they hang

I was just thinking about how Clarke has only cared about two inanimate objects in her life. One is her father's watch and the second is the flame. If that's not enough proof that those two were soul mates then you and i are not living in the same reality.

I think a lot about the possible plot line Matt (& Jonjo?) talked about that was considered for constantine. In that they talked about having Gary hang around as a ghost and his self consciousness. To call John out of his garbage, just give him hell and possibly occasional comfort.

something i really wish they’d gone through

i just saw my ex fp. they bought me pudding & told me they want 2 die. im rlly sleepy & i still hav shit ton of work 2 do :-( we also hugged n it was rlly awkward bcz i hugged them longer than they hugged me. (i jst rlly like hugging them they’re a Comfrotable Person To Hug) it was super nice seeing them but im worried of their mental health