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I don’t want the third years to leave.

I don’t want Bokuto’s setter to be anyone other than the person who understands him best. I don’t want Fukurodani to lose their heart.

I don’t want Kenma to be left behind by the one person he plays volleyball for. I don’t want Nekoma to huddle before a game and realize they’re waiting for a nerdy pep talk that isn’t coming.

I don’t want Seijoh to feel lost without their senpais’ antics. I don’t want Iwaizumi to constantly worry about Oikawa pushing himself too hard or injuring himself again or beating himself up over not being good enough. I don’t want Oikawa to try and toss to Iwaizumi because he’s in a pinch and realize too late that the toss was too low for his new team’s taller ace.

I don’t want Asahi to crumble without Noya to support him. I don’t want Kageyama to look for the bench during a game and suddenly realize he doesn’t have Suga to lean on, to compete with, to be guided by. I don’t want Ennoshita to feel like no matter how hard he tries he’ll never be as good a captain as Daichi. I don’t want Daichi, Suga, and Asahi to leave the team they believed in from the start, the team they poured their heart and sweat and souls and tears into, the team that is as great as it is because those three never gave up.

I don’t want the third years to leave.

since the haikyuu fandom has been taking quite the nap I’ve been reminiscing on some fandom memes memories like:

  • fresh young blueberry
  • bokuto: knee pads or leggings
  • that anon(s) that went on a kageyama-hate spree
  • the fandom losing it over BFMTIAS
  • the Iwaoi-different-universities crisis
  • thank you for these three years
  • continual fandom-wide support of the pretty setter squad
  • when eita appeared and everyone lost their minds
  • you should have come to shiratorizawa

feel free to add more