they got that titan eyes

Does this have any specific meaning?

Welp, I just noticed that the Titan Armin is seeing (hallucinating?) in the picture above looks very much like a mixture of Bert’s and his own titan….  I could be overinterpreting things tho… So, just have a look at it for yourselves:

Armin’s titan got the missing nose and the (seemingly) missing eyes/eyeballs

Then there’s Bert’s with his well-known features (e.g. exposed teeth).

You can make out several features of each titan in this hallucination Armin’s having. So here am I wondering… Does it have any specific meaning for the future?

The colossal titan is said to be the strongest of them all after all… Could it be that there is something to his heritage that makes him so special (besides his height, which I doubt Armin will inherit…)?

So… Am I just overinterpreting things or could this have more meaning to it?


imagine levi’s team getting ambushed by a bunch of titans and eren suddenly gets caught between a large group of the human eaters and levi reacting by accidentally saying isabel’s name instead of eren’s and he ends up saving him in the end and eren asks him who’s name he called but all he can do is look into those familiar green eyes and hold him tightly