they gon' get u


ok but consider this: viktuuri au where this is how they first met in the streets

(based on this)


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 

waddup, it me, ur local poc princess/trash queen raja! here go some random plots based off of partynextdoor songs for u and ur friends (or ;> for u and me) to make some threads for!!

  • high hopes: ‘everything’s still good with me, i got high hopes when i’m checking on you.’ — muse a and muse b once were involved with each other, whether there had been a serious relationship or the two were simply platonic. after a falling out on relatively good terms, the two find themselves back in each other’s lives once more, catching up on their ventures despite how much time has passed with hopes that nothing between them has changed.
  • let’s get married: ‘all i need, is to make it feel like forever when it’s temporary, let’s get married.’ — muse a and muse b are currently best friends, and both live similar fast paced lives - with one being a hopeless romantic, and the other flying through relationships trying to find the right one. after a long night of talking and drinking, the two come to a very obvious conclusion: why don’t they just marry each other?
  • girl from oakland: ‘you’re the reason you’re lonely tonight, but it’s the season to get back your life.’ — muse a is ready and willing to devote themselves into a relationship with muse b, but b is more than reluctant. heartbreak after heartbreak seems to have plagued muse b, and despite sharing the same feelings for muse a, they can’t help worrying if things will only end up going wrong. muse a loves muse b, but they don’t want to wait any longer.
  • jus know: ‘i see you then look away, just know, ‘cause i remember what you took away.’ — muse a and muse b were once together throughout their school days and through college, when muse a had been young and struggling to make a living. muse b had been better off, therefore paid for their outings and drove them everywhere - leading muse b to cheat on muse a and eventually leave them. years later, muse a has made themselves incredibly successful, and after running into muse b, there’s nothing but the cold shoulder.
  • east liberty: ‘the summer’s over, and i feel the same way you do.’ — muse a and muse b have decided to spend their summer vacation travelling together, being that muse a doesn’t have a stable home to return to and muse b is more than fond of muse a. throughout their vacation, muse b slowly comes to terms with the feelings they have for muse a, and on the very last day of their vacation, muse b works the courage to tell them exactly how they feel before it’s too late.
  • tbh: ‘it’s all over your face, there’s someone taking my place.’ — muse a and muse b’s relationship has been practically nonexistent lately, with a lack of communication and nights often spent apart instead of together. after months of suspicion and questions without answers, muse a decides to confront muse b to confirm their assumptions.
  • thirsty: ‘am i moving too fast? fuck that.’  — muse a and muse b were once in a relationship, but after rushing into their relationship and experiencing bumps in the road, the two drifted apart aside from the occasional subtweets and likes via instagram. muse a never lost their feelings for muse b however, and after risky texts and DMs, muse a vows to make up for the lost time.
  • don’t run: ‘your mother just called my phone up, sounds like your party is over.’ — muse a always lived their life recklessly, often staying out all night and even going as far as disappearing for days at a time with a bad crowd. enter muse b, the one person who’s constantly saving them from themselves and making sure to look after them to make sure they recover. one night, when muse a parties too hard for the weekend, muse b gets a phone call from muse a’s mother - and it doesn’t sound too promising.
  • you’ve been missed: ‘i just want peace, babe, and i just want you.’ — muse a once led a gritty life of crime, something that shortly caught up with them when they eventually served a lengthy term in prison. however, their significant other muse b never once left their side, often writing letters and visiting whenever it was possible. now that muse a is out, they’re trying to change their life for the better, but their past often gets in the way of a chance they have at a fresh start. the only thing that keeps them going is muse b, and the life they’ve always dreamed of starting with them.
  • spiteful: ‘what we had wasn’t love, so don’t be spiteful, and i won’t be spiteful.’ — muse a and muse b once had a thing for each other, but neither of them could actually call it a relationship. after exhaustion of putting their energy into something that couldn’t and wouldn’t last, muse a decides to stop their involvement with muse b. this only leads to an unspoken competition of who could make the other more jealous, going through partners and constantly arguing over who had been better at what.
  • nothing easy to please: ‘i’m nothing easy to please, and i don’t fall easily.’ — after pressure from friends to break from studying, muse a decides to spend the night out partying with friends. there, they run into muse b, a fairly attractive person with lots to offer - but they’re more than skeptical of muse b’s intentions. muse b makes constant attempts to woo muse a, but with dreams that outweigh a relationship, muse a hardly gives them time of day, hoping that muse b eventually gets the hint.
Boyfriend au! Bang Chan

I saw a request for boyfriend Changbin and decided to do one for the whole of Stray Kids too! Chan in a baseball cap is such a boyfriend look 😍  ALSO, THANK Y’ALL SO MUCH FOR 600 MY LOVELIES ♡♡♡

✓  - complete

✎ - writing in process

✗ - have yet to start



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❥ woojin - ✎ | ❥ minho - ✗ | ❥ changbin - ✓ | ❥ hyunjin - ✗ | ❥ jisung - ✗ | ❥ felix - ✗ | ❥ seungmin - ✗ | ❥ jeongin - ✗

- okay, we gon’ get straight into this

- have u seen this boy’s arms?

- he would definitely be the type to give you them fluffy ass bear hugs that just leaves you all feeling warm, safe and hella loved

- he’d rest his chin on your head or shoulder if you’re short enough 

- also the type to back hug you and rest his cheek on top of your head while inhaling the scent of your shampoo

- if you tall tho, it’s okay, bc either way, Chan still gon’ be the big spoon engulfing your whole being when u cuddling or hugging

- since Chan is the dad, be prepared to become the mother of Stray Kids

- helping him in Chan’s kitchen and not crying when cutting the onions

- bc I can also see him being one of them cliché boyfriends, he’ll come behind you and help you when you’re cutting something

- or when you cut or burn yourself, he’ll blow or kiss the wound before bandaging and cleaning that shit up, bc ain’t nobody tryna’ get blood in the food or an infection

- the boys teasing Chan about how whipped he is for you

- “you guys need to stop, she’s right there and she’ll hear you!”

- “but hyung, you literally look at her like she saved all the people who pour milk before cereal first by teaching them to pour the cereal first.”

- “but hyung, you literally look at her like she bought you all of drake’s merch.”

- him having the same cute smile he has when he’s admiring his member’s talents bc it’s the truuuuuuth, he is hella whipped for yo fine ass

- he doesn’t let the members have the satisfaction of telling him though, so he threatens to not feed them or pay for their meals

- but tbfh, this boiiiii would have you falling for him so hard and vice versa

- like y’all are just so good together that even the boys agree and approve

- but for real, you guys are legit each other’s other half

- like the dab to Felix, the Kkami to Hyunjin, the clothes bundles to Minho and the snorlax dark concept to Changbin

- 100% the type of guy who’d take care of you when you’re sick but also scold the hell out of yo ass

- “y/n, I told you that you shouldn’t have played outside when it was raining with felix and jisung, now look what happened.”

- feels bad as soon as you start pouting and fake tearing up, so he just cheers you up by talking in english with his aussie accent bc ho ho ho, that accent can bring a bitch back to life

- okay, sorry, i’ll stop now

- on a more serious note, as a leader, he needs someone to lean on since everyone leans on him

- you’re what keeps him from falling apart, what keeps him smiling and being able to lead when he feels like he can’t

- i think that when you both share with each other your worries and suppressed pain for the past, future and present, that’s when he’ll realise that he is in love with you

- he doesn’t say it straight away tho bc most likely, this is his first time being in love since he became a trainee at such a young age, meaning that he probably didn’t experience anything in relation to that area

- he honestly doesn’t know what to do

- he feels even more giddy and nervous when he stares into your eyes bc now he looks at you in a way that was deeper than ever before

- so when you come home one day, work clothes drenched from the rain and look at him with tears pooling in your eyes and threatening to spill over, he takes three strides towards your direction and just hugs you

- he’ll put his arms around you tightly, as if he’s trying to hold you from falling apart

- as you cry, he can’t help but think how beautifully vulnerable you look

- he can’t help but want to be the only guy who could see and comfort you in such a state

- so he just let’s those three meaningful and relationship changing words go

- “i love you y/n and I realised that a long time ago. I want to be the only one who can comfort you when you’re in this state. the only guy who can hold you to keep you from falling apart and the only guy to feel and reciprocate your love.”

- and suddenly, all your boss’ rude comments, the car driving past and ruining your outfit, as well as the conveniently missing umbrella during the rainy weather meant nothing bc you knew that this boy would make it all okay

- so you just stand there, immersed in each other’s love for the other

- OKAY, ANGSTY EVERYTHING ASIDE, let’s finish this well :)

- I 10/10 know that Chan is a babygirl kinda guy

- not princess or babe or honey, BABYGIRL okay? 

- don’t argue with me on this one fam, otherwise this is gonna be the cereal debate all over again

- can you just imagine him saying the pet name? bc i won’t, i’m not going to put myself in a near-death situation again

- your dates would be really cute and sentimental

- dinner at an aesthetic diner with your fave food and then probably some place like a ferris wheel ride after where you can spend time basking in each other’s presence as well as the atmosphere



- “babygirl, it’s getting a bit chilly.”

- “dude, I literally told you that you didn’t have to give me your jacket. but yet, here we are.”

- “you know what would make me warm again?”

- “me giving you your jacket back?”

- “nope, some hugs and cuddles all the way home :) you know what they say, body heat is the best heat ;)”

- after this, you were really about to take off his jacket and give it back to his extra ass, but then he just comes up behind you and places his arms over your shoulder and does that lil’ penguin walk you have to do when you do cute shit like this

- so y’all spend the whole way walking back to the dorm that way and dorking around :)


this was a complete an utter mess bc I basically wrote down everything I could think of in no chronological order whatsoever, but I hope y’all enjoyed it! next is Changbin bc of a request that is long overdue but then i’ll be going from oldest to youngest from then on x 

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ryan like “no do you actually want to die” and shane like “but i want you to meet the family, they’re doing a roast” 

watching this and i want to scream????? 

  • apparently sanha bleaches his hair every three days ??? fantagio this can’t be healthy 
  • bin’s wearing a shirt that has ‘merman’ on it asdfjlKJAHSDLK time to cry
  • bin wanted to be a swordsman but then after that he wanTED TO BE AN ASTRONAUT BECAUSE HE LOVES SPACE I’M YELLING
  • lmao bin saying that he wants to go to space maybe when it’s possible when he’s 70-80 and the mc telling him to earn enough money first lmAOOOO
  • apparently there are three point dances to baby:
    • ‘gentlemen’ actions like spraying perfume (the first part) and cuffing their shirts (the last part)
    • ‘saying hello’ in the slidey chorus part (‘a butterfly,’ rocky says, ‘but also like, don’t come near my face’)
    • the ‘butterfly dance’ because rocky made it (i assume this is in reference to the ‘the floor is lava’ jump)
  • mj describing i’ll be there as a ‘goodnight goodnight’ song and everyone cackling and correcting him & bin: “it’s every minute u bitch” and everyone laughing again becaUSE IT’S DREAM NIGHT SON
  • mj choosing because it’s you as his fave song
  • eunwoo picking i’ll be there and lie 
  • mj interrupting to ask if he could eat the watermelon LOL
  • eunwoo telling him to go ‘goodnight goodnight’ after eating i live for savage eunwoo
  • IM CRYIGN everyone singing i’ll be there acapella 
    • but rocky just snorting to himself instead of singing and jinjin slapping rocky on the neck 
    • mc: ????
    • rocky: ‘everyone’s singing but then i’m hearing jinjin sing and he goT THE MELODY WRONG’
    • jinjin: ‘i’m a rapper!!’ :D
  • now they have games 
  • eunwoo not being able to rip the sticker off the board properly LOL
  • they’re singing baby in different styles 
    • mj about 2 sing baby in the style of troT!!! members complimenting that he’s good at singing trot
    • mj slapping him on the neck sAme
    • mj slAYING HIS TROT
    • jinjin saying it just sounds like a 變熊 version (?? idk what this is)
    • rip vivi 2k17
    • eunwoo doing an idiot version (do u remember donggu from that one astro play where dongmin put on those weird glasses and acted like an idiot)
    • astro dying of laughter 
    • rip astro 2k17
    • jinjin clearing his throat because someone suggested a nursery song style and he’s abouT TO FALSETTO IT 
    • jinjin’s voice cracking i’m cryign
    • he’s not falsettoing it he’s just screaming i’mlauggh i love jinjin
    • saucy wink
    • rocky about 2 drop a saTOORI VERSION I’M !!
  • sanha has to act something out and everyone has to guess
    • sanha flopping around 
      • everyone guessing different types of birds
      • mj: “pufferfish???”
      • sanha: yEs
    • seal sanha + doggo sanha 
    • cat sanha
      • everyone guessing ‘cat’
      • eunwoo: ‘aoa sunbaenims????’ ibtch whAt
    • sanha being a gorilla
      • everyone saying ‘gorilla’
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY’
    • sanha being another type of monkey (?)
      • everyone guessing different types of monkeys
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY’ 
      • sanha acting out a third different kind of monkey (i think orang utan???)
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY!!!!!’ 
      • mc: whY IS EVERYONE ROCKY
      • also mj: ‘SANHA’ asdfasjdf
    • sanha being another bird (?)
    • bunny sanha + lion sanha + koala sanha
    • caption: “go to the zoo, you’ll fit right in” HAHAHHAHAHAHA
  • next game: astro has to pick 2 members and say 5 sentences that will move the viewer’s heart (??? flirting w the camera?)
    • bin volunteering mj
    • mj, reciting the chorus of baby while rubbing his lip
    • astro: ‘stoP RECITING BABY LYICS’
    • mj: godMAMA
      • “you believe in oppa, right?”
      • “you should only look at me”
      • mj stopping becauSE EVERYONE KEEPS LAUGHING AT HIM
      • “sunbae, i love you”
      • “noona, daTE ME PLS”
      • “aunty, you’re really pretty!!”
      • conclusion: i love mj
    • mj volunteerING JINJIN I’M CRYIGN 
    • jinjin taking deep breaths
      • jinjin: ‘darling…’, smirking then bursting out laughing a,dfjhasadh
      • bin: ‘IM GON PUKE’
      • jinjin: ‘let’s go out & get coffee!!’
      • jinjin, grabbing rocky’s neck: “do u want 2 kiss me”
      • everyone begging him to redo it 
      • jinjin: ‘next time i’ll be better to you’
      • everYONE BEGGING HIM TO REDO EVERYTHING & jinjin pretending not to hear
      • jinjin, sending a heart kiss: i love u!! and everyone finally acknowledging it as the first sentence
      • jinjin: what do you meAN I FINISHED ALL 5
    • them volunteering eunwoo instead 
    • ‘manhwa version!!’ and astro singing the shalalala~ backing track
    • eunwoo: ‘actually… i’ve liked you for a long time from afar… date me?’
    • astro clapping in defeat nobody can beat the king of flirting
    • also astro: ‘why am i uncomfortable suddenly’ saMe
  • last one: who’s the best at taking selfies?
    • nearly everyone pointing at sanha 
    • bin pointing at himself then sanha LMAOOOO
    • eunwoo pointing at himself LOL
    • eunwoo changing his vote to rocky
    • sanha getting 4 votes and rocky getting 2 becauSE HE VOTED FOR HIMSELF
    • baby sanha demonstrating his 4 cut fairy i’m so !!!!! my heart is !!!!!! he’s so pure!!!!!!
    • everyone posing for a photo and mj beaming and bin doing the three claw baby bear thing my heart is weeping i love that pose so much
    • eunwoo winking and jinjin being cute!!
  • this is singularly the most ~astro~ video i’ve watched this week i’m crying i love it 

there’ll probably be subs out there somewhere but meanwhile this is what i can do rip i wish i had translating software and time because this is the funniest shit everyone needs to watch it

I Knead You, I Loaf You (M)

Genre: Bread smut 

Length: 1,462 words

Characters: Jaehyun + You (ft. Johnny)

Warning: bread smut | grammar and spelling that will kill your brain cells

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sorry jaehyun please forgive me for my sins but you deserve it cause you still dab and lied about living in america for 5 years when it was 4 u stupid bread whore

you fucking loves bread like to the point where you’ll fucking rip off both of your legs to have a life supply of bread. The commitment. Wish my ex-boyfriend had that.


you were craving some of those scrumptious grain products and head into a bakery down the street and you fcuking destroyed the entrance of the bakery and u stomp towards all the bread and grabbed as many of those delicacies as you could with your stubby arms. U drop all the bread in front of the baker that you didn’t pay much attention to cuz you were too busy picking out ur bread. When u did actually look at the baker, your panties dropped and ur heartbeat dropped like a sick beat

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