they got that titan eyes

Does this have any specific meaning?

Welp, I just noticed that the Titan Armin is seeing (hallucinating?) in the picture above looks very much like a mixture of Bert’s and his own titan….  I could be overinterpreting things tho… So, just have a look at it for yourselves:

Armin’s titan got the missing nose and the (seemingly) missing eyes/eyeballs

Then there’s Bert’s with his well-known features (e.g. exposed teeth).

You can make out several features of each titan in this hallucination Armin’s having. So here am I wondering… Does it have any specific meaning for the future?

The colossal titan is said to be the strongest of them all after all… Could it be that there is something to his heritage that makes him so special (besides his height, which I doubt Armin will inherit…)?

So… Am I just overinterpreting things or could this have more meaning to it?


Attack On Titan Chapter 87 Thoughts

As with the previous chapter, this chapter’s strength comes from it’s thematic elements and how it connects together everything that came before.

It’s not as dense as the previous chapter in terms of these connections and tied threads, but nontheless builds up some powerful statements.

Where do I start?

I guess the title of the chapter would be appropriate: it’s called Borderline. It’s also a very convinient element through which to explore the whole chapter.

There are many things this refers towards:

1) The difference between child and father, perhaps the borderline of generations, but also the borderline of identity.

Eren’s father treated Zeke as an extension of himself, not a separate person. This takes a very disturbing form with Eren: he is literally being taken over by his father’s memories.

Apparently it’s something that isn’t very translatable, but according to other translations, Eren used “watashi” which is the way Eren’s father referred to himself. So, in this case it’s a literal personality borderline. Eren is heavily affected by the memories he possesses. I’ve been freaking out about this, but this is exactly like Frieda.

(Chapter 66)

I’ve always wondered if the First King or in fact if Frieda or Eren’s father are still somehow existant inside of Eren and seems it’s his father specifically, which makes sense; he’s related to his father, just like the First King has been passed down the Reiss family. So, the First King haunted Frieda, but Eren’s father haunts him. There’s a danger he might completely turn into his father/be controlled by his father’s will, which is horrifying. Despite Eren’s father seemingly becoming a better parent as we see in the scenes with him, having Eren inherit this power still is something that is a danger to Eren’s free will and identity.

This is even apparent in Gross (though I still get the feeling it should be Klaus, as some other translations had it, this is too blunt).

He, too, “educated” his sons to be “fine young men”.

Which leads me to…

2) The borderline between human and monster.

By all means, what Grisha wished to do was monstrous.

(Chapter 86)

and this leads to consequences and hard lessons:

His actions turned him and everyone else who followed him into monsters. Regardless of how true the history either of them know is, he acted like that in the present. He was exactly like his Eldian ancestors the Marley envision (and I do feel like there might be truth to the Marley’s perspective of things, along with the Eldian perspective of things). Gross/Klaus is a dick and also gets to feel the consequences of his actions, but he also has a completely legitimate point in pointing that out.

This is the theme of humanity being it’s own worst enemy and letting it’s worst qualities get the best of them: boredom and fear from the Marley, the desire for revenge and to become great from the Eldians; ignorance from both. Taking it further, Grisha’s actions indirectly caused his new family misery because if it weren’t for his single-minded ways and he could’ve gone with a more measured plan, perhaps Eren’s mother wouldn’t be dead right now. Her death is narratively meant to be a consequence of Grisha’s actions. It’s all very disturbing, but also incredibly fascinating to me.

Gross/Klaus is much more of a conventional monster. He wants to see Grisha suffer because he is bored, hates the peaceful society and expresses hate towards Eldians because of the fear of the possibility of them turning into Titans and as said, he too gets to feel consequences.  

That much of this chapter actually happens on the literal borderline between the island where the walls are on and the Marley territory borderline just adds to it all.

3) There is a borderline between Eren, Armin and Mikasa this chapter. Eren and Mikasa are in individual cells and Armin is outside that cell. I feel like that represents something and might be part of the much foreshadowed “splitting up” of the trio.

As for the other stuff that isn’t related to that theme:

I’m not sure what to think about the owl yet.

Eren and Mikasa getting more tangible consequences to their actions of insubordination is appropriate. They don’t seem to be poorly treated and Armin can be with them. The truth is, discipline towards trespassing laws is necessary. There has to be some sort of order, otherwise everything would fall into chaos.

I don’t agree with downplaying what Eren is going through, though and I don’t agree with those who want a more harsher punshiment for them or want them to suffer. Moderation is very important, I still feel like they probably aren’t completely limited and on the aside of the consequences of their actions, they are allowed to train as soldiers. Which, now that I think about it, might also actually be related to the expressed themes. They, too, get to feel the consequences of their actions.

Incredibly strong chapter when it comes to themes. Also probably one of the strongest volume-opening chapters. I enjoy the themes thrown around a lot - the one thing I talked about last month was applying those themes on a character level and I got that with Eren. Very good chapter in my eyes.

imagine levi’s team getting ambushed by a bunch of titans and eren suddenly gets caught between a large group of the human eaters and levi reacting by accidentally saying isabel’s name instead of eren’s and he ends up saving him in the end and eren asks him who’s name he called but all he can do is look into those familiar green eyes and hold him tightly