they grow up so fast ; ;

Jensen comment on Danneel insta picture made me so sad i know its all awwwh and what not but this hit hard

like i understand its his work and he is happy doing this show but i really wish this show would end i know he goes home whenever he can and between hiatus but believe me its not enough since time fly by so fast..

My sister dose work all the time and she miss out on like 70% of her kid growing up and that time you can never get it back. I know there is face timing and all that technology but still it can never beat the feel of someone you love between your arms.

Royai Drabble #002

(Would you look at that, @hawkeyedflame went and made me proud. They grow up so fast :’) And of course, what better way to celebrate than more Royai? (I promise I won’t go and ruin it with a Harder, Colonel joke this time Alli XD)

They say silence is deafening, but for the King and his Queen, the absence of noise was looked forward to, cherished, savored. They spent every day and more nights than they cared to count working, toiling, being the obedient dogs of the military, barking orders at their comrades and more than either of them really cared to dwell on, at each other.

That is why the seclusion, the intimacy, of a warm shower, their bodies pressed to one another with nothing, not even the military’s law, between them, was perfect. The way her hair hung while wet, his fine fingers working through the knots while hers rubbed taught muscles that ached and burned.

In this moment, there was nothing but each other. No responsibilities, no rank, no uniform, no orders, no fear, no pain. The heartache they both suffered whenever they had to hide behind those plastic masks healed bit by bit with every moment they held one another.

They both knew it couldn’t last forever, both knew that every day the King made further moves in the Great Game, they both knew that someday, his Queen would no longer be able to follow. Not for want of trying, of course. To hell, if need be.

He had told her that he wanted to give up. He wanted to run away with her, to hell with the military, to hell with everything. They could run away and build a life together, raise a family, grow old in one another’s arms. She had smiled softly, trailed her fingers through his hair, and shook her head, told him that there was nothing she would wish for more.

But they both knew that life was not for them, not in this life. The King would grow restless within the confines of a smaller life, and as much as he denied it, it was the truth.

But none of that mattered now, in the quiet. They were invincible, untouchable, safe and warm. Whatever haunted them outside of that small room hidden away could not enter. They took solace with one another, and made silent vows to stand together.

And for the King and his Queen, that was enough.


Here’s the new kitty! 

(he has a name … but I forgot it. I’ll just think up a new one)

His backstory is he’s Dinky Dragon’s last baby - she passed away last month from a fast-growing cancerous tumor, poor little thing. There were two kittens in the litter, but the other one was much weaker and didn’t make it. This little guy has been battling a bad respiratory infection (very young kittens don’t have a functioning immune system and get their protection from mom, so orphans are at a disadvantage) which is why he has a very filthy face - I’ve been gently cleaning it and I’m getting some liquid boric acid to take care of it tomorrow - but he’s on the road to recovery. 

He’s very, very small for his age and is somewhat visually impaired due to the eye infection, but hopefully that will heal up as he grows. Otherwise, he’s quite friendly, he starts purring as soon as you touch him and loves being cuddled. He’s eating well and frisky, so I have high hopes he’ll be in good condition again soon! Send him your love :)

listen @roseshell‘s dance au is quite possibly my favorite soumako au in the history of soumako aus, just sayin. i mean it’s an au with hip hop dancer makoto and ballet dancer sousuke, how much better can you get