they have cute faces

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I'm so confused regarding what the sign is but I scrolled down enough to see your face and you have a cute smol face and I shall draw your cute smol face, okay? Okay



The sign is nothin really important, actually.

Just a thing that Anti loves lmao

Even when I have a migraine so bad that my eyes are watering from how bright it is behind sunglasses and have my resting bitch face on I still managed to look cute today.


Level of fluffyness and scruffyness 200%

Kim Seokjin

That’s it. That’s all I had to say.


me: [walks up to him and hands it over] this is for you.
misha: [looks at it] [cas smile]
me: [forgot that I’m supposed to be in the picture and smiles awkwardly]
misha: [hands it back] [in cas voice] thank you.

one of the anons said angel Ethan would have healing powers and someone else asked why i dont draw more tythan if i like it, so heRE YA GO. Tyler constantly getting himself injured and roughousing because Angel Ethan is always so touchy and close when hes healing someone. 

Bonus, Mark finds out, and like everything, is a dick about it:

Im really really sorry if I’m mischaracterizing your au, @crankxplier but I hope you still like it!!!

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T'CHALLA putting a sign on the Cryo saying don't tap the glass. Meanwhile Steve sees the sign and presses his face against the glass because it's not tapping. Then the sign says, no tapping,licking,breathing,smashing face against glass, crying, or being too gay to the glass.

steve @ tchalla:

while bucky – muffled – from inside the cryo chamber: