they give me lots of feels

I am feeling grateful for the kindness of those who care for me and help me in my journey. Today I had a lot of anxiety around a work function and appreciate the support of some of my favorite people. One idea suggested to me was the power of self talk. Remember to talk positively towards yourself and to give yourself freedom to grow.

In this AU, Cup and Mug live in the city of New York, with some lil imagination from yours truly. They live in a small apartment with Elder Kettle and really don’t have much funds. Elder Kettle owns a dish store that’s connected to their apartment and the boys help out when needed. They have real names, but due to bullies calling them “Cuphead” and “Mugman” a lot, it just kinda sticks around the city. So everyone calls them by this.

The boys make little sonas of themselves which happen to be LilCup and LilMug.

I wanted to really give the feeling of a cozy little apartment room, showing their personality through decor and such. This was a challenge for myself since I don’t consider myself savvy with backgrounds, but this au is making me push my limits and try something new! They also have a little Kitty named Sasha :’3

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i'm starting an askblog (not sp related) do u have any tips for doing one?? i'd be doin it in art form when answering questions

I’ve been doing askblogs for different fandoms basically since I joined Tumblr, but still am not really an expert on it, so these are pretty vague tips, sorry! But what I’d suggest:

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“Right then. Thanks, you two. I can handle this. See you later.”

I’ve thought a lot about what was the moment where it all went wrong for the Doctor in the Turn Left universe, and I think it’s right here. We know he has to make his way to HC Clements and the Torchwood base below it, and to do that Lance and his unfortunate bride would have to come with him this far.

But then the Doctor says this. He still thinks he’s better off without taking on a new companion and he’s projecting an air of absolute confidence and ease. And considering we know most of what whoever took Donna’s place would have been through, is it any stretch of the imagination that she would take his word for it?

Most people would head for the hills at this point. Nearly dying, attacked at their own reception, the company they work for revealed to be harboring shady secrets? Maybe they might even leave to phone the police. It takes a special kind of person to say, “No chance, Martian. You’re the man who keeps saving my life. I ain’t letting you out of my sight” and get right on the lift with him to unknown danger.

It takes Donna Noble.

A lot of people tend to describe Turn Left as a “what if the Doctor died story” and they entirely miss the point. It’s a “what if Donna never met the Doctor” story. Because Donna was the crucial element that, if missing, sent the whole thing crashing down. No other substitute would do. The Doctor needed someone as loud and strong-willed and stubborn as he was, who both could see through his lies and could reach him at even the worst of his downward spiral, and who needed healing of her own. Only one person could save him in so many ways, and that was her.

This kind of story had to be done with Donna. To me, Turn Left is far more a showcase of her ability than Journey’s End. Because she saved the Doctor on her own just by being herself, and in turn ensured the survival of countless others. One seemingly inconsequential, coincidental human was all that stood between the Earth and total ruination. One simple act of kindness.

And I absolutely think the Doctor knows it.

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Wait why is Cagney more humanoid

Cause it’s too simple for me to draw him as a flower and I like the feeling of craving for death.

Also I get to do more stuff with a more humanoid version of him, it also makes it easier to look at his design so I one can go, “Hey! It’s the pastel Cuphead au”. I like giving characters a lot of detail..?

Rock in Peace, Malcolm. I’ve admired him for years and it’s because of him and the band for why I got through some of the toughest years in my life. I think a lot of the acdcfandom can say the same. I cannot say in words how the news of his death has made me feel, but I give his family the deepest condolences. From all the adcfandom, we salute you, Mal.

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To be honest I really like how honest you are with the vet life. A lot vet life is portrayed sun shines and rainbows. And it give me a lot of doubt that I'll be able to did it cause I have a disability. But then you come around I find a lot of vets have disability so I feel a little better I still wonder if I can handle. Cause you are honesty about it but more if I can handle the work load and people.

You are welcome. A lot of the time you wont know if a field is for you until you’re actually there getting a taste of it.

I feel so inactive lately. So let me tease you with more of my soulmate AU where you have your soulmate’s name written on your wrist! And since I already teased Magnus’ side of it, let me give you some Alec and Jace.

Jace Wayland had been through a lot in the first ten years of his young life. Not that he perceived it that way. He thought how he had lived was… normal. That the way Michael behaved was how fathers were to their sons. That everything was right the way it was.

That was until his father was murdered in front of him and his entire world shattered.

His father was gone. Forever. He had seen the gruesome thing happening and since then, he didn’t even dare close his eyes, because all he saw was red. Red like his father’s blood.

But then two strangers showed up to pick him up. He had been with strangers all day, since his father’s murder. Clave members interrogating him if he saw something and if he recognized anyone and all those hard questions, even though all he wanted to do was curl together somewhere.

“Hello. I’m Robert Lightwood. I… was your father’s parabatai”, introduced the man himself. “This is my wife, Maryse. We’re here to take you home with us. We’ll keep you safe.”

Jace frowned at them, suspiciously. He curled in on himself just a little more. Why would those strangers take him in? Why would he go with them? He just wanted to go back to bed.

“Don’t worry”, smiled Maryse as she knelt down in front of him. “We have two children your age. Alexander and Isabelle. I’m sure you’ll get along really well with them.”

Suddenly, even amidst the heartbreak, there was hope blooming in Jace’s chest. Alexander Lightwood. He gripped his right wrist tightly. The wrist where, beneath his shirt’s sleeve, the name Alexander Gideon Lightwood was written in peculiarly neat handwriting. And in that moment, even with all the pain, he knew that things would be alright, because he’d be living with his soulmate and Alexander would totally fix everything just by existing. Jace finally had a soulmate. His soulmate.

“Okay”, nodded Jace slowly and got up to follow the Lightwoods.

He let Maryse and Robert take him to the New York Institute. He let them show him his new room and then he instantly sought out the training room, after he was told where the Lightwood-siblings were. Isabelle was at the library with her soulmate Lydia, but more importantly – Alexander was at the training room. Jace’s Alexander was so close. He entered the training room and paused. Alexander was highly concentrated as he trained. He looked serious. Not like one of those kids who thought that training was just fun. He looked like a worthy soulmate of Jace. Now Jace just had to show Alexander that he too was worthy. Biting his lips, he looked around. He was good, he was strong. He would have to show Alexander that he was a strong, worthy ally in battle. Straightening his back, he decided to show off his skills. That must impress his soulmate, right?

Well. If anything, Alexander looked bothered to be bested. But that would be fine, as soon as Alexander realized that Jace hadn’t just shown off, that Jace wasn’t just a random kid.

“Hey. I’m Jonathan Christopher Wayland. But most call me Jace”, stated Jace excitedly, thrusting his hand out for the other boy to shake. “You’re Alexander Lightwood, right?”

“Alec. Yeah”, nodded Alexander – Alec – with a smile as he shook the hand.

Jace waited for a beat, waiting for the excitement to be mirrored on Alec’s face. Jonathan Christopher Wayland. That name must mean something to Alec. Alec must recognize the name that had been written on his wrist since birth. But there was nothing. No spark of recognition.

“…Alexander Gideon Lightwood, right?”, asked Jace slowly, voice wavering a little.

“Uhm, yeah. But I really don’t like that”, laughed Alec confused. “Everyone calls me Alec.”

It was him. Alec was his Alexander. His soulmate. But… Jace sneaked a peek at the other boy’s wrist. Who the hell was William Marcus Herondale? And why was his name on the wrist of Jace’s soulmate? A sickening feeling set into Jace’s stomach.

He wasn’t his soulmate’s soulmate.

ALSO okay, i feel like something super drastic is gonna happen to the mc soon as she gets closer and closer to the source of her “scandal” situation, especially considering it’s likely it’s someone as high up in the royalty as the former king and queen

and that makes me think back to how liam’s mother was poisoned, and though a lot of players may not care for liam or even know this fact considering if was hidden behind a paywall, i feel like that might factor into what will happen to mc, and that she’ll get poisoned, too, or something similar (poisoning might be a bit too suspiciously similar when targeting someone liam cares about, but idk, maybe?)

because lbr, mc is poking her nose where it isn’t wanted, and making connections, and considering this person she’s getting closer to finding out about is a high-ranking royal, they absolutely have the means to actually kill her if they want, manipulating the situation to make it look like an accident and tragic death. more than that, if we’re to maybe believe that they were behind liam’s mother’s death, too, then they’ve done it before and have no qualms about doing it again for their own benefit.

so if this happens (which i’m seriously thinking it or something similar will, picking up the odds and making everyone realize that this shit isn’t just a simple plot but actually super serious and dangerous), then we can, on the downside, expect our mc to get life-threateningly ill and be on the cusp of death for a bit, but on the upside, get to see our love interests freak out and worry about us (give me those sappy love confessions and “i can’t imagine my life without you, please don’t leave me, i love you so much”s, pb!!)

I need to say something important… Why the people here when send Hate always.. Always is in a anon way???? Give the face cowards!!! I’m so angry again about the hate in anon way 😡😡😡😡😡 I saw a girl sad about her art.. (the art was really amazing) and the anon atacks her and Said the art was ugly!!!! No no I can’t with the hate 😡😡😡😡 I have my anon questions off because I received a lot of hate about my age.. * Yes, I have 24 years.. But the kids are like my children!!! And Joe Keery is my love and he is the father of my children 💕💕💕 *

The cowards haven’t another reason for send me hate.. If you want to send me hate you’re welcome.. Tell me all you want…but the only condition is GIVE YOUR FACE 😡😡😡😡😡

Friends if you feel uncomfortable with the anon questions my advice is turn off the anons in your ask.. For me works 💕

And another advice If you’ll send a anon.. Please spread love not hate 😚😚😚😚

for a tumblr free of hate.. #fatimaForPresident hahah just kidding with this last hashtag 😂😂 but don’t forget to spread the love 💕💕💕

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All I want for is the show to give me Jane/Petra friendship, Petra a lot of happiness, Petra a family member who will support her, more scenes of Petra as a Mommy with her daughters, Anna and Ellie not being treated as second to Mateo by Rafael, and give Petra a storyline outside of Rafael and the hotel. I am just very protective over Petra and her daughters and I just want the best for them, yet the show continues to disappoint me.

YOU PRETTY MUCH LISTED DOWN EVERYTHING I WANT AND FEEL and I have nothing substantial to add to this lmao. Basically, stop treating Petra as the resident punching bag 2k17. 

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So, if you go to YouTube, you can find soundtracks from Legends of Tomorrow. The one from Rip and Gideon's kiss is trippy to listen to, because you can make out their voices, but not their words, and it just... It just gives me a lot of feelings? They sound distant and faded, but it's still them, and ARGH!

I saw this message and went immediately to youtube, and guess what?? I have feels tooo!!!! It is incredibly trippy, like you can hear them, but it’s like ghosts. Like we’re eavesdropping on a really private moment? It’s so interesting.

I also listened to the extended version of this and I have to say, I absolutely love Gideon’s score (that is what I’m calling ‘Gideon’s always here’) it describes her so well. It’s kinda like techno sounding and also romantic. But also sorta adventurous and it just builds and builds and it’s so triumphant at the end, the moment she’s been waiting for?

I just have a lot of feels!! Thank you for telling me about this!!

11 Questions

I was tagged by the lovely @alphasandchocolates 💗💗 ty!

1. Do you hold logic over emotions in importance, or the other way around?

I give a lot of importance to my emotions but I know when I have to listen to logic first.

2. Have you ever loved so much, so deeply, that you feel you never want to love again after this (no matter if it was not reciprocated)?

Mmm, I think so, but it was more of a platonic love, I think it had to do with never wanting to be vulnerable again.

3. Do you agree, disagree, or believe that it varies from religion to religion, for the following statement/quote (which is my own): ‘Science and logic validate religion, therefore the lines of religion and science are not ones that will never meet, but rather they are one line in itself.’?

This is such a deep question, it kept me thinking about it for like a week lol.

I think there are religious things that def can be explained by science but are not necesarilly validated or made true by it. I do think that in some way religion can be an attempt of science.

4. Are you a liberal feminist, radical feminist or socialist/Marxist feminist?

Liberal feminist I think.

5. Are you socialistic or capitalistic, in thinking/mindset?

This may get me hate tbh but I have a capitalistic mindset. I do realize it’s not a perfect system though, there’s stuff we need to fix.

6. What is your love style?

Idk if this is about that test, but last time I did it I got “wounded warrior”.

7. Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert?

Introvert af. I do like to socialize though, it just really tires me out.

8. What’s one colour that truly describes you?

Lilac or blue!

9. What is the one decision you never want to make?

Choosing between two people or between my well being and someone else’s.

10. Do you believe in Spirituality or intellectualism?

Spiritualism I guess, I’m not exactly the religious type though.

11. Would you rather dominate people because they respect you or because they fear (It said respect again but I guess you meant fear??) you?

Respect always, a little fear of my badassery would be kinda cool tho.

My eleven questions:

  1. Cat or dog person?
  2. A song that defines how you are feeling right now?
  3. Have you ever lost a friendship because of a mistake you made?
  4. What would be your ideal job in a world where money doesn’t matter?
  5. Favorite quote or song lyric?
  6. Something appearance-wise that is irresistible to you?
  7. Something personality-wise that is irresistible to you?
  8. What’s the prime example of true love to you?
  9. Something someone told you that you never were able to forget?
  10. Do you believe in God? 
  11. Who do you love the most in the world?

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Hi lovely! good news!💕💕💕 part 4 for Steel Hearts is finally up and proud opening this round of requests because this is certainly one of the most requested follow ups in here hahaha anyways, we hope you love it! give it a lot of love and may you enjoy the reading, throwing lots of magic kisses in your way💕

xoxo, admin Mars and admin Em!

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“Luna had decorated her bedroom ceiling with five beautifully painted faces: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville. They were not moving as the portraits at Hogwarts moved, but there was a certain magic about them all the same: Harry thought they breathed. What appeared to be fine golden chains wove around the pictures, linking them together, but after examining them for a minute or so, Harry realized that the chains were actually one word, repeated a thousand times in golden ink: friends … friends … friends …

me everytime:

I’m fine, alright, it’s just been rough. “

Originally a vent sketch featuring my favorite out of the Sanders Sides personas that became something more.

Since Part 2 came out while I was working on this one, may draw another for it soon. Either way, hope you enjoy!

Please do not repost or edit this.
Or use without permission.

there’s something about the style of DAO that i love

it’s just so… it’s very drab.  all rogue armor looks exactly the same.  like, helmet upgrade?  yep it’s the same thing but in a slightly different tint.  mages get those ridiculous hats and the dingy robes.  grey wardens don’t have that flashy blue and silver armor yet they just wear whatever the hell drops off of darkspawn.  ferelden is brown and muddy.  as it should be.  denerim is the crown jewel of the country but it’s just dogs barking and dirt and flies.

when your warden suddenly decides that they’re no longer an archer or mage and grabs a random ass sword to shove through the archdemon’s skull, they’ve marched their way up and down this maker-forsaken land and they’ve got mud and dog shit all over their boots and no part of this journey was even remotely glamorous, because it was about spending days in the deep roads, covered in blood and bile and ichor, so of course you’re gonna make your final blow look at least vaguely fancy, because you deserve that much

and i just.  i love it.