they have a lot more in common than they thought


I thought this city would be a perfect place where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, life’s a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of person you are, I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place.
                           Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.

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If you had control on ending snk, how would you end the story?

Well. I want Annie to get a fucking redeemption arc. Please god. Let her join the Eldians and be on the same team as Armin and Eren. 

But in general, like, a conclusion to the entire plot? 

The Marleyans and Eldians come to some kind of agreement where they stay on opposite sides of the world where they can live away from each other long enough to get over their generations of bitterness. 

They can’t settle their differences, fine, but I don’t want to see one side or the other get totally eliminated.

I want them to take a damn time out and try to share the damn world, and realistically, it would take a looong time to get over it. 

Christa lives a long and happy life as a queen and fucking, Isayama, give her a wife or so help me god….

Connie and Sasha are alive and well. They get married and work for the government, maybe in agriculture or management of food storage. 

Levi and Hanji are alive and they get married. They go on adventures together, even when they’re old. Hanji never loses that scientist’s spark and Levi would never leave his last remaining friend  and partner alone. 

Jean…well. I see him being some kind of politician or head in the military. But the military’s not fighting anymore, so he’s really in charge of helping people settle outside of the walls and adjust to the “Real” world. 

I see him getting married, but I don’t know if I see him getting married to Mikasa. He’s the jealous type. 

Mikasa, well.

I’d like to see her branch away from Eren and perhaps use her strength for other things. 

Since in this ending, the fighting is over, she’s now allowed to pursue other interests. 

She’s never cared about exploring, not as much as Eren and Armin. 

I see her…settling down somewhere, keeping to herself, maybe taking care of horses and animals on a farm. 

I don’t see her…chasing Eren and Armin.

Like I know she wants to “be by Eren’s side” but I feel like that’s only because it’s a dangerous world and she feels she needs to protect him. 

I feel like she would trust Eren’s safety with Armin.

Which brings me to my next and final dream snk ending.

Eren and Armin, if they can’t have a cure, go out on a last adventure together.

They know Eren will die.

Armin knows he’ll follow shortly after. 

But Armin wants to show Eren everything before he does.

They travel as far as they can in the time they have left, mapping lands and admiring the view and camping on all kinds of terrain.

They settle down when the time is near and Armin prepares for the end. 

And when Eren does die, he buries him out there, I imagine on a cliff overlooking the sea.

And Armin is alone now, but he’s still got a job to do. 

He writes the entire story, everything that had happened up until that point. 

He leaves it at Eren’s grave for someone to find.

He goes back home to Mikasa, tells her the news. They mourn together and Armin has to tell Mikasa that he doesn’t want her to be alone, to find other friends and family once he’s gone. 

Maybe Mikasa and Jean reconnect here, I don’t know.

I could see that, actually. Mikasa and Jean, old friends, reminiscing about the past and realizing that they’ve been through a lot together and they have more in common than they ever thought. 


When Armin dies, Mikasa has him cremated. 

She goes out, maybe with Jean, maybe with the entire surviving 104th squad, with Levi and Hange with them. 

They bring his ashes out to Eren’s grave and scatter them over the cliff and all of them pay their last respects. 

I don’t know if the book Armin wrote is still intact after years of weathering. 

But what remains of it is still there, near Eren’s grave, and Armin’s too. 

it’s the story of a boy who wanted to see the ocean. 

and the story of the friend who took his hand and lead him there. 

If Harry Potter had been sorted in Slytherin House.

In the first year, Harry Potter decides to shake Draco Malfoy’s hand when he first offered to be friends. Even though he doesn’t like to admit it, it is Voldemort that spoke for him at that moment. Immediately after, he’s sorted with the blond in Slytherin. They team up quickly and Harry convinces Malfoy that Snape is not the nice guy. Harry discovers how Draco Malfoy was raised by a racist family and fights a lot with Malfoy and his nasty comments because he knows what it is like to be rejected for something you have no control on. Harry (and Draco, though he doesn’t want to admit it) becomes friends with Ron and Hermione when they find Ron, by himself, looking for Hermione at Halloween. Draco and Harry were sneaking out, trying to find the troll for the lols of it and Ron was doing according to the canon storyline. The four of them don’t completely get along first, mostly because Draco cannot stand the mudblood, but after heated arguments and a deal on the quidditch field (”If I catch the snitch, and I will, before you make a single goal, Malfoy, you stop calling Hermione a mudblood.”) he finally accepts to keep his mouth shut and roll his eyes a minimum when they hang out with the Gryffindors. The four of them goes in the trap for the philosopher stone. Draco helps Hermione carrying Ron to the infirmary.

In the second year, by having a true friend, Draco jerk attitude gradually fainted. Harry and him, both understand each other without words ever needed. They also hang a lot with Ron and Hermione. Draco is always quiet when they are with them. He’s too busy rolling his eyes. Harry tells Draco about Dobby and Draco forces Dobby to stop trying to kill his friend and tell them about the Chamber of Secrets. They practice Quidditch together all the time. Draco complains about his dad a lot. They use polyjuice to spy on the teachers to learn more about the chamber of secrets, instead, all they learn is about McGonnagall’s wife. Draco and Ron are both with Harry in the Chamber of Secrets but are separated when Lockhart uses Ron’s wand. They let Harry go find Ginny and stay quiet for a bit. After a couple of minutes, they start talking and recognise that they have a lot more in common than they thought. They start arguing about their collection of chocolate toads cards.

In the third year, Draco was with Harry, in the train, when the dementors strike. He says a sassy comment when Harry wakes up after fainting, yet he did hear a woman screaming. It was his mum. Screaming at his dad. They always fight. He’s jealous that Harry spends time with Lupin. He feels lonely. He hates the other Slytherins. Especially, Pansy Parkinson. She’s always following him around. He finds himself spending more time with Ron and Hermione in order to avoid her. They talk about how shitty is Divination class. Pansy Parkinson is the one that gets hit by Buckbeak. She wants to impress Draco. She’s the first one to notice that Draco is hypnotised by Harry Potter. She hates it. Draco is the one that falls off his broom. He cannot participate in the saving of Buckbeak nor Sirius because he’s in the infirmary for a long time (don’t worry Harry visits him often).

By the fourth year, we get to see both of characters to evolve together, tease each other, flirt with each other under sassy comments. Draco helps Harry getting ready for the Triwizard Tournament. Harry finds Draco tied up in the lake; he’s the person he cares the most about. Harry tells Hermione about how if he was a girl he would invite Draco to the Yule Ball. Draco invites Pansy (because he knows she’ll accept) to make Harry jealous. Harry goes with Parvati to convince himself he doesn’t have feelings for Draco. He promptly realises he’s been lying to himself when he sees Draco holding Pansy tightly. Draco starts going out with her. Lots of drama. The third task happens. It kills Draco to see Harry so devastated after Cedric’s death. If finds him in Maugrey’s office with Dumbledore and Co. Harry is angry at Draco because he saw his dad that night. Their dads. Draco is petrified, struck for the first time of the horrors his father took a part to. Maybe even is mother. Reconciliation. Draco’s character development of the end of the seventh book happens.

By the fifth year, Harry sassy comments to Draco’s father made Draco realise that his home is not at the Malfoy’s manor. Narcissa, loyal confident of her son, offers that he moves definitely with Andromeda after a torrid fight she has with her son about their link with Voldemort. She knows he will be happier there. She also knows Voldemort plans and she wants to distance her precious son from this toxic household. Andromeda’s house is also very close to the Dursleys. Draco teams up with Harry for the Dumbledore Army. They also team up with Fred and George to prank Umbridge, a lot. Harry and Draco kiss for the first time at a meeting everyone forgot except them. Harry tells Hermione. Draco tells Ron. Draco goes to the Christmas party at 12 Grimmauld place. Harry tells clumsily Sirius about his bisexuality. Sirius is moved by Harry’s confidence and tells him about how James and Lily would be proud of their son. How he is proud of the man he became. Harry and Draco cuddle secretly and it helps Harry with his nightmares. Draco freezes at the fight of the ministry. What if his father or his mother are there? He cannot risk hurting them. He holds Harry when Sirius dies. He holds Harry after Voldemort’s fight. His parents learn about it. Narcissa knew. Lucius is infuriated, goes to Andromeda’s to talk his son out of the noxious relation he shares with Harry Potter. Draco stands up for the first time against his father.

In the sixth year, they accept their affection for each other and team up with Ron and Hermione to destroy Voldemort. The whole Halfblood Prince thing isn’t happening nor is Draco plotting against Dumbledore, Snape is charged to kill Dumbledore and he’s the one that lets the Death Eaters into the castle. Draco is constantly haunted by the face of disgust of his father when he looked at him the last time they met. He accepts to help Harry but makes him understand he won’t be able to fight Death Eaters if they meet any. 

It all goes according to canon until they are at the Malfoy’s manor and Bellatrix tortures Draco for having betrayed his family and his blood. The scars he gets replaces the one left by Sectum Sempra in canon. Narcissa is at Andromeda’s when it happens. When she learns about it, she breathes in painfully and promises to herself to help Harry when the time comes. Lucius tells her when she comes back in order to win back her trust. She’s so angry at Bellatrix but she hides it impeccably, she volunteers to do extra work for Voldemort to conceal her rage. It makes her gain even more his trust for when the Moment comes. Everything goes as canon, except that it is Pansy Parkinson that goes hysteric in the Room of Requirements and set fire to it. Draco was the one that went in the Chamber of Secrets because he always hears his boyfriend talk in Parseltongue in his sleep. Draco has a breakdown when he sees Harry in the arms of Hagrid and Narcissa, helpless, by his side. When Harry moves, he automatically runs to him and throws his wand at him. He then runs into the castle to find another wand but ends up helping Sybil Trelawney with an injured student. He understands that even if he despised her classes, she’s a good person and is worth respect.

The epilogue is that after the war they both become professors at Hogwarts; Harry is the D.A.D.A. teacher and Draco is the potions teacher. They adopt Teddy Lupin and it makes them want to adopt more children: James, Scorpius, Neville and Lily. All is well.

☼summertime plots for all ur shipping needs☼

muse a’s puppy has a major problem with behaving while on a leash. while out on a walk, the dog takes off after a squirrel or something. enter muse b, who manages to intercept the beast and now the dog likes them better.

muse a is the rich trust fund kid who’s golfing with daddy and his associates one afternoon and muse b is the idiot at the driving range trying to learn how to golf because they bet their friend they could beat them at any sport. turns out muse b sucks more at golf than they thought because they just nailed muse a in the leg with one of their terrible hits

muse a is on a rollercoaster with some friends and loses their hat on a loop-de-loop. muse b happens to be the really cute stranger at the end of the ride looking for this hat’s owner.

muse a and muse b went to the same high school. they never talked much because they were on opposite ends of the social spectrum - muse a was the popular athlete while muse b was the smart one who preferred to keep to their friend group. after their first year at college, muse b is talked into going to this huge summer bash and ends up talking to muse a and wow, it turns out they have a lot more in common than they thought

muse a and muse b are stuck dead in holiday traffic and the highway isn’t supposed to start moving for another three hours and hey, you’re pretty cute

muse a is a waitress and muse b is the cute customer grabbing lunch with some friends. $5 is at stake when a coworker bets muse a they won’t leave their number on muse b’s check. muse a is definitely not going to lose an easy 5 bucks.

muse a is stuck at grandma’s beach house for the summer and doesn’t know anyone in town. when grandma leaves to run errands for a couple hours, muse a opts to stay home & go tanning. the only problem is, grandma didn’t tell them about muse b, who stops by a few times a week to help her out around the house. optional: when muse a gets the shit scared out of them by b, they could accidentally knock out b and have to deal with that mess

A much more experienced friend and I had a conversation yesterday about magic and the nature of sensing it.

This is someone who magically speaking, I consider to be a human battery. Still, she said even she sometimes has doubts about her own work. Yet I, the barely-above-witchling level practitioner, had power in my little oils and powders that she could sense, objects that I’ve always worried felt dead when I touched them.

Basically, it’s way easier to sense other people’s energies than it is to sense your own. It’s like tasting air; you’re constantly surrounded by your own energy all the time, so that’s just what feeling “normal” is like for you. It’s a lot easier to recognize a foreign energy in something.

What I took from it is, if you can sense what other people are doing but don’t feel like you can do things yourself, it’s likely NOT because you’re weak. In fact, you might have more power than you thought you did, but just are so used to your own energy that it just doesn’t feel like anything. It’s a discernment problem that is very common, not a marker of your ability!

I just felt like that was important enough to share.

what 2 do | (m)

 pairing: kim seokjin x reader,  roommate! jin, college! jin
•  genre/warnings: smut, fluff, slight angst (more like over dramatics), 
•  words: 13,759
→ summary: what happens when the college roommate you thought was definitely going to be girl turns out to be the most gorgeous guy you’ve ever encountered in all your years of life? It’s a stupid misunderstanding on your part, but maybe, just maybe, it won’t be so bad after all…
•  note. this was a request from @immawhalien95 which took me an age to write haha, but it’s finally done and my plan to take over tumblr with Jin fics is taking shape…
•  p.s. listen to I feel you by wonder girls

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Jeff Atkins x Reader | Friendzone - (Part 1)

A/N: I thought I would post this first because I planned the plot in like 5 mins and currently having writers block for the 2 requested ones but I hope they will be up by next week. Enjoy, like and follow. Requests are not open until further notice. Much love. Send me feedback on what you think so far. Part 2 ? .xx

(Part 2)

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Life is great when you know you have at least one loyal best friend. It’s better than having 10 okay friends. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to have entered my life and that was my best friend, Jeff Atkins.

We in actual fact met because of our parents since we’re both neighbours and was new to the neighbourhood at the time, Jeff’s parents had invited us over to his house for dinner. I was shy to speak to someone who was as handsome as Jeff, I wasn’t one to speak to boys in a hurry and where I came from was an all girls school. Knowing that I’m going to the same school as him also had given me the chills, who knows what’s in stored for me. Though that night Jeff had gotten me to show my bubbly and loud side - we had a lot in common.

Jeff introduced me to his friends which I was glad they were all easy to make conversations with but I didn’t believe they were being genuine about who they say they were.

Through time, I started to have feelings for Jeff as more than a friend. This really did scare me because I didn’t want to lose the friendship we had. Worst case scenario is me telling him that I love him and have been in love with him since the start, all he would say is nothing and probably laugh at me like everyone else.

I thought to myself that I should set my feelings for him aside and just worry about our friendship. Problem is that he has a girlfriend named Jazmin for a while now. He seems to be head over heels for her and well I can’t change that. She was the new girl at our school, Jeff couldn’t stop talking about her and since Clay was her buddy, it was a bonus for Jeff so he had an excuse to talk to her. They’ve been dating for a good 6 months.

Later today our whole school was invited to Jess’ house party. As much as I didn’t want to go Jeff insisted that I come with and of course Jazmin was going to tag along. No hate to her, she’s really sweet and pretty - everything that I’m not - we both had become acquaintances.

It was currently 3pm and the party was at 6pm. I was busy studying and decided on getting ready at 5 since Jess’ house is literally 5 minutes away from mine. As I was just about to get back to studying my notifications went off, it was a message from Hannah asking if I was going. I replied back saying yes and hoped to see her there. I left my phone aside and was finishing off my summaries. My phone was ringing this time, I groaned in annoyance, we’re all going to see each other later today anyway so I don’t see what’s the need for the messages and phone calls.

It was a call from Jeff. “Hello” I answered plainly. “Sup bestie” Jeff enthused. “Busy studying well was until you interrupted me. How about you ?” I asked. “Oh my bad Miss. Y/L/N looks like the next time I shouldn’t bother to phone you at all” he said sarcastically. “That’s fine by me” I giggled. “Anyways I just wanted to know if you need a ride ? I’m just on my way to fetch Jazmin and thought I can pop by to pick you up” he said. “Nah it’s okay, thanks for the offer, though I’ll walk” I said. “Are you kidding me ? Do you know how dangerous it is for you to walk alone at night ? I’m coming to pick you up. No buts. See you in a bit” he said lastly and ended this call. Gosh this boy.

I left my work as it was on my study table and started looking through my closet for an outfit. I finally picked out a cropped black lace off the shoulder top with denim short shorts paired with adidas original superstars. I left my hair as its natural wavy state with subtle make up on. I sprayed on some perfume, grabbed my phone and decided to sit on my front porch whilst I waited. 2 minutes later Jeff parks in front, I jumped in the back “Hey” I smiled. “Heya” they replied back. “I love your outfit” she said as she looked at me through the rear mirror. “Aww thanks, I love yours too” I said and turned to look at her in the passenger seat. I felt Jeff look at me through the rear mirror but he didn’t say anything.

We got to the party and as soon as we got there we 3 had dispersed. Well, I was on my own and I’m sure they’re somewhere here together. I walked into Jess’ house and taking in my surroundings, as close as Jess and I may stay we aren’t the bestest of friends though we’re good enough acquaintances.

I spotted Clay and Hannah talking by the couch. “Aww well if it ain’t my favourite people” I cooed. They’re so cute honestly get married already. “Oh hey Y/N it’s good to see you here other than worrying about your books” Clay said and pulled me in for a hug. “Look who’s talking, this isn’t my first party Jensen. I’m the one shocked to see you here that goes for you too Han” I said. “I thought I should try something different” Clay said. “Same here” Hannah added. “I can tell you both did, loving the hair by the way Hannah" I said lastly and faded off into the kitchen.

All I need right now was a drink though I’m not talking about alcohol. Alcohol is not always the option when you’re sad. I poured myself a cup of Coca Cola and walked back to where Clay, and Hannah was. “You guys want a drink ?” I asked. “Nah we’re good” Hannah smiled and shook the cup in her hand. I thought I might as well sit next to them on the couch but then Jess and Justin beat me to it. They were both clearly pissed drunk but it was more evident on Jess. “Hey Y/N” she waved. “Hii” I waved back at them. She then moved her attention to the suck and blow game happening in front of them. “Hey ! We want to play too” Jess whined. I took a quick look at all the participants and surprise surprise, Jeff and Jazmin were playing too. Can I even stand to watch this ?

The card started from Zach to Sheri, to Monty to another blonde, to Jeff. I don’t even know his this boy couldn’t hold onto that card for a few seconds longer. It fell from his lips and he was quick to connect his with Jazmin. “Excuse me” I told Clay and Hannah. They know. I walked out to the front yard and sat on the staircase, I tried not to cry from the pain but I was weak. A tear dropped onto my thigh, I quickly wiped away my tears in hopes that no one sees me crying - I don’t want to cause a scene - their was a hand placed on my shoulder. I looked back to the person and it was Zach. “Hey are you okay ?”

Sansa, Smart

So. Sansa. I hear some people think she’s not very clever. This is a view shared by several characters in the books.

But there’s no reason the readership should share those views. Sansa is a very clever individual who makes increasingly good use of several skills she started the series with, and develops greatly as an observer and an actor over the course of the story.

Putting everything under a cut, for reasons of four books of brainpower.

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Beauty and the Beast - M u s k e t e e r s ! A U

Belle is a Lady serving in the Queen’s court ever since her father painted the acclaimed portrait of the newly wedded King and Queen. Smart beyond her time and adventurous, Belle feels trapped in the restrictions of life at court.

Adam de  Villeneuve is the snobby, arrogant son of a noble, who fell from grace and ultimately lost all lands and titles as well as his head after his involvement in an assassination plot against the King got exposed. The King however couldn’t bare to see Adam, whom he grew up with, ending up begging in the dirty, dangerous streets of Paris. So he gave his childhood friend commission to serve with his Musketeers. To say Adam’s ego hasn’t quite caught up with his new living situation might be a slight understatement. His hot temper isn’t helping either.

When the kind young woman and the brash Musketeer first meet, it’s not exactly love at first sight. Quite the opposite, really. But when Belle stumbles upon a sinister plot by the Cardinal that puts the life of her Queen and all of France in grave danger they reluctantly work together. And along the way find that maybe they have a lot more in common than they thought…

Home Before Midnight

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Donatello x Reader

Home Before Midnight

Prompt: Donatello x reader where it’s like a backwards Cinderella? Don finds a way to turn himself human until midnight so he can go partying like what he assumes normal people do. He ends up meeting the reader and having a good time but runs away before his watch hits midnight. Reader tries to follow him, but loses him in an alley. All that was left behind of him was his glasses that got knocked away in his frenzy to leave.

Note: Aaaaaaaaaaah! This is like the cutest thing ever.

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1158

It was 8 pm. Donnie had four hours as a human, if his calculations were correct. As long as he was home by midnight, he was home free. It was foolproof.

“So what are you going to do tonight?” April asked. She looked over the boys as they took in their new human form. It was unbelievable. Just because it was temporary didn’t mean they couldn’t have fun while it lasted.

“I have no idea,” Donatello stated. “We have until midnight.”

“My nieces are throwing a party.” Casey shrugged. “You should drop by. Tell them Casey sent you.”

“Aw yeah, bro! Party time!” Mikey certainly seemed excited. Donatello on the other hand…Parties weren’t exactly his scene. Or at least, judging by all of the movies and shows he had seen, parties probably weren’t for him.

“I-I’m not so sure…”

“Oh come on, Don, how many times are we gonna get the opportunity to go to a human party?” Raph asked. “Even Leo is down for it. Right, Leo?”

“Raph and Mikey have a point. It’s once in a lifetime.” Leo smiled a little, secretly excited. But of course, he couldn’t let his brothers know that.

“Alright, fine.” Donnie gave in. “Let’s go to a party.”


The music in your apartment was so loud you could barely hear yourself think. You weren’t much of a party animal, but your sister sure was. You sat in the middle of the living room, book in hand as you tried to drown out the noise. It was an impossible task to say the very least.

There was a knock at the door. A very loud one at that. You got up and opened it, revealing four guys you had never seen. And by the looks of them, none of them had ever been to a party, or at least, not one like this. Their faces were full of awe and wonder as they looked around.

“Can I help you?”

“We’re here for the party, brah!” A short blond boy wearing an orange shirt exclaimed.

“We’re friends of your Uncle Casey.” Explained a brunette in a blue shirt. “I hope it’s not too much trouble. We can always-”

“Come on in. We’ve already got fifty kids here, four more aren’t going to hurt.” You jabbed a thumb behind you. “Pizza and drinks are in the kitchen, the bathroom is down the hall.”

“Thank you.” Said the one in the blue shirt.

“Don’t mention it.”

You returned to your spot by the window and cracked open your book once again. It was a few minutes later that you noticed you weren’t alone anymore. The boy in the purple shirt had taken a seat beside you.

“A kindred spirit?” You asked, slipping your bookmark into the pages.

“Yeah. Not much for parties.” He smiled shyly and pushed his glasses up his nose.

“Me either, but my sister is a party animal.”

“I think she’s over there dancing with my brother.”

“Yeah, looks like it.” You looked over to the dance floor, where the boy in the orange shirt was dancing with your party-girl sister. “Why my parents ever leave us home alone is a mystery to me.”

“But your uncle knew about the party.”

“Who do you think buys the pizza?” You laughed. “God, and he calls himself a cop…”

The two of you chatted most of the night, talking about your favorite books and movies, and it turned out that the two of you had a lot more in common than you would have thought. You told him about the book club you belonged to and the writing club you had found at the library. He was kind and funny and the look in his brown eyes sent your heart racing.

Four hours seemed to fly by.

At 11:55, his watch beeped, and he looked down at it, eyes wide.

“I-I have to go.” He fumbled to get up.

“Really? It’s only-”

“Help me find my brothers.” Donnie looked around the room. Leo was already on his way over with Raph in tow. “Where’s Mikey?”

“MIKEY!” Leo shouted. The short blond jogged over to the group.

“Do we have to leave? The party’s just getting started!” He whined.

“Let’s go. Now, Mikey.” Leo ordered. You watched Donnie with sad eyes. He waved apologetically before making his way out the door with the others. Once they were gone, you went back to your spot. It was then that you noticed the glasses sitting on the chair. He had left them here. You grabbed them and ran to the door and then to the end of the hallway, but it appeared the boys were already long gone.

Now you had an excuse to find him…


Donnie was scrolling through social media the next day, monitoring as he usually did when he came across a picture of glasses that looked just like his…the ones he had lost last night.

It read: Seeking My Dork in Shining Armor. He left his glasses at my house last night. He’s got brown eyes, super tall, has legs for days, and he’s the smartest guy you’ll ever meet. If found, please contact me. Thanks!

Donnie’s heart did a back flip. And then a front flip. And then he slammed his laptop shut, earning a look from Mikey across the couch.

“What’s the matter, bro?”

“I need to call Casey.”

Casey came over within the hour.

“What’s the matter, Donnie? What’s wrong?”

“Look.” He showed Casey the post, waiting for him to finish reading with wide eyes.

“What’s the problem? Sounds like (Y/N) likes you.”

“I’m a TURTLE, Casey! That’s the problem!”

“Is it a problem? Is it really?”

“YES! I can’t just go get my glasses back. I can’t just be her boyfriend! She’d see me and run for the hills!”

“I don’t think so.”

“How do you know?”

“Because she’s right there and she hasn’t screamed yet.” Casey pointed to where you were standing in the doorway of Donnie’s lab. “Saw her little ad this morning and decided to bring her by to return them.”

Donnie looked at you. And then at Casey. And then back at you. How had this happened?

“Oh my God,” you took a few steps closer and looked up at the tall terrapin. “You’re even taller like this.”

“W-well, yes, I suppose I…am…That’s all you have to say about all of this?”

“Oh, my bad, here are your glasses.” You held them out to him. He was shocked. You hadn’t screamed, you hadn’t run, and the only thing that seemed to faze you was his height. He could get used to this. “If you’re waiting for some big reaction, it isn’t coming. The whole turtle thing doesn’t bug me.”

“It doesn’t.”

“No, it doesn’t. I still like you.”

“Y-you like me.”

“I thought that much was obvious.” You smiled.

“I-I like you too. A lot.”

“Perfect. Do you have anything planned this afternoon?”

“Not anymore.”


I thought this city would be a perfect place where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, life’s a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of animal you are, I implore you: try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.

Zootopia (2016)
dir. Byron Howard and Rich Moore 

Happy Ending (2) Masterlist

part one

A Lovely Night (ao3) - KikiKiana

Summary: Phil is struggling, it’s hard being an up and coming (hopefully) actor in L.A. He works at a coffee shop, lives with his three friends, Jack, Felix and Mark. But then he finds Dan. And it everything changes. Dan is also struggling, with hardly enough money to buy food, he aspires to revive Jazz in the modern world. Nothing’s going to plan, but then he meets Phil.

Apartment 5B (ao3) - somanydestiel

Summary: Having just moved into a new apartment, Dan is worried that his piano playing is bothering his new neighbors until a note slips under his door requesting a song.

Blue - lunar-scrolls

Summary: Dan’s world is gray, and he’s not sure if he’s going to ever feel ok. But then there’s Phil, who brings a new color to Dan’s life.

Can’t Help The Itch To Touch- To Kiss (ao3) - thescienceofphan

Summary: Phil is deaf and Dan is a manwhore. When people see them together, they worry about Phil’s emotional well being and shame on Dan for targeting a deaf boy, but it’s not like that. Not at all.

Extra Ordinary (ao3) - lowlights

Summary: In a world of superheroes and cunning villains, Phil Lester seems to be the only one who isn’t granted a power. But after being abducted by Dan Howell, a.k.a Lynx, the world’s most wanted villain, he discovers that maybe being ordinary isn’t so bad after all.

Find Your Way Back (ao3) - jewelphan

Summary: Dan is a pretty boy who has many friends, he has a secret passion for art, but chooses to sit with the wrong people. Phil is a hot boy who has a few friends and he has a passion for music, . They aren’t friends, but they both go to a party and their whole world is turned upside down. Something awful and unspeakable happens to Dan, and Phil just happens to be there after it happens. Can Dan ever be happy again after what happened or will Phil have to guide him back to happiness?

I Will Follow Where This Takes Me - curiosityandrain

Summary: Dan has a great life, he has an amazing job as a photographer and he lives in New York.. Phil is an independent filmmaker who hires Dan to be his cinematographer for his upcoming feature film after his usual cinematographer was involved in an accident. The two hit it and become instant friends. Weeks of working together everyday helps develop their friendship and slowly but surely, Dan realises his feelings for Phil run deeper than just friendship. The only problem is, Phil’s taken.

Let Me Down Gently (ao3) - INeverHadMyInternetPhase

Summary: AU in which Dan is (briefly) a lawyer, until he gets fired and kicked out by his girlfriend. Wandering alone at night looking for a place to stay, he happens across a slightly strange man who introduces himself as Phil and who owns a B&B. Without much choice, Dan takes up the offer to stay there, and quickly grows to have a certain fondness for Phil. There’s only one problem: Phil runs the B&B with his long-term partner Alex.

Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat (ao3) - itislacey

Summary: A year after the death of his parents, Dan finds that the only reason he’s able to get up in the mornings is because of the ring on his finger - the one that beats to the rhythm of his soulmate’s heart. Soon enough, Dan finds another reason to wake up in the mornings. And he supposes that’s due to a kind stranger who keeps invading his thoughts.

Mirrors (ao3) - pastelpunkdan

Summary: Living with depression and a panic disorder is not always the best way to live, and when you admit things that you never would have admitted, things become worst. But would you ever want to see what you would be like happy? Dan did.

NotDanHowell - gorgeousdan

Summary: Dan has a guilty pleasure: phan blogs. It’s a mixture of conceited arrogance and morbid curiosity, really. And really, it’s a mixture of these two things that lead to him catfishing members of his phandom and becoming a headcanon blog. After all, what harm can one headcanon do?

Nothing Like A Storybook (ao3) - Merrydith

Summary: Dan Howell is an aloof loner and Phil Lester a well-known weirdo. In theory they are worlds apart, but a chance post-party meeting under the Manchester moonlight sends their lives spiraling and soon they find they have a lot more in common than they thought.

Only Fools (Do What I Do) - lolester

Summary: Dan and Phil were used to fans saying they were together, coming up with countless theories and analysing their every touch. It didn’t bother them; neither of them thought of the other as anything more than just a friend. That is, until a joke Phil made was misinterpreted, and somehow Dan thought they were dating and it was all Phil’s fault. Breaking up with Dan was going to be hard, though, and Phil didn’t want to ruin their friendship. Things were spiralling out of control.

Rebellion (ao3) - VegaPancakes

Summary: Phil Lester has known Dan for a while now. About three years, in fact. They are fantastic friends, maybe even best friends, and they would always tell each other everything. Right? Dan Howell is a secret leader of the Rebels. He doesn’t want Phil to know. Because if Phil find out, he might want to join. And that will get his best friend killed. So once Daniel leaves the gates of Manchester’s Hall for ages 11-18, he puts on his mask and enters a new personality.

The Summer - snowbunnylester, botanistlester

Summary: Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery  for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life.

Waiting, Hoping With Each Breath - botanistlester

Summary: After Dan’s girlfriend breaks up with him, Phil finds his best friend suddenly a lot closer than he’s ever remembered them being before. For some reason, he doesn’t mind it much at all. In fact, Phil quite enjoys the late night cuddles and the way Dan clings to him whenever they watch television. He probably enjoys it a little bit too much.

Water Boy - elliesfics

Summary: Dan’s high school football season is coming to a close. The only thing worse than having his archenemy Phil Lester on the same team is the fact that he can’t even play this season. But that’s just the surface problem… the secret Dan is keeping behind closed doors is only getting harder to deal with and he worries he can’t take very much more.

Trailers 2

Another thought: All of the trailers that have a black bird (crow, raven, something) in them are connected.

I think that this is Raven, not Qrow. Here’s why.

We see this at the very end of Ruby’s trailer, in a dark purple flash. This looks a lot like this:

which was summoned by Raven. I have my bets on it being Raven in all of these trailers, getting involved in things that concern her.

But then why was she in Blake’s trailer?

Well, Raven’s daughter’s hair glows when she activates her semblance.

However, Yang has more in common with Taiyang than with Raven. But who shares a lot in common with Raven?

Who wears a Grimm mask,

has a red katana,

and whose hair glows when they activate their semblance?

Their semblance, being that, when activated, their hair glows and they release all the energy that they have absorbed during the fight?

Raven’s son is Adam Taurus, or at least there’s some relation.

Who’s the father?

Now that we’ve all been decimated by Steven Nuke Mach 2, there’s a lot to contemplate about the war, rebellion and homeworld society.

The first question that comes to mind is what happened between Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond? Now, this obviously isn’t a new question. But given the new background we have on Pink Diamond, it does make the question all the more pressing. 

It seems that both Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz had a weakness for humans. Or more likely from their point of view, a fondness for the creatures building a primitive civilization on a planet that was to be colonized. They may well have both been alarmed at the idea of driving this species to extinction by what was most likely their typical method of building said colony. 

If they both agreed on this, what happened? 

Pink Diamond came up with what she thought was a perfect solution:

A Human zoo. 

Far removed from the dangers that would have faced them on earth, a small cross section of native Humans were given given a paradise where their every need was met. They would survive and thrive.

This would naturally, leave Pink Diamond’s conscious clear to use Earth’s resources to her desires. She had after all, in her infinite mercy, “saved Humanity”. No matter if the vast majority of the human population remaining of Earth would die, surely this was enough. She did after all have a colony to build and gems to produce. 

And this was the main difference between Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond’s views on humanity. They did have a number of similarities in how they thought of us: Humans were play things. Entertaining, worthy of being saved, but in the end nothing more than pets or toys. 

Of course Pink Diamond wasn’t about to give up her newly emerging colony. She also, thanks to her zoo, wan not about to make the human species extinct. What more could and gem possibly want from her?

But for Rose Quartz, a zoo wasn’t enough. Saving a few wasn’t enough. She wanted them to leave the planet, and let humans be. It may have been that the idea of keeping humans in captivity was reprehensible to her. From the reaction of the CGs, it wouldn’t have just been her.  The idea of killing the vast majority of Humans, who had just this one planet, who were so different from them and all the more beautiful for it, was incomprehensible. 

So incomprehensible that she was willing to start a war for it.

Which begs the question: what was the breaking point?

And just how did we end up with this? Between Pink Diamond and Bismuth, just what was Rose willing to do to those with power or influence who stood in the way of doing things the way she wanted? 

I Meant It

Regulus Black x Reader

Request: An imagine w/ Regulus falling in love with lily’s younger sister, who is in Gryffindor and looks like Lily(red hair, green eyes)they are secretly dating and Sirius and Lily found out about it and while sirius is all cool with it Lily is freaking out.

A/N: As you can tell I had writers block b/c this is so bad

Originally posted by nellaey

Y/N Evans grabs the desk at the very back of the potions room on the first day of class, desperate to be out of the teacher’s line of sight. Even though she and her older sister, Lily, share their fiery red hair and emerald green eyes, they definitely don’t share the same outgoing personality.

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Looks like Touka and Akira have a lot more in common than we assumed. Both of them have suppressed feelings that can’t properly be expressed. So, they end up giving the cold shoulder to whomever it is that they have certain feelings for – in their case, it would be Kaneki and Amon. 

I’m expecting something interesting to come out of their conversation. 

It’s been a while. A year, if we want to be accurate. It has been a hard year for many of us, who are working at the Raycord project. Some of us went through some life-changing events, some have taken up a new job, some just went through a series of obstacles and some have lost their close relatives… It seems like a whole life has passed by. What about our project? Strangely enough it has survived.

So, in a few words: THE PROJECT IS ALIVE.

But while it is alive, it has undergone miserable changes for the past year, not to mention that we’re unsure even about its basic concept. In fact, we don’t know if we’re going to hold onto the MLP universe or just straight make up something of our own, inspired by the original series. It’s not like we had a lot in common to begin with, besides our characters… And the main fight still goes on with the coding, more than with anything else. What we want more than anything else is to make a QUALITY platformer, smooth and comfortable in controls, which turns out to be a hard thing to do. Especially if you barely have any time to spare on it.

To be really honest with you, a few times we thought about closing our project for good. We’re still thinking about that. To be honest, we were going to just close it today and straight up publish all that we’ve done on the game up until now. But, while we are making at least some progress, we decided to go on. After all - it is simple to give up, but to fight on is where the real challenge is.

So, to sum up - is the project closed? Not yet. Will you see some progress on it soon? Don’t know. How long we’re going to keep developing? No idea. Is there a possibility that we’ll close up the project before finishing? Yes.

But for now the fight goes on. And in our time, spare from work, stresses, disasters and other things that make our lives exciting, we’re going to keep working on the project. No promises though. Anyway, thanks for everyone who still follows us and patiently waits! I hope that we’ll be able to publish some good news and next time it will be sooner than a year!

In the Rough

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 (you are here), part 5, part 6, part 7, based on @skygemspeaks‘s prompt

Previously: Yuuri has survived his first day of being bodyguard to Crown Prince Victor, though not without drawing the suspicion of Prince Yuri and Otabek, the captain of the guard. Victor has proven to be quite the handful as a charge, and Yuuri is beginning to see what Otabek meant when he described the job as a “glorified babysitter.”

It takes Yuuri several months to get used to the new life he’s living, which is, in retrospect, a good thing. It isn’t permanent; can’t be, no matter how much he enjoys it. And he does enjoy it immensely, even if he’s really just doing the same thing that he would have been doing back home.

He spars with Victor during fencing practice, just like he sparred with his own bodyguard Minami. He helps tutor Victor in the ways of the other countries of the area, like he helped Mari. He goes on afternoon rides with Victor, the way he used to do at home, alone.

It’s different in some ways, he admits. They teach each other their native languages, so that they can communicate with more than just the common languages. Yuuri has grown used to (perhaps too used to) the feeling of having someone latch onto him like an overheating barnacle at night. He learns that the palace dog, Makkachin, has a particular fondness for things that he shouldn’t have, a lot like Yuuri’s Vicchan.

He learns that Victor is relatively useless in emergencies, like when Yuuri’s thoughts get to be too much for him. He tries, after that first disaster, to keep his episodes away from Victor, since it seems to cause him distress to see Yuuri like that.

He learns that though he shows it in roundabout ways, Prince Yuri has more respect for his brother than he does for anyone, even their father. He learns that for all that Victor acts like a bumbling idiot, he’s actually smart– so smart, in fact, that it terrifies Yuuri sometimes. He can also be serious and sometimes cruel when something needs to be accomplished and isn’t (though luckily that side of him doesn’t come out often). He’s highly tactile, and shows decorum only when it’s strictly necessary.

Yuuri also learns, on one particularly average day, that he’s possibly a little bit entirely in love with Victor. And that poses a problem for him, since he has always had trouble concealing his emotions. Luckily, it seems that in this case, Victor’s denseness isn’t faked; he truly has no idea.

All in all, Yuuri is happy here. For a while, he even forgets that he’s a prince; it’s still there, hovering just at the edge of his mind at all times, but he’s often too busy to dwell on it.

Fast forward three months, and Yuuri is rolling out of bed early for once. As he recalls, there isn’t much going on today. There’s a meeting with a foreign dignitary later this morning (he wasn’t told the name; he never is, and it never matters much. He just stands there, making sure that nothing suspicious is happening and hoping that it isn’t someone that would recognize him) and a few logistical things that need to be dealt with for the ball celebrating Price Yuri’s birthday. Unless he missed something in his briefing last night, it’s going to be a relatively easy day.

He gets dressed before waking up Victor. “Your Highness. Victor, come on. It’s time for breakfast and you know how your brother is going to be if he has to wait for you.”

Victor’s eyes are closed, but he smiles and pulls Yuuri down. “He’s always like that.”

Yuuri flails a bit, trying to keep his belt buckle, knife, and sword sheath from scratching Victor. It doesn’t leave him a lot of time to stop his fall, so he lands right where Victor wants him. “Victor! You could hurt yourself doing that!”

“I can’t hear you, I’m sleeping.” Victor gives an exaggerated snore and Yuuri laughs.

“No you’re not,” he says, still chuckling.

Victor laughs with him, opening his eyes. “What gave me away?”

“You don’t snore.”

“I knew it!” Victor’s voice is suddenly very loud. When Yuuri winces, he looks apologetic. “Yura always said I snored, but I knew better.”

That doesn’t surprise Yuuri in the slightest. After all, Prince Yuri has always seemed to enjoy giving his older brother grief. Yuuri gets out of bed for a second time, tugging Victor along with him. “Come on, get dressed properly. You have a meeting after breakfast.”

“You’re such a mother hen,” Victor laughs.

“It’s my job,” Yuuri says, straightening his own collar before turning toward the wardrobe to get out clothes for Victor.

Breakfast goes about as well as can be expected. That is to say, it goes as well as it ever does, with Prince Yuri making a fuss, Victor being himself, Mila and Georgi being obnoxious, and the Tzar looking to Yuuri to try to keep some sense of sanity. Yuuri, as usual, can do nothing but look back at him helplessly.

“Yuuri, let’s go have a bath,” Victor says after fencing lessons.

Before answering, Yuuri takes a quick glance out of the east window; the sun has risen past where he can see, so it must be close to noon. “You have a guest that should be arriving any time now, so I’d advise against it.”

“Exactly! I’m quite sweaty and I hardly smell very good either. Is this how you’d have me greet a royal visitor?” Victor clutches his chest dramatically, falling into Yuuri’s arms.

Yuuri, as is his instinct at this point, catches him. He really is lovely, he can’t help but think before blinking and shaking his head to recenter himself in reality. “Oh alright. But I won’t be joining you.”

Victor’s eyes widen and his bottom lip quivers in a pout that Yuuri should not find so adorable. “You’re going to leave me with Otabek?”

“Well, someone has to be around to greet the visitor, if you aren’t,” Yuuri says, grinning at the way the logic seems to hit Victor like a hammer.

He sends an errand boy to get Otabek, who arrives minutes later. He’d been right, that first day; Yuuri doesn’t call on him for help often, but there are times when he truly can’t be in two places at once. He and Victor are gone soon after, heading for the baths (though Otabek will surely stand outside the door) while Yuuri stays behind and waits for the arrival of the person who has been granted a royal audience with Prince Victor.

Mila runs up to him not thirty minutes later, panting that there’s a carriage at the gate. Yuuri makes his way to the throne room, apologies for Victor’s absence already memorized and ready to be spoken (hopefully without completely fumbling it, but that will be an issue all its own).

Those apologies die on his tongue the moment that the visiting royal is announced.

“Presenting His Royal Highness, Crown Prince of the Southeast, Phichit Chulalont!”