they had to make in just the first two seasons


A companion post to my Season Two stats post

Fun Facts:

  • Lance also referred to Keith as an insulting nickname two times.
  • Rover was named seven times.
  • Hunk said Shay’s name thirteen times.
  • The first Paladin to say another Paladin’s name was Hunk, who said “Lance”. 

More info below.

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My Fake Boyfriend Part 6

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2350

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

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You woke up feeling different, you felt lighter and happier. It has been a long time since you last felt this way, you look at the clock and it’s 8 a.m. then you look at Bucky who is sleeping peacefully under you.

Something has changed since last night, you don’t know exactly what but it feels distinct. You stay in Bucky’s arms for a while longer; at this point you are used to cuddling up with him. However, you were never the one to initiate it… until now.

You softly trace your fingers on his jawline, making sure to not disturb him still. You kiss his forehead, getting up looking at him one last time.

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Something tragic I noticed in Skin Deep

I am sure other Rumbelle fans may have noticed this long before I did but I just noticed this and thought I should share it.

First I’m going to flash back here to season two when we saw Milah mock Rumplestiltskin with her pirate friends at the tavern.  Later when she’s hung over (despite how she treated him) human Rumplestiltskin offers her a cup of tea but she does not take it.

(Ironic that there are some haters who insist this guy somehow abused her. She left their child home alone with a fire while she mocked her disabled husband to pirates.  And later when she’s hung over he tries to give her tea.   Sooooo abusive.  That’s sarcasm, by the way…)


In Season four during the AU where he is “The Light One” it’s Belle who offers him a cup of tea to help clear his thoughts. 

He ends up dropping it and it becomes that universe’s chipped cup.

The point here is that tea has always had a special significance to Rumple before he even became the imp, before even Belle’s chipped cup.

Now back to Skin Deep.  After Rumplestiltskin kicks Belle out we see Rumple alone at his spinning wheel when Regina barges in.  He was not expecting her that day.  She’s there to discuss “a certain little mermaid.” 

However…  look at the tea he has out.  Rumple had two tea cups ready.  I think he was hoping that despite having kicked her out, that Belle would again return and he could make amends over a cup of tea, as he would have when he was mortal.

Look. There are two cups.  He wasn’t expecting Regina.  They both make that clear.  She just helped herself to the tea.   So who was that second cup for? 

He was hoping Belle would return.  He wanted to talk to her, he wanted to be the one to serve her tea.

And what is the first thing he does for Belle in the very first episode of Season two?  Well, it’s interrupted by the heroes barging into his shop but he’s preparing her that tea finally.

I think that after Rumplestitlskin kicked Belle out in Skin Deep he kept setting out two cups and tea in case she’d come back, hoping she’d come back.   And after he believed her to be dead he would have given anything to have that cup of tea with her…  

It was always there in the back of his mind so when they were finally reunited it was the first thing he did with her, besides admitting he loves her.

When he serves you tea it’s his way of apologizing or an act of humility.  In any event it seems to be his go to instinct for “making things right.”

I wonder if that’s something child Rumple got from the spinsters who raised him, that when things are bad, or you are fighting with someone, pour them a cup of tea.  Tea makes everything better.  Even the AU Belle set it.  “Things always look better after a nice cup of tea.”

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What is your opinion on season 4 so far?

this is probably confusing, but stay with me: i don’t “really” consider us in season four yet! 

su was originally renewed for three seasons: all ~52 episodes, give or take turning an ep into a series of shorts. that’s how they were written - while the overall story is more important than the format, we can expect whatever happens at the end of season ‘five’ to be more of a “finale” than the end of season ‘four’, because that’s really just the midseason finale of season three (like ocean gem for season one). 

cartoon network arbitrarily decided to split the seasons: cutting s2 in half, and the same with s3, so they could make the ‘happy announcement’ that su had been renewed for two more seasons… but it’s the same number of episodes, just a confusing season split, for some reason. you still get 155-ish episodes.

(i made a chart!) 

due to how it was originally written, and since i think it’s unfair to compare a 52 episode-season to a 26 episode one, i still think of this as the first half of season three. with that in mind, we have a lot of very interesting setup: 

while hindsight will allow us to reflect on it as a whole, this half-season is the one that feels the most like steven’s season to me. 

he needed a good while to cope with the recent events like bismuth, jasper’s corruption, really everything about rose. he’s taken his time to try to re-connect with people, vent and figure things out (this has been a very frequent theme: the kindergarten kid, know your fusion, mindful education, future boy zoltron, onion gang, gem harvest, the zoo arc, storm in the room, tiger philanthropist and room for ruby all deal with this to an extent). he particularly wants to know how to feel about rose, in order to figure out how to feel about himself.

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in addition to seeking answers and closure by himself, he’s needed a lot of help. from connie, garnet, amethyst, greg, pearl, human contacts, peridot and lapis. he’s just… incredibly frustrated, and he still feels like he can’t help as much as he wants to (the kindergarten kid, mindful education, the zoo arc, but also as a larger theme). things are a lot more complicated, and he’s felt very alone. this has lead him to rush into things (like the zoo arc) and desperately seek any avenue for information about rose. it’s come to the point (storm in the room) where he’s just had to tell himself how to feel, in order to feel ok again. 

he’s also repeatedly tried to connect with people, and help in any way he can (onion gang, future boy zoltron, gem harvest, rocknaldo, tiger philanthropist, room for ruby), but also realized it’s partially to help himself feel less alone (onion gang, gem harvest, tiger philanthropist). in the middle of that, he’s been exposed to more of gem culture, homeworld gems and even seen the diamonds at a particularly vulnerable time (steven’s dream, the whole zoo arc, room for ruby). after all this time, he still wants to help. he’s trying to figure out how, while living his life and finding more friends.

Originally posted by sapphirerose818

he’s got a lot to deal with. i think he’s more ready to face that than before (mindful education, the zoo arc, storm in the room, room for ruby)… but he still doesn’t have answers, and he’s agitated the crystal gems won’t tell him everything (again, the zoo arc, but this is a bigger theme in general). we’ve seen they want to help (steven’s dream), and want to make efforts to make him feel better (tiger philanthropist). 

in the middle of all of this, you have gems like peridot and lapis falling into sort of a status quo situation where they - and lapis in particular - sort of stay away from the crystal gems without addressing bad blood, because she’d rather just live peacefully. the show has made several points out of how she’s not thriving (gem harvest, the new crystal gems, room for ruby), and how she’s still deeply flawed, frustrated and occasionally quite angry at both others and herself (all three eps i just mentioned). i believe that will come to a head, even if she’s trying to live normally and doesn’t really ‘want’ to be a focus (not to mention if jasper comes back). 

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it seems that in any season, the ‘second half’ has more payoff in general. sure, there’s coping with what happens in the midseason finale, and occasional attempts at restoring some semblance of normality… but things are going to change, especially leading up to the season finale - aka the “serious corner” rebecca sugar said she would write us into, as she said she was “shooting for the moon” in the upcoming half. if you’re a ‘plot’ kind of person, that’s probably gonna be more up your ally. personally, i’m still curious about the rest of this half-season: “lion” episodes are very interesting… assuming lion 4: alternate ending is still next, i’m excited for that. 

i also think something is gonna be shaken up in the midseason finale, as usually happens (mirror gem/ocean gem, message received/log date). it could be a lot of things: the return of jasper, the rubies, new forces from the diamonds, possibly with steven heading towards some kind of epiphany or learning a new (big) truth, or lapis becoming tired of this life and finding something to take her out of retirement… or maybe something completely unpredictable! there’s a lot of things in progress, and it’s hard to say where it’s going. 

there are many other things i could have mentioned, that might become important (how often steven’s guilt for rose’s actions is brought up, how yellow diamond is planning something, how we’ve learned more about jasper, how peridot’s become a stronger metalbender, how amethyst’s become pretty happy in general, garnet’s worries, ect), but this is the kind of stuff that’s gonna be much easier to reflect on once we’re past midseason. 

for now, i like this season a lot. i particularly think it’s been better at tying steven’s issues and trauma into both human and gem episodes, and that the whole mess around rose is fascinating. 

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Daryl Dixon x Reader Smut Masterlist

As of: 4/23/2017

ALL OF YOU (Series):

All:  Daryl x Reader | One Shot Turned Series | Smut Warning! | 18+ Only! | NSFW

All of You (I Want All of You)

Summary: This was a request, hope I get it right. :) My first post-Negan era piece. Daryl is in the Sanctuary still and is approached by Negan’s daughter (Reader), she takes a liking to him and smut ensues. I didn’t get to the ‘Negan doesn’t approve’ part of the request, may have to make a second part if people like it.

All of You - Part 2 (Dad, This is Daryl)

Summary: As requested, here is part 2. Post-Negan era smut piece. The reader (Negan’s Daughter) convinces Negan to allow Daryl to be her bodyguard while he is away in Alexandria for a few days. Smut and romance ensue. When Negan returns, he finds out that they are sleeping together and loses his shit.

All of You - Part 3 (So You Fucking Love Me, Huh?)

Summary: The reader and Daryl fall hard for one another at the sanctuary, as Negan struggles to get used to Daryl and his daughter together. Daryl x Reader smutty action, they are so in love yo! :) This got so smutty.. your welcome. ;)

All of You Part 4 (I Love Her, Rick)

Summary: Y/N convinces Daryl to let her come to Alexandria with him, after fighting with him. Makeup Smut ensues as she convinces him to take her along. They drive to Alexandria and meet Rosita and Rick, Rosita is pissed at Daryl and Rick contemplates how to deal with the new situation. Smut AF. Post-Negan AU.


HOME (Series):

Summary: You have been dating Daryl for months before settling in Alexandria together. Daryl goes out on a run and you await his return impatiently and think about him as you await his return. Pre-Negan Era.

Chapter 1: Missing You

You anxiously await Daryl’s return and think about how much you miss him when he is away. (Smut)

Chapter 2: Promise

You and Michonne go out to hunt walkers and you think back to your very first walker kill and the first time you met Daryl. (Violence, Walker Death, Family Death)

Chapter 3: I’ll Watch Over You.

Michonne gives you a lesson in walker killing and you think back to your very first night with Daryl Dixon. (Walker Killing, Grief, Family Death, Fluff)

Chapter 4: No One’s Gonna Hurt You. I Promise.

The Reader reminisces about her first day in Alexandria and her first kiss with Daryl.

Chapter 5: My Mystery Man

The Reader reminisces about her first night in Alexandria; meeting Rick and Michonne, having dinner and drinks with Carol, and Her and Daryl’s first time together. (Smut)

Chapter 6: The Love Word

The reader thinks back to falling in love with Daryl, as she awaits his return. The reader reminisces about the day Daryl told her he must leave for a while and their last night together.



Dirty Thoughts

Summary: The Reader lives with Abraham and Rosita and has been in Alexandria for only a few weeks. Reader has a major crush on Daryl and Abe invites him to dinner one night. Daryl and Reader finally get what they want from each other. Smutty Smut. Daryl x Reader. Enjoy!

Don’t Touch Her

Summary: Daryl runs into the reader after her boyfriend has hit her. Daryl loses it and confront the guy. He comforts the reader and they become close. Smut ending, of course.

First Time

Summary: Hope I do these requests justice! :) Set season 3 in the prison. Pre-Governor era. The reader is new to the group and finds herself unusually attracted to the man they call Daryl. The reader is shy and unsure about all things that come along with the sex, as she is a virgin. Daryl and her get to talking one night and she asks him to take her virginity.  Reader is around 20 years old. Prepare for cute Daryl fluff in this one, I think he would be so sweet taking someone’s virginity. :)

I Love My Redneck

Summary: Early Season 4. Prison Era. Daryl and the Reader have been dating for a while, they go out on a run to scavenge for supplies and the Reader turns Daryl on. Smut ensues. Reader finds a radio with some tapes including Daryl’s favorite band, Led Zeppelin. Reader takes it intending to treat Daryl with a lap dance later. Later that night they are around the campfire at the prison when to younger men ask the Reader why she is with an old redneck. The reader responds and later finds out Daryl is upset by it. The reader comforts Daryl and treats him to a lap dance. They make love afterwards, salty and sweetly.

Imagine Giving Daryl His First Blow Job

Summary: Reader gives Daryl his first blowjob, while out on a run, and it leads to rough sex.

[NEW!] Just Do It, Daryl

Summary: Season 3 Prison Era. Daryl and the reader don’t get along and haven’t since she joined the group. Daryl thinks she wants Rick and he has a crush on her. Little does he know she feels the same way about him, she just doesn’t want to let him push her around. After yet another epic throw down fight, Rick has had enough and sends you two out on a run alone to figure your shit out. On the run Daryl finally decides to show you how he feels and angry, lovey-dovey smut occurs.

Just For You

Summary: Daryl and Reader have been together for awhile. Reader goes on a run with Maggie and Rick and finds sexy lingerie. She takes it home to surprise Daryl. Pre-Negan. Season 5/6. Alexandria. Hope I got this one right! :) Smut Alert.

Just Friends - Part 1

Summary: Daryl and the reader share a few drinks one night and the reader let’s her intentions be known. They get it on and Daryl tells her that it can only be sex between them; to him, love is illogical in this end-of-days world. The reader and Daryl carry on for a few weeks and start to get closer and more intimate with one another. Daryl wrestles with falling for the reader as he begins to realize he has deeper feelings for her. Beginning of Season 4. The Prison.

Just Friends - Part 2

Summary: Second part to the request above. Reader becomes friends with the man Rick and Glenn saved, trying to help him get used to the group and his new surroundings. Daryl notices her spending more and more time with him and gets really jealous and angry. He claims her and finally admits he loves her. Beginning of Season 4. The Prison.

Happy Birthday, Daryl

Summary: So I started this as a request, but it turned into just pure Daryl birthday smut. Daryl x Reader had been dating for a few months, in secret, when his birthday comes up. Reader surprises Daryl with morning sex. Smutty. Alexandria, Pre-Negan Era.

He Doesn’t Deserve to Own You

Summary: The reader is attracted to Spencer, until one night he tells her off and Daryl steps in and tells him to fuck off. The Daryl leads you to his house, where he tells you he his feelings for you and smut occurs.

He Doesn’t Deserve to Own You - Part 2

Summary: Started out as a one shot, but I ended up writing a second part to it. Takes place a week after yours and Daryl’s confrontation with Spencer. Spencer now won’t leave reader alone and Daryl has to tell him to back the fuck off, Y/N is his now.

I Can Treat You Better

Summary: Another request, hope I do it justice. :) Daryl has feelings for the reader and has had to watch the reader be treated badly by her boyfriend for months. When the reader’s boyfriend is out on a run, Daryl makes his feelings known. Pre-Negan Era. Set in Alexandria. Smut AF.

I Can Treat You Better - Part 2

Summary: I got a request to write a second part of this, so here it is! Daryl and the reader enjoy each other’s company after being intimate the night before. Luke comes home to find you have moved out and to find that Daryl has told you about him and Rosita.

Make Me Yours

Summary: Set in season 2, on Hershel’s farm. Rick’s group is just starting to settle into an easier life on the farm when Daryl and Glenn come across a woman in the woods (reader) and bring her to the farm. They hit it off. Smut ensues… of course. The rest of the request will be in there too! I hope you like it! (I did not get to the daddy issues, but I did give her major man issues… ;) )

Quickie on a Run

Summary: I had to do this because I have been thinking about it and needed some quick, dirty, smut. Totally a creation of this dirty mind haha. Enjoy! Daryl and Reader are on a run with Rick, Glenn, and Maggie, and Reader seduces Daryl into quick, rough sex. Season 6. Pre-Negan.


Summary: Set in S.3 at the prison. Reader gets all hot and bothered watching Daryl chop wood and slips away to their cell for a release. Daryl finds you and smut ensues.

Right Like That

Summary: I had to write this out. Early Season 2 era, at the farm, with Daryl’s old badass self. The reader constantly flirts with Daryl throughout the entire time they are together in the group, once they settle in to the farm, they are finally able to have a night they both have fantasized about, for so long. Smut AF. I needed a fic where Daryl takes a girl roughly in the barn. Enjoy! This turned out smuttier than expected.

[NEW!] She’s Mine

Summary: Season 1 Era. Before the pilot and before Merle is left on the roof. Daryl and his brother Merle keep to the outskirts of the camp, Reader is interested in Daryl and starts to try and act friendly toward him, only to end up dealing with Merle constantly hitting on her and trying to grab on her. Daryl finally has enough and tells Merle off. Smut ensues. Daryl claims her.

Teach Me

Summary: The reader almost gets bit on a run and Daryl is furious with her. They get back to the prison and she asks him to teach her a thing or two about self-defense against walkers and people. Sweaty training ends in rough smut, Daryl style. ;)

You Gotta Be Shittin’ Me, Right?

Summary: Reader goes on watch duty with Daryl (Season 3, Prison) and learns Daryl is a virgin. Things progress from there… Smut.

Thank You

Summary: This was a request, hope I get it right! :) Daryl breaks free from the Sanctuary, only to run into Jesus on his way out. Jesus helps him escape and the two return to the hilltop where Daryl meets the reader. The reader helps nurse him back to health and eventually smut ensues. This one is really long, but I had to nurse Daryl back to health, figured it would be some time before he’d be up for any rough smut.

You Want Better?

Summary: Daryl taunts the reader about her feelings for married Rick. She finds out it is because Daryl has feelings for her. They confront each other and smut/romance ensues. Season 2 / Hershel’s Farm Era.

You Want Better? – Part 2

Summary: I made a second part to this because I wanted to. Sort of felt like resolving the Rick-ness of it all. Daryl and the reader begin to sneak around and see each other, they go on a run with the group and Rick confronts the reader about his feelings and the reader has to decide between Rick or Daryl. I really love jealous Daryl. Smutty Daryl x Reader Goodness.

this other life// old man logan

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Guys I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of stunned at how much you all want requests for Old Man Logan. Let me tell you, I’m thrilled to write them. I love him so much and he deserves all the happiness I can give him. 

This is a fix it fic. 

Requested By Anon: Can you write a fix-it fic where Logan manages to go to Canada with the rest of the kids and forms a strong father+daughter relationship with Laura?

+ Dad!Logan and Reader with Laura as their daughter.

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See these two people here? They are Dr. Patrick Turner and Sister Bernadette (or, as they come to be called at the end of season 2, Shelagh Turner and Dr. Patrick Turner) from the TV-series Call the midwife, played by the amazing Stephen McGann and Laura Main. This series is set in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s in East-London, a.k.a. the poor part. It follows a group of nuns and midwives who provide care to the people who live there. Now, I could go on and on about why Call the midwife is probably my favourite TV-series of all time, but one of the main reason is because of these two. They are great characters on their own: they are friendly, loving, selfless, capable, intelligent and sensitive, but when you put them together, they enhance each other. There are also several reasons why I love Turnadette’s (which is this ship’s name) relationship, which I’m going to list with bullet points (I also love bullet points J)

-          Their relationship start out as forbidden. I mean, Sister Bernadette is a nun and this is the 1950’s. This doesn’t mean it is some kind of smouldering romance precisely because Sister Bernadette is a forbidden fruit, on the contrary: Dr. Turner and Sister Bernadette have known each other for years before they start to develop romantic feelings for each other, and when they do, they are very respectful and distant.

-          This leads to my next point: they originally bonded over their work, but especially over Dr. Turner’s young son, Timothy. Patrick, a widower, was concerned about his son growing up without a mother and expressed these concerns to Sister Bernadette, who had lost her own mother as a young child. As a consequence, she started to look out for Timothy more and more, which meant that she and Patrick saw a lot more of each other and could develop a bond that went further than their profession. However, it was not only her love for Patrick and Timothy that spurred Sister Bernadette to stop being a nun and become Shelagh Turner: during the first season, we already had quite a lot of hints that she wasn’t really happy as a nun. To summarise my first two points: Shelagh and Patrick bonded because of their love for a child and it wasn’t just their love that caused Shelagh to make such a radical lifestyle change.

-          During their courtship (in which Sister Bernadette had to decide what she really wanted) Patrick behaved so respectfully. When he kisses her hand and she turns away, he immediately apologises and tells her that what he has done is unforgivable and that it will never happen again. Sister Bernadette basically tells him that she loves him, too, but that things are rather complicated with her being a nun and thus having a relationship with God. Patrick literally says that, if he could not respect that, he did not deserve to live. Can we have a hallelujah for this man? I mean, this is an age were sexism is rampant, yet this man totally respects the woman he is in love with, apologises when he touches her without permission (and definitely means it) and gives her all the time and space she needs to decide what she wants.

-          However, when Shelagh decided to become Dr. Turner’s wife, it didn’t mean that everything was easy. She and Dr. Turner had a very clear idea of the other person’s character and totally loved each other, but they had to learn more about each other’s past as well as to communicate, which was something that they weren’t allowed to do during their rather unusual courtship. Ergo, their relationship needed work and actually went through quite some rough periods.

I guess that my main reason for doting on these two so much is because of one keyword: RESPECT. I often find fiction (especially in the wake of books such as Twilight and Fifty shades of Grey) lacking in this department, which is why I find it utterly refreshing to see this relationship that, even though it isn’t infallible and had to grow, comes pretty darn close to being perfect.
'The Flash': What's Next for Barry and Iris?
EPs Andrew Kreisberg and Todd Helbing, along with stars Candice Patton and Grant Gustin, tease what’s coming up as Savitar’s threat looms

The lesson they both came to learn during the crossover, though — as was the Music Meister’s goal — was that love is enough. Thus, upon returning to the real world, Barry sang the Pasek and Paul-penned love song “Runnin’ Home to You” to Iris, culminating in a true proposal. So, what’s next for the couple?

They grow closer and closer,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells EW. “They’re both realizing that, like anybody, you don’t know how long you have together, so they’re trying to make every moment count.

While their romance is back on track, Patton notes it will be placed somewhat on the back burner as there are more pressing issues to deal with. “We’re not going to see wedding bells anytime soon, or wedding planning, because the most imminent situation is Iris’ impending death,” Patton says. “So that’s what we’ll be focusing on for the rest of the season, is making sure that prophecy does not come true.”

Though Barry has had his doubts when it comes to his ability to save Iris while being in a relationship with her, “We’ll see him moving forward with as much confidence as he can have right now with everything that’s happening,” Gustin says, noting that Barry has had blind faith all season that he will somehow persevere. “He lost it for a second and he’s got it back,” Gustin says. “He refuses to accept the reality that she will die.”

However, that doesn’t mean the couple won’t have concerns along the way. “They’re both fighting this, how do I be positive that we’re going to stop this while at the same time being realistic that maybe we don’t?” Kreisberg says. “It’s that push and pull. Like any couple, one starts to lose faith and the other one pulls them back up and vice versa. It’s an interesting dynamic that neither of them wants to wallow, and yet they’re struggling to keep going forward.

“From reading the scripts, I have to say, she is very strong,” Patton says of how Iris is handling her possible doom moving forward. “She’s accepting that this could be her potential fate. You get to this point in your life where, if you have a terminal illness, you accept that’s a possibility and you start to plan for that. We’ll see Iris deal with those thoughts and emotions as the season plays out.”

Part of looking to the future, however, does not include wedding planning. “We will see that come up in episode 21,” Gustin teases. “It’s brought up for the first time, but it’s the fact that we haven’t been dealing with it is what’s brought up, that we haven’t had time. There’s more of just trying to save her life; it’s the more pressing matter at this point.”

Still, fellow executive producer Todd Helbing notes that this journey will only make the couple stronger. “Now it’s really the two of them as a unit trying to figure out how to stop Savitar and keep her alive,” Helbing says. “While they’ve never been closer, there’s a lot more pressure than there ever has been on them as a couple. They have to figure out how to work through the biggest tragedy that could befall them in the future.”

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Sorry if you've already gotten this question before lmao but if you had to choose your favorite tsukyam moment in all of haikyuu what would it be?

my favourite moment hasn’t happened yet but it’s definitely going to be when the tsukyam serve and block happens lmao you can bet i’d be ALL OVER THAT and sobbing nonstop for ten hours when that chapter drops, clawing at my chest like the fool that i am. im already sobbing about it right now even though it doesn’t even exist yet BUT I KNOW IT WILL……. I TRUST IN FURUDATE TO DELIVER

on a more serious note, i like every moment where they’re just. talking. like i would 100% financially support a haikyuu spinoff that’d just chronicle what tsukyam talk about when they’re walking home from practice. i like that recent one where they seem to be shopping (??) after training and they even had hinata along with them (sorta spoilers if you’re an anime-only fan but i’m pretty sure this’d be in the first two eps of the next season so it’s not that huge)

i also like it when they’re not talking, like the scene/panel where yams had failed his jumpfloat serve and tsuk wordlessly passed him a towel??? or that one where yams was having an internal monologue about how he and tsukki couldn’t possibly be as bold like kageyama and hinata to declare stuff like “As long as I’m here, you’re invincible!” but yams does think that he’s glad he’s at least grown enough to lend a helping hand,,,,,,, god just remembering this makes me think about serve and block again HHHH WHEN THAT HAPPENS, ISTG, I’D DIE FROM PRIDE AND HAPPINESS AND #THE GAY FEELS

My favorite WoY ships

My favorite Wander over Yonder ship is:

The Skull Ship!

What’s not to like about this ship? It’s huge! And it got everything you need plus lots of extras! A main foyer, a food Court, a whole prison level, Lord Hater’s bedroom, Commander Peeper’s bedroom, the Watchdog’s sleeping bay, conference rooms, 9 smooching rooms and a whole lot of other rooms and halls. Oh and I almost forgot about the tongue-like platform. I can’t stop thinking about what a great slide it’ll be.

My second favorite Wander over Yonder ship is:

Lord Dominators ship!

What not to like about this mix of an Imperial Star Destroyer and Emperor Zurg’s helmet that can turn into a giant robot? I’m sad that it got destroyed in The End of the Galaxy, but I hope it’ll be rebuilt for season 3.

My third favorite Wander over Yonder ship is:

Yup it’s a tie between this pirate ship and the Orbble Juice Bubble!

We don’t know anything about this pirate ship other than what it looks like. Is it from the past or is it… from the future? I like to think that it’s a part of the future that it’s the “evolved” form of the Orbble Juice Bubble and that we’ll see more of it in season 3.

The Orbble Juice Bubble… Well some may not call it a ship and it’s not in the traditional form, but it’s so much like a ship that I call it a ship; after all it gets you from planet A to planet B. It’s very compact and practical when you don’t need it and as big as you need it to be, when you need it.

What is it you say?! Have I missed something?! Have I misunderstood something?! It’s ships! Oh so these are the wrong kind of ships.

Well I support all ships as long as both parts are okay with it, that both are over the legal age and aren’t siblings.

So you’ve got no favorite ship?

Okay if you put a knife to my throat, then I do have two favorite ships and they are:

Lord Dominator and Lord Hater! Like Wander I ship Lord Dominator and Lord Hater even thought I fear that it’ll first happen when two mice and two ducks gets married or do you have plans for that @disneyanimation? I think not!

What about the second one?

Well it’s just a pathetic one.

Just tell it already!

Okay, okay I ship one of my charterers with Wander.

Please sign this petition to ask @disneyxd to give Wander over Yonder the proper end that @crackmccraigen had planed:

Connor McDavid #2

Enjoy some angsty Connor :)

Word Count: 1,191

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The Oilers made history by making playoffs this season. But they didn’t make it past the first round, despite the frown on Connor’s face you were still so happy for him. It had been only two days since his schedule was nearly clear, and he was still moping around like he was a lost little puppy. 

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It’s just so adorable that they’re pointing the finger at us because their shitty ship isn’t getting the votes they want…. “Mike and Eleven have a small Fandom”…. lol, mate…. Stranger Things, for its first season, had 14.07 million views. More than what Trash Wolf could ever hope for. Just because the Mileven Fandom is so pure a peaceful and not as cancerous and loud as your Fandom it doesn’t make it any lesser 😅😂

I really wanna see these Stydiot wankers go up against Malec and Clexa. To think they could win going against two gay ships + one being interracial. It’s going to be amazing seeing all their triggered Tweets and posts! :’)

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Do you think they are having Carisi yell at Barba so much so that we'll KNOW we're not going to get Barisi ? Like , they've been teasing us with Barisi , but now we're definitely not getting it .

lol I don’t think either of those things is true.

(warning: keeping it real, and referring to canon, platonic Barisi)

Season 17 Barisi

I don’t think the writers ever actively teased us with canon romantic Barisi. They just saw the potential between two “opposites”, two very different characters with one major thing in common (the law), and they let that dynamic unfold. The initial banter, the jokes, the grudging respect, the eventual support and camaraderie. On paper, it made perfect sense, and Raul and Peter brought it to life beautifully.

I mean, even Raul himself said how much he enjoyed the Barba/Carisi scenes:

About the [Barba/Carisi] relationship, Esparza admits, “I don’t think [Barba’s] a very good mentor, but I loved the way the Carisi/Barba stuff played out. I didn’t respect him at first and then little by little I began to respect him.”

Esparza and Scanavino are both happy with the evolution of this relationship, says Esparza. “They started really writing for us and I remember we had a moment were we looked at each other we were like, ‘oh they’re giving us some really good stuff!’

So, to me, Season 17′s Barisi goodness was just clever writing. Making good use of two of the show’s best characters, letting two wonderful actors have fun, and exploring the Barba/Carisi dynamic in a humorous but also poignant way which enriched the entire season.

Season 18 Barisi

As for this season’s yelling, I don’t think it has anything to do with Barisi either. It has to do with Sonny personally. He’s not just yelling at Barba. He’s been yelling at witnesses and perps, too. In a recent interview, Peter said he feels that Carisi has been going through something dark:

There’s been nothing said explicitly this season, but I feel like off screen he may be dealing with some heavy stuff.

So I think that’s what the yelling is about. I don’t know if Peter knows something we don’t, or if this is his way of rationalizing all the Angry Cop scenes he has to act out. Still, it seems that Sonny is working through some personal issues, and his relationship with Barba is an unintended casualty. As is his sense of humor. Then again, the writers haven’t really cultivated any of the interpersonal relationships in S18, or even the feeling of a “squad”, so this isn’t surprising.

Also, let’s not forget (even though the writers clearly have) that Barba set up a job interview for Sonny, with a Brooklyn ADA, as a favor (btw you know how Strauss was on the show last week? A Brooklyn ADA? But he was a defense attorney, suddenly? lol). We never did find out how that job interview went. Maybe Sonny didn’t get the job? And he’s mad, lol? And he’s taking it out on Barba, because Barba made him believe he could do it? But he can’t?


I’d like to think Sonny’s professional frustrations are getting the better of him, and he’s lashing out at Barba because Barba has the job Sonny wants. Problem is, Sonny needs to shit or get off the pot. You don’t get to backseat drive a criminal trial. Sonny is welcome to offer suggestions, but he’s in no position to make demands. Barba is the ADA, Sonny is the cop. Barba makes the trial-related decisions, and he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. If Sonny is frustrated, he needs to blame himself for deciding to stay with the NYPD.

Maybe that’s exactly what he’s been doing, and that’s why he’s angry. I truly hope that’s the season-ending conflict/culmination of Sonny’s anger issues. Otherwise, it’s all pointless. Which could very well be the case, of course. The writers seem to think that yelling = tension, and when an episode is otherwise dull (so, like, every week), they add some anger. Unfortunately, Sonny seems to be the popular choice for those outbursts, which is strange, since his previous characterization was far more mellow. 


Let Peter and Raul have fun acting together, please :D

I’ve been dead for a couple months, but Samurai Jack’s new season has resurrected me. just to kill me again, tho

I obviously had to rewatch the whole series for the first time in 13 years and, let me tell you, I had some major childhood flashbacks. Good times, good times…

I also had to be unoriginal and draw the Trash Master. And, since I’ve seen a bunch of Aku humanizations around here, I decided to give it a quick, sketchy shot.

Therapist!Aku is our reward for the long, long wait.

Only two episodes so far and this season is already destroying me with its wonderful animation, design and overall magnificence. It almost makes me want to cry. 

Oh, and Jack’s character development. That definitely makes me cry.

Meant To Be: Jerome x Reader (Angst/Fluff)

“Hello, Love! Can you make a Jerome imagine based on the song Something just like this by Coldplay & Chainsmokers?:)”

Hope you like it! Check the song out of you haven’t heard it! Please be gentle with me, this is also my first song fic.

Takes place in Season 3.


“You okay (Y/n)?” Jerome asked as you looked away from him to pick up your phone. It was your Mom. She had called you over twenty times. The two of you were in a field, far away from Gotham actually. You’ve been on the road with Jerome for a few months now, since he had broken out of Arkham. In the midst of it all, he saw you, and fell in love at first sight. He whisked you away with him and brought you to the Boardwalk Circus. There, you would finally be free from your strict parents.

I’ve been reading books of old
The legends and the myths
Achilles and his gold
Hercules and his gifts
Spiderman’s control
And Batman with his fists
And clearly I don’t see myself upon that list

“I’m fine…it’s just they miss me is all…” You sigh.
The two of you were on a picnic blanket. The two of you were on the beach at night, looking at the stars. As cheesy as it sounds, Jerome was very romantic with you. You didn’t think he would be, but he’s proved himself to be on many occasions.

You squeeze his hand to reassure him, but then he huffs, “I don’t deserve you.”
“What? Why would you-”
“I’m not special. All I do is joke around and kill people, you’re smart and kind, you shouldn’t even be with me. I shouldn’t have taken you away from your parents.”
Jerome stands up and looks back at you, “You should go home.”

But she said, where’d you wanna go?
How much you wanna risk?
I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can kiss

Standing up, you go to touch his face but he swats your hand away, “Jerome! We’ve been together for a very long time now! Why tell me to leave now! I…I love you!”
He laughs bitterly, “Well I’m not special.”
“Stop avoiding my questions Jerome!” You hissed at him as you finally grabbed his hand.
His eyes went your pleading ones.

I want something just like this
Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo
Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo
Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo
Oh, I want something just like this
Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo
Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo
Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo

He couldn’t contain his facade anymore, so he broke into pieces, “I just..I just want you to have a normal life. You deserve better.”
“I don’t want a normal life Jerome! I want this relationship. I want us! I want you! I love you!” You confessed as you kissed him on the lips, your other hand going to his hair.

Oh, I want something just like this
I want something just like this

Jerome’s hands couldn’t stop from going to your waist as he deepened the kiss.
No, he didn’t want you to go, but he knew he had to. It was the right thing to do, the most heroic thing to do. Possibly the only justified decision he’s ever made that doesn’t involve killing someone.

I’ve been reading books of old
The legends and the myths
The testaments they told
The moon and its eclipse
And Superman unrolls
A suit before he lifts
But I’m not the kind of person that it fits

Yet he couldn’t move away from those soft pink lips of yours. When your lips left his, you smiled and sighed, “I’m not leaving you. Not now, not later, never.”
“(Y/n)…” His hand went to your cheek, caressing it delicately.
You looked down at your phone again, it was your Mom calling.
Unwrapping yourself from him, you picked up the phone and turned it off completely.

She said, where’d you wanna go?
How much you wanna risk?
I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can miss

“Ah, I can’t make you leave. You’re staying!” You grinned as you jumped into his arms giggling,
“I knew you wouldn’t let me go!”
“You have to promise me something though.”
“What’s that?” You asked curiously.

I want something just like this
I want something just like this

“There’s a lot of risks being with me-”
“Like I don’t know that already Jerome!” You snorted, and he snickered at your comment as he continued. “Alright, but this road ahead of us isn’t sunshine and rainbows all the time. It has huge bumps.”
“I’m willing to go through those bumps with you Jerome.” You spoke softly, kissing his cheek.

Oh, I want something just like this
Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo
Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo
Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo
Oh, I want something just like this
Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo
Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo
Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo

“Well then, I guess that clears everything up then. You’re with me now!” He exclaimed before kissing your lips again passionately. The two of you against the world, nothing could stop you.
“I know you’re not a superhero Jerome, but you’re my superhero.” You whispered in his ear hotly.

Where’d you wanna go?
How much you wanna risk?
I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can kiss
I want something just like this

“God, I love you so much.” He groaned as he picked you up in his arms.
“You know it!” You giggled as he sauntered over to his car to unleash all of that sexual tension.
After that, he was caressing your hair as the two of you sat naked in the back of the car.
Kissing your forehead he cooed, “I’m never going to leave you.”
“I’ll do the same for you as well Jerome. I love you.” You yawned, your head now on his shoulder.
Jerome smiled as he watched you fall asleep. Yeah, he couldn’t leave you, no matter how hard he tried. This relationship was something he liked, and he plans to keep it that way.

Oh, I want something just like this
Oh, I want something just like this
Oh, I want something just like this
Oh, I want something just like this

I’ve just kind of had this idea floating around in my head all day about Cas owning a cozy little bookstore. He keeps it open 365 days a year, because he wants it to be a safe space for people. He knows first hand that, especially around holiday season, not everyone has somewhere to go. And he’s made it his mission since he opened two years ago to make sure everyone has somewhere to go if they don’t want to be alone.

So when Dean, a frequent customer the past few months, (and a frequent star in Cas’ day dreams) offers him a chair at their Thanksgiving feast tomorrow night, he politely declines, and advises Dean he will be working.

‘Can’t be working on Thanksgiving Cas! What the hell are you gonna eat? That’s the best part of the whole day!’ Cas just shakes his head, and apologizes. When Dean persists, questioning why Charlie can’t run the place for the day, he explains that Charlie is meeting Dorothy’s parents, and he doesn’t mind working.

Thanksgiving morning, Dean stops by to try and convince him one last time to close up and come to Sam’s with him, Cas states harshly, 'Not everyone has a place to go for the holidays, Dean. I didn’t have a place to go for twelve years after my parents kicked me out. I NEED to be here so no one is in that situation if they don’t want to be! NO ONE should be alone during the holidays.’ And while Dean is taken aback by the tone, he mutters an apology and leaves.

Cas spends most of the day by himself, a teenage girl comes in around ten, and then he doesn’t see anyone else until four. The older gentleman leaves around four thirty, and though neither of them make a purchase, he’s still glad he was here. When the bell at the door rings again around seven, Cas is happy to see someone else in need. However when he turns the corner from the aisle he was reorganizing, he sees Dean, arms full of bags. From their transparency, he sees a bag of dinner rolls, what he believes is several Tupperware containers full of mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, and stuffing, and the unmistakable circular outline of a pie tin.

'What is this, Dean? Shouldn’t you be at Sam’s?’

'You were right, Cas. No one should be alone on Thanksgiving.’

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I would like in season 8 for Daryl to finally show his feelings for carol instead of her doing all the work, grow a pair of balls and make a move instead of her. She gone thru enough. He needs to man up.

… Okay, I’ll play along. 

1. Daryl to finally show his feelings? You mean, like he’s been doing all along? Do you need a refresher?

Let’s go!

1. Daryl busting his ass, risking his life to find Carol’s daughter. His life was all about working hard trying to find Sophia and if he wasn’t out doing that, he was trying to keep Carol hopeful.

2. Holding Carol back from running to Sophia and comforting her in the process

3. Daryl following her to the RV and sitting with her in total peace and silence as they grieve for Sophia

4. Daryl meshing in with the group, par Carol’s advice, FOR Carol.

5. Daryl offering her a shoulder massage, laughing along with her when she asks if she wants to screw around

6. Deeply upset by her ‘’ apparent death ‘’ in Season 3, puts a Cherokee rose on her ‘’ grave ‘’

7. Needs to sit for a while, smashing his knife against the floor building up to potentially needing to put a Walker Carol down

8. Holds her, leads her back to safety

9. Goes to her, tells her to stay safe 

10. After dealing with everyone’s grumpy attitude that Merle is in the prison, Daryl kind of just wants to be alone but allows Carol in his cell, SMILES when she says that she agreed with T-Dog that the prison was just tombs, until Daryl found her and actually LAUGHS when she says ‘’ after all, look how far you’ve come. ‘’ He not only allows her in his cell during his time of final peace, he engages in conversation with her and listens attentively, smiles AND laughs in the process.

11. Talks about Merle after he died, to Carol, for just a second, accepts her hand to help him up and holds her hand while looking at her for just a second longer than he really needed to. She actually let go of his hand first, just sayin’

12. Nudges her arm when she calls him Pookie

13. PISSED OFF that Rick banished her and defends her

14. When seeing her approach them in No Sanctuary, he RUNS to her (even though he didn’t need to), he holds her extremely tightly and close, teary eyed in the process, looks at her lovingly and nuzzles her shoulder

15. He looks at her in Strangers and she tells him she doesn’t want to talk about ‘’ it ‘’ (what happened to her) and he respects this by saying ‘’ all right ‘’.

16. Extremely protective in Strangers, never leaving her side or out of his sight (When they are keeping watch, they hear a sound, he signals for her to stay back, stays by her side and kills a walker for her, places himself between her and Father Gabriel, keeping a bolt in his hand on the rock, goes after her when she left the church and asks her what she’s doing when she’s about to leave and when they spot the car that looks like the one B3th was taken, he tells her to ‘’ get in! ‘’ even though it would have made sense for him to tell her to go back to the church and let the others know that Daryl is off to search, instead of leaving them all wondering and worrying) 

17. Literally ALL OF CONSUMED. Throughout the whole episode he’s trying to get through to her, trying to comfort her, he’s THERE for her, he tells her to hold on, he takes care of her making sure she drinks water, gives her the not-ruined bag of chips… need I say more? That whole episode is us watching Daryl just being there for Carol physically and especially emotionally. Which can be taxing when the person is unresponsive or just ‘’ not getting it ‘’.

18. Loses his marbles and sanity when he see’s her get hit by a car

19. When B3th dies, he listens to Carol’s advice to ‘’ feel his feelings ‘’

20. Doesn’t flinch and ALLOWS Carol to kiss his forehead

21. At Alexandria, when Carol tells him to try, he DOES.

22. Immediately the first one to see her in The Same Boat, puts his hand on her chin to lift her head up to look at him, asks if she’s okay and when she says ‘’ no ‘’ he holds her, with his hand on her head.

23. Beats the shit out of a guy for threatening Carol’s life

24. Goes off to find her even though he’s wanted by The Saviors

25. Allows her to hug him even though he’s hurting and wanting answers for why she left

26. LIES FOR HER to protect her

27. When he is about to leave her, he goes back for a second hug where he not only allows Carol to have her hands in his hair, nuzzling him and breathing him in, he hugs back and puts his head in her shoulder in RESPONSE to her grabbing his hair. Both of them participated in that hug. Daryl only broke them off because the first time, he wanted answers rightfully so and the second time, the longer he stayed, the longer he put off leaving, the harder it was, the harder it was going to be if he kept lingering.

Obviously I am sure I missed some but here’s 27 instances Daryl showed his love for Carol all throughout the seasons. Daryl HAS shown his love for her. Daryl was abused as a child. Physical contact did not come easy for him, understandably so. Nobody, literally NOBODY can touch me without me flinching or verging a panic attack because I too, was, am abused. I know how damn hard it is to become comfortable with anything physical. 
Yet he has shown Carol love through physical contact. The hugs for example, most of which have been initiated by DARYL.

In my opinion, Carol’s feelings for Daryl have been ambiguous as of late EXCEPT! For Episode 10 in Season 7. We have not seen Carol showing love for him since 5B. And I understand why.
The point isn’t me dragging Carol, the point is me expressing how ridiculous I feel it is to say that Daryl needs to show his feelings for her when he has been showing his feelings. 
Granted, I don’t think Daryl was in love with her in Season 2, but I do believe the romantic love was there in Season 4, definitely Season 5, and most obviously in Season 7, mainly Episode 10. Whether whoever agrees with me or not is up to them.

I don’t get or understand your comment about Daryl making a move first. Carol is just as capable of making the first move as Daryl is. Carol can easily do that, too. It’s a two way street. Why does he have to make the first move? I’ll keep my opinion on who I’d like to see make the first move because my opinion is irrelevant, the point is looking at these two as EQUALS, why is there so much pressure on Daryl to show more and more feelings and make the first move when Carol is JUST AS capable? 

You’re right. Carol has gone through enough. So has Daryl. Daryl has gone through watching a woman he was becoming friends with (Denise) get killed by his crossbow, he was shot, he had to watch Abraham and Glenn get their heads bashed in, not to mention Glenn was like his BROTHER and he feels at fault for his death, he was taken and TORTURED at The Sanctuary, forced to eat dog food sandwiches, beaten, forced to look at a Polaroid of Glenn’s bashed in head. 
Daryl has gone through enough just as well. While Carol had SOME sort of peace in solitary (she was not being tortured) and was eating ACTUAL food, Daryl was suffering IMMENSELY and eating dog food. 

I’m not undermining the struggles Carol was going through because she obviously was but let’s not downplay what Daryl has gone through in Season 7 alone. 

So, yeah. Daryl has shown his love. We shouldn’t just expect Daryl to make the first move because Carol is also a capable human being and they both have gone through hell and back. 

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that both of them deserve peace, happiness, love, calm with eachother. Those two deserve it MORE than anyone else under the sun at this point.

EDIT:* In Strangers, Daryl forgets he’s carrying two water jugs and offers to carry one of Carol’s and ends up dropped one of his own, which leads to a very beautiful smile from Carol. Make that 28 instances (and potentially more) where Daryl has shown his love

Tate Langdon X Reader Imagine

Character: Pre-Death Tate Langdon [ Evan Peters ]
Season: Murder House
Description: You are the new kid at your high school and Tate takes an interest in you.
Word Count:561
A/N This is probably really short, and there most likely will be a part two, I just needed to get this out before I forgot about it or decided not to. Thanks for the patience, guys. This takes place in the nineties, before Tate had done the shooting, obviously. I don’t know if I’ll do anything related to the shooting after this, though. Make sure to send in some requests!

You had been worried about your first day at your new school for about a week now. You were used to moving around and being at different schools, because your mother needed to travel a lot for work, but it’s still nerve wracking at the schools each time. This was LA, who knows what the schools are like.
The car ride to school was full of anticipation and anxiety. So many thoughts rushed through your head you were sure you’d crash. Once you arrived in front of the building, you parked hastily, casting a glance at the other kids loitering around the grounds. One person in particular caught your eye. He had blonde, curly hair, which was hanging over his eyes. He seemed to be scribbling something in a notebook. He was attractive, in a strange way. As you went over to the school entrance, the strange guy looked up, his eyes boring into yours. You looked away, and headed into the building. You could feel his eyes on you as you continued walking. He was intriguing, but also a little…unnerving.
One of the first things you did was go to the school library after classes. Your classes were miserable, as expected. You had left your favorite book in the storage unit when you were moving, so you needed a replacement.
The library seemed fairly unoccupied as you entered, to your relief. As you walked towards the poetry section, you noticed the blonde you had seen at the beginning of the day reading in a corner. He seemed so involved, and you weren’t really up for awkward small talk, so you pushed the urge to approach him to the back of your head. You looked at the books around you hastily, looking to find something that caught your eye in the small section. You settled your eyes on Leaves of Grass , and picked it up to examine the contents.
“You like Whitman?”
You jumped slightly and looked to your left. The blonde guy. He was returning a book to the shelf, although you were sure he was putting it in the wrong spot.
“I-I mean I like poetry… I’ve never read anything of his before.”
“This book’s a good place to start.”
He looked at me and smiled slightly, then turned and walked off. Your breathing was shallow, probably because of the way he snuck up on you, but you couldn’t know for sure. You grabbed the book and left the library, the librarian was gone so you didn’t bother checking it out. He never told you his name.
Once you arrived home, you went straight to your room. You booted up your computer, courtesy of your mother, as a bribery to behave yourself here. As you waited for the slow device to start up, you fished around in your book bag and looked for Leaves of Grass . Once you read a fairly confusing sentence, the box in front of you made a few groans and noises. You clicked around, not completely sure if you were using it right, and typed the name of your current highschool into the searchbar. Looking around for yearbooks, you click a page titled Class of 1993 , the most recent one, and search around the different grades. When you come across a familiar face, you zoom in. Tate Langdon . So that was his name.

Beauty Got a Hold on Me

Could you write a really dominant reader smut for Basement Gee? thank you!

-Would you mind doing a dominant reader x Basement Gee? They’ve been friends for a while and the reader walks in on him masturbating to their image? Thank you! ______________________________________________________________

So I don’t really have much preamble for this one. I said I would write this one for ages, and I’ve finally had the creative energy to do it!

The reader isn’t as dominant as you’d expect because I wanted this to be a bit softer, (especially with it being Basement Gee). And I played with the idea a bit… just so Gee didn’t seem too…. Creepy.  Anyways, I hope you all like it! :)

Warnings: Smut, maybe a bit of language.

In all the time you’d known Gee (and seeing as you two had been friends practically since birth) it was safe to say you could tell when something was up. You’d grown up together, having been neighbours all your life, and you really had a bond with him like no other.

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