they grow up so fast *sobs*

BTS as Fathers Would Include: Jhope

Fatherhood BTS Series

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  • putting underwears on their heads
  • him crying when his child brings back their art from school
  • “it’s just so beautiful can you believe our child invented art ????”
  • “hoseok this is the fortieth time you’ve done this we’re running out of space on our fridge”
  • having the luck of getting triplets on the first try

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More puppy pictures!! 3 weeks old, eyes are opening, and they are just some funny stumbling rolly-polly-ollies. And I’m still surprised at the variation of colors in this litter. My sister owns a male silver husky and I own a black female husky; and yet we have red, silver, and black puppies and even one with spots. They’re all cute though and *Trying not to sob* they’re all growing up so fast.

BTS Reaction to: You Breaking Down Watching Your Little Sister Graduate

rv reaction; here

Jin: since you’re basically a mess, he takes charge of recording your sister as she graduates while you’re clinging to his back, face pressed between those broad shoulder blades. he tries to get you to calm down, wiping away your tears while also trying to keep the camera steady

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Suga: not the best at expressing his emotions so he doesn’t really get why you’re sobbing and clinging to him. he gets that your little sister is graduating but isn’t this reaction too much? he might have to fight to hide a grin

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J-Hope:  is probably crying too. “they grow up so fast,” he sniffles, as you both embrace each other; sobbing, snotty messes. the family members of other students look at you both like you’re crazy

Rap Monster: couldn’t hide his laughter. “babe, there’s no need to be so emotional! you knew she would graduate some day, she’s a smart girl” but that just makes you cry more because your baby sister was growing up before your eyes

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Jimin: your tears make him teary too. while he understands your emotion over seeing your sister graduate, he hates watching you cry. he spends most of the ceremony whispering sweet things in your ear and soothingly stroking your hair

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V: ignores the emotional mess you’ve become and is trying his hardest to embarrass the shit out of your sister. he’s standing on a chair, you clinging to his leg, shouting her name and whooping obnoxiously, pulling faces to make her laugh despite the serious situation

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Jungkook: is an awkward bean. “babe, babe, calm down, people are looking.” he doesn’t know how to calm you down so he’s frantically wiping off your tears and patting your back, wishing the other bts members were there to help him

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“You’re growing up real fast.”

Based on a headcanon that Neji died in the war and left Tenten pregnant with their child.

And then @cyberwolften made it angstier because “what if children can see ghosts? So the baby calls Neji ‘Dada’ and plays with him.” But children don’t remain children forever. And then one day, Neji is so distraught when their son no longer hears or sees him…


I have a love–hate relationship with angst… xD

How Would Exo react to....

How would Exo react to this Taohun moment

Xiumin:“These maknaes….”

Luhan:*sighs* “Hell No.”

Chanyeol: “Less competition for Kai now!” *giddy fangirl squeals*

Baekhyun:“You guys are cute, but not as cute as me and Chanyeol." 

Suho:"My babies are growing up so fast!” *sobs*

D.O: *kind of just staring still processing what is going on*

Chen: “Wow getting a little frisky over there.” *winks*

Lay: “The unicorn approves!" 

Kai: "I ship it, OTP!”

Kris: At first:“HELL NO LUHAN LETS SEPARATE THEM NOW”                                     *Thinks for a couple seconds*                                                                         “Oh I have nothing to worry about, after all Tao can’t resist me…” *smirks evilly*


Tao: “You better start running Sehun, because Kris and Luhan will kill you once they see this.”  (I have the aegyo to get out of this) *smirks*

Sehun: *to Tao* “Who said I didn’t have aegyo?”

Tao: “UWAHHHH SO CUTE” *cuddles way too hard*

*Kris and Luhan walk in*

Kris and Luhan: “NO.”