they get you in your sleep

  • Morrison: Hey babe, how are-
  • Reyes: Hey, how are you, you were mouth breathing into my face last night, so I did not get a ton of sleep, I’m actually pretty exhausted. When you said good morning to me, it was neither of those things. It was neither good or morning, because my brain thinks it’s night because of your hot fucking breath for the majority of it. Are you a dragon? Why is your breath so hot? Are you guarding a treasure in here I don’t know about? You should’ve told me, that sounds important. Your breath is so hot and the air in here is so cold, how does your body do that? And it wasn’t like, a dry heat, oh no, it was a wet shitty, moist-I woke up with curly hair because of the humidity in this area! At one point, you were breathing INTO MY MOUTH, and you kno-guess wha-FUCK YOU! That is ASSAULT! because you’re breathing Carbon-Dioxide into my oxygen hole and that’s not how my body works. Am I a plant? Am I a tree? Do I have a root system? No, to all three of those things! Get your goddamn carbon-dioxide away from my oxygen hole. How did you even get close enough to breath into my mouth? We bought a king sized bed FOR THIS REASON! And not only do I sleep on my side, but I sleep OVER THE EDGE, like a cat on top of a sofa, and you somehow ROMAN SOLDIERED your way over, leaving nothing but wrinkled sheets and DEATH in your wake, to hot breath into my mouth. At one point, I almost fell asleep because you’re hot breathing became rhythmic, like waves crashing onto a beach. Only for your restless leg syndrome to kick me in the thigh three times. And not back, to back, to back like you would think, you kicked me, waited for it to swell, then kicked me in the swelling like an asshole. You. Suck. Shit.
  • Morrison: ...
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★~A Peaceful Night potion~★

This is a quick spell for a night of peaceful and restful sleep, it’s great when you’re low on energy and don’t have time for a big spell!

~What you need:
★ 1 mug full of milk (or milk substitute) - happiness
★ 1 tsp dried food grade rose petals - calm, happiness
★ 1 tsp dried food grade lavender - calm, sleep
★ Desired amount of honey or sugar - happiness
★ (Optional) Rose quartz and/or amethyst - calm, happiness and sleep

~What to do:
★ Add milk, rose petals and lavender to a saucepan and bring to the boil
★ Once boiling take off the heat and pour into your mug
★ Add your honey or sugar if you’re using it and stir clockwise to fill the mug with your intent
★ If using crystals, keep them next to you or on your lap while you drink your potion
★ Get to bed and get some sleep!

EXO Reaction: When they miss you (their S/O.)

Feel free to request!

  • S U H O: 

He is the leader of the group so he’s expected to keep his emotions in check, you know? Some days would be harder than others and that would lead to him getting irritable by very insignificant things, sometimes setting people into bad moods. The other members would be understanding of him though, especially after apologizing for explaining that he missed you that much. There are some nights where he can’t sleep at the thought of you not being there with him and it kills him. He would read over all of your conversations that were filled with deep thoughts, positive affirmations, memes about Chanbaek and he might cheer up a bit. But he tries to keep it together for the sake of his other members

  • Y I X I N G:

SO EMOTIONAL. Which is okay, but he feels more open about it. Calling you every day, sending random selfies with the other members to you. Texts you during rehearsal, after rehearsal, before and after concerts, takes pictures of the audience to let you know that he is okay. Some days after a hard day of acting, singing or whatever, he curls up in bed. He misses you so much and lets the dam break for a bit; he cries, letting out all of the pent-up emotions and frustration. 

  • B A E K H Y U N:

This bean is sooo extra all the time, it’s often hard to tell that he misses you, you know? He may approach his fellow band members if the pain of missing you starts affecting his performance. Skype calls at least three times a week are a must for this guy.

  • C H A N Y E O L

Misses you like crazy and people start to question his vague-ass posts on his Instagram account, but you know damn well that the sappy quotes are directed at you. He would text yo for hours and hours after a concert and would share everything he’s doing with you, as well as his members. He might even overshare. Like a caption of Baekhyun sleeping in the most awkward position and in a few hours, said sleeping man would somehow stumble across the picture. Chanyeol does get emotional and very, very moody without you at his side though and that often makes him hard to live with.

  • S E H U N

Not the type of person to outright say ‘I miss you’ to you. But know that he’s thinking of you all the time. ‘Did you eat today?’ ‘Did you sleep well?’ I can personally imagine him requesting selfies off you every now and then, regardless of what you’re doing. In the bath, in bed, at work/college, on the toilet: you name but he’ll find something good to say about every time. He also expects Vivi to appear in all of your snaps/video calls because he misses his two lovelies.

  • X I U M I N

I can imagine Xiumin missing you, everything about you. A bit emotional like Yixing if the tour lasts for months and months. He misses the mundane things about you. He misses just lying in bed with you, cooking with you, eating with you. Sometimes, even though he may be asked to put his phone away when the members are eating dinner, he might do a skype call to fulfill these mundane things he misses. He might lie on his side and skype, pretending that he’s next to you.

  • J O N G I N

Jongin misses you but he seems rather positive about it. He’d say really cheesy things to you like ‘___ of days until I can see you again.’ every now and then. He may want to brag and sends you videos of him rehearsing and dancing and just– hnnnng. He teases you because he knows that he can flirt to mess with you and he uses that to his advantage, a lot more compared to the other members. He constantly updates you on what he’s doing too, just to give you the feel (and him too) that you’re both really close together.

  • J O N G D A E

Like DO, he may ignore it initially but also like Jongin, he’d be more positive. He teases you, more so than usual to make up for the lack of time he hasn’t been with you. That includes teasing you sexually (it’s Jongdae after all). I can picture him being sappy enough, disgustingly so. He leaves a space on the sofa with all of the other members and if someone attempts to sit there, he’s quick to react. “Get out of ___’s way, you’re blocking their view!” (bc sure enough, when the members were watching a movie, he had his face time on.) Disgustingly sweet in that way, ya feel?

  • D O

I can imagine DO not noticing that he misses you. As in… he’s good at ignoring the fact that he misses you because he knows how much it can affect him. So he just copes with it. Fans might notice that he’s a little more down or smiling less than normal and his hyungs might notice that he’s looking extra exhausted. They encourage him to talk to you on the phone after a concert or on the way back to their dorm and his face lights up. It’s a vicious cycle for him.

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Thank you for the seduction headcanons! Can you do yandere headcanons for the S and M bros too? I hope you're almost done with school!

Thank you! I’m done school now so I finally have time to write. :’) Hope you like this!

Warning: All of the diaboys are freakishly possessive and all have the potential to be yandere. This contains possessive, abusive, and violent themes. If you’re uncomfortable with that, then don’t read this.



  • Ayato will get angry if you don’t sleep beside him, regardless of the reason. If you’re not beside him when he wakes up he’ll go ballistic, and be struck with fear. Ayato will frantically search the house for you.
  • He adores any attention and praise you can give him. If he sees you caring for anyone other than him he will hastily take you away from the individual. Ayato will litter your body with his fang marks and kisses in a fit of jealousy.
  • When he’s skipping class he prefers to sneak into your own classes and watch you from the shadows.


  • He doesn’t really look like it at first glance, but he is the type to kill any potential love rivals if he feels threatened enough. Expect Laito to lock you up in the dungeon for a few days afterwards.
  • Laito is observant of his s/o’s mannerisms and habits. Once Laito starts to grow romantic interest in his s/o he will make sure he knows everything about them. From their hobbies, to their daily schedules.
  • Laito is well known for being a voyeur, and gains sexual pleasure from watching his lovers play around with other individuals. However, he will never let his s/o partake in that. He would erupt with jealousy and end up killing the people who dared to touch you.


  • It doesn’t matter where, if Kanato isn’t given the attention he wants from you, he will cry in an effort to gain your attention. If that doesn’t get him the amount of attention he wants, he will drag you to someplace secluded and forcefully suck your blood.
  • If provoked enough, he will kill anyone who poses a threat to your relationship. If the threat were to escalate, he would lock you up in his room. That way, you’re able to focus your entire being on him, and him alone.
  • Kanato was very deprived of affection while growing up. When he starts to develop romantic feelings for you, albeit unhealthy, he will grasp onto any bits of affection you can give him. It’s not long before his attachment for you escalates to dangerous heights, and he’s driving away anyone who can disrupt your relationship.


  • He’s very subtle with his affections. However, should you get too close to any potential rivals, he will become exceedingly jealous. Shu would drag you to his room to punish you. He would call you derogatory names, whilst harshly sucking your blood.
  • Shu will not directly engage with possible rivals, as he finds it far too troublesome to actually kill them. Instead, he’ll hover around you constantly, making sure his presence will alert others to back off.
  • Eventually, he would find hovering around you all the time to be tiresome. If he wants to keep you all to himself he might as well just lock you up.


  • At first, Reiji is very subtle with his affections. However, as time goes on he begins to grow more and more possessive of you. He will start to place strict rules on you and greatly limit your freedom. 
  • If you’re getting too close to someone for his liking, he will drug your tea with poison, or whip you as punishment.
  • Should you ever show too much affection to another man, Reiji will kill you.


  • Subaru is very direct, and upfront with his affections towards you. He despises whenever guys get too close to you and is the one who will react the most violently out of his brothers. If he doesn’t kill them, he’ll have beaten them within an inch of their life.
  • Oddly, Subaru always seems to be there whenever you are in need of help. Unbeknownst to you, Subaru is always watching you from the shadows. He makes sure to chase away any possible threats, and will help you when needed.
  • If Subaru ever killed you in a fit of jealous rage, his mind would slowly crumble to insanity. At first, he would deny himself of ever killing you. He would talk to and show affection to your corpse, completely disregarding the fact that he killed you. Eventually he would crack and kill himself out of despair.



  • Once Ruki’s affection for you has escalated to dangerous levels, he’ll throw you in the dungeon immediately. That way, no one but him has the ability to see, and talk to you. You’re his livestock and he has the right to do whatever he wants with you.
  • Ruki already has an initial distrust for women, but it’s tenfold when it comes to you. He is paranoid that you’ll leave him one day, so he makes sure that his familiars are always watching you 24/7.
  • Ruki is very dominant, and controlling towards you. Similar to Reiji, he sets strict rules that greatly limit your freedom. Expect severe punishments should you choose not to follow them.


  • Kou would be so manipulative towards you. He’s the type of person who would manipulate everyone around you into disliking you. That way, everyone else is out of the way and he’ll be the only person you can look towards for support and comfort.
  • If he ever saw you with another man, regardless of the reason, he would go into a jealous frenzy on the spot. Kou would forcefully take you away and would do everything in his power to ruin the life of the man you were with.
  • If you were to not reciprocate his affections for you, Kou would lock you up in a dungeon. However, he would treat you with love and care in a desperate attempt to get you to like him. If you continued to not return his love for you, he would kill you in anger and then himself.


  • Yuma would be extremely possessive, and would harm anyone who tried to get near you. Out of his brothers, he is the one who will react the most violently. If he is provoked enough, he may even harm you.
  • If you ever tried to run away from him, he would either lock you up in his room, or kill you. If he were to choose the latter, he would pay no heed to the fact that he killed you. He would treat your dead corpse with love and tenderness, similar to how he treats his plants.
  • He can get very irritable if you’re not near him at all times. His familiars have the ability to keep an eye on you, but he prefers doing it himself.


  • Azusa would lock you up in his room, making it impossible for you to ever escape. However, unlike some of the others, he would take good care of you, and would never try to purposely harm you.
  • He would be very clingy towards you as well. You would never have any time alone as Azusa is always with you.
  • Azusa would never try to kill any possible love rivals. To him, pain is the greatest pleasure. He would never give that to anyone but you. But why is it that you’re always trying to avoid him whenever he wants to give you pain, to give you pleasure? He just doesn’t understand…

Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars



Mentions: Jamie Benn, Patrick Sharp, Antoine Roussel 

Warnings: A swear word maybe? I don’t remember.

Preview: The next day, no one waited for you outside the building. You took in a sigh of relief but somewhere deep down, you were disappointed. You continued your day as normal.

Characters: 1760 Words.

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After the little run-in with Tyler, you were being bombarded from every angle. The text messages never seemed to come to a halt. You had even considered changing numbers.

And every morning like clockwork, Tyler or one of the boys were waiting for you in front of your office. You had thought about coming in earlier to ignore your morning pests, but you already didn’t get enough sleep.

You grabbed your bag from the car and started to make your way to the office. You tried to mentally guess who would be waiting for you today. You tried to blend in with the crowd on the busy sidewalk but your baby bump lent you no favors.

“Y/N!” You heard Antoine call out in a singsong voice. You groaned making your way to the side of the building where he and Jamie were waiting.

“Coffee?” Jamie asked pushing a coffee your way.

“Cant.” You quipped pushing it back.

He just nodded putting the coffee back down by his side.

“How are you feeling today, Cherie?” Antoine questioned putting a hand on your stomach. You quickly swatted his hand and gave him a look to dare him to try it again.

“I am fine, a little tired but that’s something I should get used to.” You noted.

“You would be less tired if you had help, from someone like I don’t know…. The baby’s father.” Jamie tried.

You sighed. “When am I ever going to get rid of you.” You turned towards the entrance to your building.

“At least tell us what you are having,” Antoine called after you.

“It’s a boy.” You headed inside the building leaving away from your routine frustration.

The next day, no one waited for you outside the building. You took in a sigh of relief but somewhere deep down, you were disappointed. You continued your day as normal.

You looked up from your place at your desk to the vibrations coming from your phone.

Katie: I saved you from the Dallas Idiots, meaning you owe me lunch.

You rolled your eyes as you typed out your response.

Y/N: When & Where?

The reply came quickly.

Katie: Meet at my place next Sunday? 11 o’clock?

You quirked your eyebrows expecting a restaurant during the week but you were glad she hadn’t already started to talk about Tyler.

Y/N: Sounds good. See you then.

You placed your phone back down and got back to work.

You should have been suspicious when no one showed up for the rest of the week.

You walked up to Katie’s front door and knocked. You hopped the maternity dress you had bought earlier in the week was dressy enough for the place Katie had planned.

You should have known better. You should have seen the surprise coming. When the door opened, there stood all the Dallas Stars WAGS you had become close with over the years.

“Surprise!” Katie cheered.

“What in the world is happening?” You questioned as she pulled you inside.

“It’s your baby shower. I know you haven’t had one, and every new mom needs one.”

“You didn’t have to do this you know.”

“I wanted to, plus Tyler asked me to”

“Tyler asked you to do this?” You couldn’t believe that a guy like Tyler had requested Katie to throw you a baby shower.

“The kid’s book theme was his idea, he said you had always loved kids’ books and that it was the one thing you were always excited to do with your own.” She nodded towards the pile of brand new kids’ books by the gifts table.

“He said that?” you questioned so softly you weren’t sure Katie heard.

“He did, we tried to make sure not to get any doubles, Tyler has a nursery filled with them.” She noted leading you further into the party.

“Nursery?” You couldn’t believe Tyler had a nursery. You hadn’t even thought about it.

To be honest you hadn’t even bought more than a few items. Here you were almost seven months pregnant and suddenly you couldn’t feel less prepared. You couldn’t hold the sob back. Katie snapped her head towards you.

“Y/N, are you crying?” She questioned quickly.

You tried to get some words out but you couldn’t find them, you settled for a nod. She led you to a back bedroom and she sits on the bed, motioning for you to follow.

You sit down and wipe the tears that had escaped from your eyelids.

“What’s going through your mind honey?” she asked rubbing your hands.

“I’m not even remotely do this Katie. I don’t even have a room in my apartment to put a nursery. I think I have one outfit? I don’t even know what a baby needs.”

“Y/N. You don’t have to do this alone. You have an entire hockey team wanting to stand behind you. I know you don’t know about Tyler as a boyfriend, but you should give him a chance to be a father. If I have to listen to one more newborn fact, I may never have children.”

You nod allowing a smile to play across your features. “You’re right. I don’t know where we stand as a couple, but I need to include him in this. Maybe he can teach me something.” You chuckled using the tissue she handed you to wipe your face.

“I will go talk to him when I leave here.” You stated standing up and composing yourself.

“You probably won’t have too, I told them not to crash this baby shower but we both know they all are.”

You both shared a laugh and joined the other girls in the main room. She placed the pretty blue flower crown on your head. “Let’s Celebrate Baby Mama.”

You had played a few games and you had caught up with some of the girls. That’s when Katie’s prediction had proved itself correct. In walked Tyler, Jamie, Antoine, and Patrick. They all dawned their best-shocked expressions.

“Oh, no was this today?” Jamie tried.

You watched Katie roll her eyes. “Don’t even try it.”

They all looked at her sheepishly, making their way inside. You offered them small smiles. Tyler kept his distance. He knew this party was meant for you and he didn’t want to ruin it.

You made small talk with the others and continued with the party.

“Let’s do gifts!” Katie exclaimed with a clap.

You nodded and followed her towards the couches and chairs. She sat you in the middle on the ottoman. You glanced towards the space left next to you.

“Tyler? Do you want to help?” you asked

You watched Tyler shockingly glance up from his place at the food table.

“Yeah… I would love to.” He made his way over to you and sat down next to you, giving you as much space as he could.

You looked at the huge pile of gifts that sat in front of you. You decided to dive in and you and Tyler began opening presents. Halfway through the pile, you became more comfortable and had slipped the flower crown onto Tyler. Tyler was opening a gift when the baby started kicking. You grabbed Tyler’s hand and placed it on your stomach. You couldn’t help it as your heart melted watching the expression of pride and joy grow on his face.

“There’s a baby in there…” he said softly.

“I’m quite aware you, he doesn’t let me forget it. Little power forward in there.” You giggled.

The baby continued to be active so opening gifts turned into a baby feeling session. Everyone crowded around you, taking turns feeling your belly ending the moment between you and Tyler. You sent him a sympathetic look as you watched him walk outside. You followed where he headed the moment you could escape. Everyone got the hint not to follow.

You found him sitting on the patio with his head in his hands.


His head snapped up and you could see the tear streaks and somehow it stung.

“I was just collecting myself out here.” He tried.

“It’s okay you can be honest with me, Tyler.” You sat down next to him.

“I haven’t been around for your whole pregnancy and that’s my fault. I screwed us up. I ruined everything. But feeling the baby in your belly, it just made everything so real. I put together a nursery, I have read every book I can find, and I think he has more clothes than me now but it didn’t set in till I just felt him. I am going to be a dad and I am begging you Y/N. I know you haven’t forgiven me and I want nothing more than to be with you but please at least let me help you with this. Let me be a part of this.” He had grabbed your hands and looked towards you expectantly.  

“I talked to Katie earlier and I realized I do need help. I need lots of help, and the only person I should be asking is you. I don’t know if we will ever be a couple again but no matter what we are going to be parents.”

“I will prove it to you every single day, I promise you. And if somewhere along the lines you forgive me, I’ll prove that too.”

You once again allow yourself to smile. “Don’t push it, Seguin. Now please tell me you have pictures of that nursery.”  

He stumbled to pull out his phone. “I actually was going to send them to you but I didn’t want to scare you off.”

“But you and the rest of your team waiting outside my job didn’t do that?”

“Yeah, that was a little much.” He handed you the phone and the pictures took your breath away. The nursery was a gorgeous mixture of Green and yellow hues. Hockey hints here and there but still looked modern.

“You did really good Ty.” You quip, handing him back his phone.

“I hoped you would like it.”

“Well maybe once the baby comes, we can come and stay with you. I think that would be a much better fit then sharing a room with me.”

Tyler’s smile grew bigger. “I would love that.”

“Just until I… We figure something out”

“Yeah. Of course. Till we figure something out. He stated with a smirk putting the flower crown back upon his head and walked

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Another busy day at the office. This time, however, you're running on two cups of coffee, and are blasting through your work like no one's business! Maybe you'll even get a raise. You hear someone stop at the entrance to your cubicle. It's your boss! But something's off. He's either gotten absolutely no sleep, or he's drunk out of his mind. He's never this improper at work, so it comes as a big surprise. He walks over and leans in so close you can smell the booze on his breath, as he says:


Anthony’s Dreams

A continuation of Anthony meets Tony Which is a fic where Tony adopts a younger version of himself from an alternate reality

Anthony wakes up in a cold sweat. The room is big, as big as his room back at the mansion. He looks around it, squinting at the darkness, and sliding his legs out.

It’s not difficult to slide to the floor and go searching for Tony’s room. Tony who is nothing like Howard. Tony is kind, and amazing.

“Get back in bed Anthony, you aren’t a baby anymore.” Howard’s voice rings through his head as he grips the door handle.

“Jarvis?” Anthony whispers, when he was scared at home Jarvis was always there.

“Yes Master Anthony?” Jarvis replies.

“Can I sleep in your room tonight?” He asks, turning hopeful eyes to the ceiling.

“I’m afraid I don’t have a room of my own Master Anthony. Sir would be happy to have you though.” Jarvis informs him. Anthony shakes his head.

“No, I’m okay. I don’t need to bother him it was just a bad dream.” Anthony says, arms wrapped around himself. He’s shaking slightly. “Please don’t wake him.”

“Master Anthony, if you won’t go to sir at least come down to the lab. Dum-E will be happy to see you.” Jarvis offers, wanting a physical being on hand for the kid. Anthony shakes his head.

“I dreamt he wasn’t here.” Anthony admits, gesturing towards the door. “I thought Howard was here instead. I can just sit here.”

“I will have Dum-E bring you a blanket.” Jarvis decides, he knows he should wake Sir, but he doesn’t want to break Anthony’s trust. It’s hard to remember that reasoning when Anthony is curled up outside of Sir’s door, clinging to the pillow Dum-E brought. Dum-E sits next to him, keeping watch, and the kids free hand rests on his base.

Anthony wakes up to angry whispering.

“-should have woken me up. I would have been there for him.” Tony says, Anthony realizes he’s been picked up and clenches his fist in Tony’s collar.

“I believe Master Anthony is awake.” Jarvis says, Tony snorts a laugh, rubbing the kids back.

“Yeah, I think so.” Tony says. “Good morning Anthony, are you okay?” Anthony nods, hiding a yawn against Tony’s shoulder.

“Don’t be mad at Jarvis, I asked him not to wake you.” Anthony says, ducking his head. Tony schools his face into a comforting smile despite still being mad at Jarvis.

“Okay, but next time you come get me, okay? I’m here for you Anthony.” Tony tells him, carrying the kid into the kitchen.

“Okay, I’ll come see you.” Anthony agrees. “Just don’t be mad at Jarvis. Please.” Tony drops a kiss on his forehead.

“I’m not mad. Now what do you want for breakfast?” Tony asks. Anthony turns wide eyes on him.

“I can cook?” Anthony asks. Tony is about to nod and then stops.

“Actually no, but we can get you lessons at some point if you want. Jarvis will order whatever you want for breakfast today.” Tony decides. Anthony nods agreeably, snuggling into his shoulder.

“I like pancakes.” Anthony mumbles.

“Me too.” Tony replies, nodding to Jarvis. “Me too.”

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What was kind of amazing was getting up this morning and seeing all of the insomnia facebook posts from various members of distant and close family.

We’re not sleepers. Which is weirdly a good thing, because you want to talk about people who get diagnosed with depression really quick? Did you sleep more than 8hrs a night for over a week? Take your ass to the doctor. <– That’s my family.

I have fond memories of waking up from a sleep interval and walking into the living room at 2 or 3 in the morning and having my household look like what other people’s homes must look like at 5 or 6 in the evening.

Brothers and parents playing cards. TV on mute. All of their necks craned to see what closed captioning was saying. Just because we don’t sleep doesn’t mean that we don’t respect people who are trying.

Low lighting from lamps. Just enough to illuminate playing cards or books. My mother’s Bible left open to wherever she was before the game of spades started.

A pot of something tasty on the stove, because it was too hot to cook during the day. Eating dinner at 4AM. Nap at 6AM. Up at 7 to do whatever is needed for the day.

Getting up at midnight to go to the bathroom and walking by my mother’s bedroom. The glowing ember of her cigaret telling me that she’s up too. A quiet swear down the hall because something kicked my older brother’s ass in Street Fighter 2 on the floor model TV in the living room that is strategically turned away from the bedrooms.

Waking up to my father watering the lawn at 11PM-Midnight …

I don’t know anyone I’m a blood relative with who sleeps more than 6hrs a night. We average around 4 hours and go on about our days with interval sleeping. A cat nap here, a doze there. We even attempt to keep normal hours. We go to bed between 9-11PM every night. We don’t toss and turn. If the body is up, we’re up.

It’s when there’s zero sleep that things get wonky. We operate fine on little amounts of sleep. No sleep is no good.

We’re not night owls. We’re not early birds. We’re just … awake.

It’s odd.

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"Are you always this quiet?"- Marichat


“You always this quiet?”

No response.


Yet again, no response. He decided to poke her side.

“I’m supposed to be sleeping.”


With a groan, Marinette sat up in her bed and faced the cat boy that had decided to pay her a visit. 

“It’s 1 am Chat.”

“I couldn’t sleep,” said Chat as he casually set his head down on Marinette’s lap.

“Chat as much as I like your company,” she said while running her fingers through his hair, “I need to get my sleep. I want to take advantage of this summer break and work on as many fashion projects. I can’t do that if I sleep half the day away.”

“Why don’t you take a break? Run away with me for the summer.”

“Sure if you could some how get my portfolio through to all the biggest fashion companies in Paris so I don’t have to work my butt off this summer.”

“I could arrange that.”

“Sure you can Kitty, sure you can.”

It didn’t take long for Chat to fall asleep on her lap.

“Great, now I can’t sleep.”

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So I thought I had asked something but turns out I forgot to haha oops... My question is: Are constant exhaustion and memory problems associated with adhd in adults? I'm 23, soon to be "officially" diagnosed (took aaaagez), and I am crashing and burning. I feel constantly tired, sometimes nodding while standing, but I also feel like I "just have to do this and this and this" so I get terrible sleep. Also, my short term memory is almost non existent.


Memory problems are a symptom of ADHD, and the exhaustion is one of those things that happens when we’re constantly taxing our brains to do things that it’s just not great at.

Medication will probably help once you’re diagnosed, but in the meantime focus on your diet (high protein is great for your brain), exercise (cardio is especially great), and sleep (which I know you said is hard, so keep reading).

If you don’t already make to-do lists, it’s time to start. This is an external memory tool, and if you go to bed and start thinking about all the things you need to do, either add them to your list or remind yourself that you don’t need to worry about it since it’s already on your list. This will help, I promise!


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What's the safest way to write to an inmate?

“Under an assumed name from a po box in a different state from that in which you live. Always wear gloves so he can’t acquire your fingerprints. Never lick the envelope, he can get your DNA. And always, always pay someone else to pick up your mail and bring it to you in case he has a spy waiting at the post office. And also always sleep with a gun, a can of mace, an alarm sensor on with motion detectors and a swat team on stand by. You should be fine. Ps don’t forget to sprinkle the letter with holy water before you read it.”

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yo weeb girl wanna do a cute headcanon for shu?? ::)

LMAO SHUT UP thanks for requesting tho my dude hope this reminds you of :):)):::)))))

  • When the both of you are cuddling, Shu likes to wrap his arms around your waist from behind. He’ll allow you an earbud and will even place occasional kisses on your cheek and hair. He might even throw in some lewd comments here and there.
  • Shu has formed a habit of snuggling his head against your chest before the both of you are about to go to bed. Your heartbeat calms him down immensely and your warmth is comforting. (He also uses it as an excuse to snuggle against your breasts…)
  • Ever since the two of you began dating, although the change is pretty subtle, Shu has become surprisingly whiny. When he’s cuddling or sleeping against you, he’ll get upset when you need to move away to do something. He’ll tightly cling onto you as a way to persuade you from leaving.

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im very sorry, you probably get asked for this so often, but since i cannot access your faq or search your masterlists, im just going to ask it. last year i read this really incredible fic on ao3, and dan couldn't sleep so his mother took him to a coffee shop. he goes every night when he can't sleep and meets phil who always draws him. dan becomes more sleepy around phil and eventually they become infatuated and dan sleeps over with phil. phil is an artist in this and displays his drawins of dan

When You Can’t Sleep at Night - Dan has insomnia and his mum takes him for drives whenever he can’t sleep. One day, she takes him to a cafe where he meets a blue-eyed man with charcoal stains on his arms who gives him a reason to keep coming back.

- Eliza

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Imagine waiting for Bucky to get home. It's the middle of the night and you should be sleeping but you're always scared he's not gonna walk through that door. When he finally does, you approach him with a quiet greeting. He immediately turns on you with a predatory glare. It only takes him five minutes to have you on your hands and knees in front of him, completely nude. He's pounding his cock into you, his metal hand around your throat, the other tangled harshly in your hair. He's making (1-2)

you scream his name while he bites at the side of your neck and praises you for taking him so well. The next morning you’ve gone hoarse and you can barely walk, but you’re up and ready to go when he purrs in your ear about how he couldn’t stop thinking about fucking you against the shower wall while he was away. (2-2)

aint that the best welcome home present - Gen 

Sinful Sunday™

Don’t Leave

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Prompt: Things you said when you thought I was asleep (requested by @emmygreen817)

   You were laying in bed, trying to sleep. Today had been another rough day. Lately, that’s all you were getting with Kylo. You loved him even if you couldn’t quite place why. But enough was getting to be enough. You couldn’t seem to do anything without him yelling at you or getting upset. It was not a life you were willing to live much longer and truth be told, you were planing to leave.

   You were thinking on this with your eyes closed when the door opened then closed. You kept your eyes shut so Kylo wouldn’t find out you were awake. He settled in for bed and laid beside you, pulling you to him. You almost let out a gasp in surprise. It wasn’t something he did often, at least not when you were awake. You felt his fingers in your hair, a feeling you treasured when he did it.

  “I’m sorry that I have been so difficult lately. I’m under a lot of pressure. I know that’s no real excuse. But I know what you’re planning and I don’t want you to go. I love you, please stay,” Kylo whispered. You couldn’t hold back.

“I love you too, but if I am to stay you must treat me better,” you whispered. You felt Kylo freeze up a little, surprised to find you awake.

“I promise. Just don’t leave,” he replied.

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23 and 139 with youngjae

drabble prompts: “Stop doing that or I’ll kiss you.” [ 23 ] + “I want to sleep next to you.” [ 139 ]

only did [ 139 ] because I couldn’t think of any ideas to add in 23, hope that’s okay!

sleep | youngjae

You snuggled closer against him, never being able to get enough of his warm and softness. One of his arms was lazily wrapped around your waist and his other was preoccupied with your hair, his fingers slowly running through it.

You looked up at him to see his never ending beauty. His soft features, his squishy cheeks, his plump lips, his adorable nose, and so much more. You could stare at him all day if you could. His eyes were closed and in that moment he looked so peaceful.

Your arms were wrapped around his upper stomach and you gave him a light hug, making him chuckle instantly.

“That sort of tickled.” He laughed.

A smile formed your lips, joy was an overwhelming feeling that was consume you. Something that tended to happen whenever Youngjae smiled.

He slowly opened his eyes and when he looked down at you, his smile grew. Youngjae decided to give you a tight hug, something he absolutely loved to do.

“You’re so soft.” He mumbled, his voice laced with sleep.

You placed your fingers in Youngjae’s hair and gently ran them through, “Are you sleepy?”

Youngjae pouted and nodded slowly, “A little.”

“Go home and sleep then.” You smiled sadly, not wanting him to leave you.

He shook  his head and held you close, “No I want to stay…” He shyly looked away and a blush crept onto his cheeks, “I want to sleep next to you.”

Your eyes widened at his words and soon enough your cheeks started to feel warm, blood rushing to them immediately, “Oh.”

Youngjae let out a small chuckle, “Ah, sorry. Might be too soon, huh?”

“No no no… I’d be happy if you stayed. I don’t mind sharing a bed.” You added quickly, looking up at him as you spoke the words.

He made eye contact with you and his bright smile returned, “Really?”

You nodded and scooted up to press a chaste kiss onto his cheek, “Yes, really.”

Youngjae’s bright smile became even brighter by hearing only two words.

sick day off

request: hello! can i have a scenario of jimin and his gf who can get off of him when she is sick. thank u!!

You were sick. Runny nose, sore throat and all. You had woken up much earlier than jimin because of it. You grabbed a tissue and blew your nose hard, then tossing it into the overflowing trash can beside the bed. Jimin began to stir beside you and then open his eyes. You watched him as he blinked a couple times to adjust to the sun shining.

“You’re up so early,” he mumbles groggily and stretches.

“I couldn’t sleep…” you replied quietly, as the sore throats was making it difficult to talk.

“Are you sick?” Jimin asks as he sits up and pulling on your arm towards him.

You nod in response and climb into his lap. Both legs dangling off his lap and your head rested on his shoulder. His arm around your waist and the other hand feeling your forehead.

“I can make you some porridge before you take any medicine.” Jimin suggests his arm now rubbing your back.

You snuggle even closer to him and rub your forehead into his neck. He taps on your thigh telling you to unwrap yourself from him so the both of you can brush your teeth but you give no response telling him you want to stay longer. Jimin allows another 15 minutes of snuggles before he picks you up and places you on your feet which cause you to groan. Jimin smiles at your sudden childish behavior and throws his arm around your shoulder pulling you in and he plants a kiss on your forehead.

Your arms are wrapped around him all the way to the bathroom and then all the way to the kitchen. Jimin sits you down at the kitchen counter while he makes the porridge he promised earlier. You only sat for two minutes before getting up and wrapping yourself onto Jimin’s back again. Jimin continues to make porridge with you on his back, ocasionally giving you kisses on your hands and cheeks while you watch him. 

After Jimin feeds you the porridge and medicine you guys are cuddling for the rest of day. He had to call in for a day off. To take care of you, was what he told them. He left out the part that you would not let him leave your side or Jimin was just weak to your puppy eyes and sick form.

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q and z for Marty?

Originally posted by thesavagesun

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

Oh yes. If you're backstage with him and you just so happen to put on one of his fur coats then before you know it you’ll be pinned up against a wall as his lips run up and down your collarbone. Marty can go from 0 to ready in seconds so a quickie is always on the cards. The more risk of getting caught involved the better.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

Marty never sleeps. He’s always travelling and can never seem to get settled even when he gets home. He’s always thinking of something to do next or thinking about ideas for the next show. So while you happily doze off in his arm’s he’ll be plotting ideas for the next Being The Elite or mentally figuring out a new t-shirt design. You’ll have to clutch onto him super tightly so he doesn't run away in the night to do some work too. Eventually, he’ll settle down and force himself to cosy, he really doesn’t want to wake you up by getting out of bed even if it means he might forget things.