they had so much fun with those boxes

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okay, just hear me out - you know those snuggling jumpers made for couples that have two arm and head holes ?? you just KNOW that feysand has this jumper !!! and it was probably a Christmas present from Cass that he bought to make fun of them but they end up loving it and using it all da time !

You mean these???

But you know that Rhys had so much fun he went out and bought him and Feyre these:

Feyre took one look at it and said to Rhys (while he was enthusiastically pulling off his clothes), “Get out.”

Rhys leaves with the box of underwear, happens upon Cassian. Cassian says, “Dude, how much you wanna bet we both fit in these?”

Rhys looks up, “There’s only one way to find out.”

Mayhem ensues. Nesta and Azriel walk in. Cassian and Rhys have fallen to the floor, trying to pull the underwear up (it’s not working). They’re kind of fighting/angry with one another because they’re both 100% that they’ll both fit.

Nesta and Azriel stop. Stare. Say nothing when both Cassian and Rhys ask them for help. They leave silently, and a little bit traumatized.


This was such a special afternoon ❤️

Too many photos of my face but my best friends were gems and took photos of me EVERYWHERE! You all know I love my show (and I know I’ve been a bit vacant recently but my distance at the moment has nothing to do with my love for ED) and have loved it for over 20 years so to get to walking through the village was so so special, to spend actual time seeing everything I wanted, to hear how it all works even down to the clever gardener having to glue leaves on the trees to match seasons and the remote controlled smoke for the chimneys… it was so lovely.

Everything felt so tiny but those photos with the phone box in the background felt SURREAL to me. Walking a little way through the village and looking at all the houses was so fun but it was when you turned and looked up the street that it was really kind of magical for me.

I got to see so much I didn’t even think about from Sarah Sugden’s & Carl King’s graves (had a bit of a moment at both!), the bridge of tears, inside the vets, got to sit in the church and inside the village hall and I had a sit on Val’s bench. We were allowed into the garage for a short while too but it was set up for filming but nothing spoilery. I spied the two tubs they used as seats for the “wedding”!

The tour guide laughed at me when I asked if Rob’s Porsche was around (so many of the cars were) but apparently it’s off elsewhere :( also the blue van wasn’t on site either because I wanted my photo with that too! Managed to get to the bottom of the mystery of all of the barns though (aka the bread barn etc) and which is which. Seeing the old Wishing Well set was such a MOMENT for me too, you all know the dream is to cuddle up with Alfie on those crochet blankets!

All in all, it was a gorgeous afternoon. I was like a giddy child and couldn’t stop smiling. The village is beautiful; it’s so so pretty (especially the flowers around Beauty and Bernice) and finishing off the tour with a cheeky walk down the road to see Wishing Well and the back of the scrap yard (they aren’t on the tour so you can’t visit them) was fun!

I miss you all and I hope to be back in the next few weeks. Feel like I have so much to offload about the show and get excited about (LYDIA❤️) but in the mean time, sending lots of love to you all.

College: What You Actually Need

A friend of mine is starting college in the fall and asked me for some packing advice. Packing for college may sound simple, but it can be extremely overwhelming. After a full year of living in the dorms, I have realized what is actually important to bring and what is completely unnecessary.

There are two main packing categories: what you bring and what you buy. We’ll start off with what you bring. My biggest suggestion is that you start early. I separated my room into four regions towards the beginning of the summer and worked on each part for a week or two. I went through every drawer and shelf and de-cluttered. I threw things out and donated multiple bags of clothing. What this process will help you realize is what is actually important to you. You will be leaving your home and you can’t bring everything, so ask yourself: what can’t I live without for a year? What I soon realized is that the things I could live without, were items I really didn’t need. I mean if you aren’t going to use it for a whole year, when will you ever? By the end of the summer the things left in my room were items I truly valued and used. By tackling one section of my room at a time I didn’t become overwhelmed (well… not that overwhelmed).

Now, what do you need to buy? My school sent out a packing list with suggested items to bring to college. While I found some suggestions helpful, others were ridiculous. First of all, you don’t need an iron/ironing board. You hear me? Almost every friend of mine bought those adorable mini chevron ironing boards and never used them. No one (except maybe those pledging boys) irons in college. And I promise you, if you do find yourself in need of some wrinkle relief, there will be a naive freshman with an adorable mini chevron ironing board right down the hall who will happily let you borrow it.

Any college packing list will suggest the obvious: bedding, towels, shower caddy, hangers… But there are a few items I would like to heavily emphasize. Bring a printer. Even if your school provides free printing (which very few do), I recommend a personal printer. When you’re up writing an essay until 4am, the last thing  you’ll want to worry about is getting up early to print at the library. Having a printer will also help you make friends. I think my friends used my printer more than me and repaid me with paper (well worth it!). Another important item? A robe. Walking to a communal bathroom in a towel is just not for me. Plus, hanging out in your room with your stranger of a roommate can be kind of uncomfortable in a towel. Robes rule! I also recommend bringing stamps for letters to friends, a drying rack for all those items that really shouldn’t go in the dryer (you can’t hang your wet clothes all over your room like you did back home), and a plastic bin for your wet shower caddy fresh from the shower.

Now for a few of my packing quick tips…

-Keep your boots and coats at home: If you plan on returning home before the winter months, keep your warmer clothes at home and get them when you’re ready for them. I swapped out my crop tops and denim shorts for riding boots and vests in November, which allowed for extra room in my dorm closet (if you could even call it that).

-Invest in a Target card: See next bullet point for further explanation.

-Make a list of toiletries: I’m warning you now. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to need a lot of products. My suggestion is to make a list of the products you use while you’re still home, so when you get to college you know exactly what you will be needing. There won’t be enough room in your car (or in those boxes you have to ship across the country) for your shampoo and leave-in conditioner, and sunscreen, and laundry detergent, and dish soap (you forgot about that one, huh?).

-Get crafty: I had so much fun with my friends making DIY wall art for my dorm over the summer. Dorm rooms can be dark and depressing, so definitely bring some colorful items to brighten the space up. Check out these chevron canvases I made a few years ago here!!!

-Command Hooks are your best friend: Enough said.

-Dorm stuff might not be your style: Don’t limit yourself to the “dorm” section of a store. Personally, I think generic dorm bedding is awful. I searched far and wide for the perfect bedding  that fit my taste and I don’t regret it. I also got sucked into buying an acrylic desk lamp from the dorm section of Bed Bath and Beyond and literally turned it on once. It was so ugly! Your dorm room is your home so make it your own.

-Expect a mess: BRING CLEANING SUPPLIES! Clorex wipes saved my life the day of move in. I was not prepared for the amount of dirt and dust I’d find in my room upon move in. I heavily suggest wiping down every surface before you move in.

-Follow the rules: Before shopping, make sure to review your college’s dorm rules. For example, my school didn’t allow wall decals, extension cords, or toasters.

Packing is a unique experience and you will quickly figure out what works for you. No matter what, even if you forget a laundry basket or some washcloths, you will survive.

Good luck packing!

If you are curious about where I’ve been for the last year, catch up with me here!

Moving In

Anonymous said: ur calum af, and i love it, so can you write a blurb on neighbor calum helping you move into your new flat across the hall?? thank you!!

He wasn’t even being remotely subtle. As Calum introduced himself in front of your moving fan, dripping with sweat and agonizingly shirtless, you almost smirked when it hit you that he’d been flexing the entire time. But instead of calling this tall, beautiful boy out on his strategies, you accepted his offer to help you move in, and decided to have fun with your new, attractive roommate. “Alright then, let’s get those boxes up!” You cheered before removing your shirt to be only in athletic shorts and a sports bra, and scooped up a box as if you had no idea Calum’s eyes were about to pop out of his head. The process was much quicker, and you had to thank the muscles that your neighbor took so much pride in, because he was able to nimbly help you with the larger furniture until you could sigh in victory, surrounded by all of your belongings in the main room of your apartment. “Thank you so much for this, Calum,” you said with a grateful smile, only to be taken back a bit by his smile. You didn’t plan on being infatuated by this boy, but you had taken glances at his body as he helped and felt your heartbeat pick up when he fully smiled with that chiseled jaw and brightness in his eyes. Though part of you worried that this would be a bad choice, you took a step forward and cocked your head to the side. “Is there anything I can do to pay you back? Like, dinner or something? You earned a full meal for getting my bed frame up three flights of stairs.” All of the confidence that Calum had been exuding the entire afternoon shook when you offered dinner, and his eyes widened just enough for you to notice and be even more infatuated. “Yeah, yeah that would be great. I’ll go shower and get ready, then pick you up at seven?” Now you were the one breaking into a full grin, and felt your chest warm up at the way that he looked at you. It was like he could see your future together in just a second, and you could swear he took your breath away even for the tiniest moment. “You know where to find me.”

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little-opalbaby’s 700 follower giveaway

Firstly, I’d like to apologize that this giveaway is somewhat feminine-themed. I PROMISE that my next giveaway will have more boy-ish type stuff in it!

In celebration of hitting 700 followers, I’m offering a small giveaway! This is my very first giveaway, but it will certainly not be my last, as I had SO much fun picking out all these little goodies today.

I made the contents of this giveaway kind of stealthy, meaning that the items included in the giveaway are not necessarily exclusively CG/l related. I did this for a couple reasons, but mostly so that those of you who are not “out of the toy box” would feel comfortable receiving the prize and wouldn’t have to explain anything to your roommates or anyone else you may live with. Because of this, I will not be restricting this giveaway to just those in the CG/l community. As long as you are following me, you are welcome to enter. 

Winners will be selected via random number generator after all entries are written out and organized in order from first to last. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. (Edited because I forgot to include a contest end date!) The contest will end at 6pm EST on May 28, 2016.


  • You must be following me
  • You must be 18+ (this is a legality issue, I apologize to my underage followers in advance for this rule, and I promise I will do something fun for you guys in the very near future, so stay tuned!)
  • You must be okay with giving me your address or PO box information should you win
  • Giveaway blogs are not eligible to win


  • Only notes on this post will count as entries towards this giveaway (notes on other posts from my blog, related to this giveaway or otherwise, will not count)
  • Reblogs: count as 3 entries
  • Likes: count as 1 entry
  • Multiple reblogs are allowed, but, as I stated in the rules, please do not spam your followers 

Now for the fun stuff!


If you are selected as the winner, you will receive the following prizes (see pictures above):

  • a children’s coloring book
  • a sheet of embossed foil butterfly stickers
  • a set of three Hello Kitty plastic bracelets (fits small wrists)
  • a small embellished felt pencil case/cosmetic bag 
  • a Disney princess themed detangling comb
  • one pair of purple and pink fuzzy women’s socks (size listed: 4-10)
  • a pack of 5 bunny-shaped hair clips 
  • a pink lemonade flavoured lollipop

Thank you so much to all of you who follow me. I’m so grateful for each and every one of you. Good luck to everyone!

Disclaimer: The owner of this blog (little-opalbaby) purchased all of the items offered as a prize for this giveaway. This giveaway is not associated with Tumblr, nor with any of the brands or manufacturers of the prizes. The winner of this giveaway will be providing a shipping address to the owner of this blog, not to Tumblr. Approximate retail value of the prizes is $15 CDN.

my little worm

Group/Member: GOT7 – Jaebum

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 556

Drabble# - 43 & 5; “Delete it, now.” “You are one insult away from starting a war.”

Author’s Note: I am having so much fun with this you guys!! It’s still super new for me since I don’t always write, but I feel like I’m really starting to warm up!

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Rules // Drabble List

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“Jaebum I swear to god if you don’t put those things away I’m going to scream,” you said as you came out from the bedroom only to be answered by your boyfriends endless laughing. Your mother had come to visit the day before and with her had brought the forsaken boxes, filled to the brim with pictures from your infancy and youth.

“Awe but Jagiya look how precious you look,” he said as he held up a picture from when you had to be eight or so, dressed in the most god awful outfit you’d ever seen.

“I’m hiding those as soon as you fall asleep tonight,” you threaten back before admitting defeat for now and sitting down next to him. However bad the pictures were you still couldn’t help but reminisce. Mixed in with all of your pictures were family members, some of which you hadn’t seen in years. You as a baby being held by your great grandmother. All of your mothers sitting together at your fifth birthday party. Your father and your guys old dog Coyote. Without even realizing it a small smile at lifted onto your face, completely distracted by the photos as Jaebum went from admiring the pictures of you as a young girl, to admiring the young woman that was sitting next to him today and of which he fell in love with.

 Looking back towards the pile he spotted an old polaroid picture that he hadn’t noticed before, his hand reaching out and grabbing it as he held it up, a shriek of laughter leaving his lips almost immediately which in turn startled you and snapped you out of your daze. “Oh my god Jagiya, you look like a worm!!” he shrieked as he held the poloroid in front of you. There you were, in all your naked glory at probably four or five months and the amount of baby rolls all over your body endless. “Jaebum I swear to god you are on insult away from starting a war.” You threatened as you tried to snatch the picture away from him.

“But Jagiya it’s so precious! Do you think we’ll give birth to a bunch of tiny little worms?” he cooed only making you groan in frustration more. It wasn’t until you saw him pull out his phone that you suddenly panicked. “What are you doing? Jaebum no don’t!!” you yelled as you tried to stop him, but of course he beat you. The flash on his camera going off, sealing a duplicate of that photo now on his phone as he tossed the picture down and took off in a run away from you. “Delete it, now! Jaebum delete it right now!” you yelled as you chased him, laughs escaping your lips though as well as you playfully chased your boyfriend through the house.

Later that night as you lay in the comforting quiet of your room, you cuddled up on his chest, his fingers playing with your hair, you couldn’t help but look at him. “I feel like I deserve to see some baby pictures of you now,” you say as he takes his gaze away from his phone to look at you, small smile playing on his lips.

“That’s fine, but I don’t think anyone will ever beat the cuteness that was my little worm.”

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what role do pyshcedleics play in your life? how often do you use them/when did you first experience them? what have they taught you? what do you think about them in society now a days?

This is an epic series of questions.

I first experimented with consciousness-expanding psychedelic substances around the age of 15. I tried salvia (which I hated and never did again– literally experienced ego-death and so much pain), mushrooms (which I enjoyed but never took enough to knock me on my butt and give me a religious experience), and acid (which was my favorite) all within that first year. Until I was maybe 18, I did psychedelics quite often… Maybe 4 or 5 times a year. Each time, it was with my group of friends from high school and aside from my “far-out” ideas about the universe, none of us were in touch with spirituality. I was quite anti-religion at that point, believing it caused so much evil that the world would be better without it. That being said, my experiences were AWESOME and other-worldly and sooooooo much fun and so beautiful, but not exactly on a consciously spiritual level… It affected who I am today in SOOO many ways! I would not be the same had I not experienced all those other ways to perceive reality. It made me comfortable with continuing to think outside of the box and kept me in touch with my child spirit. I would just laugh, look at art, play with marbles and kaleidoscopes, dress up in costumes, occasionally explode with fits of joy and beauty, etc. It was awesome. It was innocent and playful. I was happy and free. Psychedelics also allowed me to think for myself in new ways and in many ways led me to get more into independent research of anything scholastic that school didn’t want to teach us. It really furthered my education and my ability to understand things and think creatively in school as well.

The only thing that troubled me for years was that my lungs were too weak to hold in DMT smoke. I even set a New Year’s resolution one year to start smoking cigarettes even though I hated them JUST so I could build up lung strength. I have cried many times over the years about my inability to experience smoked DMT. I still haven’t experienced that medicine.

Then, after having three life-changing bad trips in a row (one of which being induced by a research chemical, which I do not recommend at all), I didn’t touch psychedelics for maybe 3 years or longer. During this time, I dove into leading a spiritual life and my experiences with psychedelics since then have been entirely different. I told myself I would only enter those realms again if it was in ceremony– particularly with the indigenous peoples that have used it as medicine for thousands of years. It wasn’t until Ayahuasca came into my life that I went near them again. I participated in a Natem (aya) ceremony in the deep, deep, remote, and isolated rainforest in Ecuador with the Achuar peoples, led by a powerful traditional shaman who spoke not one word of English or Spanish. It inspired me to also partake in another ceremony exactly one moon later. I intend to participate in many more aya ceremonies as I feel it was healing and revealed a deep wisdom to me that I want to feel and explore more of.

I can’t possibly explain what psychedelics have taught me. The spirit of each substance is different and there isn’t a language to describe the experiences and breakthroughs. However, if I’m going to generalize, here is just a pinch of what I can explain in words.

Your inner child is a spiritual teacher.

Darkness and death are just as important and honorable as Light and life. They are friends and teachers. Lean into the unknown and power and wisdom will come.

There are unseen worlds. The power of these worlds is ABSOLUTELY just as, if not more, powerful and present and affective on the whole as our 3D reality. These other worlds are filled with allies. They know so much it makes me want to cry just thinking about it. You feel it, you see it, you ARE it. Once you experience it, there’s no forgetting. It’s indescribably powerful.

PSYCHEDELICS ARE MEDICINE. They are meant to be RESPECTED. They have strong spirits and can be allies for lifetimes to come even without ingesting them again.

You are so much deeper than you know. Psychedelics can help you dig deep to the roots of your problems, issues, fears, and blockages so that you can birth forth the most pure You that there is. And when you get down to it, you and the medicine are one. You and the air are one. You are a manifestation of spirit. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and the medicine allows us to see that so that we can reach our highest potentiality if we so choose to.

They have also taught me that we create our reality. My bad trips taught me a lot about this. I’ve experienced what I believe to be some of the worst things someone can experience. Out of that comes a great wisdom. If you can transmute pain, fear, and humiliation into a teaching with gratitude in your heart, your power grows exponentially. I’ve done a lot of shadow work because of my bad trips and it’s nothing to be afraid of.

The role psychedelics have played in my life has shifted a lot over the years. Now, they are one of the most intensely useful spiritual tools I could ever imagine. They allow me to connect directly with Great Spirit on almost every level, like a face-to-face meeting. They allow me DEEEEP reflections on where I am on my life path, what the best way is to approach my life purpose, how I can become the best I can be, and what is stopping me (or how I am stopping myself) from achieving the ultimate peace, love, and thriving vibration cosmically possible. They bring everything that isn’t aligned to the forefront so you can face it. If you don’t want to know and don’t want to truly face it, you can end up pretty terrified and panicked from psychedelic journeys. If you are ready with all of your being to dive into the unknown to pull out the gold of awakening, psychedelics can be a fast road there. Obviously, they aren’t essential for this cleansing and introspection, but they sure do help a lot and speed it along.

What do I think about them in society nowadays? I think if used responsibly, they are a part of a HUUUUUGGGGEEEEE collective transformation. They have been, are, and will continue to be a major part of human evolution on this planet, both spiritually, psychically, mentally, emotionally, socially, culturally, communally, etc. It’s all about using responsibly with complete respect for the spirit and setting intentions strong. “The real revolution is the evolution of consciousness.” We can all approach this individually in our own ways, and psychedelics are a big part of this for many people.

Phew! Long answer. Kudos if you got this far. These are all just my experiences and opinions, mind you. I’m no expert. This was not meant to offend or challenge anyone. Just sharing!


Regarding working at a LGS and having friends who play magic there.

Because of a thread on reddit I realize that  people have a huge misconception regarding running an LGS…

A lot of people think that having two to four customers holding economy together for an LGS is great…. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Some think that if you are running a LGS it’s all dance on roses and that things turn out great n all as long as u got them regulars…no…

When I worked in my store i can be fair n say there was three people that held the economy together for the store ( far as i know, my boss kept the incomes hidden for me so idk)

But yeah basically there was three friends of mine who kept buying box after box after box after box…and now im not talking bout planning to buy a box… im talkin bout buying a box, opening it, realizing they got nothing, then buy another and repeat. In the end they got REALLY sour bout it but kept coming back for more.

Now this sounds good and all from a business stand point? 


because then there was those days this person had no money and were literally never there at the store. Those weren’t fun days I can tell you that. 

Same when Modern Masters 2015 came out and two other people kept buying packs just…cuz…. ofc they didnt get what they wanted and they also became sour. 

Now these were my friends, so at one point i legit told them “ Are you really sure you want your fourth box of Fate Reforged this week just to get ugin?” and yep, they bought it and i couldn’t do much. Ofc they did stop and think for a minute and in the end I think they realized that they cant spend money over n over on legit gambling just to get one card.

I didn’t want to lose trust from friends, cuz in all seriousness i would’ve been the one who got into windy weather at the end of all them boxes. 

Anyway, my ex-boss. So he kept telling me that my town was in no where near the sales amount he get in his village. W/e i think that cant be right. the village where he lives is the size of a street with less than 500 people living there. 

Then during a release-draft I went there and oh lordie….. thats when i saw the reason why he could keep on having the store open there and not in my town ( well despite him taking semester on the money i brought in for the store without telling me tahat is.

There in the room, 3 people all covered in booster packs.

Now i too have bought a box at one point during release just for the fun of it… but ehhhhm. One was sitting with two boxes (w/e), then the second with four boxes…. then the third had bought 7 boxes of eldritch moon and was on his way to buy the 8th box ( which he did)… 

Now I am not one to judge people or say this or that bout someone…but I asked the guy eventually like “ Making playsets?” and his reply kinda shocked me:

“No i’m just trying to get a playset of liliana the last hope”

Now I can say with most certainty that none of you readers have ever bought 8 booster boxes (at a slightly higher price than the norm) to get a playset of a mythic planeswalker… 

I was a bit taken away by this but what really made me realize what had happened was when the guy was woefully putting away all the cards into some large christmas-gift box that he had also bought.

He had pulled 1 liliana…  

Now I might be a bit bias, but I didn’t really enjoy the enormous smile from my ex-boss at this time. The guy had realized he had wasted over 900 dollars ( 7500 kr) on stuff he didn’t need and my ex-boss was just like some goddamn sunflower in the room smiling at “ how much he as sold today”

So here is where i might differ;

I would never sell someone 8 booster boxes if they had told me they were looking for a playset of a specific card…. I am not kidding. 

To me, the guy seemed to have a classic case of gambling problem rather than “having fun opening booster boxes”…there’s a limit to that no matter what person you are yanno… But also, if that person had stopped buying cards then the store would’ve lost an extreme amount of income, and thats where the fault in having one customer being the sole reason a store is up and running comes up. If a guy is buying 95% of whatever you get in, and then they suddenly stop…oops! What are you gonna do with them wares now? Bottomline, this is simply a rant.

People need to remember that Regulars buying 8 boxes =/= as good as 8  different people buying boxes. Focus on having a great atmosphere, host fun events for newcomers, women-only drafts for those who are insecure around men, make people feel at home.

Don’t feed clear obsessions and unhealthy atmospheres. You’ll end up shutting the store down when those people move/stop going.


I noticed that oracle and divination decks tend to have symbols from nature. I didn’t really grow up with a lot of nature around so I decided to use the symbols from my everyday life to make my own divination deck.

Professor Pam’s Urban Divination Deck, A deck for those of us who got lost in alleys instead of valleys. 

32 cards, 3"x3" cards with pearl ink accompanied by a guide. Includes cards like The Sewer Raccoon, The Suspicious Puddle, The Window Box, and The Free Newspaper. 

I had so much fun doing this, they’re up at the shop now. 

fun fact when my mum gave birth to me she was actually infected with a really bad virus that she got from my brother, who was 2 years old at the time, but because her body was under so much stress it literally just ignored the fact that it was sick. Like she didn’t have a single symptom because her body was already too busy dealing with the fact that it was pushing a baby the size of a watermelon out. We know she had the infection because I got it straight away and had to be in one of those humidified incubator boxes for three days.

Similarly, I’ve spent the last four days with an intense flu and it hadn’t felt like I was getting any better. But today I got my period and the cramps were so painful I spent half the day throwing up, and suddenly I’m not sick anymore. No flu symptoms at all.

Like how weird is it that if put under enough stress the human body can literally just forget that it’s sick. How fucking weird is that. Guys. It’s blowing my mind.

Seifukubu side story, part 3 of 9

Took a while with this one, sorry - last part of the side story where the student council try to recruit a new member. Will they or won’t they? Have a guess.

Commentary in [italics] . Accuracy not guaranteed. Any mistakes, scream in my ask box. ^_^ 

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

The three original student council members had failed to find someone new to join them. Looking serious, they turned to polishing a new strategy.

Kinshirou: “… Why did that strategy fail, I wonder.”

Akoya: “… and it’s been so long since I got to wear kimono, and it was so much fun, wasn’t it!”

Kinshirou: “Arima, what do you think?”

Arima: “That’s the thing, isn’t it… I wonder if it’s not that we’ve set the bar too high.”

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I apologize about the lack of confessions the past few days. I got caught up in cleaning my room before class starts again on 1/7. I’m going to post several tonight so I can open the ask box before I go to bed, but first I wanted to say something:

I wanted say how awesome all of you are. I wanted to thank those that have stuck with the blog for the (almost) 2 years it’s been going. And for sticking with me through my several month-long absences. I never thought this blog would get this popular (I know, har har it’s a confession blog) but it’s awesome to see how many Tolkien fans are out there..  I’ve had so much fun running this blog from the very beginning; the confessions and stories you guys come up with are just amazing. (The weirder ones are my favorite tbh and I think that’s what makes this blog unique).  But I just wanted to say that I think you guys are great and, even though the movies are at an end, I hope this blog continues for several more years. 

Thanks, everyone! x ♥

My Little Secret


I know I’ve been pretty AWOL the past few months, but I’ve been dealing with a lot.

I know most of you don’t know much about me. I try to keep it that way. I try keep most of my personal life… well personal. Until recently I didn’t even write under my own name. I’m not sure why I’ve always been so closed off or why I’ve always stored my feelings away, but that’s something I’m working on too.

I’ve kept one huge secret from everyone. Her name is Lauren. We’ve been dating for about three years now and a few months ago, I asked her to marry me. Thankfully, she decided she could put up with me for a little bit longer. She has the bigger place, so it made sense that I’d move in with her. Oh, and another thing about Lauren… she got pregnant about eight months ago.

As of yesterday, I’m a dad.

It still doesn’t seem real.

I’ve been under so much stress the past few months knowing this was coming. Money has been tight and even though we’ve both been working overtime to get ready for the little bundle of joy, I still wasn’t comfortable with the amount we had coming in. So I did something I never thought I’d have to do… I sold my toys.

Ok, first of all it’s not what it sounds like. Yes, I am a grown man and yes I had a garage full of toys. Ok, maybe it is what it sounds like. Another thing (most) of you didn’t know about me was that I am a crazy collector of toys, art, figures, statues, props, anything and everything that caught my eye. I say crazy because I spent thousands and thousands on this stuff. It was never an issue when I was a single guy living alone, but a married guy with a kid on the way?

No bueno.

So piece by piece I sold off my beloved collection. God, it was hard, but seeing how much money would go towards raising my child made it worth it. I made so much back because I took such good care of everything. Every item was in perfect condition. I made sure to keep it that way from the beginning.

It took about six months to sell it all and during those months, Lauren told me countless times how proud of me she was. It made me feel that much more guilty at the fact that I had kept about 10 boxes worth of stuff in a storage container downtown. Just stuff that was too sentimental to sell. Stuff that I knew would be worth a small fortune in a few more years. I would visit it once a month, just to check in and make sure they were safe. Opening those cases and seeing those beautiful plastic bubbles that held the figures, so clean and safe. Just being around it just made me feel good. I know Lauren wouldn’t be mad if she knew, but it’s just more fun keeping it my little secret.

A few hours ago our baby decided it was time to come out. Though that came with its own set of scares. He was born prematurely at four pounds, five ounces. He was alive and at that point, that was the most important thing. I wasn’t even able to hold him, they wheeled him out of the room almost immediately. The labor was long and hard but Lauren was a champ. She was stronger than I could have ever been.

I stayed with her for hours until the doctor came into our room in the middle of the night and took me into the hall, Lauren was finally asleep so we didn’t want to wake her. He led me down the corridor to a room with a giant window. He smiled and walked away. A few seconds later, a nurse wheeled out my baby up to the window.  

He was beautiful. Even through the plastic and wires he was perfect. I felt something in my heart that I hadn’t felt in months. He had a plastic box over his head, the nurse called it a oxygen hood, it was to help with his breathing. My heart raced. That little thing in there was my child. My baby. I checked his hands and feet, 10 fingers and 10 toes.

Perfect condition.

It took some work, but I finally managed to fit the plastic box into my car. I had to be as careful as possible, I didn’t want to damage the little guy. I drove as slowly as I could until I got downtown, ignoring the honks and middle fingers. I unlocked my storage unit and rolled him inside. He was so beautiful and precious, I wanted him to be that way forever. I placed him next to my box of vintage Batman action figures and kissed the plastic bubble covering his head. I flipped off the lights and quietly slid the door shut. I locked the unit and got back into my car. I can’t wait to visit him next month.

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I don't understand the potato thing?

I have 0 tagging system so I won’t be able to pull up anything to help support this. But long story short, when the boys were on Jimmy Kimmel recently, Jimmy made a twitter (or was it IG?) for the ‘1D Potato’ (something like that - I think its still up actually) and basically told all the fans to go follow. He also put this potato in its own little chair and had it on the stage and on the interview couch. And then throughout the entire time they were on his show, he kept cutting away to this potato account and going ‘haha! Look at how many followers this potato is getting! It’s just a potato and all these people all following it!’ Basically it was a ‘look at how dumb these 1D fans are. They will follow anything if its 1D even if its just a potato!’

Understandably, fans were pissed. Thanks for treating us like we are 5. So that same night after the show, the bears posted the angry potato pic, complete with potato masher and a box of mashed potatoes. Pretty sure those are objects they did not necessarily have lying around. So chances are they had to go out and buy some of the props to make this angry post. That’s how much they cared. They even took the time to cut out letters! Don’t make fun of their fans.

This turned out longer than I expected. Whoops.


BIRTHDAY STUFFFF!!!!! SO as some of you noticied day 2 was my birthday, and as the year before it i had like… 1 gift I wasn’t expecting much except for the things I bought myself, BUT I got a bunch of cool stuff, it made me so happy ;w; Ah please don’t get me wrong, it’s not only about the gifts, I was also nervous because my mom had invited a bunch of people over and I thought it would suck cuz I’m bad at dealing with so much people plus all the attentions to me, but instead the party was very nice and sweet, everyone had fun ♡♡♡ I’m glad! So I got 2 mugs, a bunch of chocolate, a pack of mini marshmallows!! (There isn’t those here [ there is but it’s expensive as heck] ) soooocks (it’s not a bad gift, those last forever!) A tree abajur ♡♡♡ a mew and a pokemon poster For the stuff I bought myself (and used all my money lol) a welcome to night Vale novel, a DIY music box (dog song it’s on its way!!) And a pen to draw on tablet and my celphone UwU I also wanna thanks everyone that wished me happy birthday, or drew me something ♡♡♡♡♡ brigadão I luv you all! This was BEST BURDAY

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And the biggest thing about doing this, that I always say with ANYTHING, whenever someone’s like “Well you can’t do this with race, you can’t do this with gender, you can’t do this with sexuality”, you’re limiting your options, you’re limiting possibilities. There are so many options, so many possibilities, and I think it’s reflected in a show like (Steven Universe), and other shows are doing something similar. So whenever you say, you know “You can’t do something with - uh, transgender, transsexual, gay, black, Asian”, you’re limiting what you can do, and there is just so much fun that can be had and so many possibilities…
It’s just one of those things where it’s like, it just gets BORING, and you just keep yourself in a box and unless you expand… Like with a Black Widow movie and stuff - “Supergirl and Catwoman didn’t make money!” Well you gotta make good fucking movies before people are gonna go see them!
See that’s why I get much more happy and excited when I see a children’s show doing this kind of thing, that’s preparing the next generation to say “What are you talking about, that you can’t do this?” …And really, in the last couple of years we’ve seen so much more possibilities open up… and it’s wonderful, there’s still ways to go, but it’s HAPPENING and the change is happening and people are still seeing possibilities and they’re saying “Hey, let’s try this ‘cause there’s really nothing to lose, there’s only stuff to gain”.
past boyfriends

Cnnr. We met in middle school. i liked your hair because i’d never seen someone with that shade of orange without it coming from those boxes my mom bought at the PX. You were my first kiss behind the bleachers during track season. Everyone saw and planned a wedding for us on notebook paper, we had it at the school and i kissed you again. Those were the only two times we hung out. I was too scared to sit next to you at lunch because I liked you so much. You were on my dad’s baseball team. You moved away and we never spoke again. 

Crtr. People used to make fun of you for not being as attractive as your brothers. You weren’t talented in film but your vocabulary made my head spin. Once you shipped me peace tea and a love letter 4 pages long front and back that said every reason why you loved me. I found out later it was “just a joke” You moved to California when your brothers got scholarships. You came to visit me 3 times.You didnt like drinking or smoking but you could quote every book ever written. You said “I love you” a lot but never showed any sign of it. You played me my favorite song on the piano once. You told Chris he was lucky to date me. You said i was important and apologized for ruining a lot. I still think it was out of pity. 

Crs.  I met you at a bowling alley. I liked your hair because it flipped and looked like blonde misplaced waves. We made out in the back of Katie’s car. I said “ Oh wow” after we kissed and your dad asked me why I was wasting my time dating a “loser like you” You made me feel like trash and said you’d leave me if I got a monroe.I was scared of you after you screamed at me in your car but i couldnt leave because I didnt want to quit like my mom did. I appreciate Pretty Odd now. You made me cry on the phone a lot, and feel bad about myself for having an eating disorder. I’m convinced you’re a sociopath. Your mom is one of my favorite people in this world. I let you use my beaver lighter to light your cigarette the last time I saw you. I imagined that was the cigarette that would give you lung cancer. You take everything for granted. I lost my virginity to you. I clapped for you at graduation and never got to thank you for wasting my time and showing me what I really need.