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Hi! I saw your small film and I was wondering if you could provide background information to it? I really loved the style and animation and the ending left me feeling so shocked bc I did not expect it to end the way it did. (It was p sad)

Hi! I hope you don’t mind if I post this publicly, I’ve had a few questions like this so I’ll give you guys some background on how it was made/my original intention. If you’re interested, I’ve put a lot of my development work in this tag.

From very early on in my development process I wanted to do some kind of fairytale. I wanted it to be kind of spooky, kind of sad, and kinda contemplative. I love the fluid nature of folk tales and myths and lore, in that they represent generations of fear and wonder being passed on and on and changed to represent the natures of the people telling them. I also love how environment-based they are. Some of my favourite stories growing up were stories those where the environment itself was a powerful narrative force. 

While looking for a fairytale to use as a baseline, I was recommended William Allingham’s ‘The Fairies’, which is where my title ended up coming from. I’d already been looking at stuff from Midsummer Night’s Dream and a favourite play of mine, ‘The Weir’, both of which alight on the topic of changelings, and it felt like a good place to start. Irish fairytales came up again and again, and it’s along those lines that I did the bulk of my research. Originally, my film was going to be majorly based on these lines:  

They stole little Bridget/For seven years long;/When she came down again/Her friends were all gone./They took her lightly back,/Between the night and morrow/They thought that she was fast asleep,/But she was dead with sorrow./They have kept her ever since/Deep within the lake,/On a bed of flag-leaves,/Watching till she wake.

The little girl in my film was referred to as Bridget throughout my production process, to my mind she is a changeling child taken long before the setting of the film. Originally the story was going to be about a traveller haunted by a ghostly girl, and who eventually discovers her body, kept preserved in the woods by fairies for years. Fairies are a chaotic, natural force, they’re a living embodiment of the environment they’re conjured out of. To my mind they’re completely amoral, they have no understanding nor interest in the consequences of their actions, which is also a trait I associate with young children. Combining those two forces to make Bridget my antagonist felt like a better way to upset my audience’s idea of right and wrong. Ultimately, Bridget is not ill intended, she’s not trying to trick the mother, she’s not trying to kill the baby. What she wants is a friend, and she just happens to have supernatural forces at her disposal to make that happen. 

I wanted the film to feel like a fairytale, but not disney. My style and mood references were Ivan Bilibin’s illustrations, Ghibli films like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, Frederick McCubbin’s paintings, and Over the Garden Wall. I wanted it to address the pervasive nature of storytelling, and how it can alter our choices and perspective (the innkeeper turning the mother away at the beginning is both foreshadowing and a comment on those who turn away the weak out of exaggerated, ignorant fear), and the inalienable power of natural forces over human beings. The mother is distraught and grief-stricken, but Bridget, and the fairies, and the forest, don’t care. She is nothing to these greater forces; her loss is completely senseless and awful and yet there is no greater evil to rail against. I don’t know if I achieved it, but I wanted the only malicious choice made in the whole film to be the innkeeper’s. The mother is a victim of natural forces, but she is first and foremost the victim of human indifference to her suffering. You cannot hold the fairies responsible for the death of her child any more than you could hold a drought responsible for the deaths of environmental refugees. Those to blame are those who saw people in need and did nothing, or worse; turned them away. 

Anyway this has gotten too long. Ultimately: I love horror stories, and I love nature as a narrative force, and I love examining storytelling as a moral tool, and to me, old fairytales encompass all of that. I wanted to make a spooky film with spooky woods and a spooky ghost child and that’s what I DID.

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reading that long answer abt hinny, I finally realized the answer to what your blog made me question ever since you started this series - why did/do I have such aversion to hinny that I hadn't read any fanfic of it ever. it's that bloody 20-year skip in the epilogue with its "all was peachy in the end" forced right after the battle's end which made everything in it feel disgustingly fake to me. you're giving this ship flesh and blood. thank you for helping me enjoy it after so many years.

I read the 7th book in 2007. It took me 10 years to figure out a concept of Harry that makes me feel inspire to draw and write and read about. I have never given much attention to Harry before, nor even Hinny or the golden trio era as adults. But now he seems so clear in my mind, I think it’s because I draw him a lot and I think about him and it’s like being friends with this character again… Same thing with Ginny. I’ve always been in her defense squad, but I didn’t draw her too much before. drawing ordinary moments of their lives makes me believe they are out there. I’m glad you feel this way too. In 19 years, lots of thing happened. These sketches are my contribution to the fandom! And I’m glad there are more people considering having another point of view of that “fake happy ending” through my sketches :)

Julie Andem giving me a lesson until the last minute of the show. I was too focus on the negative things and the things I didn’t like that I missed and couldn’t appreciate those positive things. I feel bad thinking I could have enjoyed more this season if I wasn’t too focus on those things but I’m glad til the last very minute of the show Julie gave us a last lesson: If you love something focus on that don’t give space to hatred or any negative views. Enjoy those things you love and just keep your focus on that, hate is always around but fortunately so is love. 

Kissing Would Include

Alex Standall

It’s usually just really soft and loving. He’s not big on PDA but whenever you’re sad or need reassuring he’ll give you a soft sweet kiss. In private when your cuddling he likes to hold you close and randomly kiss you.

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Clay Jensen

He’s not a big fan of PDA either so lots of forehead/head kisses. But even when it’s just you two most of his kisses are on your head. (don’t get me wrong you still have heavy makeout sessions)

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Jeff Atkins

He’s really passionate and touchy. Like his hands will be on your waist, in your hair, he just wants to feel as close to you as possible. He’s highkey an amazing kisser.

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Justin Foley

With him it’s almost always super passionate. Like all of your kisses usually lead to sex. He doesn’t matter where you are he will 100% get into it. Includes lots of tongue and grinding.

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Montgomery De La Cruz

He is so passionate omg. Literally every kiss leads to sex (or athleast wanting to). It doesn’t matter where you are he’ll pin you against a wall (or bed) to makeout with you and it is his goal to turn you on because he is such a tease.

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Tony Padilla

His kisses are slow and passionate. His hands usually go to your face/ neck to be able to pull you closer and he’s usually really sweet about it. 

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Zach Dempsey

Because of how tall he is he’ll usually either pick you up or set you on a counter. It gets so intense quickly (especially when you wrap your legs around him). He can go either way with sweet or really passionate and intense.

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Make a playlist for your muse:

The descent into madness…is a lonely one. 

(this is a completely vintage playlist from 1950′s - 1960′s)

1. HENRY MANCINI - Lujon   //   2. JULIE LONDON - Shadow Woman   //  3. SAM COOK - A Change Is Gonna Come   //   4. HELEN MERRILL - Solitude   //   5. AL GREEN - I’m so tired of being alone   //   6. JULIE LONDON - You Go To My Head   //   7. THE FLAMINGOS - I Only Have Eyes For You   //   8. CHET BAKER - Alone Together   //  9. FRANK SINATRA - I’ve Got You Under My Skin   //  10. JESSE BELVIN - (I’m Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over

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An apology...kinda

So, you might have noticed that I don’t post as often as I had in the past. Well, let me give all of you a quick rundown at why that was

  • I have two jobs now
  • One of those jobs tires me out hard because it’s stocking lots of shit

  • The other job I’m at, my drawer was fifteen dollars short one night and ten dollars another night. And it makes it worried that I could lose my job if this keeps happening

  • I have a math class that starts Wednesday

  • Bills for my car are kicking my ass

  • My long time four legged friend that I loved for literally half of my live had to be put down because they wee suffering and there was no chance of them pulling through
…yeah. It’s not been awesome at all. But hopefully I can get back to posting Zelda content as much as possible :) Sorry for the lack of posts, reblogs etc. 

i went thru the fairly common transmasc experience of id'ing as a butch lesbian and then coming out as trans and being asked why i can’t just stay a butch girl because Its Basically The Same Thing Right? which led to a lot of insecurity in my identity naturally. i’m a lot more comfortable with myself now but an anon like the lesbian icon one will still put me on edge, ‘cause while i wouldn’t call it misgendering, it gives me a toned-down version of the same feeling. so no there is no part of that which implies that being called a lesbian is insulting, it’s just that NOT calling me a lesbian for the sake of my personal comfort should be easy enough

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I keep seeing all the questions you've answered about the reporting stolen art.... And I want to know if it's selfish of me If I'm afraid to use my OC's as Profile Pics or just make bios for them with art of them because I don't want people saving my characters to their camera rolls or just taking my characters and calling them THEIR oc's.... idk if you'd have any advice for that haha. Anyways, luv ya cookie ;O 💖

ooOoh Hm..that’s a very interestin’ question ! (●´∀`●)

Well first of all, that would be EXTREMELY rude to see your own oc stolen. Sometimes,there are coincidences,that happens,However, an original character, it’s not only his design but also the personality that you gave to them. Ppl will neveh be able to 100% steal your creation. Ψ(゚∀゚ )Ψ

Ofc, there is always a part of urself afraid of the most terrible thing that could happen but as artist, in mah entire life, i only saw this happening 1 or 2 times .(which is nothin’ ,1 chance on 100054564548474 ).

 It’s extremely rare so don’t be afraid to open yourself to everyone,make them discover and enjoy your characters. Internet is not that cruel!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

(Don’t push urself neither tho’,you’re not being selfish,it’s your characters,your choice!)

The shipping company is coming to pack up our stuff in 2.5 weeks. Thankfully, they pack things for the big overseas move (thank you, relocation allowance), but we still have to go through things to figure out what we’re storing, selling, donating, and tossing. The storing part is fine, but the rest of it is driving me up a goddamn well. 

I’m not a hoarder by any means, but I have a lot guilt associated with throwing things away that I feel like people could use. Now, for donatable stuff, that’s fine, but there are so many things that aren’t really give-away-able that I still feel really horrible about tossing, because they’re perfectly usable. Especially kitchen stuff and toiletries. Like, half a bottle of really nice organic shampoo? An open but mostly full box of plastic cutlery? Packs of barrettes I only took one clip out of? A roll of parchment paper? All usable but not donatable. 

I just feel so wasteful throwing out perfectly functional things and I wish I could just…not. 

I also have a lot of anxiety around other things that I feel like I could/should sell. Like, I could really use the money, but I also don’t have the energy. And then I feel like I’m just leaving cash on the table because I’m lazy. 

Anyway, moving is terrible. Good talk. 

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Can you give me Mikasa Ackerman facts?

  • Mikasa is incredibly impulsive and often acts without thinking
  • She feels that her body shape is too musculine
  • Mikasa needs a lot of time to get to know people before trusting them
  • When she loves, she loves with all her heart
  • She doesn’t really understand why people would like her hair colour, she thinks it’s ok
  • Mikasa likes being outside in nature
  • She trains about three hours a day
Monsta X Letter Event!

Hey guys, @omgxiaoch (Miko) and I are collaborating together to create these cards at will be sent to each member in Monsta X. Recently, we were talking about how they have gone to drastic measures to get fit for their Beautiful tours around the world. One clear example of this would be Kihyun. We were discussing how he was able to create abs for the Beautiful in Seoul Tour (The photo has been reposted everywhere on Tumblr). The reality is that he would have gone through a lot of unhealthy dieting and harsh workout to achieve this look. Its really saddening to think about what he would have went through. Another example, (it’s posted on my Tumblr page), there was an interview about what the members lost during their comeback… Their answers were; confidence, weight, sleep and hair. That is a lot of lost factors and trust me, it’s not healthy. I feel deeply sorry for all of them because they have to go through so much to give something for their fanbase.

So in return for all of their hard work, we decided to do something sweet for the members; which was to send cards with sweet nothings to them as they deserve it all. We would like to gather all Monbebes all around the world to do one thing; write sweet and motivating things down in the comments or your can directly message us. Your comments will be collected and written on a card which will then be shipped to Starship directly which will then make its way to the boys. 8 cards will be created; one for Shownu, one for Wonho, one for Minhyuk, one for Kihyun, one for Hyungwon, one for Jooheon, one for IM and finally, one for the whole group.

Another thing is, if you are going to directly message us through our inbox and have a particular individual (or the whole group) you want to give your comments to… Miko will be in charge of Hyungwon, Changkyun, Jooheon and Kihyun. I will be in charge of Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk and Kihyun. So please be aware of which members you wish to write to as we are in charge of different member’s cards.

In advance, we would like to thank all of the monbebes who will take participation on this event of yours. We would really appreciate it and would be thankful if you guys can make this post happen and become successful! Monsta X fighting! Monbebes fighting! 💜

As a summary: 

Who: @omgxiaoch (Miko) and @kpoptrashx (Iman)

What: Sending cards to each individual in Monsta X

When: June 25th till the 2nd Week of August

Where: On Tumblr (writing motivating things for the boys in the comments or your can directly message either of us in our inbox)

Why: They have gone through a lot of things recently and it would be nice for the Monbebes to give something in return

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I’m gonna make a list of some little everyday things that make me happy. Feel free to add your own.

-That little squeeze people give your hand when you’ve been holding hands and praying in a circle and the leader says “amen”
-The smell of laundry fresh out of the dryer
-Getting a hug after you haven’t had one for a long time
-When a person with a lot of braids in their hair turns around fast and all the braids fling out behind them in a semi circle
-That little jumping thing really small children do when they’re excited
-Biting into a really juicy strawberry on a warm day
-Waking up slowly on a really cold morning with a lot of blankets on the bed
-Watching somebody that doesn’t usually laugh giggle until they fall over
-Trying a new food and it’s better than you expected so you just have to pause for a second and take it in
-Watching old gay couples holding hands or wearing matching gay t-shirts at lgbtq+ events
-Crying when the heat from spicy food builds up in your mouth because it’s so hot and overwhelming but good lord does it hurt so good
-That bittersweet feeling when you close a book right after you finish reading it
-When an older family member says you look handsome or pretty in your new clothes and you know by that look in their eye they’re thinking about how they are suddenly realizing you’re an adult now
-Singing really loudly when you’re alone in the house and not caring how good you sound
-That satisfaction you feel after eating a bowl of rice with nothing but chopsticks
-Watching the sun reflect off of a naturally blonde person’s hair
-Listening to people speak in Hmong really fast even though I have no clue what they’re saying
-Painting a wall and getting paint splatter all over your arms
-Watching little kids get excited when a fictional character looks like them
-Having a conversation with people of different religions and learning something about their faith and teaching them about mine
-Tapping out a rhythm on a dining table
-Spinning until you’re so dizzy that you fall over
-Gentle wind-chimes
-The smell of freshly ground coffee


Kwon Hyun Bin Talks About Support He Received From Other Trainees On “Produce 101 Season 2”

Kwon Hyun Bin, the model-turned-“Produce 101 Season 2” contestant from YGKPlus, talked about his experience on “Produce 101 Season 2” in a recent interview with News1.

During the interview, he was asked about his mindset while on the show. When asked if he had ever wanted to give up on the show, he said, “I didn’t ever want to give up, per se, but I did feel like I wanted to avoid the elimination rounds because I was scared. In the end, I think it’s a good thing that I was able to beat it.”

Kwon Hyun Bin, having been a model and not having received any formal training to become an idol, got a lot of help from the other contestants to pull him through. He said, “I can’t pick out just one person to thank; everyone supported me so much. I thought everyone would distance themselves from me when I was struggling, but I was thankful that they tried to make me laugh.”

The atmosphere on set, he explained, was always warm. “Although it is a competition, we didn’t think of it as one,” he said.

He also talked about the reason why he decided to go on the show despite already being a model. He said, “I love rapping so I hoped that I would have an opportunity. When ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ came along, I felt like I would never have an opportunity like that again. I was in the dance club briefly in high school, and I had a strong desire to sing and dance at the time. A great opportunity came along, so I wanted to take it.”

He exceeded his own expectations. Kwon Hyun Bin said, “I wrote that I thought I could place third on the show [at the beginning of the broadcast,] but that makes no sense. I hoped that I would get into the top half. But [while on the show,] I promised myself that I would dream big and worked hard thinking that I wanted to make the final 11.”

Unfortunately, he was eliminated when he came in 22nd place. He said, “I’m more than grateful for having come even this far. Of course, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sad about it, but I felt more like a weight had been lifted.”

Although he didn’t make it into the boy group Wanna One, he certainly made a lasting impression on viewers. Although he started as a model, he now has a diverse number of dreams. He is hoping to be perfect at both walking down the runway and also communicating with fans through music on stage.

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I lowkey feel like all of these get out Theories aren't true and we're give peele a lot more credit than we need too. He's married to a white Woman anyways so like.... he do t listen to his own message. TBH the movies didn't impress me that much

Maybe. Maybe be an accident but didn’t he do an interview or something about how many things were deliberate?


this is something i got last night, but wanted to give it a proper response. im gonna preface this with a disclaimer that i dont speak for every single trans person, and that this is based mostly on my own experiences with dysphoria.

i think its important to recognize that while dysphoria isnt a requirement for being trans it’s still something that affects a lot of us. and that its not something we dont have control over. and that even though having people around me that support my identity has been very good for me being able to feel even just a little comfortable with myself (seriously, ily all), it doesn’t completely get rid of that physical feeling of intense discomfort that comes with having this body. i know its okay for women to have broad shoulders. i know its okay for women to be flat chested. i know its okay for a woman to have a penis. none of these things make me see anybody as any less of a woman. but that doesn’t mean that i dont feel like these are things that i shouldn’t have. like they’re not really a part of me.

people who think of dysphoria as just an issue of not looking like your gender fundamentally misunderstand it, despite the fact that i genuinely do think that they mean the best. dysphoria is more than that. to me, its this feeling that the body i inhabit isn’t my own. its as if my brain was taken out of my body and plopped into a man’s. and so the only way i see to change it is to fix my body.

Let’s do the RP thing.

Given that I’ve got a bit of downtime between now and queuing in, and how badly I’m feelin’ dat RP bug, I figured I’d give this a repost!

More detail on what I like/don’t like here, but this post should suffice.

Looking for: Casual / serious / E / dark RP, mainly lore-compliant
Seeing as logging in isn’t happening for a lot of us, especially those with alts, right now I’m preferring Discord and Tumblr.

Feel free to message me on Tumblr if you’d like to do something, even if it’s just a quick one-shot! 

Active Characters

Nehsa'to Yohri is a doctor working for a “company of mercenaries”. Originally from Limsa Lominsa, he was raised by his mother and five older sisters, who he cares deeply for but is also greatly annoyed by. Work is his element; he is kind and confident with his patients. 

Recent events, including a breakup, problems within his tight-knit family, and a falling out with a friend have caused him a great deal of loneliness, and as such he is striving to put himself out there to make a new friend or conversation buddy – or someone to comfort him behind closed doors.

Juli’sae Waefahr, or Jules, as he likes to be called, is a tribal Keeper that spends most of his time in the free cities, taking on odd jobs and earning what money he can to support his tribe. Arrogant, cocky, and much too confident for his own good, he does have a few good traits, namely his loyalty to his companions and adherence to a strict code of ethics, though that doesn’t necessarily coincide with the laws of where he roams. 

Recently, he has started considering leaving his tribe for freedom, though he hasn’t been able to accept his decision yet.

Retired but available on request are the rogue-turned-nun Myrrah, who spreads the Good News about Menphina, and master seamstress, market warrior Liah Liohto, who after being married, having children, and achieving her career goals, is living happily in Ul’dah, though with the borders to Doma open, she has begun to wonder what happened to the mother she left behind…

The slash discourse makes me feel really really really dysphoric.

I figured out I was a guy because I wrote a lot of slash/’yaoi’ with my female bff. Roleplaying as a guy felt Right, in a way that performing femininity didn’t.  Roleplaying angsty queer boys being angsty because of homophobia helped me work through my own experiences with homophobia and biphobia and transphobia. Roleplaying angsty boys who were emotionally vulnerable or super femmey subby boys who ‘acted too much like girls’ helped me figure out that I could be masc and still not have to give up my ability to… you know, have emotions and be kind to the people around me.

Most of the slash I write - because I do still write it! I just don’t publish it anywhere- is like that. It’s extremely Slash Tropey. ‘There Is Only One Bed What Do’ tropey. Or ‘Queer Boy Has Angst And Insists He’s Not Queer’ tropey. Or ‘D/S with some Seme/Uke Dynamics Going On’ tropey. 

…and I feel like, because cis gay men don’t like slash, they’re saying I’m not supposed to either, and if I like it I can’t be a real man. It’s an irrational feeling, but it’s a feeling I have and it’s gross and I wish it would go away.

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Yeah after Louis' Interview, I am 100% convinced that zayn was justified in leaving the group. There was so many lies being told in that band, it's no wonder he got out. Like damn, they really had me convinced that they were just tired and would be coming back. You can call Zayn a lot of things, but at least he was fucking honest and didn't give anyone false hope. I'm just so annoyed that whenever the media said that 1D was officially broken up, I defended them and now I just feel like an ass.

It would have been interesting to be a fly on that wall for sure, but props to Zayn for being blunt and honest. I wish Harry had been all along, would have been easier to respect that, but my impression is that his public responses to the 1D questions were crafted to lose the least amount of 1D fans (and therefore dollars) as possible.

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Please keep fighting. I only learnt now what you said about your illness and that made me sad. You mean a lot to us, because you are always there for us. And we want to do the same for you. So I am sending all my strength to you Vati. I hope you get better and I hope you don't loose your will to fight. You're a strong soldier, you'll surpass this, I believe in your strength. I love you so so much. Keep fighting 💜

My lovely, thank you for telling me what you feel. It’s getting hard recently but there is no way I could ever give up. There is too much here for me. If I would give up now I can never see the rain again, or the snow. I could never listen to my treasured music again or quote my favourite movies. So I fight. And I hope from my heart that all of you do to. We all have to fight our own fights, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. There are always people who will understand and listen. So I hope we can all move on and learn. I love you too. With all my heart ❤️

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For the Heavens to Helga post did you make Newt autistic? I don't know if you were just trying to copy how he was in the movie (which was totally autistic), but a lot of the movements looked like stimming and the lack of eye contact also hinted that that is maybe what you were going for. Whatever the case I really enjoyed the post, and if you were going for autistic I really appreciate it.

This has made me so happy because, yes, it was 100% my intention to give him the ND traits that he had in film. There’s 12 other takes, I wasn’t going to post it until I got it right.
As someone who’s one IQ test away from an ASD diagnosis, seeing Newt onscreen made me feel so much more comfortable with everything that had been going on and talked about around me, like, I saw Newt and thought “Oh wow, same.” I will always play Newt as neurodivergent, he’s too important for me personally to play him any other way. 

Sorry, long reply but yes, I did and it makes me happy that it’s made you happy <3 

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