they have personality

Just wanted to say,

Some people aren’t meant to keep certain animals and that’s totally okay.

You might not be a good fit for a reptile, or a cat, or a fish. It all depends on you, so don’t get an animal that you like without researching and figuring out whether or not that animal is compatible with your personality and habits!

Some animals aren’t meant for everyone, and you don’t have to keep an animal to prove that you like it!

“X is as important as Y!!! X deserves the same amount of support/content/exposure Y has!!!”


Then go and do it. Start it yourself.

Give X exposure. Make content for X. Support X. Take care of X. Love X.

If you think X is under-rated for any reason, then go out there and give it what it deserves.

But for the love of god stop using that ^^^^ shitty formula for guilt tripping people and creating a disgusting antagonizing comparison because you know what? Some people might not be interested in X not because of some localized social or moral prejudice, sometimes people are not interested in things just because; and they are neutral about those things, no more no less. Sometimes people can also like both Y and X  but Y more because people happen to like things in different degrees (unbelievable right?).

What you gain from using this mindset ^^^^ is that people who are into Y will now naturally antagonize X to the object of their interest/affection and now they’re not neutral anymore, you just won people that will now actively or passively go against X.

hey guys, so little update! 

I’m starting my university life tomorrow, meaning I’m going to have a new schedule that will probably affect the time I spend online. I have some gifs saved, so I’ll mostly be going on queue until I get into the flow of living on campus.

as for the requests in my inbox, I will try my best to get to them done (I’m sure I can find time to do one request a day). unfortunately, I will not be accepting requests from now on! 

thank you guys for understanding! wish me luck on my freshman year :-) ~

i finished university like 2 years ago and yet still to this day i sometimes get randomly hit with this surge of panic that i have an exam i haven’t studied for or an essay that i haven’t finished in time for the deadline.

I used to feel guilty about not “properly” consuming a series, that, oh, sure, I could be a casual fan, that was fine, but I couldn’t just watch whatever season of Game of Thrones happened to catch my interesting, I couldn’t just read the first three chapters of A Shitload of Incest and Fucking before deciding it wasn’t for me, I couldn’t just read spoilers on-line or read fic that interested me or say, yeah, so I skipped seasons 3-5, no biggie.

But now I don’t care.  I’ll flail over the things I like in the current GoT season, I won’t push myself to read what I don’t have time/energy for, I’ll reblog all the gifs I want, I’ll read whatever fic I want, and I will have fun.

And it’s an entirely valid and real way to be a fan of something.  I’m just here to have fun and that’s incredibly freeing for someone who used to feel like I had to do it “properly”!

Aoi is such a goofball, i love it.
after the second encore when Rei approached him to give him a hug, the cheeky boy dodged and Rei slapped him on the arm.

and dear god, when he had his guitar pick in his mouth and finger strumming for Calm Envy…no words. utterly breathtaking. also arm veins for days.

plus idk he’s just so fun to watch? like he was just grinning throughout and he looked like he was having a good time and it just made u wanna dance along.

thank u Gazemen for playing Last Heaven. it’s one of my favourite songs and they hardly play it live and i may have legit gasped out loud when it started.

speaking of Blemish, why doesn’t any else fist pump along with Uruha? he always does it during the chorus. lots of thigh jiggling with this boy today. thigh cam was on point too.

Ruki humping the air during Psychedelic Heroine was so ridic i had to laugh every time he did it.

Ruki again addressing Rei as Rei-chan during the bass solo in Ruder

i can proudly say i witnessed Ruki grabbing Rei’s bum with BOTH HANDS when they hugged after the second encore.

there was a LOT of shuffling about on the catwalk before their finale jump shot thing because obvs someone did not think things through and they were like, ‘Shit, how are we gonna do this’.