they go out to dinner together holy shit

Wonho as a boyfriend
  • “No, we cannot get the cat Shin Hoseok”
  • “But, baby, look it’s so sad”
  • Wonho would be the cutest little cuddle bug
  • He goes from “your daughter calls me daddy too” to “I just want to give everyone in the world a hug” in like 0.25 seconds
  • “Babe, what do you want for dinner?”
  • “Shin Ramyun!”
  • “NO.”
  • working out together and him literally being your hype man
  • “That’s my baby!”
  • “Holy shit babe, yes one more squat you can do it!”
  • “God damn this work out is going to pay off”
  • “Look at that ass”
  • “If you do two more push ups I’ll buy you a treat”
  • Scolding him to keep his shirt on during performances
  • Being jealous because he will literally flirt with anyone regardless of gender
  • Checking out people together
  • “Wait, did you see her ass babe?”
  • “Yeah, it was great”
  • “Wait, baby, did you see that guy? He was so fine”
  • “Damn, boy, work that beard”
  • Hanging out with the boys and them making fun of both of you because you are literal grease balls
  • So much skinship. Wonho is not afraid to express his love for you in an open manner.
  • Like you’ll be walking around doing some shopping or something and he’ll have an arm around you his hand tucked into one of the back pockets of your jeans
  • Kinks. Kinks. Kinks. You are literally the kinkiest couple.
  • “Shin Hoseok, I bought you another choker!”
  • “What is it with you and chokers? You’re so freaky”
  • “You know what it is babyboy. And my freakishness doesn’t bother you when I’m sucking dick, right?”
  •  You’re the couple that says I love you like twenty times a day, but it never ever gets old
  • “I love you, baby”
  • “I know, you told me like an hour ago”
  • “Yeah but that’s an entire hour in which you could have forgotten”
  • Thigh riding.
  • Sub. Wonho.
  • He LOVES being called baby boy. Like he lives for it.
  • He comes home and immediately goes to lay his head on your lap
  • “Rub my head”
  • He falls asleep to you running your fingers through his hair
  • He loves being babied
  • And he loves to spoil you
  • “Umm, Hoseok what are all of these bags?”
  • “I saw all of these cute things and I bought them for you”
  • “What have I told you about spending money on me?”
  • “Not everything is for you. Some of it is for me” *insert cocky ass smirk and wink combo*

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- Jen

i just wanna be domestic with michael clifford. cheesy shit like cooking dinner together, watching movies together, going food shopping together, going to the beach together, meeting up with his or my family on weekends, hanging out with each other’s friends, beating each other up over video games and monopoly. holy shit i’m so sad, someone get me michael asap