they get better as the seasons go on ok

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What do you think of Harry saying SOTT is about a mom dying in childbirth. I'm just ??????? What do you think SOTT is about?

For reference:

‘Sign of the Times’ came from ‘This isn’t the first time we’ve been in a hard time, and it’s not going to be the last time.’ The song is written from a point of view as if a mother was giving birth to a child and there’s a complication. The mother is told, ‘The child is fine, but you’re not going to make it.’ The mother has five minutes to tell the child, 'Go forth and conquer.’

Harry Styles, Rolling Stone

When I read this I immediately thought he’s trying to tell us without telling us that Jay was the inspiration for SOTT and making it his lead single is a tribute to her. I mean, that’s my take on it. Makes sense to me.

She prepared her kids (which for all intents and purposes includes Harry) for her death.

Just stop your crying
It’s a sign of the times
Welcome to the final show
Hope you’re wearing your best clothes

Referencing a funeral here.

You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky
You look pretty good down here
But you ain’t really good

Understand when it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go. Riches can’t save you. Your life may look great from the outside. But it’s not always as good as it looks. And those last two lines may be a reference to how shocked everyone was that young, beautiful, vivacious Jay had passed. It’s not all good in Harry’s hood, even if that’s what the tabloids and paps and gossips make it seem like.

We never learn, we’ve been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?
We never learn, we’ve been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?

We’re all whistling past the graveyard like death isn’t coming for us and our loved ones. When it comes, we’re devastated. We know it’s coming eventually, but we can’t get in the headspace of truly being ready for it. So we live on the run. Running from death. But it will catch us eventually.

Just stop your crying
It’s a sign of the times
We gotta get away from here
We gotta get away from here
Just stop your crying
It’ll be alright
They told me that the end is near
We gotta get away from here

To everything there is a season. The time of death is upon us. But don’t stay in this place of grief. It’s ok to move on. Keep living your life. 

Just stop your crying
Have the time of your life
Breaking through the atmosphere
And things are pretty good from here

Jay wants her kids to enjoy life, even though she’ll be gone. She’s going to a better place. No more suffering.

Remember, everything will be alright
We can meet again somewhere
Somewhere far away from here

It feels terrible now. But eventually, it’ll get better. And she’ll see them again someday. N.E.R.D.–noone ever really dies. Energy just transforms.

We don’t talk enough
We should open up
Before it’s all too much
Will we ever learn?
We’ve been here before
It’s just what we know

Don’t take your loved ones for granted. Share. Bond. Grow together. Do better. A mother’s wisdom.

I feel like this is where it was going with the dying mom comments. Of course, for many fucked up reasons, he obviously couldn’t say this was about Jay. But I think he dropped enough of a hint for us to pick up. It’s not the first hard time or the last? I think in Ever Since New York, Harry made it clear that hiding his relationship with Louis and engaging in fauxmances has been very painful for him and I’m sure for both families as well. The child is fine, but you’re not going to make it? Yep, all her kids are thankfully fine. The mother has 5 minutes to tell the child to go forth and conquer? That must have been what the last months of her life felt like–5 minutes. Not enough time. But she prepared them. God bless.   

Things People Attached to the Show Are Thinking if Jonsa Happens

Maisie Williams: Ha! Better Sophie than me. I mean, really, it’s Kit and that’s going to be weird.

Liam Cunningham: OK, the weird stares last season make sense now.

D&D: We didn’t think Sophie would get that tall.

Sophie Turner: if he farts when we’re naked together I will kill him.

Kit Harington: Maybe I’ll finally get a piece of cheesecake.

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bruna omg I love the Kara x RPDR headcanon. More pleaseeee

O SHIT ok so… all of these were discussed w kat @allybroke so credit for her as well for these ! 

this is kind of a mess to be honest cause i got v excited abt this so, ,, here we go ! 

  • lemme start w a few things that ive already mentioned in tha other ask: kara’s fav season s8 bc its the least catty of all, but she also loves s6 bc its when alex got into the show (def bc bianca del rio) & bc she really loves adore.
  • adore is her fav drag queen bc adore is the underdog and shes kind and sweet and lovable and so talented and kara is always repeating adore’s catch phrases like “im a freaking libra !” and alex is like “ur not a libra” & whenever j’onn is like trying to b serious and telling her abt a mission or whatever shes like “party!”
  • kara saying “LETS GET SICKENING!” before every mission
  • kara answering “absolutelyyy” w her best gia gunn voice to every single fuckin thing alex asks her 
  • kara at pride and shes endearing everyone to her bc shes saying all these drag terms in a normal conv and sometimes shes not even using them right but shes so cute and sweet to everyone talking to her that they dont care
  • kara going to a gay bar w alex and people take one look at kara and theyre like o honey shes lost…. but then by the end of the night shes attracted every single fuckin rpdr fan & the drags from the club and theyre all passionately discussing the show and kara is jus tryna calm alex out bc shes drunk and YELLING about how katya was ROBBED
  • kara connecting w the queens bc they have “secret” identities too 
  • alex getting into rpdr bc of kara and at first she doesnt want to admit it but actually fucking loves it so much and she 100% repeats the stuff bianca del rio says in normal conversations
  • after kara listens to alaska’s songs whenever she is gonna say anything she either starts with “my name is Kara Zor-El and i have something to sayyyy” OR shes always like “Greetings Earthlings my name is Kara Zor-El from planet Krypton”
  • kara thinking that alaska is deadass an alien and shes like “omg alex can u like search planet Glamtron for me i dont kno tha one !” and alex is jus like “omg….”
  • kara’s guilty pleasure is loving willam so much bc she doesnt want anyone knowing she laughs at some of the mean things willam says
  • kara seeing the queens out of drag for the first time and shes like “this is like.. MAGIC!!!!!” bc theyre so different
  • kara loves trixie mattel and this is just a fact.
  • kara and alex binge watching the show together and theyre watching season 4 and kara is like “i rly dont like phi phi… shes not very… nice” and alex going “u can say shes a bitch its ok”
  • kara getting genuinely upset watching season 5 and watching roxxxy be mean to jinkx for no reason and being like why is she SO MEAN alex !!!!!!!!!
  • kara and alex competing to see whom does alyssa’s tongue pop better???????
  • kara would def be friends w every single drag queen in national city btw
  • when she finds out cat grant is ACTUALLY friends w rupaul bc one day she enters catco and what the fuck is that rupaul sitting on cat’s couch…..
  • kara meeting rupaul while shes supergirl and completely geeking out and telling her abt how much she loves the show and why she loves it so much and ru is just endeared bc its impossible not to b endeared by kara???????
  • kara deadass being a judge @ rpdr as supergirl im yelling can u IMAGINE that??????? she wouldnt b able to say anything mean and shed be like “i think ur so great. u did amazing. u invented-” and she jus goes on and on
  • kara finding out a little boy in national city wants to do drag for his halloween and wants to be supergirl but his friends are teasing him and kara is deadass like “alex im going” and alex is like “sis im not stopping u” and kara deadass shows up at his house w a supergirl suit that she got winn to make and she goes w him to halloween and flies him home 
  • it actually becomes a thing like every year kara spends her night helping little boys that want to dress up for the first time but their friends tease him or their parents wont let him like kara just makes sure shes w them at all times and supports them and introduces them to her friends and shes jus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about it all
  • kara introducing lena to rpdr and lena’s fav drag queen is deadass alyssa edwards like dont fight me on this.
  • lena and kara sending each other gifs of rpdr back and forth
  • whenever lena feels herself being extra or losing her chill shes like: “the five G’s lena. Good God Get a Grip Girl” 
  • when lena and kara are watching season 5 of rpdr lena makes kara go back on alyssa and coco’s fight bc she just loses it all the time coco says IM NOT JOKNG BITCH and does the head turn
  • ok but my fav! the gang is all hanging out at the bar or something and rpdr comes up bc of course it does and then alex and lena are at each other’s throats bc alex is team katya and lena is team alaska and kara is just in the middle bc she loves both. lena is like “a person who was at the top the most should win” meanwhile alex is like “THAT SHIT WAS RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • kara just enjoys the show and thinks everyone is a winner at the end of the day. 

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What are some things that you would like to see for FP in Season 2?

  • Freedom. 
  • For him not to be controlled by his vices. 
  • Getting the love and support he needs for recovery. 
  • Realising that it’s ok to be dependant on others. 
  • Getting his family back. 
  • Working to better himself. 
  • Building a stronger relationship with Jughead. 
  • Expressing how much he loves his family in a way that doesn’t involve illegal dealings. 
  • Flashbacks to high school. 
  • Snark-offs with Alice. 
  • Him on stage, playing guitar and singing, reliving the glory days. 
  • Cute bonding with Betty. 
  • Banter with a healing Fred as he tells him it was foolish of him to go and get himself shot. 
  • Defending Betty to the Serpents. 
  • Protecting Bughead. 
  • Stern talks with Jug when he starts to pull away from Betty. 
  • Not having a shirt on. 
  • Getting laid. 
  • Just generally more screen time.
  • And more of him, ifyouknowwhatimean

I have a lot of FP feelings.


After returning from vacation last week, this was a short, 5 day “week” where my primary goal was to get back into my routine. For the most part, I think I accomplished that. 


I was down 2 lbs this week for a total 122 since surgery and 153 off my highest weight. I am currently 3 lbs ahead of the pace my Dr. set for me. While I am very pleased with the progress, I am a little concerned with the rate dropping and how that will impact my ability to get to my May goal. 


I slipped a little this week, frequently forgetting my last supplement of the day. I will get that back on track starting today.


I got back into running this week. I decided to go back to week 4 of 10k training and when that went well, I moved on to and finished week 5. I am going to start week 6 tomorow. I have my first 10k of the season in 4 weeks and I am doing my best to get ready. 

Food / Hydration

I did OK with hydration, though only hit my goal 3 out of 5 days. 

My eating choices were better. I snacked a little too much but otherwise I am pretty happy with my progress this week. I plan in limiting snacks this week but upping my calories and carbs eaten during meals. 


I hit my sleep goals all days this week. 

Next week

My focus of next week is to complete week 6 of 10k training and to stay on track with my food, hydration, sleep and supplements. If I can do this, I expect positive results to follow. 

Rookie Year- Jakob Chychrun

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Ok so here we go! Your daily smut! I actually had a perfect plan for this one when I saw it was coming up so I hope you like it as much as I did! Let me know what you thought and enjoy! Up next for my non smut lovers: Mitch Marner!

Warning: Smut, sex, smexy time, cussing

Anon Request: Could I request a Jakob chychrun smut pls:)


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(time to bring this back now that i have a pic to put with. slightly updated)


Victor doesn’t know why this is what sets him off.

It’s not like he’s never seen Yuuri naked. He had seen him almost naked at he last GPF banquet and with all the times they bathed together at the onsen Victor should be used to it, but here he is, getting the most turned on of his life zipping up Yuuri’s ‘Eros’ costume.

It’s the first time Yuuri has ever asked him help for dressing up and Victor just can’t keep his eyes from following the back muscles and the pale skin on display as he slowly moves the zip up.

Yuuri is talking but Victor can’t make out any words. He just can’t focus on anything he says, can’t hear anything except his own short breath. His fingers feel numb and his shoulders stiff. Mouth dry hanging slightly open, he swallows and licks his lips, trying to get back some grip when he finally catches what’s been nagging at the back of his brain since the day Yuuri chose this outfit. 

Yuuri is wearing his costume. 

The thought hits him full force.

Victor is not prepared to the wave of pure want and possessiveness rushing through his body at the sight of Yuuri in his own clothes and he has to close his eyes and take a deep breath or he’s going to totally lose his mind and do something inappropriate. 

He finally zips the costume up to Yuuri’s neck but can’t stop his hands from hovering a few inches over his body, following the sinful curves in a ghost caress down his back and has to use the last bits of self-control he can manage to not reach. He can’t stop his hands though, from slightly squeezing the air in a desperate need to settle in the small of Yuuri’s back when Yuuri turns around with a look of concern on his face.

Victor shakes himself back to present. Now is not the time to get lost in his own head.

But as he’s watching Yuuri taking off on the ice, costume hugging his body like a glove, Victor has never been more thankful for having to stay behind the fence because this season is going to be hard.

Can We Just Not?

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki

Word Count: 269

Warnings: the feelz

Summary: J2 finding you watching Supernatural

Notes: I was freaking out while watching SPN today and my mind went places so this is what happened.

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Telltale probably thinking we weren’t gonna like Javier Garcia: Ok so we can introduce this new character tell his story and that would be that yeah? We can get rid of him?

Us at the end of season 3: Hope you enjoy having 2 main character fuckers Javi better keep showing up and he better be A O.K. along with Clementine.

Telltale: We have…. We have been greatly mistaken this did not go as planned.

Leoprintlevel over 9000 

So Yuri on Ice is over, and 2016 is about to end, too. This year has by far been the worst for me, especially healthwise and that may sound a bit cheesy but yoi kinda helped me to keep going lmao? Motivated me to draw after YEARS? I’m still not a 100% back to my old self but I hope 2017 will be better. Also artwise I hope, since I still have zero confidence in my art (ok sorry this is getting too personal BYE). Anyways I love the yoi fandom it has been by far the best and I’m looking forward to season two! And I wish you all a happy new year!

Btw, I’m kinda having an artblock rn, so feel free to drop me an ask with suggestions of what I could draw next (yoi of course!!)?? Thank  ♡

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Name: Cranquis. Doctor Cranquis.

Nickname: Cranquis (or cran-kiss if you think you’re hilarious… you know who you are)

Zodiac Sign: superstitious poffle

Height: 0.00098747 nautical miles

Ethnicity: Passion Fruit

Orientation: All up in my Mrs’ grill

Favourite Fruit(s): Cherries, nectarines, persian melons, pears, honeycrisp apples, plums, mangos (note: I can only eat one of these raw without getting swollen lips)

Favourite Season: Football

Favourite Book(s): Richard Scarry, the Bible

Favourite Flower(s): ok let’s go with the tiger lily 

Favourite Animal(s): meerkats, ferrets, otters (sea/river), essentially long twisty mammals 

Favourite Beverage: beer of the root, pink grapefruit juice

Average Hours of Sleep: 7

Favourite Fictional Characters: me 

Number of Blankets You Sleep with: 2 +/- 1

Dream Trip: Quebec City/PEI/Newfoundland – went once as a teen, gotta return someday

Blog Created: 2010, right around birth of my first Cranquis Boy

Number of Followers: oh. hadn’t checked that number in a while. well, that’s quite humbling. thanks, all y’all.

I’m tagging: donald trump. you know his favorite book answer is gonna be hilarious no matter what. the 19 other people = @anyoneelsewhofeelslikeit

Everyone is praising Chris and I just can’t really understand why.
Like of course I’m really happy that Sana finally told one of the girls about the saranors2 account, but Chris reaction was literally just “wow” and “it would be better if you just didnt tell anyone” and “hate will go away eventually”. And I get it, Chris has a conflict avoiding personality and they had to go to class, but she didn’t ask why Sana did what she did and ok, I think Sana is gonna tell the whole story when everyone is present from the girl squad, but it still seems weird. And there is another thing that just seems so weird to me and bothers me a lot abou this clip and it is that Chris didn’t ask Sana about how she feels. Sana was literally on the verge of tears, she looked miserable and Chris wasn’t really doing anything. Like why didn’t she ask her about how she feels? To be honest I just really wanted a Jamilla-Sana type of conversation between Sana and Chris and this was a big disappointment to me. :(


Hey guys I’m still looking for voice actors for midnight pm! Here’s who we have left:

Fish bag

Has the voice of a 15 year old boy going through puberty, a little bit masculine voice, has a little bit of a whiny/nervous voice, has a deep masculine scream

Voice reference shit:


Uumm… hello?

aren’t you a little cutie. Ima name ya ummmmmm….. daisy! Yup sweet little daisy!


Cork board 

They’re voice is neural, kinda deep and sleepy

Fucking voice reference bitch:



I hope you don’t end up like me. So I best give the best life while I’m still here…..


Beer bottle 

Femme voice, a little bit deep and the tiniest bit southern accent 

Voice reference thang:


what do you want bitch?

*crying* I’m going to be the best mother I can to you before you fly away….*sniffles*


this is nice


ow, why did ya do that you jack ass?

I’m fine but ow could you please help me up?

Team flag

Neutral but slightly masculine but femme, cheerful and excited sounding 

Voice reference:


whisper screaming* oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I’m already proud of you

Spray bottle 

Femme voice, slightly high pitched, sweet, soft and has a thick southern accent 

Voice reference for this bitch:


hi darlings!

your a cute little nugget! Aren’t ya darling?

well that’s interesting……


Femme voice, sounds a bit muscline, has an Australian accent and talks a bit slow

Voice reference mother fucker:


good day mates!

o ooooo mate do we get to choose our teams!? Cause I want mood on mine!

awww man

you’re a cutie, aren’t ya mate?

this is bullshit! How the fuck they expect me to get trough this is when I have only one leg?!

Detergent pod 

Sounds a bit like season 2 lightbulb and princess bubblegum, neutral sounding voice and sounds calm/chill

Reference voice:



isn’t that kinda dangerous?

oh ok that makes me feel better…. sorta

I’m going to protect you with my life.


Masculine voice but slightly femme, southern accent and bit excited sounding 

Ecnerefer eciov:


what’s up y'all?

hey look at this little fella! They’re a little nugget!

are you ok, pal?


Masculine voice, soothing, calm and peaceful 

Vxnvivuei vxrme:


I hope you’re all having a good day

they’re beautiful

Glow stick 

Some what femme voice, sounds like they’re about to cry, is very quiet, they kinda sound like miku and squeaky 

Vc rfrc:


uuuuhhhhhh…hhh…iii.. hhiii


they’re cute……I iiii guess


Sounds like a young male adult, sounds like an anime protagonist and a bit height pitched

Oie eeee:


welll thennn….


pawn! What’s wrong!? Wait are you thinking…. of…. of-

Tiny tree 

Femme voice, sounds old/sleepy, has a soothing and calming voice 

Radical voice reference my dude:


mood please calm down

such a beautiful little bird

Mood light please don’t to that again. Also come on! We have to go!

Mood light

the hyper child, sounds in between masculine and femme, swears way too much
Canon voice song reference thing (sorry about the song):


What’s good fuckers?!
Yo bitches! Look at this little cute fucker!

That’s all of them! ALL voice demos are due June 30. Please send me a message if you want to voice anyone! Peace nerds


Each contestant also gets 1 hour to interact autonomously with Marigold, after a chat initiated by Marigold.

Marigold- Hollyhock, come in! How are you?
Hollyhock- I’m alright, dear. You really should talk to the producers, though.
Marigold- Oh, Berry, what is it this time?
Hollyhock- Those apples were McIntosh apples. Definitely not in season right now. Some better quality apples might make for a better competition.
Marigold- Ah. Ok, if you say so. I think we’re just going to compost the extras anyway. So they won’t be reused for anything.
Hollyhock- I should hope not!

Marigold- Chat
Hollyhock- Complain About Something Trivial
Marigold- Talk About Composting
Hollyhock- Play Tag with a Werewolf

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this isn't meant to be a mean ask but why do u hate liselotte?

Ok ok I’ve had a whole to get my thoughts together on this so sorry for the delayed response but here we go!

My main problem with Liselotte isn’t her character. I love her interactions with Louis, I love her looking out for Sophie, her respect for Philippe’s romantic preferences and in general she’s pretty cool! A much better Madame than Henriette!

The first problem I had with her was before season 2 was even released - historically, Liselotte is less pleasant, particularly with regards to Philippe and his collection of boyfriends: she burned the majority of the letters exchanged between him and the Chevalier de Lorraine, she frequently complained about Chez in her own letters and at one point got Louis to ban him from hunting (a sport they both enjoyed) because she didn’t want him there. Not that Chezz (and his power over Philippe) was very nice to Liselotte, either, but I was expecting a much less friendly portrayal and I never quite managed to shake that suspicion.

This leads me to my second problem with her: the show portrayal of Liselotte in relation to Monsieur. Show Liselotte is wonderful and understanding and excellent to Philippe and so much nicer than she was historically. Not that this doesn’t create a fun character!! But I really intensely dislike how she is made out to be so much healthier for him than any of his boyfriends. Particularly, y'know, the one he’s supposedly been in love with for years. Some of the things she says, particularly stuff like the s2ep5 scene where she tells Philippe to be a king in his own right, sound a little too much like the sparkly upgraded version of Chevs for me to appreciate them.

Philippe has more sex scenes (on and off-screen) with her than he does with guys in s2 (as far as I’m aware, but I haven’t fully seen all the episodes yet). Perhaps if it’s to do with the actors’ comfort zones that makes it slightly more acceptable, but? Philippe’s second scene in s1 is him blowing his boyfriend? And tbh I struggle to imagine any of them could have accidentally signed up to play gay characters in a notoriously explicit tv show without realising it goes past their comfort zones.
Philippe is gay. Marriage was royal duty, and even then we know he struggled with it historically (e.g. the medals incident). I know those sex scenes are kind of important for plot but???? With the amount of irrelevant sec floating around would it have hurt to give the gay character some gay sex??????????? It’s just these kind of implications which make me Suspicious of Palatine and how she can be interpreted.

Tldr it’s not Palatine as a character that upsets me. It’s how easy it is to interpret her as a wonderful force of sunshine to ‘straighten’ Philippe. It’s how she’s consistently portrayed as a better influence on him than his boyfriends. It’s how she’s so sparkly and good whilst his two main guys in season 2 become a) a wildly misrepresented (that’s an entirely other rant) Nasty force of cowardly, selfish jealousy or b) an actually not gay at all spy with no real interest in Philippe. I really hate the implications here in s2 and I hope they don’t come to anything real in s3.

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Name: Moira

Nickname: -

Birth month: January

Height: 1,65 cm

Ethnicity: Latina, I’m from chile

Orientation: Pan

Fruit: CHERRIES, I could eat 10 kg of cherries everyday and never get tired of them

Favorite season: I like spring, but… my allergies ;;

Books: In this moment, nothing in particular tbh…

Flowers: Camellias and roses

Scent: Any citric essence

Animals: I have a cat and a dog

Beverage: Tea, specially green

Hours of sleep: 4-8 hours

Favorite fictional characters: LANCE, spike spiegel, NOIZ, keith, caesar zeppeli, 2D, killua zoldick, rakan, OK that’s enough

Number of Blankets You Sleep with: 6

Dream Trip: Santorini

Blog Created: 2013, but i started to using it in 2014

Number of followers: 994

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OK YOU KNOW WHAT, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT VOID STILES OR NOGITSUNE OR WHATEVER YOU PERFER TO CALL HIM (for all intent and purposes I am going to call him ‘voidy’). Ok… i’ve calmed down. 

The resolution of Voidy was not handled well. We can all agree on that? Right? I mean it is so hard to believe that Stiles went back to 100% normal baby child after being possessed and killing his friends, ok? And I know that they finally revisited the whole Voidy thing in this last season, but it took the show 2 seasons to even acknowledge that something that intense even left a tiny bit of an effect on Stiles (Or that it even happened at all!!!). Being possessed was so traumatizing for Stiles in season 3, so why did he ‘all of a sudden’ get better? I know this may sound weird, but I wanted some RECOVERY. I wanted him to go through the struggles of trying to regain his sanity, and trying to become himself again. I wanted Stiles to have nightmares, to count his fingers every so often, to get scared in the dark, or to easily be scared. I just wanted them to show his recovery process! And obviously it is still effecting him, because they brought it up this last season!!! …. I know that Stiles is strong, and that is just who he is. He likes to be the anchor for his friends, and be the person that they can rely on when they need help, but dismissing Voidy as if it never happened made the whole thing feel so…. neglected. It left fans to go and scrounge the internet for fanfiction that gave a satisfying ending to Voidy! I love Teen Wolf, always had and always will, but I still resent them for this one thing. They took what could of been a GREAT overarching plot line and threw it in the trash, only to bring it up again once just to get us to shut up ( also ok like, how did Theo know about Voidy?? like whaaaaaaaaaa??? sorry, sidetracking). Anyway, I just needed to rant. I have felt this way for a while and I finaly needed to say it.

Peace *insert peace sign here*

I don’t want to work

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Name: Leora

Nickname: None that I know of

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 1.63 m

Ethnicity: Depends on how far back you go, I’m made of many things

Orientation: Gay and ecstatic 

Favourite Fruit(s): Peaches ftw

Favourite Season: Summer ftw

Favourite Book(s): Starship Titanic, King Rat. I don’t remember the authors and I’m too lazy to google them

Favourite Flower(s): Not really that much of a fan of them. They smell. But lilies are ok.

Favourite Animal(s): GIVE ME ALL THE DOGS

Favourite Beverage: Water ftw

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-7

Favourite Fictional Characters:  River Song, Sameen Shaw, my boss distracted me with annoying work stuff and I can’t think of others

Number of Blankets You Sleep with: 1 heavy one all year long, even if during the summer I need to cover only my knee so that I don’t die

Dream Trip: Someplace with a beach and not a lot of people. And a lot of sun

Blog Created:  A little while after S01 of Carmilla ended, whenever that was

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Ugh, work.

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3. Quinn & Carrie (Homeland)

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