they give me lots of feels


Neha: I’m confused. A rejection kiss doesn’t go like that. 

Jules: Well I don’t give rejection kisses. 

Neha: Does that mean you like me too? 

Jules: I feel an emotion for you I can’t identify. It makes me strange and makes me think strange things. I was unhappy to see you with Tolerated Guy’s sibling. When I am around you I feel… different… So yes, I do feel a lot for you, more than I have ever felt for anyone or anything. 

Neha: So, you… like me too? 

Jules: If this is what liking is, yes… I like you… Neha. 

I find a lot of comfort in Jim Kirk’s insecurity. In every situation he wants to do better, to be better, and even when the terrible things that happen aren’t his fault he takes them on his own shoulders and does what he can to make things right. It’s really inspiring to think of him thinking he’s not good enough his entire life and still doing incredible things, literally saving the universe.

It just gives you a lot of hope, you know? When you start feeling like you’re not good enough. Jim Kirk thought the same thing and he’s the greatest captain in the history of Starfleet. That’s… that’s really something.

I’m Not Going to Date Everyone

When people thought I was monogamous, my favorite excuse to get out of a date used to be that I had a significant other. I always felt so bad about rejecting people, and I suppose I thought that was a good way to spare their feelings. Obviously, when people know that you’re polyamorous, that excuse is no longer an option. In fact, when you’re polyamorous, I think a lot of people just sort of expect you to give them a chance because you’re already seeing multiple people. If you’re already seeing multiple people, why not them too? 

But, here’s the thing, polyamory does not make me more laid back. Never do I say to myself, “Oh, I guess I can experience everything now since I can date multiple people!” No, I’m afraid my standards have not lowered. If you really want to know the truth, I think polyamory has actually made my standards much higher. I have more people to dedicate my time to now, and it just so happens that they are really cool people so I want to prioritize my time with them. Making time for a new person means that I am either taking potential time away from someone else or myself. And it’s not like every minute of every day of my life is dedicated to someone or something, but the vast majority of it is and to tell you the truth I’d rather unexpectedly see someone I already care about than to attempt to build something new with someone who I may never have any real connection with. I don’t consider polyamory an excuse to go on as many dates as I possibly can; I consider it a freedom in the case that I should feel compelled to pursue a relationship or gain a new sexual experience. So no, I’m sorry but I don’t owe you a chance. My time is valuable, and I don’t feel bad having to decide who I should or shouldn’t spend it with. 


After two weeks of Total rest die to my groin injury I went to the woods again to enjoy nature and sunshine.

Training #30 2017.

25K……..but the last K I had a major cramp in my calf 😔.

First day of spring, so it was very busy in the woods. Lot’s of friendly people.
Tried on my new calftubes (Salomon) and new short (the one my wife gave me and finally fits 😜).
So now my left calf gives problems instead of my right…..hopefully not for long. Groin was feeling 70%.

Have a nice sunday Tumblr’s!!!

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I see a lot of people suggesting her Assault on Arkham outfit but to be honest, I'm an all or nothing kind of a person. Either give me the full jester outfit or not at all.

Honestly, kinda disagree. The Assault on Arkham outfit isn’t a bad idea. It has the more “blatant-sexy-aspect” that more recent outfits keep trying to accomplish, yet it doesn’t go overboard and still retains the Jester theme.

So if they try any outfit for Gotham City Sirens, AoA is the way to go. Or at least something similar.

((omgosh guys, I was working on picking the giveaway winners but like, I had to throw out at least 50 entries because of something kinda basic:

y’all didn’t read the rules.

You needed to tag it as doof noodle art away, and you had to give me your fav pokemon region either in tags or on the post. A lot of you just put one or just reblogged without tagging at all.

I feel really bad i had to just not count the entries but like, rules are rules.

I do plan to host another giveaway if i hit 2500 so just like heads up for that it will have the same rules.

I’ll be posting winners tomorrow!!

Also Normal doof noodle content coming back soon! I’m finally feeling a bit better and I’m pretty much done the doof noodle IRL plush so I can try and get back to drawing that isn’t school based and finish some asks up!

Also if anyone will be attending Anime boston this weekend if you find mun you get to pet the irl Excalibur haha Just look for the noodle, 9 out of 10 hell be wrapped around mun or thrown on my roommate, also i’m very likely to be running around dealers room looking for plushies :’3c illalsobegivingoutdoofnoodleartifyouaskmeorlikeanypokemonreally))

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So I joined the volleyball team and the softball team at my school and I feel like I'm no good sometimes. Like I was the ace for the volleyball and the only sophomore on the team and last year I was MVP but I just don't feel confident in my skills. My team is full of girls older, bigger and more experienced than myself. Asahi, how do you play through your insecurities?

Asahi: These are just things that have helped me and won’t help you overnight, because nothing can cure anxiety instantly. But it’s important to trust in yourself and take small steps each day. I might not know a lot about you, but I do know that you’re stronger than you think and more wonderful in many ways than you give yourself credit for, so hang in there!

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Also what do u think is gonna happen with the pidge finding her family arc? Do you think they are just gonan find her brother and not her dad, because I don't think they have found any trace of her dad yet

I definitely think they’re going to find Matt, but I haven’t actually thought too much about whether or not they’re going to find her dad. My first instinct is that they’re only going to find Matt and the two of them will have to mourn together, but Voltron still has a lot of time left and I think it would be interesting if when Matt and Pidge are brought together, Matt has more information on where their dad might be and the two of them can search for him together. Give me the Holt siblings stopping at nothing to find their dad. Give me a beautiful family reunion where Pidge can finally feel safe in the arms of the two family members she’d fought so hard to save.


Share: lock screen, home screen, last song you listened to, and last selfie you took.

So this little thing that @garrulousgibberish​ and @ancientouroboros​ tagged me in ( ahh~ thanks a lot! ♥♥♥) reminded me how I’d meant to change my phone to reflect my playstation theme again (cause having a sony phone makes me want to match them ♥)

So firewatch home page! And Night in the Woods lock screen cause it’s gorgeous.

Also I rarely take photos, and so far today I have been swimming and gardening so… yeah you get an old selfie ;p It was this or my Grunkle/Grauntie Stan costume so you’ve got me and Little Light from MCM London last October ♥

I have seen a few of these and a lot of tags so lets see - @trashofdoom, @renconner, @mythomagically-delicious, @yourlocalviking, @howtotrainyournana and  if you wanna do it, feel free! This is your tag 8D

heyy yall i been gettin a lot of u folks following this blog and it makes me real happy so i was wonderin if there was anything i could give u guys?? like what would u want if i did a gentle giveaway, no pressure no reblogs necessary u feel?

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Hey Sammy, I have PTSD, and I've been having bad flashbacks again, it's probably my fault because I haven't taken my medication, but they make me nearly sick, like I have to stop what I'm doing because of it. I'm scared to tell my boyfriend about it because he gets upset if I have one infront of him. I'm really scared Sam, I want them to stop.

Honey, please don’t even think that it’s your fault.
I know that flashbacks suck a lot, but don’t give yourself the fault for not taking your medication if they make you feel sick. You are allowed to try out what helps best with your PTSD and if those meds don’t work for you then talk to your doctor and find another solution but don’t think it’s your fault if these meds aren’t working for you. It just means you haven’t found the right treatment yet.

Now about your boyfriend…
In my eyes, he has absolutely no right to be upset with you because of your flashbacks. That’s something you can’t control and he shouldn’t be upset with you because of it, but rather be there for you in times like this when they get worse.
I understand that you are scared to tell him but also please don’t eat it all up inside. That won’t help anybody.
Do you have friends that you could talk to? Your parents or any siblings? Maybe a therapist?

I sadly can’t take those flashbacks away but my ask box is always open if you want to write me another message and I wish you all the best <3

Hello all,

After two years of speaking English daily, I have finally gained enough courage (and hopefully also the language skills) to start writing fanfiction again. This time, I feel like going a bit further than short oneshots - I want to start a longer project at The story would start off during the Marauders´ fifth year, right before Christmas. It would focus mainly on Wolfstar (with some Jily, of course!) 

My question is, is there anyone who would be willing to be a first reader and give me thoughts/feedback? I would appreciate it a lot! Send me a message if you are interested. I don’t care if we haven’t talked before. Love <3 

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i get so much anxiety when thinking about my future and how i dont know what im going to do. also a lot of my friends & people i know have started getting jobs (Im 17) and i feel like a failure even though im happy for them. i just don't know how to feel good enough. i just lay in my bed when i get home from school cause I'm so tired all the time. and while i get anxious about not having a job, the thought of getting one gives me anxiety too, life feels overwhelming even tho i don't do anything

The future is yours to create darling. You can decide what you want to do. I know it’s scary because the time will come when you have to do everything alone. Try to focus on school now. You don’t need to have a job besides school. Use the time you have after school. Study, do the things you like and try to find out what you want to reach in life. It’s so easy to just live every day like tomorrow, but that’s not life. Life is hard and the paths we are walking on can be awful. We just have to keep on trying. 

Hey you guys ♥

I thought I’d give you an update regarding my blog since I haven’t posted anything in a while.

A lot of things, good and bad, have been going on in my personal life and I’ve been focusing on a) working on making whatever is not so good better and b) enjoying the good things that have been coming my way and trust me, the good things have been outweighing the bad things by far. I have started working a lot more for myself and by myself, and I feel like good things are coming my way, now more than ever. ♥

I’ve touched on this before, but something that drove me off being on here, on top of everything that was/is going on in my personal life, was the fact that for a while BIGBANG members, most namely Jiyong, were relentlessly hated on, as well as VIPs who weren’t vocal about certain situations going on within the BIGBANG/VIP realm. I am not judging anyone, I am just stating what I read and saw - something that bothered me at the time and had an effect on me. I started feeling like supporting BIGBANG, and being a Ji stan on top of that, was a bad thing. Something I did not mention for my own sake was the fact that together with not wanting to be on here, I actually pretty much did not listen to the boys for a while. I still can’t listen to their music without feeling bad. Mind you I have been a VIP for almost 2 years now and I listened to them daily. It may sound silly, but it is the truth. 

The reason why I am writing this is because I want that love for them back, with no guilty feelings. I love them with all my heart and I want to be able to listen to them again and feel the joy I felt until I started feeling otherwise. BIGBANG and G-Dragon had such a big impact in my life and I cherish them a lot, and not being able to listen to them like before or even keep up with news is something that truly saddens me. It’s like a piece of me is missing and I wish to get it back. It breaks my heart knowing I am not able to enjoy something I genuinely love.

I do not want anyone to feel bad for me, or to think I am merely writing this to get attention - that is not my goal. I merely wish to say if I no longer post anything on my blog, that is why.

  All the people I met through being on here - I love you and I cherish you with all my heart. I do not wish you to think I am abandoning you or that I’ve forgotten you. I haven’t ♥ But I feel like I need to move on. It may sound silly to some of you, but this is something I need to do for myself.

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it's ok. i binge too and i'm trying to get over it. it's very hard but we can do it together !! drinking a lot of water really helps me bc it fills me up and then if i eat too much i know it'll make me more queasy so it kind of stops me? oh man this is embarrassing but oh well ! i wanna help ya ♡

Thank you so much for the advice! I will give that a try! In return, one of the things which helps me is eating on a small dark plate. This makes tricks the brain into thinking you’re eating more than you are. It’s helped me a lot. I hope you recover soon! Stay strong! We’ve got this! Also, don’t feel embarrassed! Everyone struggles with something you’re strong for being willing to be open and honest about what you’re going through in order to help someone else. ✨🍀

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Ya know I started watching your videos and reading this blog around a year ago and since then I've had a lot more gay thoughts and I know I could probably blame it on being a teenage boy with tons of hormones but it's funnier to pin it on you.

tbh? You’re right. Honestly it’s always p amusing when people send asks like “IZZY STOP YOU’RE CONFUSING ME I’M FEELING GAY”

It’s my mission to give everyone a Gay Awakening one way or another.

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how do you feel better after a tough day (besides running ha)? or how do you like, start feeling good about yourself? bc self-esteem is hard lol. ps i saw on your insta you got a UD Naked palette for your birthday, would u recommend?

I cook myself dinner – something healthy that still feels decadent like a baked sweet potato with sautéed garlic and kale. And dinner gives me an excuse to sit down, light some incense, and watch Netflix (usually Shameless).
Also yah I got the Naked 3 which I liked a lot until the darkest color shattered 😕 I live/stay in like 4 different places so it needed to travel a lot and it just didn’t handle it (even though I’d say I took pretty good care of it and didn’t bang it around or drop it a lot). All the colors are murky and purple now.

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You should charge more for you books! I've paid a decent amount of money on books I didn't like and I really enjoy yours and I feel like I'm ripping you off!! Your hard work deserves more then 99 cents! And I guarantee many would pay more!

Hey, it’s really sweet of you to say that! The truth’s a little different, though.

Iron Breakers is my very first series, Stag’s Run was my first book and Endurance was my first book that cost money. When Stag’s Run first came out for free, I got literally thousands of downloads. This is great, because making my first book free lets lots of people give me a chance without any kind of monetary risk. More people will read it if it’s free, and I feel like gaining a readerbase is more important as a debut author than earning just a few more dollars.

Both Endurance and the final book in the series are/will be very cheap for three reasons!

One, like I said, since this is my very first series, building a readerbase is really important to me, and as a self-published author, I don’t have the resources to advertise my books as well as a publishing house does - I only really have Tumblr.

And two, I am self-published, and unfortunately, it rings true that self-published authors just aren’t trusted as much as professionally published authors. People are more likely to think that books from self-published authors are going to be of poor quality because there wasn’t a team of professional people approving and editing the book before publishing.

And lastly, Stag’s Run was my very first novel and littered with flaws. I can clearly see now that the book is perhaps not quite as good as it could have been. And so if a lot of people found the first book in the series mediocre, they’re not going to want to pay well for the second one.

Endurance only costs one dollar, but it’s download count is far, far, far lower than Stag’s Run’s was when it was first released. I’m pretty sure that if it cost upwards of 4 or 6 dollars, I’d only get a handful of sales. Plus, remember, they’re just digital files, not actual physical books.

Iron Breakers isn’t the only series I’ll be writing! I already have more planned, and I’m more comfortable upping my prices slowly and over time as I develop and improve as an author.

Can anyone give relationship advice??

This guy’s been sweet on me for around over a month, we’ve gone out once since then and message a lot, and we kinda have some history a few years ago. And I’m very flattered! We’re making plans to hang out this summer when I’m back from school, and he’s a very good guy who’s expressed interest in me and in going long term, so I feel that if I see this through, we’d be steady and committed by the end of the year. With the intention of continuing to be committed and steady for the long haul.

And, like, I really don’t know what to do about it… I mean, this doesn’t at all factor into The Plan. Because The Plan entails me studying in England my final year, then graduating in 2019, then getting work abroad for at least a year, travelling, etc. And I just feel like I wouldn’t wanna be tied down to my hometown at that point, which is inevitable if I’m still with this guy, since he’d be going to law school there when I’m abroad.

So I’m. Actually really nervous that 1) I won’t like him that way for some reason and have to break up with him before I graduate, 2) I won’t be able to travel and will be stuck here, 3) other complications

But on the flip side, I think I’m even MORE terrified that I’ll never get an opportunity like this again. Because tbh I’ve never been in a long term steady relationship, at all, and my initial hope was that I’d find someone after graduation when I move there for work. But! Who knows if this will happen!!! I’m getting really freaked out thinking about how I might never have someone this interested in me again, as vain as it sounds.

Anyway, moving forward, I know I need to decide whether I’m ready to commit to this guy (probably, like… forever? oh god) or if I give up maybe my only opportunity for a relationship on the extremely slim chance someone is out there abroad. Idk I’m just so conflicted :/ please help? Anyone???

chujo-hime replied to your post: I would not be opposed to hearing your Lost…

no thoughts about Charlie & Claire?

I really didn’t like Charlie on my first watch but I like him a lot more on this viewing for some reason, which is changing how I feel about their relationship to mostly positive. I think it mostly irritated me that he’s all about Starting a Relationship when maybe he should be more invested in Not Being Eaten By A Monster but on rewatch I enjoy more how his irreverence is a conscious choice to not give in to darkness rather than just happy-go-lucky happenstance.

I love Claire but that’s mostly because I am defensive of Emilie de Ravin from Roswell and love that she was the most successful alum from that show (this was before Katie Heigl got Grey’s) and will fight for her to the death.

I am largely neutral on their relationship, in that it makes them both happy and I don’t actively wish harm on either of them but see above re: Not Being Eaten By A Monster Priorities.