they guy know how the shit is done

u guys i just downloaded sleepwalking as a pdf for the first time (don’t ask me why i haven’t done that before tbh i have no idea why i haven’t)

that dude’s like 168 pages long

i still gotta edit and rewrite big chunks of it and i gotta come up with different names before i can send it to my friend for illustration and stuff, and i have no idea how expensive printing/binding is

but like, holy shit guys

it’s over 87K words long right now, as is

i wrote a book

like i knew i wrote a long fic but i didn’t know it was A Book™

how?? did i not know that i wrote a book

What’s wrong with you guys! Sun has done nothing wrong so leave him alone!

You don’t know how much it’s a pain in my ass to try and go in the Sun Tag and see so much hate and very salty behavior. Like seriously my son as done nothing wrong and keep the hate out of his tag like fucking seriously

death note is so good. you guys, i forgot just how goddamn fucking good death note is. what the fuck. honestly it’s just legendary. i know L’s introduction by heart and it stil had me grinning like an idiot as i watched light getting publicly shamed on national television for about the hundredth time. the script is so well done. the voice acting is spot fucking on. i love light yagami so much and i’m still in awe at the sheer amount of development he goes through in the first two episodes. god, what an amazing show. holy shit.

Watching A Movie With The Marauders Would Include... (Sirius x reader)


  • teaming up with a few Ravenclaws to figure out how to get electronics to work in Hogwarts 
  • sending a letter home to your parents telling them to send some movies after you hack into the system
  • telling the Marauders what you’ve done
  • “Guys? I may have… broken a few school rules…”
  • Remus: “What did you do?”
  • James and Sirius smirking, wanting to know what they need to top
  • “A few Ravenclaws and I figured out how to use electronics in the school.”
  • Remus: “WHAT!?”
  • James: “HOW?!”
  • Sirius stares at you in amazement
  • “A few charms here, a few charms there…”
  • Peter is just speechless
  • “Do you all want to watch a movie?”
  • James, Sirius, and Peter: “What’s a movie?”
  • you and Remus flipping your shit
  • “Okay. We’re definitely watching one.”
  • listing all of the movies your parents sent to you and their descriptions
  • Sirius: “What about this one?”
  • James: “Ugh! Not that one…”
  • “Excuse me, James, but that happens to be my favorite.”
  • Sirius’s face lights up
  • Sirius: “We’re watching it then.”
  • using your transfiguration skills to turn their dresser into an entertainment center with a TV and VCR
  • Remus putting in the VHS tape
  • “Accio blankets!”
  • James stealing Remus’s chocolate stash
  • Remus: “Get your own!”
  • James: “We need snacks though!”
  • James, Peter, and Sirius are very fascinated at how this muggle invention works
  • trying not to say your favorite lines
  • Sirius getting really into the movie and keeping quiet for once
  • Peter falling asleep halfway though
  • Remus opening a book, later falling asleep as well
  • Sirius passing you the chocolate stash
  • James passing out just after Remus
  • Sirius: “Wimps…”
  • giggling at his remark
  • him putting his arm around you
  • blushing like crazy
  • Sirius: “I like you.”
  • blushing even more
  • “I like you.”
  • snuggling into his chest
  • watching the rest of the movie snuggled up under a blanket
  • Sirius: “How did you manage to break through the magic-electronic thingy?”
  • “I’ve learned a few things from you guys.”
  • eating the last of Remus’s chocolate 
  • both of you falling asleep with your arms around each other
  • waking up to James, Remus, and Peter ‘aw-ing’ at you
  • Sirius: “Shove off, guys!”
  • Remus: “Well, you missed this morning’s classes, so if you don’t wake up soon, you’ll both end up in detention…”
  • Sirius: “Worth it.”

excuse me while i just

lay here


A year ago I was so young and naive just getting into Haikyuu!!, Sailor Moon and Harry Potter were still my main fandoms, and I had about 8k followers. I had zero idea that the following 12 months would basically be a never-ending loop of me going “well that escalated quickly” _(:3」∠)_

I honestly don’t know how to express my feelings right now lmao because holy shit 25,000 is a big number. Like I was at Twickenham Stadium the other weekend and I realised that if all of my followers were there you would fill more than a quarter of the stands. Which is insane

I worry I sound insincere when I say this but truly, honestly, 100% from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU. For everything. Your likes and reblogs and hilarious tags and sweet messages and interest in my artwork and AU ideas. It genuinely means the world to me. 

I daren’t even imagine what the next 12 months will bring, but I hope it’s just as exciting <3

better names for CR NPCs

- fabulous magic purple gay in need of rest
- tol wise arcana queen who is done with your shit but too polite to tell you so
- smol angry rootin tootin hammer swingin child
- superhumanly patient sarcastic teenage ruler of so much more than she asked for (and of whom we are all so proud)
- emotionally traumatized socially awkward stabby young boy
- witty little joke-cracking gig-playing minx of stubbornness
- dirty-minded occasionally hoofed mostly unhelpful archfey prick
- endearingly creepy businessman turned tour guide with literal fire in his veins

alright i know you guys like to take the piss out of aces saying ‘allosexuals can’t get anything done bc they’re thinking about sex’ by mocking what they’re saying by exaggerating it but do either sides realise y'all are shitting on hypersexual people? there really are people who think about sex so much they can’t get stuff done and it’s distressing it’s not a funny ‘allosexual’ thing or something to exaggerate to mock how the aces think of us it’s a mental disorder and it’s not funny in the slightest.

I feel like the paladins all joke about how Pidge is an innocent child that they need to be wary of, for example:

Lance: (hits his toe on something) son of a—

Shiro: language

Hunk: yeah, Lance there are children present (gestures to Pidge)

Pidge: you know what? fuck you guys, I’m mentally the oldest person here

A Deeper Look into NCT 127′s 소방차 (Fire Truck)

Listen up now. This shit is just my opinion and I’m not saying that what I’m saying is right, but I ain’t saying it’s wrong either lmao

This is a bit of a long post cause there’s so much shit that’s going down that I really want to share cause i want people to know how much NCT is changing the game forever.

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Guys. Guys? People.

Holy shit.

I did the thing.

I finished a story.

It’s a fluffy 1500 word one-shot that’ll make your teeth rot out and I named it after a No Doubt song that’s older than some people who may read it, but holy fucking balls, I finished it.

I don’t even know how to describe what my brain is doing right now. I haven’t finished a fully fleshed-out piece of fanfic since a secret santa piece over a year ago. I haven’t done anything self-contained enough to put on AO3 in three.

Three goddamn years.

So if you have a minute to read it and feel like being encouraging to someone who fell hard enough for this dumb ship to unstick three years (THREE!) of writer’s block, please do. I need some headpats and kudos and encouragement for this so I will hopefully be able to make myself continue doing it.

Holy shit, guys, I finished a story.

you give me the most gorgeous sleep (AO3)

(With immense love to @daftpunk-delorean and @malevolentmango for hand-holding, cheerreading and general encouragement.)

Guys,,,,,,,, I made an Andi Mack crack video (or an Andi Crack video, hehe) This is what I spent my snow day doing…… what this show has done to me.


Signs as things people I know with that zodiac have said or done

Aries: Went to The Minions movie completely wasted

Taurus: *referring to a nasty ass apple pipe* “This is such a good idea… you know they should sell these in stores”

Gemini: “Guys.. I think the reason I’m so bad at school is because I’m a genius”

Cancer: “How many legs does a millipede have? Is it exactly a million or is it just around that?

Leo: had sex on a park bench @ 3 am

Virgo: Lost their phone at school and found it the next day but didn’t tell their parents bc they wanted the new iphone

Libra: "punk croc”

Scorpio: Told the really cute Starbucks barista that their name was “Lil’ bitch”

Sagittarius: “listen i don’t see why people think it’s so weird that I want E.T to fuck me in the ass”

Capricorn: Goes to shady parks and goes up to people smoking weed and asks them if they’re smoking. When they say yeah he pretends to talk into a microphone on his shirt and says “Okay we got them”

Aquarius: Called multiple tattoo parlors and asked how much it would cost to tattoo their entire body red

Pisces: Started sobbing at school because i asked them about The Maze Runner

mysteryseeker2000  asked:

you know, watching this jontron shit go down really makes me feel bad because i actually used to be a really huge fan of him, so seeing how he actually is like, makes me kind of feel "betrayed" by him, if you know what i mean

same?? like his videos where he did reviews of games and movies like 4 years ago were genuinely entertaining and he made so many good forum weapon reaction clips
and he had that cute little pixel art animation done for him with his bird and it seemed like he was a decent guy

like..i feel so betrayed honestly…….ugh
game grumps really dodged the full round of bullets. i used to be kinda upset when he left in like, what, 2014? but now i can Certainly See Why that probably happened and im more than comfortable with dan taking his place

There is no way Even didnt cry this night. Like damn…. wtf. He finally got the guy he’s had a crush on since the beginning of school. He was SO excited when they kissed in the pool. He had just broken up with his girlfriend for Isak. He had done some crazy/weird shit to get with the guy he had been pining for for so long. They’re faces were like 2 inches apart, it was such a soft, sweet, tender moment, holding hands, the conversation was going so well then BAM! Isak says one of the worst things you can say to someone with a mental illness. Like how shitty did that make Even feel? Like you’ve wanted me this far but you won’t want me after you know I have a mental illness. I’m bipolar….. If I finally hooked up with the guy I’ve been crushing on for months, dumped my sig other for them, then have them inadvertantly say they don’t want people like me around them, I WOULD BALL MY FUCKING EYES OUT. Even cried

How they used to introduce Soryu to other people:
  • Eisuke: Right, so Mamoru. *clears throat* This is Soryu.
  • Soryu: Pls don't do the you-know-what again
  • Baba: You mean
  • Soryu: Baba stop
  • Ota: Soryu
  • Soryu: No don't---
  • Soryu:
  • Soryu: You guys done...? Good.
  • Mamoru: ... Well, it's nice to meet you. Soryu---
  • Soryu: -is 124% done with everyone's shit-

splinteredstar  asked:

so, as usual, I Do Not Go Here - but mon-el talking about how kara is 'the best thing that's ever happened' ' - that's one of those dog whistle phrases, I think, like where a guy talks about how he would 'die for you' as if that makes up for all the shit he's done up to that point. (with a side dish of making you guilty for being mad - how can you be angry when he feels so much?)

Oh absolutely.  I was pretty much chanting in my head “don’t fall for it Kara, please do not fall for it” because he literally says earlier “by this part of the movie, the girl usually forgives the guy for whatever”.  Mon-El is still playing by the script, by what media teaches.  (And to cut him the TINIEST bit of slack, he knows his pre-Earth behavior was terrible and is latching onto any source of lessons.  Which thus becomes a commentary on how the media has a responsibility to shape social behavior and GODDAMMIT SHOW BE CLEARER ABOUT THIS.  I don’t even know how this show can be this clever and this dumb at the exact same time on the exact same plot.)

Thing is, Kara operates in “reality”, and this sad and toxic trope doesn’t fly with her.  He apologized but he wasn’t sorry he did it; he’s sorry she caught him in the lie.  And that’s important.