they have become such bros this seasons

  • To summarise
  • Season 1: Stefan falls in love with Elena. Damon rocks up and tried to tear that happiness away by either killing her or by "stealing her" from him (his words).
  • Season 2: Damon fucks up. Stefan ends up sacrificing himself to save Damon.
  • Season 3: Stefan is with Klaus, a price he agreed to pay in order to save Damon. He's also trying to keep Klaus away from figuring out that Elena is still alive. Meanwhile, Damon is doing everything in his power to make Elena fall for him.
  • Season 4: Elena and Stefan break up because she admits to having feelings for Damon. He's heartbroken, Damon admits to being gleeful. Stefan kidnapped, thrown in the ocean to die over and over again.
  • Season 5: Still drowning. Eventually found, but brain fried. Soz bro
  • Season 6: Downward spiral because he lost his brother. Pretty sure this is the season Enzo was obsessed with him.
  • Season 7: Saves Damon from being killed by the Huntress, ends up marked and leaving his new gf to be on the run
  • Season 8: Damon gets into shit. Gives up and forces Stefan to become a ripper to save the twins. Stefan makes ONE mistake and suddenly is the unforgivable villain. Sacrifices his life so that everyone else gets to be happy and after a few minutes no one even gave a shit.
  • That's his story y'all and I've left a lot of tragedy out. Fuck you writers for not giving happiness to the guy who's sacrificed the most (aside from Bon) over and over again.

Okay but can you imagine s3 through Sana’s eyes? Like how wild must it have been for her to become besties with her bio bro and then to watch him end up falling in love with her actual bro’s ex bestie who used to come to her house and eat her mums cooking like ????

I am dying right now. 

she probably ships them harder than Magnus like

what a plot twist

The men of figure skating: heading into the 2017-2018 season

Once upon a time, in a frosty February day in 2010, Evgeni Plushenko was standing unimpressed on the second step of the podium. He had come to win his second consecutive Olympic gold and become the first figure skater to do so since Dick Button. But as he was standing on the second step of the podium, an orange bro whose name was Evan came and sh00k his hand and climbed on the highest step. Little did the orange bro know that his stunt at that competition (not attempting any quads at all due to a stress fracture sustained in the previous season) would give birth to what we call today the quad generation. Evgeni would have probably sold his soul to Putin the devil just so he could finally play with the kids he’s been looking for all his life. So here we are in the eve of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, the top 6 men can execute at least two different types of quads and Yuzuru Hanyu will probably never retire unless he lands the 4A in competition, the only quad (4 and a half revolutions) that has never been landed before and will probably never continue to be landed on a regular basis due to the difficulty and increased injury risk. Unlike the ladies field, the men have the “big 6″ who are very likely to lock the first 6 positions at the Olympics and then there’s the rest. I will focus on these 6 skaters under the cut and make a list of other skaters to look out for because ice is slippery and you never know. 

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Some things from the new Brent Miller video, starring the Bros Hageman and Vincent Tong.

-The finale of Season 9 is the final episode… until there’s more

-They’re growing up the writing of Season 8, and it’s smarter and funnier

-“How freckles will destroy a story”

-Jay will, indeed, have freckles. He always has, he just didn’t know (but the fans did)

-The goal was to create synergy between the movie and the show, for new fans from the movie - continuing the show canon, but upgrading their looks

-Their personalities are still the same

-Nya will have her movie ponytail and mole

-They gloss over Cole and Zane, but “Zane is better than ever before”

-Kai’s hair is “a little much” (get ready for fire Jimmy Neutron)

-Lloyd is catching up to the rest of the ninja’s ages and “becoming a young man”, so the new voice reflects that

-The opening scene is a 12 minute action sequence, and there’s more cinematic moments

-This season has the “best villain”

apisdofdfd I’m super lazy and I’ll probably never write it, but consider a (slightly cracky) Bachelor AU with Magnus as the Bachelor. 

  • So, last season of The Bachelorette, Camille was the lady. He made it to the final two and everyone loved him, everyone thought she was going to pick him for the final rose. 
    • I mean he spoke a zillion languages, was super hot, incredibly funny and very romantic. He was the ideal man and on top of that he dressed to impress. 
  • But she doesn’t! She picks the random Russian guy who is still around. 
  • Cue shock and dismay from the country at large! Because Magnus was L I T 
  • Anyway, when he loses the network asks him to be the next season’s Bachelor. Actually, the First Bisexual Bachelor 
    • And to celebrate they decided to have both men and women compete for his hand in one season!! Wild!!

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HALLELUJAH AFTER 6 YEARS OF HIATUS WE FINALLY HAVE YJ SEASON 3 ADBKAsdba I just had to doodle the gang coz F E E L S and TEARS OF JOY man I’m just so glad they will bring back my FAVORITE tv series akchkxkxlnah


So hyped for their new season right now AAAAAAAA bless you Warner Bros.

trenchcoatedislandgirl  asked:

Do you have any expectations for 12x19? Personally I'm a bit apprehensive. The previous two Cas heavy episodes were really well made but this time I don't know why I just have this apprehension concerning this ep. (Here's hoping I'm being unnecessarily paranoid 🍺)

I have so many expectations and theories and I am so excited for 12x19!  But on the other hand I have delved into this in detail already and I don’t want bang on too much….

We are supposed to be worried and I love this! 

All the build up and pining/separation/Cas hiatus is making us worry for and miss Cas and seeing how much Dean is worried and misses him is very exciting :) Also, again with the Destiel/Sastiel comparisons, I love how they do this, how they show that Sam still cares but Dean is just another level. Pfft. 

We are seeing so much through Dean’s eyes this season and I think it’s been done so well (e.g. all this but also the opening scene of the season with Mary, the waitress in 12x18 for example is portrayed through Dean’s eyes in terms of what she means to him (literally just a distraction etc) .

Seeing Kelly start to wonder about her choices? YES! Seeing Cas get hurt in front of Sam and Dean? YES! Seeing multiple clips and therefore an important focus on Dean being pissed at Cas and Sam kind of hovering behind still pissed but not getting too involved in this domestic fight? YESSSSSSSSS! 

I’m gonna link you to a couple of posts:

my overall season spec: 12x18 analysis & spec.

this post from @postmodernmulticoloredcloak where they/we did some spec.

this post from @bluestar86 which mirrors some of my own thoughts.

The main one that the rest of my Dean/Cas meta sits on at the moment is my break up theory which 12x19 is central to I hope, here

I feel like this black moment / break up point is going to be 12x19 (and/or 12x23 or a culmination of all of this season). 

I have strong feelings of a 6x20 parallel coming into 12x19 and I will be disappointed if we don’t some sort of full on argument and angry/sad eye-longing as a call back to this. Although I imagine as the depth of their feelings are so much stronger now Dean will be less overtly hurt and more just plain angry by this point, I’m imagining some sort of CW-okayed version of “well just F*** off then Cas”.

Originally posted by castielamigos

My best bet is on… something along the lines of: 

12x19 Dean being angry and pushing Cas away for ‘abandoning’ him  (which seems to be what the promo is showing in the brief glimpse we have). I think this is pretty much standard, easy spec, I mean, it’s not even spec at this point it’s clearly canon.

Cas probably going away with the angels as HE feels pushed away and rejected or being ‘taken’ in someway, but I have a feeling it’s going to be more the former, especially after the waitress thing shows how bad Dean is dealing and the promo shows Dean is clearly gonna be pissed

I was going to type out again my theories for 20-23 and endgame but i think they’re in the above posts … basically chosen separation 20-21, probable reconciliation, out of their hands separation from 23 into hiatus

The way the 3 episodes are titled with past, present, future connotations and just the fact that they literally can’t kill Misha or Cas off the show anyway and the heavily moved forwards Destiel storyline I am not worried for Cas overall.

So, for 12x19 - while I think it will be super painful the endgame is gonna be worth it :)

Given the overall dramatic turn of their relationship this season and all the pining, the love talk etc. the writing now means that really they CANNOT be around each other without it becoming canon or them having to back out completely (which I really don’t see them doing at this point, what would be the point of creating this whole drama this season to then just back it down to bro-talk), so really for me, they have to be separated for *reasons*, the show has backed themselves into the proverbial corner…

Hence the idea of ‘winning him back’ for s13 and some great Cas-centric stuff moving forwards. Even if it might be Cas-light in terms of screen time, as I heavily parallel s6 with s12 and therefore s7 separation to a s13 probable separation, I think he will have a great arc leading to series end…. we shall see.

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Hi! do you have any supercorp one sided love fanfic list? and eventually turns into mutual pinning? Thankyouuu! sorry my english is so bad. It's not my language.

You Wanna Be Friends Forever? I Can Think of Something Better -My_Heart_Is_Not_Cold

  • A season re-write of Kara and Lena becoming best friends, realizing they have more than platonic feelings for their best friend, being in denial for a little bit, fighting everyone who judges their relationship and says they shouldn’t be friends, whilst wanting to be more than friends, defending each other at all costs, helping each other when things get hard, and just being hopelessly in love. With appearances of Winn being Kara’s best bro, Alex who needs to chill and stop being so overprotective, Maggie who should not be fighting Alex’s battles with the wrong person when she doesn’t have both sides of the story, James who is being a little bit of a hypocrite and should learn how to separate Luthors and Supers, everyone just being a tad bit judgmental, tabloids invading their privacy and speculating on their relationship, and Kara and Lena not giving a fuck because they believe in each other and what they feel and that’s all that matters.

i think i wanna marry you - theprinceofdorkness

  • turns out lena accidentally violated the terms of her work visa, which means (obviously) that the logical next step is to marry her best friend, who happens to also be her longtime crush.

Not Afraid to Fall - prettyaveragewhiteshark

  • Lena Luthor has a strictly sexual relationship with Supergirl, but when her feelings for amateur journalist Kara Danvers begin to grow, everything gets a lot more complicated. See inside for smut, feelings, rogue DEO agents, feelings, explosions, angst, and more feelings!

that’s how the light gets in - celaenos

  • Lena’s mouth twists into a tiny smile and she realizes that she’s beginning to lean forward. Closer to Kara’s surprised smile. She turns and walks back over to her desk, she really has a lot of work to do. “I hope this isn’t the last time we talk,” she adds, and finds that she means it. (Or, a spaceship explodes. Kara decides to become a reporter. And Lena Luthor finally gets something like a happy ending.)

Wait, what did you think we were talking about?! - unusuallycloudy

  • Lena is majorly crushing on Kara (and little bit crushing on Supergirl, but doesn’t realize they are the same person) and Kara is finally going to tell Lena she’s Supergirl! Except Lena thinks that Kara is about to confess having feelings for Lena. yikes so much miscommunication and secret identity high jinks!

don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo - yourbestapology

  • Lena invites Kara (who invites Alex and Maggie) to spend the weekend at her cabin in the woods.

moments coming together - Trogdor

  • Everyday moments between two people falling in love, or the realization that they’ve been in love and their heads just needed to catch up.

“Come here often, big boy?”

Many fans ship Rolf and Marie together only because they have similar hair color.

Marie and Lee have both expressed admiration for Rolf because he was in a uniform. That turns them on. I wonder if this is what attracted their mother to men.

Rolf splashes Marie with the dirty water making Marie snap out from the curse.

Marie asks what just happened. 

Does everyone remember what events took place after falling under the curse? Edd apparently remembers everything that happened with May.

Rolf insults everyone calling them weaklings for falling under the power of love.

Look at Marie. She looks hurt by this comment. Does she like Rolf, or is someone close to finding out her mask?

I have a theory that Marie is not who she is. Her punk chick look is to make herself look intimidating. She is insecure about herself and the life she comes from. The Kanker’s always drive everyone away.

Remember the cool girl from ‘Inside Out’? She’s looks as if she knows what she’s doing on the outside, but she is freaking out in the inside fearing that people will catch on to her. I feel like that is Marie because she has a different personality behind what she portrays to the world. Edd is intrigued by this side of her finding something new each time he is around her. In the background of one episode Marie is seen reading. 

Marie likes Edd because he’s different. He’s gentle and sweet even when he is scared of her. The Kanker’s father’s are an enigma, but from what’s implied the Kanker’s or weary around violent people. What if Marie’s father was abusive?

The Kanker’s home lives sport so many theories. There is more to these girls then how they’d always attack the Ed’s. 

Eddy is next to be broken out from his love curse. 

Eddy’s reaction has to be my favorite.

Hr’s all, “Who, what, when, where?”

Takes a brief look at Plank….

Mini barfs and drops the piece of wood.

Plank’s existence has confused everyone over time. It doesn’t help that Plank can move on ‘his’ own sometimes. I have always believed that it is Jonny doing magic tricks or mimicking voice in his head. He’s only trying to look cool in front of everyone else.

Eddy’s reaction confuses me to whether or not he remembers what happened.

Eddy has been contemplating his sexuality since about season 4 when he noticed he was becoming closer with Edd. He’s still too young to understand these feelings. And he’s also trying to make a good impression for Bro. 

Bro belittled Eddy making fun of all his talents. Remember how Eddy could juggle, play piano, do all sorts of interesting things at the beginning of the series? Bro came back to haunt his mind. He affected him to the point where Eddy believed he couldn’t do anything and started having inner breakdowns. 

Jonny and Nazz are sharing a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ moment.

Jonny you didn’t share the meatballs? 

And right when they’re about to share a kiss Rolf breaks up the moment.

Rolf is so disgusted by love.

How is love presented in his family? Since Rolf comes from another country was his parents marriage set up? 

This also puts Rolf’s sexuality in question because he’s never been attracted to any of the female characters. He’s always so busy doing chores to notice. Rolf is who he is. He follows along his own traditions That’s what I like about Rolf. He’s not afraid to be who he is. 

Rolf is the only character on the show who doesn’t wear a mask. All the kids have insecurities about themselves which they mask. Rolf does fear what will happen if he goes against family tradition, but other then that he stays true to himself. He tends to go overboard in family tradition going so far as to prove that he can make a whole journey on his own to capture the Ed’s. Eventually Rolf will take his own path in the future. 

Okay, this has to be my favorite love trance moment.

Kevin is giving Lee an imaginary boat ride.

Ah, the beauty of loving in a cartoon world.

I just noticed Lee wearing Kevin’s hat!!! OHMYGOD that is so precious!!

Kevin lent his hat to Nazz in Boys Will be Eds, but only because he was trying to get her attention. 

This is a very different side of Kevin I have never seen before.

As I have theorized I think the affect of the love curse brings out attitudes that the kids are suppressing. Kevin has a soft side. He hides that because he feels embarrassed. He wants to look tough. I have a head canon that Kevin’s parents are divorced. Like my theory with Nazz’s parents they both keep it a secret from the world thinking they’ll look weak. 

This goes for the Kanker’s too They haven’t told anybody about their home life. The Kanker’s trailer home flies over the Ed’s heads. Anything is a home. It’s actually heartwarming that the Ed’s have never said something against the Kanker’s home. Maybe they have a little understanding for how the girls live their lives. 

And the second the curse is broken Lee bops Kevin on the head.

She has no feelings for him. Lee has always found Kevin annoying. On an interesting note Lee is attracted to all the male characters except Kevin and Jonny. She steers clear from Jonny, while she likes to torment Jimmy. The Kanker’s find Jonny creepy for some odd reason. It’s sad how everyone views Jonny as odd even a second before even knowing him. 

We can’t judge a book by its cover. 

Second to last we have Ed who moment before his love curse is broken is spouting off to his sandwich, “You, and me, and dog named Boo.”

I have never thought about this comment until now, but does it confirm what Ed’s sexuality may be? 

I ship Ed and May. Ed’s sexuality has always been a question for fans. He liked babies in an earlier season and here he would like to raise a dog with he and his future partner. 

This line can have several different meanings. It’s sweet to know that Ed would like to get married some day. He still finds girls gross, so we think. Ed is the oldest out of his friends. He thinks he’d be made fun of by Eddy for being attracted to girls. Still this is ironic seeing how they were all attracted to Nazz. 

Ed’s love curse is broken.

‘Oh well, I can still eat the sandwich.’

Ok actually can I go on a tiny rant her for a moment? (Sorry bad quality screencap from a gif…) but I just wanted to say, we are so used to seeing Yuri clad from head to toe in black and layers and coats other than when he is skating. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, the boy of course has awesome fashion as we all know… ^^) but… I really love how while it’s obvious he’s skating this for Otabek… Look how confident he is in himself!!! I mean he always performs over confident but…that’s almost a surface level arrogance to me. This felt like real confidence. He wasn’t afraid of anyone or anything, and wasn’t afraid to be himself and….well skate like this in front of dozens of fans, not just his partner.
I fully believe that this confidence has just come from Plisetsky himself for reasons we have yet to learn (hopefully if we get a season two please please pleeeeeease!!!) but also, gotta thank our man Beka. If Yuri’s relationship with Beka has helped him become confident like this…
You rock bro. Thank you for helping and strengthening the heart of our most beloved smol angry kitten, Yuri (Fury) Plisetsky.

(Ok was a bit of a lengthy rant but…needed to come out.)

Short list of reasons why “Marvel’s Iron Fist” is much better show than they tell you

No particular spoilers to the events of the show - I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you know at least the outline of the storyline and the characters.

1. Stranger in a strange land. Danny doesn’t fit anywhere - he left the “real” world at 10, he went through 15 years of serious abuse with little to no support structure, and then he comes back to the “real” world with virtually no knowledge of the practical aspects of life. So, taking that into consideration, I’d say he’s handling himself pretty damn well.

2. Danny’s not the brightest lightbulb in the box. It’s a novelty, really, to have a character who is a mix of a kicked puppy, cinnamon roll and violence, all wrapped in one, intellectually underwhelming person. Danny lacks Jessica’s street smarts, Matt’s planning and subtlety and Luke’s cynical, practical approach. We have to deal with having a deeply flawed, sometimes incredibly stupid character who doesn’t have all the answers and makes idiotic mistakes. After guys like Steve Rogers or Tony Stark it’s actually refreshing.

3. Danny is a millennial. He’s stumbling through adulthood with a very relatable lack of grace and huge amount of second-hand embarrassment. If you’re twenty-something, watch him fumble for 13 episodes and tell me you didn’t once feel like telling him “I feel you, bro.”.

4. Female characters are awesome. Marvel-Netflix shows deliver incredible, strong female characters that evolve in front of us - and “Iron Fist” doesn’t break the tradition. I enjoyed them immensely and I’ll never get bored of strong women who don’t wait for other people to save them.

5. It makes “Daredevil” season 2 have more sense. That’s actually also a flaw of the show - you’ll understand the main storyline better if you’ve seen the fumbled mess that was Daredevil’s second season. Finally the lore gets some context and becomes more understandable.

6. It’s not boring, it’s well-written. Don’t let the reviewers fool you - sure, it takes some time to establish the characters and their corner of the Netflix/Marvel world but you really shouldn’t judge this show based on first two or three episodes. There is a difference between stellar but slower narrative and a bland, boring show. It’s like the difference between a 3k word long porn fanfic and 300k words of a long and well-planned story. If you prefer them short and intense - leave “Iron Fist” alone.

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I couldn't find a post of you answering this so I'm going to go for it: Would you say that Sam ships destiel? (I'm sorry if this ask is annoying btw!)

its not annoying! Sam and the repressed part of Dean is a weird one, i wrote about it here.

I think Sam sees some of Performing!Dean but not all, he is still surprised by some parts:

“…not him”

I think Sam suspects Dean is bisexual/queer and has for a long time:

I think Sam knows something is going on between Dean and Cas:

Originally posted by veryamooseing

However the extent to which he suspects / knows is another matter, one which will become more obvious in season 13.

Basically, if Cas was Human and he made Dean happy then I think Sam would definitely be shipping them :)  As it stands its all a bit complicated, but he knows how much they mean to each other and how it goes much deeper than platonic bros, than what he and Cas have for example, so yeah I think he would ship them, if they could ever admit it and be in the right place for it :)

WAIT!  You aren’t watching Gilmore Girls?  Well here’s why you should be...

Gilmore Girls first aired on October 5th 2000.  It lasted seven long, fabulous years as it ended on May 15th 2007. However, now that Netflix have uploaded all seven seasons and the revival four episodes from late last year; everyone has started watching it.  There is a new generation of people watching a classic noughties show.  

The show focuses on Lorelai, a single mother, raising her daughter Rory, in a small town in Connecticut; Stars Hollow.  The town is filled with many interesting characters, and Lorelai and Rory are only the beginning of the craziness that fills this fictional town.  Everyone in Stars Hollow has a great bond, it would make anyone watching, want to live there. It is the perfect place to stay.

Now, here are the reasons you should be watching Gilmore Girls.  I must warn you, after you watch you won’t be able to stop…

1.      Lorelai and Rory’s Relationship

Now this is not just a mother, daughter relationship, they are best friends.  The scenes between the two are hilarious and heart-warming, they are a brilliant duo.  With their incredibly fast and witty banter, they are an unstoppable pair.

2.      Rory is totally relatable

Throughout most of the seasons, the beginning in particular, Rory has struggles. She fights through everything that every young girl like her has to survive.  From stress of school, self-loathing, dealing with boys and the feeling nothing is going right.

3.      Peaceful yet crazy town of stars hollow

This small, quaint town in Connecticut is the image of the ideal place to live.  From heated town meetings, to over the top events, you definitely wouldn’t ever be bored staying here.  Stars Hollow is not only filled with colourful people like the eccentric and quirky town mad-man Kirk, to the loud mouth town gossips Miss Patty and Babette, but the most aesthetically pleasing buildings and scenery.  

4.      Lorelai is reason enough!

 Personally, Lorelai is my favourite character on the show.  With her charm, wit, bubbly personality and ability to drink copious amounts of coffee within 24 hours, Lorelai will win you over easily. She makes the coolest mum, speaks the truth and does not apologise for being herself… EVER!  Go Lorelai Gilmore!  

5.      Watching it now, makes it the biggest throwback.

If you are starting Gilmore Girls now, it is such a throwback to simpler times. Seeing the fashion, the technology, the food, the music and the lifestyle of an early noughties culture is like a breath of fresh air.  Also, not to mention some of the actors and actresses we know now, we can see them here when they were just young things.

6.      Rory’s Boyfriends

As I said before about few familiar faces you will see throughout this seven seasons, a lot of them are Rory’s boyfriends.  Let’s start with Dean Forester, he is played by Jared Padalecki, who lots of you will know and love from Supernatural.   Also, Logan Huntzberger, who you may know from his role in The Good Wife.  Milo Ventimiglia also plays one of Rory’s boyfriends, Jess Mariano, who has recently been in ‘This Is Us’.  Hell, even Chad Michael Murray played a boy that Rory had a little something with.  Safe to say Rory has had a rather good looking pick of boyfriends through the years.

7.      LUKE DANES.

Ah… Luke Danes, he absolutely makes the show.  He may be a stubborn loner but he is such a funny and kind hearted guy. His dry wit and care for those close to him is what will pull you in to love him.  He is by far the funniest character, in my opinion, on Gilmore Girls.

8.      The women empowerment message

Gilmore Girls makes it clear that women can succeed and survive in their lives without anyone else to rely on.  Lorelai’s story in particular, since the age of 16 when she fell pregnant with Rory, she has thrived on her own.  As she moved away from her parents to Stars Hollow and began working in an Inn, climbing her way up in the business, soon following her dreams of owning her own Inn. Showing that when no one believed in her she could do it and all by herself!

9.      Takes you away from reality

A great thing about watching Gilmore Girls is that you feel so invested in the characters lives and care about them.  This gives everyone watching the opportunity to escape for a while, relax and live with all the residents of Stars Hollow.  You know it is a good show, when it is easy to watch; when you lose track of time.


10.  And finally, let’s not forget the iconic theme song!

BEWARE! When you tune into Gilmore Girls the theme song will have you singing along each word by the third episode.  It has become a classic, extremely well-known for Gilmore Girls fans.  

Ok, so they are just a few, out of a million reasons, you should be watching Gilmore Girls.  Summer is coming and you have plenty time to binge-watch seven seasons.  So let’s get to it, join the Stars Hollow Community.

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Second, I managed not to cry this ep, but what got me closest and choking out a sob was Lucifer's "Let there be light", Lucifer Lightbringer Morningstar saying that, ldfjlsfdjslfjkslahahdlsjfldkj. No, really, how are we supposed to wait til fall, this is cruel and unusual punishment.

Ack, if there was a first part of your ask, tumblr ate it.


Can we talk about Lucifer not wanting another war. Not wanting more casualties. Not wanting any humans to be hurt. Not wanting his siblings to be hurt. Not wanting his parents to be hurt, not really (and once more having a human that one of his parents was using as a vessel wake up and not recognize him, when Charlotte Richards woke up after God Johnson did the same in 2x16, and yes). Not caring about whether Dad made Chloe to trap him because he wanted to open up and tell her the truth, and because as ever, he instinctively would do anything to save her. Blaming himself for hurting Linda by mixing her up in the supernatural thing. Letting Trixie do whatever she wanted to him. And (in last episode) swearing he’d never leave Maze and realizing that he hurt her.

Hell, this season he’s even become bros with Dan. DAN. And is rebuilding his relationship with his actual brother, and the two of them clearly still love each other a lot. Making friends with Ella. I MEAN.

Lucifer has so much love to give if he could ever figure out how, he’s so devoted to the little family he’s built for himself outside his completely dysfunctional biological one (whom he also still loves) and I have many feelings about it.

The destiel that we got was pretty strong. I wasn’t a fan of the profound bond shifting to Jack and Cas though. It’s a lot like how they tried to shift it to Amara and Dean. Even though that didn’t go anywhere really, it’s still just stealing from Destiel when we could be getting actual Destiel progress instead of “parallels” and “imitations”.

While I can see where people are coming from that “destiel is text now” or “there’s nowhere else to go from here but canon” I don’t see it as any stronger than at any other time. Yes, they’re showing Dean has a different reaction than Sam in regards to Cas. But that has always been the case. Sam is having a different reaction to their Mom’s “death” than Dean. I’m not saying they won’t bring this out even more, but realistically they will probably just fall back on the “dean and sam are different” angle and it’s just showing their different personalities and fueling bro conflict. Which is why they had Dean being “the bad guy” and Sam being “the good guy”. If they wanted just to make it about Destiel then they would have. But they mangled it into a bro fight plot. I think they will probably go that route going forward. Cas will have some kind of “mission” to help Jack or whatever. Maybe he’ll go explore the different dimensions. And it’ll be business as usual since Cas is back. There will be no more “grief” plot. It will probably be more of the conflict plot. Possibly between Cas and Dean too about Jack. They’ll be separated and whatever the main plot is will become the focus. As per usual. 

The movie begins to turn into a horror movie.

Someone’s HALF BITTEN arm slithers through the broken doorknob holder and notes that their are chains blocking them from trying to maim the Eds.

And slowly lifts up the lock at the bottom of the door.



What the heck did the Ed’s do to the kids?!

Kevin and Rolf’s eyes are bruised, Kevin’s shirt is torn apart, Rolf’s arm is bitten off at the elbow, and someone’s finger is caught in a mouse trap.

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Hi Tink 🌞, you know how Sam was supposed to be the main character and Jared is the lead actor on scripts and stuff? Well, when do you think Dean actually became the main character!? I may be biased (because I'm a total Dean!girl) and please correct me if I'm wrong but I feel as though he is. I get that the brothers were always the leads and then Cas was added but I'm curious to your thoughts regarding the idea that Sam was always meant to be the protagonist.


Well I always take everything we get that is “fact” from interviews etc with a piece of salt. Not everyone is going to agree with this, but this is my pov on things from what I’ve seen so far, which of course isn’t everything.

IMO it’s crazy to imagine that they thought for very long that Dean would be a true secondary character to Sam’s plot arc given what they did with him so early on, how angsty they made him and how they developed his character so deeply in order to be addressed and go deeper and make him more interesting, to the point that it totally outshone the plot arc. BUT I can see that this could have been the idea to start with from Kripke and that it was developed by others further you know? I can imagine it might have happened literally after watching the pilot or a little further down the line but I can also imagine it was never the plan anyway!

Everyone knows a character driven story is a way more emotionally tugging way of telling a story than a plot driven story, so if they wrote Sam more plot related and Dean more character related then of course the character led story would get more interest and Dean would be the one people got emotionally invested in! I know they tried to do a bit of both for sure, but basically Dean’s whole arc in season 1 is emotional, he cries to his dad, he shows his softer side, we see that he has something to hide, an internal struggle, then he just wants to keep his family together, he’s so emotionally tugging… Sam of course has the whole Jess thing going on but because of the visions and all the rest I feel personally it’s a little diluted and yeah, Jensen’s acting also just reels you in… it’s just so easy to get more tugged into Dean’s emotional drama even though Sam is carrying the story and has his own I just personally feel it’s not as compelling emotionally.

I have a gut feeling, based on nothing but my own feelings, that Kripke is a much more plot orientated than character orientated writer, so he pencilled out a plot that he liked (Sam’s arc) and worked around it, hence that idea, but then Dean was made into the character arc device by others. It’s why I still feel, generally and very loosely, earlier on Sam carries more the plotline and Dean carries more the character stuff. Which is why when Dean also carries the plot (ie. seasons 6/7/9/10/11 and even 4/5/12 as a kind of 50/50) people really feel Sam is left by the wayside and I do agree with that. 

Also I feel Sam is less easy to really know because we have much less character stuff to work with for him, we know far less about his interests, likes etc. We know a lot about Dean’s due to the subversion parts of his story, telling us so loudly that he LOVES classic rock so that we are surprised when he likes soft rock and swifty, telling us so loudly that he doesn’t do chick flicks, likes Die Hard etc, big DUDEBRO things, so that we are surprised when he loves Disney, watches Oprah, telenovelas, Dr Sexy etc etc etc. We just don’t have a lot of this for Sam because they’re not trying to prove the whole opposite thing because Sam doesn’t have an under - the - facade story to tell, that’s not his story.

I also feel like Kripke’s original idea… as great as it was, was very dude bro and apparently Dean was even more sleazy in the original pilot. He wanted a dude car and it had to be super dude dude man dude car… you know? And now? Look at Dean now! There’s been huge progression for his character, he’s not changed as such because he never WAS what he projected in season 1, but he’s allowed more of that out so he appears changed.

So yeah, my personal opinion is that I can’t really say either way based on what I’ve seen that I really believe anything that they say in interviews. I mean there’s also word that they never meant for Angels to be in the story, PLEASE, I mean duh Angels are teased since forever and what exactly did they plan to do when the main plot was Sam being tied to Lucifer with the blood from a demon… Lucifer who is a fallen Angel, and demons in general that mean Hell exists which means the opposite must exist, which means Angels, I mean…

Then there’s the whole Anna / Cas were supposed to be in it for only a few episodes bla bla stuff that is contradictory and doesn’t make any sense with what actually happened and you know, LOGIC. So I take it all with a pinch of salt.

That’s why I literally facepalm or roll my eyes when I read stuff like the last interview where Jared insinuates that because he and Jensen threw a bitch fit that they didnt introduce the Angels for 1.5 years or Jensen saying hey guys do you think… Kripke must’ve known he meant to introduce the Angels? Like come on my dudes! You’re not daft, what? Sometimes  I think Misha must roll his eyes at them so hard.

So anyway yeah, I’m usually the last person to ever go into conspiracy theories and not take things at face value, but given what I’ve seen, there are a lot of contradictions and misunderstandings and misinterpretations of “what the original plan was” etc. so I just go on what the show has actually given us :)

Also, I don’t really care tbh?! Sorry I don’t mean that negatively, just, yeah it doesn’t make any difference now so meh?

Literally, Kripke could have meant for Sam to eventually die in redemption as per season 5 or even be sacrificed and killed by Dean himself, for Cas and Bobby to become a couple and for Cas to become Trump’s no1 supporter and be the reason he won the election, for Dean to end up a totally hetero straight dude bro and go off to join the circus, shagging a different girl every night til he died of liver disease on his dude bro motorbike, for all I care.

That is not where the story has now been taken, it doesn’t make a jot of difference to me what was originally intended unless it has an effect on the plot now and in the end :)

Dean IMO has been the main protagonist for a long while, I don’t mean that badly for any other character, that’s just how I read the story as being portrayed to the audience, most of everything revolves around Dean. The emotional drama mostly revolves around Dean and the plot, especially in later seasons is blatantly more about Dean. I do think that it is moving potentially in a different direction now though, with a more TFW shaped view point, season 12 was massively about all 3 of them and even had a huge healthy chunk of Crowley/ Rowena/Mary thrown in and next season I think will focus so much on all of TFW through Jack and the rest of the story.

So I’m intersted to see how this evolves again moving forwards now :)

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hi, ok, i just keep imagining even and the boys reconnecting and becoming best buds again, and isak and them talking it out and everyone is happy chappy. and the boys tend to crash evak's apartment at random times and hang out there and uhhg

YES honestly trust me

by the end of this season Even will officially be a balloon boy and even better?

Boy squad and ballon squad will become super close omg

Mikael and Magnus would be the goofiest little beans together i can imagine them being so close

and Mahdi and Elias will bond over their mutual love for their bros and their need to fight for them. 

Mutta will make jonas cry with his heartfelt childhood stories. 

and Isak and Adam will have rapping contests against each other 

and Even and Yousef will finish it all of with the dance battle of 2017 we all deserve <3 

I don’t care what some cry baby dude bros have to say about the new episode, I fucking loved it.

The episode had less fart jokes, sure, but the meta humor about the entire post Apocalypse gerne and the sartirical criticism about civilization in a whole is so on point with the show.
So are the jokes about Rick not being able to handle emotional confrontations with his daughter, one of his robots becoming sencient only to be immediately over writen.
All of the humor was on point for the series.

Also, Summer’s character progression is something they have been building up to since season 1, heck that wasn’t even the first time we had a episode focused on her so fucking can it.