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so i rewatched 4.03 recently and talked to @wellamyblake about this and,, i knoW the list scene has been talked about to death, but right now i need to Publicly state that this is really, truly, the sexiest scene ever aired on the 100. facts only on my blog…

we could talk all day about the intimacy and context of this scene… but listen, this part ESPECIALLY where bellamy looks up while he’s writing her name on the list is HOT. two reasons.

1. he’s looking up to MAKE SURE SHE’S WATCHING while he writes her name. Making sure she can’t run away from this, that she can’t escape or misinterpret why he’s doing it. to make sure she can’t miss the fact that he loves her that much. he’s saying “you see this? you see me writing your name. you see how sure I am about it. you deserve to live, remember that.”

2. he’s meeting her eyes in almost a way that dares her to try to stop him or disagree. There’s so much defiance in this stare, telling her how wrong he thinks she is. how wrong ANYONE is who thinks clarke doesn’t deserve to live. and in that look– it’s almost a glare tbh– he’s declaring he’ll fight for her place on that list, even if it means fighting with her. 

and you can just see how much it shakes clarke. Like, immediately after he puts down the pen she lowers her eyes like she’s overwhelmed. And he immediately becomes softer, more relaxed, after he’s made this declaration . because he understands why it’s hard to get put on the list, or to feel deserving of it. but he’s firm about it all the same. 

tl;dr, there’s so much love declared through actions in this scene without a single word spoken, and… that’s really… really… wow.

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how do you feel about nerdy bisexual tony stark cause man i fe e L [scream anon]

Uhh nerdy bisexual Tony Stark who wears glasses when he’s too lazy to put his contacts in and knows every line of Star Wars (I’m not kidding I mean aLL of them) and sings Peter the periodic table song to help with his chemistry homework and likes girls and their lovely soft hair and warm smiles and dainty fingers And Also likes boys with their nice shoulders and long eyelashes and awkward flustered smiles because why have one when you can have two? He’s already called selfish and greedy  he might as well milk it. Go hard or go home… With both a man and a woman because FUCK YEAH EVERYONE IS SO HOT.

“And you know… I figured without me around to beat up on, you all were doomed to fall apart at the seams. I’m your hate glue.” 

The saddest thing about Grif thinking this, is that he’s right. He is the glue that keeps Red Team together. He knows when each of his teammates is going off the rails and pulls them back in, or plants suggestions for a better plan at just the right time. His self-preservation is team preservation, but when a single one of them goes off alone he’ll volunteer to go with them. 

Red Team loves Grif. They just need to show him that in a way his low self-esteem will accept. Because the familial teasing and put-downs aren’t working anymore. Hopefully some day they’ll demonstrate how much they care about him too, and he’ll believe it.

My stupid traitor body woke me up at 6am and I was annoyed until I saw that there was a new trailer, and now I’m deeply grateful for the universe giving me a holistic chance to watch it before work.

  • The shot of Dirk sitting up in bed is back and I’m having extreme brainwashed!Dirk feelings again. Or perhaps it’s not even brainwashing, it’s just the existential numbness that comes from being a literal human experiment in a shady government operation.
  • I’m genuinely curious as to why Todd and Farah are in police uniforms and Dirk looks like he’s raided the police station lost property box that hasn’t been refreshed since 1973. Did they only have a certain number of spare uniforms? Did Dirk take one look at the boxy button-up shirts and put his foot down firmly? Did the Sheriff think that Dirk would disgrace the uniform?
  • I need answers to my #aesthetic questions.
  • Bart seems to have just rocked up to the police station on purpose, which makes me think that she’s looking for Ken and has honed in on the one person she knows is good at finding things and solving mysteries. She doesn’t give a shit about Todd and Farah. She’s here for the boy that found ten lost cats in a single day.
  • The chances of Dirk getting a concussion this season? Quite high.
  • I don’t want to alarm anyone but The Mage has blood on his hands and also his face when he asks “have you noticed an acceleration of strangeness in your life” and I’m concerned.
  • Fully convinced that Friedkin is wearing a Hazmat suit because he got confused by all of the project code names and thought he was visiting someone else.
  • This is why Vogel isn’t the lead Rowdy. Leave him alone for a few months and he’ll amass an army of clowns.
  • Martin shooting psychic energy from his mouth explains why Riggins said that making contact with Incubus would normally be a 40-man operation, and it also (partially) explains why Riggins ended up deciding that Dirk was the sole subject under surveillance. Would you want to pick a fight with someone who can shoot things from their face? I sure as hell wouldn’t.
  • But also, can Gripps and Cross do this too? Is this a Rowdy thing? Or a Martin thing?
  • Priest continues to be the most terrifying thing in the trailer.
  • In the new orange star title graphic, Todd’s still holding the same gun that he was on The Cube which makes me think that it’s going to be the MacGuffin of the season.
  • Is the symbol in the “I” dot a Blackwing symbol? Could be one of the versions of Moloch that are floating around.

Grantaire probably had a lot of bad experiences on the streets and as a result is really strict with things like consent. It took him nearly a year of dating Enjolras to get comfortable initiating things like kisses because he’d worry about consent constantly

  • Preston: Dude, you were so drunk last night
  • Harrison: No I wasn't
  • Preston: You were shoving batteries up your ass, singing "I Got The Power"

“I’m NOT with Tariq. But I might be in love with someone else…”

Okay, but neither of the Beaumont’s seem to actually care about what MC wants. She says she’s in love with someone else and yet they’re still pushing her to marry Liam. How MC feels doesn’t matter to them - they just want her to be Queen so they can continue to use her. 

At least Bertrand’s upfront about it. As much as Maxwell claims to be her friend (and I think, to some extent, he is), he guilts her into staying in Cordonia. What she wants doesn’t really seem to matter.


I met my aunties new puppy, Roxi, the other day, she’s so sweet and constantly on hyper mode. She’s very bitey and loves to play - I can’t wait for her to meet Millie.

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Heyyyy you should spread your ARG knowledge down to all of us! What are your main recommendations?

OHHH MAN ok here are some of the ones that I’ve been trying to keep up w/:





and hrmm i kinda wanna put limetown on this list too even tho i know it’s not like a traditional arg but it’s really good so. limetown

also someone on discord linked me to this youtube playlist with a bunch of different args on it. I haven’t watched a lot of them yet but I trust their taste so There You Go

yall should send me your recs too honestly i’m always down for new stuff to watch!!

I want you so close I can hear your bones
grinding, like a man o’ war
dredged out of the water for keening.
Let me lick the salt from your shoulders,
let me taste the sun in your hair,
leave me stranded on your knuckles,
in the crook of your neck, in these
deep, warm
Keelhaul me
on your vertebrae,
wreck me
on your rib cage,
I want to go down
with the ship.