they have slept in the forest too long

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Mugiwaras have had quite a tearful reunion the day before. After being separated for a long time the tears of joy and sorrow were shed while they shared hugs to each other in the forests of Zou. Then later they held a huge banquet with the Mink tribe in the evening and partied all night long.

Meanwhile the sun was rising  Luffy woke up before others. Despite having slept only for few hours in total he felt very energetic and wanted to do something because it was too boring to wait for others to open their eyes and he would’ve received few punches if he tried to force them to wake up so there he was sitting on his bed thinking what should he do. Suddenly he got an idea and quietly sneaked into the kitchen of the guest house where they were currently staying while his friends were all still snoring.

Sanji had left the crew not long time ago so the captain wanted to cheer up his crew mates by preparing some breakfast for them as a surprise. As a miracle he didn’t destroy the whole place or set anything on fire but the scent that came from the kitchen after he finished preparing his so called meal was rather interesting.

The dish he planned to made was supposed to be something as easy as fried rice with vegetables but somehow it ended up looking pretty interesting. Actually it looked like a bit bunch of (burned) rice grains glued into a enormous ball including some random ingredients thrown on top of that. The texture of the ‘surprise’ might have something to do with the fact that the rubber man refused to use any recipes since he has seen Sanji making countless times without peeking the cookbook and he relied on the thought that he wouldn’t need help either.

“Yo Torao ! I wanted to celebrate our alliance by making some good food for everyone. It’s called ‘captain’s superspecial morning surprise’, cool isn’t it? You should try it !”

He eyed the food suspiciously, supposedly edible, but it’s nothing like he’d ever seen before. Leaning into the dish with slow deliberation, he wrinkled his nose, sniffing it first— and was hit by a pungent distasteful scent that had him reeling backwards into his seat, exhaling harshly. Pinching his nose with one hand, he fanned the air in front of his face with the other to dispel the lingering odour. The stench was likely akin to throwing a week’s old pair of socks into a boiling pot. Knowing the Mugiwara captain, he wouldn’t be surprised if that had happened by accident.

He decided to give it another chance; there were unpleasant smelling foods that satiated certain tastebuds. He studied the mysterious matter before him. It’s rice— or at least, it looks like rice, but it’s hardened and charred in various places, with colours that one would not associate with rice, and it’s also sticking together to form a shape of art. In addition, there were bits and chunks of other unidentified substances scattered about the plate. He frowned. The only thing appetising about the meal was probably the plate, white ceramic with intricately hand painted bamboo designs.

“..what is it?” He was almost afraid to ask, intuition screaming inside him to run. After everything they had been through together in the recent days, after everything he had put the Mugiwaras through, his respect and liking for the fellow captain and crew had only grown, but that didn’t mean he wanted to perform self-surgery to save a dying gut.  

“Maybe you should try it first,” he offered, as casually as he could, pushing the plate towards Luffy. Either that, or one of the Strawhats could be the guinea pig. Speaking of, where were they exactly? Why was no one around yet but him and Luffy?