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How many pets do you have? They're all adorable AF, but I'm curious.

Jaysus. I’ve got one guard sausage named Charlotte Snarls, a 50g sw reef tank, two small freshwater tanks (one for my lady bettas and one for my big boy), and of course the ratlins!
The rat population varies, but for the moment I’m maxed out at 6 girlies: Bobbin, Swatch, Ruffle, Thimble, Zipper, and Taffeta.
I’ve always been passionate about critters and giving them the best care possible. Every single one of my pets gets a meticulously cared for and stimulating habitat, an ideal diet, and lots of love!

“Hey ya Boss! I know how much you fucking like those weird ass water creature. So I got ya a little something.” Cherry nervously gave Scrub a tank with an axolotl. “It’s the least I can do for taking me in to your fucking home.”


[Scrub is shaking with disbelief and frustration. Why this, what was going on, why was he given this creature? He had both a fish tank and a bird, was that not enough? ]

[ He is not happy or grateful about this. He is actually pretty mad. ]

Tanking Bigots

So, I went and got my Bitch Planet tattoo today, and someone in the shop asked, “That’s pretty… Visible. Aren’t you afraid of being that obvious?” And I replied, “I’m pulling aggro.”

But the more I think about it, the more this metaphor fucking works. I’m a white middle class woman with low expenses, no criminal record, and I live in liberal-ass New England (or at least, I thought I did before the Trump/Pence signs cropped up like fucking forsythias but that’s a whole other post.) I’m safe. Even if I get in a knock-down-drag-out, I’m not going to be seen as an agitator, or a troublemaker, or the “problem.” I have money for bail. I am privileged.

While I have physical disabilities, they actually don’t get in the way of me feeling like I could get in a scrap. If anything, the opposite. I have this whole other post (yeah I think of more all the time like this) about the genetic evolution of Ehler’s-Danlos Syndrome but suffice to say, you can’t hold on to me and you can’t break me easily. I have martial arts training, but I look harmless, so even if I did get in a scrap, the cop is going to go, “You got in a brawl with a 35-year-old fat woman… Yeah… whatever.”

I have mental health limitations, but they actually don’t get worse from being exposed to this shit - I’d feel way worse and more anxious if I didn’t step in. I’m the kind of person who would just second guess and eat themselves alive in thinking of how they should have jumped in to help someone. 

I’m a tank. I’m tough, I’m bendy, and bigots aren’t going to shock me or hurt me.

Not everyone is a tank. This is super fucking important. Some people are healers. They deal with the fallout when someone like me comes home shaking and breathing in a paper bag because holy shit I just took a picture of a guy in a CVS who tried to grab my tit. Some people are DPS - they leap in and fucking maul people with cited facts on Facebook arguments and are physically imposing and probably could punch a bitch out. 

It’s okay to be what you are. And it’s also okay to take care of yourself. If you’re a tank, you gotta heal up. You need downtime, or you get hypervigilant and debuffed and you’re too fucked up to help anyone. If you’re a healer, you need to get your resources back so you can do what you love without taxing yourself unduly. It’s like that. 

So I’m a tank. And I’ll wear my Non-Compliant Genderqueer tattoo with pride. I wear my “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance” tattoo the same way. I wear them so that the girl with the neutral gender haircut who just wants to fucking ride the bus isn’t as inviting a target as I am. I pull aggro. I don’t want a fight, I won’t start a fight, but you better fucking believe I’ll step in the way. 

Taunt, pull, peel, sustain, rest, drop your stacks, and fight on.

I’m a busy man. Got two caution signs to remind me to slow down sometimes. Got a vibrating megaphone. Clocks. Radiation. Four goats. Got half a tank of simple columnar epithelial tissue. 60% through my day. Half a tank of gas. And it’s only 10:50.

“PJ, you were a real trooper, a real hero this whole time.  I gotta say you’re beautiful.

Mark, you supported everyone.  You were the tank.  The tank of the team.

Emma, you got a lot of flack, but we love you and that’s all that matters.

Jack, you’re a fucking pussy.  I hate you.  Go back to Ireland.  You’re a piece of shit.”

— PewDiePie


got myself a muscle tank hell yea


The villains of the week in Himitsu Sentai Goranger were almost unfailingly weird, being basically an object attached to a human head as a mask. Only two of them had a vehicle attached to their head and those were Locomotive Mask and Warship Mask.

 I just love these two because they commit all the way to their gimmick with Warship mask firing the cannons on his head and carrying a giant anchor for a weapon while Locomotive Mask looks like he’s got Thomas The Tank Engine’s pissed off cousin for a head.

We just don’t get monster designs like these anymore, for better or worse.


A couple weeks ago my mom got one of these decorations for my 5 gal tank for my little betta girl(it was originally for my 36 gal but didn’t fit with the decor.)
A couple days after putting it in, I noticed my girl getting very lethargic, not moving and not being her feisty little self at all. I took it out and changed the water and it seemed to help her a little but the damage was done.
Soon she was again lethargic and at the bottom and as a last ditch effort I did a 100% water change but it was too late and my opal had past.
With advice from others I had to boil my other decorations, bleach my tank and replace the gravel to make my tank safe again
These decorations are just dangerous and killed two of my babies. Be careful if you see these at Walmart, I couldn’t even find them in the fish section on the Walmart website.


i hate you..

will asked his father for his blessing to date nico…even though they’ve been together for months. will loved every second of it that little shit


These two may or may not have become my favorites very fast!