they had like none of the parts to make them actually look recognizable

La Douleur Exquise Pt 1 | Incubus!Yoongi AU

summary: in which you accidentally summon an incubus in the middle of your shitty apartment and he won’t leave until you agree to have sex with him. until then, min yoongi, incubus extraordinaire, is now your sexually promiscuous and grumpy roommate. aka, the incubus au no one fucking asked for.

warnings: demon summonings, lots of swearing, and a grumpy min yoongi (what’s new?)

genre: fluff, angst, humor, eventual smut (none in this chapter!)

words: 6.2K (FUCK!)

a/n: the preview got such good responses that I had to finish this right away! hope it stands up to your expectations! enjoy~ (pls ignore some grammatical mistakes; i still need to edit it a bit)

➵  part 1 (you’re here!) // part 2 // part 3 // part 4 (coming soon!)

In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea trying to recreate an ancient demon-summoning circle in the middle of your living room. If anyone asked you what had possessed you to do so regardless, you’d point fingers at your history professor for assigning the task in the first place. Although, you might concede that he didn’t technically ask you to assemble the summoning circle; all you were assigned to do was do some research about ancient summoning techniques with five to ten sources maximum. The problem with the assignment lied with the latter part of the requirements: the motherfucking references.

No matter how hard you tried to search for reliable photographs of professionally reenacted summoning circles, none of significant quality had popped up anywhere. You were seriously starting to consider attaching some DeviantArt fanart by the time you had reached page 67 on the Google search page.

In short, you were desperate—and desperation meant that you didn’t really think things through.

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missing, if seen, please report to- [ teen!richie x teen!reader x teen!stan ] .1

summary: it’s the 90′s and richie tozier is still in love with you. in an unexplainable turn of events, the losers are lead to believe that pennywise is back. and that you’re missing because of him.

warnings: none YET

a/n: dis will be a series?
also, requested by anon:  Hey! Can you do a female!reader x Richie where they are at a sleepover with all the losers and everyone is sleeping when they start talking about kisses and they’re trying to be quiet; they are going to kiss, but both of them are wearing glasses so it just makes a loud “clank” when they try? Thanks! (that actually happened to be rip)

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Please fucking think about me. Because all I do is think about you.

It is hopeless, however, because Richie Tozier can’t reach you no matter how hard he tries and simply regards you with a longing look as you pass through the halls. The two of you are worlds apart. Exist in the same space as different entities, parallel lines, occasionally meeting but never meant to touch. And he had had this fire burning in him since he was eleven. How could he not? You were best friends back then. With him. With everyone. Now, you’re merely a shadow of your former self, an unexplainably hot shadow, but so different you’re hardly recognizable.

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Annabeth Hair Headcannons

When I was 12 I loved Annabeth because like…she didn’t really give a shit about what she looked like, and there would be moments where Rick would say “She woke up with a rat’s nest” or “She didn’t have time to brush it” and yeah. That meant a lot to little me. So here are some headcannons based on my own blonde, thick, curly hair experiences.

  • When she was living on the streets with Luke and Thalia, she wouldn’t really brush her hair. Sometimes she would, but she would only comb through the top later bcuz she was young and in a rush, so there was this giant hidden knot of tangles at the base of her neck.
  • (Thalia eventually had to cut off the clump because it was so gnarly. Annabeth named it “George”)
  • Back when she was still living at home, her stepmom would force her to sit down every morning so she could comb through the bed-head. She would rip the brush through Annabeth’s hair, and roll her eyes when she started crying. “Stop being dramatic. It’s not that bad.”
  • Because of that ^^, Annabeth’s head is basically numb now??? Like, you could tear out a clump of hair and she would hardly react.
  • She can’t fit all her hair under a hat. Even when it’s in a bun. It’s fucking impossible.
  • She gets tons of questions like “What shampoo/conditioner do you use?” and she’s like “…uh, whatever’s in the shower?? Department store shit?” and they nod like she’s just given them sage haircare advice.
  • Annabeth doesn’t cut her hair short. She can’t make herself, even though she knows it would be more practical to have short hair but…she can’t. It’s not a vanity thing. Her hair is unique, she knows this, and it’s sort of become a part of her. Like a calling card.
  • She feels the same way with dying her hair. Sometimes, she really hates being blonde, because there’s always some fuckboy who’s like “lol ur blonde u must be a dumb whore” which is stupid and doesn’t even make sense, but some ppl actually slut-shame her about it. So she keeps the color because fuck those people.
  • People are always asking to braid her hair. All the time. It’s fucking annoying.
  • (The only person she lets braid her hair is Piper because she actually knows what the fuck she’s doing.)
  • Some people just…touch her hair. Like, random strangers. In the grocery store, at the movies, in school. OMFG all the time in school, the kid sitting behind her will reach out and pat her hair, and she’ll turn around to glare and they’ll just be like “what?”
  • She plays with it when she’s hyper-focusing, twirling and twisting it around her fingers. Once when she was 13 a group of girls started teasing her about it. “Why do you always play with your hair? Do you think your special? Are you trying to flirt? You’re so weird and gross.” She stopped playing with it in public after that.  
  • She ALWAYS has hair-ties. ALWAYS. She’s that girl with, like, four hair-ties on her left wrist at all times. You need a hair-tie? Go to Annabeth, she’s gotchu.
  • All of her hair-ties break, though. Like, they just snap. She has to buy the super durable ones.
  • The only people who are allowed to play with her hair without asking for express permission are: Percy, Piper, Hazel (although she always asks anyways), and Rachel.
  • OMFG Rachel and Annabeth and Hazel bond over their curly hair. Like, they each have different kinds of curly hair, but they can all bond together over it.
  • Like, someone says “you can’t comb your hair in the shower” or “do you ever brush your hair?” and Annabeth, Rachel, and Hazel share a Look.
  • Annabeth went through a phase where whenever someone would say something like “OMG i would do anything to have your hair you’re so lucky,” she would respond with “ok i can shave it off and glue it to your head if you want” with a complete straight face. 
  • She gets headaches when she wears high ponytails.
  • Her hair gets REALLY poofy when she brushes it out. Like, just a cloud of poof. It’s such a relief when she does this sometimes, because it sort of takes off a lot of its weight.
  • If she ever does cut her hair, she’s going to donate it. All of it. 
  • She hates it when ppl call her “blondie”. Even Percy.
  • She’s actually broken a few hairbrushes before. But now she knows what kinds to buy.
  • For the last time, no. She doesn’t like straightening her hair. It takes forever, it’s really hot and uncomfortable, and it never stays. It’s stupid.
  • She can totally hide things in her hair. Sometimes ppl will stick pencils and pens in it. Percy and Piper have a game where they try to see how many things they can fit in her hair without her noticing.
  • She has to braid it when she swims. Like, none of that majestic hair-flowing-underwater crap. If her hair gets wet, it will tangle, and brushing that shit out is a pain in the ass.
  • She’s recognizable in a crowd. She sort of likes that.
  • Sometimes, Percy will refer to her hair as a lion’s mane. She sort of likes that.
  • Generally, she doesn’t really care about how it looks. It poofs up when it’s summer, it turns dark when it’s winter, and it will get tangles no matter how many times she brushes it. She doesn’t have the time or energy to care.
  • She doesn’t shave her legs, because who gives a shit? (also she’s blonde so the hair doesn’t really show up, so if she did care that wouldn’t be too much of a problem.)

Just….Annabeth dealing with her hair like only Annabeth would.

anonymous asked:

Your parkour fic is beautiful and perfectly captures how adorably lovesick Shiro and Keith are. My crops are watered from Matt's hilarious commentary.

lol god… here’s part two. i had to step away from the computer at least four times while writing this. i genuinely feel bad. i didn’t mean to just post crack this week but here we go.

sheith parkour au part 2: a frank discussion about uniform kinks or whatever

[part 1]

Dear Katie,

It got worse. It got so much worse.


Everything is peachy-keen for a solid two days.

Shiro washes the bloody tank top and starts to regain some of Matt’s respect and trust. They don’t see any sign of Parkour Boy. Not in the mess, not in the halls, not in the library. It’s a double edged blade, but if Shiro spends double the usual amount of time haunting the gym and an abnormal and disquieting share of his spare time staring out windows, that’s fine. Everyone has their cross to bear.

Matt only catches him watching parkour videos on his phone once. The tinny dubstep is a dead give away, but maybe it’ll help him figure out that real parkour doesn’t actually involve that much tripping or blood or soulful gazing. (It doesn’t involve… any of that.)

And then, two days after the Incident, Shiro gets a new fixation. They both do, because on Tuesday someone destroys the simulator.


Like, they didn’t literally destroy it, but you know how Dad is always going off about Shiro’s scores? Obliterated. Total fatality.


“You messed up the coding,” Montgomery sighs.

No, Matt did not. And Katie checked it, so he’s double, triple sure. They tweaked it to make it harder. Whoever this kid is, they’re either a world class programmer with a lot of extra time and tech on their hands or they’re not fully human.

“I’m sorry Sir, and I hope you don’t think this is out of line, but we really did check it. I had Shiro test it four times. It should…” Matt lets his eyebrows quirk up in a look of gentle, innocent assurance. “It should check out.”

Montgomery sighs again. “Fine, Holt. We’ll bring the cadet back in and retest him.”

We’ll bRing the caDet back in and reTeSt hiM, Matt mocks in his head.

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tangible silence - a nonlinear misadventure series surrounding deaf!eddie kaspbrak

Eddie Kaspbrak is fourteen years old, lives in the tiny town of Derry, has asthma along with a million other ailments, and attends bird watching club meetings every Monday, Wednesday,and Friday afternoon where he never actually watches birds.

Oh yeah, he also can’t fucking hear.

[tumblr link] [AO3 link]

chapter 1.

Remember, your teacher has a landline if something happens. Did you take your allergy medicine? And sunscreen?

Yes mommy. I have to go I don’t want to be late.

Eddie stepped out of the car and breathed out in relief when he felt the gust of his mother driving away without protest; every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the entire summer, he’ll have a blissful two hours away from his mom. 

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It’s Your Fault

@sureeeeeeeeeeeee, @crystalshines2909 and Anonymous Requested: Hello love💕💕 I am so glad Simon what’s requests for IT open!! I was wondering if you would be open to writing about bill? Something long the lines of being his childhood friend that goes missing, but he finds her and saves her from it, super fluffy because I’m a sap😂. Your writing is amazing!!!!!!
Hi could I request a Bill x reader where he comforts her after Pennywise goes after her with her worst fear (loosing her friends)
Hey! I was wondering if i could request a fanfic of Bill x Reader where the reader almost gets taken by the clown but Bill saves them?

Pairing: Bill x Reader

Warnings: I thought these all fit well together, hope you don’t mind! some angst, blood, etc. etc.

You hadn’t known what you’d been thinking when you’d walked into that house. Every part of your being was screaming for you to turn back and bolt the other way, but yet you continued to walk forward. Your steps tentative and your figure floating behind Richie’s, Eddie’s and of course Bill’s with fear making your heart race.

You just wanted to prove yourself, the stupid idea it was on it’s own. Bill, your childhood friend and person you’d known since you were able to mumble incoherent words, had made it clear that nothing would stop him from walking in that house. He was determined to find out exactly what had happened to his little brother Georgie and every inch of your body told you you needed to be there for him.

So you were.

But then Eddie had gotten separated from you three and soon you found yourself alone, locked in a room and screaming Bill’s name. You heard the pounding against the door, and Bill and Richie call your name desperately as you stared at the darkened room around you.

Yet, as you continued to try and hold in your sobs the pounding and calls of your name seemed to drown out to the background. Soon it felt like Bill and Richie were no where near you and it was just you, alone in a dark silent room. But that moment didn’t last long as the room suddenly lit up. Your eyes hurt from the sudden bright lights and you blinked a few times before your vision cleared.

But what you saw made you almost vomit in disgust. Your hands fell to your mouth as you let out a shrilling scream. Around you was the bodies of all your friends, limp and covered in blood. The image of your friends dead stayed engrained in your mind as you closed your eyes in a desperate attempt to look away.

You couldn’t quite explain the emotion flooding through your body. All you knew was you were shaking uncontrollably and your knees felt very unstable. Your eyes were watering and you knew that you were sobbing like a mess as the terrible images flooded your mind. 

Though, in the middle of your panic attack, Bill’s words flooded your mind; “it isn’t real.” Yes… that’s right. This wasn’t real, this fear, fear of loosing your friends, was only IT’s method of getting into your mind and scaring you enough so that he could take you. It wasn’t real. The bodies littered around you weren’t actually your friends, and only images of them.

“It isn’t real.” You sobbed, shaking your head in denial as despite the realization that dawned over you, your eyes stayed glued to your dead friends bodies. “It’ isn’t real. It isn’t real. It isn’t-”

“Y/N!” Your eyes snapped open as you heard Bill’s easily recognizable voice, your eyes floating to where you remembered his body being. Sure enough, his hand was stretched out towards you weakly as he called your name roughly. All rational thought flew out of your mind and you went running up to him, taking his hand as you collapsed next to him.

“Bill…” You whispered, the tears starting all over again as you stared down at your long time friend in bewilderment. “Bill! No! Please, no…”

“This… This i-is all your f-fault.” Bill whispered as his head slowly lolled to the side. You let out a gasp, a sob breaking through in anguish. It wasn’t real… but it seemed so real. Then before you knew it, Bill’s body began to morph unnaturally. His face twisting every which way and his body bending in unnatural ways.

Gasping, you moved to run back but tripped over your own two feet, landing roughly on your bum. When you looked up, Bill was now Pennywise and he smiled at you sadistically, his sharp teeth clear as you whimpered in pain. You desperately tied to crawl away but Pennywise’s hands caught your throat and you were pulled to a stop, your hands leaving your side and instead flying to your neck in a desperate attempt to make him let go.

“Please…” You gasped desperately, staring at the terrifying eyes that zoned on your figure.

“Poor, worried Y/N…” Pennywise teased, “looks like your friends will be loosing you, not the other way around.” With wide eyes, you watched IT’s mouth grow in size, his mouth opening so wide you could see every sharp teeth nearing your face. You whimpered in fear, tears falling from your face in a violent plea.

Just as his teeth began to prick you, Pennywise was knocked off of your small form, falling back from shock. Looking over to your side, you found Bill, a metal stick in his hands as he quickly passed it off to Richie. Bill immediately fell toy our side, grabbing ahold of you in an attempt to pull you up but you restrained yourself, grabbing his face. “Bill… you’re- you’re alive.” 

“Y-Yes, now w-we need to go.” Bill nodded, helping you up as he held you against his side. When you turned, you saw Pennywise with the same stick from before threw his head. Richie turned to you both, his eyes ghosting over your figure to make sure you were okay. When he was sure you all began running out the door.

You panted, but kept up with Bill’s pace. Yet, despite what was behind you and chasing you at an alarming speed, you only seemed to be able to focus on the fact that it was Bill beside you. That he was alive and sure he looked a little rough for wear, but he was okay.

It hadn’t been real. 

“You said, ‘it was my fault.’ And I didn’t- didn’t…” You let out a sob, still shaken from the events that had occurred earlier. Needless to say, everyone had left, for better or for good and now Bill was sporting a nice bruise on the side of his face.

“Y-Y-Y/N… It wasn’t r-real. None of i-it was.” Bill tried to sooth as you pressed yourself tighter against him.

“I know.” You sighed, looking up from your lap to stare into Bill’s eyes. “It just felt so real.”

“I-I won’t ever l-let him get t-t-to you like that ag-again.” Bill promised, grabbing ahold of your hand. Falling silent, you breathed heavily and nodded at his words. You believed Bill, you always had and you had every faith in his judgement. No matter what, you’d follow him. “N-Never again.”

anonymous asked:

Hey! Anon who had sent the snowbaz prompt about the color yellow, etc. that was really really awesome! You're writing style is fantastic, and the quality is amazing!! Wow! Are you still excepting prompts? Because if so I'd love to see perhaps an insecure Baz and snow being kind? I really loved how you handled snow being self deprecating in your fic and how Baz handled it and I'd love to see something the other way around? Also, park, cold, blanket, eyes, bird, and leafs? That'd be so awesome,omg

AWWWWW OMGS TY ANON!!!!! OKAY SO the sad thing is I kinda got carried away and didn’t include EVERYTHING that you asked for, but I tried to get as much as I could. SECOND OF ALL I hope it’s okay, but I decided to try and use this for the @snowbaz-feda thingy (that I have been wanting to participate in and have only now been able to get something done) so um…. yeah here we go!! 

It was a beautiful spring morning with birds singing their cheerful tunes as they hid among the swaying leaves of trees with twisting branches and big, bright blossoms. There were cheerful shrieks of children running through the open fields playing games of tag and such. Toddlers giggled as they attempted to chase after fluttering butterflies, almost tumbling to the ground before they pulled themselves up again, playing the game until the butterfly flew too far.

And amongst the hoards and hoards of people, where three people in their early twenties, taking advantage of their spring break and strolling through the lush gardens. The tallest of the three held hands loosely with the boy beside him, who was easily recognizable by his bronze hair and blue eyes. And next to him a short girl had her arm linked through his, rolling her eyes at every remark the two made. Honestly, Penny had no idea why she even tried to spend time with the two dorks that were Simon Snow and Baz Pitch. They were so in love it was sickening.

“I could totally fly up to the top of that tree,” Simon argues, looking at the rather gigantic tree in front of them. Baz snorts.

“Please Snow. You can barely fly a foot off the ground.”

“That’s because I didn’t really try.”

“You’re both idiots.”

“Nobody told you to come, Bunce,” Baz says, but there’s a small smile on his lips.

“I had to come or else you both would’ve gotten yourselves killed. Need I remind you of that time at the zoo?”


“Nope. I’m not having this conversation again, Simon. Honestly both of you act like children.”

“Do not,” Baz scoffs. Penny raises an eyebrow.

“Okay fine maybe a little bit.”

“Case and point.”

“Whatever.” They walk a little while longer, enjoying the many sounds of the park and the smell of spring air. And as they did, Simon tried to douse the crippling anxiety that was forming within him. Today was the day, and he was worried how Baz would react.

Baz wasn’t exactly the easy-to-read type. If he was being honest with himself, he could barely figure out that his “plotting” face was actually his “madly-in-love” face when they were still at Watford, which means that he was either incredibly stupid, or Baz hid his emotions well. Sure, as they started to get used to each other Simon got better and better at reading Baz, but it wasn’t exactly like he was an open book. He didn’t know how much Baz loved him. He could just be going through the motions, or he could love him so much that it felt like a weight was crushing on his chest.

But, as Penny caught his gaze, he knew he had to do this. It was now or never.

Baz was worried. More worried than he’s ever been in his entire life, and that was a lot of worrying. He saw the signs before Simon himself seemed to realize them. The way he was wringing his hands nervously whenever he spoke to Baz, the way he didn’t really quite meet Baz’s eyes. He also seemed to be, in a way, distancing himself a little, as if he found Baz…. repulsive.

Sure he shouldn’t think about these things too much but….

Simon Snow hated Baz for a total of seven years with every inch of his being. They were constantly growling at each other, seeing who could pack the hardest punch. They were constantly picking at each other, which made it seem almost impossible for Baz to have a shot with him. Let’s be honest here, when a guy calls you a “bastard” twenty-four seven and considers you as his “enemy,” there’s a good chance he hates you more than you can possibly know.

But… somehow, in the middle of a flaming forest with years of self-hatred pouring off of him in waves, Simon Snow kissed him, sparking a new fire in his heart. None of it made sense. Nothing added up… which sometimes made Baz wonder if this was all part of some plan that Simon had. Sure, it was a cruelness that he never thought Simon would sink to, but maybe he finally figured out how much he hated Baz.

And when Simon stopped him in the middle of the park, Baz could practically hear the words echoing in his ears. I’m sorry Baz it’s just…. Not working for me.

Simon nodded at Penny, who took a step back, wandering off to a nearby bench where she sat down, watching not-so-subtly. The fidgeting increased outrageously as Simon stepped in front of Baz, the sound of his tail swishing and his wings flapping audible. His cheeks dotted with constellations of moles coloured a bright pink that spread down his neck and up to his ears. Shakily, he grabbed one of Baz’s hands, looking up into his eyes for the first time all day, his blue eyes clouded with fear.

“B-baz I–um….” He turned back to Penny, who gave him an overly enthusiastic thumbs up.

“T-these last couple years with you have been, well amazing and I–” he squeezes his eyes tight, looking so embarrassed that it made Baz’s heart lurch. He couldn’t watch him sit through that.

“It’s okay Simon. I know.”

“Y-you do?”

“I mean, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?”

“I-it is?” Simon says, as pale as a ghost.

“I mean–” Baz takes a deep breath, trying to steady himself. “–I’ve always kind of known that the day would arrive because, well, you’re you and I’m….. me and I totally understand it’s just–” Baz stops himself, trying to keep his breathing under control. Simon looks more confused than usual.

“Look…. It’s fine, Simon. I get that sometimes these things…. Don’t really work out as they should so–”

“Wait… what?” Simon says, still looking confused but a little less agitated.

“You’re breaking up with me, aren’t you?” And then…. Simon laughs. A snorty kind of laugh that makes tears stream from his face.

“Aleister Crowley, Baz. No, I am not breaking up with you.”

“Then what–” Simon casts one last glance over his shoulder at Penny, then looks back at Baz. He clutches his hands tightly and bends down onto one knee.

“Baz I–I just love you so much, okay? Aleister Crowley I love you so much and I…. I want to know if–” he reaches into his pocket, almost dropping the small black box inside of it. Blushing fiercely, he opens it up, revealing to a startled Baz a small golden band, marked with a pattern that almost seemed to resemble flames.

“Baz…. W-will you marry me?”

The Villain Wrangler, 4.6k, based on this post, and I wonder why I never finish any projects in a timely fashion

“You won’t believe the request I got handed today,” Danica said. Maddie looked up at her.

“Yeah? Try me,” she challenged.

Danica told her. Maddie didn’t believe it.


“You have a kid who wants to meet Loki,” Maddie said. “The Loki. Like, New York and aliens Loki, that one?”

“Of course I told them that was off the table,” Danica said. “I mean…obviously. But…god. The little girl - Midge - was just devastated. And I was half thinking, you know, how would I hypothetically make this happen, but that’s just…crazy. We can’t.”

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About Dazai

So this scene has been floating through my head since I saw it.

Dazai’s character has always bothered me because he’s so hard to read, and in the end that ’s kinda the point.
This started out as a way to explain the bandages, but I guess it’s now a ridiculously long profile and I’m so sorry.
Warning for Massive Spoilers ahead for the second season of the anime.
Also heartbreak warning because I am, in fact, using screens from the Oda episodes, including *that* scene. There are excerpts of the manga, also, but I’ll try to keep spoilers vague in that department.

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Fic Prompts: Folklore Friday

The Incident of the River in the Woodlands, Part One

Bonus Points to anyone who recognizes the tales that inspired this one

Long ago, when magic was prevalent and stepmothers were convenient scapegoats for unpleasant happenings, and when children could set off on adventures when they were really too young to have any business doing so, there was a little family on the brink of ruin.
There were many such families, in point of fact, because any kingdom with an economic policy that mostly revolved around richly-dressed sheriffs snatching coins and produce from peasants while twirling their mustaches and chortling about taxes is a kingdom to be viewed with, at the very least, suspicion. 
It will likely not surprise you to discover that there was a fair bit of unrest in this particularly tiny kingdom.

Now the father in this little family does not come into the story much at all, through no fault of his own. He spent the majority of the daylight hours toiling away in a distant mill for an irritable employer and an absurd local noblewoman who had once read a scroll about how mills worked and considered herself an expert. As such, he didn’t manage to get home in time for our story and will have to sit out the narrative, wringing his hands and worrying. Such is the life of this humble miller.

The miller’s first wife had died some time ago, and as his neighbor was alone and about to lose her tiny hovel, he married her. They weren’t particularly head over heels for each other, but they had been friendly with each other for a very long time, and sometimes, a strong alliance with a good friend is all you need. And a house is a house, after all. Besides, it helped to have someone to switch out with to keep an eye on the miller’s two children, because this was the sort of kingdom where if you didn’t keep a sharp lookout, dodgy-looking people on roadsides gave your kids enchanted objects and set them loose on the countryside. This had actually been more of a problem than big bad canines of late.

With this in mind, perhaps the stepmother – who far preferred the children to call her “Auntie”, which they readily agreed to – can be excused for being just the slightest bit overprotective. When, as would happen from time to time, a stranger would come to the cottage asking for a drink of milk or a place to sleep, she would always grant them free entrance to the house, but never allowed the children to leave the attic until they had left, and would not let them taste any food the strangers might have left until she was satisfied that it was not somehow enchanted. This often resulted in food that might have been perfectly safe being tossed out of the window, where the family dog tended to find it despite their best efforts to keep her away.

Unfortunately, the children were quite young, and did not know enough about the world yet to understand that Auntie was trying to keep them safe. Young Gert, at ten, was quite sure that Auntie was trying to starve them, and that even the dog ate better than they did. Little Tansy, at seven, was frankly more concerned with why the dog had taken to walking along the ceiling at night.

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anonymous asked:

where would you draw the line between cool futuristic grinder stuff that gives disabled or trans characters agency, versus magic assistive tech that's basically a copout on writing disabled or trans people? (the thing you said much more eloquently in post/162753250550)

(link to the post in question: x)

that’s a great and really, really complicated question. there’s a cat sitting on my face right now which is minorly impeding my typing ability but i’ll try and answer it as best i can

first of all, a caveat: i cannot speak for all trans people, and i definitely cannot speak for all disabled people—it might not seem like it sometimes but there are, in fact, disabilities i do not have, lmao—so other people may have different feelings on some of this stuff! they should absolutely append, if they want.

now! on to science fiction (and fantasy) and disabled & trans representation. 

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Something to Fear

Merry Christmas and Happy Truce to @darkeneddawning! She requested something to do with Ice King Danny–lucky me that she has so many cool drawings and headcanons for it.

Posting it a bit late. My fault for letting this get so long–was having way too much fun with headcanons for this. Enjoy! 

Danny took a deep shuddering breath, trying his best to shake the thrumming weight of exhaustion from his chest. It pressed against him like a physical mass, turned the pulsing in his veins to sludge. He wanted nothing more than to crawl back to sleep, but anxiety kept his eyes open. The adrenaline buzzing through his system forced him into artificial alertness. He crossed his arms over his chest in an attempt to appear composed.

Opposite him, twelve Observants rung out a perfect semi-circle. Twelve eyes stared him down. Twelve pale, slick bodies, glistening as if coated in condensation, walled him in. Running was a poor option, facing against a dozen creatures who claimed to See All.

Observants just observe. They don’t act. They don’t do.

Danny ground his teeth. His mouth tasted sour. He felt disarmed, knowing that beneath his ghost form he was pajama-clad and half asleep. It could have been an intentional nighttime ambush, or it could have been that the Observants had no concept of, nor respect for, human sleep patterns.

The silence ate away at his nerves.

What?” Danny finally spoke. He sparked a glow behind his eyes, despite the headache the brightness caused him. Clockwork had suggested that these things frightened easily. Danny prayed that their All-Seeingness couldn’t call his bluff.

The right-most Observant floated closer. Danny hid his flinch, pretending to busy himself in the vast foresty void beyond the ring of Observants. Cold—he’d forgotten how cold the Ghost Zone was. “You wish to know why we’ve summoned you, is that correct?”

“I wanna know why you think it’s okay to warp me out of bed when I haven’t done anything.” Danny swallowed, or he tried to; his dry throat betrayed him. “O-or is it my future self again? You planning to fight me yourself instead of having Clockwork do the dirty work? That’s good by me. Been wanting the chance to play ‘rock, paper, finger-to-the-eyes’ with you creeps.”

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Imagine | Carl. G Pt.II

Carl Gallagher imagine | Unedited

Note: Carl returned after 8 months/ Y/N returns 4 months later. There was going to ne another ending to this chapter that involved alot more interaction between Carl and Y/N, but maybe for another time.

Warning: typical shameless warnings, mentions of underage drinking

The day that Y/N returned was unexpected, to say the least. 

When Y/N tried to enter her own house, she found the doors locked and no spare key around. No matter how much she knocked on the door, she received no answer. Not feeling up to the task of breaking into her own home, Y/N knew that there were only two other places her sister would be at a time like this. She went with the more likely option, making her way across to the Gallagher’s homestead where she knocked lightly on their door, secretly hoping that no one would answer. Not having seen the Gallagher’s for a while had Y/N nervously tapping her foot in anticipation of seeing some familiar faces. 

Just as Y/N was about to walk away, the door opened and a young boy stared up at her.

 "Liam?“ Y/N asked the young boy, completely surprised with how much he had grown in the year she had been gone. "Hey, buddy.” She greeted him with a small wave, to which he just continued staring curiously up at her like he recognized her but couldn’t remember how he knew her.

“So,” Y/N cleared her throat when it became awkwardly clear that the boy wasn’t going to say anything, “Is Y/S/N here?”

Liam continued staring.

“How about Fiona?” At the mention of the name, he looked Y/N up and down, noting the Military school uniform that she was wearing and shook his head. They had taught him well.

“She’s not in trouble,” Y/N sighed as she took in consideration that her skirt and blazer may have her mistaken for some type of authority figure. “I’m just looking for my sister.”

Liam thought about it before shutting the door. Y/N huffed in disbelief and was about to go into town to look for sister at her workplace before the door opened again, an older figure standing in the doorway this time.

“Can I help you?” Fiona crossed her arms and leaned against the frame. Y/N’s back was facing the woman and when she turned around, she saw the judgmental look drop from Fiona’s face and was replaced with one of her toothy grins. “Y/N?”

Before Y/N could get a word out, Fiona had her embraced in a bear hug. Y/N looked behind the older woman to see Liam head peeking out of the window to see what all the commotion was. “Long time, no see.” Y/N laughed as Fiona pulled away, holding the girl at arm’s length to get a proper look at her.

“No shit! Look how big you are!” She pulled the younger girl to her side as she began to pull her along into the house. Fiona took Y/N bag from her and placed it in the lounge room, urging the teenager to follow her into the kitchen. As Y/N passed through the lounge, she realized that the house didn’t have the energy that she remembered the house had. It was quiet, except for the children show blasting from the tv where Liam’s eyes were now glued 

“Get your ass here now. You will not believe who’s here.” Fiona excited voice came through from the kitchen. Y/N followed the voice and found Fiona on her mobile, ringing who Y/N could only guess was her sister, ordering booze for what was no doubt Y/N welcome home party.


“Look at you!”

Y/N was suddenly spun around and pecked on both cheeks before getting pulled in for a hug. The person pulled away revealing to be none other than good neighbor Veronica with her husband, Kev, walking up behind her.

“All grown up and shit.” She said excitedly, pinching Y/N’s cheeks. “You looking more and more like your sister every day.” She gestured to Y/S/N, who was busy cooking up a meal with Fiona in the kitchen, both ladies already a little tipsy from their early celebrations. V would no doubt be joining them soon.

“Hey Y/N.” Kev greeted, wrapping one arm around the girl while his other hand held another case of beer.

“Hi, Kev. Where are the twins?” Y/N watched as the man set his stuff on the bench before making himself comfortable at the table. “They’re staying with their grandmamma for a couple of nights, we’re taking a little break at the moment.”

Y/N nodded, noting how Kev didn’t seem so uptight about the babies anymore. Hours had passed since she had now been home, or as close to home as it could get. Y/N sister rushed home after the news of her sister’s return and began preparing for a big dinner. Music played in the background as the chatter between the adults started to get a bit rowdy.

A little too loud for Y/N’s taste, which causes her to move towards the lounge, eyes on her back as she knows the three older ladies were gushing about how much she had grown. She sat down next to Liam who’s eyes were still fixated on his cartoons. She smiled at the thought of when she would sleep over and watch Saturday morning cartoons with Carl and Debbie many moons ago.

The sound of the front door slamming shut broke Y/N out of her thoughts. She looked up to see a familiar face grinning down at her. 

“Well, it’s about fucking time.” Lip dropped his bags to the floor and opened his arms as an invitation that Y/N couldn’t refuse. “I was starting to think they were never gonna let you out.” He said as he pulled the unlit cigarette from his mouth and tucked it back behind his ear.

“You just start your break now?” Y/N asked the grown boy as he picked up Liam and kissed the boy’s cheek.

“Yeah, had to wait for all the little-privileged shits to go home before I could leave.”

Just as Y/N was about to ask him how college had been, she was interrupted by a high-spirited Fiona who spotted her younger sibling back for his holidays.

“Lip! You’re home!” She called out to him as she and Y/S/N laughed about something in the kitchen. Lip lightly rolled his eyes and smiled over at Y/N.

“Well look who’s in a good mood.” Lip shifted Liam so that he was holding the boy more securely as the kid didn’t seem to want to let go now that his older brother was around. He sat down beside the girl, leaning his head back as he let out a sigh, probably exhausted from his long trip home.

The two got to talking, catching up on what the past year had thrown at them. They spoke about Debbie and Y/N found out about her pregnancy and that she was ‘here and there’ when it came to where she actually lived. Ian was taking care of himself and his life but Y/N was sad to find out that Mickey wasn’t apart of it now that he was doing time.

She found out about Fiona’s marriage, then divorce, then upcoming marriage to a guy named Sean, something that the older woman forgot to mention. Jimmy Steve made a reappearance again, screwed around a bit, then disappeared. Sammi was locked up, which Y/N was thankful for because the crazy bitch was likely going to end up killing someone someday. Her son Chucky was a free man now, though from Lip told her, he was still the same as ever and Frank was still the same ol’ Frank.

Then he moved on to someone Y/N knew she was never going to avoid. It genuinely surprised the girl that Carl had managed to get out of juvie early, for good behavior of all things. Not much was said about the boy, mainly because Lip wasn’t around as much to know what was going on, but also because he knew that it was a touchy subject seeing as how the last time they’d seen each other was when the whole drug debacle happened.

Lip got up to go and help himself to one of Kev’s beer, promising to sneak one back for her as a welcome back gift. By the time he returned with the beverage, two more familiar faces entered through the front door.

“Y/N!” A recognizable voice called out to the girl. She spun around to see Debbie and Ian standing behind the couch. Y/N got up and around to hug the two. 

“Welcome back,” Ian greeted, pulling away to give a light pat on the shoulder to the girl. “Can’t imagine the Sarge being too happy about that.” He gestured to the beer can in Y/N’s hand. “Don’t worry, we won’t make you do formations at 'O six hundred hours.” Ian teased, giving her a mock salute before making his way into the kitchen where the noise level raised.

Y/N was slow in reacting to a fast moving Debbie as the girl crushed her into a bear hug. “Holy shit.” Y/N said as she felt Debbie’s baby bump pressing against her own stomach. The two girls parted and it gave Y/N a chance to actually look down on the girl’s belly.

 "Surprise,“ Debbie said nervously, not so sure how her old friend would take the news. Y/N shook her head in shock.

"I knew about this, but I didn’t think you were this far along.” Y/N noted that the girl looked about ready to pop. “Does it hurt?”

“Like a motherfucker. But it’s cool though, it’ll be here in a couple of weeks.” The soon to be mother said giddily as she rubbed her belly. Her face soured though when she spotted Fiona giving her a look from the kitchen.

“Ugh.” She rolled her eyes as she sat on the couch. Y/N followed her, taking the spot next to the older girl who sunk further into her seat. “I hate that look she gives me. Like she’s expecting the baby bump to be gone. There’s only one way this bump is gonna disappear.” Debbie ranted. Y/N knew who she was talking about, but decided to keep herself out of their troubles, a lesson that she learned the hard way.

“Dinner’s ready!” Fiona called out, setting the last dish on the table. Everyone made their way to the table and began to dig in.

“Hey, where’s Carl?” Veronica asked as she passed a bowl of potato salad over to Kevin. Fiona just shook her head as she dished out some food for Liam.

“Who knows with that kid. Always home late, never calls or texts where he is. Little punk is starting to get on my nerves.”

“Aren’t we all.” Debbie quietly cuts in, causing Fiona to glare at the girl.

“Last I heard, he was stalking that girl at the movies.” Ian chimed in.

“I thought they were dating?” Lip said with a mouthful of potato.

“Like I said, who knows.” Fiona put an end to that conversation and went off on her own with Y/S/N and V. Part way through their meals, a knock could be heard over the laughter and chatter which had Ian grabbing onto Y/N’s arm to stop her from getting up. 

“It’s probably Frank. I caught him outside so I locked the door because someone -” Ian looked at Debbie, “- told him about tonight.”

“I didn’t say shit. He was reading Fiona’s text over my shoulder." 

"Typical Frank. M.I.A until there’s free food and booze.” Lip took a swig of his beer. The knocking continued, growing louder and louder with each knock before it finally stopped.

“Good riddance,” Lip said as the table went back to their talks. It wasn’t long before the knocking continued, but this time it came from the back door. Fiona slammed her fork to the table and made her way to the door.

“I swear to god Frank if you-” Fiona opened the door and came face to face with none other than Carl Gallagher.

“I ain’t Frank.” His now much deeper voice said as he and someone who Y/N could only assume was Nick, Carl’s friend that Fiona had mentioned was living with the Gallagher’s, swaggered inside. “Well, what do we have here?” Carl said suspiciously, finding a large group of people crowded around the table, food lined up from one end to the other.

As his eyes roamed the faces, his eyes landed on one face, in particular, the smug look on his face dropping as he was at a loss for words.

“I thought you weren’t gonna be home 'til late tonight.” Fiona closed the door behind the two boys. Both Nick and Carl said nothing, one because he was taken by surprise, the other because he was naturally silent. Y/N looked straight into Carl’s eyes, seeing something almost familiar, something that reminded her of when they were young and there was nothing but their friendship, before the look was replaced by anger.

“Guess my invite must’ve gotten lost,” Carl said coolly towards his siblings, the smug look returning to his face. Fiona brought some spare chairs over and then returned to her seat. By this time, most of them were finished with their meals, but Carl made a big show of how pissed he was that no one told him about tonight by reaching past everyone and sloppily piling his and Nick’s food onto a plate, not having a care in the world that he was making a mess.

“Carl, eat properly,” Fiona warned as he chewed loudly to purposely annoy everyone.

“Yeah, you dog.” Debbie scrunched her nose at the sight of the mess he was making. 

“I can’t help it, that’s how we eat in prison.” Carl spat out, his eyes connecting with Y/N’s once more.

“I think you mean juvie.” Y/N corrected, not liking the accusatory tone he was using or the way he only looked at her when said that.

“Same thing.”

“I’m pretty sure they’re not.”

“Yeah?” Carl put down his fork. “-and how would you know?”

Things became tense, the party atmosphere dissipating as the two teenagers glared at one another. The only noise to be heard was the quiet chewing from Nick who continued eating as he watched things unfold.

It was abundantly clear where their friendship was by the scathing comments he made. He was still angry about something that Y/N didn’t even know about. If anyone had the right to be angry, it should be her.

“Okay. How about I go and check on the cake.” Y/N’s sister said awkwardly as she got up from the table along with Veronica who offered to help.

“Hey! Cool it.” Fiona pointed at her younger brother. Carl rolled his eyes and continued chewing his dinner as he glared directly in Y/N’s direction. Y/N ignored him and looked down at the cake that Veronica and her sister placed in front of her, written across the top in frosting was the words 'welco home’.

“We couldn’t fit the whole word on there,” Veronica explained.

“Blow out your candles.” Y/S/N said as she stood behind the girl. Y/N blew the candles out if only to get this whole thing over and done with. As the adults cut the cake and handed slices around the table, Kev put down his beer and look sheepishly over at Y/N.

“So, they trained you at that school? Like military style, right?” Kev asked, receiving a nod from the girl in response. “So then, have you ever, you know…” he tried his best to motion the rest of his question by making finger guns and shooting it towards others on the table. Y/N furrowed her brows and Veronica just sighed at her husband. “Have you ever, you know, shot somebody?”

“Kevin!” Veronica smacked the large man in the back of his head.

“What? That’s what we were all thinking, right?” He said as he rubbed the back of his head.

“No, not really.” Lip said from his end of the table.


“Hey, I think I’m gonna head home.” Y/N said as she stood up from her seat, which caused a majority of the group to protest.

“Don’t listen to him, Y/N. You know the stupid things that come out of his mouth.” Veronica said as Kevin shook his head in agreement, thinking he was the cause of the girl leaving.

“It’s all good Kev, I’m just tired. I stay any longer, I’m gonna be face first in that cake, and not in a good way.” She smiled at the couple.

“I’ll probably get going as well. Can I stay at your place for the night?” Debbie asked as she quickly got up and scooped up as many leftovers as she could. Y/N watched as Debbie walked past her and waited near the door, then turned back around to see Fiona making a disappointed look towards her only sister.

“I guess-” Y/N said but knew that the girl didn’t mean it as a question.

“I’ll be home soon.” Y/S/N said as she handed the teenaged girl the house keys. They all farewelled the girls, leaving the rest of them to go back to some small chatter amongst themselves. Debbie waited as Y/N tried to put her shoes on, and looked behind the girl to see Carl watching them, or one of them in particular. Debbie was able to catch his attention by leaning in just enough to partially block his view.

Carl turned away quickly and focused back on what the conversation was at the table. Debbie just raised an eyebrow and looked between her brother and her friend, before grabbing the girl and linking their arms.

As the two girls walked out the door, Carl quickly lost any interest in hanging around the table any longer. “Yo, this party was lame. I’m going to bed.” Carl said as he made his way up to his bedroom, Nick not far behind him.

As he got into his room, he tore his shirt off, throwing it across the room, and fell face first onto his bed. Something in his pockets started buzzing and he pulled his phone out to see that it was Dominique calling and that he had about five missed calls. He tossed the device onto his night stand and turned to face the wall, finding it hard to fall asleep with his mind racing with all of its thoughts.

No Control | Chapter Thirty


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

To read previous chapters, you can go here.

*Please feel free to reblog and send feedback. It’s much appreciated :)*

*Gif is not mine.*


Aside from some news outlets reporting on the fact that Harry and I were seen together again in London over the weekend and reported sightings of us together in LA, as well, there’s not a big deal made out of the whole affair. I’m sure the fans are losing their minds online, but I stay well away from that, and I advise Trevor to, as well, even though I know his nosy ass will probably still be hunting on Twitter and Tumblr for some discourse. 

My life returns to normal when Monday comes around. I go to work at my normal time with only a little bit of jet lag to show for it. I manage to get a nap in in one of the on call rooms just after lunch, though, and it makes everything a bit better.  

Harry keeps in contact with me over the week, making sure I don’t need anything and the baby is doing okay. He throws around names every once in a while, too, which I think is kind of cute. He sometimes stumbles upon ones that I take into serious consideration. Trevor is all smiles when I tell him Harry and I are discussing names, so he doesn’t have to keep threatening to take the birth certificate forms from me in the hospital. 

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Boys Will be Boys

Peter Pan x Mermaid!Reader | Part 6

Summary: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 7

Fic Type: Peter Pan x Mermaid!Reader Series

Warnings: Idk… None I think.

Author’s Note: As always, comment or message me to be added to the tag list. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

I got the idea for this chapter from another imagine I saw somewhere else on Tumblr (and/or possibly Wattpad)… I can’t remember what it’s called and I can’t find it. If you know, please let me know so I can give credit.  

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Live Spectacle Naruto 2017

(A not completely spoiler free review…)

So, yesterday I made quite a last minute decision to watch this performance after all, which of course meant I had to hope I could still get a ticket on the day itself. Although it turned out the be a lottery, because too many people showed up, I got lucky and secured myself a seat (on the 3rd row, far right corner). The seat itself wasn’t all that bad, it was just that… from the angle I was watching none of the projections actually lined up with the actors. Actually, I think only the people in the center block of the theater (and maybe those far in the back) really got to enjoy all the spectacle of the projections… and from my angle the moveable “screens” were also pretty pointless (for some scenes they should really just have used screens that covered te whole stage and not just the middle section, but on the other hand it was also fun tho have a peek at the “backstage”)… 
But anyway, that’s pretty much the only complaints I have about this show! Really, it was awesome and definitly worth the money of the ticket. If you love Naruto (and musicals) and you have a chance to watch it, I reccomend you do! 

Good, onto a little more in depth review!

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                          KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 15

“The voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time.”

A/N: Fuck it, I couldn’t wait till monday to post this. SOME GOOD SHIT COMIN UP, I PROMISE YOU, LEAVE ALL THE ANGST AT HOME BC WHATS UP AHEAD IS !!!!! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 3K+

Warning: None…finally!



The burning and stinging sensation in your hip was suddenly absent, the bright red flare that instantly disappeared from Viktor’s abdomen allowed his body to come crashing down onto the ground beneath you; an abrupt jolt was sent through your body as the collision echoed throughout the hall. You weren’t sure as to when you had finally gotten the necessary rest you needed, because this had to have been some sort of dream–nightmare. Looking up from the fallen body, your eyes slowly shifted up to meet those of your savior, breath getting caught in your throat from the sight of the  face you were now looking at. This had to be a dream.

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I defy you to find something in this movie that doesn’t qualify it for MST3K.  Giant lizardy monster?  Check.  A musical number that has nothing to do with the plot?  We have that.  Actors who appear to be dubbed despite also appearing to speak English?  The entire cast!  Black and white footage tinted blue in an effort to make it look like it belongs in a colour movie?  You betcha!  Wooden acting?  Beakers of kool-aid standing in for SCIENCE? Foreigners pretending to be Americans?  Toy boats?  Yep, Reptilicus has it all, wrapped up in a bright technicolour package by our old friend, American International Pictures!

It seems tailor-made for the show, and Joel apparently agrees.  I wrote most of this review before I found out that Reptilicus was slated to be the Season 11 debut, and now I’m looking forward to seeing how many of my predictions here come true when the episode hits Netflix on Friday.

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One of these days | Cassian Andor

Pairing: ReaderxCassian

Warnings: None

Word count: 1981

Summary: Cassian takes you off world for your birthday (I also added a disney quote in here, can you find it?)

You’d be lying if you say you weren’t excited. For someone who is not a fan of celebrating your birthday (especially since joining the Resistance) today you are glad you boyfriend is so insistent on doing so this time. Partially because instead of trying to throw a party or something like that, he is taking you off-world. 

It’s embarrassing how excited you are. Of course you’ve been off Yavin4! But not in over eight years since your family ran to hide here and you don’t have a job that requires you to go off-world. Why would a ship mechanic need to leave Yavin4? 

“You almost ready?” Cassian asks, peaking his head into your ‘office’ (a storage room that you converted into your personal mechanic space). 

You turn your head to the door, looking at your boyfriend. “Of course. I’ve been ready.” With a push, you quickly stand from the randomly assembled chair. It’s close enough to the door to only take about three steps to reach it. Your fingers press the light switch and you sneak through the barely open door as Cassian steps back from it to allow you through. 

“So where are we actually going?” you hum as Cassian begins to walk towards his U-Wing. 

It’s very late. The only people in the hangar include a few other mechanics and a newly recruited X-Wing pilot. The name of the pilot is escaping you but they finally received an official X-Wing instead of one of the extras and a mechanic is helping them go over all of the controls. 

“It’s a surprise.” 

You roll your eyes and contain your smile. Honestly, he could take you to a swamp planet and you’d be happy to finally go off world. You skip to catch up with Cassian. 

He makes a point to keep his U-Wing as close to your office as possible. Mostly because you end up in your office more often than your room, so if he comes home early he can check there first. Or if you’ve fallen asleep in there he can just make it look like he’s grabbing something from his U-Wing (though the night shift guards on the hangar know what he is really there for). And also to make it easier for you when you fix his ship. 

“After you,” he smiles. 

“Such a gentleman,” you giggle, boarding the U-Wing quickly. 

You know precisely where to go, well, where you want to go - the co-pilot seat. Cassian has been flying without one for plenty of time but you want to see the stars. You want to see what it looks like taking off in an U-Wing. So you twist your way through the excessive amount of stuff to the cockpit. 

Cassian follows closely, taking a seat in the pilot’s seat. You sit in the co-pilot’s seat. Sure, you’ve sat here next to Cassian plenty of times talking about life. This time you finally get to do something productive though. 

He goes about his typical routine, flipping some switches, checking some monitors, mostly ignoring you. Asking him if he needs help is tempting, but he seems in the zone. So instead you relax into the seat. Your eyes carefully watch him as his fingers quickly go about getting the U-Wing ready for take off. But you are also very sleepy, eyes fluttering close every few seconds, head nodding a bit. Every time you force yourself to stay awake. 

His head turns to you, a soft smile taking over his face. He loves you like this: relaxed, smiling, happy (and a little sleepy). He’s glad that after knowing you for three years he can finally do something for your birthday. 

“Make sure you pay attention when we take off. Yavin4 has a great view at night.”

A hum passes your lips, shifting your body to face the window more. The sounds and sights of Yavin4 at night are beautiful, but you sure the scenery is just as, if not more, gorgeous from the sky. You force yourself to stay awake. Cassian presses a few more buttons and the U-Wing is clearly ready. 

“So are you going to tell me where we are going?” you mumble. 

“We are going to fly a little bit above Yavin4 a bit and then we are going to another planet, does that explain it more, (Y/N)?” Cassian replies, slowly lifting the ship off the ground and out of the hangar. 

You groan in response. Sure, more of answer but not as descriptive as you would like. Regardless, you sit more forward to get a fuller look at the world you’ve spent 8+ years on. As the ship jerks up it’s not the heigh that makes you gasp but the view of the thick jungles and spots of water. 

On the ground, the humid planet is easy to travel through. Of course there are roots that people trip over and random spots of mud and occasionally hidden lakes due to pond scum, but the terrain is surpassingly easy to traverse. But from even a few hundred feet above the highest point of the temple, with nothing but moonlight reflecting off the weight canopy, the planet looks like no one would be able to walk anywhere but the small meadow surrounding the base. The tall grass looks so small; the trees still tall and proud but the large dew drops obvious in the filtered light; the large lakes looking more like large puddles, little ripples as the window blows below. 

“Wow,” you smile. “It looks gorgeous from here.”

Cassian glances over to you again. “I will take you up here during the day some time so you can get yet another view of the world and a different time. It’ll be pretty too.”

And with that, Cassian guides the ship into the night sky, away from Yavin. 

“You can sleep. It’ll be several hours before we get to our destination,” Cassian tells you.

Of course you hear him, but you are more focused on watching the many stars, the far off systems that are barely recognizable, and the nearing moon. The Yavin system is gorgeous in the sky. This view, this location, being in the sky, why bothering landing? A cool U-Wing with a vast view vs a humid world with the same fauna everywhere is no comparison. You could stay right here for days. 

“Okay,” you reply, eyes still heavy from earlier. Despite your excitement, exhaustion is currently more important. 

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Inspiration: Esmeralda

The first inspiration post I write I wanted to be about Esmeralda. She has untapped potential as a 17″ LE Doll, and I will show you why. First, I’ll describe how I would design the doll, and then I’ll get into how I would design her display box (just as important!).

Esmeralda Doll

I think it’s really important for a doll to capture the qualities that make a character who they are. For Esmeralda, throughout the movie she is many things: compassionate, courageous, and playful.

She cares for everyone, even Quasimodo. She cares for them so much that she is willing to stand up to others who may cause harm. She calls for justice! And at the same time, she is extremely playful. When Frollo orders the guards after her, she makes a game out of it, proving how skilled she is at evading them. I would want her first doll to embody all of these qualities, which leads to a lot of questions: What should she wear? What pose should she be in? Where should she be? Almost all of these questions were solved for me as I watched her sing “God Help the Outcasts.”

The lyrics to this song so perfectly capture Esmeralda’s spirit for justice. She sings, “I ask for nothing, I can get by. But I know so many, less lucky than I. God help the out casts, the poor and down trod. I thought we all were the children of God.” Esmeralda’s doll should be based on her at the time that she sings this song. And from there, I started sketching.

Beginning with her body, she would have jointed ankles and knees suitable for posing and dancing. She would have a square chin, and striking green eyes. While thinking about a facial expression for her to have, there are a lot to choose from. We could go with the mischievous expression she first gives Captain Phoebus. Or it could be the open mouth smile she first gives Quasimodo at the Festival of Fools.

But in the end, none of those seemed quite right. The one expression that felt the most Esmeralda to me, was the expression she gives to Quasimodo at the end of the film, when she communicates with her eyes that it’s okay for him to come out now.

This is the expression I would give her doll. Her slight smile and sympathetic eyes show her compassion and love for others. My drawing likely did not capture it properly!

Next: her outfit. I chose her classic purple outfit because that is the one she wears while she sings “God Help the Outcasts,” and it is the outfit she wears for the majority of the film. While her Orange dress may be a little controversial, I think it is undeniable that there is LE potential there, and perhaps I could think about a special edition Esmeralda on a different post where she wears the orange dress.

There is a tendency for Disney LE dolls to have a lot of embroidery–I would try to keep the embroidery at a minimum for this doll, and instead use a wide variety of fabrics. I go back and forth between having embroidery on her collar. The corset would need to be expertly tailored and not pucker anywhere. I would possibly add very small beads in addition along the boning, to make her look like she is wearing treasure. But her actual skirt would have no embroidery–There would be three layers to it. An under layer of white silk, a middle layer of purple silk with a lace lining, and an overlayer of light purple organza all in a handkerchief style that looks like its flowing even when sitting still. The reasoning behind this double layering is that it should give her skirt more dimension, especially concerning color. Her sash is the one place I would allow embroidery, especially around the edge. I tried out drawing one of the patterns from the Cathedral ledges. Her sash would also be double layered and would have two different patterns depending on which side was up.

As for her accessories, she would obviously come with her requisite tambourine, ankle bracelet, and accompanying arm bangles. And of course Djali would be included as well. To keep her jewelry looking special, it would be painted with an iridescent coating of paint, so that the colors shift slightly as you move while you’re looking at her. The most important part of her design might just be the coins that hang off of her sash–they are where your eyes are drawn to, so they better be good! Her old 90′s Mattel doll had embossed coins–I would not have them be embossed with a design or bedazzeled with gems–it would be to have them thick and smooth, made out of a heavier plastic to resemble solid gold. Then, in addition to her coins, her sash would have strings of beads cascading from coin to coin. This would bring it back to being movie accurate, while still being high quality and luxurious. If there absolutely must be gemstones, I think it would be alright to put them on her tambourine.

Esmeralda Box

For her box, that design choice was easy as well: Have her be inside the church, staring up at the big stained glass window while singing her song. There are two backgrounds that could work for this:

Either one will work well, it would depend most on the color scheme of the box. Regardless of which background is chosen, the pattern that she stands on would be the checkerboard.

While thinking about the design of her outer box, I watched the movie while paying attention to the details in the architecture of Notre dame:

I decided that the outer box would be designed to evoke recognizable parts from the cathedral, such as a bell shape on the front, and the three bump curve on the sides. The box would be white with outlines designed to look like stone. Without the plastic cover, there will be little color on the front and sides of the box.

The best part of the box would be that the plastic window would be tinted to look like stained glass, particularly on the circle above her.

That way, when the light shines down on her through that window, the colors will shine onto the doll, evoking this scene:

There will also be stained glass outlines in the plastic to coincide with the shape of the cardboard outer box. Stained glass everywhere!

Finally, the back of the box would have the usual Disney description. The artwork might be a rendition of Notre Dame similar to these screens:

In addition to the Disney description, I think it would be really nice to include the lyrics to Esmeralda’s song, “God Help the Outcasts.”

Of course, Esmeralda, doesn’t do well inside of stone walls, so it does seem somewhat cruel to trap her inside of the Cathedral. But at the same time, much of her struggle and growth occurs within the church. To understand Esmeralda, you have to also understand her plight that occurred within the church. It is apart of her. And of course, deboxers could free her just like Quasimodo did :)

Thank you for reading! Next up, I am planning to write about what a Moana and Grama Tala designer set could look like.