they hated each other apparently

Ancient Rome!au: where the two senators who keep quarreling and outsmarting each other in every assembly apparently don’t hate each other that much to stop ending up in bed together. Or to not cooperate in organizing a coup d'état that will put one of them on the emperor’s throne. But which one? It’s said that only gods know a mortal’s destiny; but the two of them have never felt like humans

Academic Set-Up – Young Derek Hale Imagine

Prompt by Anon: Sorry for bothering you, but I have another young Derek request from another au: “we hate each other but apparently our teachers ship us and make us partner up all the time and sit next to each other and for the love of god if you don’t shut your mouth I’m gonna shove you on the desk and snog the hell out of you.”

Word Count: 1,983

Warning: Making out

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Author’s Note: I actually had fun with this prompt because this was something a little bit different and I had never written a Young Derek imagine before. YAY! Also, regarding the other Young Derek prompt you requested, as mentioned before, I ended up declining that prompt because it had been requested and written by another writer. I hope you understand that. Lastly, shout out to @lily-salvahalfoy19 for being my beta for this prompt. Without further ado, I hope you like this imagine!

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“So, how was work today, hon?” Mr. Taylor asked.

Mrs. Taylor smiled. “It was great! I paired up all my students for my annual project, and I purposely put a certain pair together, because I just know they’ll become a couple before the semester ends.”

Mr. Taylor sighed. “Honey, you can’t play Cupid with your students.”

“I don’t remember reading that in my contract when I got hired.” Mrs. Taylor grabbed her grade book out of her book bag. “Besides, I didn’t set them up on a blind date. I just paired them up for a project.”

“Of course, just like all your other set ups. Who are the lucky kids this semester?” Mr. Taylor stood next to his wife and looked down at her opened grade book. Her freshly manicured nail pointed at one name.

“Derek Hale,” Mr. Taylor read and followed his wife’s finger to the second name. “And Y/N Y/L/N.”

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Hello!! I'm SO HAPPY you decided to write again on this blog T_T I absolutely love your writing, I don't know but everything you write seems well thought and never rushed. I love that your scenarios are long and I just wanted to thank you again for not stopping T^T (btw your scenario kieth x reader where they apparently hate each other but then things get hotter :>> basically this: post/158187797070/can-i-have-some-more-keith-scenario-pretty-please excuse my poor explanation!) Love you xxx

thank you! also, the last part of your message feels a bit lacking? i don’t quite get what this pertains to haha

Prompt: We hate each other but apparently our teachers ship is and make I partner up all the time and sit next to each other and for the love of God if you not shut your mouth I’m gonna shove you on the desk and sNOG THE HELL OUT OF YOU

Remus cursed under his breath as he made his way next to Sirius Fucking Black. That was the third time this week that a teacher thought it would be funny to make them sit next to each other. And it was only Tuesday.

It was clear that the teachers thought it would be funny to make the sit together. Some shipping wars going on in the staff room and here Remus has to bear the blunt of it and sit next to that pain in the arse. And he hd the audacity to smile at him. Smile! Honestly, if he do not gave about his marks that much, Remus probably would have a few words o choice to say to both the English teacher and Sirius Black.

And yet, he would not do that. Because as much as that annoyed him to no end, he had been sporting a huge crush on him since some time now. That wanker was lounging his chair like it was a fucking couch, gave Remus an-honest-to-god once over and smirked at him. He resisted the urge to kick something because how dare him look so cool and beautiful in that plain classroom.

Remus simply rolls his eyes and took the chair next to Sirius.

“Why, hello my pretty moonbeam.” Remus cringed at the use of one of the many derivatives of the nickname the black-haired boy gave him when he noticed his moon phases tattoo on his underarm.

“Good morning Black,” he said tensely.

“Oh don’t worry your pretty face love-” he said close to Remus’ ear. Remus felt his face warming up from the closeness but tried to maintain his composure.

“Black, for the sake of everything that is holy, just shut your big mouth.”

“Make me,” Sirius answered in a low voice, that went straight to Remus’ groin and smirked.

The tawny-haired boy simply glared at him until his shoulders sagged forwards and he nodded.

They would be discussing ‘Candide’ by Voltaire in the first period and then, partner up for creative writing. They’d do only the outline in class and work the rest of the essay together at home.

Once they completed Voltaire, they got to work. Well everyone else got to work while Remus got to deal with a petulant Sirius. Though, in the end, they managed to complete the outline and were now packing their things away.

“So Moony, I finally get to see your bedroom now?”

Remus took a deep breath, willing himself to not give I to the desire to kick or kiss that bastard. Either option was fine with him, though he was rooting more for the first on right now.

“Here’s my address. I’m expecting you at seven. Don’t be late.”

“Oh, don’t I at least get a good bye kiss?” Sirius pouted and Remus nearly let out a whimper. How can him look so bloody gorgeous?

“No you don’t. There’s only the standard hand shake I’m afraid.” Remus extended his hand.

Sirius took it and instead of shaking it, he placed a hot opened-mouth kiss on Remus’ knuckles. He felt desire pooling in his belly and wanted nothing less than to have that same kiss but on his mouth  instead now.

Sirius shot him a smug grin and winked at him before making his way out leaving Remus staring at his back.

He was so gone right now. So smitten.


Remus was pacing nervously around the house. He was a ball of nerves. How will be deal with a gorgeous Sirius Black in his room. Probably on his bed.

He heard an engine roaring in the distance and seconds later the other boy was getting off his motor bike looking like a bloody sex god. Cursing under hi breath, he made his way to the door and opened it to a smirking Sirius.

He was looking gorgeous as ever with his dark locks pulled into a high bun at the back of his head, strategically ripped jeans, a leather jacket over a light white t-shirt. Remus was staring  and clearly Sirius noticed judging by the smug look on his face.

“Hello love.”

“Sirius. It’s upstairs. You want something to drink.” His manners caught up with him.

“Nah I’m fine.”

They worked pretty fast and quite well. Sirius still blatantly flirted with him and Remus continued having his insides turned into mush each time and keeping on a stoic face. But it did not happen that much.

They were indeed working on his bed. Remus was formatting the whole document and looking for grammatical mistakes, when Sirius raised his hands to redo his bun which got loose. The issue was that his shirt raised as well, revealing a sliver of skin which Remu could not unglue his eyes from. And apparently, that encouraged Sirius to show off his seemingly unending knowledge of cheesy pick-up lines.

As always, Remus ignored him for most part. Well at least tried to.

“Okay if you don’t shut the fuck up, I will make you. Believe me I will snog your stupid face off.” Remus growled at him.

Sirius’ breath hitched and he licked his lips. “I will not stop you. That’s for sure.”

And then, Remus pounded on Sirius, effectively knocking him down and he was straddling his gorgeous classmate. He brought their faces so close that their noses were touching. Sirius licked his lips again and Remus closed the distance between them.

They were both panting slightly when they pulled away.

“If I knew all I had to do was talk to have you kiss me like that, I’d have done it ages ago.”

Remu rolled his eyes but he had a smile playing on his lips. “Shut up” he said fondly.

“Make me” Sirius said after a beat ad Remus did as he asked.

hope it’s something good and not like a cow tongue or anything ha ha that would be gross

But really how would Ichabbie getting together...

Ruin the dynamic? The dynamic of what? Their relationship? What would change beyond them just hugging and kissing? They literally do everything together. They’re attached at the hip.

They have movie nights, book club, risk their lives for each other, state heartfelt vows about their bond, they know every intimate details about the others lives. For Christ sakes Abbie is comfortable enough to wipe cream off Ichabod’s face.

Your knee jerk reaction to Ichabbie being canon shouldn’t be ‘it would ruin the dynamic’ without having facts to support making those claims. It’s always close-ended despite it being an open-ended statement. No thought, no factual support, nothing.

Why because of the moon-lighting curse? Apparently those actors hated each other and what does that have to do with Sleepy hollow? Why because you’re tired of leads getting together? Plenty of shows with platonic relationships out there. Take your pick.

If you don’t connect with the ship then just say it and let that be it. Everyone has their preferences, but the dynamic excuse is so tired and overdone. Especially since the show suggests otherwise.

From now on I need canon evidence to support 'ruining the dynamic’ excuse otherwise you will be called out. Y'all been warned.

Malec prompt - Study Anger

Prompt: We hate each other but apparently our teachers ship us and make us partner up all the time and sit next to each other and for the love of God if you don’t shut your mouth I’m gonna shove you on the desk and sNOG THE HELL OUT OF YOU from this post 

It didn’t quite go as expected and I had to cut it short in the end because it was getting to long … hope you still like it. :-) Also, for welovesandalwood, in case you’r interested ^^


Magnus didn’t understand how somebody this cute and caring could be so damn infuriating, but Alec Lightwood seemed to be eager to prove that this contradiction indeed existed. The first time they’d been assigned partners on a group project by their english teacher, Magnus had been ecstatic, but it hadn’t taken him long to realize that as far as studying and organization went, they didn’t mix … at all. Where Alec wanted to start at the top, Magnus was all for going from left to right, and while Alec worked best in the morning, Magnus couldn’t bring himself to care about anything school-related before noon. Yet their teachers seemed to be eager for them to work out their differences which led to Alec and Magnus being paired up for every damn assignment there was, even those that usually required people of opposite genders to be paired up or when the teacher mentioned before that there should be at least three people. 

So, now they were sitting in an empty classroom to talk about some poem that Magnus had yet to read because refused to hand over the paper they’d gotten from their teacher. And the only reason he’d gotten out of the Lightwood boy was ‘because you doodle on the edges’.

“Okay, one last time, Alexander-”

“No.” Alec held the sheet of paper protectively against his chest. “I can read it to you and-”

“Yes, I’m aware of the fact that you can read, but I can’t remember stuff when only hearing it.”

“I don’t care, the last time we had crappy flowers all over the place of that chem assignment.”

“And the teacher didn’t care because it’s chem, not art and-”

“I cared! It was all messy and you could barely see the notes-”

“-and how dare you call my flowers crappy.” Being finally fed up wit everything Magnus simple got up trying to forcefully take that damn poem from his 'partner’, but Alec was quick to react, getting up to and stumbling farther along the row of seats, always holding the poem out of Magnus’ reach. How did he do that anyway? Magnus was taller than him, but the little weasel had unbelievably fast reflexes. 

“Well, you suck at drawing!”

“You suck at chemistry!”

Alec looked at him with pure indignation written across his face. “You take that back! I worked hard to get that C last year.” Magnus growled lunging again for the poem. They were getting closer and closer to the wall at the end of the row now which should put an end to Alec’s escape. The poem flitted from right to left while Alec kept going on about chemistry. “Do you know how hard it is to be taken seriously with struggling in chemistry? It’s always only - ah, no, you’re not getting that poem - everybody only sees my brilliant mother and they always think - Hands off! - 'Why are you struggling? Don’t you have the genes of your mother?’ It is the worst conversation on family dinners ever and don’t-”

At one point Magnus had just seized Alec’s baggy sweater, pulled him close and kissed him square on the mouth which finally shut the other up. Just to be sure and for definitely no other reason than that, he wrapped the other arm around Alec’s waist and held him close while they were both caught breathless and in utter silence. 

“You finally stopped talking,” Magnus muttered. He had to say that the current situation felt better than he’d had expected and if he tilted his head a bit, he could maybe nip at the side of the other’s neck …  

Alec who had stared at him with big, round eyes suddenly looked down and bit his lower lip which wasn’t exactly helping to get rid of the building tension between them. “Was that the only reason you kissed me? If you want me to stop talking, you can just tell me, you know.” There was poorly hidden pain in Alec’s voice. “I’m not stupid, you know.” He pushed against Magnus’ shoulders, trying to get him to let go, but Magnus didn’t let him. Instead he made Alec look up at him with the hand that had been holding the front of the other’s sweater. His thumb gently brushed over Alec’s lips. Blue eyes held a silent challenge, but Magnus could only smile. 

“I know.”

It was the first kiss of many that day. Though when Magnus and Alec started dating about a week later, they promised each other to never study together.

why do yall approach the 1d situation like zayn died tho like…… 

he didnt like his job. so he left…… so that suddenly means that they’re not friends anymore??? 

apparently they hate each other now because yall can’t watch them interact via social media and pap pics like thats 200% logical yall don’t even know when zayn goes to take a shit 

they know him better than us they obviously knew he was struggling to some sort of extent and are probably relieved that he left 

dont send me stupid shit about them hating each other like what the fuck do you know what do i know we dont know them stop blowing shit out of proportion just cuz you’re bored as hell with your own life