they have daft punk

music tag game

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Rules: Put your music library on shuffle, list the first 10 songs, and tag people

  1. “High Fidelity” - Daft Punk
  2. “Tremo E T’Amo” - Andrea Bocelli
  3. “If I Loved You (from Carousel)” - Josh Groban and Audra McDonald
  4. “The Last Worthless Evening” - Don Henley
  5. “Everybody’s Changing” - Keane
  6. “Bring Him Home (from Les Misérables)” - Josh Groban
  7. “Bookends Theme” - Simon & Garfunkel
  8. “Ticket to Ride” - the Beatles
  9. “False Faces” - Dan Fogelberg
  10. “Man on the Moon” - R.E.M.

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The Daft Punk shop closes today but luckily I was able to go yesterday! I was one of the last people allowed in before closing, and it was amazing!!! Tbh with you I’m still crying right now, everything was beautiful so I wanted to share some pictures.

Digital Love
Daft Punk
Digital Love

Treat your ears and let your mind escape

pentatonix just won their third grammy and this time it was for country performance

i am so proud of them, three out of three won as they continue growing and inspiring

can you believe they have a grammy for an electronic song (daft punk), a classical song (dance of the sugar plum fairy) and a country song (jolene) being an a cappella band? how beautiful is that? they are a perfect example of well rounded musicians and it is so empowering

congratulations pentatonix i love you 

xx beatrice


Thomas Bangalter, Élodie Bouchez, and their son Tara-Jay, leaving the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. May 28th, 2017 [x]