they have no mascot

♡ I’m moving accounts! ♡ 

That’s right friends, no thanks to 98456156315313541654 p*rn blogs that i’ve given up on blocking and some other factors out of my control i’ve ultimately decided it’s time to leave this account behind!  

It’s a bittersweet leave because as of February 25 it would’ve been three soild years that i’ve been on this blog. That’s the longest time i’ve remained on one blog for a long time here on Tumblr. I’ve liveblogged two E3′s, a host of games, real-time events, and all these other adventures I get into. A few of ya’ll have even seen every mascot, url, and fandom i’ve tripped into and graced my theme ( and your dashes ) with. I even did a few of those what y’all call “Follow Forever” things. I normally never do those for any reason!

Still, my goal with a newer blog is for it to be more manageable than this one is. Much smaller, intimate, and welcoming for my friends and partners to interact with me! ( a space where i’ll be comfortable to post and answer memes for example? ) Plus i’d like to feel like I’m able to freely blog about what I wanna blog about. (AKA spamming tf out of all my fandoms and not feel self conscious like i’ve gotta reblog 20 aesthetic pics of fashion and coffee to please people.)

So tdlr, you can unfollow this account if you’d like. I don’t care or mind because after this Saturday ( the 25th :’( ) I won’t be around here at all. I  also won’t be linking my new URL publicly. All my partners & pals will be followed on it ( duh ) and a few fave mutuals  but that’s about it.  

It’s been really fun and there’s a lot of you to thank for making this blog such a haven of home for three awesome and fun years. ♥ I really am gonna miss it!

If you’d like to keep tabs on me and would like the new account however, message me or reply to this or somethin’ and let me know. ♥ Until then, take care~! 

What if by alien standards we are really cute?

And I don’t mean like attractive cute, I mean like baby otter cute. What if the stumble upon us and go “ohhhhh my god!!! Oh my god!!!! I’m dying this is- look at it! Look at them!!! Oh my god!!!”

We usually imagine having to come up with some Devils trade or unholy arrangement to get tech and trade with aliens, but the instant they see us the aliens immediately set out into conservation efforts. They’re like “their habitat is becoming harsh and unlivable for them! We have to save them!” And everyone just puts a picture of us next to this information and they all agree “Look at them! We have to save them!!” We become like the panda mascots of intergalactic conservation efforts.

Simultaneously, our main export is just streams, videos, holograms, and photos of us. Aliens lose their composure completely over videos of us sneezing or yawning or eating pop tarts or playing video games or taking care of our kids.

There are lines of aliens who would LOVE to have a human in their home or on their ship. It’s a little condescending (we’re not sure if we’re guests or well treated exotic pets) but still a good opportunity, and any human who wants can go to space at any time basically for free or even for profit, and the aliens will go out of their way to give you anything you ask for.

There are obvious downsides. We struggle to be taken seriously. While it’s usually shut down pretty quickly, every once in a while some alien group sees the demand for us and tries to start an illegal trade. But at the same time, it’s neat that somewhere out there is an alien (or usually a LOT of aliens) that would love you unconditionally, find every flaw and idiosyncrasy endearing, be worried about you and do anything they could to make you safe and happy. They work hard to make our planet and our personal lives better and don’t ask for anything in return. They just do it because they decided we are important and worth saving just for existing. It’s an odd relationship, and we’re not always sure what to make of it, but honestly it goes a lot better than we worried alien contact would.

Ilvermorny Headcanon Train! *toot toot*
  • On 4th of July, despite the teachers’ many attempts to prevent it, there’s no stopping the fireworks. Students casting fireworks everywhere (and I do mean EVERYWHERE) as they zoom around on broomsticks, the more experienced students creating complex fireworks that look like creatures (dragons, phoenixes, etc.), and the houses competing to see who can make better fireworks (every year Thunderbird wins, because they have a reputation to uphold. How can they lose when their house mascot is a bird that literally creates thunder in the sky?).
  • Thunderbirds and Horned Serpents getting along really well. They both enjoy reading (Thunderbirds more for the imaginary adventure, Horned Serpents more for the mental stimulation), and with the Horned Serpent’s vast amount of knowledge they’re very handy to have around when the Thunderbird decides to go adventuring. Also, they love coming up with crazy theories intermingling the Horned Serpent’s known facts and the Thunderbird’s wild imagination. 
  • Since Wampus represents the body, they are huge activists on transgender rights and body positivity. Being comfortable with your body is very important to them. On that note, not all Wampuses are athletic, but they don’t let their lack of athleticism prevent them from being total badasses. You can’t ever use their weight against them, because their determination and confidence will prove you wrong. 
  • You think Thunderbirds and Wampuses have a rivalry? Ha, yeah right. The real rivalry is between Pukwudgie and Horned Serpent. Both houses are known for their excelling students, and thus they are often competing to see which is the smarter house. Science fairs are like battlefields, exam days are thick with tension, and lord help us if there’s any trivia games. They often have duels just to see who knows the most complex spells. 
  • Instead of owls Ilvermorny uses hawks and eagles, but let’s be honest here, they’re hardly used. Why send a hawk when you can literally just write a Email or something? Students at Ilvermorny are not above No-Maj technology. 
  • Pukwudgies will laugh in your face if you ever compare them to Hufflepuff. You do realize their house mascot is known for poisoning people with darts, right? And just because they represent heart doesn’t mean they’re nice and gentle. It just means they wear their hearts on their sleeves, and for some that means angry outbursts, mean tempers and heated arguments. And some believe tough love is a necessary part of healing.   
  • Don’t ever be racist or sexist around a Wampus, you’ll end up with a bloody nose. 
  • Cranberry pie is served EVERYDAY, much to everyone’s amusement.
  • Pukwudies get special treatment from the goblins themselves, though the goblins fiercely deny it.   
  • If you think Hogwart’s feasts are amazing, try visiting Ilvermony during Thanksgiving. Pukwudgies have their hands full with easing stomach aches as students eat way more than they should. 
  • Since Wampuses get hurt a lot they often turn to Pukwudgies for help, and thus there is often strong, loyal friendships between the two houses. Pukwugies often fuss over the Wampuses taking better care of themselves (because they act like their bodies are impenetrable) and the Wampuses will DESTROY anyone who messes with their nerds. They are like a support system for each other. More often than not you can not find one without the other.   

ok but… loona are really one of a kind i cannot fathom how much money blockberry creative has invested into the debut of those girls, this with multiple mvs every month all filmed abroad and in a different country each time, with the best of the best mv directors and music producers, the enormous amount of trust they must put into the success of these girls to create such a huge year-long predebut project is outstanding. the quality of the content they put out is honestly unbelievable for an undebuted group, and the artistic directors have really put in their all to craft each and every concept for each girl’s release and put out masterpieces every month. not only does each girl have her own animal mascot, it perfectly ties in with the concept of the song and mv and the concepts are always very fitting for the girls’ ages. not only that but the amount of love you see every staff member has for the production and the girls is incredible, like the time heejin hyunjin and haseul had to film all day walking around in london and their feet were killing them so their director bought sneakers for all three of them and honestly it’s heartwarming to see such a beautiful thing happen in kpop and i hope everyone can give these girls some support because i really can’t stand to watch this amazing group flop


a fever you can’t sweat out + opening lines

if u arent a sharks fan, join us!!!! here is 10 reasons why u should be a sharks fan (id attach pictures to complete the clickbait-y theme but im on mobile so)

1) dads. theyre all dads. sweet old men who just want (and deserve imho) a cup

2) theyre pretty good! theyre overall a strong team and know how to play well and balance both offense and defense (unless theyre playing a bad team then they forget how to hockey but it is what it is)

3) have u seen baby pavelski and babies burns??? cutest babies. the sharks have the cutest babies

4) the mascot is a shark like. how cool. and when they take the ice at home games they go thru a giant shark head. its rad

5) along with the dads, there’s also cutie pies like chris tierney and logan couture and Aaron dell! and tomas hertl is an angel tbh hes the cutest and sweetest and happiest little dude.

6) saved martin jones from the kings. he went undrafted and was the kings backup for a couple years (he won a cup with them and i have mixed emotions about it). and now hes our starter!!!! and he’s super good!!!!! and super nice!!!!! and super cute if u ignore the dead shark eyes he gets during losses and how he forgets to blink sometimes. he also really likes avocados and venturing outside of his crease

7) all of the kids??? the barracuda and the rookies??????????? are beautiful. theyre all beautiful and adorable and sweet. plus the barracuda are a really good team.

8) brent burns is single handedly saving the jersey number 88. whatta guy. hes also third in points overall!!!!! and he’s a defenseman!!!!!!!!!! the only guys in front of him are mcdavid and crosby so he’s first in points of real actual human beings in the nhl!!!

9) the players are super funny and unproblematic and theres no drama. theyre just a bunch of chill dudes playin hockey and havin a good time doing it. the most problematic thing is how confusing the captaincy situation has been over the past few years

10) overall just!!! the best team!!! theyre so good. the fans are great the org is great the players are great. please love them!!!

This is huge not just because “there is a gay” because y’all know I am old and salty enough that “and a gay was there” doesn’t really do it for me.

Not even because she’s my pet character (though like—no denial there)

But she’s the face of the game. She’s the character the creators have over and over again called their mascot. She’s arguably the heart of hope and optimism within overwatch. She is loveable and good and a hero, without question.

If you’d have asked me, I would have said it’ll NEVER be Tracer, for those reasons.

They decided to take this MAIN character, and have her kiss her girlfriend on Christmas like it wasn’t anything, like it had always been true of Lena but it just hadn’t come up. No dramatic reveal. No sexy innuendo. Just disaster child Lena Oxton trying to buy a gift for her girlfriend.

I’m just…