they have a bigger fan base

2018, the end.

Guy’s I’ve had a few asks relating to my last post so I’m just gonna reiterate what I mean. 

Career wise, Fifth Harmony can’t go any further. Even if Camila was still a member of the group, it wouldn’t make any difference what so ever. Their music is repetitive and fans are beginning to disassociate and detach themselves from the songs they put out. Besides, ‘Bridges’, nothing on their album really stands out. Yes, vocally the girls are flawless, but the melodies/beats are consistent on each track, nothing stands out from any other song in the mainstream media. When I say that, I unfortunately mean it just isn’t Grammy worthy. I do genuinely believe the girls wanted to call time on the group last year, when Camila’s departure was announced. In interviews leading up to the 19th, the girls were undecided on a future and there was an uncertainty in the air even when we presumed Camila would remain. Now to me, Camila left at the perfect time. Her induvial success so far is remarkable. She’s getting endorsed by some of the biggest brands and her music is climbing the charts. However, if the girls chose to split last year at the same time, there would not have been space for 4 solo females in the music industry. It’s as simple as that. By prolonging the split, the girls are growing their own individual fan bases and preparing for their solo endeavours. The brand ‘Fifth Harmony’ simply cannot get any bigger. It’s just not growing as it should. It like a flower, you can water and nurture it all you want but it won’t get any bigger until eventually it dies. The label are fully aware of this, therefore are using drama/hype to get the girls recognised and to keep people talking. At the same time, each girl is dropping individual projects on the side. For example, Ally’s feature in Lost Kings’ hit “Look at Us Now”. Lauren’s previous hits with Halsey/Marian Hill including her upcoming collab with Steve Aoki. Dinah and Normani recording in the studio separately. All the signs are here. As soon as that group contract ends next year, the girls will jump into solo contracts. Remember the girls auditioned as solo artists, ultimately they wanted solo success. Being in this wonderful group is sadly only helping them to achieve their own personal goals. It’s a platform, a step up into their dream if you will. And that’s completely okay. We have to accept that. So, over the next few months and into 2018, whilst all this drama/shade/bitchiness will continue, remember this post. Remember everything is all happening for a reason. Be smart, don’t allow this to further divide our fandom. Because it shouldn’t be split 5 ways, it should remain as one.

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The fandom is a little too obsessed with Solangelo. We got so many good couples but there's just Solangelo everywhere because they're gays. And yes, representation is important and they are cute but they're not the only characters?

I don’t…? Think it’s because they’re gay?

Like, the thing is, Nico has always been the #1 fan favorite character. I’ve literally never seen a single person say anything bad about him. People are obsessed with the kid. 

And Will…Well, okay, this fanbase has a tendency to get…very attached to minor characters that don’t do a lot? And Will Solace always had one of the strongest fanbase of the minor characters. I remember me and a friend used to jokingly call them ‘the cult of will solace’ lol. So when Will started playing a bigger role in BoO, I was like, “Oh, that’s nice. He’s throwing in more Will for The Cult since it’s the last book. Good for them!”. But then when it became evident he was planning on making Nico and Will get together I was. Dying in my bed. Fuck I wish I had my old phone the texts I was sending were gold once I realized Solangelo was happening lmao. 

But, yeah, that’s my point…He took two characters that have HUGE fan bases and put them together. That’s why people are always so obsessed with them (And, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are some 14-year-old-girls-who-are-obsessed-with-gay-ships that are all over solangelo for that reason, but the majority  of people I’m pretty sure aren’t crazy over that.) Like, Percy and Annabeth are both fan favorite characters, so as a couple they get a lot of hype…It’s pretty much the same with Nico and Will. 

ѕweeт lιĸe нoney

Like I promised, I finished the doodle for Hinata in the Last setting…ugh I feel like I should start a bigger project like a NaruHina calendar…thoughts?

Hey guys. This is a really big step for me to take and I should take it now before things get too out of hand. A lot of accounts on Instagram have been stealing art from artists and using them as bases. I could name dozens of accounts like this and I don’t know but please put watermarks on your work!
My own Hinata arts have gone viral on Hinata fan accounts and they haven’t even credited me so it’s definitely a slacker you know. I’ve decided to not make fan art anymore especially not of Naruto because the OC half of the fandom is ruthless. Tracing, editing and using art without the artist’s permission is not cool.

Another D23 has passed and oh my gosh I’m DEAD! I did get some professional shots of the veil but I wanted to take some time to thank some friends who helped take this veil from dream to reality as well as talk about the veil itself.

The veil is over 10 feet long. Over 20 thousand Swarovski crystals decorate the entire veil (I kept count by how many 10 gross packs I went through 😅). I used their White Opal flat backs in 4 different sizes to create the corona sun, swirls and all the sunburst flowers that go up the entire veil. It took me about a month to put all the crystals all over the veil and I plan on adding MORE too it but for what I wanted to have completed for the Expo I achieved and I’m VERY happy with how it all turned out. And with the little time I had left I made a flower bouquet and placed Swarovski ABs all along the lily petals 😁😁😁
First a huge thank you to Jessica for taking on my crazy concept. She made the base of the veil for me and even it made it LONGER. 🙌🏻💖
And an even bigger thank you to my favorite Tangled fan and friend Brittany who helped me draft the sun and swirl patterns onto the veil and assist with some bedazzling ✨✨✨
And a HUGE thank you to all my followers and to everyone who sent me messages or comments of encouragement. Your kind words meant the world to me and I’m forever thankful for you all 💖💖💖 Now I’m going to go crash and soak my con tired feet and pray to the convention gods I don’t get conflu 🤣😅😅😅💖💖💖💖💖💜💜💜💜💜

Guy’s it’s just clicked into place for me. Ty liked this on Twitter. It all finally makes sense. There’s a lot I’m going to explain so please bear with me. 

Okay so, The VMA’s are one of the most prestigious awards in regards to the visual representations of an artists music. Every artist that attends/is nominated is there to win, no matter what. The majority of these awards given are fan voted. Statistically artists with smaller fanbases, are less likely to win these awards hence why ‘bigger’ artists are more consistently successful. Makes sense doesn’t it. So, over the past few months Ty’s fan base has grown massively, thanks to his association with Lauren. Theres a lot of L stans and Harmonizers that have jumped ship to support “L’s happiness” with him. Fair enough. But, Lauren’s individual fanbase has also significantly grown thanks to Ty and the genres/artists he’s associated with. Lauren’s increasing presence in the industry, is further increasing the platform for the Fifth Harmony girls and their brand. The fanbases intertwine hence their overall popularity inclines. So these Lauren and Ty rumours aren’t only benefiting those two, they’re creating a huge buzz around Fifth Harmony as a group, therefore raising the popularity and profile of Ally, Normani and Dinah. Why is a feminist dating a misogynist? Because its creating headlines. Popularity comes with headlines. Popularity causes a growth in fan bases and musical genre diversity. A larger fanbase means there chances of winning these prestigious awards are statistically higher than ever. What happens next? They win.

Here’s my prediction (put all your money on this) : 

Ty’s going to win at least one VMA, The 5H girls are performing and are also pretty much guaranteed a win thanks to the fans voting. (If you haven’t voted already, you know the drill) These Ty and Lauren rumours will faze out within a matter of weeks and as nothing has been confirmed between the two, it won’t need to be addressed by either party. All they will have to say is “We were just friends” or what the cool kids say “just vibing”. We’ve got 8 day’s until the VMA’s and get ready because management are going to lay it on with the publicity of their ‘relationship’. We are gonna get possible headlines, more indirects/commenting on each others posts on social media, more questionable images of the two together etc.. Its started already today with the liking of EVERY POST the other uploads, just minutes after it was posted. There’s going to be more ‘Tyren’ than we’ve ever seen. Watch this space.

Do I believe Ty and Lauren was/is PR. Yes. Do I think all will come to an end quicker than we think? Yes.


Why is the Junker Queens design such a problem?

So, ever since the release of the new Junkertown map, People have been going crazy over a picture of the queen of Junkertown.

However, there are some people who are complaining about her design because she’s not traditionally ugly or fat or dusty like the two other Junkers we know and love (Roadhog and Junkrat if there’s anyone who really doesn’t know their names lmao)

I pose this question to all of you as a fan of this game: What is the problem?

Like, seriously. I don’t see a problem with her design. Maybe I’m missing something but OverWatch is supposed to push the boundaries of character roles and archetypes and shit. Why can’t you niggas be happy for once? You have chubby and muscular girl characters. You have a character confirmed to have autism. Hell, You even have a lesbian character. Not just anyone mind you, It’s fucking TRACER. THE POSTER CHILD OF OVERWATCH. If the Junker Queens design really ticks you off that bad, you need to step back for a second and take a look at the bigger picture and fucking appreciate what you people have. It’s always about what you don’t have and not what you do have. Complaints are stupid, so what if she’s slim and sexy? What are you assuming? That since she lives in the wasteland that she should smell and be terribly fat? This is the same fan base that decides that Junkrat, a pyromaniac and psychopath is an attractive and loveable “smol bean”

Fuck, this fanbase truly cannot be happy.

Hi, so I’d like to join in on the “players being outed” thing. Remember a few months ago when someone dude outed a bunch of athletes at the Olympics? Well, this is almost the same thing. While not on the scale of it being illegal in a country, it’s still extremely dangerous.

These people play in an extremely popular sport that’s shown around the world. A lot of players come from very strict countries, where it could be dangerous for them. Hockey is considered a rich, white sport. And you know what that means? That means the families and kids that are put into this sport at a young age are generally raised in a tight knit community that’s full of racism and homophobia. And when it’s fan base is made up of mostly rich, white families and eventually fans as the sport got bigger, that means a public figure could be ruined.

These kids have so much pressure put on them from a young age. A lot of times, they don’t get to explore casual relationships, romantic, sexual or platonic. Everything they do is analyzed. When you’re going to be a public figure, you hide a lot of things.



hey guys! so if you don’t already know, the annual Bellarke Fanfiction Awards have been cancelled. (if you’re not caught up, you can read the official announcement here)

while i know a lot of people are disappointed, i just hope you guys remember how much Work the BFF Team puts into organising this every year. these girls work their butts off trying to make every year’s awards bigger and better so that all of us find new things to enjoy about it. they’re a huge part of cultivating fan content appreciation in our fandom (not just fics, but vids/gifs/edits too). besides that, they spend large chunks of their time just keeping the BFF blog going, providing us with a steady stream of reblogged/original fic, doing their best to locate and recover every forgotten/lost fic when we can’t remember the name of that one work we loved. (seriously, have you ever tried to search for a specific fic based on someone’s vague, fuzzy description? it’s hard, fam. imagine doing that, like, every single day.)

with that in mind, it would be really nice if we could all put aside our gripes and complaints about fandom for, like, a minute, and take a moment to acknowledge and affirm this awesome team made up of Real Human Beings for their tireless, heartfelt contributions to the blog and to the Bellarke fandom as a whole. 

SO, let’s play a game!

  • click here to go to the BFF askbox!
  • send something nice their way – a compliment for the good work, a small ‘thanks’ for everything, or maybe something sweet you’ve always thought about them but never really thought to say to them!

i don’t want this to come off as “HEY GUYS GO DO THIS THING FOR ME PLS AND THANKS” bcos that’s not what this is about. BUT as extra encouragement, i’m going to open up my own inbox for five-sentence prompt fills! 


  • like this post once you’ve sent in your appreciation message to the BFF Team
  • you are NOT required to reblog! (unless you just want to spread the word!) 
  • send me your Bellarke prompts here and i’ll write you a five-sentence fic 
  • this isn’t foolproof verification at all ofc so we’re gonna have to go on a little bit of faith here, lmao <3 honour system, folks! (e.g. don’t send me a prompt when you never sent any good vibes the BFF Team’s way)


i’m pretty sure there’s a special place in all our hearts for the BFF blog and the BFFA, and i’m willing to bet i’m not the only one who wants to give something back to our lovely BFF Team. if you’d like to jump in on this, PLEASE REBLOG to let people know that you’re taking on this challenge! the more fic writers in on this project, the more love that’s gonna be sent the BFF Team’s way! =)

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Speaking in reality terms for the future of the anime, do you think bakudeku would ever actually become canon? I'm a huge shipper of it, but I feel as if tododeku has an even bigger fan base but personally I've never really had a moment where I saw them as more than friends... I have a feeling uraraka and Deku will for sure become canon but to me it just seems so forced and generic but I'm not trying to diss anyone's ships! It just doesn't work for me

Me and Mod Deku have discussed the possiblity! Things we know for certain is that Horikoshi is:

1) a rule/trope breaker

2) fairly more open to being explicit with lgbt themes than most shounen authors (in reference to Tiger, his canonically trans character)

Does that mean Bakudeku will canon? WELL the thing we’ve resigned to is the possibility of onesided Bakudeku (from Bakugou’s end) should the story and their relationship continue to embolden his (now altering) feelings re: Deku.

Bakugou has remained one of the only BNHA characters without an implied opposite sex love interest with Midoriya remaining the big focus and drive of his character, it wouldn’t be entirely unbelievable for Hori to go that direction especially considering he even used Mineta to make a quip at the possibility.

Bakudeku is ACTUALLY the most popular BNHA ship in Japan last I checked, so there is a constant rallying fanbase for it that’s very hard to ignore down there! And you find many casual readers joking about Deku –> Bakugou, ultimately, I personally don’t think it’d cause many problems for Hori to go that direction aside from the West having a stirrup.

In terms of TDDK/Uradeku, I believe those are  still really strong ships, and its probably definitely safer to say Uradeku is inevitable, but Hori has even backed out of Uradeku slightly to avoid surrounding Uraraka’s character around him whilst finishing up these other character arcs…he’s unpredictable but he’s not typical!

If Uradeku does go forward he’ll do something amazing for them, as for the possibility Bakudeku…We know Hori’s biggest inspirations have been all kinds of shounens.. looking at things like Naruto and HxH…it’s  not unusual for him to take different paths and go that direction, be open to anything!

Although imo Deku and Bakugou’s allusion to being the most synchronized and connected pair in the series is enough for me whatever happens ;)

-Mod Shouto 

NCT Reaction- SM Wanting Them To Break Up With You

This is a request for @itsallkpop. Really liked this idea for a reaction so the reactions from the members are quite lengthy.

Hope you like this! :D

Taeil: He would cry and cry. Honestly the thought of no being able to be with you would crash his heart. He wouldn’t tell you that his company wants him to leave you. He would only tell Taeyong, Yuta and Hansol that he was being made to dump you. He would dump you with no explanation and cry more.
He would then show up out of the blue and tell you everything.

Originally posted by y-ta

Hansol: He would be calm about it at first thinking up ways he could still be with you and please his company. He would talk about you on as many interviews as possible so that your relationship would have a bigger fan base, maybe then the company would let you be together. He wouldn’t have told anyone but the other members may have figured it out.

Originally posted by johnnyseoul

Johnny: He would become so angry, he wouldn’t become violent but he would yell at people for no reason at all. He only stopped when someone bumped into him and he turned around yelling about how people should watch where there walking and see Jisung looking at him terrified. He would then calm down and talk out his feelings. In the end the company thought it would be better for him if you both stayed together.

Originally posted by fy1ao

Taeyong: He would completely close off to everyone, barely talking to anyone during practice. His dance moves would become sloppy as well, he would keep falling into the other members. When someone asked him what was wrong he would just brush them off. He wouldn’t be as focused, forgetting important things. When the time came for him to break up with you he would have a mental breakdown and refuse to break both your hearts. He would fight with the company until they agree to let you be together.

Originally posted by t-yong

Yuta: He would avoid you at all costs, if you brought the boys food he would make an excuse that he had an important meeting and leave as quickly as possible. He would keep telling SM that he hadn’t found the right moment to break up with you, this might only buy him a few days. When the company finally pushed him to do it he would spill his heart telling you about why he’s been avoiding you and that he still wants you to be happy even if he can’t have you for himself. He would secretly date you without the companies knowledge.

Originally posted by martina-07

Kun: He too would become angry but instead of yelling he’d become distant. Anyone trying to talk to him call would be pushed away. He would only talk to you cherishing the moments you had together before he would be made to end your relationship. He would only tell WinWin about the current events and why he was angrily pushing people away. He’d refuse to break up with the love of his life and the company would finally give in.

Originally posted by hansoulji

Doyoung: He is not on board with any of the company’s ideas of what your relationship should be like. He loves you and you love him thats all he cares about so when the company decides that they don’t like you and want your relationship to be completely over he takes it very seriously. He protests and tells anyone that will listen that he will be with you till his last breathes.

Originally posted by y-ta

Ten: He will work himself to death trying to get his mind off of things. His normal cheery, playful persona completely gone. Fans on vlive always ask in the comments whats wrong but he never answers their questions. You being the kind caring soul you are comfort your man. When you do he breaks down into tears telling you that his company doesn’t want him to be with you, it takes a lot of him complaining to get SM to finally let you be in a relationship.

Originally posted by tenchittaphonsnose

Jaehyun: This guy will be calm about it on the outside but on the inside there is a storm brewing. He would work twice as hard as he normally does making the company think their decision to make him leave you was a good idea but then they realise he hasn’t left you yet. They make the mistake of pushing him to do it then all hell breaks loose he tells everyone about what the company wants him to do and the fandom explodes. Getting extremely angry at them but the company don’t punish him they just let you two be together to regain the trust of the fans.

Originally posted by y-ta

WinWin: This some guy doesn’t know how to react. He hasn’t done much since he was given the orders by the company. His dancing and singing aren’t that good a quality anymore like he is only half trying. The guys definitely notice his behaviour and comfort him trying to get him to talk about whats on his mind, he tells them and they encourage him to do what he wants so he refuses saying he loves you too much to ever let you go. After months of him arguing with the company he finally gets to be with you.

Originally posted by yuseols

Mark: He isn’t one to break the rules so when he is told to ditch your relationship it hits him hard right in the feels. He tells Donghyuck about his situation and the younger says something really cheesy like ‘follow your heart simba’. Mark is so conflicted, should he follow SM’s wishes or stay with you and happy. He finally decides that the company is wrong and that although he is an idol his own opinion should be first and he chooses you. Not caring what the company does.

Originally posted by oh-prankster

RenJun: Ahhh, no he’s emotional wreck probably drawing really sad pictures. He might draw you a lot and stare at your pretty/handsome face in pictures all day, not even attempting to dance or sing. Chenle would be really concerned and ask him if he’s okay. The only reply he gives is a long depressed sigh as you keeps looking at your pictures. The company feels sorry for there chinese son and take back what they said about your relationship.

Originally posted by kunxxxsol

Jeno: No eye smiles for days on end. The entire group is in a sad mood and they don’t understand why. He and Jaemin don’t laugh anymore because he’s too broken inside to laugh about silly, random things so. The dream team are constantly trying to make him smile, with no success. The only time he has anything close to a smile is when he is with you. The company notice this and change their minds.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Haechan: He goes on a rampage roasting anyone he meets. Like if you thought he was a savage before you have no idea what he’s like now. He made a grown man cry, he had to be forcible shut up before he gotten beaten up for his filterless mouth. He is given a stare by Taeyong to shut it and that works slightly, he is still in a grumpy mood glaring at anyone that passes by. He refuses to do anything and goes on a strike, not dancing or singing until the company lets him be with you. Which they do.

Originally posted by nctepdnim

Jaemin: Well, its hard to say what he was thinking all anyone knew was he had a michevious face and often staring into space what they didn’t know was he was planning ways he could secret date you without any of the members or SM finding out. But alas nothing, if you two went out in public you would both be recognised by fans thus exposing you. He doesn’t stop though and decides to get revenge on SM. He takes a risk and outs up on social medias that the company wants him to leave you, to cover up there tracks SM agree to let you to date.

Originally posted by nctmark

Chenle: This kids soul would leave his body. He wouldn’t be tuned into conversations his voice would shake very time he tried to speak. Everybody knew something was wrong they just couldn’t pinpoint what. Chenle would constantly be texting you and giving you compliments it confused you a bit so you’d ask Mark and he’d connect the dots and figure out what the company did. He along with the rest of NCT would fight for you both until SM finally let you both date.

Originally posted by seuteppi

Jisung: Two words; BROKEN HEARTED. SM would honestly crush his mind, body and soul if they asked him to do that. He would want to be with you every minute of everyday just cuddling. He would have told you about the company’s orders as soon as they had give them to him. You would both of cried in each others arms telling each other that they would miss the other. Do you here that in the distance thats the sound of the angry fans in the distance looking for the blood of the ones who did this to him and you. Due to the out cry of the fans SM would have no choice but to let you be happy together.

Originally posted by loveholic198

yoonjin fic rec pt. ii ♥

there’s way too much porn in this sry not sry

I Sought A Muse (But The Words Just Wouldn’t Come) - The first person to answer his ad—his name is Seokjin, if Yoongi remembers correctly—sent a message with something super vain like “cameras love my face,” which should be an enormous red flag, but Yoongi’s getting desperate. And in any case, if it’s true, it’ll just make his job a lot easier.

Wa(i)sted - "What do you think Jinnie-hyung is hiding underneath those sweaters?“ Taehyung asks suddenly. What he’s hiding under those sweaters, Yoongi finds out, is a narrow waist that is too tempting for Yoongi’s own good.

real smooth  - Yoongi thinks he’s subtle as fuck. Seokjin disagrees. They make a bet.

Come First - Yoongi has been in the studio too long and Seokjin tries to persuade him to leave. It doesn’t go quite according to plan.

My Heart Has Grown Bigger - The fans have noticed that Yoongi and Seokjin seem to have grown apart and are blaming it on Seokjin; Yoongi wants to show them the truth. Or, five of the many times Yoongi cared about Seokjin, only five that he let the world see.

I Ship It! - Every idol reads fanfiction. But Taehyung might be the only idol who starts shipping his hyungs together because of fanfics.

6 A.M.- The kids are hungry, Seokjin cooks, and Yoongi? Well, Yoongi’s just in love.

“I don’t want to date you.” - Based on the glorious 15 second interaction between Yoongi and Jin from the Run BTS behind the scenes but they have been low key seeing each other for a year. 

R.I.P. Min Yoongi - Yoongi is sleep deprived from all the touring but is mostly thirsty for Seokjin.

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You used to be realy active and nice and freindly, and now it seems like you only reblog art and talk to your blogger freinds who you write MEL with. You ignor asks and you ignor fandom memes. What happened to suporting smaller bloggers? What hapened to you? Its like you got populer and just forgot about your old friends.

Hi Anon-

TBH, this message took me by surprise.

Let me try and unpack your Ask a bit because I feel like perhaps I hurt feelings or did something wrong unintentionally. I also could go into all the things happening in my life on the other side of this screen, but you don’t need a bio (and I don’t think I should have to write one either).

Keep reading


Guys. There’s a Hannibal/Jaws fic by @redfivewritingby.

Idk, that just made me super happy so I drew a quick little thing based on one of my favorite shots in the movie. My only regret is that Hannibal’s ridiculous sunhat should have been bigger and floppier.

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Hey, how would the Mystic Messenger boys react to an MC who draws manga and has a series? The genre if up to you or you don't even have to mention it. Thank you and sorry if I broke a rule (it's not opening on mobile for me I'm sorry ;-; )

//cries// this was my only MM request ;;

Jumin: When he finds out that you have your own series, Jumin looks into investing in it. He’s wondering if he can somehow get his company to have a branch that revolved around manga, that way he could make yours the star of it all. He’ll do anything to help you get your name even bigger if you want.

Zen: Considering he couldn’t draw to save his life, Zen is absolutely amazed that you were well enough to have your own series with an already established fan base. He was never a fan of reading manga, but picks up a few pieces by you so he can get a better understanding of what you do.

707: Of course Seven already knew that you had your own series and — oh my goodness! — would you please sign his copy? He’s a bit of a dweeb when he finally brings up your series with you, wanting to pick your brain about where you’re going to take the series next. You’ll tell him, won’t you?

Yoosung: He knew he’d recognized your name from somewhere! A classmate of his had lent him a book to your series once, telling him that you were a rather great up and coming manga artist. Yoosung is rather flustered and flabbergasted when he finally meets you; now he knows another famous person!

V: Though he couldn’t quite appreciate your manga for all it’s worth, considering his deteriorating eyesight, V still manages to praise all of your works. Call it a guilty whim of his, but he’s always wanted to ask you to draw a scene from one of the many photographs he’s taken, just to see your take on it.

Saeran: Having not grown up reading manga, Saeran doesn’t really know how he should feel about knowing that you were the artist behind a rather famous one. It definitely made it harder for him to sneak you away, considering a lot of people would notice if you suddenly went missing.

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Hey, Livvy! Wanted to know your opinion on getting into FFXIV this late in the game? The continuous sub cost has kept me away all this time, but now there are so many other concerns. How daunting is it to catch up at this point? Are people generally accepting of newcomers? If I'm not used to multiplayer dynamics, will people get mad? Is there anything I should know? I'm worried about mmo things, other players, and whether I can justify the cost (tho obv that's a question for me). Thanks!

Hello there!

Based on my recent experiences of helping friends reach current content, I would say that Final Fantasy XIV is, all things considered, very much accessible to new players. The game’s developers have made accessibility a priority with each successive patch - not only to create a bigger player base, but to make sure that as many Final Fantasy fans as possible are able to experience what this game has to offer. I’ll answer each of your questions one by one to the best of my ability!

  • Catching up is going to feel daunting, I won’t lie. The main scenarios of A Realm Reborn (2.X) and Heavensward (3.X) clock in at about thirty hours each at a minimum, and you’ll need to get through both in order to reach Stormblood. That said, leveling your jobs and getting good gear for those jobs has never been easier: among recent quality of life changes include a huge boost to experience from quest rewards and tweaks to the algorithm of dungeon drops, which means very little grinding of basic leveling content. My cousin returned to the game last week with a new service account, and he has been leveling by focusing solely on story quests. There is also the option to pay for a level jump potion - but for non-experienced players of MMOs, I’d recommend taking the time to level up organically.
  • In general, people in this game tend to be very welcoming; my own good experiences far outweigh the bad eggs. Finding people to play with - be it an active and supportive free company or a group of friends - will almost certainly define your experiences in Eorzea in the best way possible. If you find a place and it doesn’t quite feel like you’ve found a home, it’s okay to keep looking - and of course, it’s also perfectly okay to play solo for a while! The vast majority of XIV’s Tumblr playerbase is on the Balmung server; however, Balmung is overpopulated and closed until further notice. As such, I tend to recommend new players to go to Adamantoise or Jenova, two servers where I know there are very welcoming communities for new players. It’s also possible to run content with people from other data centers, so you wouldn’t be closed off from Balmung entirely!
  • For the most part, seasoned players will be understanding of the fact that everyone starts somewhere and that no one is perfect. New players have “sprout” markers over their heads to indicate their newbie status, and people do tend to be much more patient with sprouts. My number-one piece of advice: if you have questions, ask! Start each new dungeon by explaining that you’re new and that you’re looking for pointers on mechanics; I guarantee you that people will be thrilled to explain a fight if it means not dying out of confusion. If someone offers pointers on the way you’re playing your class, though, be prepared to accept those comments with an open mind - regardless of whether or not their criticism is constructive.

I’ll tell you this: four years ago, I was new to MMOs, and I was not a very good tank. I was way more focused on attacking every enemy in sight than I was at keeping every enemy in sight from attacking my teammates. That changed because I made a point of running as many dungeons as I could with friends and strangers alike, so I could try all sorts of new things to see what stuck. Nowadays, I like to think I’m a pretty great paladin! It takes time and effort, but those things are what make the journey that much more meaningful in the end.

The most important thing, though, is going to be to have fun. Ask to join that free company you’ve had your eye on! Make a self-indulgent roleplay character! Pick up a new job for the heck of it! There’s so much to do even while you’re going through the massive amounts of story. The key is to branch out, to remember that everyone else in Eorzea was also once an intimidated sprout, and to enjoy the adventure for what it is.

Band Rehersal

Pairing: Blake/Weiss (Monochrome/Checkmate)
Words: 5′364
AU: @dashingicecream‘s RWBY!Rock AU
Content Warnings: NSFW
Summary: A few questions leave Blake stressed out when she thinks of how much she’s changed since leaving The White Fang and her old relationship with Adam and Ilia. Thankfully Weiss is able to sense her friend’s upset and offers a far more exciting way to ease that stress rather than smoke a cigarette.


The concert hall erupted with sound from the huge speakers in each corner of the room. It was two days to go until RWBY’s first performance in this venue, and they needed to be in top form. If they had any hope of making it to one of the bigger music festivals of the continent, they’d need to swamp any competition and impress potential judges. Thankfully the first evening was a guaranteed sell out, that would surely be a big enough hint that they were going in the right direction.

Truth be told, the group was growing in popularity as of late. Smaller venues were grasping at any chance to have the newest sound in, and bigger ones didn’t need much convincing either! Everyone was shocked at how fast their fan base had seemed to be growing, but everyone was equally pleased and proud.

Today was just a practice, but it was all about staying on top form. Even just for a rehearsal, they were all playing their very best. Both Ruby and Weiss were sure as they performed to keep moving around the stage, making things just as interesting to watch as they were to hear. According to their managers, an interaction was always adored by the fans, and thankfully the two were good enough friends that they never disappointed in that regard.

Blake continued to take her subtle approach. She was too focused on playing the correct notes, doing her part in delivering the bass. She knew all too well that singers and guitar players usually got the most attention, so remained in the background so as not to upstage that. It was comfortable for her to stay in the back, safer, but that wasn’t all that was on her mind lately.

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Josh Dun Imagine Instagram Official

Requested by Anon: Hi there! I wanted to start off by saying how much i love your work! Can request a josh dun imagine, where you are also in a band, and in an interview you say that you are dating someone (you are dating josh). Can the band have a bigger fan base,(like the clique or something) and can the fans start to realize you guys are dating. Then then josh and the reader post a cute photo on insta confirming the relationship. Can it be fluffy? Please and thank you! if you cant do it, I totally understand!

“Josh, I need to go. I can’t be late to another interview.” You laughed, as his hands rested on your hips and he smirked. 

“Just a few more minutes.” Josh pleaded and you shook your head, kissing him one last time, before pulling away from him. Josh pouted and you rolled your eyes.

“I’ll be back soon. Anyway, you need to go to the recording studio.” You chastised him and Josh sighed, but nodded in defeat. 

“I just wish we had more time together.”

“One day, we’ll have all the time in the world.” You promised, as you walked out of the door.

“You could at least fix your hair before the interview.” Your  band mate joked and you shoved them playfully, as your hands reached to smooth down your hair. The interviewer arrived and you smiled warmly at them. 

They started with generic questions about being a band and the new album. You all answered easily, having heard the same questions numerous times before. 

“And, I know this question is always asked, but your fans want to know, are you dating anyone?” The interviewer looked up and your band mates gave you subtle looks. Nobody knew that you were dating Josh yet.

“I’m dating someone.” You admitted and the interviewer perked up.

“Anyone we would know?” You could tel that they were itching for a scoop on you dating another celebrity, but you weren’t going to give them the answer they wanted. 

“No comment.” You answered, as your manager appeared and ended the interview. 

“You could’ve said yes to that question. I don’t mind us going public. Besides, both of our fans are already guessing that we’re together.” You gave Josh a sceptical look, until he showed you his phone. People were already shipping the two of you, despite not knowing.

“Guess we’ll have to make it official then.” You grinned and pulled Josh closer to you. You grabbed your phone and took a selfie with Josh, before posting it to Instagram. 

“Are you sure?” Josh asked and you nodded, kissing him as you, looked back at the comments. People were ecstatic and overwhelmingly positive about it. 

“See? They love it.”

“Almost as much as I love you.”

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Arranged (I)

A/N: Ok i was gonna make this a one shot (and i may turn it into one once I’m done with the story) but I felt guilty not posting anything for so long so here we go

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes are arranged to be married. The only issue there seems to be is that you two despise each other. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 1,426

Originally posted by mybuchanan

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