they gone a little ooc tho

Why season four sucks

So this season started with a stupid episode where the first thing we noticed was that Malia suddenly is a wild animal like girl who doesn’t give a fuck and is still an animal, while in season 3B she wasn’t acting like that at all. Then we noticed that Stiles was OOC as fuck, wanting to leave Lydia, not even getting mad at some bitch wanting to eat her, etc. Oh don’t forgot how fucking mean he was towards her.

Then we see this Scira scene while Allison was only dead for two fucking months like are you kidding me, sure Scott, you have to move on, but hold your horses man .. how the fuck can you move on THAT fast.

The best thing probably was that Lydia showed she was a little jealous because of Stalia, but the fact that Malia and Stiles were writting this bad was like .. a shock I think.

So baby Derek shows up and we kinda confused but it was a good cute moment for the Sterek fandom, so it was kinda a good thing.

However, starting from episode three, the McCall pack kinda fucked up. Like Scott and Stiles took their girlfriends and they pushed away Derek and Lydia because .. yolo? I mean why is no one caring about Derek or Lydia? Do they even ask them how the fuck they feel? How Lydia is dealing with the dead of her best friend? How Derek is dealing with the fact that his crazy, once dead, ex girlfriend turned into a fucking were jaguar? How he is feeling after he was 16 again? If he is okay after being kidnapped for so long? Do they care about them? Like they can make free time while people are DYING to hook up but NOT to make sure their packmembers are okay? What’s up with Kira and being al obsessed with Scott anyways? How the fuck did Scott forget about Allison so fast? How did this happen?

And Stiles. Probably written by someone who is new to the show and never watched it? How OOC can someone be? How can you forget about the love of your life, the girl you loved since 3th grade, the girl you’d die for .. in two months? How can you fall in love with someone else so fast, while you know that new girl for two fucking months. How can you do all that in two months? Is that even possible .. oh wait .. NOPE.

So are we getting any McCall pack scenes? Nope. What we get is: scott and stiles and their girlfriend or Scott and Liam or lonely Lydia or Peter and Derek. I want Scott and Derek. I want Lydia and Stiles. I want Stiles, Derek and Scott. I don’t care who you want to put next to them, but they have to be together. That’s the real pack. Scott, Stiles, Malia and Kira IS NOT THE PACK. THAT’S NOT THE FUCKING PACK OKAY. NOPE.

I can understand everything about Liam and call me obsessed, but I don’t care. Liam is Scott’s Beta. He is automatically a part of his pack, even if he doesn’t care (Which .. he does. He does care, a lot). Liam is a beta, Scott’s beta. He’s supposed to be in the pack. So please don’t talk shit about that. 

Kira and Malia. I see how Kira works for the pack. She constantly asks about Lydia. She tries to help. She gets help from other people, like her dad and mom. She’s trying to fight with the pack. You know she tries to be a part of it, so she’s welcome. Why not? The only thing extremely stupid is the fact that she all of the sudden is totally obsessed with Scott. This girl gets slapped and waits to get killed and still thinks about Scott. Gurl wake up and save your fucking ass. Where is the badass Kitsune? I want that. I need that. The second negative thing Kira brings is probably the fact that she is like .. so empty. It’s like she doesn’t do much and I think Jeff is just out of ideas for her, which is such a pity. She deserves more. She deserves to be a badass Kitsune. I just can’t stand the fact that she wanted Scott and her to be more so fast. Bitch calm your tits the love of his life just died two months ago. Please yourself for a couple more weeks, he’ll come. Don’t worry.

Now Malia. Don’t tell me anything positive about her. She doesn’t give a flying fuck about the pack and don’t you dare telling me she acts like that because of that coyote shit. Then why can she do EVERYTHING except for caring about the pack. Lol she can fuck, she can go to school, she can part, she can dance, she can drink, she can act nice when she needs something, she expects others to care about her .. but when it’s coming to the pack, she doesn’t care. Like are you kidding me? Where is the Malia in season 3B? Gone? She wanted to be a coyote again and now the only thing she wants is Stiles his D. Oh no wait she’s mad cause they didn’t tell her the truth about her dad. I can understand that, even if they wanted to protect her, it was unfair. But dude you didn’t care about the pack right? Then why would they care about you. Why do you expect them to be loyal, if you’re not loyal yourself?

Stalia is a whole other thing and it’s just unhealthy imo. It’s ao agressive and it looks like Stiles is scared, which he shows a couple of times. And it is forced as fuck. The hooked up in a mental hospital after knowing each other for a couple hours, then all of the sudden they’re together. As if Malia said: ‘Now you’re mine ..’ Just the worst ship ever in my opinion. There is no chemistry at all.

Now for Lydia and Derek. They’re being pushed away. Lydia is all alone, because she lost her best friend. She has to deal with her banshee powers all alone. Where the fuck is Stiles huh? Is this shit for real? Even if he has someone else now, I thought he cared about her as much as she cared about him. She always did. She protected him. She was with him all the time while he was being fucking possessed. Where is he now? He found a pussy and now he’s gone? How fucking desperate is Stiles or is it because he’s OOC? I think the last one yeah. She doesn’t even get enough screentime. As if Jeff forgets about her and then puts a little three minutes in the episode. SHE DOESN’T DESERVE THAT. She’s still a main, she’s still important, she’s still a part of the pack. It’s just rude to treat her like that. Plain rude.

Same for Derek, but the only good thing for him is, that he has Peter (i don’t know if this is good tho) and now Braeden. He’s not alone, but he’s dealing with a lot of shit and his pack should care. I also really think it’s stupid how they showed us about his powerloss and then ignored it for a couple episodes and now all of his powers are totally gone. I wanted to see more. How he reacted on it, etc. I want more Derek. He’s someone who helped out Scott and Chris with nearly everything, where is he now? Why aren’t they telling them everything and why isn’t he helping while the pack is fighting? Because Scott and Stiles want a double date with their girlfriends while fighting? Please kindly fuck off. 

Then some non-character realted things. 

First of all I think it’s kinda chaotic. We had the desert scene with Kate and the Berzerkers and then there is this Wendigo dude and the Mute just to find out the Mute is a no one and there is this Benefactor person. Like .. chill. I can’t handle all of it. It’s too much. Too much characters. Too much plotholes. Too fucking much.

Because of this Derek, Lydia, Peter, Chris and Kate get a little screen time. It’s too much. But they do deserve more screentime, because we want answers. There are just so many plotholes I can’t even ..

Yeah this is it kinda. I really don’t like this season, there are some things I like which is Jordan Parrish and Liam Dunbar and Mason for example. I loved the Orphans, but they’re dead and I like Brett. But it still sucks. I need a season 5 like it used to be. The pack and not so chaotic. Not an OOC Stiles. Not an obsessed Kira. Just .. I want Teen Wolf. Not .. wtf is this Wolf.