they go to earth again

SU Theory to quench the Hiatus Thirst.

Ok so this is more like two theories that relate to each other: 

1) Lapis leaves Earth for Good

In the SDCC Trailer, Lapis seems to be turning her back on Peridot and Steven, literally and metaphorically. The show has already addressed Lapis trying to find a better place on Earth to stay, it would be redundant to do again. This leads me to believe that Lapis is leaving Earth forever, or at least plans on it. This leads me in to my next theory. 

2) Stevonnie crashes on a planet being terraformed 

Stevonnie is seen crashlanding on some unknown planet that looks somewhat similar to Earth. They have no way of escaping unless Lars finds them. Basically, I believe that the planet that Stevonnie lands on is a planet being terriformed by Lapis’ making way for a new Homeworld colony. Our Lapis would easily fit in and could go about her life without ever worrying about Earth or the Crystal Gems again. Unless of course, a human that looks oddly like Steven and Connie lands on her hiding spot. Lapis wouldn’t leave Stevonnie to die so she escorts them back to Earth. If done correctly, we could get confirmation of how Gem colonies are created, other Lapis’ personalities, and gems at work (tbh we’ve only seen Pearls serve, besides that ll the gems have been deflecting from their natural purpose)

there’s so much symbolism behind the hey man scene and i’m like.. not talking about klance this time. literally the paladins were all in this mindset of “we’re going to do this, and then we’re going to go back to Earth and life will be the same again.” they don’t see each other as family at all. 

and out of all of the things that the writers did wrong in season two? they portrayed this right.

you know this scene at the end of episode 11? it kind of uses the same tactics as the hey man scene, in which they’re all recalling moments of shiro. in this scene, they were just kind of… recalling fun moments and stuff they’ve had together. 

but they literally… talk about going completely separate ways. they don’t even question it. (which is kind of sad because they were just reminiscing of what they’ve done together as a team.)

the hey man scene on the otherhand, you know none of them are going anywhere. this is the hardest test of their bond yet. and the fact that they had lance, his “rival,” the person who he bickers with all of the time, of everyone there to go comfort keith emphasizes this. lance and keith’s dynamic was just kind of portrayed as “oh, they just bicker and stuff” with those few moments that imply that they care for each other. but this moment? this moment changes all of that. you know that they seem to understand each other. and the thing is? they could have had literally any other character have this dialogue, but they chose lance. they chose the character that keith is supposed to be the most at odds with. and if this moment had been there any earlier than this? i doubt lance would have been the one to comfort keith.

this moment shows how they’ve grown together as a team and how they’re going to grow together. they’re with each other. and they’re staying with each other. 

Deaf! Lance

I’ve seen a lot of different Lance head canons and Au’s, but consider the following.

Lance looses his hearing after trying out a new weapon on Shiros and Alluras orders during a risky scuffle with the Galran. Only for him to not realize the weapon user is required to have ear protection due to the incredibly loud backlash. At the end of the fight Lance calms down enough to realize his ears are ringing and bleeding. That night he looses all his hearing in his right ear and most in his left.

He realizes that even if they go back to Earth he’ll never really hear his parents voice again, or hear his siblings gentle laughter, or the wind rustling through the trees.

It’s only when Lance is screaming in his room and sobbing does he hear a whisper of a sound- his own heart breaking with each scream.

Lance hears phantom noises, often tensing or shaking when it happens, often hearing the screaming from the dying Galran he had killed that day.

Shiro blames himself despite Lance telling him not to.

Shiro develops a habit of rubbing Lance’s ears and trying to be visible at all times whenever he’s around his boyfriend.

Macron knows how…

you know in interstellar when they reach a planet with so much gravity or whatever that time moves slower relative to time on earth? so when they come back to earth everyone they knew is either dead or really old????

imagine that but in voltron with the paladins and their families………

Soulmate Joshua

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series

Your soulmate must have been an incredibly careful person. Incredibly careful. Because you were pretty sure you had barely ever received anything from them. You had grown up watching your friends gasp happily whenever they discovered some new item showing up in their backpack, or when they reached a hand into their pocket, or even materializing under their seat or at their side.

Sometimes, it made you a little sad, to have less of a connection to whoever your soulmate was, but at the same time, it was endearing to see how careful they were.

And besides, you knew they were out there. One time, right before a really important assignment where you had to give a speech, you lost the flash drive with months of hard work stored on it in the form of your notes and your power-point presentation. Right in the midst of your panic and stress, suddenly, out of no where, the flash drive popped back onto the table in front of you.

Your soulmate had lost it on purpose. So that you could have it back. The thrill of the encounter made you so confident that the speech went better than you ever could have expected. You could already feel yourself loving your incredibly careful, incredibly thoughtful, soulmate.

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Thank you to the people messaging me your concerns about my absence on here.

To answer your questions–no I am not alright.

I am angry that Daenerys was taken from me while others get to wake up every day with a dog they don’t even want half the time.

I am bitter that others get to celebrate 7th birthdays with their dogs and Daenerys never got her 2nd birthday or Christmas.

I am learning to cope with my grief but I still carry it with me like a bad tattoo.

I am learning to breathe again, but I still choke more often than not.

I am learning to live with just her spirit beside me, but at the moment it haunts me more than it holds me.

forever and a night | jjk

summary: the werewolf in the forest isn’t dangerous, you told them, he’s just a boy with beautiful eyes and a heart of gold.
pairing: jungkook x female reader
word count: 7k (whoops)
genre: fluff, angst
warning: graphic depictions of violence, death
a/n: to the anon that didn’t want angst: i’m sorry!

part 2 of my fear is forever series. sequel to fear in your eyes

It’s as if the breath gets sucked out of your lungs all at once, leaving you empty and weak, because that’s how you feel under his piercing gaze, those dark eyes suddenly a lot more frightening than they appeared five minutes ago. Scared, that’s what you are. Scared, alone, and good as dead.

“It’s true?” You somehow manage to utter out, your mouth likely working on autopilot at this point, brain still frazzled. “What they say is true?”

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Cults and Murders / James March & Kai Anderson

Originally posted by violate4always

A/N: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I present you with the crossover of a lifetime! @jana-banana-fana and I have teamed up to bring you the smuttiest of smut, containing both Kai Anderson and James March!!

I’ll be posting part one and the lovely Jana will post the second part on her account as soon as it’s finished.

Please let me know what you guys think! :)

Warnings: Smut, violence, language, etc etc etc.

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Latte Things!!! For @mutantgurls ♡ since you asked so nicely 😘

- These two are the kings of fucking memes. Keith refuses to be around them for too long when they’re both together because they can literally speak in memes to eachother for two hours and he has only half an idea what the fuck is going on.

- They met at an arcade. It was Matt’s first time sneaking out of the Garrison. He was giddy because he’d never done it before. This was more of a Katie thing. But Lance? Oh boy… he’s been sneaking in and out of places since he was first put in a crib. Lance takes the new rebel under his wing and it becomes a thing. Lance never tells Hunk about it, though. Maybe he’s selfish but he wants those times with Matt for himself. He’s from a huge family and don’t get him wrong, he loves them to pieces. He’s just never had anything for himself because of it. And here’s Matt who goes on all these late night adventures with him and makes the first two years of the Garrison not just bearable… but exciting. They confess on the way back, Matt is glowing under the moonlight and Lance just does what his heart tells him and goes in for a kiss. Time passes and they learn eachother. And then Kerberos happens and Lance is crushed. But he doesn’t tell a soul. And when he sees Pidge Gunderson for the first time, he wants to die because this person looks so much like Matt. And he hates Keith so much more because he threw his future away and his loved one came back to him. But Matt is still gone. And when he sees the picture in Pidge’s backpack he knows somethings up. Because that boy isn’t Pidge. He doesn’t know who that girl is but that’s his Matt and for a second he thinks that Matt never told him he had a girlfriend. When Pidge comes out and everything makes sense, he realizes he can’t bond with Pidge over this either because how do you say, oh hey your brother was basically my sweetheart and the love of my life before flying off to presumed space death?

-but then he sees the footage of Matt being rescued by freedom fighters. And he dares to hope. They’re on the ground, a planet lightyears away from Earth. They’re struggling. The Blades are occupied. Lance has to make a split second decision. Either he shoots at the person charging at him or he aims at the person who’s about to strike at Pidge. This is Lance, so he takes the shot at Pidge’s attacker fully prepared to die except that the blow never strikes him because the Galra is cut down by someone in a cape, his staff still sparking with electricity for good measure. The person turns around and they meet eyes. “Lance?” “Matt…” And then they hear Pidge’s voice “MATT!!” “KATIE??”

Neither of them says anything in front of the others and Lance wouldn’t dare take Pidge and Shiro’s time with Matt away. When Matt finally gets his sister and friend off his case he looks around but Lance is gone already. Later that night, Lance hears a knock on his door and when he opens it he barely blinks before he’s got his arms full of Matt. “You don’t have to love me as much as you did then, just tell me you never forgot about me” and Lance is just like “How could I forget you when I love you more than I loved you then?”

Pidge has a lot of questions when Matt emerges from Lance’s room the next morning and that’s when everything is explained and out in the open. Shiro and Hunk are happy for them but Hunk definitely is salty Lance never told him about his secret boyfriend.

- Matt and Lance will totally build forts together and they are the best fucking forts. Lance’s creativity? Matt’s ingenuity? You wont see them for hours sometimes and they’re just in the fort cuddling, eating snacks and watching bad movies.

-Lance always cleans Matt’s glasses for him. Matt will just hand Lance his glasses and Lance will fog them up and wipe them with his shirt since it’s softer than Matt’s.

- Lance and Matt actually love bad pickup lines. They use them on eachother all the time and whoever uses the best worst one has to be the big spoon. Matt likes being the little spoon because Lance’s arms are long and wrap around him well. Matt is a bit thicker though so when Lance is the little spoon his back feels warm and he likes the weight of Matt’s arms.

- They cosplay together. Lance still has the picture of Matt and Lance as Black Widow and Hawkeye from when they pretended to be sick and went to comic con instead. When they get back to earth they go again and Lance is the Blue Power Ranger (Matt gives him shit for that) and Matt, to be a shit, goes as Gambit. The team is amused and decides to tag along. Hunk goes as Nani and Keith is dead because Hunk is super cute in the yellowish shirt with the pink heart and shorts.

Keith goes as Danny Phantom. Pidge is Velma. Allura is Storm. Shiro is Superman. And Coran is Nigel Thornberry. They have a blast, they spend a ton on merch and they’re happy because Matt and Lance thought they’d never have this again, none of them did.

- Lance finally does what he wanted to do before the Kerberos mission. He asks Matt for forever. He proposes in the arcade. And Matt is silent for a long time and he almost looks upset and Lance thinks that Matt is gonna say no which Pidge had assured him would never happen and he knows by now not to doubt her. But then Matt gets down on one knee with his own ring and says “I’ll say yes if you do” and they put the rings on eachother, smiling like it’s Christmas because holy shit, they’re engaged.

-They are geeks and in love with Harry Potter. Did I mention that Lance knits??? He makes those molly weasley sweaters for him and Matt with the first letter of their names and Matt fucking loves his. It’s literally his favorite thing and he wears it all the time. Matt and Lance both get cold easy so Lance makes them both matching socks. In the winter they make smores and hot cocoa and cuddle on the couch watching christmas movies.

-Matt goes with Lance to Cuba and gets a sunburn their first time at the beach. Lance rubs aloe all over him when they get back to the house. Lance’s mom feeds Matt enough food for a baseball team and he’s pretty sure he gained weight when they get back. He doesn’t know where Lance puts it all.

- Pidge and Matt’s mom is Italian and since Matt can’t cook for shit, Lance decides to learn as many recipes from her as he can. Of course he can’t help but cubanize them a little but Matt will come home and smell something familiar and his mouth waters because he’s pretty sure he’s only ever seen meatballs like that at his mom’s. Matt is never letting Lance go, holy fuck.

- The wedding day. Shiro and Hunk are the best man for each. Matt is waiting at the alter while Lance’s parents walk him down the aisle. His future mother in law just winks at him and there’s Lance, glittering and beautiful in a dress that’s the palest blue Matt has ever seen and god this feels like a dream. Like any second he’ll wake up in a Galra cell or a warzone because this feels to good to be true. But then Lance grabs his hands and nothing has and ever will feel more real than this moment. He remembers saying his vows and I do and Kissing Lance but it’s all kind of a blur until they’re alone, on the other side of the world…they decided to honeymoon in Scotland where Lance’s paternal grandfather is from.

“Oh my god.”


“We’re married. ”

“yes, Matt.”

“Holy shit”

“I know”

“We- us- forever…”

“that’s the idea.”



“This… this is real. We found eachother again…we went to hell and back. And now we…”

“did the thing?”

“Yes! Are we cool or what?!”

Lance just grins and kisses him.

“The coolest.”

“So we’re doing Varrick and Zhu Li next year at con right?”

That earns Matt a pillow to the face.

“ Are you kidding me?……….. of course we are.”

Shower Singer

This is something that I just thought of a few hours ago and I had to write it. It’s Marauders x Reader. If you want, listen to Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees ;) 
Warning: Swearing

It was early Saturday morning. You were sitting in front of the warm fire in the Gryffindor common room, your bag open at your feet and a fresh roll of parchment on your lap, ready to begin your potions essay. Once you had written down the essay topic (‘Describe the uses of Everlasting Elixirs’), you realised you didn’t have your textbook; Remus had borrowed it Thursday afternoon and not yet returned it. Hoping he would be finished with your book, you stood up and climbed the boys’ staircase, stopping in front of the 7th year room.  

You knocked on the door and waited. You heard shuffling behind the door which opened to reveal Remus’ smiling face.

“Morning Y/N,” he greeted. His was still in his pyjamas and his hair looked as if it was not brushed yet.

“Hey, I hope I didn’t wake you?” You asked, suddenly realising just how early is was.

“No, you didn’t,” he dismissed with a wave of his hand. “I was just reading, waiting for Sirius to get out of the shower.”

“Oh, good,” You replied. “I was wondering if you were done with the Advanced Potion Making book?”

“Oh yeah, I am,” he opened the door wider. “Come on in.”

You slowly walked into the boys dormitories and looked around. You had never been in the boys’ dorms before and if you had one word to describe it, it would be ‘messy’. Peter was sitting on his bed, surrounded by piles of parchments that he was sorting through, and James was lying on his bed and reading Quidditch Through the Ages. They both looked up as you entered and smiled, and you awkwardly smiled back. You had only ever spoken to Remus, so it felt a bit awkward being in their dorm room.

Remus walked over to his bedside table and picked up your book. “Thanks for lending it to me,” he thanked you, handing it over.

“No worries,” You smiled. “You can pay me back by getting me out of my detention with Slughorn, Prefect Remus,” you joked.

“Sure thing,” he laughed.

You went to turn around and head back out when a sudden loud singing made you pause.

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,

I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk.

Music loud and women warm, I’ve been kicked around

Since I was born.”

James, Remus and Peter started snorting with laughter and your jaw dropped as you realised whose voice that was.

“Is that Black?” You asked dumbfounded, a smile slowly forming on your face. His voice was so high that if you hadn’t known Sirius was in the shower, you’d never have guessed it was him.

“Yeah he’s a shower singer,” James smirked, getting up from his bed and heading over to you.

Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’,

And we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive.”

You started giggling now while James and Remus had their hands clasped over their mouths to muffle their laughter.

Peter stood up and headed over to you. “He’s a big fan of the Bee Gees,” he told you, snickering. “Remus and I introduced the band to him last Summer.”

“Does he always sing so high-” You broke off when you heard a sudden loud crash from inside the bathroom, followed by loud cursing.

“Sounds like he slipped,” Remus laughed, putting his ear up against the door to listen better.

“Yeah, probably added some dance moves,” James snorted, craning his neck to listen.

You were shocked that this was Sirius. Sirius Black was always gracefully arrogant and had a ‘bad boy’ reputation. So it was surprising and hilarious to see, or hear, this side of him.

“Alright, in there mate?” James yelled through the door.

“Yeah, just slipped,” Sirius called back.

“Well hurry up, other people have to shower too!” James yelled, while looking over at you and putting a finger to his lips, signalling for you to keep quiet.

The door opened to reveal a very wet Sirius Black with a white fluffy towel wrapped around his waist and his hair dripping into his eyes.

“I hate that fucking shower curtain,” he grumbled, walking over to his bed, not seeming to have noticed you. James, Remus and Peter were watching excitedly and trying to control their laughter.

“Does it interfere with your performance?” You asked. He quickly whipped around and stared at you wide-eyed, his towel slipping down a few inches. The boys couldn’t hold it in any longer and burst out laughing, with you joining them.

“Wh-what…uh-” he gaped, staring at you, his cheeks slowly turning pink. “What the fuck are you doing here!?” he shouted outraged.

“I was just getting my book back,” You replied innocently, raising the book in your hands. You bit your lip and tried your best to keep your eyes from wandering down his body.

“Why didn’t you tell me she was here!?” he shouted, turning to the boys who were gasping for air.

“We just wanted to show Y/L/N your beautiful voice,” James laughed, walking over to Sirius who was glaring at him, and slapped him on the back. “You would’ve done the same to me, Padfoot.”

His face was extremely red now that you started to feel a bit guilty.

“I’m sorry, Black,” You said, trying to look apologetic as you began to back away towards the door. “I’ll just go now,” You finished awkwardly as you fumbled for the door handle.

You quickly closed the door behind you and leant against the opposite wall, trying to process what just happened. Not only did you hear Sirius Black singing, and apparently dancing, in the shower but you also saw him with only a towel. You felt your face grow hot as you pictured the trail of dark hair leading from his lower abdomen and out of sight.

As you forced yourself to head back down the stairs, you heard more laughing then a sudden ‘thump’ followed by a loud ‘ouch’.

You sat back down on your comfortable armchair, biting your nails as you thought of how awkward it would be when you next saw each other. How on earth were you going to face him again?

Writing Prompt

Can someone please write a story in an alternate universe where humans and aliens are friendly to each other and a mixed-species crew are going to earth for the resident humans to see their families again and no one else has ever been there and the humans always hyper focus one one or two things about it so the others don’t have a lot of knowledge about earth, and they’re just so freaked out by all the deadly things they find there

and then they visit Australia cause one of the human crew members has grandparents or cousins or someone there, but they’re not Australian themselves so the aliens are just…so unprepared.

Guess who’s back? owo

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Towards Tomorrow

Prompt; Pregnancy Reveal

Requested by @levycchi and @kmmcm


Gajeel was the first one to notice that Levy was pregnant.  

It didn’t outright reveal itself with fanfare or awful morning sickness, but with tiny little changes that he’d notice from day to day. First it had been her smell, growing sweeter from the familiar floral and dust he was used to. It intrigued him everytime he’d wake up next to her, snuggling closer to bury his nose in her hair. Bathing often made no difference, only intensified the smell.  

There were other things he noticed as well, seemingly subtle enough for her not to catch but had been blatantly obvious to the dragon slayer. Her tastes in his food were changing, and she’d frequently asked for spicier foods. However, it seemed to backfire on her, giving her horrible heartburn that often left her in tears. When he offered a more palatable choice, she shocked him by flat out refusing it, leaving him pondering as to why his rarely picky wife was suddenly worse than Asuka whenever they babysat her.  

Then there was the random mood swings she went through, making him nervous on days she’d wake up in tears. He never knew what he did or said to piss her off, even when she claimed that he hadn’t. Nevertheless, he’d find her sobbing over the simplest of things, and merely kept his distance till her tears went away. On the upside, making love to her was far more intense than before. She took more dominant roles than she had used to, but finished before he had a chance to get into it, complaining of her tender breasts whenever he fondled them. Then, she’d snuggle next to him, already asleep before he had a chance to even tease her.  

One day, Pantherlily had offered her some chocolate when she was restless, and she broke out sobbing when she took it, startling them both.  

“Er, Levy? Everything ok?” The Exceed asked, nervously glancing at a frozen Gajeel. She couldn’t answer for a moment, only wrapped her arms around Lily and murmured her thanks as Lily awkwardly patted her back. Gajeel could only watch as she wandered away, calming down as she nibbled on her treat. Lily leaned close, worry on his face as he glanced at the little mage then back at him again.  

“What on earth is going on with her?” He whispered, and Gajeel could only shake his head, at a loss for words. It was rare when her mood could be cured by a simple piece of chocolate and a hug anymore. Frazzled and frustrated, he finally made his way to Porlyusica’s to figure out what the hell was going on, towing a rather grumpy Levy behind him.  

“I’m not sick, dummy,” she growled at him as they reached the doctor’s doorstep. He paused before raising his fist to knock, giving her a long look over till she stamped her foot. “I’m really not, Gajeel!” Tears were prickling at the corners of her eyes, and he could feel the panic start to rise. He reached out and grabbed her arm, tugging her close enough to hug her. He had surprised both of them, but he recovered first, holding her closer and nuzzling her hair.  

“I ain’t said you were sick, Lev,” he muttered, rubbing her stiff shoulders. “I just wanna make sure you’re ok. Think you can handle this for me?”  

She nodded after a moment, relaxing into him as he kissed her crown. He grasped her hands then, leading her inside the older woman’s home.  

Porlyusica wasn’t particularly pleased to see them, but heard the dragon slayer out as he began to explain what he noticed. Setting tea out wasn’t exactly her thing, but placed a cup out anyways in front of a blushing Levy, who sat silent through his entire story. “Was I really that bad?” She asked, her voice soft and uncertain. Before Gajeel could reassure her, Porlyusica cleared her throat, catching her attention.

“If what he says is true, then the next question would have to be when your last cycle was,” she mused, squinting her eyes at the script mage. Levy’s brow furrowed in confusion, then lifted as realization dawned on her. Gajeel, on the other hand, was a bit slower to understand.  

“Cycle? The fuck is tha-”

“A baby?”

He froze as the words left Levy’s mouth, his own eyes widening in comprehension as he looked at her. Baby? As in, she’s pregnant? He thought, the pieces finally clicking into place. It made perfect sense, he mused, nodding slightly as he recalled all that they went through.  


She’s pregnant.

Pregnant with my baby.  

My baby.  

Our baby.


He jumped up and whooped, startling both of the women as he scooped up Levy and hugged her close, whirling her around the tiny room that the old hag called a “waiting room” or whatever bullshit. He laughed as Porlyusica lunged forward to rescue the teacup, snapping at him that this wasn’t a playground and to knock it off before she kicked him out. He gently set his wife on the sofa, kissing her cheek as tears flowed down both their faces. She clung to him as she turned to face the old woman, half giggling, half sobbing.  

“Could it be?” She asked, breathless with hope. Gajeel squeezed her shoulder, giving the doctor the same hopeful look. This was something he’d only dared to dream of, something he nearly lost, something he’d firmly grasp in both hands and refuse to let go of. He couldn’t believe it, they were going to have a baby!

“It’s still too early to tell just by observation,” Porlyusica warned, but the glint in her eye was more optimistic than cautionary. “Dragon senses are too good for their own good, so we’ll take a couple of tests to be sure.”  

Whatever Gajeel was going to say to the subtle jab was interrupted by Levy, who giggled as she wildly nodded her head, squeezing his hand fiercely. They were going to be parents! She could only begin to imagine what having a baby was like, but one thing was for sure; as long as they were together they could handle anything!


 when I see you again

One Shot sequel drabble-thing in which Yongguk & Youngjae meet again


“You know me,” Youngjae whispers.

“No,” Yongguk says sharply. “I don’t know you.”

It hurts, more than he’d prepared himself for. Youngjae swallows around the lump forming in his throat. Yongguk studies him for a moment before letting his eyes drift, looking off into the distance.

“Thought I did,” he mumbles.

Youngjae’s heart clenches painfully, and he desperately tries to come up with something to say. The whole car ride out here, and he still doesn’t know how to say this.

“I didn’t want things to end like this,” he tries. “You have to believe me.”

“Why should I believe a single word you say?” Yongguk demands, voice dark as he fixes Youngjae with his stare again. “You’ve been lying since the day we first met. How long did you watch us for? How long did you observe us, looking for cracks you could slip through? So you could destroy us from the inside?”

It feels as if someone’s holding onto Youngjae’s heart with a fist, squeezing it.


Don’t call me that,” Yongguk snarls.

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