they had to know this

It’s so hard being a single mom when you have no kids and are a teenage male. ~Steve Harrington

I wonder if that would look good on a mug? (it does and you can get it here X)


“And there she was unreachable,
a hurricane and a woman.”


Man fuck school those were the worst years. uni is so much easier to cope with

All ya’ll still in school Im hella proud of you for lasting this long, your final score barely matters (nobody even the uni asked for mine) and all you need to do is survive, even if you have to drag yourself through it. ;v; (coming from someone who had to repeat a year and still got a hella low score) Dont push yourself too hard, the education system has been messed up for a long time and only tests memory, not your intelligence. You are far more important than numbers. The heavy weight will be lifted off your shoulders when you’re done~ Good luck!!

pro ship culture is just not reblogging anything because you cant figure out if op is an anti or not and dont want to get blocked/disrespect boundaries