they have grown so much and i got to watch all of it

Okay so it’s 3:48am and I have been staying up watching this and I was expecting closure and I gotta say, parts of it was great and I did get some closure and I understand what they were going for, Logan is Christopher, Jess is Luke, Rory is Lorelai and most of the characters go through things and there’s an arc and they get their shit together but it I’m not gonna lie, I’m disappointed because this show was my childhood and I built this revival up in my head to have a perfect ending and it would all come together and my ships would sail (so Rory and Jess truely would be endgame basically) and the portrayals of the characters was good, and yeah the implication is there but I feel like Jess deserved better and I sat through winter and spring and summer just waiting for a glimpse of Jess and when I got it it was awesome and he’s so developed and grown up and supportive or Rory but I feel like she was just a little bit too much of a mess and the Rory Gilmore I knew as a young girl watching this show wouldn’t be like that now, and it’s a shock to me, and maybe that was the point, that things change and people grow up and screw up and don’t get me wrong I appreciate the revival so much and I’ve learnt so much from Gilmore Girls but I’m really conflicted about the ending and kinda unsatisfied with how little of jess there was and how he wasn’t factored into the wedding we saw like Michel and lane were there and that’s all well and good but I expected jess to be there for Luke and I love the bits of their relationship that we saw but I feel like jess became the character that helped everyone else get their shit together and he deserves a much bigger chance to get his happiness and now I’m rambling but I am so invested in this show and Jess Mariano I’m kinda going into post-Gilmore depression now

I love how Oliver just pours his heart out to John and Felicity

Almost desperate to remind the two that matter more to him than anyone, that they are better than him. They have been his moral compass for so long, he doesn’t realize that in this very moment it shows how much he has grown. He actually is the one noticing that something is off with them and he goes to them and actually talks about it. 

And then this moment.  I love this moment. Pleading with her with just a look and she understands. She knows what he is saying and she responds with a deep emotional sigh, as if relinquishing it all. And he walks away, hoping he got through to them, to her.  

These two can communicate with just a look. This is so “Olicity” and I love it! 

anonymous asked:

The same people who are calling maddie ungrateful also called Chloe ungrateful for them "dissing" abby. Like most of the ungrateful comments come from twitter and instagram accounts who are brainwashed by Abby and believe that Abby is a god.

That wouldn’t surprise me! Tbh, I was just a bit surprised to see some people on tumblr do the same because despite all the differences we have on here, Abby being a bitch (excuse my language) was always something I thought we all agreed on. Because yes, the people calling Chloe ungrateful and now also Maddie were mainly some delusional middle-aged women on twitter or facebook as far as I’ve seen. You’d expect some grown ass adults to have some common sense, but I mean, they watch the show, so what did I expect?! It’s just sad, I’m so glad the girls got away and are doing so great, they don’t need Abby and are clearly much better off without her! :) 

So I know I have prompts to fill and stuff, but honestly I’ve had this au in my head since this summer and I felt seasonal inspiration. So without further ado, I present to you the PSL AU

As much as he hated to admit it, Jon Snow was a mama’s boy. It was inevitable really, for so long it had just been the two of them that even now when he was grown and moved out Jon still felt the need to spend at least one day a week back at Lyanna Snow’s modest two-bedroom apartment just off Baelor Ave.

The lads would always tease him about it, but really it made sense for him to go over there every Sunday. After all, the apartment he shared with Sam didn’t have a laundry room in the building and Jon chaffed at the idea of spending hours at a time in a public laundromat. His mum had a washer and dryer hookup right in the apartment and if it gave them time to catch up and binge watch old episodes of Chopped so be it.

That Sunday started like every other Sunday, with Jon stopping in at the Starbucks around the corner from Lyanna’s apartment to grab them both coffee. Lyanna called it the “caffeine toll” for using her laundry room.

Of course, there was nothing ordinary about Pumpkin Spice Latte season in Jon’s opinion. 

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About BONES:

I am still so emotional from last night! I’m sure some gave in and watched that retrospective for Bones. I wish I hadn’t, but at the same time it was so bittersweet! In my opinion they deserve a whole hour at least if not more on how amazing this show is but we are lucky we got this 21 minute video of these amazing writers, producers, creators, and actors/actresses that we have all grown to love like our own family! I consider them my second family because this show has been part of half my life! I’m am so sad it’s ending and I’m not over the fact that it is. I probably will never be. I have been crying since last night and when I saw some of the actors in that video cry I just lost it because they care as much about this show as the Bone fandom does! I could say so much more, but there are really no words to describe how MUCH BONES really means to me! I JUST LOVE IT THAT MUCH! AS WE ALL DO! And I will continue to be on tumblr when it ends because I want to keep that attachment at least in my heart! Proud to be a Bonehead and always will!!

The thing is

I’m a member of the formula student team (they build their own racing cars and participate in competitions) of my college since november 2016. (Kinda accidentally but it’s a thing now). I initially wanted to get in for the experience of working with media and pr, but lately I’ve grown to love my team so much and I’m actually interested in motorsports now?? 

Last year around this time I was watching haikyuu and I was so envious of their team spirit and the fun they have with each other, while still working towards a bigger goal. And now I have it. This year we’re going to participate in competitions all over europe and I will be part of that. I still remember how much I wished for something like this, I’m so thankful

I can’t watch John Winchester anymore

Alright, let me finish.

First of all, it seriously breaks my heart that so much of the SPN fandom hates John Winchester. I completely understand why. Don’t get me wrong. He made a lot of mistakes, and he knows it. But that’s the thing. He knows he made mistakes, and he did what he could for all the right reasons. He did everything he could to make sure his boys survived. He lost his wife, and he couldn’t bear to lose his children too.

Maybe he can’t be forgiven for everything he did, but here’s the thing: I would have given anything to have grown up with him as my father than my own father.

Before you hit the unfollow button, let me tell you a story. And let me tell it by using comparisons.

John Winchester never meant to emotionally abuse his sons. My dad did. It was his way of controlling me and reminding me that I was broken. He got a thrill out of reducing me to tears because it meant he had power over me. He did this to me for almost 24 years.

John Winchester did everything he could to make sure his sons could survive without him. My dad never taught me to do anything so I would come crawling back to him, because it meant I was weak and I needed him. He made sure of that. And he made sure to remind me every time he talked to me.

John Winchester wanted Sam to go to college. He had even started a college fund for Sam. And he checked on Sam regularly at Stanford to make sure he was okay, but never once approached him because he didn’t want Sam to think he was there to try to get him to leave and start hunting again. My dad bragged to my Uncle Bob (ironically enough) that he never put any money aside for me. He said “Maggie’s on her own.” He turned around and promised to help me get through school. He lied to my face, because he never had any intention to help me further my education.

Then we have this little gem that the fandom refuses to remember existed in canon:

Look there. He knows what he did was wrong, and he’s admitting it. He’s apologizing to Dean for everything, because he did only want the best for him. My dad never once admitted he was wrong. He never admitted it was his fault he stopped being in my life, and he never stopped perpetuating the myth that he was father of the year. At least John knows he made mistakes, and he needs Dean to know he’s sorry.

And these are the words I never heard my father say to me. Graduating high school? Nothing. My first job? Nothing. Paying for my first car with a paper route? Nothing. Earning my own college tuition? Nothing. Seeking help when I was suicidal? Nothing. Finally managing my mental illnesses? Nothing. Up to the day he died, my father never once offered any sign of approval or gave any indication that I was worthy of his time, let alone his love. 

Which brings me to my final and arguably most crucial point:

John Winchester died so his son could live. He wanted Sam to kill him because killing the demon would mean his sons would be safe. He turned around and made a deal with that demon to save Dean’s life, because he couldn’t bear the thought of losing his son. He gave his life out of sheer love. He had mistakes to make up for, and he felt this was his only way to do it. So he did it. He loved his sons more than he cared about his own life.

My dad died only after he could successfully write me out of his life. I wasn’t mentioned in his obituary, there was no inheritance to help me survive on my own, I was written out of his will so I wouldn’t get the chance to pick up the few things he “held onto for me”, and he told his new wife to keep me away from the funeral. After I did nothing but beg to be part of his life, he set the stage to make me look like the uncaring, ungrateful, spoiled brat he told everyone I was. It was his final way of saying he didn’t love me, and he unapologetically shoved it in my face. I imagine he was laughing when he died because he won. He got what he wanted. He wanted me out of his life, and he finally got it, with legal documents to prove that I was not worthy of being in the same family as him.

All of that said, watching John Winchesters’ character now makes me cry. Because he’s so universally hated. He’s seen as one of the worst dads to ever come out of fiction. And I would give anything to have been raised by him. Because i know he loved his family, and that was a love I never got.

And it breaks my heart that no one will ever see him like I do. No, he’s not perfect, but he’s the father I wish I had. Yes he made mistakes, but at least he owned up to it and apologized, because his own pride wasn’t important enough to die without telling his sons how much he wanted for them. He only ever wanted them to be happy and safe, and he did his best to see to that. He tried because he loved his boys.

And I always dreamed of the day that could happen to me, and it never happened.

I’m so tired of the John Winchester hate. Because no one cares that maybe even a flawed fictional dad would be miles better than a real dad.

I can’t bear to watch any episodes with him in them anymore because I know I’ll never see a father’s love like that. I’ll never have a father that cares as much as he does. I’ll never have a father that’s genuinely proud of me. I’m never going to see the day that my dad can smile at me and tell me he’s glad I turned out the way I did.

And I can’t stand watching him because everyone hates him for it. Everyone hates him for trying and loving and caring when I can’t even hate my dad for lacking all of those qualities.

This post turned out way longer than I meant it to, but dammit just the thought of how much he’s hated literally brings me to tears because he’s all I’ve ever wanted in a father. And I wish someone could see him the way I see him. Because he doesn’t deserve to be hated.


Imagine you hadn’t seen Luke in almost three weeks. You usually didn’t go more than 10 days but between his weird schedule and your doctor’s appointments you couldn’t miss it had grown to 20 days and you couldn’t wait any longer. They were only a few hours away from you so you were determined to be there. You didn’t tell him you were coming, he didn’t want you traveling in your current condition. 

As you arrived their manager told you they were in an interview, sitting at the end of the stage with a guy with a microphone. You watched as they joked and answered questions, of course you got brought up, how could you not get brought up? “Luke, I hear you have a very pregnant girlfriend?” “Much pregnant.” Calum joked. “She’s almost seven months now, so yes, she’s pretty pregnant.” He laughed, finishing up the interview. The company thanked them and they all stood up to walk backstage when Luke noticed you.

“No way……… you’re supposed to be home…………” He walked towards you as you hid behind the drum set. “Why are you here? Not that I’m complaining.” He laughed, getting closer, walking around the drum set. “WOAH” He froze, noticing your stomach. “You….”

“I blew up since you last saw me.” You smiled, walking towards him. He wouldn’t even let you hug him, he held your shoulders back and just looked at your stomach. “You…” “I’m huge Luke, I know. Please hug me.” You laughed, sticking out your arms. 

The rest of the boys came over to say hi, and as Luke stopped hugging you they all gasped. “Did you all think I would never grow a stomach?“

 Happy 3rd Anniversary EXO (08.04.12)

I can’t believe that 3 years have already passed by. It still feels like yesterday that I watched the teasers come out one by one and waited for the official debut. Now that I look back, I’ve seen how much EXO has grown and also how much we’ve grown along with them and so much more attached to them. So much has changed and yet our love for EXO remains the same. Thank you, EXO. Thank you for existing and thank you for the memories you’ve created with us. Thank you for staying strong for yourselves and for us, when things got hard. Thank you for believing in us and for all of your hard work. I’ve never regretted joining this fandom because you never fail to make us proud. Thank you for creating this beautiful little family and for all the happiness you’ve given us. I pray that success would come to EXO indefinitely. I hope we can stay by your side for a long long time and support you all the way.
It’s not “forever” but rather “let’s stay together for a long, long time” - Kim Jongdae.



“100 days, one year, our times together grow deeper. Our anniversary, moments to remember. Our anniversary, let’s keep going till the end. All the moments we were happy together and worried together remember it forever. For you, who stayed by my side I will promise you that I’ll protect you forever” – Annie Lyrics 

 It has been two years, but it seems like yesterday that I watched “Say it” for the first time. You have grown as a group, all the members are always working hard to improve their skills and makes me so proud to see the artists who have become. ToppDogg are unique, there is no music like yours and there is no one like you in this world… their passion for what they do, I can feel, even when things got tough you guys never gave up and moved on always doing your best to make ToppDogg a better group. ToppDogg love for us, Toppklass, can’t be measured, they are always kind to us, how can you guys be so precious? I’m thankful that ToppDogg exist, you guys don’t know how much you make me happy and how much I learned from you over these two years – especially never give up my dreams, you are always telling us that. 

I love you, ToppKlass love you. Let’s keep creating memories together, ToppDogg & ToppKlass as a family.

Spoilers ahead

After seeing the spoilers about Damon saying he love Bonnie like Elena loved Bonnie, my first reaction was disappointment.

But I thought EFF this I’ll watch the episode for myself and form my own opinion. And I’m glad I did just that.

Man, that scene where Damon is pouring his heart out to Bonnie in the woods by the tree stump got me soooo emotional. Here we have Damon setting all his jokes aside and truthfully telling Bonnie what she means to him.

“I admire you” (I’ve watched you throughout these years and have seen what you are capable of. You have my respect).

“I believe in you” (With everything we’ve been through, being trapped together in a prison world. Me not believing we’d make it out, but you stayed optimistic and strong for the both of us).

“I love you…” (I have grown to care so much about you. You’ve become such an important part of my life and I want you in it always).

The way he cradled Bonnie in his arms after Matt sedated her will always have me in tears.

Even now writing this down the tears are streaming down my face. I’ve never felt more in touch with Bamon than I do now. I mean all the emotions shown during their scenes is what we as fans know them to have for/between each other. Gosh….Damon taking care of Bonnie at her bedside and telling Stefan on the phone to take it from the guy who supposedly got it all and currently sitting on bubkes while looking at Bonnie laying in his bed.

And I need to know what is written in Damon’s letter to Bonnie, but I have a feeling the contents were already told in those woods between them.

Call me delusional, but my Bamon heart won’t let me give up on this ship becoming romantically canon. I just can’t. Not after shipping these fuckers for 7 long years. And seeing their development (especially) over the last 2 years screaming in our faces that this couple has more than a platonic relationship.

Side note: OMFG @ Paul’s directing skills!!! You can’t tell me he’s not a Bamon Fanboy like Stefan lol. All the emotional Bamon scenes were off the charts. Thank you Paul.

2nd side note: “Your body is safe in Damon’s bedroom.” Hehe

3rd side note:  how fucking hot did Bonnie look in her cheerleader outfit?? Dang girl. She was just a regular (Bonnie) Buffy the vampire Slayer. And her hair….on point.

And actually for the first time in ages I was really feeling Steroline. In fact I found myself rooting for them to kiss and make up!! What is this world coming to? :)


Guys. Im so proud. Look at him. He looks like a little kid on christmas. Im so proud of him. He has earned so much love from all of us. A few years ago i subscribed because i noticed him floating amongst the play-throughs before pewds had noticed him. A few hundred subsrcibers and a smile that could light up a room.
I left him in my list even though i barely watched him. I never thought about it i just left him there, checking up on him ever now and then. And i’d like so say that he has only gotten happier and id like to take this moment to thank all of you for it. He got to be best friends with Mark and got to hang with Pewds and even my favorite youtuber Gassy. I was so proud then and I’m only getting prouder. He has grown so much and id like to think that we have, too.
Thank you for giving him the chance to do all that he’s done. Thank you for being a fan, a friend.

w ow look @ this shitty thing i made in like ten minutes lmao. o kay so i really don’t have the proper words to express how much the past few years roleplaying as killian have meant to me. i remember way back on my first blog ( i think this is my third or fourth blog now lmao idek anymore ) i was completely terrified that i would screw him up & not be able to do justice to my absolute favorite character of all time. but there’s been so many of you who’ve supported & encouraged me to continue writing this piratical idiot for almost three years now & it’s been one of the best experiences ! i’ve grown so much as a writer & made so many wonderful friends. honestly i’m still kind of in shock that there are over a thousand of you cuties following me now li ke ??? i don’t understand laughs. but i do really want you all to know ( even for those i do not follow ) that i truly do appreciate every single one of you. y’all give me so much inspiration to keep improving my portrayal & writing in general. so whether or not we’ve known each other for years, interacted a lot or just a little, i want to say thank you !

so here’s a little thing for all of the talented nerds that i adore !

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not to be sappy and emotional but im so happy that red velvet came into my life. like i’ve watched them grow since day 1, from the very start even with all the hate they got when they debuted they’ve gotten through it and grown so much stronger!!! and when yeri was introduced the dynamic just got better. they’ve improved so much both as a group and as individuals and im so so so proud of everything they’ve accomplished so far and everything they will do in the future. each member is so unique and precious and important to the group and they all just really complement each other so well!!! they’re all so talented n they’re only 2 years old!!! they have so much time to get even better!!! imagine that!!!! we think red velvet are perfect /now/ but imagine them in 2 more years, in 5 years etc etc they have so much more to do and im excited for their future!! 

listen i’m just so happy i discovered red velvet and decided to stan them they’ve made me so happy and i just love them so much ok