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A slightly instructional open letter to Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

Dear Marvel’s Agents of Shield,

So, as I have said, you surprised me in 3A. I was expecting a slow and clunky death of my sweet FitzSimmons after you threw a Will shaped wrench in the mix but, low and behold, you pulled out a great story. Well done. I never doubted you. Except for that week when I did doubt you and wanted you to fall into the pit of despair.


As we head into 3B I have come up with an idea… A brilliant idea. And it’s efficient. As an added bonus, this brilliant idea fixes the holes you shot in Jemma’s PTSD arc. Remember that? Because we do. Oh… We have not forgotten about that. And we never will. We will go to our graves continuing to analyze the finite differences between survivor’s guilt and PTSD. We have the internet. We are invincible.

Alright. So here is how to make me happy in four simple steps.

Step One: Give me an adorable Jemma confessional along the lines of “Fitz, have you not gotten it through your brilliant mind that I am in love with you?” and a stuttering, overwhelmed Fitz saying “Yes, ok, that’s good…right… oh, and I love you too. You know that right?” and Jemma laughing and saying “Yes, Fitz. You have made that pretty clear.”

Step Two: FitzSimmons do more than kiss. Finally. And a shirtless Fitz would be preferable. I know he’s been working out. Quit holding out on me.

Step Three: Adorable FitzSimmons snuggling and sleeping.

Step Four: What’s that?!? Jemma woke up screaming. Oh no. But wait! Fitz calms her down. He asks what’s wrong and she says “nothing” because she is Jemma. Fitz looks at her and says “Jemma” in that super deep way that turns me into a puddle of emotion. Jemma finally confesses that it was a nightmare about being hunted on Maveth. He asks if she has had it before and she says she has and he asks how often and she says “every night since you brought me back.”

And BAM! In one swoop we have and adorable confessional, FitzSimmons together, more gifs, and Jemma’s PTSD arc is fixed.  

Now, I am not saying I deserve any compensation for this. But gifts are always appreciated.


An AoS fan that is not specific at all

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Series 3 of Sherlock

The first time I watched series 3 all the way through, it left me with a lot of complicated shall we say “feels”.  It wasn’t exactly that I hated it, though I definitely didn’t love it – it’s more that it left me feeling sort of discombobulated and uncomfortable and out of sorts and I couldn’t put my finger on why.

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