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blue neighbourhood || troye sivan 

Showing You (Jesse McCree)

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Pairing: Jesse McCree/Chubby!Fem!Reader
Words: 1330+
Warning(s): self-consciousness,nsfw
A/N: hey guys! still slowly getting back into this blog. though i have to put off writing as a whole thanks to my birthday, finals, and graduation quickly approaching me. i can’t write smut for the life of me so take what you can get here lol.
Request:  McCree with a chubby/large chested reader who tries to deny her feelings for him, and he shamelessly flirts with her every single time he sees her. And he finds out that she’s been holding back because she’s self conscious about her body and thinks that McCree flirts with everyone like that, and couldn’t possibly seriously like her? SFW or NSFW whatever you wanna do!

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Game Aesthetics: Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)

Home made textbook studying

After posting about my 100 page textbook i made which i use to study for exams, i received a lot of messages asking me about it… so I’ve decided to make a big post about it so you guys can see fully what i do! 

1) Gather relevant information from lectures 

- I usually print off lecture notes and use my extensive pen collection to highlight and write notes and blah blah blah

2) Get typing

Using my lecture notes i sort through relevant information and type it up in a word document. I do this from the beginning of semester to the end. (usually 12 lectures for me) The way you organise this is completely up to you, the way you title stuff and organise it and classify information and whatnot… find something that works for you! I add diagrams and any other information that helps.

3) Print 

After the last lecture of the semester, my document is finished. Mine this semester was around 100 pages long (for biology). During the semester i use the notes on my computer to study from and i am continuously adding/ removing stuff, i love doing this as it also means I’m continuously reading over my notes and critiquing them throughout the semester.

I go down to office works and get it printed and bound… it only cost me $11.50! (Black and white) - Getting it in colour is a lot more expensive and seeing as though most of it is typing, just stick to black and white… if i have diagrams i go over and colour them in… i learn a lot from doing this!

This is what it looks like: 

4) Summariseeee

Using my not newly printed and bound notes, i condense this even further. I just usually write these out pretty messily as its just to get it down in my head!.. i also use this information to make my palm cards

5) Palm Cards

- I go through my type text book and colour code certain sections… i then use this colour code to make my palm cards! I make up questions which are relevant to the information and viola! On one side i have my question (with the colour code) and the info (which i condensed from my summaries)  on the other! I like doing this as it forces me to READ my actual notes and comprehend them. 

I do this as it incorporates typing, writing and reading! (and drawing if your feeling super motivated)  i Feel like it covers all areas of studying techniques and it really helps me when studying for subjects that have ALOT of information! If you can’t be bothered to summarise or make palm cards then its still really nice to have clean, organised printed notes suited to your own understanding of the subject. My friends also love me when i do this as they are constantly asking for my textbook to study from! 

Hope this has helped! If you have further questions just ask! 

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Tom lives in a 7 million dollars house in a fancy neighborhood in London. I also think he's got a nice car. But yes, he's quite a minimalist. Not really interested in fashion and Ferraris.

He does have really nice suits but he isn’t going to drop 3 grand on a pair of jeans.

High Voltage (Sonny Carisi)


Request for anon: 

Can I request fucking sonny in his uniform??? PLEASEEEE


I have a request! Carisi always wears really nice suits to work, but one day reader requests that he fucks her in his cop uniform.

NSFW, obviously. Enjoy!

You and Sonny had been seeing each other for a few months now, and his mother had finally invited both of you over for dinner one Friday night. You had heard countless stories about his mother and you had been excited to meet her. Her home smelled amazing; the aroma of lasagna and homemade tiramisu filled the entire house as everyone waited to eat. You had retreated to the living room, entranced by the many decorations Mrs. Carisi owned.

Her living room walls were lined with pictures of her children throughout the years. There were countless baby pictures, school pictures, pictures of each child’s First Communion, and high school graduations. But the one that caught your attention was a picture of Sonny when he graduated from the Police Academy.

You had never seen Sonny in his police blues before. He usually donned slacks and a nice button down for work everyday. You loved him in his detective clothes; he always looked so suave and confident. However, seeing him in his blues made him look threatening. Intimidating. It awoke something in you; a desire you didn’t know you had until that moment.

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when i was getting my industrial piercing the woman said “you have a real nice shaped ear, this is gonna really suit you” and that’s honestly the best compliment i’ve ever received

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Personal headcanon: Mick sometimes gets phone calls from one of his foster mothers whenever one of his heists or arson cases is in the news. "Michael," Mick sighed, running a hand over his head as he listened to the voicemail. She was using the Disappointed Voice. "Did you really have to shoot that nice young man in the red suit? Anyway, dear, don't forget to come to dinner on Sunday. Tell Leonard I'm making meatloaf."

That’s a great headcanon!


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Superhero!svt :D


  • For starters, he would not be soft
  • Even if it is a superhero’s job to be about justice or whatever
  • Jeonghan would go ham on villains I am not even joking
  • His superpower would be cryokinesis
  • That basically just means he has the power to freeze things and manipulate ice
  • He’s not one of those heroes with a tragic backstory but he just hates to see people doing evil
  • So he annihilates villains…
  • It’s a really great strategy tbh he always wins
  • And even though he goes really hard on villains, he tries not to get personally attached to his work
  • It’s partly because he doesn’t want to give the impression that he’s biased
  • But also because he doesn’t want to involve outside people like his loved ones
  • Superhero more like supercute I can’t do this anymore


  • Now this gorl is the opposite of Jeonghan can I just say
  • He’s a really strong believer of justice but he doesn’t totally destroy his opponents
  • His superpower would be a somewhat mix of cerebrokinesis and hypnotism
  • When talking to people, he would be able to hypnotize them by saying a certain word or sentence
  • And while the person is hypnotized, he could feed them false thoughts by saying what he wants them to do
  • His victims have no recollection of being hypnotized or told what to do, but they would subconsciously fulfill Joshua’s orders without realizing
  • It’s a really frickin sweet power and he knows it too
  • Though it’s not ideal in combat situations so he’s usually only brought out as “the big guns”
  • And even then, he goes easy on villains because he thinks the best punishment is being taught why their actions were wrong
  • You should see the looks he gets when he tells the other guys that omg


  • Ok now this is gonna be an adventure here we go
  • Y’all ever seen The Incredibles?
  • His superpower is self combustion which literally just means he can set himself on fire
  • It doesn’t hurt him or anything but he can just like make his skin explode whenever he wants it’s really scary
  • But this kind of attack can only work when he’s in contact with the person he wants to harm
  • So he literally fights villains like he pulls out legit MMA moves on they asses
  • Unlike Jeonghan, Woozi doesn’t necessarily try to obliterate villains
  • But unlike Joshua, Woozi doesn’t really try to spare villains either
  • He obeys orders very thoroughly and treats the villains as he was instructed to
  • Villains will inevitably end up charred from the fight, but their punishments are really left up to Woozi’s dispatcher
  • What even are the superhero dispatchers called like ??


  • You know I have a lot to say about this one let’s do this
  • His superpower is what I like to call “Sonic Boom Voice”
  • That basically just means he can talk really loud (aka release sonic sound waves from voice)
  • His sonic boom voice is loud enough to deafen anyone within a 3 mile radius of him
  • Honestly though it’s not totally effective at defeating super villains, more or less just putting them at a disadvantage
  • If he can, he usually tries to partner up with Woozi whose flames and fighting techniques really help break down villains
  • On his down time he likes to have high note battles with Seungkwan
  • Which is like why would you even challenge the dude with the sonic boom voice in the first place but ok we all know booeun boi is too prideful for his own good
  • But in all seriousness Seokminnie mouse which may or may not be his actual superhero name is a really fun and down to earth superhero


  • Ok so pretty much he’s the most sarcastic superhero in the history of ever
  • He’s all about justice and whatnot but he also loves trash talking other superheroes
  • And tbh he’s not really a superhero he’s more or less the Long Island medium
  • His superpower is being able to see the future
  • That’s like pretty much the best power ever and he knows he’s super lucky
  • But he can only see into a person’s future when he’s in direct contact with them
  • And when he figured that out he was PISSED
  • Because of that he’s never really brought out into combat
  • But, much to his dismay, sometimes the other guys make him dress up in weird costumes to try to infiltrate the villains’ hideouts and touch them subtly to see their future rip


  • Strongest superhero out there
  • Casually flings cars at the enemy
  • *Punches the ground* 
  • He’s like superman without the tights and underwear
  • Keepin the cape though
  • Strategically plans out all of his attacks
  • More or less follows those plans lmao this boy just kinda wings it along the way
  • He’d have some sappy cliche catch phrase
  • Something like, “MY STRENGTH PREVAILS OVER EVIL!!!” 
  • i cant even
  • Leads team to victory
  • Then proceeds to say the same long and cheesy ass speech afterwards


  • Enjoys having spidey powers
  • Sings the Spiderman theme song ALL DAY LONG
  • Like it makes him so happy to have the same powers as the actual Spiderman
  • He didn’t get bitten by a radioactive spider on accident!! 
  • All Vernon remembered was that Seungkwan was shouting something about destiny when he woke up
  • It’s cool, Vernon ain’t mad though
  • Vernon wears the traditional Spidey suit
  • Minus the head mask
  • Because he wants his hair to flowww
  • Enjoys shooting Spiderwebs at random things
  • Poor Joshua
  • During combat, he stays on the rooftops
  • Shoots spiderwebs at the enemy to trap them 
  • Kind of like a sniper
  • He’s a SPIPER 


  • He’s a combination of Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls and Raven from Teen Titans
  • Cute but deadly… mostly cute though
  • His power is Electromagnetism Manipulation
  • Basically he’s Magneto
  • Cause he’s a magnet to all the ladies ;)
  • Enjoys levitating around with a cloak on
  • He thinks it adds flair
  • In reality
  • It just gets caught on EVERYTHING
  • A dramatic hair flip happens every single time he takes off his Magneto helmet
  • Anyway, don’t make Wonwoo mad
  • Once, he bent all of the spoons in the house because the boys ate without him 
  • His power is super handy because he often destroys his opponents vehicles which slows them down
  • Also disassembles their weapons from 100 meters aways
  • Good asset to the team!! 


  • He shoots LAZER BEAMS out of his eyes
  • Literal epitome of, “If looks could kill”
  • Uses his power to heat up food sometimes
  • Idek if that’s safe but oh well
  • A boy has got to eat
  • Can’t use spoons because Wonwoo bent them all
  • Doesn’t have a costume
  • Instead, wears a really nice suit with the SVT logo on the back
  • When you have dinner at 6 but gotta save the world at 7 LMAo
  • He doesn’t do much physical fighting
  • Really doesn’t have to
  • He’s a good little soldier
  • Trains physically anyway just to keep up with the team
  • Sad when the others get hurt :( 
  • But makes fun of them afterwards for being weak/slow LOL THIS JERK
  • He always follows S.Coups’ demands
  • Wants to get a puppy as their team’s mascot


  • actually is beast boy
  • but he goes by 10:10 bc copyright :/
  • very helpful in battles/fighting crime bc his opponents are so CONFUSED
  • surprise motherfucker
  • he always feels bad about killing the other guy ya know, he a good man and he believes in what is just :) 
  • if flowers are available, he puts them on the opponents corpse
  • sounds weird but it really isn’t
  • moving on
  • at the headquarters, he’s always trynna prank jihoon or sumthin
  • did this bitch forget that he’s combustible? 10:10…,..,,. you gonna die…
  • writes in his diary at night about his day and the cool things he’s done
  • has a collage of his mom in a scrapbook :’)


  • listen up kids: don’t fuckin mess with my boy minghao
  • he is an acid generator (ability to generate acid, manifested through touch or projectile)
  • pretty essential in fighting, bc he can end it in 0.0001265 seconds
  • none of his “crime-fighting colleagues” hug him bc they scared shitless of him why tho he such a cute bby
  • when he ain’t using his power on villains, he uses it on something much more evil and horrible…..
  • like.,,,… catch your boy on the dl, prancing around this crusty trash, just spraying everything with acid and melting it so there is more space
  • you know what i mean? like, he cares about conservation and environmental matters
  • get you a man who can do both
  • he’s really sad because he doesnt get to pet dogs as often as he’d like
  • he gets really excited and then acid goes on and he could hurt them
  • :(
  • wants to make the world a great and green place :’)
  • wanted his superhero name to be MingHOW but we cant all have what we want


  • this man is a superhuman tracker
  • also known as “pathfinding”
  • basically he knows where everything and anything is at all times, like he focuses on one target and he knows EXACTLY where they are and how to get there quickly
  • fuckin lit bc he finds restaurants and bathrooms the fastest
  • just bc he a pathfinder doesn’t mean he can fly
  • but with the help of joshua, he basically can fly (free plane tickets?)
  • scolded by S.Coups for “utilizing his powers foolishly” aka finding the best strip club
  • in combat, he chills on rooftops with spiper Vernon and BooeunBoi and senses if villainous backup is arriving
  • like, it’s really useful
  • he’s saved all their asses so many times it’s not even funny anymore
  • when he aint sleeping in the HQ, he’s out and about walking the streets, the forest, just going wherever he wants 
  • he’s never lost
  • like ever
  • engages in pranking the other boys by saying “omg, i don’t know how to get back” and he starts all his acting and is crying and stuff
  • SIKE it all good
  • they always fall for it lmao


  • ok, this sounds weird but just hang with me
  • his power is spiritual mediumship (the ability to see and talk to the dead)
  • don’t think it’s useful? tsk tsk!
  • after victorious duels, he walks around the fighting area looking for the dead villains
  • once he spots them, he calls them over to talk, and he gets all the information the boys need: HQ location, missions, and stats
  • incredibly useful like. your boy lee chan just got u the golden ticket!
  • it’s really sad too
  • bc he’s so sweet he always befriends ghosts and spirits and learns about their horrible human/living life and afterlives 
  • joshua always finds him crying in his bed at night, and sometimes he wishes that Chan’s power was different and less emotionally destructive
  • but with listening to their stories, he learns to appreciate what he has in life and how to make it the best he can
  • and he has friends for life/lives
  • gets raunchy sex tips from an obnoxious conquistador he met a few days ago, his ears always go red lmao
  • “bro….,,,.,., i’m 17….”
  • lowkey connections to hell, but its classified
You Don’t Own Me

Warnings: Swearing, blood and the lead up to sex kind of thing (Nothing anyone hasn’t seen on the show)

Word Count: 2020

Summary: Based off - ‘Imagine being possessed by a demon and taking control for just enough time to kill it and thereby you, leaving Sam and Dean heartbroken.’

Note: Couldn’t actually kill off the reader for good, I’m too weak ha :)

You sat at the diner fiddling with the bracelet Sam and Dean had bought you for your birthday. Your anti possession bracelet to be exact. Every time they brought up getting the tattoo you automatically without thinking found some way out of it. You assumed they must have caught on that you were terrified of needles and just gave up asking.

“Y/N?” Dean called to you but you remained staring at the jewelry on your wrist.


“Hmm, what?” you replied being brought out of your thoughts. You looked up to see the waitress holding her notepad and pen waiting for your order. “Oh, um. I’ll just have a latte please”

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Insecurities-Taylor Caniff Imagine

I have been dating Taylor Caniff for a little less than a year now. We are really happy together and get along really well. Taylor knows I get insecure quite easily, dealing with weight issues my whole life was never and is never easy.

I am currently sitting on the floor in my room crying my eyes out. Now you are probably confused at how I went from happy to crying on the floor in about two minutes. Well, Me and Taylor were at home board and Dillon called up asking if we wanted to go to the beach. We agreed and started to pack up some stuff. I had to choose between 2 bathing suits. I have a black one piece or a red bikini. I guess I was feeling a little more confident because I went for the red one. I put it on and covered it with a white cover up. We put the things in the trunk of one of Tay’s fancy cars and headed out to the beach. He held my hand the whole time.

The beach wasn’t that crowded, we found Dillon easily. He was with Aaron and Kenny. We said our hellos and gave each other hugs before splitting up a little bit. Me and Kenny were sitting on the sand talking about a movie that he wanted to see. The others were tossing a football around to the left of us. Taylor failed to look where he was going and ran into a girl walking by. She had red hair, had a nicely toned body, and was about the same height as Taylor. She was also wearing a bikini that showed off her body perfectly.

He looked her up and down, they started talking and laughing. I wouldn’t say that I was jealous, it was more of the way he was looking at her. He would eye her up and bite his lip and every once and a while I would catch him staring at her boobs. I sighed looking away from them and back towards Kenny. He shook his head and stood up offering me his hand.

“Want to go swimming?” I nodded taking his hand. I took off my cover up and he took off his shirt, then we went down to the lake.

We swam around for a while then starting messing with each other. He picked me up and put me on his shoulders. He carried me back to the sand and leaned back like he was going to drop me. I put my arms around his neck almost strangling him, he set me down taking a deep breathe, being dramatic.(No there is nothing going on with them, they are friends, don’t even think about it like that. Im watching) The guys were all still talking to the girl from earlier, I grabbed a towel before going over and standing next to Taylor.

“Hey Y/N, this is Alice(sorry to any Alices you can change it if you want). Have you seen her bathing suit?” I smiled awkwardly

“Yeah, its really nice.” Taylor looked at me for a moment before looking back at Alice.

“You Should get one like that babe. You might have to get a smaller top though.”

He then went back to talking to her. Once he turned to face her I pinched the bridge of my nose to try and calm myself down. Then I went over to my stuff and threw my cover up back on. It was sticking to my body because I was still wet. I picked up my phone and saw it was after one in the afternoon. I figured that we should all go out and get lunch.

“Hey Tay, do you want to go get lunch?”

“No,I brought some snacks.You don’t need a whole meal, it’ll only add up.”

You know that feeling in your chest of your heart sinking down to your stomach? Yeah thats how I felt, except it also shattered into a million pieces. He hadn’t even looked at me while talking. I knew I was going to cry, I just couldn’t stay there. So i walked over to Kenny and whispered to him.

“Can you take me home please?” At first he looked confused but then he saw me trying to keep myself together. I guess he processed what Taylor had said to me. I think he also realized just how hard it hit me.

We made sure Taylor couldn’t see that we were leaving. Then we got into Kenny’s car and he drove me home silently. He pulled in front of me and Taylor’s house.

“Are you going to be okay Y/N?” I sighed

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’ll talk to you later, thanks for the ride.”

I unlocked the door and set my stuff down by the door. I walked into the bedroom and sat on the floor by the bed. So now im here back at the beginning and still miserable. I have been sitting here for at least an hour and I can’t seem to stop crying. Why does Taylor have to be so fucking clueless? I untangle myself from the ball im in and start to get changed. I put on my bra and underwear, then stand in front of the mirror. As I look in the mirror I don’t see anything I like.

“Small boobs, no butt, big stomach, huge thighs, acne, too long of legs, chubby face, weird nose, big feet, dark eyes, chapped lips, hairy arms, big hips.” I say everything I don’t like about myself.

“You shouldn’t think that about yourself. You are perfectly fine the way you are.” I turn my head and guess you came home just in time to save the day!

I ignore him as much as I can still thinking about what he said before. I grab my shorts on the chair by the mirror and put them on. I feel his hand on my forearm, I look at the ground to avoid his eyes.

“Im sorry about what I said earlier, I don’t think of you like that. There is nothing wrong with the way you look.” Is he fucking serious?

“If you like the way I look then why did you pay more attention to Alice and tell me that I don’t need the extra pounds? I had to have Kenny take me home Taylor!” I looked at him through the mirror.

“Because im an idiot. Because I didn’t think before I spoke. You shouldn’t feel bad about the way you look. Don’t let me or anyone else tell you how you should look.” Sighing I look back down at my feet, “ Y/N, you are beautiful. Your eyes are a wonderful color. Yeah they are dark but they are so easy to stare into and get lost. Your stomach is not big. Its normal and its yours. You don’t need a stomach flat enough to play cards on. Everything about you is beautiful. You have a personality that I could only wish to have. Im just an idiot who didn’t appreciate it.”

Im still in my bra,I grab the shirt that was also on the chair and put it on. I sit on the bed and look up at Taylor.

“Why did it take you so long to realize I was gone?” I hope he doesn’t notice how shaky I am.

“I was um talking to Alice. I thought you were hanging out with Kenny or Aaron. I went to get a water and weren’t around. Kenny told me what happened.” Now he was looking at the ground.Wow.

“It took you an hour to figure out I left. An hour Taylor. I sat here crying because I thought I wasn’t good enough.” God im crying again. Taylor sits next to me and pulls me into his lap.

“Im sorry, Im sorry, Im so sorry.” He keeps repeating it as I cry.

After I stop crying Taylor carries me down to the kitchen. He sets me on the counter and gets me a glass of water. I sip the water and he stands in front of me. I set the glass of water next to me and grab Taylor’s hand.

“Im sorry.” He rubs my knuckles with his thumb.

“I forgive you.” He sighs and hugs me tightly. We stay like that for a while, just in each others arms. I feel safe in his arms, even if he is a little careless sometimes. He lets go of me and kisses me lightly.

“I love you Y/N.” I peck his lips

“I love you Tay.”

sabinakel  asked:

i'm sorry if you're closed, pleasepleaseforgive me if so*hugs* i was wondering, could you imagine got7 in different eras and who would they be? like Jackson is probably someone like Robin Hood, that stuff ^^"

This is so interesting?!

I can see Jackson, actually, maybe being part of the Chinese emperors special guard? You know, like a warrior on a big chestnut brown horse with his armor and a really goofy personality when he’s not on duty. 

Then for Jaebum, I can see him as a guy that could be put into Saved By the Bell. Is that weird? I don’t know I can just see him in the early nineties, rocking the middle part and the washed jeans with sneak’s and big button down shirts. It’s probably just me though.

I’m going to be bold and put Jinyoung and Yugyeom in the fifties, the classy era where men wore suits every day and there’s just the whole “happy days” type of thing. I can also see these two doing dance numbers like Singin’ in the Rain, rocking out to Elvis Presley and big band jazz.

Mark seems like he could also be part of ancient royalty, or maybe he could have been a martial artist like Bruce Lee? Not going to the stereotype of his ability to do tricks and stuff, I think he’d look really cool as a tai-chi student or one of those personal guards of the king. He’d be badass

Youngjae and BamBam strike me as guys that could have fit in the thirties, big fedoras and suits. Where having a really nice personality was the key factor, not saying that it was a happy period of time, but I think it’d just be really fitting for them visually!

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Heey, I'm a girl with pectus excavatum. My breastbone is sunken in my chest and my lower ribs are standing forewards. This affected my self-confidence. I don't swim that much because I don't want that people see my chest. I'm looking for a bikini that covers my lower ribs. Not a tight one, because then you can stil see it from the side. I'm still looking for the perfect bikini and I hope that maybe you have seen a bikini? I really like your blog. Keep going on with your work! Xx

I would suggest going to aerie, they have really nice bathing suits that cover from
Your neck down, stay beautiful❤️

**What do you want? (Happy New Year) – One shot**
Oakley Fan Fiction by Captain-Krazy
Sunday Smut Spotlight Submission
OFC Monica needs a date to her dad’s New Year’s Party so she doesn’t look pathetic in front of her Ex and his new fiancée

*Ugh! Why am I doing this!* Monica muttered to herself as she finished pinning up her hair *I should just go alone!*  

She flashed back to a conversation she had with her roommate a few days ago, when they were sitting in their kitchen talking about her parent’s annual New Year’s Eve party. She was dreading going since the coworker agreed to pretend to be her boyfriend backed out, saying he was going out with his new girlfriend instead

**4 days ago**

‘I’m just going to have to go alone and watch Simon be happy with his new fiancée’

‘Can’t you ask your dad to… I don’t know…. uninvited him or something?’

‘No, that wouldn’t be fair to him. It’s my fault we broke up anyway’

‘Um…. how is it your fault he cheated?

‘It’s my fault because I’m the one that started dating the law student, then introduced him to my lawyer father who gave him an internship, that gave him the chance to meet the steno clerk that I caught sucking his dick in my dad’s boardroom, that I walked into when I went to meet my dad for lunch’

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