they get reaaally close i love it

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I like OsoNyaa, but ive always seen them more like suddenly becoming close friends, so like Oso and Nyaa are walking and talking together and Totoko sees and is like "ExFUCKIGN SCUSE ME????" Think that they're together when they arent, meanwhile Choro REAAALLY wants to meet Nyaa Chan again and Oso is just like "oh yea I got lunch with her yesterday and Choro is fucking pissed because his bro is casual friends with his idol

ANON YOU FUCKING HIT THE NAIL RIGHT ON THE HAMMER HEAD YOU GET ME. god i love it like this too i just love jealous and possessive totoko and i never really gave a fuck abt choro but seeing him spaz out for ANY reason is hilarious thank you

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Hey Dox! I'm sorry for bothering you but I really really love your art and I was wondering which brush setting you use to sketch and to lineart.

(blotmap) : [Shell Texture]

Brush Texture (brushtex) : [Broken Ground]

I dont remember if these came with basic SAI or not so pardon if I cant give proper credit for these textures!

this is REAAALLY close to my old brush and probably as close as I will get :(