they had fun rehearsing this in her bedroom before they performed

7/11/1804 (Alexander/Reader, Lin/Reader)

Summary: You had expected that your first night in the role of Eliza would be an exciting one. You hadn’t expected a door to appear in your dressing room that would lead you over 200 years into the past. No, none of your Broadway friends had ever warned you about that.

Note: Write-a-thon Day 3! This is loosely based on 11/22/63 by Stephen King, wherein the main character goes back in time to prevent JFK’s assassination. So you see where this is going. This is part 1 out of 2.

Rating: G

Word Count: 2651

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Another Ride - Chapter 16: Home

Chapter 15

“Come on, babe,” Sharna called from the front door. “We’re running late.”

“I can’t find my phone,” James shouted back from the bedroom. “Can you call it for me?”

He heard it start to ring from somewhere on the floor.

“It was under your bed,” he announced, walking back into the living room and holding it up to show her. “How did we manage that?”

“Did you forget? I can remind you.” She reached for his free hand and pulled him closer to her. “We’re already ten minutes late. A few more won’t hurt.”

James stepped back from her and pretended to look stern. “You are not allowed to do that. Control yourself, love. I don’t want to have to be the responsible one in this relationship.”

She rolled her eyes, but then she smiled. “I like that.”


“Love. You calling me that. I like that.”

“Me, too.” He gave her a soft kiss. “Come on. I thought we were late. I better drive.”

Sharna laughed and James followed her out the door.


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Ache (Kai) ~ Final


“What do you mean I can’t come along?!” Jongin questioned in anger as he wheeled his chair out to the living room, following Baekhyun.

“If you haven’t noticed, your leg is broken and you need to rest. Not to mention I don’t think it’d be great for you to be there when you practically dumped her.” Junmyeon answered in a harsh tone. He flinched slightly but understood why that tone was given.

“I’m sorry, Jongin. But we can’t allow you to come along.” I apologized. We all gave him a look of sympathy before putting on their jackets and exiting the dorm.

We all filed into the car silently as I took the driver’s seat. The drive to (Y/n)’s apartment was almost silent aside from Jongdae and Baekhyun chatting, trying to liven the mood. Everyone felt the tension that was radiating from Junmyeon in the passenger’s seat. We all knew he was still angry at Jongin for hurting (Y/n) like that. She was like a younger sister to him, I’d be surprised if he didn’t get angry.

I was trying my hardest not to just speed to her house because it felt awkward sitting next to him. He was just facing the road, not saying anything.


There was a knock at my door and I was going to sit up but Byul pushed me back down to go open it herself. Within minutes, thundering feet was getting louder as my bedroom door opened. In came eight certain idols with concern written all over their faces. I was kind of disappointed when Jongin’s face didn’t show up.

“Did the driver get fined for shattering your leg?” Baekhyun was the first to ask. I chuckled, shaking my head.

“She’s in the process of it right now, actually.” I replied. They all either took a seat on my bed, pulled up a chair or settles themselves onto the floor.

“You’re looking for Jongin, aren’t you?” Yixing questioned, noticing me looking at the door every other second. I looked at him, down at my hands before nodding.

“It was just like you said the other day. He injured his ankles and couldn’t perform yesterday.” Minseok filled in. My eyes widened. Oh no, that must be frustrating for him. Performing is something he loves most. I knew this would happen. I let out a sigh, shaking my head.

“We didn’t want to say ‘We told you so’ without you. It wouldn’t be fun.” Chanyeol smiled, trying to cheer me up. I worked somewhat. I slightly smiled

They stayed for another hour, just chatting with Byul and I before they had to leave for a rehearsal.

Three Months Later •

I got better. Two weeks ago, I got my cast off and was walking fine. It took all my willpower not to walk to the SM building and see Jongin. I must be an idiot for still having feelings for him. I think Byul can see how I feel now that I’m not with him anymore.

“Come on, girl. I know you’re upset, but please, I’m getting sad just watching you be like this.” she said one day when we were on break. I shook my head, getting rid of the thoughts of him from my mind before looking at her.

“No, you’re right. I’m just being pathetic.” I took a deep breathe in before nodding. We were walking together back from our break at a little cafe down the street.

“I’m sorry, Byul..I can’t help it. I just miss him so much. I always wonder how he’s doing, how he’s eating or even if he misses me or not.” I explained to her as we opened the door. The little bell chimed as we walked in.

“If he misses you? Well, I guess we’ll find out now, won’t we?” she asked. I looked over to her in confusion. She didn’t look at me, instead her eyes were directed towards the counter, unblinking. I followed her line of sight and froze. There, with his back facing the front counter stood Jongin. He looked like he came here looking for someone and judging from the way his eyes widened, I can guess that he found that person.

I didn’t want to think anything and get my hopes up if he really did come here to talk me so I tried to move back to the kitchen, avoiding eye contact with him.

Just before I could move three steps, I felt his presence coming at me. I panicked and moved away a bit too late when he took me by the wrist.

“I need to talk to her.” he stated to Byul before pulling me with him towards the stairs to the terrace. He then placed me in front of him, blocking the door so I can’t go anywhere. I let out a sigh, playing with my fingers as I waited for him to speak.


Three months. It’s been three months without her. Every day I wake up with regret because she wasn’t there to text me good morning. I missed her so much. I got my cast taken off two weeks ago and was now slowly moving back to dancing. Though, I’m sure the members noticed how I don’t put much emotions or movements in my routine.

I’m lost without her. I’ve only eaten when they tell me, and even then I find myself wishing that she was here and that she made this food for me. It’s been three months since I’ve tasted her cooking. I’ve missed the love that I felt in her food whenever she brought me some.

Everyday I have hope that the studio doors would open and she’d walk in with a basket of food to feed us. I hope she’s come and visit again and show me how caring she is.

I’ve been feeling this way for three months and everyday is gloomy as the last.

“Jongin, why don’t you just admit that you miss her and go talk to her?” Chanyeol decide to break the ice today. I looked at the ground, having my fringe cover my eyes because I didn’t want to face anyone.

A sigh was heard from the room as I heard someone get up and make their way towards me.

“Look, I know you miss her. I don’t care how embarrassing it is for you to admit it but we all know it. Your style of dancing has changed since last week and we all noticed it. I’ve forgiven you for hurting her but don’t let her keep on suffering. She called me last night, crying because she missed you so much.” Junmyeon started. My eyes widened as I looked up at him. He held a serious stoic face.

“She deserves so much better, we know, but it’s so obvious that you two still love each other, just go talk to her, she’s about to come back from her break at work.” Jongdae informed, standing up as well.

Just hearing that, I instantly turned and dashed towards the door. Throwing it open, I remembered to grab my sweater before running straight down the stairs. My hood was thrown up and I sprinted towards the restaurant that (Y/n) works, not caring whether or not people recognized me.

And now, here I am, on the restaurant’s terrace, looking at who I hoped will be my girlfriend again.

“I know…I’m wrong. And you have every right to yell at me and hit me and never talk to me again for what I put you through but please hear me out.” I started, putting two hands in front of me to keep her calm. She crossed her arms, waiting for my explanation.

“I missed you so much. I regret the very day that I hurt you the way I did. I’m so sorry I took advantage of you and neglected you. But please, I missed seeing you. I missed your morning texts, your smile, you! I’ve been losing my motivation to dance and perform without you. You’re the light of my life and without out, I’m so lost. Please…I’m sorry. If-if you gave me a chance, I’m do anything to win you back..” I explained. By the middle of my confession, her arms had dropped to their sides, she looked surprised at what I had said and that worried me.

“ do know that it’s going to take more than an apology to get me back right?” she questioned. I perked up, looking at her with hope. This means I have a chance. She’s giving me another chance. I smiled and even though she’s not looking at me I could sense that she’s hiding her grin.

The next weeks, I’ve been sending bouquets of flowers to her apartment every morning. Even though I’m we’re not together, I’ve been feeling so much better. Byul’s been giving Jongdae a few calls to tell him (or rather all of us because he always puts the call on speaker) that she’s been so happy to receive flowers. I know I can’t see her every single day, I felt relieved to know that she’s happy and smiling again.

Two weeks later •

I had a free day today and I decided to call (Y/n) to go on a date in the park. I was ecstatic to hear that she wanted to go as well. Of course, we knew not to go out during the day time so we chose to go around 8, when it was dark and no one can recognize me.

My hand knocked on her door and within two minutes, she opened it, smiling up at me as she stepped out, taking my breath with he.

“Wow..” I breathed. Her cheeks turned pink from hearing it.

“Ready to go?”

I nodded before we left the building. A stroll around the park, eating some street food, we finally sat down at a park bench. What I wasn’t expecting was for he to lean he head on my shoulder.

I decided to take a chance and take her hand, intertwining our fingers. Relief flooded through me when she didn’t pull away.

“I missed this..” she whispered, running her thumb over mind.

“So did I…(Y/n), I’m so sorry for hurting you…I-” she cut me off.

It took me a few seconds to realize that she had placed her lips over mine. Her eyes were closed and I knew I had gotten another chance. My eyes closed as well and our lips moved in sync. Through our kiss, I felt her lips turn into a smile.

We pulled apart and stared at each other. I opened my mouth to speak but she placed her finger over my lips.

“Shh…I forgive you.” she whispered before wrapping her arms around my waist, leaning her head back on my shoulder.  I threw my arm over her shoulder, putting my head on hers.

The two of us sat there, enjoying the silence, watching the glimmering lights of the city, happy to be in each others’ arms again.


[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Thus ends the series ‘Ache’. I’m glad that many of you liked it. Did any of you feel chest pain because of this?


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(Does anyone know the owner of the GIF above? I just wanted to apologize for using this same GIF for the fifth time for this series. ♥)

etoiles (chapter one)

chapter title: Cinderella
words: 7.5k
story summary: By day, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste are the newest rising stars at the Paris Opera Ballet, dealing with the pressures of life as professional dancers and the blossoming feelings they have for each other. But by night, they become Ladybug and Chat Noir, the dynamic dancing duo who must fight to save the people of Paris from the illusions of the maestro of emotions, Hawk Moth.

AO3 | FF

a/n: It’s here!!!! My ballet AU, two months in the making, is finally here! I’m so excited to finally be sharing this with all of you, it’s been a long time coming and there’s a long road ahead, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Shout out to all the folks who inspired me to write this, created beautiful art, spread the word, kept me excited, motivated me and listened to me rant! I hope it lives up to your expectations! ♥ @gabzilla-z @syrva @min-xie @sarahcada @miraculer  @metawohoo @brettanomycroft @starrycove @matchaball @clairelutra @buglad @korrawr 

Les petits rats, they called the ballet students affectionately—the little rats of the Paris Opera Ballet School, for the rapid pitter-patter of their feet on the rehearsal dance floor. Days started early for the little rats, waking up at 6:45 am and continuing, nonstop, until 9pm, when it was lights out.

It was a strict and disciplined lifestyle, fiercely competitive and only kind to those rare few who possessed both natural talent and mental perseverance in spades.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng was one such dancer.

By the age of six, it was clear to everyone in her family that she was destined to be a ballerina, and when she was accepted to the Paris Opera Ballet School at the age of eight, everyone was elated.

For the past nine years, she had worked harder than everyone else in her cohort combined, landing soloist roles in each of the annual showcases, working through every injury and sore muscle with a combination of sheer will and grit. It was her dream to become an Etoile at the Paris Opera Ballet, and she was convinced that with enough hard work, someday, she would get there. 

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You Must Be The Roomie [Otayuri]

Summary: AU where Yuri Plisetsky is a 19 year old social media star/dancer and is at college, and his roommate is in a band with Otabek Altin, who Yuri can’t help but pine over.

Keep in mind: this fic follows the idea of yuri acting like a punk ass douche bag, but hes actually kinda shy and smol (especially around otabek). Otabek is a bit of a sarcastic lil shit in this, and definitely the dom lol

Part: one of ?? [find part two here] [find part three here]

i follow back (unless you’re a porn blog)

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Show Time

Originally posted by hootboyss

Requested by @none-of-this-makes-any-sense

“Could you do a Barry Allen imagine were the reader is a burlesque dancer/singer and Barry’s girlfriend but he doesn’t know about what she does and why she always disappears so one night he and the team follow her and he is in complete awe.”

Warnings: swearing, fluff

Note: Ahhh I love this request so much, by the way the song I used is Express (Burlesque) by Christina Aguilera and I also don’t know much about burlesque dancing so I just based it off the movie Burlesque :’) xx

*yn* hummed the new song she had been rehearsing under her breath. She practiced the movements to the routine she had been working on in the mirror as she brushed her teeth. This dance number was hard, probably the hardest she’d ever done but it was almost perfect. Almost.

“Hope I’m not interrupting?” A voice teased. *yn* swivelled around, the tooth brush still in her mouth to see her boyfriend of three months, Barry Allen, standing in the doorway.

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Chrianna Short: Take It Back (Throwback)

He slipped his hand further beneath the sheet to palm the back of her thigh. Gripping it tightly, he settled her thigh around his waist. Already naked, he spread her legs wide and slipped inside. She gasped softly as her body was awoken by his slow strokes. Tucking her face into the crook his neck, she raked her fingernails through his rapidly growing hair, his natural curl and color growing out. “Babe…” she murmured softly. He kissed underneath her chin, along her jawline and behind her ear. “Damn Baby Girl,” he whispered. Pushing in deeper, her back arched and he placed his palm right along the curve of her back, pressing her body closer to him. She dug her nails into his shoulders before kissing him deeply. They shuddered together in ecstasy before she pulled back from him. A soft smile on her face, she opened her eyes and rubbed his cheek, “Good Morning Baby.” He winked at her and she giggled, “Good morning.”

It was their first night together in Germany. Chris’s tour was in its beginning stages and Rihanna’s had just ended. Taking a flight straight after her jet landed in LA, she was on her way to her BFF (Best Fucking Friend). They hadn’t verbally said they were in a committed relationship but as it always was with them, their actions implied. Chris pecked her lips a few times as she shifted her body around him to move in closer. His manhood still implanted between her walls, he felt every shift and unconscious squeeze of her inner workings, a light groan escaping his mouth every time.

“Babe, we need to get up,” Rihanna said softly as she played with his ear lobe.

“I know but I don’t want to,” Chris replied with a pout.

Using her fingertip to trace the outline of his full, pink lips, Rihanna giggled at his facial expression, “Ugh…you’re just so cute.”

“And you’re beautiful.”

“I love you.”

“Love you too. What you want for breakfast?”

“What we just did, wasn’t it?”

“If that’s the case, I got the wrong tool between your legs.”

“True but this feels so,” she squeezed her kegel muscles and Chris groaned, “so much better.”

“You keep this up, you won’t be walking today.”

“You promise, Daddy?”

“Robyn….” Chris drew out softly. Rihanna giggled as she palmed the back of his head and kissed him deeply, “what we doing today?”

“What do you want to do?”

“Umm…I wanna go out to eat and go shopping.”

“What stores?”

“Every one of them.”

“You trying to kill me today?”


“You wanna go with me or with Mama?”

“Mama’s not coming with us?”

“She can. It’ll probably turn into a group trip anyway.”

“Well, that’s fine.”

“What time is it?”

“You got a watch on.”

“Oh, that’s right,” Rihanna said cheekily as she flicked her wrist dramatically to emphasize the gold Rolex with the rose-colored face decorating her arm. When her flight landed, Chris had the gift in hand once he and Pat came to pick her up from the airport. Once she got to the room, more gifts awaited her; sneakers and things lined the walls of their hotel room.

“Babe, is there gonna be enough space for the stuff you bought?”

“Yea, it’s just you and me on my bus. Everyone else is divided between the last three buses.”

“Good. I was hoping that’s how everything was arranged.”

“I wasn’t gonna have you fly out here and then keep you cooped up with everyone else. Me and you time all day, every day.”

“Just for a short while,” she said with a playful sigh. Chris kissed the side of her neck and nibbled on her earlobe, “don’t think about it that way, we’ll be back together in no time.”

“I guess. It’s just, ugh…I miss you all the time even when we’re in the same city.”

“I know but we’re both busy and I hate it and love it at the same time. We’re trying to do things different this time.”

“I know, doesn’t mean I have to like it.” Rihanna pouted with her bottom lip poked out and Chris tugged on it with his hand. Swatting at his hand, Rihanna leaned back and laughed, “You’re so silly.”

“You love me?”

“Yes Christopher, I love you.”

“How much?”

“Too much.”

“You don’t sound happy about it.”

“I am…sometimes. You make me all vulnerable and stuff.”

“You do the same to me.”

“I know. I just want this to work out right, you know?”

“I know. We’ll be fine no matter what. Remember that.”

“Yes sir.”

Chris chuckled and smoothed her hair down before kissing the edge of her chin, “I bet you not many people have heard you say that before.”

“I’m Rihanna. I don’t submit to anybody but my man and that’s only if he’s you.”

“I’m glad you know that.”

“Babe….” Rihanna drew out, “I don’t wanna move.”

“We really don’t have to. My show isn’t until tomorrow so if you wanna lay in bed all day we can.”

“You know Mama won’t allow that. It’s bad enough, she thinks if we keep fucking, you’re gonna get me pregnant.”

Chris chuckled, “we’re good on the baby thing for a while. One scare was enough for me.”

“Tell me about it.”

“So which one of us is gonna move first?

“How about,” Rihanna’s hand meandered under the cover and gripped the base of Chris’s dick, “we have some fun for a few more hours then go shopping.”

Not bothering to respond, Chris flipped Rihanna onto her back and pinned her hands over her head as she wrapped her legs around his waist. “Sounds good to me,” he murmured as he pulled out and entered her.

“Robs, what are you doing with my phone? Chris asked as he took a break from his rehearsal for his show tonight. Rihanna shrugged her shoulders as he sat beside her and wiped his face with a towel, “looking at your Instagram.” Chris leaned over to kiss her and she pulled away, “you’re sweaty.”

“So? Gimme a kiss,” Chris gently tugged her face towards him and pecked her lips. She grimaced and Chris laughed, “stop being so dramatic, Baby Girl.”

“I’m not. Got your sweaty body parts all over me.”

“Wasn’t saying that this morning,” Chris mumbled under his breath. Rihanna shoved his shoulder and Chris laughed again, “asshole.”

“You love me.”


“You coming backstage with me or sitting in the sound booth?”

“I’ma sit in the sound booth with Mama. I like watching you from the audience.”

“Makes you wet, don’t it?”

“Stop being nasty.”

“Didn’t answer my question.”

Rihanna glared him before rolling her eyes and returning her attention to liking pictures on Chris’s timeline.

“Damn, you liking all these booty pics. You want a girlfriend or something?”

“If I did, I’d have one.”

Chris scoffed and wiped his face with his towel, “you swear you got game.”

“A whole lot of it. I pulled you, didn’t I?”

“Nah. That was the other way around.”

“Yea right. You could barely keep yourself calm enough to sit in your dressing room with me. Ol’ stuttering ass.”

“I did not stutter.”

“Uh yea, you did. Spent damn near 3 months trying to act like you didn’t like me meanwhile you’re staring at my breasts instead of in my eyes while talking to me.”

“Well, can you blame me? Those are nice.”

Rihanna put his phone down to grip her breasts in her hands and jutted them towards Chris.

“Don’t play. I’ll fuck you on this stage.”

“Yea, how about no!” a voice exclaimed in the background. Chris turned to see some of his dancers and friends in a group laughing. Chris flipped up his middle finger and Rihanna stuck out of her tongue at them before bursting into identical laughs.

Later, Rihanna stared at Chris on the stage. Unconsciously she mouthed the lyrics of the song he was singing as she was intensely entranced with his performance. Leaning against the rail of the sound booth, Rihanna bopped her head enthusiastically as the beat dropped. Soon the music segued into silence and Chris and his background dancers began an acapella performance. She gasped at the lyrics even though they secretly turned her on. Chris was the epitome of assertive and manly. Just how he could talk assertively without being aggressive or scary made her shiver in ecstasy. If there was one thing she loved was a man who knew how to be a man; therefore giving her the opportunity to trust him and fall back and be the woman. She had to be the boss and leader of her career, she didn’t want to have to do the same in her relationship. Rihanna was strong and unshakable. Robyn was vulnerable and emotional. Robyn only came out when she knew she could trust her partner to protect her by any means necessary. That had always been Chris. She could be docile and gentle and caring with him; never really having to be aggressive or strong arm her way through life. He was there to clear the way for her to just glide through with no issues.

“2012” began to play and she bit down on her bottom lip. Another thing she loved about Chris, that man could fuck and make love like no other. If there was one thing in their relationship they never had a problem with, it was sex. It made everything better and depending on what stage of their relationship they were in, worse. But no matter the case, it always felt really, really good. Her mind began to wander to a few hours ago, Mama J got on Chris’s bus and almost caught a hell of a sight. They had literally finished 2 minutes before she knocked on the bedroom door. She giggled to herself as she envisioned Chris tripping over his shoes as he attempted to pull on some clothes to talk to his mom. Mama J knew what was up though, apparent from the smirk and raised eyebrow she gave him as she spoke to him. Chris was stuttering and a nervous wreck, all Rihanna could do was laugh.

She turned her head back to her performing boyfriend as he placed obvious emphasis on every “Baby” in his songs and made sure to look in her direction. With a conspicuous kiss blown in his direction, Rihanna blushed. She loved him and she couldn’t imagine what she would do without him.

anonymous asked:

It's my birthday today and I was just wondering if you could write another "Beca being a baby whisperer" minific. If not its cool.

“I just don’t see what else she’d need,” Beca said, running her hand over the items in the aisle at Target as if by feeling them she’d know better what to buy. “Dad’s spoiled her as a way of, like, making up for all his massive mistakes with me, or whatever.” 

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I Carry Your Heart

They end up staying in Bushwick for now; it’s easier to look for a place and to move nearby. Blaine’s commute isn’t as fast as Kurt’s, but it is right on the L line, with a stop just around the corner. Their new apartment is significantly smaller, not significantly cheaper, but enough so that the two of them can afford it on part time jobs and student loans and just a little help from both of their families.

A third floor, six hundred square foot, one bedroom prewar box with scuffed pale wood floors and white walls, a kitchen that requires complex choreography to accommodate both of them at the same time and the tiniest, thinnest closet Blaine has ever seen. Just one.

But it’s nothing that some ingenuity and Ikea storage systems can’t solve, and ultimately it feels bigger. Like Blaine isn’t desperately trying to steal away a place for himself in the wide open floor plan of a loft that never felt like home. At a school that always seemed like Kurt’s. In a city that seemed to belong to everyone else.

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Coming Home With Hedwig

So, this is… very different from what I usually write. It’s first person (Kurt’s) for starters, and there’s like one line of dialogue. Basically, after Darren’s opening night and the flood of Darren as Hedwig pictures, I kept having this image of Blaine’s embodying the same role, and Kurt’s perspective of his husband. Only, it’s written with a life-time of distance. Kurt is an old man now, writing his biography (because of course Kurt Hummel has a biography of his life) and this is a chapter from it essentially.

Featuring Daddies!Klaine and husbands!Klaine and Hedwig!Blaine. Rated M because there’s some smut-tastic moments, but probably not in the way you’ve grown used to with me.


           I always expected marriage to be the highlight of my thirtieth year. As a teenager, I had it all settled. A road map to my life, I liked to call it. My fiancé and I would have found ourselves exhausted (and too tanned) from the spotlights of Broadway, perhaps even from the glow of Manhattan. Our two years of wedding planning were coming to fruition and discussions about our options for children and where to find a house outside the city to raise a family would behind as the year ended.

           Instead, I was already a father (of three, no less), getting ready to celebrate a decade of marriage, and watching my husband embark on the biggest role of his life. Little did I know then, that I was wrong. But hindsight isn’t available for the present in the present. Blaine’s biggest role (and my own) were yet to come, but at the time nothing excited him more. While we were packing up and moving from our high-rise loft in Midtown to a house north of Manhattan, Blaine began his first run as Hedwig.

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Bohemian Rhapsody

a violinist who only plays classical music and a metal guitarist dislike each other’s preferred genre but have to perform a duet au requested by watchmechooseyou

Also, dedicated to the wonderful captain-k-jones who needed some cheer up

This is M-(ish)… a few more daring descriptions on this one (blame the beer).

Bohemian Rhapsody

It had been the glasses. And that tight bun on her hair. There was no other reason to explain the situation he was finding himself in. Which was not an unpleasant one, by all means. Quite the opposite.

He’d groaned in frustration when he had been assigned to perform their end of the year duet with Emma Swan. Emma - bloody classical violinist –Swan; who took one look at him and sneered with contempt.

And then he knocked on her door that evening and she answered wearing a knee length pencil skirt, white shirt, black cardigan, hair in tight bun and those god damn black rimmed glasses.

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Wonderland (Chapter 1) [R]

Chapter 1

Taylor Swift arrived around 6PM to get dressed and makeup done before rehearsing for a bit more. She’s already practiced prior to tonight, but this is the first time with all the girls there.

Karlie was extremely excited when she saw Taylor, but she wanted to keep that emotion at bay. She refuses to lose her cool over the pop singer.

“Taylor! It’s so nice to finally meet you. You look stunning.” Karlie complimented when she finally found the time and moment to greet and hugged her.

Taylor’s mouth was a bit agape. She can’t possible deny that Karlie is very attractive.

“Likewise! You’re even more gorgeous in person.”

Karlie smiled sharply – just the response she wanted to hear.

“You’re coming to the after party tonight, right?” Karlie asked.


“Awesome. I gotta go get dressed, but have fun out there. I can’t wait to walk the runway with you there.” Karlie said as she gave Taylor a flirty wave while walking to her changing area.


Karlie definitely made sure to throw in some subtle touches towards Taylor as she walked pass her on the runway and was happy to receive some back. She couldn’t help, but notice that Cara got to slap Taylor’s tushie. She wasn’t jealous or anything though. She knows that’s how Cara is and even thought it was pretty amusing.

“She might walk into my arms tonight, Karls.” Cara joked.

Karlie shook her head, “Nah, I don’t think so.” Karlie smirked a bit and continued to stare straight on at Taylor who’s still performing.

“Stop looking like a creep.”

Karlie chuckled and adverted to Cara, “Hmm, takes one to know one, right?” Karlie said followed by laughter from the both of them. “Anyway, if my memory’s not failing me, did you and Rihanna even get to the after party?”

“Nope! Which is a good thing because it means I’m effective.”

“Well, I like to warm them up first.”


Karlie and Taylor have been talking the whole time since they’ve arrived at the after party and occasionally taking shots. They talked about trivial things in their lives ranging from when they first came across one another and to talking about the cities they lived in.

“Have you ever considered moving to New York?” Karlie asked.

Taylor shook her head, “Way too hectic. I think LA is the most populace I can deal with.”

“Hmm, maybe you’ll change your mind after this visit. Trust me, once you get the feel of the city, you’ll fall in love.” Karlie said followed by another downing of a shot.

“Enough talking though, let’s dance!” Karlie reached out for Taylor’s hand and dragged her to the dance floor.

With the alcohol seeping into their systems more, their actions became a little more carefree. Their dancing getting a little more intimate and their arms are wrapped around one another.

“You are crazy beautiful,” Karlie wrapped her arm around Taylor’s shoulders and said into Taylor’s ear just enough for her to hear over the music.

Taylor blushed, but since the room was dim, Karlie did not notice. It was obvious that they were both attracted to one another. Karlie’s been dropping hints all night that she was attracted to her and Taylor always reciprocated. She’s had her eyes on the model before officially meeting her today.

Taylor tilted her head up and placed her lips faintly on Karlie’s ear and whispered, “Let’s get out of here.”

Karlie smirked and nodded. The two retrieved their things and made their way back to Taylor’s hotel.


The moment Taylor entered her card key into the slot; Karlie wasted no time to push her through the door. She pushed Taylor gently against the wall and planted her lips fully onto Taylor’s. Taylor wrapped one arm around Karlie’s neck and kissed her back while using her free hand to close the door.

They began to kick off their heels and take off their coats – but still refusing to break the connection between their lips. Karlie slid her hand from Taylor’s lower back down to her butt and squeezed eliciting a moan from Taylor. Karlie smiled against Taylor’s open lips before letting her tongue slide through Taylor red coated lips; Taylor did not hesitate to clash her tongue against Karlie’s.

Karlie was the one to break off their kiss much to Taylor’s dismay, but earned approving moans again when she placed open kisses from Taylor’s chin to the base of neck. Her lips lingered at the base of Taylor’s neck before she began to suck and nibble at the sensitive skin – that’ll definitely leave a mark. Taylor gasped through the pleasure mixed with an ounce of pain.

“Room,” Taylor mumbled softly, removing her hand from the back of Karlie’s head to point to the bedroom.

Karlie lifted Taylor up effortlessly with Taylor wrapping her legs around Karlie’s waist. Karlie plopped Taylor onto the bed, following her closely and reconnected their lips. Karlie’s hands were busy unzipping Taylor’s dress, while Taylor’s hands were busy being tangled in Karlie’s short locks.

Taylor lifted herself off the bed slightly to help Karlie shrug off her dress just for the thousand-dollar dress to be tossed to the floor. Taylor then moved her jell-o like arm to the zipper of Karlie’s dress to pull it down. Karlie also shrugged her dress off and kicked it to the floor.

Karlie gently ran her hand over Taylor’s bare abdomen, slightly massaging it. Karlie, once again, broke their kiss and moved to her chest area to place chaste kisses along Taylor’s exposed breast.

Taylor couldn’t hold back her moans, “Ah, Karlie…” This only encouraged Karlie more as her kisses lowered to Taylor’s abdomen. Karlie wanted to make sure her lips graze every part of Taylor’s body as she shudders.

Karlie ran her lengthy finger over Taylor’s underwear. She made sure to add pressure when her finger was on Taylor’s clit, causing her to gasp.

Karlie tugged off Taylor’s underwear excruciatingly slow. The shorter girl was practically squirming under her.

“Stop teasing, Kloss.” Taylor demanded, making Karlie smirk.

Even in that moment, Karlie still found Taylor unbelievably adorable.

“As you wish, Swift.” Karlie said as she swiftly yank Taylor’s underwear off to be thrown into the pile of discarded clothes on the ground.

Karlie wasted no time to shove two fingers into Taylor’s center. Taylor’s eyes immediately screwed shut and placed her bottom lip in-between her teeth.

Karlie made her way up to Taylor’s face again and used her free hand to free Taylor’s bottom lip.

“Let it out.”

“Ahhh,” Taylor moaned as Karlie pumped her fingers deeper into Taylor core, millimeters away from her g-spot.

Taylor turned her face into her pillow, ready to come any moment when Karlie removed her two fingers. Taylor groaned in protest just to end up moaning again when Karlie ran her tongue over the length of Taylor’s opening.

“Oh my God, Karlie…” Taylor gasped.

Karlie continued to skillfully run her tongue over the length of Taylor’s center before placing her tongue against Taylor’s clit. She moaned against Taylor’s clit making Taylor squirm and push her face into the pillow. Karlie wrapped her lips around her clit and nibbled oh so lightly when she felt a hand press gently on the back of her head.

“Fuck! Karlie!” Taylor screamed as she came.

Karlie smirked as she made her way up to Taylor’s face to place a gentle kiss on her lips, “Your turn, Swift.”

A/N: Here’s chapter one, guys! I hope I didn’t disappoint! Drop me a message - my ask is always open, click the like button, etc. See you guys soon with chapter two! :D

Preference #9: You're famous, you argue, one of you leaves and it spreads on social media (Requested)

A/N: Hey there! First of all, thank you so much for all the notes on the last preference. That was the most notes I’ve gotten on anything I’ve ever posted. Anyway, here’s the last of my 5 Seconds of Summer preference requests, so send them in if you have something you want me to write! Also, this is probably going to be a two or three part preference, since I didn’t want to write an ungodly long preference. I’m done talking; hope you guys like it!

Also, Y/T/N means your twitter name and Y/B/N means your band name.

Calum: You were a dancer, and lately your career had finally started taking off. You couldn’t be happier, because you had been cast as a core dancer in the Broadway production of The Nutcracker. The happiness you felt when you received a call from the casting agency couldn’t be put into words; when you told Calum, he couldn’t hide the huge grin on his face. “That’s amazing, Y/N! I knew you could do it! Make sure to save me a seat opening night; you know I’ll be there.”

Rehearsals were pretty brutal and you had blisters on your feet after the first few days of practice, but by the time opening night came, you were ready for the three hours of being on your feet. A few hours before you had to be at the theatre, you were making a snack for yourself, considering you wouldn’t get to eat until after the show. You scrolled through Twitter and you found yourself clicking on a picture of Calum and a girl that one of the fans tweeted to you. You didn’t think much of it, since cheating rumors were always going around and being started by people who just wanted to see you guys break up. But as you looked closer at the picture and read the story that went with the link in the tweet, you were starting to think this wasn’t just another photo-shopped  picture of your boyfriend. You decided not to bring it up until after the show, since you wouldn’t get to see him until you go on.

Five minutes before the show started, you could hear Calum’s voice calling for you and looking for you. You were now upset with him, because as you got ready for the show, you examined the picture again and looked at a few other pictures that the fans were tweeting of Calum and this girl, and it made you angry and upset. “Y/N! Babe, there you are!” He kissed your head and you looked to the stage unfazed. “Uh, okay. Good luck baby, you’re gonna do great! My eyes will be on you the entire time.” This made you angry and you turned to him. “Oh, that’s a relief!” You said, and your voice dripped with sarcasm. “Because I thought for sure you were gonna stare at Brittany the whole time. Or maybe Elizabeth? Then maybe you can kiss them after the show too?” You yelled, and you hadn’t even noticed that your voice got louder until you heard someone say something about keeping it down due to the audience possibly being able to hear you. “What the hell do you mean by that?” He asked, now just as angry as you. “I saw the pictures Calum. Who is she? Where was I when you were with her?” Calum now look dumbfounded and had that “deer in the headlights” look. You just shook your head and turned back to the stage. “I don’t want you here tonight. We’re talking about this later.” You stated as calmly as you could, and you could here him muttering something as he walked away. You let a few tears slip but quickly wiped them away as you were now going on stage.

When you got to the shared apartment, there was no sign of Calum and your Twitter was blowing up. A few of the mentions were congratulatory of your performance tonight, but most of them were related to Calum.

“@Y/T/N: just saw Calum leaving your show before you even performed… what happened?”

“@Calum5SOS seen leaving girlfriend @Y/T/N’s dance show with an angry face. Is it #Splitsville for the couple?”

“@Calum5SOS looked upset… @Y/T/N what did you do?”

Now not only did your feet hurt from the show, but so did your heart from Calum and all of the blame you were taking for the whole situation.

Ashton: You had been a YouTuber prior to dating Ashton. Right around the time you started getting more popular on YouTube was the time you started dating him. So at about a year into the relationship, you were pretty well-known. He did a few videos with you and even did some twitcams with you, so even your fans that weren’t also his fans knew who he was.

You had decided one Saturday afternoon to do another twitcam and asked Ashton if he wanted to join. Of course he said yes, and you tweeted out when you were going to do it and also asked them to send you guys questions to answer. When the time came to do the twitcam, you set up the computer in the living room and set the computer on the coffee table. You started it and saw there was already over 3,000 people watching. “Hey guys! Happy Saturday!” You greeted them, and grinned as people greeted back. You started answering some of the questions with Ashton and smiled because you were having fun. You reached one question that said “@Ashton5SOS: how do you feel about @Y/T/N’s weight loss?” You bit your lip because that was always something you had been insecure about. You were still trying to lose a bit more weight, and Ashton knew that. He was always supportive of your decision to get in shape. “I think she looks great! There’s still room for lots of improvement but she’s doing awesome!” It took about a second for you to register what he said, but it took him a minute. After noticing you had been quiet, his eyes grew wide. “Shit, wait…” You got up and went to the bedroom. “Wait, Y/N, I didn’t mean it like that!” He looked back to the computer and saw all the comments defending you.

Ashton turned off the twitcam to come find you and found you sitting on the bed crying quietly. Before he could explain what he had meant, you asked him about it. “Do you honestly think I need to lose that much more weight? I thought I was looking somewhat good.” You wiped your eyes and Ashton felt like shit. “Babe, that’s not what I meant. I didn’t think about what I was saying until after I had said it. What I meant was-” You cut him off before he could finish. “What you meant is you’re used to dating people like Bryana who are skinny and models. That’s what you meant.” You got up and put on a jacket. “Y/N, babe, that’s absolutely not what I meant.” “I’m going for a walk. I’ll be back later.” You walked outside and started walking. You didn’t know where you were going or how long you were going to be, you just needed to be away from him before either of you ended up saying anything that you regretted.

Luke: When you and Luke had started dating, you had already been in a few movies with smaller roles, but you really got your big debut when you got the lead part in a new romance movie. Luke couldn’t be more proud of you. “That’s my girl,” he said when you told him about it.

When you first arrived first the first day of filming, you were surprised to find out who some of your cast members were. The one that surprised you the most (and made you most excited) was your co-star Nicholas Hoult. He played your love interest in the movie and you were very excited. Luke on the other hand was a bit nervous. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust you, he just didn’t like thinking about you kissing other guys. But he did understand it was your job, so he tried to get past it for you. He came to set to watch you film a few times, but he stayed at home when you filmed scenes with Nicholas.

When opening night arrived, you invited Luke to come along as your date. He happily agreed, and when you appeared on the red carpet, you blushed with all of the compliments. You met up with the rest of the cast and posed for a few pictures with them. You didn’t notice it, but Nicholas was staring at you. Luke noticed, and he started growing more and more jealous by the minute. When one of the paparazzi asked for pictures of Nicholas kissing your cheek, Luke nearly lost it. He tried to remain calm for your sake. You didn’t see the harm in that and linked arms with Luke while walking in.

Nicholas decided to sit next to you and Luke was on your other side. He tried to ignore Nicholas and keep your attention until the movie started, but Nicholas kept initiating conversations. Finally Luke had had enough, and he stood up and left. You didn’t notice right away, as you were talking to other people. About a minute before the movie started, you received a text.

From: Luke

Have fun at the premiere, I’ll be at home when you’re done with your date.

You knew he was upset and you felt awful for ignoring him like that. You saw your mentions start to blow up with people asking why Luke left without you.

Michael: You had started a band with a few of your guy friends before dating Michael. The covers you guys did were noticed by 5 Seconds of Summer, and that’s how you ended up opening for them on their world tour. You couldn’t be more excited or nervous for this opportunity.

When you and your band went to go meet 5 Seconds of Summer for the first time, that’s when you and Michael hit it off. You went on a few dates with him, and by the time the tour started, you were a couple.

The first half of the tour was great. Both bands bonded well and you were having a blast. But for whatever reason, some of the fans didn’t like you. Maybe it was because you were the only girl between the two bands, maybe it was the fact that you were Michael’s girlfriend. But some of his fans just despised you. You didn’t let it get to you usually, but today the comments from people at this show were nasty.

You were just about to go on, when you saw some signs from backstage. “Too bad Y/B/N isn’t actually good, otherwise I’d actually stand for the opener!” Another one said “Y/N is a really good singer… If you don’t actually listen to her voice!” Normally, those posters wouldn’t bother you, but on top of everything you’ve heard today, you lost it. You had tears running down your face when Michael came up to you. “Hey babe, good luck toni- whoa, what’s wrong?” He pulled you into his chest, and you pointed to the posters. “Y/N, you see things like that all the time. Suck it up.” You pulled away from him and gawked at him. You couldn’t believe he just said that to you. You pushed past him and your band and ran to your dressing room.

It was now 10 minutes after you guys should’ve started and you were in your dressing room with the door locked. “Y/N, they’re getting ancy. We have to go on now.” You didn’t want to face the crowd or Michael, so you went on Twitter.

“@Y/T/N, quit being a baby and come on stage!”

“@Y/T/N probably chickened out because she knows she can’t sing… oops…”

You cried harder and threw your phone across the room.

Sorry a few of those endings sucked, but request part two!

New Directions (Roderick/Spencer fic)

Title: New Directions

Pairing: Roderick/Spencer

Rating: PG

Word Count: ~2,000 words

Summary: Spencer knows that kissing Roderick was stupid. He knows, but he did it anyway.

Notes: januarium did a read-through of this, but all mistakes are 100% my fault. Kurt makes an appearance in this also, and there is a small reference to the Kurt and Dave stuff from season 2 if that bothers you. I haven’t written in months but I really wanted to get some new newbie fic out!

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Cat Scratch Fever

Klaine, 1450 words, A03

Part of a series of “Season 7” ficlets that look at events in the early married life of Kurt and Blaine.  The first part of this fic is a flashback of sorts, set on Halloween between 6x07 and 6x08.

A lot has changed in the past year… but not the fact that Kurt looks super-hot in a cat suit.

Halloween, 2014

Kurt sighed as another group of squealing small children ran up to where he and Blaine sat on the steps of Sam’s house, the children’s parents trailing behind them.

“They’re kitties!  Look, mommy, two black kitties!” one little boy exclaimed, nearly tripping over his superhero cape as he climbed up the porch steps to get to Kurt and Blaine.

Blaine was already on his feet, commenting on each child’s costume as they swarmed around the two of them.  Kurt stood up and held out the large plastic pumpkin full of candy.

“What do you say, kids?” a parent prompted.

“Trick or treat!” came the expected response.  

But the little boy in the superhero cape was just staring at Kurt, his eyes wide.  “Mommy, can I pet the kitties?”

“I’m a panther,” Kurt muttered, stepping away despite himself as Blaine crouched down next to the child.  Kurt’s costume was <i>not</i> the same as Blaine’s – where Blaine had the fluffy ears and tail of a domestic housecat, complete with a cozy black sweater and drawn on pink nose and sweet whiskers, Kurt was a fierce predator, dressed head to toe in a sleek black lycra suit that clearly indicated his status as one of the fastest land animals on the planet.  And no, as he had informed Rachel earlier, this was obviously not what he had worn for the Singles Ladies dance – did she not realize how much he had grown since then?  His shoulders alone…for god’s sake, give him a little credit.

While Kurt grumbled, Blaine continued to charm the small children.  “Want to touch my ears?  They’re furry,” Blaine said, and was nearly toppled by the pack of preschoolers as they crowded around him, reaching up to touch the triangular ears that poked up out of his hair.  Blaine had gone easy on the gel for the evening, and the little rugrats tugged and pet at his curls, Blaine just smiling at them until their parents dragged them away.

Kurt huffed and sat back down on the cold concrete step.  He had hit a new low – he was jealous of the five year olds that got to touch Blaine.

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100 Drabble Challenge - Tattoo (Tom and Abby)

TITLE: Tattoo
AUTHOR:  theothercourse
GENRE: Romance/Fluff
FIC SUMMARY: Tom returns home to London to attend the 2014 Olivier Awards as nominee for Best Actor with his girlfriend, Abigail. They have plans to enjoy the evening win or lose.
RATING: Teen to be safe (sickly sweet- loving sensuality)
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Based on the characters from Upstaged, In His Kiss,In Her Arms, Who Loves You, Baby?, The Road to Something Better,Regarding Abigail, Tom/Abby One Shots, All Tom/Abigail in chronological order - Day 88 in the 100 Drabble Challenge - a silly little fluff piece that can be continued, if there’s enough interest.


“Babe? What time is the car coming?” I called from the hallway to the flat at large. I wasn’t sure where Tom had gotten off to as his jacket, bowtie and recently shined loafers were in the bedroom with me. I’d not managed my time in the morning very well and I was worried about being ready in time for the car’s arrival. My boyfriend was only home for a few days and we were savoring every minute before he returned back to Toronto to finish filming Crimson Peak.

“Half past,” he answered from his study.

Adjusting the straps of my A-line princess v-neck floor length chiffon half black, half champagne colored dress along my shoulders in the mirror, I hiked up the skirt to follow the sound of his voice. With my hip, I nudged the door open and found my love sitting in his computer chair pouring over something on the desk. The free flowing material of the dress swished around my ankles, making me feel pretty and lighter than air. “Babe, can you zip me up please?”

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A Twitch of Fate



PROMPT: singer belle and bodyguard rumple

Rating: PG-ish.


Mr. Gold did not guard pop stars. He did not wait in airports for them, sitting cramped in a small chair made to conform to Hollywood beauty standards and not the recommendation of chiropractors—even if those chiropractors cost Gold a small fortune each visit.

Even if Mr. Gold was still in the business of guarding bodies, he would not have guarded a pop star. Pop stars got stalked. A lot. Guarding them was a job for the young foreign employees, with access to under the table training in fighting-styles with names that none of the clients could pronounce. The skinny man on his Macbook next to him would have been perfect. Probably. His toothpick arms had to be stronger than they looked.

Mr. Gold’s job was just to own the guards, and tell them where to go, what to do, and whether or not their expenses would be covered under the company account. His job—and he would like this on the record, thank you very much—was not to guard pop stars.

It didn’t matter how many times he bleated this fact to Mr. Maurice French, former governor of Maine. The zeros on the ends of his check just kept growing, until Mr. Gold was forced to say fine, of course I will personally see to your daughter’s health and safety this weekend, it would be my pleasure to do so. No, no, the leg doesn’t bother me at all. Not at all.

He clutched the handle of his briefcase like an old blanket. There was a bank statement tucked inside—a bank statement that could help him retire.

“Just remember the zeroes.”

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This I promise you || Klaine

Things had been stressful at Dalton.

The school had accepted a ton of new students, which was code for fresh vampires, or soon to be turned vampires. It meant there were a lot more hours in the day and night being spent on teaching and training, getting them settled and organised. Blaine had been enlisted to help a few that didn’t quite respond well to some of the elders, or to the situation itself that they faced. Some who are turned young become bitter very quickly, realising that they are going to spend eternity being a teenager. Others become wild, and need to be controlled, or face the truth death. Children of vampires who were reaching the age where they would stop growing, came to Dalton to take place in the ritual that would transition them from human to vampire. Wes’s son would undertake this ritual once he was close to his peaking age.

While Dalton may appear to be a school, it was anything but that. It was a coven. It was a place where a royalty of sorts, keepers of our kind came to gather, to keep the order. Some vampires saw humans as food only, and that was fine, but if you killed all the humans, how would the rest survive? Also, if the humans all knew about them, what is to say they would survive? Sure, they were predators, but technology was constantly growing, changing, right in front of Blaine’s eyes, right in front of the elders eyes… There was no certainty that if they became exposed, that their kind would survive.

Dalton was good for vampires like Blaine, who spent their first few years mimicking a student while he learnt how to control himself. His sire was blood crazy, with no regards for anything, and while Blaine hated her, she was still the only person he had once he crawled out of that dirt hell. The lessons she taught him. The process. The rules. Were all wrong. That is where Dalton came in. He was confused. Scared in a way, regardless of how much power was swimming through him in the early days, he was disorientated, which made him scared. Nothing worked. He was hungry all the time. His head felt like someone was kicking him over and over and over again, and his sire continually tried to use her compulsion against him. He was cornered by some of the guards that generally protect the royalty, and try to maintain the order, and Blaine’s reaction wasn’t to be scared, it was shock that there were more like him. His reaction was to hug the 6’5, 300 pound man.

But knowing his own experiences, It wasn’t uncommon to deal with these type of new vampires.  and he’d definitely dealt with it before, but it wasn’t something he enjoyed. The feeling closely mimicked what a person would feel tearing a screaming baby out of the arms of its mother.  

Regardless of the new students, The Warblers had become obsessed with winning Regionals, mostly thanks to the hand of Sebastian and Hunter. He wasn’t sure where this cut throat desire to win had come from, but he’d never, in his 20 years seen the Warblers act in this way.

All these things took time away that he could be spending with Kurt.

He hated being apart from the boy, but it was either Blaine being pulled away to do something or Kurt being dragged away to Warbler rehearsals, most of the time Blaine not even being able to attend, and the Warbler council running it. By the time Blaine would have a free moment it would be 4am. He would move slowly into Kurt’s room, slinking into bed with him and wrapping his arms around the boy protectively, nuzzling his face into Kurt’s neck or hair, closing his eyes and trying to mimic the action of sleeping. He never slept, but sometimes the connection was strong enough that Blaine could walk his way into Kurt’s dreams, and finally get to talk to him.  Sometimes Kurt would be in Blaine’s room, curled him on his bed, clutching the pillow tightly, his face buried in it, almost like he had been trying to smell it, and Blaine’s chest would feel heavy.

However sometimes, Kurt would still be awake, and waiting for him, and there was never much conversation, other than the loud cries of each of them moaning the other’s name, or the dirty talk which had become a common event in the bedroom. Even in their distance, Blaine knew that Kurt could still feel him, and those nights when he’d return, exhausted, head hurting, eyes burning, Kurt would be sitting on the edge of the bed, shirtless, and upon Blaine’s entry would simply tilt his head, exposing his neck. The blood exchanges still happened between them, and became more and more intense as time went on.

Weekends were theres and theres alone. Sometimes Blaine would purposely organise trips off campus for the entire weekend, staying at hotels instead, distancing himself and just giving them time to be a couple. Sometimes they’d just stay locked in Blaine’s apartment.

Blaine had started to become better with the cooking, almost using it as a way to keep himself in Kurt’s good books, cooking the boy breakfast every morning, without fail, sometimes making him lunch if he found himself with a free period, then tracking Kurt down to give it to him, but dinner’s lately had been a no-go for Blaine. Instead he made sure he’d have cookies, muffins, cakes, honestly anything dessert based in the house. He might not eat it, but he certainly liked baking them.

Distance or not, their bond was unbreakable, and Blaine could always feel Kurt’s presence with him. Maybe it was because if though they were apart, they weren’t “really” apart. If Blaine wanted to it would only take him a few seconds to find Kurt, and the same applied to Kurt.

He still hated it though.

It was Wednesday evening at 8pm. The Warblers had been practising since 4. Kurt was sitting off to the side at the moment, the guys sometimes remembering that he was human and used to force him to sit out for a while as to not burn him out while they kept going. Their movements were flawless. They moved like one giant unit and Blaine had never seen them performing better. A few times Blaine hopped up to help, or correct errors that he might have seen on sections that weren’t as strong, but since the competition was this weekend, they were pretty much sorted.

While the Warblers still couldn’t persuade Kurt to have a solo, they inadvertently put him in a position that might as well have been a solo, but masked it that it was all just part of their routine. Trent had pretty much picked up on Kurt’s vibes and emotions, and played him in true Trent fashion, wording things in a way that made it seem like Kurt wasn’t the soloist, he wasn’t the star, he was just going to stand out the front of the song for a bit, sing the intro and the first part of the chorus by himself while they did the routine behind him, before eventually joining the rest of the group. Even Sebastian, in all his annoyance tried to convince Kurt it wasn’t a solo, since the solo was actually his. (

Blaine loved it though. He loved seeing Kurt out there, and constantly had a smile on his face while he watched him perform. It was hard not to be bias, because he thought Kurt was perfect in everything he did and wanted to watch him all the time, but he was still a teacher, for all intents and purposes, and the guys were still counting on his guidance.

They’d just finished up their performance and honestly, Blaine had not a single comment to make. They were perfect. All of them.

“Guys. Honestly. You are perfect. Every one of you is perfect”

“Awww, thanks sir” Sebastian smirked, and Blaine rolled his eyes.

“Look, Regionals are in a few days, and you’ve all been working so hard. I want you all to just go in this not thinking you’re going to win, just going to have fun. That’s why we continue to do this. Sure, we all love winning, and I love when you win, and I remember what it was like too win, but for most of you, there is always another year, and another, and another. But, with that said, I want another trophy, so please win” Blaine laughed, and the Warblers laughed along with him.

Sebastian clapped his hands together “In true Warbler tradition I say that we end this session with the oldies doing a performance”

Blaine shook his head almost instantly, and Trent stepped back, almost like he was trying to hide himself, some of the others just groaning, and hiding their faces.

“Come on!” Sebastian laughed, clicking his fingers “Someone go get him a jacket”

Blaine laughed before he looked at Kurt, smiling before taking a few steps toward him, just standing next to him. Pretty much all of the Warblers knew they were a couple, even if it wasn’t obvious, their scents to almost match each other which would have sounded warning bells for anyone who was confused, but they didn’t really touch each other in front of everyone. “One of the rare occurrences where you’ll see what I was like when I was a student” Blaine chuckled before he stepped toward Thad who was holding out a jacket for Blaine to take, before taking his place with, what they’d been horribly referred to as “the oldies” while the rest of the Warblers sat around on chairs and couches.

He missed this. There were times when he wondered if he cut his hair. Changed his looks somehow. That maybe he could pass for a student again. That he could have fun, not have to worry about anything. That he could wear the blazer and feel like he was a part of something bigger.

After a quick discussion with the warblers who had remained standing, they had agreed on a song since none of them could remember half of the dances from previous routines, they decided on a slower song that they could just stand still for (

Midway through the performance, Blaine noticed that Kurt becoming startled by something, then feeling around his pockets before pulling out his cell phone, scrunching his face before quickly pocketing it. He did this a few times, and Blaine wasn’t upset, since it didn’t seem like Kurt was ignoring the performance, but more curious who was texting him, and what they were saying that made Kurt look so confused. Worried almost.

Once they were done, Blaine laughed along with everyone before making his way to Kurt who had now started moving his thumbs quickly as he texted, sitting down next to him on the couch “What’s wrong?”