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please do more jally hcs theyre sooo good

-Dallas packs Johnny’s lunch for school

-He usually packs a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some crackers, a juice box, and a little post-it note that says “I love you

-Johnny keeps those post-it notes in a little box near his bed at his house

-One time as a surprise date Dallas took Johnny to the circus, and Johnny had so much fun he ate so much cotton candy and sno-cones and was in awe at how big the elephants were and ever since then he lowkey wants to be an acrobat

-Sometimes Johnny has panic attacks because he starts thinking about how he probably is just a figment of someone’s imagination and that his life is pointless and Dallas has to help calm him down and remind him he exists, he is alive and is real

-Sometimes the girls at school hit on Johnny and he is a blushing mess but he turns them down and just says he isn’t looking for a relationship but it’s actually because he has Dally

-Dallas doesn’t drink around Johnny because Johnny gets anxious whenever he’s around drunk people because of his parents

-Dallas got some cooking lessons from Darry so that he could cook Johnny dinner on their anniversary

-Dallas likes to steal buy Johnny stuffed dogs because Johnny loves dogs so Much

-Dallas once drove himself and Johnny to California over the summer because Johnny had never been to a beach and has always wanted to go

-Johnny likes to sleep on Dally’s chest. Like he’ll lay his top half on his chest and lay between his legs bc its more comfy that way and Dallas will run his hands through Johnny’s hair

-They have had sex in the woods

- Johnny gets chaped lips easily and he makes Dallas kiss it better

my little worm

Group/Member: GOT7 – Jaebum

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 556

Drabble# - 43 & 5; “Delete it, now.” “You are one insult away from starting a war.”

Author’s Note: I am having so much fun with this you guys!! It’s still super new for me since I don’t always write, but I feel like I’m really starting to warm up!

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Rules // Drabble List

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“Jaebum I swear to god if you don’t put those things away I’m going to scream,” you said as you came out from the bedroom only to be answered by your boyfriends endless laughing. Your mother had come to visit the day before and with her had brought the forsaken boxes, filled to the brim with pictures from your infancy and youth.

“Awe but Jagiya look how precious you look,” he said as he held up a picture from when you had to be eight or so, dressed in the most god awful outfit you’d ever seen.

“I’m hiding those as soon as you fall asleep tonight,” you threaten back before admitting defeat for now and sitting down next to him. However bad the pictures were you still couldn’t help but reminisce. Mixed in with all of your pictures were family members, some of which you hadn’t seen in years. You as a baby being held by your great grandmother. All of your mothers sitting together at your fifth birthday party. Your father and your guys old dog Coyote. Without even realizing it a small smile at lifted onto your face, completely distracted by the photos as Jaebum went from admiring the pictures of you as a young girl, to admiring the young woman that was sitting next to him today and of which he fell in love with.

 Looking back towards the pile he spotted an old polaroid picture that he hadn’t noticed before, his hand reaching out and grabbing it as he held it up, a shriek of laughter leaving his lips almost immediately which in turn startled you and snapped you out of your daze. “Oh my god Jagiya, you look like a worm!!” he shrieked as he held the poloroid in front of you. There you were, in all your naked glory at probably four or five months and the amount of baby rolls all over your body endless. “Jaebum I swear to god you are on insult away from starting a war.” You threatened as you tried to snatch the picture away from him.

“But Jagiya it’s so precious! Do you think we’ll give birth to a bunch of tiny little worms?” he cooed only making you groan in frustration more. It wasn’t until you saw him pull out his phone that you suddenly panicked. “What are you doing? Jaebum no don’t!!” you yelled as you tried to stop him, but of course he beat you. The flash on his camera going off, sealing a duplicate of that photo now on his phone as he tossed the picture down and took off in a run away from you. “Delete it, now! Jaebum delete it right now!” you yelled as you chased him, laughs escaping your lips though as well as you playfully chased your boyfriend through the house.

Later that night as you lay in the comforting quiet of your room, you cuddled up on his chest, his fingers playing with your hair, you couldn’t help but look at him. “I feel like I deserve to see some baby pictures of you now,” you say as he takes his gaze away from his phone to look at you, small smile playing on his lips.

“That’s fine, but I don’t think anyone will ever beat the cuteness that was my little worm.”

Moving In

Anonymous said: ur calum af, and i love it, so can you write a blurb on neighbor calum helping you move into your new flat across the hall?? thank you!!

He wasn’t even being remotely subtle. As Calum introduced himself in front of your moving fan, dripping with sweat and agonizingly shirtless, you almost smirked when it hit you that he’d been flexing the entire time. But instead of calling this tall, beautiful boy out on his strategies, you accepted his offer to help you move in, and decided to have fun with your new, attractive roommate. “Alright then, let’s get those boxes up!” You cheered before removing your shirt to be only in athletic shorts and a sports bra, and scooped up a box as if you had no idea Calum’s eyes were about to pop out of his head. The process was much quicker, and you had to thank the muscles that your neighbor took so much pride in, because he was able to nimbly help you with the larger furniture until you could sigh in victory, surrounded by all of your belongings in the main room of your apartment. “Thank you so much for this, Calum,” you said with a grateful smile, only to be taken back a bit by his smile. You didn’t plan on being infatuated by this boy, but you had taken glances at his body as he helped and felt your heartbeat pick up when he fully smiled with that chiseled jaw and brightness in his eyes. Though part of you worried that this would be a bad choice, you took a step forward and cocked your head to the side. “Is there anything I can do to pay you back? Like, dinner or something? You earned a full meal for getting my bed frame up three flights of stairs.” All of the confidence that Calum had been exuding the entire afternoon shook when you offered dinner, and his eyes widened just enough for you to notice and be even more infatuated. “Yeah, yeah that would be great. I’ll go shower and get ready, then pick you up at seven?” Now you were the one breaking into a full grin, and felt your chest warm up at the way that he looked at you. It was like he could see your future together in just a second, and you could swear he took your breath away even for the tiniest moment. “You know where to find me.”

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Pardon the extremely long graphic, but here we are my friends!!

First of all, wow! I’ve only really been around since December???? Thank you all for following me!!! I appreciate every single one of you and I’ve had so much fun interacting and reading about your lovely ocs!

So to celebrate as you can see, I’ve got a giveaway! Originally it was  going to be more OC aesthetics edits since you all seemed to love that, but more prizes have been added! Yaayyy!

Without further ado:

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little-opalbaby’s 700 follower giveaway

Firstly, I’d like to apologize that this giveaway is somewhat feminine-themed. I PROMISE that my next giveaway will have more boy-ish type stuff in it!

In celebration of hitting 700 followers, I’m offering a small giveaway! This is my very first giveaway, but it will certainly not be my last, as I had SO much fun picking out all these little goodies today.

I made the contents of this giveaway kind of stealthy, meaning that the items included in the giveaway are not necessarily exclusively CG/l related. I did this for a couple reasons, but mostly so that those of you who are not “out of the toy box” would feel comfortable receiving the prize and wouldn’t have to explain anything to your roommates or anyone else you may live with. Because of this, I will not be restricting this giveaway to just those in the CG/l community. As long as you are following me, you are welcome to enter. 

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And the biggest thing about doing this, that I always say with ANYTHING, whenever someone’s like “Well you can’t do this with race, you can’t do this with gender, you can’t do this with sexuality”, you’re limiting your options, you’re limiting possibilities. There are so many options, so many possibilities, and I think it’s reflected in a show like (Steven Universe), and other shows are doing something similar. So whenever you say, you know “You can’t do something with - uh, transgender, transsexual, gay, black, Asian”, you’re limiting what you can do, and there is just so much fun that can be had and so many possibilities…
It’s just one of those things where it’s like, it just gets BORING, and you just keep yourself in a box and unless you expand… Like with a Black Widow movie and stuff - “Supergirl and Catwoman didn’t make money!” Well you gotta make good fucking movies before people are gonna go see them!
See that’s why I get much more happy and excited when I see a children’s show doing this kind of thing, that’s preparing the next generation to say “What are you talking about, that you can’t do this?” …And really, in the last couple of years we’ve seen so much more possibilities open up… and it’s wonderful, there’s still ways to go, but it’s HAPPENING and the change is happening and people are still seeing possibilities and they’re saying “Hey, let’s try this ‘cause there’s really nothing to lose, there’s only stuff to gain”.