they have slept in the forest too long

Jekyll And Hyde

Genre: Fluff + Smut

Word Count: 3,408

Hello please can I request a vixx smut. Where they are normally really shy around their crush but when they turn into their Hyde form (from the MV) they have very rough and dominate sex with them, but when the member wakes up they don’t remember anything that happened.

A/N: I took a lot of liberties and time with this request but I hope it’s enjoyable!  

You quietly peek over the divider to get a glimpse of the artwork that sat in the cubicle across from you. Although he didn’t like it, Lee Hongbin had certainly earned his nickname. In his shy silence he screamed beauty from head to toe, so naturally everyone in the office had some sort of crush on him, including you. The only problem was, unlike everyone else, he never talked to you. It had been a year, and altogether you had ample opportunity to interact with him, but every time you did he suddenly had something ‘very important’ to do.

“Alright everyone.” Your boss clapped, bringing you out of you daze. “It’s almost time for our annual team building trip!” You had started this job just in time for the last trip, which meant you knew literally no one. After finding out your office neighbour was also borderline obsessed with cute animals; especially dogs, you had one friend.  Naturally, during the trip you had to cling onto her the whole time. But this year would be different, you’d make sure of it. As the rest of the office gathers around your boss continued, “This year, we will be holding our team building camp in a new location! It will still be 3 days, and consist of a few exercises, but I think the new location will make this year even funner!” You mentally cringe at her use of ‘funner’, your boss was always a bit to cheery for your liking but it was better than your old, crotchety-man boss from your last job.

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Thea had been on her own for as long as she could remember, a child alone in the forest, a mercenary alone on the battlefield. Now a broke and starving ex-mercenary who had gone just a little too long without a job. She slept on a rooftop in a makeshift shelter, her knives in her belt, her sword and quiver on her back, her recurve bow in her arms. She ate scraps and drank with whoever was already drunk enough to offer her the bottom of a bottle. It wasn’t pretty and it was far from ideal. Thea would have taken a job from anyone, to do anything, but the wars were over and no one seemed to care about her particular skill set anymore. Maybe if this had happened a year ago she could have run to a friend, begged shelter, but all her friends thought she was dead, and all of her friends were right. Thea was a loose canon, with powers she still didn’t know how to control and a newfound hatred for God and everything he stood for. Maybe it was best that she was alone.


lanasoutlaw  asked:

Prompt: Person A is having a phone call with their friend/boss/relative and cannot drop the call. Person B becomes impatient and starts distracting them (nibbling their ear, kissing their neck). This leads to awkward stutters and gasps over the phone. Bonus: The person over the phone understands what’s going on at the other end and tells A to ‘go enjoy themselves.’

Here you go, sweet Alyssa! I wrote the first part on the beach, so blame the heat about that. Also, happy belated birthday to @madjeknotts and happy birthday in advance to @technicallypsychiccupcake

La Vie en Rose

(Rated M |

Without a doubt, waking up with her husband’s head between her thighs is one of the perks of marriage. 

Especially because said husband has pulled her sweetly from the depths of her numb sleep, dragging her along with his touches, and she blinks just once, the air of morning already filtering through the half-opened window.

She keeps her eyes closed, a smile slowly stirring its way on her mouth, and she beams. She beams, Regina, because she is in a soft bed, the room submerged in the light of dawn, and a pleasant smell of coffee and crispy croissants unrolls until it reaches her nostrils, making her frown in pleasure.

She beams, because for once she doesn’t have to worry about her town or about potentially disruptive threats, and she can enjoy her honeymoon, and focus on Robin’s tongue – he’s doing things to her clit, her fist goes to hold the sheets, grasping thin cotton, a soft moan exits her mouth. 

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