they have better control of their bladders

Happy Halloween!

Spoopy season is among us!! I know I’ve been gone for a while but working 30 hours a week on top of full time school is KILLING me. But! I managed to find some time to throw this together. :) I will be attempting the Omovember challenge so keep an eye out for those posts!! 

           “I don’t know about this Ian,” Jamie whined. He tightened his grip on his boyfriend’s hand s they inched closer to the doors of Nightmare on 10th Street, the new haunted house that opened just in time for Halloween.  Jamie and Ian had been in line just over an hour, and Jamie was starting to feel the pressure in his lower belly that signaled a rapidly filling bladder.

           “Oh, come on love, it won’t be that bad.”  Ian brought Jamie’s hand up to his lips.  “You know it’s all fake, right?”

           Jamie felt his heart flutter and he squirmed as he felt Ian’s lips on his hand.  “Yeah, but you know how easily I get spooked.”

           A low chuckle rumbled from Ian’s chest.  He dropped Jamie’s hand and wrapped an arm around the small redhead’s waist.  “Don’t worry baby, I’ll protect you.”  Ian pulled him close, unknowingly jamming his belt buckle into Jamie’s bladder.  The sudden jolt caused Jamie to cross his legs.  He hadn’t realized it, but he’d let out a whimper, catching Ian’s attention.  His bladder was filling; fast.

           Ian pulled back with concern in his dark eyes. “Are you okay baby?”

           “Um…” Jamie stammered.  He’d always been shy when it came to expressing his need for the bathroom.  “I’m fine,” he finally said, “but I think that coffee was a bad idea.”

           Ian first looked confused, then noticed Jamie’s fidgeting.  “Oh! Um, come on, we’ll find you a bathroom.

           Jamie grabbed Ian’s hand before he could walk away. The thought of telling anyone else about his situation made his stomach turn.  “No, it’s okay.  We’re almost to the front.  I can wait.” I hope.

           “Are you sure?”

           “Jamie nodded, fighting to stand still as he felt a jolt from his bladder.  When Ian turned away to purchase their tickets, Jamie took advantage of the opportunity to cross his legs.  His bladder protested as the pressure was released and eh took Ian’s hand once again and they stepped through the shredded, bloody cause into the maze. The guide said that getting through would take less than ten minutes, and Jamie was counting every second.

           They were met with everything you could possibly imagine from a haunted house.  Clowns, zombies, vampires, there was even a section where fake bodies hung from the ceiling like the way meat would hang in a butcher shop.  The large coffee Jamie had after dinner was quickly making its’ way to his bladder.  Some teenager ran ahead of them, pulling one of the bodies with them, and when it swung back, a part of it hit Jamie right in the lower belly, causing him to have to stop and cross his legs to keep from losing control.  He felt Ian’s soothing hand on his lower back, and looked up to see the slightest bit of fear in his boyfriend’s deep eyes.

           Jamie smirked.  “You’re not getting scared are you babe?”

           Ian managed a weak laugh, and if he didn’t know any better, Jamie could have sworn he saw him tug at his own jeans.  “No, I’m not scared.  This is amateur stuff.”

           Every dark corner and every jump scare made Jamie clench his muscles a little tighter.  Every few steps he stopped to cross his legs and get some sort of relief. His bladder was filling faster than ever before.  Just as they passed an actor in an electric chair and rounded the last corner, Jamie let out a deep breath as he noticed the exit sign.  He felt Ian’s hand on his hip, and relaxed into his arms just a little as they both took a step at the same time.  But as soon as they did, a light flashed and a Freddy Krueger impersonator jumped at them from behind a metal cage.  His razored fingers scratched at the cage and they both screamed. Nightmare on Elm Street kept them both awake at night for weeks after they first saw it.  Jamie froze and shoved a hand between his legs, feeling Ian’s hand disappear from his side and willing his bladder to hold on for just a few more seconds.  Long enough for him to get past the idiot in the mask and get out the door.  He took a step away from Ian, bracing himself against the wall as he added more pressure by crossing his legs to get him through the wave.

           After slightly dampening his underwear, Jamie felt like he could walk again without completely soaking his jeans.  He took a second to catch his breath, then reached back trying to find Ian’s hand.  He looked back when he realized his boyfriend was no longer standing behind him, and his heart started to race.  The light had gone dark again waiting on the next group to come through so the actor could repeat his steps.

           “Ian?” Jamie called, hoping his boyfriend hadn’t gone far.

           He heard a shaky voice from behind him.  “Uh, go on out, I’ll be there in a second.”

           Jamie used one hand to fish his phone from his pocket, the other keeping a tight grip on his crotch.  He wouldn’t last much longer, and Ian had picked a strange time to start acting funny.

           “That’s ridiculous,” Jamie answered, flipping on the flashlight on his phone, “Why are you suddenly—” Jamie couldn’t see much, but could see a growing puddle on the floor at his boyfriend’s feet.  Ian’s legs were crossed tight, but it wasn’t doing much to keep the flood inside of him.  Jamie tightened his grip and squirmed.  Hearing the splatter of Ian’s urine hitting the floor made his bladder contract one last time, and he knew nothing would be able to stop the torrent behind his hand begging to be released.

           His flashlight thankfully went dark before Ian saw his face get red.  “Oh, God I can’t hold it,” he whined.

           The light flashed again as another group rounded the corner and Jamie felt Ian’s hand on his waist again.  “Let’s get you out of here.”  Ian guided Jamie out the door and around the corner to a secluded alley where Jamie leaned against the wall and covered his face as his bladder emptied.  He didn’t even try to undo his jeans.  It was useless at this point.  Tears filled his eyes and he tried his best not to cry, despite knowing that the same thing had just happened to Ian.  A full minute passed before his bladder completely emptied.  Before he could work up the courage to move his hand and look his boyfriend in the eyes, he felt Ian’s hands cup his face, then felt a kiss being placed on his forehead.

           “Are you okay?” Ian whispered, pulling Jamie’s hands away.

           Jamie managed a laugh.  “We’re twenty-four years old and we just wet ourselves in a haunted house.  I’ve been dating you for barely a month, and I wouldn’t blame you if you never wanted to see me again.”

           Ian blushed and looked down at his lap.  He was wearing black jeans, so the stain wasn’t as noticeable on his pants.  Jamie however had decided on a lighter denim, which showed every bit of the contents of his bladder.

           Ian unzipped and took off his jacket, tying it around Jamie’s waist.  “What I’m going to do is take you home, get you cleaned up, and then we’re going to lay on the couch and watch cartoons all night because there’s no way I’m sleeping after that.”

           Jamie felt his face flush red, and his heart rate picked up as Ian used his index finger to tilt his chin so they could kiss. “But maybe next year we’ll skip the coffee.”

           “I don’t have a problem with that.”

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Sorry to bother you! But earlier you were talking about the pro's of adopting adult dogs and I was wondering what they are? I can't decide between a puppy and adult!

I am NEVER bothered by people getting new family members. OMG please when you choose, whatever you choose, update us with every bit of details of your new family member PLEASE.

Here is the dogs-on-logs non-comprehensive list of positives on getting yourself an adult doggo:

Don’t have the patience for puppies? Adults are a god send - bigger bladder, generally better impulse control and capability to focus for extended periods of time. BETTER STAMINA. Puppies are such lazy fucks needing naps all the time >:( 

Less Fragile - puppies are small and fragile as fuck. You have to vaccinate them multiple times. You have to pay for their desexing when they’re old enough. Buy yourself a prevaccinated pre-desexed dog and save some money to spend on fun stuff like collars and training and toys!

What you see is what you get - this fucker is done growing. You have the size, weight, body type, the coat length, the coat type, the shape of the body - all sorted out.

Personality and energy levels are developed! You can get a proper behavioural/personality assessment done, the dog has been assessed. With puppies - it’s a bit of an educated guess based off breed and parents/family members but you still might not get the temperament or energy level expected.

See, Thyme: The bench style who thinks he is working style. His body don’t match his brain!

With your adult dogs, you can make your educated guess off breed / breed types (if known), parents (if known), history (if known - it CAN BE KNOWN omg most are not mystery bombs) and MOST IMPORTANT - how they are behaving in front of you (most handy). Important to focus on how they actually are and not how you think they are! Give them some test drives, you will know far sooner (less than a month) if they’re likely to suit you than with a puppy. If the match is wrong it’s okay to return them! It doesn’t make the dog problematic, it just means you’re not a good match!

Don’t forget to have them assessed across multiple environments as context matters! 

 Fun fact: Someone thought Thyme was my rescue dog, because he was scared of a tennis racket. No, he’s not my rescue dog. He’s just never seen a tennis racket in his life and you’re waving it about. Of course he’s alarmed! Context!

You get to skip the fear periods - they already been through it! No paranoia of that frustrating stage and the fear you will fuck your puppy up (over dramatic hyperbole there). If it is fearful of something, you’re likely to know!

Although I read somewhere that some dogs go through another fear stage as adults.

Training - in general, most adults have some kind of training. some might not have any. You will find out when you meet them! so if you don’t want an untrained one, keep an eye out for those who have been surrendered through no fault of their own and are ready to show you all their skills! But most likely, you’re not starting from scratch and you will know up front any bad habits/challenges rather than them developing on your watch (not that they won’t deliver bad habits if you let them get away with bad habits!).

Note: The better end pounds/rescues/previous owners usually toilet train and teach the basics for you. So if you are in dire need of one that can already walk on a lead (e.g. you have a bad back), make sure to let them know! For example, most greyhound rescues put the greys though training to train them up for adoption.

Work long hours? Far easier to leave an adult dog than a puppy. Not impossible of course (I went back to work full time 4 days after buying Thyme), just that an adult dog might not necessarily need you around as much. Not any easier on your heart though.

Try to get some days or a week off to help settle your new family member in, no matter the age or source. Introduce them to your work routine and warn your neighbours/apologise in advance.

Wanting a breed / breed mix that overly leans towards unhealthy surprises, e.g. pugs? Get yourself an adult. By then the health challenges that particular individual may be predisposed to will be known!

Wanting a sedate minimal exercise companion? Skip straight to the old stage. There are plenty of seniors who want to be your potter-about-buddy! ALSO, a lot of pounds and rescues have a senior program where you’re essentially a permanent fosterer and they help pay for old-age-related-medicals.

and of course regardless of what you get and where, get it health checked on the day - or just before. Be prepared. 

Decide what you’re looking for beforehand - what temperament, what energy level, what are you flexible and not flexible on. 

Decide where you would like to get it - for example, for me, I require a 30 day return guarantee because sometimes an individual just doesn’t work out and I want to be able to return the mismatched individual to find the correct home for them without penalty for either of us. Also, ongoing support if possible.

A generic puppy-or-dog-preparation-page:

That’s all I got for now but please please please submit your new family member to me to admire.

Just a Vet tech - Britteny Greene

JUST a Vet Tech greeted you at the door with a smiling face, even though we’ve been running around for 11 hours straight. Your pet was assessed by JUST a Vet Tech and, when we noticed he wasn’t stable, JUST a Vet Tech carried your 70 plus pound dog to the back and screamed for a doctor.

Once the doctor assessed your pet, JUST a Vet Tech placed the IV catheter and started to bolus fluids. JUST a Vet Tech got a blood pressure on your pet today and administered mediations because his blood pressure was low. JUST a Vet Tech drew blood and ensured it got run as quickly as possible. JUST a Vet Tech wrestled your dog to get x-rays today, with the help of an assistant. When we found that your pet needed surgery, JUST a Vet Tech made certain he was stable throughout the procedure. When your pet left the surgery suite, JUST a Vet Tech sat with him to make sure he recovered with no problems.

JUST a Vet Tech got vitals on your pet every couple of hours today and reported all issues to the doctor on duty. JUST a Vet Tech noticed your pet was painful and asked the doctor to administer more pain medications. JUST a Vet Tech sat with your pet today and gave him love while you were at work. JUST a Vet Tech told your pet that he wasn’t there forever, only until he got better. JUST a Vet Tech promised your pet you’d be back for him.

Just a Vet Tech took your dog outside for a walk today. When we realized he was cramped up in that cage and his legs were stiff, JUST a Vet Tech walked your pet around the building at his pace to ensure he got proper exercise. Your pet got a lot of fluids today and couldn’t control his bladder. He’s still so weak. JUST a Vet Tech checked and changed his bedding so he didn’t have to lay in his urine. JUST a Vet Tech administered all your pets medications today.

Your pet was scared (this is a new place with new people), and he was fearfully trying to bite me. JUST a Vet Tech took the time and did everything possible to show him that we weren’t going to hurt him. He accidentally wiped his stool on me when he sat in my lap today. It happens after surgery. But, that’s okay, he didn’t mean it. JUST a Vet Tech cleaned him up nice for you.

I’m so sorry to tell you, your pet had a rough night last night. He took a turn for the worse. You’re letting your pet go today. JUST a Vet Tech understands how hurt you are, and brought you tissues. You were too upset to see your dog leave the world today. JUST a Vet Tech hugged and loved him as he crossed the bridge today. JUST a Vet Tech went home emotionally drained because all the hard work didn’t pay off today. JUST a Vet Tech will do it again tomorrow.

Remember this the next time you call someone JUST a Vet Tech. We are JUST an important part of your pet’s care. And we care about your pet.
JUST a Vet Tech

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Hi! I think I might be asexual, and I was wondering, what do people mean when they say they're sexually attracted to someone? Do they feel some kind of urge to have sex? I just have no clue

hey! this got rather a bit long, and i’m sorry if i rambled, but these are all things that i wish people had told me, because it would have greatly oversimplified my questioning process!

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Who He’s Not pt.5 [Oh Sehun Scenario]

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Summary: After having dated Sehun for a while you move in together but that decision quickly changes your life.
Pairing: Sehun x Reader (You)
Type: Dramatic, angsty, mafia kinda feels
Word Count: 840 (short update, I’m sorry)

A/N: I know I said I’d get this out during spring break but I got so busy and I’m soooooooooooo sorry :( i’ve been having writers block but i knew what I wanted to write but i just couldnt put the words together.  I don’t feel great about this chapter but I really wanted to give you guys something you know. Like always, feedback is always welcome!!


That’s when you heard it go off; gunshots all throughout the warehouse. The 2 men in the room with you seemed to be alarmed, Jimin scrambled to the door to check what was happening but he came back in as soon as he left and that grin left his face as the fear took over him.

“It’s him…Jungkook, he’s here”


Ever since you got here, all these gangsters had a look of cockiness, knowledge, danger and confidence plastered onto their evil little smirking faces but now…now you saw something different, it sent a slight chill down your spine. You saw pure fear and panic run take over their expressions within a millisecond and if whoever had broken in scared them that much, you wondered how scared you really should be.

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So, on various trips home from competitions, the Iwatobi boys are bound to get desperate. And luckily, as they're a swim club, they have all the towels they need to contain an accident. So just imagine one of them (prob Makoto) holding for as long as they can before finally deciding they have to pee in a towel to avoid a mess. Even better if they soak through one towel, have to grab another before finally finishing.

Okay, I couldn’t resist writing a fic based off of this, hahahaaaaa so I hope that’s okay. XD I love this so much though. I just had to write it out it was unavoidable yesyes. Free! omo is my jam, and we all know Makoto was likely notorious for always having to pee on the bus, poor boy. >u<

Anyway, fic based on this ask is under the cut and contains omorashi and wetting, ohoho

AO3 Link

Makoto was jealous. He was jealous of every single one of his teammates, all of which were relaxed enough to be sleeping as they traveled on the bus back to Iwatobi. Makoto wished he could sleep, worn out beyond words from swimming multiple events in the competition, but of course Makoto instead had to focus on his bladder.

Usually, Makoto was very careful about always using the bathroom just before getting on the bus. He was well aware of his weak bladder, and although no one ever complained when he had to ask to stop, he still despised holding everybody else up. None of them ever seemed to need to get off the bus with him whenever they were forced to stop.

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Indoor cats vs. outdoor cats.

It’s a huge debate between pretty much anyone that has any contact with cats: owners, vets, homeowners, wildlife managers, and so on. There have been many arguments given by both sides. Outdoor supporters often mention the cats’ need for outdoor enrichment. Indoor supporters fire back with safety and wildlife concerns.

I’m not going to go through the arguments. Instead, I’m going to tell you a few clinical experiences that resulted from cats being let outdoors.

First are the abscesses. There is no one experience that stands out, just the many, many people coming in with cats inappetant, lethargic, and oozing foul pus from a recent bite wound. And there would always be the same excuse: oh, but she’s so sweet, she never fights. Oh, he always runs away from other cats.

Doesn’t matter. Other outdoor cats don’t care how sweet another cat may be. Fights happen regardless, and cats are left with ugly abscesses that their owners then struggle to pay to treat.

And then there are the unexpected, unknown accidents.

Take the kitty brought in unable to stand, hind end covered in urine. Owners don’t know what happened. She’s always been indoor-outdoor, but last night, she just didn’t come back. This morning, they find her in their yard, meowing and unable to rise. They rush her in. On examination, she’s painful in her abdomen. Painful enough that I’m not comfortable palpating more than minimally without pain meds. And without doing some basic imaging. For all I know, palpating her will cause more damage.

She’s able to feel and move her hind legs, but won’t stand up. Her lungs sound harsh. Her abdomen feels swollen.

As is often the case in emergencies, the owners are tight on money. They do, however, have enough to at least let me take x-rays. So I do.

Kitty has a broken pelvis. That’s immediately obvious. The second huge finding is confusing at first, because I’ve never seen it before. After a minute of staring at the image and trying to come up with another reason for what I was seeing, I finally acknowledge that it was as bad as what it looks like: her bladder has herniated through her body wall. It is now outside her actual abdomen, buried under her skin in her fat. Which was why she can’t control her urination and is covered in urine. I shave her belly to better examine the area. Her abdomen is one giant bruise.

I relay the findings to the owners. My best guess is that she was hit by something. A car, likely. They tearfully tell me that she never goes in the road, that she must have gotten spooked by something and ran in by accident.

Well, all it took was one time. Because of finances and the aggressive treatment and surgery she would need, kitty is euthanized.

Another case, a different kitty: a woman comes in with her indoor-outdoor kitty who came home acting very strange last night. I do the exam. I watch kitty walk around. I watch him walk around some more. And I come to the conclusion that kitty is totally blind.

His eyes work. As in, the retinas are intact, the eyes can detect light, the pupils constrict when they should. The communication between eyes and brain is somehow compromised. Why? I have no idea. Does kitty have a head injury? A neurological disease or parasite? Did he get into something toxic? Does he have a brain tumor that has nothing to do with his outdoor adventure?

I have no idea, and the owner can’t give me any good history because the cat was gone all day. She doesn’t have the means to work the case up and wants to take kitty home to monitor. Okay, I say, with the warning that, without knowing what happened or what’s going on, things could turn life-threatening at any time. We never hear from her again.

So after reading all of this, can you guess which side of the debate I’m on?

Keep your cats inside. Provide them with enrichment. It’s your responsibility as a pet owner to give your pets what they need SAFELY.

The moment you let your cat out unsupervised, you risk any number of injuries, diseases, and horrible accidents that will leave you rushing to the vet, unable to tell anyone what actually happened and faced with hefty bills to try to fix your cat. And more often than anyone wants, that cat may not make it through.

I don’t care how smart your cat is, how well it avoids roads, how safe you believe your neighborhood is. All it takes is that one freak accident, that one unexplained malady, and you’ve got big trouble to deal with.

If you let your cat go outdoors, know that, at any moment, you could become the owner of a dead cat. And you may not even know why.

And all of this isn’t even considering the owners whose cats go out and just never come back.

Imagine your fav character pissing their self on a car ride and after that being forced to wear diapers on long car rides
One day they try really hard to hold it because they don’t want to piss in the diaper, but their weak bladder can’t hold it anymore and they end up totally losing control and wetting their self. They can’t believe they couldn’t hold it, but when they look around they notice that no one in the car can tell they’re pissing their self and decide that it’s better than not wearing a diaper would have been

Pilates was designed to strengthen the core muscles, which happen to be the most important ones for your body during and after pregnancy. All mothers-to-be should look into taking classes during those 9 prenatal months.

Your balance is challenged when your center of gravity shifts in your body. You will learn how to re-stack the spine and have better posture, alleviating back pain.

Your pelvic floor is weakened due to the pressure of the baby weight on your bladder and transverse abdominal muscles. You will learn how to strengthen your Kegel muscles, better controlling your bladder.

Always check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise plan, as each woman’s medical history and pregnancy is different.


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Jimin really likes Seokjin. He’s a little stiff sometimes, and almost always awkward, for such a tall and pretty guy. But he’s nice and smart and actually kind of funny once he grows comfortable around Jimin, and Namjoon looks at Seokjin as if he’s the entire world, so Jimin likes him. 

This is why, after about two weeks of meeting up at the coffee shop and getting to know each other, he decides to let Seokjin in on a little project he’s been planning. 

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