given us. i thank my parents for having me, for keeping me healthy so that i could be here today. i thank god and buddah and jesus and allah and brahman and heaven oh my gosh i don’t know but i thank them for bringing you to me. because where have you been all my life? because i swear i have loved you since the start of time. and i will love you until the end of time.

happy birthday, oh sehun. i pray everyday that i will always love you, and that one day, you will know that. i pray everyday that maybe in another universe, you love me as much as i love you, and that you’ll always be healthy and happy. i pray for so much hahah. ♡ i love you so much with all my heart, my hoonie my goonie, my angel! ♡ happy birthday. :D ♡

"and i'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, i'd find you and i'd choose you."

persianpersimmon  asked:

Salam! :) I've been studying a bit of the Persian language and culture and I'm particularly fascinated with the phenomenon of Tarof. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on that?

Hello lovely, the minute I saw this I said, I’m going to wait till end of term to answer this because WHAT AN AWESOME QUESTION. 

Shirazi people are the MOST tarof-y people there are so you’ve come to the right place. Tarof wow… I literally don’t even know how to begin. It’s a form of Persian etiquette, something we pretty much all do to be polite. It’s a social norm. You’ve seen how ‘flowery’ Persian language is. It’s very soft to the ears and the words are soft to the soul, yes - I just said that cheesy line. But it’s true. It’s hard to sound harsh when you speak Farsi. I feel like that’s a reflection of the culture and the culture is the reflection of the language. 

Basic Taarof scenario would go like this:

Person A: Would you like to eat anything?

Person B: No thank you so much for offering, I’m fine!

Person B hasn’t eaten in three days and is dying.

Person A: Are you sure? Please, have some pistachios. My mother just brought them from Iran!

Person B: Oh no, honestly. I don’t want to trouble you. 

Person B is having a hypoglycaemic attack and is actually diabetic too

Person A: Oh please! For my sake! Please just try one thing! 

Person B: Oh ok fine, just just so you don’t get upset and you’ve gone through the trouble I’ll take one pistachio. 

Person B cries internal tears of joy at the first taste of food in three days. 

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bad writing is good writing

okay so I’m really young compared to the people doing this but that’s alright

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this post is long as hell

2005 (age 6)
I’m estimating on that date, but I’ve been writing stories all my life and this was the first “””””””””book””””””” (basically someone gave me like 8 blank pages bound together) and I wrote a story about a girl who makes friends with the dolphins at a museum and sneaks back at night to play with them until her mom finds out. I wrote it in marker…

The only quote I remember from it is this:
“She did a gulp.”

2007 (age 8)
By now I had discovered Word and was writing on short documents when I had the free time. I tried to write a rip-off Harry Potter novel about a girl named Clara who finds out she’s a witch and goes via plane to a magic school. I have no records of this thank god but I do still have the notebook in which I wrote 40 pages of a LOTR rip-off called Questeye. The best friends (actually literally modeled after me and a girl named Roxanne) find their families enslaved by goblins (orcs) and have to…go find something…?

I have no quotes from it but…you can imagine.

2008 (age 9)
Fourth grade! awww. This is when I wrote fucking constantly in these really pretty journals mom would buy for me. I have all of them still.

The Slave’s Daughter
“Oy! Why can’t ye do it?” my mom grumbled. “It’s noon. Dinner. Then, I get a start on supper. Potatoes and stew tonight. Shouldn’t be too hard to sneak.” he replied. [who is ‘he’?] “Hey, I’ll do it,” I offered. “How hard can it be?”

(oh god, I also started this up again in 6th grade??)
Anyway, now that there’s no one to earn money, I now have to transfer to a public school, dropping out of my expensive, private, all-girls school. What a horrible time to transfer–in the middle of fifth grade. Stupid dad.

Rebecca was one of those people who know they look good, but pretend they don’t. All the cheerleaders will hate her, and every guy on the football team will want to date her. As for me, I’ll just watch. I’m one of those people who are just plain weird, but doesn’t care. Yet all the guys seem to like me.
(I managed to cram like five different misogynistic middle school tropes into one paragraph)

“But its not a nickname! My name is Anna Lee. That’s what’s on my birth certificate! That’s what everyone calls me!” my anger was escalating, and I didn’t care if I got in trouble. All I knew is that I hates this man in front of me.
(at least some things never change)

2010 (age 11)
This was fifth and sixth grade oh dear god and the end of my journal phase

The Meadow is where the leader of the Hunt blows his horn to call to the Nature Clan. This is the only sighting and even acknowledgment of the other Clan that is allowed to happen. It’s a beautiful place, with a smooth pond of clear blue water filled to the brim. The grass is an emerald green, rising to your ankles (that’s saying a lot, since spirits are generally a few feet taller than the average human) and the trees seem to sparkle with dew that never dries up. the best part of the Meadow are the flowers. No two flowers are the same color, or the same kind. They sparkle too, but with eternal frost, all around the edges of the petals. When the sun comes and shines on them, it throws a rainbow of light to arch over you. The leader of the Hunt comes here once a year, to make the Nature Clan aware of the Hunt. The Meadow is truly gorgeous, but not quite the taste of a Sky Clan Warrior, Warrior of the Eagle.

2012 (age 13)
Seventh grade…

“If you were to look beneath the untidy wisp of hair that blew about his forehead, you would see into his eyes. You would see the tired look of the elderly, that was only natural, but you would also see something that you might not have seen much before, the same something that most lack.”

·Order something neat. The food you order says everything. This is a classic tip and I still feel the need to repeat it. God forbid you order the lobster, you get it and they tell you that they’re out of the lobster tools, so you’re desperately trying to look alluring while cracking a lobster shell and fishing out the meat with your knife. Of course it turns out your date ordered the Caesar salad.  

“I blame myself. I hope I don’t forever blame myself, for it is the worst feeling I've ever felt. He gave everything for me; each shot that cracked the still air was for me. Each pair of eyes that he watched the light leave was for me, each cry of pain, each early rise, each General’s order, each distant explosion. All for me.”

2013 (age 14)

“The clicking of your heels is louder now, and the walls of the stone cold buildings throw your sound around faster and faster. Each time it passes through you it racks your body and you wonder how something you’re making can hurt you so much, but your heels keep clicking and you wonder why you don’t just stop.”

“Some sick twist of fate–some arrow shot by a hateful Cupid–some beautiful monster brought us together.” jeeeeeesus christ.

ALSO short snippet of some horrible Hinny/Romione fic: 
It was a slow, sweet kiss, not too much tongue (but still some, Harry Potter did not do things half-ass), not like the one Ginny had unleashed on him the other night after his proposal.
“Awh, that’s so sweet,” a dreamy voice sounded behind them.

2014 (age 15)
Around this time, right at the start of 9th grade, I watched Sherlock for the first time and I was like ok I see what this “fanfiction” is now so I got into both. This is the year of bad fanfiction turning to okay fanfiction.

The Happenings of Engagement
Rose, for example, along with her younger brother Hugo, were not let in view of the wealthy London streets without looking their best; like exemplary young children. She could not have dirt on her face, hands or in her hair when other families came to visit, and she must always wear the dresses her grandmother gives her when she comes to stay.
For the Grangers had a reputation to uphold. It was all about who you knew and who respected you in 19th century Britain, and the Grangers were very high up in society’s standards.
“Come, Rose, let’s clean you up. We have visitors today for you! Isn’t that exciting?”

John Watson vividly remembers eating eggs as yellow as his school uniform when he first heard about the Holmes.
“John, have you met our new neighbors yet?”
John looked up from his eggs, surprised. Since when did they have new neighbors? He could tell by his mother’s tone, however, that she had already met them. She was not fishing for information; she was much more insistent when she was. What she was doing now was the classic Holly Watson way of turning a question into a direction. He hated it almost as much as he hated the color of his school uniform.

Killer Queen
Sherlock stood rooted to the spot, watching in amazement as John Watson came barreling out of the bathroom with ridiculous shades on, dressed in dark jeans and a button down–where the hell did he get that fedora–and singing only slightly more dramatically than Queen into a wooden spoon.

Okay and then I went to a writing camp at Duke University:

You had always been a vision in pale yellow under the lights
Closeness was a formality
Closeness came our fourth year together when we literally could not separate
Closeness was a blessing even though neither of us really believed in blessings

Now I’m just combining everything into this: writing I’m proud of

2014/15 (15/16/almost 17 years old)
Most all of this is fanfiction…

Then Potter found him crying, and the universe condensed into that cold tiled bathroom, Harry breathless and wide-eyed in the grimy mirror behind him and Draco’s heart stopping for the longest second of his life as he fought the urge to cry for help.
And the resulting fight tore at the edges of his frayed nerves, his already ruptured soul and as he lay bleeding on the floor, Harry helpless and bewildered beside him, Draco felt his heart break and he told himself he had never hated anybody more, and he believed it.

The Pauli Exclusion Principle
Holy shit, this man was the big leagues. He looked like a model, in all seriousness, something right out of some posh men’s catalogue. He also looked rich as hell, but that was beside the point. Mostly. John did still have quite a large tuition.

For Every Action
For every action, he says, there must be an equal and opposite reaction—and Harry Potter, after that night, was a firm believer in cosmic balance.

Consequences of Redemption
“In the end it was the most arbitrary thing,” Draco answered, still with the ghost of a bemused smile on his lips. “All that deliberation and fear and oppression, and it came down to…I don’t know, some sort of gross sentimentality.”
“A gross sentimentality,” Harry repeated blankly.
“Yeah, Potter. You.”

The Best Man
“So,” he brought up conversationally at Ron and Hermione’s later that night, all of them safely two drinks in, “have either of you received an invitation to Draco Malfoy’s wedding?”

SO I’m gonna stop there……’re welcome……

At some point before I leave for college I’ll probably write an actual fucking story that I can legally publish but until then…a link to my AO3 is on my blog ;)))))))))